XX: Letters of James II forbidding officers of Renfrew and Rutherglen from interfering with privileges of Glasgow (1450)

Pages 27-28

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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XX. Letters by King James II. prohibiting the bailies, burgesses, and communities of Renfrew and Rutherglen from interfering with the privileges granted to the church and town of Glasgow. Edinburgh, 4 February 1449–50.

Jamys, be the grace of God Kyng of Scotts, To the balyeis burgesses, and communiteis of Renfrew and Rutherglen, and all vtheris qwham it efferis to quhais knawlaige thir our letteris sall cum, gretyng. It is complenyit til vs be a reuerende fadyr in Crist our special counsalour Wylyam bischop of Glasgu, that ye make distrublans and impediment tyll our leigis and communiteis of burgh and land that bryngis ony gudis to the mercat of Glasgw to sell or by, doing thar throu hurtyng and preiudice to the priuilege and custum grantyd to the kyrk of Glasgw of auld tyme be our nobil antecessoures, vsyt, and kepyt in tyme of our genitouris qwham God assolye. Qwharfor it is our wyll and straytly we chargis yhou and commandis that nane of yhou tak on hand to mak distrublans impediment or lattyng in ony maner of degre tyll ony of our liegis cummand or gangand to the said mercat of Glasgu wyth merchandyse or ony other gudis to sell or by, bot thole tham to cum gang by and sell frely and pesabli but ony demaund. Alsway that nan of yhour said burrows na nane vtheris cum wythin the baronry of Glasgw, na within ony landis pertenand to Sant Mungos fredome, to tak tol or custum be watter or land of ony personis cummand or gangand to the said mercat, nochtwythstandyng ony letteris of our predicessouris grantyt tyl our said burroyis of Renfrew Ruglen or only other burrouys, of eschaet or only other tenoures, be the qwhilkis we wyll nocht that thai extend to mak ony mynwsyng preiudice or lattyng to the fredom and kyrk of Glasgu or to the mercat of it, bot thai it joiss frely and pesably all fredomys and priuiliges in maner as is befor wyrtyn. Gewyn vnder [oure] priuie seil at Edynborche the ferd day of February, and of our regne the xiij. yere.