XV : Charter of Robert I confirming rights of Bishop of Glasgow (1309)

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'XV : Charter of Robert I confirming rights of Bishop of Glasgow (1309)', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 21-23. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-charters/1175-1649/no2/pp21-23 [accessed 29 February 2024]

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XV. Charter by King Robert I., granting to the Bishop of Glasgow his churches and whole possessions. Arbroath, 26th April 1309.

[Latin text]

Robertus Dei gracia Rex Scottorum, justiciariis, vicecomitibus, prepositis et eorum ballivis, ceterisque fidelibus suis ad quos presentes littere pervenerint, salutem. Cum perniciosum esset exemplum et dissonum rationi malum pro bono reddere; imo pocius laudabile sit gratitudinis preconium bene meritis graciam facere et favorem recompensacione condigna; nos corditer attendentes, ut tenemur, incarcerationes, et vincula, persecutiones et tedia que venerabilis pater Dominus Robertus, Dei gracia episcopus Glasguensis pro juribus ecclesie et regni nostri Scotie hactenus constanter sustinuit, et adhuc sustinet patienter: eidem domino episcopo ecclesias suas, terras, res, redditus et possessiones universas ac bona sua omnia, tenore presentium libere concedimus ac quiete. Quare vobis precipimus firmiter et mandamus quatenus Domino Bernardo cancellario nostro, et Magistro Stephano de Donydour canonico ecclesie Glasguensi et camerario nostro, vicariis et locumtenentibus domini episcopi supradicti, vel eorum alteri, seu quibuscumque aliis uni vel pluribus, per ipsos seu per eorum alterum substitutis vel substituto, ecclesias, terras, res, redditus et possessiones universas, et bona omnia dicti domini episcopi, pervos seu per quoscumque alios infra ballias vestras hactenus occupata, visis litteris liberari faciatis indilate; firmiter inhibentes ne quis vicarius dicti domini episcopi supradictos aut ordinarios alios dicti episcopatus vel ballivos, per ipsos vel eorum alterum nomine dicti domini episcopi substitutes vel substituendos, de cetero perturbare presumat, quin profectum dicti domini episcopi libere possint facere de premissis, et per totum episcopatum Glasguensem jurisdictionem ordinariam libere valeant exercere super nostram plenariam forisfacturam. Testibus, Gilberto de Haya, Vmfredo de Culchone, militibus, et Jacobo domino de Duglas. Apud Abirbrothoc vicesimo sexto die Aprilis anno regni nostri quarto.


Robert, by the grace of God King of Scots, to justiciars, sheriffs, provosts and their bailies, and the rest of his lieges to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. Since to render evil for good were a mischievous example and contrary to reason; but on the other hand to show grace and favour with suitable recompence to the well deserving is a laudable evidence of gratitude; we from our heart regarding, as we are bound to do, the imprisonments and bonds, persecutions and afflictions, which a reverend father lord Robert, by the grace of God bishop of Glasgow, has up to this time constantly borne, and yet patiently bears, for the rights of the Church and our kingdom of Scotland, have granted freely and quietly by the tenor of these presents to the said lord bishop his churches, his lands, gear, rents, and whole possessions and all his goods. Wherefore we strictly charge and command you that incontinent on the sight of these letters ye cause the said lord bishop's churches, lands, gear, rents, and whole possessions and all his goods hitherto seized by you, or others whomsoever within your bailiaries to be delivered to Sir Bernard our chancellor, and Master Stephen of Donydour cannon of the church of Glasgow, and our chamberlain, deputes and substitutes of the abovesaid lord bishop, or to either of them, or any others whomsoever one or more deputed by them or either of them. Strictly forbidding any vicar of the said lord bishop to presume further to trouble the abovesaids, or other ordinaries of the said bishopric, or the bailies substituted or to be substituted by them or by either of them in the name of the said lord bishop, so that they should not be able freely to attend to the interests of the said lord bishop in the premises, and freely exercise ordinary jurisdiction throughout the whole bishopric of Glasgow, under pain of our full forfeiture. Witnesses, Gilbert of Haya, Humfrey of Culchone, knights, and James lord of Douglas. At Arbroath the twenty sixth day of April, of our reign the fourth year.