CXIV: Act of Parliament concerning markets in the Burgh (1640)

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'CXIV: Act of Parliament concerning markets in the Burgh (1640)', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 401-402. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]

CXIV. Act of Parliament prohibiting the holding of a Market in Glasgow on Mondays, and appointing certain articles to be sold at the weekly market on Wednesdays, and also prohibiting the holding of any markets on Sundays. Edinburgh, 11 June 1640.

Forsameikle as the Estatis of Parliament presentlie conveened by his Majesties speciall authoritie are informed and understand that travelling upon the Sonday, and prophanatione of that day is greatly occasioned by the mercatis holdine weekelie upon the Monday in Edinburghe, Jedburghe, Drumfreis, Brichine, and Glasgow, and that the leiges resorting from the cuntrie to the saidis markatis upon the Monday are distracted from Godis publicke worshipe one the Soneday, and are constraned to travell all the Sunday for keeping of the Monday marketis respectiue foirsaidis; for remeed wherof the saidis estates of Parliament have dischairged, and simply dischairges all merketis upon Monday to be any wayes keeped in the burghes of Jedburghe, Dumfries, and Brichine in tyme comeing, and appoyntes, chairges, and ordeanes, the samene marketis which ware in tyme bygone keeped and holdin weeklie upoun the Monday in the saidis burghes of Jedburghe, Dumfreis, and Brichine, to be heireftir keeped and holdine weeklie in Jedburghe upon Tuysday, and in Dumfreis and Brichine weeklie upoun Weddnisday; and also the saidis estatis foirsaidis, dischairges all markettis with in the burghe of Glasgowe to be keeped or holdine heirefter upoun the Monday for selling, buying, or making market of horses or uther quicke bestiall, meale brought to Glasgowe market upoun Monday from Burrowstounnes, as Stirveling, Faukirke, and other remot places, wher men may not come frome there owne houses in the morneing to the houre of the merkat with their saidis commodities; item, the beere market and all craftsmene worke brought to be sold in market, as well by frie as unfrie persones; item, all market for salt brought from the salt panes upoun Forth; the market for salt, butter, keeping cheise, and timber of all sortes which is brought upe the river of Clyde to the toune of Glasgowe. And ordeanes and appoyntes the market for the particular goodis foirsaides to be keeped heirefter weeklie within the burghe of Glasgow upon the Weddinsday. And in lykemaner the saidis estates of Parliament dischairges all market to be keeped and haldine heirefter within the burghe of Edinburghe upoun the Monday ffor woll, butter, cheese, skinnes, hydis, shoone; and generallie dishairges all marketis in Edinburghe upon Monday of all unfree mens worke brought in to be sold in Edinburghe upoun the Monday in any tyme heireftir; but ordeines and appoyntes the merkat to these goodis and merchandyce particularlie and generallie befor rehearsit to be keeped and holdine weeklie upoun the Weddinsday within the said burghe of Edinburghe in tyme comeing, in the same maner, and alse freilies in all respectis as the market thereof heath beene keeped one the Monday in tyme bygone. And therefor ordeanes the saidis leiges to keepe and attend the said market dayes respective befor rehearsed as the samene are now appoynted to be keiped within the burghes of Edinburghe, Glasgow, Dumfreis, Jedburghe, and Brichine, and to resort and repair thereto weeklie as they shall have occasione, sickelyke and in the same manner as they ware in use to repaire to the Monday merketis within the saidis burghes befor the dischairging therof; and also ordeanis the magistatis of the saidis burghes to sie the merketis keeped and holdine in ther saidis brughes upoun the dayes heerby appoynted, and that no markettis be keeped upoun the Mondayes for the goodis heerby dischairges in tyme comeing. And last, the saidis estatis of Parliament dischairges and prohibits all markettis and trystis to be keeped heirefter upoun Sonday throughout all this kingdome, and dischairges all the leiges from all keepeing therof upon Sonday heereftie; And ordeanes this act to stand in full force as a law whill the nixt Assembly, that the inconvenientes redounding heerby to the leies being represented to that Assembly, (the Assembly) may consider thereof, and as they find the same sufficient, they may supplicate the nixt ensueing Parliament to reschind this act in whole or in pairt, as after tryell it shall be fund hurtfull to the leiges.