CXXIII: Act of Parliament ratifying nos.CXXI and CXXII

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'CXXIII: Act of Parliament ratifying nos.CXXI and CXXII', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 424-425. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]

CXXIII. Act of Parliament ratifying and approving an Act of the Lords of Exchequer [No. cxxi.] and the gift and charter of mortification of the spirituality of the Archbishopric of Glasgow following thereon. [No. cxxii.] Edinburgh, 11 May 1648.

The Estates of Parliament hes ratified and approven and be thir presents, ratifies and approves the act of Exchekquer maid and grantit be the lordis thairof, ordaneing ane signatour of mortificatioun of the spiritualitie of the Archbischope of Glasgow, togither with the tyndis thairof, great and small parsonage and vicarage of Glasgow, laitelie uneit an annexit thairto, to be writtin, past, and expede in Exchekquer in manner thereinmentionat of the whilk act the tennor followes:—[Here followes Act of Exchequer, No. CXXI.] Togidder with the gift and chartour of mortification and dispositioune thairin contenit, maid, given, and grantit be his Majestie with advyse and consent of his Hieness exchekquer, comptroller, and collector generall of his Majesties new augmentatiounes of his Hienes kingdome of Scotland, principall and deputtis, and with advyse and consent of the remanent lordis of his Hienes exchekquer, his Majesties commissioneris, to the burghe of Glasgow, provest, baillies, councell, and communities thairof, and to thair successoures for ever for mantenance of ane minister to serve the cuire in place of the Archbishope of Glasgow, and for repairing and upholding of the fabrick of the Cathedrall Kirk of Glasgow, and for the helpe and suppliement of the schoollis and hospitallis within the same, All and Haill the teyndis, great and small, baith personage and viccarage, latelie uneit to the said Archbishoprik of Glasgow, tak dewties, teynd dewties, and utheris whatsomever belonging thairto, and all and haill the teyndis, baith personage and viccarage, tak dewties and teynd dewties belonging to the spiritualitie of the said archbischoprik of Glasgow; and speciallie, but prejudice of the generalitie forsaid, the personage and viccarage teyndis of the kirkis of Drymen, Dryffisdaill, Cambusnethen, and Traquair, together with the tak dewties and other dewties whatsomever payable thairfore in tymes by past to the archbischopis of Glasgow, or dew to thame furth of the saids kirkis and teyndis, togither with the bygane restis of the saidis teyndis, and tak dewties of all yeeres bygane restand awand, unpeyit and unuplifted. Be the whilk chartour of mortificatioun also, his Majestie, with consent forsaid, hes dissolveit the tyndis, personage and viccarage of Glasgow, and haill kirkis abone specifieit fra the said Archbischoprik of Glasgow, and hes uneit and annexit the samyn to the said burgh of Glasgow, to remane with tham and thair successoures for ever, as in the said chartour of mortification and dispositoune of the daite at Edinburgh, the auchtene day of Februar last by past, 1648 yeeres, at mair lenth is contenit; togither with the precept and instrument of sasine following thairupone, of quhatsomever daite or daittis the samyne be, in all and sundrie heidis, articles, clauses, conditiones, and circumstances thairof whatsomever, with all that hes followit or may follow thairupone. Attour the saidis estates of this present parliament, statutes, decernis, and ordaines that the said chartour of mortificatioune, infeftment and seasing following thairupone, with this present ratification thairof, is and sall be ane sufficient and valide righte to the said burgh of Glasgow, provest, baillies, councell and communitie thairof, now present, and that sall happen to be for the tyme, and to thair successorues for ever, for brukeing and joyseing of the saidis teyndis, tak dewties, teynd dewties, and utheres particularlie and generallie abovementionat, for the use foirsaid perpetuallie in all time comeing, but stopt or impediment, conform to the foirsaid chartour of confirmation, infeftment and seasing following thairupone, signatour and act of exchekquer, quhairupone the samyne proceedit in all pointis. And findis and declaires this present ratification to be als valide, effectuall, and sufficient to the effect befoir reherst, as if the said chartour hereby ratifiet, precept and instrument of seasing following thairupone were insert verbatim heirintill, whairanent the estates of parliament be thir presentis dispenssis for ever.