XLV: Letter of James V confirming exemption of University from taxes (1522)

Pages 106-107

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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XLV. Letter by King James V., with advice of his tutor, John, Duke of Albany, governor of the realme, confirming Letters of Exemption from taxes granted to the University of Glasgow by James II., No. xxiv.; James III., No. xxxi.; and James IV., No. xliii. Edinburgh, 20 May 1522.

We witht aviss autorite and consent of our derrest cousing and tutour Jhone Duk of Albanie, etc., protectour and gouernour of our realme, ratifiis apprevis and for vs and our successouris perpetualy confirmes be thir our lettres the lettris vndervritten, maid and gevin be vmquhill our maist nobile progenitouris of gud mynd eftir following, quhom God assoilye, to the Vniuersite of the cete of Glasgw, and to the rectouris, denis of faculte, procuratouris, regentis, maisteris and scholaris of the sammyne. That is to say ane Lettre maid and giffin be our maist noble progenitour King James the Secund, quhom God assoilye, vndir his greit seil, of the dait at Streueling the xx day of Aprile the yeir of God jm iiijc liij yeris, and of his regne the xvij yeir. Ane vthir Lettre maid to thaim be our maist noble grantschir of gud mynd Kyng James the Third, vndir his greit seile, of the dait at Edinburgh the x day of December the yeir of God jm iiijc sevynty and tua yeris, and of his regne the xiij yeir. And the thrid Lettre maid to thaim and thair successouris be oure maist noble fader, King James the Ferd, quhom God assoilye, vndir his priuee seile, of the dait at Edinburght the vij day of Junij, and of his regne the xxi yeir, schevin and producit befoir our said derrest cousing and tutour, in presens of our chancelar and lordis of our counsall, and admittit be hyme in our name, witht all and syndre the priuilegis concessionis immuniteis and fredomes contenit in the sammyne. And in special the exoneracioun and discharging of all taxacionis, exactionis and vthers chargis quhatsumeuer, that may be imput vpoun thaim, as the said lettres proportis, gevin to the saidis rectouris, denis of faculte, procuratouris, regentis, maisteris and scholaris of the said Vniuersite, present and fortocum. Charging heirfoir all and syndre our officiaris, legis and subdittis, present and tocum, that nane of yow tak vpoun hand to do or attempt onything in the contrar of the said exempcionis, exoneracionis, faculteis, immuniteis and priuilegiis foirsaidis, grantit to the said Vniuersite, rectouris and suppostis thairof, contenit in the said thre letres in ony wiss in tyme cuming, vndir all heast payne and charg that eftir may follow. Giffyne vndir our signet, and subscrivit be our said derrest cousyng and tutour the gouernour, at Edinburght, the xx day of Maij the yeir of God jm fyiff hundreitht tuenty and tua yeris, and of our regne the nynt yeir, etc.