XXXVIII: Precept of James IV concerning trade with free burghs (1490)

Pages 87-88

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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XXXVIII. Abstract of Precept by King James IV., commanding the observance of a Decree by King James III. and his Council, decerning all ships, strangers, and others, to go to free burghs and there make their merchandise. Precept dated Edinburgh, 20 October 1490.

Ane Precept and Warrand be King James IV., and under his seall and subscriptione manuall, narrating a decreit given be his said Majestie's umquhile father, with consent of his councill, and ratified be him under his whyt wax, decerning and ordaining that theirafter all maner of ships, strangers and others should come to frie burghs such as Dumbarton, Glasgow, Aire, Irving, Wigtoun, Kirkcudbrugh, Renfrew, and others sick burrowes, and there make merchandize; and that strangers buy noe fish bot salt and barralled, and that only at frie burrowes, and pay their dewties and take cockets. And that non of the leidges take ships to fraught under collour to fraud the king and his Hedges, under the paine of tinsall of lyfe and goods. And that noe strangers doe the same under the paine of confiscatioune of thair ships and goods to the king's use, as at more lenth is contained in the decreet. And by the precept his Majestie commands the observance of this decreit, and chairges the admirall and deputs to make diligent inquisitioune after the breakers. The said precept is daited at Edinburgh, the 20th day of October 1490 yeirs.