XIII: Conveyance of land from Robert of Mithyngby to the archdeacon of Glasgow (1280-90)

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Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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XIII. Charter by Robert of Mithyngby conveying his land in the town of Glasgow after being duly offered to his relations in the court of the burgh, to Master Reginald Irewyn, archdeacon of Glasgow. A.D. 1280–90.

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Omnibus Christi fidelibus presentibus et futuris presens scriptum visuris vel audituris, Robertus de Mithyngby salutem in Domino. Noverit universitas vestra me maxima et summa egestate ac necessitate compulsum, de consensu et voluntate Agnetis filie mee et heredis, et Walteri fratris mei in curia Glasgu existentium et expresse consentientium, vendidisse concessisse et hac presenti carta mea confirmasse, pro paupertatis mee levamine, per testimonium virorum fide dignorum et sufficientium, Magistro Reginaldo de Irewyn Archidiacono Glasguensi, totam terram meam quam habui in villa de Glasgu, sine aliquo retenimento, cum omnibus pertinenciis suis, sicut jacet in longum et in latum inter terram Petri de Tyndal versus orientem ex parte una et terram Edgari vicarii versus occidentem exaltera pro quadam summa pecunie quam dictus Magister Reginaldus in mea urgenti necessitate totaliter pacavit. Que quidem terra oblata fuit propinquioribus parentibus meis et amicis in curia de Glasgu ad tria principalia placita anni et ad alia placita multociens secundum legem et consuetudinem burgi. Et saisynam ejusdem terre cum suis pertinenciis predicto Magistro Reginaldo coram prepositis et ballivis de Glasgu et xij burgensibus et aliis ejusdem civitatis feci et donaui. Tenendam et habendam predicto Magistro Reginaldo et heredibus suis vel cuicumque et quantumcumque dare legare vel assignare voluerit in libero burgagio plene integre pacifice et honorifice in perpetuum. Reddendo inde annuatim domino episcopo Glasguensi et successoribus suis firmam debitam ad terminos consuetos pro omni seruicio seculari consuetudine exaccione et demanda. Ego vero Robertus et heredes mei totam predictam terram cum omnibus pertinenciis suis libertatibus et asiamentis predicto Magistro Reginaldo et heredibus suis et cuicunque et quantumcumque dare legare vel assignare voluerit contra omnes homines et feminas warantizabimus, acquietabimus et defendemus in perpetuum. In Cujus Rei Testimonium huic scripto sigillum meum apposui, et tam ad instanciam et peticionem meam quam supradicti Reginaldi, in omnium premissorum testimonium, sigillum commune de Glasgu huic scripto est appensum. Hiis testibus, Domino Ricardo de Dunidouir, Alexandro Palmer, Willelmo Gley tunc prepositis, Domino Johanne de Ireskin milite, Roberto de Coupland, Nicholao filio Germani, Ricardo Smaley, Hogone Toller, Ambrosio, Nicholao Toller, Roberto Jarguno, Bricio Pistore et aliis.


To all the faithful in Christ, present and to come, who shall see or hear this present writing, Robert of Mithyngby, greeting in the Lord. Know all of you, that I, compelled by great and extreme poverty and necessity, with the consent and assent of Agnes, my daughter and heiress, and of Walter my brother, compearing in the court of Glasgow, and expressly consenting, have sold and granted and by this my present charter have confirmed, for the relief of my poverty, before credible and sufficient witnesses, to Master Reginald Irewyn, archdeacon of Glasgow, all my land which I had in the town of Glasgow, without any reservation, with all its pertinents, as it lies in length and in breadth between the lands of Peter of Tyndal towards the east, on the one part, and the land of Edgar the vicar, towards the west, on the other, for a certain sum of money which the said Master Reginald in my great need has fully paid. Which land was offered to my nearest relations and friends, in the court of Glasgow, at three head courts of the year, and at other courts often, according to law and the custom of the burgh. And I have made and given sasine of the said land with its pertinents to the aforesaid Master Reginald in presence of the provosts and bailies of Glasgow, and twelve burgesses and others of the said city; To have and to Hold to the aforesaid Master Reginald and his heirs, or to whomsoever and as much as he shall please to give bequeath or assign the same, in free burgage, fully, wholly, peaceably, and honourably for ever. Paying therefor yearly to the lord bishop of Glasgow and his successors the rent due at the usual terms for all secular service, custom, exaction and demand. And I Robert and my heirs warrant, acquit, and will forever defend against all men and women the whole of the foresaid land, with all its pertinents liberties and easements, to the foresaid Master Reginald and his heirs, and to whomsoever and as much as he shall think proper to give bequeath or assign the same. In Witness Whereof I have affixed my seal to this writing. and as well at the instance and petition of me as of the foresaid Reginald, in testimony of all the premises, the common seal of Glasgow is affixed to this writing. These being witnesses, Sir Richard of Dunidouir, Alexander Palmer, William Gley, then provosts, Sir John of Erskine knight, Robert of Coupland, Nichol son of German, Richard Smaley, Hugh Toller, Ambrose, Nichol Toller, Robert Jargun, Brice the baker, and others.