Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2

Edited by J D Marwick. Transcriptions of 123 key charters and other documents, plus abstracts of further related documents. A detailed commentary on the texts is given in Part 1.

Glasgow Charters. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. All rights reserved.


Table of contents

Title Page(s)
I: Charter of William I granting the privilege of having a Burgh at Glasgow (1175-78) 3-4
II: Grant of toft or building site to the Abbey of Melrose (1179-99) 5
III: Charter of William I of a yearly fair (1189-98) 6-7
IV: Charter of the king's peace to all frequenting Glasgow fair (1211) 7
V: Charter of confirmation of the Burgh from Alexander II (1224-7) 8-9
VI: Charter of confirmation of the rights of the fair (1224-7) 9-10
VII: Charter of confirmation of the Burgh (1225) 11-12
VIII: Charter prohibiting the officers of Rutherglen taking tolls within the burgh (1226) 12-13
IX: Charter of exemption from tolls throughout Soctland (1235) 13-14
X: Charter granting rights of trade in Argyll and Lennox (1242-3) 14-15
XI: Letters of Protection to the Bishop of Glasgow, his lands and men (1251) 16
XII: Charter requiring officers of Dumbarton not to trouble men of Glasgow in passage from Argyll (1275) 17
XIII: Conveyance of land from Robert of Mithyngby to the archdeacon of Glasgow (1280-90) 17-19
XIV: Charter regarding a gift of lands for providing lights in the church of Glasgow (1293) 20-21
XV : Charter of Robert I confirming rights of Bishop of Glasgow (1309) 21-23
XVI : Charter of Robert I confirming charter VII 23
XVII: Charter of Robert I confirming charter XII 24
XVIII: Precept of Robert III regarding the transference of the market day (1397) 24
XIX: Instrument regarding liberty for building a mill on Gardyngad Hill (1446-7) 25-27
XX: Letters of James II forbidding officers of Renfrew and Rutherglen from interfering with privileges of Glasgow (1450) 27-28
XXI: Charter of James II regarding erecting of Glasgow into a regality (1450) 28-31
XXII: Bull of Pope Nicholas V, founding the University (1451) 31-35
XXIII: A second charter of James II regarding erecting of Glasgow into a regality (1451) 36
XXIV: Letters of James II granting peace and protection to University of Glasgow (1453) 37-38
XXV : Charter of Bishop of Glasgow granting various privileges to the University (1453) 39-42
XXVI: Indenture between the Provost and the Friars Preachers (1454) 43-44
XXVII: Foundation of Chaplaincy at the altar of St Kentigern (1460) 45-52
XXVIII: Grant from Bishop of Glasgow to the University of jurisdiction over disputes involving the supposts of the University (1461) 53-54
XXIX: Decree of Lords Auditors of Causes and Complaints in favour of Glasgow against Dumbarton (1469) 54-55
XXX : Letter of James III confirming Letter of Exemption, no. XXIV (1472) 55-57
XXXI : Letter of James III charging the Bishops not to trouble the Rectors and others of the University (1472) 58-60
XXXII: Charter of James III confirming the City and Barony in free regality (1476) 60-65
XXXIII: Decree adjudging a tenement in the Ratounraw to the vicars choral of Glasgow (1477-79) 66-71
XXXIV: Ratification by James III of no.XXIX 71
XXXV: Instrument setting forth a perpetual chantry in church of the Friars Preachers (1487) 72-78
XXXVI: A second instrument regarding the perpetual chantry (1487) 78-79
XXXVII: Charter of James IV confirming the liberties of the Bishop (1490) 79-87
XXXVIII: Precept of James IV concerning trade with free burghs (1490) 87-88
XXXIX: Letter of James IV authorising freedoms of Provost and Bailies (1492) 88
XL : Instrument of rights of Chancellor of church of Glasgow to patronage of the Grammar School (1494) 89-92
XLI : Donation from Martin Wan of several annual rents for the maintenance of the poor at St Martin's Hospital (1501) 92-96
XLII : Appointment of patrons of chaplainry in church of St Roche (1508) 97-99
XLIII: Letter of James IV charging Ordinaries Spiritual not to tax officers or students of the University (1509) 100
XLIV: Foundation of a chaplainry at altar of St Christopher in the High Church (1514) 101-105
XLV: Letter of James V confirming exemption of University from taxes (1522) 106-107
XLVI: Appointment of patrons of seven chaplainries in the New Church, St Tenu's Street (1529) 107-109
XLVII: Charter granting land in the Gallowmure to the chaplainries in the New Church (1529) 109-112
XLVIII: Confirmation by Archbishop of charter no.xlvii (1529) 113-117
IL: Act or Decree obtained against inhabitants of Rutherglen and Renfrew bringing goods to market in Glasgow (1542) 117
L: Letter of Mary confirming the University's exemption from taxes (1547) 118-119
LI: Instrument regarding election of bailies for following year (1553) 119-121
LII: Decree assoilzing officers and community from suit by the Archbishop (1554) 121
LIII: Letter of Mary exempting certain members of the University from a tax on clergy (1556) 122
LIV: Letter of Mary exempting certain members of the University from a subsidy from the clergy (1556) 123
LV: Letter of Mary exempting certain members of the University from two subsidies (1557) 124
LVI: Bond of James, Duke of Chatelherault of protection of the Archbishop and Chapter (1558) 125-126
LVII: Instrument concerning election of magistrates (1561) 126-129
LVIII: Letter of Mary, founding bursaries for poor children (1563) 129-131
LIX: Charter of Mary granting Kirk-livings to the Community, for relief of the poor and support of ministers (1567) 131-137
LX: Precept of James VI to collectors for ministers (1568) 137-140
LXI: Charter granting the ruinous New Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin to James Fleming, burgess (1570) 140-145
LXII: Deed of James VI granting power to collect dues at the Bridge of Glasgow (1571) 146-148
LXIII: Charter granting kirk livings for support of teachers and students at the College (1573) 149-162
LXIV: Ratification by James VI of LXIII 162-163
LXV : Decree in favour of community against Burgh of Rutherglen concering trade (1575) 164-167
LXVI : Letters of the Regent regarding assizes and inquests (1576) 167-168
LXVII: Charter of James VI granting the Rectory of Govan to the College (1577) 168-186
LXVIII: Letters of James VI confirming LXVI (1578) 186
LXIX: Further letters of James VI confirming LVXI 187
LXX: Letter of protection from James VI regarding the College (1579) 187-188
LXXI : Precepts of James VI regarding trade with Renfrew and Rutherglen (1581) 189
LXXII: Deed of Mortification of customs from Archbishop to the College (1581) 189-191
LXXIII: Letter of James VI confirming LXXII 191-192
LXXIV: Act of Parliament entitled 'Annexation of the Temporalities of Benefices to the Crown' (1587) 192-207
LXXV: Charter of James VI confirming grant of Rectory and Vicarage of Govan to the College (1587) 207-211
LXXVI: Act of Parliament in favour of the College of Glasgow (1587) 211-213
LXXVII: Act of Parliament commissioning relief of the decay of area above the Greyfriar Wynd (1587) 213-215
LXXVIII: Charter of James VI granting in feu the lands and barony of Glasgow to Walter, Commendator of Blantyre (1587) 215-225
LXXIX: Indenture between Glasgow and Dumbarton concerning Trade on the Clyde (1590) 225-227
LXXX : Charter confirming no.LXXVIII 227-242
LXXXI : Act of Parliament confirming use of revenue of the College Kirk for support of ministry (1594) 242-243
LXXXII: Act for relocation of bear, malt and salt markets (1594) 243-244
LXXXIII: Letter of James VI appointing judges under statutes against fornication (1595) 245-247
LXXXIV: Confirmation of James VI of Decree against Rutherglen and Renfrew (1596) 247
LXXXV: Act of Privy Council concerning Dumbarton and the Clyde (1600) 248-250
LXXXVI: Act of Parliament ratifying heritages and possessions of Archbishop (1600) 250-252
LXXXVII: Charter of James VI concerning rights of election of magistrates (1600) 252-258
LXXXVIII: Charter of James VI concerning lands and barony of Glasgow (1603) 258-269
LXXXIX: Letter of James VI concerning election of magistrates (1605) 269-270
XC: Draft of Act of Parliament, granting liberty of election of magistrates (1606) 271
XCI: Act of Parliament entitled 'Act anent the restitution of the Estate of Bischoppis' (1606) 272-277
XCII: Charter of James VI making Glasgow a Royal Burgh (1611) 278-283
XCIII: Act of Parliament ratifying charter no.XCII 284
XCIV: Charter of James VI granting the Tenandry of Rattonraw to the Burgh (1613) 284-291
XCV : Charter of Archbishop concerning duties and customs of the Trone of the Burgh (1614) 291-294
XCVI : Bond of Archbishop concering charter no.XCV 295-296
XCVII : Sasine concerning the customs and duties of the Trone of the Burgh (1615) 296-299
XCVIII: Acts of Privy Council concerning repair and maintenance of the Bridge of Glasgow (1618) 300-302
XCIX: Contract concerning the disponition of the Subdean Milns to the Burgh (1619) 302-308
C: Charter of disponition of Subdean Milns (1620) 309-314