Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry III, File 36

Pages 217-225

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 1, Henry III. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Inquisitions Post Mortem, Henry III, File 36

687. William Wymer.
Writ, 27 May, 52 Hen. III. Inq. (undated and defaced).
Ralph his son, aged 40, is his heir.
Stafford. A fishpond near Stafford held of the king in chief by service of ½ mark yearly; ½ carucate land near Stafford called Le Estfeld held of the prior of Ware by service of 2s.; and 3 mills outside the town held of the baron of Stafford by service of 10 marks. He also held 1 carucate land with 6s. rent, of ... which he gave 10 years ago to the said Ralph his son ...
C. Hen. III. File 36. (1.)
688. Aline (Aelina) Marescall' alias la Marischal.
Writ (missing).
John son of Sir William le Mareschal, aged 12, is her heir.
[Norfolk.] Extent, Monday after St. Botulph, 52 (Hen. III.).
Banham town. 10a. arable, 5½a. meadow, 10s. from wood, 59 loads (summas) of oats worth 78s. 8d., 46s. 8½d. rent of assize, &c., held in dower.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Buxton manor (extent given), including 6a. of alder grove called le Hewe Fen, a fishery (piscaria de Ripa), a hamlet called Kinestorp, customs called _ silver, malt silver, salt silver and bread silver, and 4l. 4s. 10d. castle guard and rent of assize of knights, held of the king in chief by service of 2 knights' fees.
Norfolk. Extent (undated).
Swanton manor (extent given), including a fishery (piscaria de Rypa) and a custom called Goldwde.
[Norfolk.] Extent (undated).
Folesham. 51a. arable, 1½a. pasture, and 1(a.) and 1r. meadow in demesne, 4 marks rent, 4l. from the farm of the hundred of Einsford, and 4l. from the farm of the mill, fishery, Folesham market, heather, turbary, &c. held in dower of William Mariscall her son for ⅓ of ¼ knight's fee, and the said William held the whole manor of the earl of Gloucester for ¼ knight's fee. There is a rent of 4d. there called faldage. (See No. 757.)
C. Hen. III. File 36. (2.)
689. Richard de Munfichet.
Writ (missing). Extent, Sunday after the Octave of St. Hilary, 52 Hen. III. (defective).
He had 3 sisters, Margery, Avelina and Philippa; from Margery issued Hugh de Bolebek, who had 4 daughters, married to Roger de Lacastre, Nicholas Corbet, Hugh de Laval, and Walter de Huntercumbe; from Avelina issued William de Fortibus, earl of Albemarle, whose heirs are under age and in the king's wardship; and from Philippa issued Richard de Playz; so that the said Richard's inheritance is to be divided into 3 parts, the first pertaining to the 4 daughters of Hugh de Bolebek, the second to the heirs of William de Fortibus, and the third to Richard de Playz, who is 40 years of age.
[Essex.] Esthamme manor and advowson (extent given), tenure unspecified. Westhamme (extent given), tenure unspecified.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (3.)
690. William de Kyma.
Writ (of certiorari), on the petition of the prioress, &c. of Appilton, 24 Sept., 52 Hen. III. Inq. Tuesday after All Saints, 53 Hen. III.
York. The said William gave to the said prioress, &c. in frankalmoin, 40s. rent from the mill of Neuton upon Querff, which she received during the life of the said William; but whilst the lands were in the hands of the king's escheator after his death, the escheator detained 20s. of the term of St. Martin, 44 Hen. III.; and afterwards the king assigned the said mill to Lucy de Kyma in dower, who has withheld the said 40s. rent for 8 years. (See No. 470.)
C. Hen. III. File 36. (4.)
691. John de Balliolo.
Writ, 27 Oct., 52 Hen. III.
Sir Hugh de Balliolo his son, age variously stated as 28 and more, and 30 and more, is his heir.
[York.] Extent and Inq. of lands, &c. as well of his own inheritance and purchase, as of the inheritance of his wife, Monday the morrow of St. Katharine, 53 Hen. III.
(Unspecified.) A capital messuage, 12 bovates land in demesne, pasture, 2 mills, 42 bovates in villenage, &c.; the advowson of the church pertains to the lord of Everingham.
Kibbelinton. Capital messuage and 22 bovates land in demesne.
Clevyng. Capital messuage and 4 bovates land in demesne.
Hayton. Capital messuage and 9 bovates land in demesne. Tenures unspecified.
These lands are of purchase, and Sir Adam de Everingham repurchased them from the said Sir John, but had no seisin before the death of the said John.
[York.] Extent and Inq. as above, Saturday the eve of St. Katharine, 53 Hen. III.
Driffeud (extent given).
Kelithorp. 5 carucates and 6 bovates land.
Brigham. 1½ carucate land, with meadow and pasture.
Besewik. 3 carucates land held in socage.
Killum. 1 bovate land of demesne, and 5 carucates and 7 bovates land in socage. Tenures unspecified.
Sir John did not die seised of these lands, for they were of the inheritance of Dervorgilla his wife, and were given to his son Hugh before his death.
Northumberland. Inq. Monday the morrow of St. Martin, 53 Hen. III.
Bywell, a moiety (extent given with names of tenants) held of the king in chief, service unspecified, together with its appurtenances, viz.—
Ovinton (extent given).
Akum (extent given), with a pasture farmed to the township of Weltedem for ever.
Bromley (extent given).
Eltringham, held by Adam de Eltringham in drengage, paying 37s. 4d. yearly.
Myckeley (extent given).
Heley, held by the preceptor of Thorenton, paying 2s. yearly.
Falderley, held by Simon de Haliwell and Alan de Menyll, paying 5s. yearly and doing suit at Bywell court.
Mynstanesacres (extent given), whereof widow Emma de Crawcrok' holds Hesilihirst for 40 acres, paying 24s. yearly.
Fayrhill. 1 carucate land held by Elias of the same, paying 9s. and 1lb. pepper yearly.
Mora. 24a. land held by Thomas de Mora, paying 5s. yearly.
Backewrth (extent given).
Bromycrok (extent given).
Brotherseth (extent given).
Crombeclyve (extent given).
Esperscheles (extent given).
Wythtonstall (extent given), held to farm of Roger Darrenes for 10 years.
Newlands (Novalanda) (extent given), similarly held.
Gonewerton (extent given), held to farm for 6 years by a fine made by reason of the war.
Wudhorn (extent given).
Hyrst (extent given), whereof he had the wardship through the death of Elias of the same; a moiety thereof with Lynemuth is held by Robert de Rue for 1/12 knight's service.
Seton (extent given); certain free tenants hold the land sometime of Henry de Seton in marriage, and pay 2s. yearly for the guard of Newcastle, and do one suit at the court of Bywell.
Neubigging, held in burgage.
Cressewell (extent given), which was seized by the said John in time of war and held as of his fee, pertaining to Wudhorn.
Est Newton, held by Robert de Insula for ¼ knight's fee, 3s. yearly, 40d. for the guard of the castle of Newcastle, and doing suit at Bywell court.
Heddon, held by John de Heddon by service of ½ knight's fee, ½ mark for the guard of the said castle and the like suit.
[Rihill,] held by Peter de Faudon and William de Rihill by service of 1 fee, 1 mark for the said guard, and the like suit.
[Dalton,] held by William de Dalton by service of 1 knight, and 1 mark for the said guard.
Bechefeld, held by Sir Roger Bertram by service of ½ fee, ½ mark for the said guard, and the like suit.
[Ovinton.] 1 carucate land held by Philip de Ovinton for 1/12 knight's fee, 13¼d. for the said guard, and the like suit.
[Stokesfeld.] 1 carucate similarly held by Gilbert de Stokesfeld.
Ryddeley, held by Robert de Meynevill by service of ½ knight's fee, ½ mark for the said guard, and the like suit.
[Bromley.] 46a. held by Walter de Bromle by service of 1/24 knight's fee, and the like suit.
Newcastle on Tyne. 8 burgages, paying 10s. for the said guard.
Writ, 13 Dec., 53 Hen. III. Inq. (undated).
Hertford. Hich[in] manor (extent given) held of the king in chief, by service of 2 knights. He held nothing else in the county.
(See No. 804.)
C. Hen. III. File 36. (5.)
692. Bernard de Brus.
Writ (missing). Inq. Monday before St. Michael, 53 Hen. III.
[Huntingdon.] Coniton manor (extent given), tenure unspecified. (See No. 641.)
C. Hen. III. File 36. (6.)
693. John de Pabbeham alias de Pabenham.
Writ, 12 Ap. 53 Hen. III.
John de Pabenham his son, is his heir and of full age.
Bedford. Inq. Monday before the Ascension, 53 Hen. III.
Wylden manor with a moiety of the advowson (extent given) held of the king in chief by service of ¼ knight's fee.
Bedford. Inq. Tuesday before the Ascension, 53 Hen. III. (defective.)
Carelton. A messuage, 4½ virgates land, 6a. meadow, and 12a. wood, held of the king in chief by service of 1/10 knight's fee; and 2 virgates land, and 15a. wood, held of Ralph Meryn by free marriage.
Pabenham. A messuage, 7 virgates land, 21a. meadow, a fishery, 12s. 11½d. rent, and common of pasture; and
Hynewyk manor (extent given); both held of William de Bello Campo of Bedeford by service of ¼ knight's fee.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (7.)
694. Robert de Jarewell.
Writ of plenius certiorari, on the petition of William son and heir of the said Robert, that his homage may be taken, 5 Mar., 53 Hen. III. Inq. (undated).
William his son is his heir, and of full age.
[Northampton.] Jarewell. 1 virgate land held of the king in chief by service of 5s. yearly, and being forester for keeping the groves of Siuele, the wood of the farm of Nassington, the underwood of Nassington, the Hay of Neweton, the wood of Siberton, the wood of Witeringe, the wood of Thornhawe, and the park of Clyve; also 3a. assart held of the king, for which he rendered 18d. yearly to the sheriff; and 1a. land held of John de Baleolo by service of 4d. yearly.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (8.)
695. William de Bello Campo, of Elmeleye.
Writ (missing). Extent. Saturday after St. Mark, 53 Hen. III.
Gloucester. Wykewauer manor and advowson (extent given), with Schesnecote its member, which the abbot of Bruern holds, held of the king in chief by service of 1/5 knight's fee.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (9.)
696. Miles de Bello Campo.
Writ, 24 Dec., 53 Hen. III.
Richard his son, aged 30 and more, is his heir.
[Buckingham.] Inq. (undated).
Lavenden, 1/5 knight's fee held of Sir Baldwin Wake by service of 1/5 knight's fee. The issues of the land came into the hands of John de Bello Campo, brother of the said Richard, after the death of the said Miles 4 years ago.
[Buckingham.] Inq. (undated).
Edelvesber', ¼ knight's fee held of the king in chief by the service pertaining to ¼ knight's fee. He gave the same on his sick bed to John his son, but received all the profits as long as he lived; the said John received them for 3 years after his death, and for the 4th year, viz. 52 Hen. III., they came to the hands of the king's escheator.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (10.)
697. William de Gloucestre.
Writ of plenius certiorari, on the complaint of Henry de Thornedon that the king's escheator had ejected him from the manor of North Thorp, which he had seized into his hand because held of him by knight's service, 17 Oct. 53 Hen. III. Inq. Thursday after St. Martin, 54 Hen. III.
[Essex.] Northtorp manor was held by the said William of Henry de Tornidone by 1 knight's fee, and not of the king, and the said Henry held it of John his brother, and he of the heirs of William son of Richard of Stanbreg.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (11.)
698. Robert de Barbling alias de Barmling.
Writ, 17 Ap. Inq. Sunday before the Ascension, 53 Hen. III.
William de Barmling, his son, aged 30 and more, is his heir.
[Kent.] Barmling manor (extent given).
Pimpe, 50a. land, meadow worth 2s., 10s. rent, &c.
Egerdinton, 20a. land, &c. held of the archbishop of Canterbury. The aforesaid land he held of the king in chief by service of 1 knight.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (12.)
699. John Renger.
Writ to the constable of the Tower of London and the escheator and bailiffs of the city, 27 June. Inq. Tuesday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 53 Hen. III.
London. The said John's houses were not held of the king in chief but of Sir Robert Creuker, service unknown: it is not the king's escheat, for the said John died good and faithful to the king.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (13.)
700. Roger de Stodham.
Writ, 8 Oct. Extent, Sunday the day of St. Edward, 53 Hen. III.
Thomas de Stodham his brother, aged 25, is his heir.
Essex. Sutton manor and advowson (extent given).
Plumberg. 20a. land of the king's demesne.
All held of the king in chief, with Tendring, for 2 knights' fees.
Plumberg. ½ knight's fee, viz. 120a. land, held of Luke de Habindun.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (14.)
701. William de Appelton alias de Appetone.
Mandate from the king's escheator to the sub-escheator in co. Essex, reciting writ, dated 12 Jan. Inq. Tuesday after Mid Lent, 53 Hen. III.
John, his eldest son, aged 18 and more from the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, is his heir.
Essex. Canewedone. A messuage, 200a. land, 35s. 7d. in services, &c., and a grove, held of the King in chief by service of 1 knight's fee; and 25a. held of John de Wikeford, rendering 2d.
Estwode parish. 20a. held of Ralph de Appetone, rendering 5s. 6d. yearly to the heirs of James de Estwod and the said Ralph; 16s. rent of the fee of the said John de Wikeford, from divers tenants; and 1 pair of gilt spurs from Sir Reginald de Grey for a certain marsh.
C. Hen. III. File 36 (15.)
702. John Gervas.
Writ (de melius inquirendo), 23 Aug. 53 Hen. III.
... of the said John, aged 7½, is his heir, and was of full age when he was born, according to the custom of the town of Bridiport.
Dorset. Inq. Wednesday after Peter ad Vincula, 53 Hen. III.
Bridiport. 4½ burgages held of the king in chief, rendering yearly 3d. each, one of which renders yearly 8s. to the abbot of Ford; and a mill held of Sir Geoffrey de Mandevilla, rendering 3d. yearly to the king, and 6d. or 1 pair of gilt spurs to the said Geoffrey.
Dorset. Extent ... 53 Hen. III. (fragment).
... manor (extent given) ...; and a mill in the said manor ... of Sir Geoffrey de Mandevill by homage and service ... Bridiport a certain mill of the said Geoffrey ... gilt spurs; and the said Geoffrey rendered of yearly rent ... by the hands of the said John Gervas.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (16.)
703. William de la Were.
Writ, 11 Feb. Inq. Monday after St. Valentine, 53 Hen. III.
Peter de la Were, his elder brother, aged 60 and more, is his heir.
Hereford. Bromyard and Grendon. 2 carucates land held by charter of the bishop of Hereford, rendering 50s. yearly.
Bolinghope, Brompton, la Fenne and Cumpton, outside the said bishopric. 4l. 17s. 4d. rent, held of Roger le Waleis, rendering 1lb. pepper and 1lb. cummin yearly.
Clatere. 14s. 6d. rent and 1lb. pepper held of Walter de Hodebach, rendering ½d. yearly.
Norton. 10s. rent held of John de Yeddefen, rendering 7d. yearly.
Pirye. 18s. rent held of Hugh de Bladis, rendering 1d. yearly.
Whiteburn. 4s. rent held of Walter de la Walle, rendering 1d. yearly.
Hampton. 5s. rent held of Richard marescallus of Bockamton, rendering 1d. yearly.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (17.)
704. William de Criketot alias de Kirketot.
Writ, 11 March, 53 Hen. III.
William his son, age 31 and more, is his heir.
[Suffolk.] Extent. Monday after Palm Sunday, 53 Hen. III.
Ouisdene manor (extent given) held of the king in chief of the honour of Boulogne by 1 knight's fee, viz. a hauberk.
[Suffolk.] Extent. Easter Eve, 53 Hen. III.
Middleton manor and advowson (extent given) held of William de Blanmoster in chief by service of 1 knight.
Westleton. 5½a. arable in demesne, a marsh, and 13l. rent of assize, &c. held of the prior of St. Etheldreda of Hely.
C. Hen. III. File 36. (18.)
705. William de Creketot.
Writ (missing). Extent, Monday after Palm Sunday, 53 Hen. III (defective).
William his son, aged 30 ..., is his heir.
[Cambridge.] Carlton, Balsham and Badburham. He held no lands there of the king in chief, but held ... de Frevile, and of the prior of Lewis by service of 1½ knight's fee.
E. Series I. File 1953. No. 3.
706. John de Gatesden and Hawis de Nevill sometime his wife.
Writ, 10 Ap. 53 Henry III.
Heir unspecified.
[Sussex.] Extent, Tuesday before St. George, 53 Hen. III.
Wollaventon manor and advowson with its members of Grafham and Alveredesham (extent given). Nicholas de Wauncy, who sold the said manor with its member of Alveredesham, held the same of the bishop of Exeter for 2 knights' fees.
[Sussex.] Extent, Sunday before St. George, 53 Hen. III.
Wauderne Wauncy. 6l. 14½d. rent of assize, pannage, and ½lb. pepper.
Wauderne Ranes alias Rasnes, Raundes. 34s. 11½d. rent of assize. 42s. 2d. rent of customers, fowls, herbage, pannage, pleas and perquisites, &c.
Flechinge alias Flecinges. 55s. 7d. and 3lb. pepper rent of assize, 14s. 10½d. rent of customers, fowls, tallage, &c.
Berkaump. A messuage, 115a. arable, 19a. meadow, 16s. 1d. rent of freemen, 37s. 7d. from customers, wood and pasture.
Bevenden. 63a. land, pasture for sheep worth 12s., and 26s. rent of assize.
Dicheninge. 65s. 5d. rent of assize, held by the sale of William de Colevill.
Flecinge, the advowson of the church.
He held Flecinge, Berkampe and Bevendene by the sale of Master William de Perepont, service unknown; the rent of Wauderne Wauncy of the heirs of Nicholas de Wauncy; and that of Wauderne Raundes of Geoffrey de Raundes.
[Surrey.] Extent, Monday before St. George, 53 Hen. III.
Westcote manor (extent given), tenure unspecified.
Bromleye. 39s. 10½d. rent of assize held of the hospital of Sandon.
[Sussex.] Extent, Sunday before St. George, 53 Hen. III.
Heckhton manor (extent given), including 23s. 2d. rent of villeins of Hodleye, held, with other lands in co. Somerset, of the heirs of Katherine de Monte Acuto, service unknown; whereof John de Grely has 2 parts, and Robert Waleraund the third part.
Writ of extent, &c. 12 April, 53 Henry III.
Whereas the king was bound by letters patent to provide Robert Walerand with a lady or girl in marriage with the wardship of 200l. land, and has granted to him the marriage of the daughter and heir of John de Gatesden, and 200 marks of his lands, saving to Hawis late his wife her reasonable dower, until the full age of the heir, with the advowsons, &c.; but the said Robert has not yet had but 89l. 11s. 1½d. of land; the king, willing that the said grant should be completed, has granted to him the manors of Brawater, Durinton, Walecot, Leybrok, Dedeling, Waudern Raundes, Waudern Wancy, Bromleye, Bevenden, Dychenyng, Bradeford, Wollaventon with its members of Grafham and Alvredesham, and Alkeburn, on condition that they shall be again extended, and if they are worth more than the king is bound for, the said Robert shall answer for it to the king, and if there shall be any deficiency the king will satisfy it elsewhere. The escheator is therefore commanded to deliver the said manors to the said Robert in wardship, and to extend all the manors and lands in the said Robert's hands of the said John's inheritance.
(See Nos. 551 and 881.)
C. Hen. III. File 36. (19.)
707. Ankerus alias Aunckerus de Frescheynvull alias de Frechevill.
Writ of plenius certiorari, whether the marriage of A[mice] late his wife pertains to the king, &c., 12 Jan. 53 Hen. III.
Nottingham; Riseclive Wapentake. Inq. (undated).
Boney manor, held before the war of the king in chief by barony for ¼ knight's fee, of which Amice sometime his wife has her dower, whose marriage pertains to the king because the said Ankerus held of the king in chief.
Derby; Scarnesdale Wapentake. Inq. (undated).
Scartheclive and the Sokens (Sokena), 2 knights' fees (extent given) held of the king in chief, by service of 2 knights' fees, and suit at the wapentake of Scarnesdale and the county (court) of Derby.
Staveley, Wodethorpe and Wytewel. 4 bovates land in demesne, 22s. from the mill of Staveley, 23s. 8d. from free men, and 10 bovates in villenage, held of the free marriage of Amice his wife of Sir R. Musard by 1d. yearly.
The marriage (of the said Amice) pertains to the king, because the said Aunckerus held of the king in chief by barony, and can be sold for 28l. 4d.
Derby; Morleyston Wapentake. Inq. (undated.)
Kryche (extent given), held of the king in chief by barony by service of ½ knight's fee, and suit at the county (court) and wapentake.
The marriage of the said Amice pertains to the king (as abovesaid).
Derby; Lochirche Wapentake. Inq. (undated.)
Alewaston (extent given), held of Sir William Bardolf for 2 knights' fees and suit at his court at Scelford co. Nottingham.
The marriage of Lady Amice sometime his wife pertains to the king, because he held by barony of the king Boney and Kruche, and in Escardeklive and Pautirton in Escarnedale (as abovesaid).
C. Hen. III. File 36. (20.)