LXXII: Deed of Mortification of customs from Archbishop to the College (1581)

Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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'LXXII: Deed of Mortification of customs from Archbishop to the College (1581)', in Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2, (Glasgow, 1894) pp. 189-191. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-charters/1175-1649/no2/pp189-191 [accessed 1 March 2024]

LXXII. Deed of Mortification by James, Archbishop of Glasgow, Chancellor of the University, with the consent of the Chapter, in favour of the College of Glasgow, whereby he mortified to it all and whole the customs of the trone, great and small customs, those of fair or market, of measure or weight, within the burgh of Glasgow, to be held of the Archbishop and his successors in all time coming. Glasgow, 28 May 1581.

Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres, vs, James, be the mercye of God Archbishop of Glasgow and Chancelar of the Vniuersitie thareof, with express consent and assent of the channouns and chaptour of oure Metropolitan Kirk of Glasgow, for the honour of God in advancing of gude lettres and knawledge in the Kirk to be professit and tawcht within our College of Glasgow, and because the said College hade of before of vs and our predecessouris certain yeirlye dewtye of our customis of our cietie of Glasgow, that the samyn suld in na wayis be pairit or hurt, bot rather augmentit and dotit be vs, To haif vnit anexit and perpetualye Mortifiet in and to the said College all and hail our customis of our troneis of Glasgow, great and small customes, fair or mercat customis, or of mett measure or wecht perteining to vs within our said cietie of Glasgow, with all pertinentis thareof, lykeas we presentlye vnit, annexis, mortifeis, and incorporatis the samyn, all and hail thareto, to remain tharewith for euer, with all emolumentis, fruictis, profeitis, anniuersareis or vther commoditeis quhatsumeuer. To be vpliftit, peaceblie bruikit and joisit be the maisteris and regentis of our said College present and to cum, thare factouris, collectouris and servitouris in thare names peaceblye, without all trowble stop or impediment, with als gude rycht als we or onye of our predecessouris bruikit or joysit the samyn or micht haif done from the beginning. Halding the saidis hail customes and pertinentis thareof of vs and our successouris Archibischopis of Glasgow for euer, without onye reuocatioun or again calling quhatsumeuer. Ordaining that this our vnioun and annexatioun be registrat in the commoun buikis of the said Vniuersitie and College for a perpetuall memorial of our gude favour borne thareto. And siklyk bindis and oblissis vs and our successouris to warrand, acquoyet and defend this our vnioun and annexatioun to the said College, or to make farder securitie thareof in maist dew and competent forme as afevris to remane for euer with the said College. In witnes of the quhilk thing and of the hail premisis to this our vnioun and annexatioun maid to the said College, subscryvit with our hand, our seil is affixit, together with the commoun seil of our chaptour, and subscryvit be the channounis thareof in token of thare consent and assent to the premisis, at Glasgow the twentye aucht day of the moneth of Maij, the yeir of God a thowsand fyve hundreth foure score and ane yeiris, before thir witnessis, maister Dauid Weimis, minister of Glasgow; maister Andro Polward, subdean of Glasgow: sic subscubitur, Ja. Glasgow, etc.; J. Balfour, dene of Glasgo; Mr Archibald Douglass, archeden of Glasgow; Mr F. Coluill, chantour of Glasgow; Mr Villiam Chernisyd, person of Luss; Gulielmus Bailyei a Prouand; Johne Lindesay, persoun of Carstaris; Welleme Grahame, persoun of Kylern; Wm Erskyn, chancellar off Glasw; Mr. Ard. Colquhoune, persone of Stobo; James Hill, persone of Askyrk; Mr Andro Hay, Renfrew; Mr Andro Poluart, subdene; Robertus Herbertsoun ab Air; G. Hay, Eddilstoune; Archidus; Craufurd ab Eglischem, rector; Jo. Howison, persone of Cambuslang; Thomas Archibald de Cardross.