LXXIX: Indenture between Glasgow and Dumbarton concerning Trade on the Clyde (1590)

Pages 225-227

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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LXXIX. Indenture between the towns of Glasgow and Dumbarton, as to merchandice arriving in the waters of Clyde. Renfrew, 9 October 1590.

This Indenter made att the burgh of Renfrew, the nynth day of the moneth of October, the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth and nyntie yeares, beares witnes that it is appoyntit and agreid betwixt the provest, baillies, and communitie, of the burgh and citie of Glasgow, on the tae pairt, and the baillies and communitie of the burgh of Dumbartane on the toder parte, belanging and concerning the vsing, keeping, and observing of the privileges and friedomes grantit in tyme bygaine to the saids cities and burghes of Glasgow and Dumbartane, be our soveraigne Lord and his proginitouris anent all merchandice of schips that comes in at the west sea in the water of Clyd and other waters or lowes, for the commoune profeit, vnitie, and concord, of the saids borrowis in tyme coming, in forme, maner, and effect, as after followes; That is to say, when ships or ony wther kynd of weschelles with merchandice of vthair reumes happines to cvm in the said west, sea, water of Clyd, or ony vder waters or lowes, the bailiffes of Dumbartane, with advyce of the counsell and communitie of the same, sall with all dilligence warne and certifie the provest, baillies, and communitie of the citie of Glasgow, of the said merchandice quhatsomever beis in the said ships or vthair veschelles of the expenssis of the communitie of Glasgow, and after the said warning and requisitioune, the provest, baillies, and communitie of Glasgow, sall mak certane merchands with thair advyces, with their instructiounes to pass to the burgh of Dumbartane, in possible haist, to commune and advise of the said merchandice and the availls of the samyne, and thairafter incontinent the said baillies and communitie of Dumbartane sall cheise certane merchands for them to pas with the merchands of Glasgow alltogeder, for the buying of the said merchandice to the commoune weillfare and availl of the said citie and burgh of Glasgow and Dumbartane, and sall concur togedder in the said merchandice equallie in all profeits, but fraud or gyll, colour, or deceit, in all poyntis of merchandice, and in payment making of the samyne. Off the quhilk merchandice and buying and payment making of the samyne, sall be ane equall divisoune made betwixt the said citie and burghs of Glasgow and Dumbartane, the quhilk provest, baillies, and communities, shall mak their labouris, dilligence, and coastis be equall divisioune, for the observing and keeping of their said priviledges with all their powers; and attour, for suir vnitie and concord to be keepit in tyme coming betwixt the said citie and burgh of Glasgow and Dumbartane, the provest, baillies, and communities of the samyne, sall helpe, supplie, and defend vthairis anent all right and friedomes of the said citie and burghs in tyme coming, and als, if mister beis, the said provest, baillies, and communities of baith the burrowes, sall caus persones of the samyne, of equall expenssis, pas for the said defence of there priviledge and friedomes befor our Soveraigne Lord, the King and his Lords of Counsell, or vder places within the reume where it is sein expedient be them, and if it happines in tyme coming, ony discord or contraversie to be made betwixt the said provest, baillies, or communities, or ony of them, anent the buying and paying of the said merchandice, or breking of their said priviledge and friedomes, there sall, within aught dayes nixt thairafter, sex discreit persones of ilk burgh, meit within the burgh of Renfrew for reformatioune of the said faultis and punishing of the brekers and discord makers. And for observing and keeping, in tyme coming, in all thir poyntis and artickleis above wryttin, the said provest, baillieis, and communities ar bundin till vthairis, vnder the paine of ane hundreth pundis of vswall monye of Scotland rinand for the tyme, to be payit for the communitie that breakis, fourtie punds to our Soveraigne Lord, twentie punds till the kirkwork of the Laigh Kirk of Glasgow, and fourtie punds till the communitie that brekis not, for their coast, skaith, and damage, and the said sowme of a hundreth punds to be payit forouten favouris or forforgivenes. In the witnes of the quhilk things, the baillies of the burgh of Dumbartane and communitie, hes appendit there commoune seall to the pairt of the indenters remainand with the burgh and citie of Glasgow, day, place, and year above wryttin, and to the pairt of the Indenture to remaine with the baillies and communitie of Dumbartane, the said provest, baillies, and communitie of Glasgow, hes appendit their commoune sealls.