LXX: Letter of protection from James VI regarding the College (1579)

Pages 187-188

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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LXX. Letter by King James VI. under the Great Seal, taking the whole members and supposts of the College of Glasgow, with their lands, tenements, and other goods, under his firm peace and protection, and confirming the exemption of the University from taxation, and from watch and ward. Stirling, 26 May 1579.

[Latin text]

Jacobus Dei gratia Rex Scotorum, omnibus probis hominibus totius terre sue clericis et laicis salutem. Sciatis quia suscepimus dilectos nostros magistros, doctores, regentes, scolasticos, studentes, bursarios, bedallos, et alios suppositos lie suppostes Collegij nostri Glasguensis, et omnes et singulas eorum terras, tenementa, possessiones, ac omnia eorum bona mobilia et immobilia, spiritualia et temporalia, tam infra ciuitatem Glasguensem quam alibi in quibuscunque locis existentia, sub nostra firma securitate, salua pace, patrocinio, peculiari manutentione et defensione omni tempore affuturo: Necnon exemimus dictos magistros, doctores, regentes, scholasticos, studentes, bursarios, bedallos, et alios suppositos lie suppostes dicti nostri Collegij quoscumque (qui prelatiis promoti non sunt); ac omnes et singulos eorum redditus, possessiones, terras et beneficia minora prelatiis, ab omni solutione cuiuscunque census, tributi, vectigalis, taxationis, collectionis, exactionis infra regnum nostrum pro quacunque occasione impositi aut imponendi; ac etiam ab omnibus excubiis seu vigilijs, onerationibus quibuscunque omni tempore affuturo imponendis. Firmiter igitur precipiendo omnibus et singulis nostris liegijs et subditis nequis eorum presumat aut tentet quicquam quod violare aut aduersarj possit priuelegiis, libertatibus et exemptionibus per nos dicto nostro Collegio concessis, sub omni pena et oneratione que inde sequi poterit. In cuius rei testimonium presentibus magnum sigillum nostrum apponi precepimus. Apud Striueling, vicesimo sexto die mensis Maij, anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo septuagesimo nono, et regnj nostri duodecimo.


James, by the grace of God, King of Scots, to all good men of his whole land, clerics and laics, greeting. Know ye, that we have taken our well-beloved the masters, doctors, regents, scholars, students, bursars, bedells, and other supposts of our college of Glasgow, and all and sundry their lands, tenements, possessions, and all their goods, moveable and immovable, spiritual and temporal, as well those that are within the city of Glasgow as those that are elsewhere in whatever places, under our firm security, safe peace, protection, special maintenance and defence, in all time to come; and have exempted the said masters, doctors, regents, scholars, students, bursars, bedells, and other supposts of our said college whomsoever (who are not promoted to prelacies), and all and sundry their rents, possessions, lands and benefices less than prelacies, from all payment of whatever cess, tribute, tax, taxation, collection, exaction, imposed or to be imposed within our kingdom, for whatsoever occasion; and also from all watchings or wardings, and burdens whatsoever to be imposed in any time to come. Strictly, therefore, commanding all and sundry our lieges and subjects, that none of them take in hand, or attempt anything that may violate or come in the contrary of the privileges, freedoms, and exemptions granted by us to our said college, under all pain and penalty which thereupon can follow. In witness whereof, we have commanded our great seal to be affixed to these presents, at Stirling, the twentysixth day of the month of May, the year of God one thousand five hundred and seventy-nine, and of our reign the twelfth year.