LXII: Deed of James VI granting power to collect dues at the Bridge of Glasgow (1571)

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'LXII: Deed of James VI granting power to collect dues at the Bridge of Glasgow (1571)', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 146-148. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-charters/1175-1649/no2/pp146-148 [accessed 1 March 2024]

LXII. Deed of Gift by King James VI., granting power to the Provost and Bailies of the City of Glasgow to collect certain dues at the Bridge of Glasgow. Stirling, 8 April 1571.

James, be the grace of God, King of Scottis. To oure louittis Johne Moresoun, (blank), messingeris, oure Scheriffis in that pairt, coniunctlie and seueralie, specialie constitute, greting. Forsamekill as it is vnderstand to ws and our dearest guidschir, Mathow erll of Levonax lord Dernlie, our lauchfull tutour, and Regent to ws, our realme and liegis, that throw the alterationis, troubles, and intestine wearis that hes occurrit in this our realme in tyme bigane, the inhabitantis of our citie of Glasgow is presentlie at sic poynt as thai ar not abill to set furthwart sic thingis as tendis not onelie for thair awin ease and commoditie, bot als to the releif of all our liegis reparing to oure said citie and commoun weill and decoratioun of the cuntre, having sustenit greit disproffeit in that thai haue not had fre ische and entre to vther realmis and cuntreis throw the tressonabill withholding of our castell of Dunbartane aganis ws and oure authoritie this lait tyme past, swa that the inhabitantis of our said citie mycht not vse thair accustumat traffique without satisfactioun of the withholdaris of oure said castell at thair inordinat appetyte, quhilk God of his gudenes has now randerit in our handis, and relevit thairthrow all our trew liegis of that discommoditie, and pairtlie be want of the iurisdictioun of the commissarie vsit afoir the Reformatioun of Religioun be reparing of oure liegis of the cuntre about to our said citie at all tymes, and we and our said dearest guidschir and regent, considering na thing within our said citie sa precious nor necessar, bayth for the weill of the inhabitantis thairof, decoratioun of the same and common weill of the haill cuntre, as the brig of Glasgow ower Clyde, quhilk throw the oft invndationis, greit fludis and stormis that hes occurrit and discendit doun the watter in tyme of frost, and specialie this last winter, the said brig hes bene sa troublit, dung down and dampnageit with greit trowpis of yis that, gif the samyn be not spedelie redressit and ordourit to the formar estait, with small tyme it sall grow to sic poynt as finalie greittar inconvenient sall follow to the disproffeit of our haill realme. Quhairfoir we andour said dearest guidschir and Regent considering the gude, trew, and thankfull seruice done to ws be the inhabitantis of our said citie at all tymes, and thair gude will of continewance heirefter, and quhat skayth and troubill thai have sustenit and dois sustene thairthrow, swa that thai ar not of power of thame selffis to repair the beting and mending of the said brig, we have thairfoir gevin and grantit, and be thir oure letteres, with auise and consent of our said dearest guidschir and regent and lordes of our secreit counsale, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to the prouest and baillies of oure said citie of Glasgow, now present and to cum, to ressave, collect and tak vp of every horslaid of hering or vther fischeis that salhappin to be transportit fra the brig and watter of Glasgow yeirlie in tyme cuming, pertening alsweill to fremen as vnfremen, the sowme of thre halfpennyis money of our realme, and of every barrell wecht the sowme of vther thre halfpennyis money foresaid, and that als oft as thai salhappin to be transportit thairfra or brocht to the said brig and watter; and to that effect substitutis and collectouris vnder thame to mak and creat, for collecting, inbringing, and payment making of the yearlie dewities that salhappin to be ressauit to sic visitouris and maister of werkis as salbe appointit be the saidis prouest and baillies present and to cum, and the superplus, gif ony salhappin to be, employit and maid eqvall with the commoun gude of our said citie for setting furthwart of vther commoun effairis of the samyn, and gif neid be to poind and distrenyie thairfoir, and generallie all and sindry other thingis to do that for executioun of the premissis is necessarlie requirit to be done; ferme and stabill haldan and for to hald all and quhatsumeuir thingis the saidis prouest and baillies, maister of werk, and collectouris to be appointit be thame sall do in the executioun of this our commissioun; and the samyn during the will of ws oure said dearest guidschir and Regent allanerlie to endure and ay and quhill we discharge the same in speciall. Oure will is heirfoir, and we charge you straitlie and commandis that, incontinent thir oure lettres sene, ye pas to the marcat croce of our said citie of Glasgow, and thair be opin proclamatioun mak publicatioun and intimatioun of the premissis to all and sundry oure liegis, and in our name and authoritie command and charge thame and ilk ane of thame to reddelie ansuer and obey the saidis prouest and baillies, and collectouris to be appointit be thame as said is yeirlie, in payment of the foirsaid sowmes during the said space in maner aboue mentionat, and that nane of thame tak vpoun hand to be repugnant or contrarious thairto, or vtherwayis do or attempt ony thing incontrair the executioun of this our commissioun or ony poynt thairof, as oure saidis liegis and subjectis will ansuer to ws vpoun thair vttermest charge and perrell, and vnder all hieast cryme and offence that thai and ilkane of thame may commit and inrin aganis our Maiestie in that behalf. The quhilk to do we commit to yow coniunctlie and seueralie oure full power be thir oure letteres, deliuering thame be yow dewlie execute and indorsat agane to the berare. Gevin vnder our signet and subscriuit be our said dearest guidschir and Regent at Striueling, the aucht day of Apryle and of oure regnne the ferd yeir, 1571.

Mathou, Regent.

Indorsed thus :—

Vpone Skyrfurisdaye, the xij daye of Aprile the yeir of God jm vc lxxj yeiris, I, Johne Moresoun, messinger, past to the Marcat Croce of Glasgow, and in tyme of mercat maid publicatioun of thir present letteres and proclamyt the samyn oppinlie accordyng to the tenour thairof in all poyntis as efferis; and this I did befoir thir witnes, Johne Stewerd of Mynto, knycht, prouest, Maister Archibald Walles, James Flemyng, baillies; Maister Johne Hall, Johne Flemyng, Maister Henry Gibsoun, Johne Steward, with wtheris diuers.