LXXXI : Act of Parliament confirming use of revenue of the College Kirk for support of ministry (1594)

Pages 242-243

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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LXXXI. Act of Parliament ratifying and approving the foundation and disposition, by the Provost, Baillies, and Councillors of Glasgow, of the revenue of the College Kirk, to the support of the ministry within the City. Edinburgh, 8 June 1594.

Oure Souerane Lord, having consideratioun how that thair wes diuerse rentis and commodities dotat to certane chaplanis and preistis for serving in the new Kirk of the College of Glasgow, and efter alteratioun of the religioun, thar being and gift and dispositioun of the said chaplanries, rentis, and emolumentis of the said College Kirk to the provest, baillies, counsaill, and communitie of Glasgw, makand and constituand thame patronis of the samyn, to the effect that the samyn micht be imployit owther in hospitalitie or vther vses of pietie; and the said provest and baillies and counsell, for advanceing of giud literature within this realme, dotit the samyn to certain bursaris foundit within the said college, to be halden at the scuill thereinto, and that of the purest of the toun, quha vtherwayes had not the moyen to remane at the scoillis; and neuirtheles sic hes bene the abuse in tymes bygane, that the richest menis sonnes of the said toun hes bene sustenit vpoun the rent of the saids chaiplanries and fundatioun, nor thai for quhome the samyn wes appointit; and the saidis provest, baillies, and counsaill, willing to tak away the said abuse, and to employ the fruittis and rentis of the said chaiplanries to better vse, hes alterit and changeit thair former fundatioun of interteyneing of bursaris thairvpoun, and hes deducit the haill rentis and fruittis thairof for sustentatioun of the ministrie within the said citie; Thairfor our Souerane Lord, with, auise of the estaitis of this present parliament, hes ratifijt and apprevit this last fundatioun and dispositioun, maid be the saidis provest, baillies, counsaill, and communitie of the toun of Glasgow, off the fruittis, rentis, proventis, emolumentis, and dewties of the said chaiplanries, appointit of auld for sustening of certane chaiplanis or preistis for thair seruice in the said College Kirk of Glasgow, to the sustentatioun of the said ministrie within the said citie of Glasgw; and ordanis the same to haue effect in all tyme cuming, and suppressis all vtheris fundationis and dispositionis of the saidis chaiplanries, rentis, fruittis, and dewties thereof, ather for sustening of the saidis chaiplanries or preistis, or for sustening of the saidis bursaris, ordanis the samyn to ceis in all tyme cuming, and ordanis the said fundatioun thairof to the sustentatioun of the ministrie, to have place in all tyme heirefter.