Index of Persons and Places: Y

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Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Yabbeton, Yabeton, co. Sussex. See Yapton

Yakeslee, co. Huntingdon. See Yaxley

Yalding, Ealdenge, co. Kent, manor, 439
-, Twyford Bridge in, q.v.

Yalmpton, co. Devon. See Yealmpton

Yalumptorre [?Torr in Newton Ferrers], co. Devon, manor, 1013

Yanwith [in Barton], Yanewith, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Yapham [in Pocklington], Yapom, co. York, 927

Yapton, Yabbeton, Yabeton, co. Sussex, 428, 430
-, Bercourt in, q.v.

Yarcombe, co. Devon, Sheafhayne, Shefeheghes, in, 1027

Yard [in Rampisham], Yerde, co. Dorset, manor, 264

Yard [in Combe Florey], Yerde, co. Somerset, 765

Yardley, Yherdeley, co. Worcester, field names in, 968
-, manor, 968

Yardley Hastings, Yerdele Hastynges, co. Northampton, manor, 902
-, Smith of, q.v.

Yaresthorp, co. York. See Easthorpe

Yarnwick [lost, in Kirklington], Yarnewyk, Yharnewyk, co. York, 741, 747

Yarpole, Yarpol, co. Hereford, 777

Yarwith, John de, 506
-, Alan son of, 506
-, Maud de Hoton wife of, 506

Yate, co. Gloucester, manor, 70

Yate, John, 1054

Yatesbury, co. Wilts, manor, 572

Yattendon, Yatyndon, co. Oxford, manor, 137

Yaverland, Everlond, Isle of Wight, co. Southampton, with Rowborough and St. Lawrence, manor, 627

Yaweyn, John, 1054

Yaxham, co. Norfolk, 814

Yaxley, Yakeslee, co. Huntingdon, Harlyngton of, q.v.

Ydenne, William, 51

Yeadon, Yedon, co. York, 1078

Yealand, co. Lancaster, Leighton in, q.v.

Yealmpton, Yalmpton, co. Devon, manor, 875
-, Winsor in, q.v.

Yeddefen Loges, Yeddefenlogges, co. Worcester, See Edvin Loach, co. Hereford

Yeddeford, co. Devon. See Ideford

Yeddeslegh, co. Devon. See Iddesleigh

Yeddevenlogges, co. Worcester. See Edvin Loach, co. Hereford

Yedon, co. York. See Yeadon

Yelden, Yevelden, co. Bedford, 446

Yenhall [in West Wickham], Enhale, co. Cambridge, 807

Yeovil, Jevele, Yevele, Yevell, co. Somerset, 525
-, inquisitions taken at, 265, 488, 489, 628, 1004
-, Elston Combe, Hendford, Kingston, Marsh and Newton Surmavill in, q.v.

Yeovilton, Yevylton, co. Somerset, manor, 670

Yerde. See Yard

Yerde, William, 1084, 1085

Yerdele Hastynges, co. Northampton. See Yardley Hastings

Yerdhill, co. Northumberland. See Earle

Yerward, Richard, 558
-, Joan wife of, 558

Yevelchestre, co. Somerset. See Ilchester

Yevelden, co. Bedford. See Yelden

Yevele, Yevell, co. Somerset. See Yeovil

Yevele, Henry, mason, 1046

YEVELTON, RICHARD DE, of Charborough, 787
-, Joan daughter of, 787

Yeverslay (?), John de, 763

Yevylton, co. Somerset. See Yeovilton

Yharnewyk, co. York. See Yarnwick

Yherdeley, co. Worcester. See Yardley

Ylcombe, Henry, knight, 114

Yockleton, Yokulton, co. Salop, 452

Yocros, co. York. See Ewcross

Yokulton, co. Salop. See Yockleton

Yoncomb, co. Devon. See Youngcombe

Yonge, Zonge, Joan, 77
-, John, 667
-, John, Agnes Hamme wife of, 1004
-, Thomas, 487

York, archbishop of, 543, 739, 763, 983

York, co. York, 49, 913
-, assignment of dower made at, 750
-, Bickhill [lost], Bycheshull, in, 914
-, castle, 249
-, inquisitions taken at, 49, 584
-, citizen of. See Gray, Thomas
-, fine levied at, 967
-, Fishergate, Fysshergate, 987
-, St. Andrew’s Priory in, 737, 739
-, inquisitions taken at, 140, 249, 747, 913, 927, 987, 1091
-, St. John del Pyke, St. John at le Pyk, advowson of, 763
-, St. Mary’s abbey, abbot of, 737, 740, 743, 749, 750
-, St. Peter’s cathedral church, treasurer of, 584
-, sheriff of, 653, 736
-, Walmgate, Walmegate, 983
-, Dringhouses in, q.v.

York, county, 762
-, East Riding, riding of Craikhowe, Crakehowe, 653, 677
-, escheator in, 950
-, See also Nesfeld, William de

York, duke of, 527, 807

York, Ellen wife of Thomas de, 182

Youngcombe [in West Alvington], Yoncomb, co. Devon, 1027

Yrlond, John de, 805

Ysington, co. Southampton. See Isington

Ystlwyf, Oysterlowe, Oystrelowe, [co. Carmarthen], commote, 889, 918

Yvelchestre, co. Somerset. See Ilchester

Yvesfelde, co. Kent. See Ifield

Ywayn, John, 1011