LXIV: Ratification by James VI of LXIII

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'LXIV: Ratification by James VI of LXIII ', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 162-163. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-charters/1175-1649/no2/pp162-163 [accessed 29 February 2024]

LXIV. Ratification by King James VI. in Parliament of the Charter No. LXIII., by the Provost, Bailies, Councillors and Community of Glasgow, in favour of the Pedagogy or College of Glasgow. Edinburgh, 26 January 1572–3.

In The Parliament haldin at Edinburght the twentysaxt day of Januar the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth threscoir tuelff yeiris. The Quhilk Day, oure Souerane Lord, with avise and consent of his richt traist cousing. James erle of Mortoune lord Dalkeith, regent to his Hienes his realme and liegis, the thre estates and haill body of this present parliament, for the encres and help of gude lettres and instructione of the youth, quhairthrow thai may be able to serve in the kirk of God and commoneweill of this realme in tyme cuming, be the tennour of this present act, ratifeis, apprevis, and for his Hienes and his successoures perpetuallie confirmes the Charter, Fundatioune, and Infeftment, and all pointis, articles, conditiones, claussis and circumstances thairof, maid and gevin be the prouest, ballies, counsale and communitie of the cietie and burgh of Glasgw to the College or Pedagoge of Glasgw, regentis and studentis resident thairin, nominat in the said fundatione, to thair honest and commodious sustentation, off all and sindre the landis, tenementis, houssis, biggingis, kirkis, chapellis, yardes, orchardes, craftis, annuelrentis, fructes, dewteis, proffittis, and emolimentis, males, obit siluer, and anniuersaries quhatsumeuir, quhilkis be ony maner of way pertenit or ar knawin to pertene to quhatsumeuir chapellis, altarages, prebendareis, foundit in quhatsumeuir kirk or college within the said cietie of Glasgw, or of the places of all the Freiris of the same cietie; togedder with all and sindre landis, houssis, tenementis and annualrentis of quhatsumeuir landis, houssis, and tenementis within the said cietie of Glasgw, or without the samyne, pertening and belanging to the saidis provest, ballies, counsale, and communitie, or vsit to be vpliftit and payit eftir the forme and tennour of the infeftment maid and gevin to thaim thairvpoune be the Quene moder to oure Souerane Lord in hir regime, and conforme to the said fundatioune, quhilk is of the date the aucht day of Januar instant; declaring and decerning the samyn to haue full effect in all tyme cuming; Off the quhilk fundatioun the tennour followis:—Vniuersis et singulis in Christo, [etc., ut supra, No. LXIII]. Extractum de Libris Actorum Parliamenti per me magistrum Jacobum Makgill de Rankelour Nethir, clericum rotulorum registri ac consilii S. D. N. Regis, sub meis signo et subscriptione manualibus.

Jacobus Makgill.