Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2

Transcriptions of 123 key charters and other documents, plus abstracts of further related documents. A detailed commentary on the texts is given in Part 1.

Glasgow Charters. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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Table of Contents

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CI: Charter disponing office of bailliary and justiciary to the Duke of Lennox (1621) 314-322
CII: Charter of Archbishop confirming immunities of the University (1628) 322-324
CIII: Charter confirming charter no. CI 325-327
CIV: Charter of Charles I confirming rights and foundation etc. of the University (1630) 328-347
CV : Act of Parliament ratifying rights of College of Glasgow (1633) 347-351
CVI: Act of Parliament confirming several charters (1633) 351-355
CVII: Disposition to the College of the Blackfriars Kirk with adjacent lands (1635) 356-358
CVIII: Contract between Archbishop and College concerning the Blackfriars Kirk (1635) 359-363
CIX: Charter of Charles I confirming nos. CVII and CVIII 364-374
CX: Charter of Charles I confirming charters and rights of the Burgh (1636) 375-395
CXI: Bond concerning charter no. CX 395-397
CXII: Act of General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland concerning episcopal government (1639) 397-400
CXIII: Act of Parliament ratifying the Act of General Assembly, no.CXII (1640) 400
CXIV: Act of Parliament concerning markets in the Burgh (1640) 401-402
CXV: Charter of Charles I granting lands and barony of Glasgow to the Duke of Lennox (1641) 403-410
CXVI: Act of Parliament concering election of magistrates (1641) 410-411
CXVII: Act of parliament concerning superiorities of episcopal lands (1641) 411-413
CXVIII: Act of Parliament ratifying charter no.CX (1641) 413-414
CXIX: Act of Parliament concerning the upkeep of the minister and fabric of the High Church (1641) 415
CXX : Act of Parliament concerning days of markets (1644) 416
CXXI: Acts of the Lords of Exchequer concerning mortification of the spirituality of Archbishopric of Glasgow (1648) 417
CXXII: Charter of Charles I granting teinds contained in charter no.CXIX 418-423
CXXIII: Act of Parliament ratifying nos.CXXI and CXXII 424-425
Abstracts of further charters and documents: 1165-1542 429-441
Abstracts of further charters and documents: 1547-1638 442-477
Abstracts of further charters and documents: 1639-49 478-490
Addenda to abstracts 491-498
Index: A - K 501-521
Index: L - Z 521-536