Index of Persons and Places: W

Pages 589-602

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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W—, William, 816

Wace, Gilbert, knight, 1096
-, Cf. Vace

Wachet, co. Somerset. See Watchet

Waddesdon, co. Buckingham, Beachendon in, q.v.

Waddingham, Wadyngham, co. Lincoln, 847
-, Thirle in, q.v.

Waddington, Wadyngton, co. Lincoln, 244, 847, 895
-, manor, 244
-, Besage in, q.v.
-, Hikham of, q.v.

Wade, co. Southampton. See St. Lawrence

Wade, John, chaplain, 100

Wadham, John, [co. Devon], 960
-, John, [co. Wilts], 248

Wadling [in Ripple], Wodelynge, co. Kent, 51

Wadyngham, co. Lincoln. See Waddingham

Wadyngton, co. Lincoln. See Waddington

Wainfleet, Wayneflete, Waynflet, co. Lincoln, 328, 510, 1077

Waitby [in Kirkby Stephen], Wateby, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Waithe, Wath, co. Lincoln, parson of. See Gayton, Roger de

WAKE, THOMAS, of Blisworth, knight, 180
-, Alice mother of, 180
-, John son of, 180
-, Nicholas, clerk, 959
-, Thomas father of Thomas, 180
-, Thomas, of Liddel, 302
-, Blanche wife of, 302

Wake, lord de, 737, 749

Wakering, Great, Great Wakeryng, Great Wakeryngge, co. Essex, 821
-, manor, 276, 884
-, Osebourne of, q.v.

Wakering, Little, Little Wakeryng, co. Essex, inquisition taken at, 822

Walberton, Walburton, co. Sussex, 504

Walbery, co. Essex. See Wallbury

Walbroun, Thomas, 925

Walburton, co. Sussex. See Walberton

Walcot [near Folkingham], Walcote, co. Lincoln, 936

Walcot [near Billinghay], Walcote, co. Lincoln, 127

Walcot [in Charlbury, co. Oxford], Walkote, co. Gloucester, 449

WALCOTE, Walcot, Walkote, WILLIAM, 782
-, John, knight, 558
-, Saer de, 449
-, William de, 229

Waldegrave, Richard de, knight, 26, 52

Walden [in Aysgarth], co. York, 739
-, ‘Dovescarr’ in, 739

Walden, Saffron, Walden, co. Essex, abbot of, 745, 750
-, inquisition taken at, 794

Walden, Alexander de, 378–81
-, Roger, clerk, 745
-, Thomas de, 524

Walderne, co. Sussex. See Waldron

Walderton [in Stoughton], co. Sussex, 427–30

Waldingfield, Great, Waldyngfeld, co. Suffolk, 445

Waldneuton, co. Lincoln. See Newton, Wold

Waldron, Walderne, co. Sussex, manor, 611, 621

WALDYNG, JOHN, 176, 177
-, THOMAS, of Staunton, son of, 175, 176, 177
-, John son of Thomas, 175–177

Waldyngfeld, co. Suffolk. See Waldingfield, Great

Wales, prince of, 911
-, See also Edward
-, princess of. See Joan

Wales, marches of, escheator in. See Byseley, Hugh

Walesby, co. Nottingham, 129
-, Willoughby in, q.v.

Waleys, William, [co. Huntingdon], 433
-, William le, [co. Worcester], 776
-, Cf. Walssh

Walhopp, co. Salop. See Wallop

Walissh. See Walssh

Walkeden, Robert de, 336
-, Ellen wife of, 336
-, William de, 336

-, Eleanor daughter of, 72
-, Mary wife of, 72

Walkehorn, co. Hertford. See Walkern

Walker, Robert, 571

Walkern, Walkehorn, Walkerne, co. Hertford, honor, 525
-, lord of, 525
-, manor, 417

Walkington, Walkyngton, co. York, 738
-, advowson, 738, 749

Walkote, co. Oxford. See Walcot

Walkote, co. Gloucester. See Walcote

Walkyngton, co. York. See Walkington

Wallbury [in Great Hallingbury], Walbery, co. Essex, manor, 888, 917

Walle, Hugh, 571
-, Thomas atte, 107
-, William atte, 571

Wallewayne. See Walweyn

Walley, co. Derby. See Whaley

-, John son of, 724

Walleye, Little, Walleyhall, co. Derby. See Whaley Hall

Wallingford, Walyngford, co. Berks, castle, 279, 307, 308
-, extents taken at, 307, 308
-, fisheries, 307, 308
-, inquisitions taken at, 168, 839
-, mill called ‘le Southgate mille’ in, 308
-, Kingsmede in, q.v.

Wallingford, Walyngford, honor, 133, 137, 183, 236, 262, 270, 279–81, 427, 430, 431, 730, 933, 944, 976, 978

Wallington, Walyngton, co. Hertford, 532

Wallington, Walyngton, co. Norfolk, 814
-, Thorpland in, q.v.

Wallop [in Westbury], Walhopp, co. Salop, 452

Wallop, Nether, co. Southampton, 331

Wallop, Over, Wollopp, co. Southampton, 818
-, manor, 818

Wallyngton, John, 615

Walmesford, co. Northampton. See Wansford

Walpole, St. Andrew or St. Peter, co. Norfolk, 701

Walrend, Thomas, 372

Walsale, William de, 703

Walsall, Walshale, co. Stafford, 974
-, manor, 974

Walsham le Willows, Walsham, co. Suffolk, 996

Walsham, Ralph de, 11, 14, 887–921 (passim)
-, William de, 2, 445

Walsingham, Little, Little Walsyngham, co. Norfolk, inquisition taken at, 443

WALSSH, Walissh, JOHN, 1046
-, Joan daughter of, 1046
-, Ingram le, 1046
-, Hawise wife of, 1046
-, Roger father of John, grandson of Ingram, 1046
-, Cf. Waleys

Walsyngham, Little, co. Norfolk. See Walsingham, Little

Walter, son of Dennis, 737, 749

Walter, Stephen, 716

Walteres, Walter, 76

Walterwroo, co. York. See Skipton

Waltham Cross [in Cheshunt], Waltham Cros, co. Hertford, inquisitions taken at, 888, 917

Waltham Holy Cross, co. Essex, 301
-, abbey, 888
-, abbot of, 917

Waltham, Little, co. Essex, inquisition taken at, 675
-, manor, 675

Waltham on the Wolds, Waltham, co. Leicester, 558

Waltham, Roger de, 184

Walton, co. Buckingham, manor and advowson, 695

Walton [in Aylesbury], co. Buckingham, 931

Walton [in Chesterfield], co. Derby, manor, 597, 1017
-, watermills, 1017

Walton, co. Huntingdon. See Woodwalton

Walton [in King’s Sutton], co. Northampton, manor, 595

Walton [in Kilmersdon], co. Somerset, manor, 1090

Walton [in Stone], co. Stafford, 453

Walton Cardiff, Walton Kerdyf, co. Gloucester, 449

Walton, East, Walton, Estwalton, co. Norfolk, 52, 814
-, manor, 701

Walton le Dale [in Blackburn], co. Lancaster, 81

Walton upon Trent, co. Derby, field names, etc., in, 702
-, inquisition taken at, 702
-, manor, 702

Walton, Henry de, [co. Nottingham], 576
-, Henry de, [co. Stafford], 453
-, Nicholas, 87
-, Richard de, 701
-, Thomas, of Upwood, 984
-, William de, 1025

Walweyn, Wallewayne, Welewayn, Thomas, 889–91

Walyngford. See Wallingford

Walynton. See Wallington; Wellington

Wangford [in Blything hundred], Wangeford, co. Suffolk, prior of, 393
-, Henham in, q.v.

Wansford, Walmesford, cos. [Huntingdon and] Northampton, 710

Wansley [in Selston], Wendesley, co. Nottingham, manor, 687

Wansley Barton [in Roborough], Wonteslegh, co. Devon, 867

Wanstrow, Wondestre, co. Somerset, manor, 698

Wantage, Wantyng, Wantynge, co. Berks, 65
-, inquisitions taken at, 65, 553, 923
-, lord of. See Fitzwaryn
-, Furzewick and Tullwick in, q.v.

Waplington [in Allerthorpe], Waplynton, co. York, 927

Wappenburgh, Walter de, 1082

Warbleton, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 179
-, manor and advowson, 179
-, rector of. See Warbleton, William

-, John husband of, 178
-, Thomas grandson of, William son of, 178, 179
-, William, rector of Warbleton, 179

Warblington, Warblynton, co. Southampton, 873
-, advowson, 873, 879
-, manor, 873
-, wood called ‘la Mour’ in, 873
-, Emsworth in, q.v.

Warcop, Warthecop, Warthecoppe, co. Westmorland, 838
-, manor, 837
-, Burton and Sandford in, q.v.

Ward, Warde, Hugh, 1023, 1026
-, Humphrey, parson of Soulbury, 695
-, John, knight, 49
-, Nicholas, 741, 747
-, Richard le, 447
-, Robert de la, 558
-, Thomas, parson of Catworth, 516–18
-, William, 89

Wardeley, co. Rutland. See Wardley

Warden, co. Northumberland, Morralee in, q.v.

Warden, Old, Wardon, co. Bedford, 729
-, abbot of, 119

Warderobe, Alexander de, 378, 379

Wardley, Wardeley, co. Rutland, 846
-, Robert parson of, 846

Wardlow, Wardlowe, co. Derby, 687

Wardon. See Warden, Old; Warton

Wardour [in Anstey], Werdor, co. Wilts, manor, 294, 296, 298
-, Hazeldon in, q.v.

Wardyngton, co. Buckingham. See Warrington

Ware, co. Hertford, 557
-, manor, 557, 566

Ware. See Warr

Wareham, Warham, co. Dorset, 1011
-, inquisitions taken at, 186, 1046
-, Eastmoor in, q.v.

Waren Mill [formerly Newtown] in Bamburgh Neewton by Bamburgh, co. Northumberland, 594

Warenne, fees [co. Norfolk], 406

Warenne, John, earl of Surrey, 723

Warham, co. Dorset. See Wareham

Warhtwik, co. Cumberland. See Warwick

Wariner, Waryner, Adam, 1026
-, Robert le, chaplain, 356
-, Cf. Warner

Waring, Roger, 1070

Wark [in Carham], Werk upon Twede, co. Northumberland, castle, 871
-, manor, 871

Wark, Werk, baron of, 71

Warkleigh, co. Devon, manor and advowson, 203

Warkworth, co. Northumberland
-, Chevington, West, and Morwick in, q.v.

Warley, Great, Great Warle, co. Essex, Broun of, q.v.

Warlingham, Warlyngham, co. Surrey, 978

-, ROGER, 488, 489
-, John son of, 488, 489

Warmingham, Wermyncham, co. Chester, lord of, 159
-, Elton in, q.v.

Warminghurst, Wormynghurst, co. Sussex, bailiff of, 428, 429

Warmington, Wermyngton, co. Northampton, 710

Warminster, Wermynstre. co. Wilts, inquisition taken at, 296
-, Smallbrook in, q.v.

Warner, John, 948
-, Robert, keeper and warrener of the manor of Uffington, 50
-, Cf. Wariner

Warr’, co. Warwick. See Warwick

Warr, Ware, Warre, Hamo de, 532
-, Margaret wife of, 532
-, John de la, knight, lord de la Warr, [co. Sussex], 223, 398, 459, 761, 809
-, John le, lord of Manchester, 546
-, Thomas le, clerk, canon of Lincoln, 1009

Warr, lord la [co. Lincoln], 636

Warrewyk. See Warwik

Warrington [in Olney], Wardyngton, co. Buckingham, manor, 969

Warsopp, co. Nottingham. See Worksop

Warsoppwode, co. Derby. See Shirebrook

Warter, Wartre, Watre, co. York, priory, 49
-, prior of, 249, 927

Warthecop, Warthecoppe, co. Westmorland. See Warcop

Warthecop, Henry de, 838
-, Thomas de, 838
-, Thomas son of John, 837, 838
-, Katharine wife of, 837
-, Margaret (sic) wife of, 838

WARTHEWYK, JOHN DE, knight, 645
-, George son of, 645

Warton [in Polesworth], Wardon, co. Warwick, 580

Warton, John de, 1026

Wartre, co. York. See Warter

Warwick, Warhtwik, co. Cumberland, manor, 645

Warwick, Warr’, Warrewyk, co. Warwick, inquisitions taken at, 28, 501, 911, 923
-, Beauchamp and Broun of, q.v.

Warwick, county, escheators in. See Blyth, Thomas; Flamvill, William; Hore, Thomas
-, sheriff of. See Lichefeld, Aymer de

Warwick, earl of, 149, 419, 440, 911, 923, 1015, 1063
-, See also Beauchamp

Warwik, Warrewyk, Philip, chaplain, 198, 203

Waryn, John, of Henham, 380
-, Thomas, 290

Waryner. See Wariner

Wasdale, Nether, Wascedall, co. Cumberland, mill, 385

Washingborough, Qwassyngburgh, co. Lincoln, 244

Washlingstone, Wattheleston, co. Kent, hundred, 327

Wastnays, Westeneys, Alice de, 160
-, Margaret de, 160
-, William, 453

Watchet [in St. Decuman’s], Wachet, co. Somerset, 682

Wateby, co. Westmorland. See Waitby

Water, Watere, Christina atte, 1004
-, Robert atte, 619
-, Robert, citizen and waxchandler of London, 672
-, William atte, 77

Watercomb, John, 91

Waterden, co. Norfolk, 815

Watere. See Water

Wateringbury, Wateryngbury, co. Kent, 892

Waterton, Hugh, 611
-, Thomas, 745
-, Cf. Wolterton

Wateryngbury, co. Kent. See Wateringbury

Watford, Henry, 567
-, Richard, 569

Wath, co. Lincoln. See Waithe

Wath upon Dearne, Wath, co. York, 842

Watheneston, co. Somerset. See Batheaston

Watlass [in Thornton Watlass], Watlous, Watlows, co. York, 741, 747

Watlesburgh, co. Salop. See Wattlesborough

Watlington, Watlyngton, co. Norfolk, 814

Watlington, Watlyngton, co. Oxford, extents taken at, 268, 309
-, inquisitions taken at, 431, 1096
-, manor, 309
-, Howe in, q.v.

Watlisburgh, co. Salop. See Wattlesborough

Watlous, Watlows, co. York. See Watlass

Watlyngton. See Watlington

Watre, co. York. See Warter

Watson, John, 104
-, Simon, 975
-, William, 975

Wattheleston, co. Kent. See Washlingstone

Wattlesborough [in Cardeston], Watlesburgh, Watlisburgh, co. Salop, 452, 947

Watton, Watton Market, co. Norfolk, 52
-, inquisitions taken at, 21, 47, 52, 897
-, manor, 47

Watton, co. York, prior of, 763, 837

Watton at Stone, Watton, Watton atte Stone, co. Hertford, 942
-, chapel, advowson of, 808
-, chapel of St. Mary, chaplain of. See Woderowe, John
-, inquisition taken at, 808

Watton, Richard, knight, 143

Waunforde, Nicholas, 113

Waunsy, Walter, 393

Wavendon, Wavenden, Wavyndon, co. Buckingham, 447

Wavere, John, 770

Waverley [in Farnham], Waverlegh, co. Surrey, abbot of, 477

Wavyndon, co. Buckingham. See Wavendon

Wayesford co. Wexford. See Wexford

Wayland, Waylound, co. Norfolk, hundred, 94, 95, 897

Wayneflete, Waynflet, co. Lincoln. See Wainfleet

Wayte, Richard son of Isabel Rokeley, 758, 925
-, Thomas, 39, 49
-, heir of, 440

Weald Basset, North, Northwelde, co. Essex, manor, 301

Wealder, John, 622

Weardley [in Harewood], Werdley, co. York, 1078

Weasenham, Wesenham, co. Norfolk, manor, 406

Weaverthorpe [in Londesborough], Wyrthorp, co. York, manor, 763

Webbe, John, chaplain, 263, 264, 413
-, Richard, 716
-, William, [co. Gloucester], 55
-, William, [co. Oxford], 568

Webbeley, co. Hereford. See Weobley

Webbeley, Webbelye, John, 55
-, William de, 452

Webbeleye, Webley, co. Hereford. See Weobley

Webster, John, 571

Wederden, co. Suffolk. See Wetherden

Weedon, Wedon, co. Bucks, 1086

Week [in Tawstock], Wyke, co. Devon, 1069

Week [in Stogursey], Wyke, co. Somerset, manor, 765

Weekley, Wycle, Wykele, co. Northampton, 154
-, manor, 156

Weenge, co. Buckingham. See Wing

Weeting, Wetyng, co. Norfolk, inquisition taken at, 897
-, manor, 754

Weeton [in Harewood], Weton, co. York, 1078

Weighton, Little, [in Rowley], Weton, co. York, 303

Weighton, Market, Wighton, Wyghton, co. York, field names in, 763
-, inquisitions taken at, 376, 762, 763
-, manor, 763
-, Shipton in, q.v.

Welaston, Roger, 571

Welbatch [in Condover], Whelbache, co. Salop, manor, 1010

Welbeck, Welbek, co. Nottingham, abbot of, 687

Welde, Alice, 489

Welden, Weltden, Simon de, 592, 594

Weldon, Great, co. Northampton, 105, 955
-, field names, etc., in, 105
-, manor, 103, 105, 955
-, Basset and Brigg of, q.v.

Weldon, Little, co. Northampton, 955

Welegh, co. Worcester. See Weoley Castle

Welewayn. See Walweyn

Welford, co. Berks, Benham and Benham Hoe in, q.v.

Welford on Avon, Welneford, cos. Gloucester and Warwick, manor, 493
-, Chamberlaynes’ fee in, 449

Welhagh, co. Nottingham. See Wellow

Welham, co. Leicester, 102

Welham [in New Malton], Wellome, co. York, 763

Well, co. Somerset. See Wells

Well, Welle, co. York, field names, etc., in, 738
-, hospital of St. Michael in, advowson of, 738
-, manor, 738
-, Fairwood, Snape and Thorpe Perrow in, q.v.

WELL, Welle, MAUD DE, 783
-, Hugh atte, 568
-, Joan daughter of William de, 1105, 1106
-, John son of Adam de, 409
-, John, knight, husband of Maud, 50, 783
-, John, knight, son of Maud, 783
-, John atte, 77
-, Lavinia atte, 424
-, Nicholas atte, parson of Darley, 690
-, Peter atte, 460
-, Richard atte, 372

Welles, co. Norfolk. See Wells next the Sea

Welles, lord de, 71

Wellingborough, Wendlyngburgh, co. Northampton, inquisition taken at, 346

Wellingham, Welyngham, co. Norfolk, 392

Wellington, co. Salop, Horton, Lawley and Orleton in, q.v.

WELLINGTON, Walyngton, Wellyngton, Welyngton, THOMAS DE, 69, 70
-, John brother of, 69, 70
-, John son of, 70, 1084
-, Ralph son of, 69, 114, 507
-, John, knight, 538
-, Roger de, 565

Wellome, co. York. See Welham

Wellow, Welhagh, co. Nottingham, 129
-, Grimston in, q.v.

Wells, Well, co. Somerset, 526
-, inquisitions taken at, 400, 526, 798, 989

Wells next the Sea, Welles, co. Norfolk, manor and advowson, 443

Wellyngton. See Wellington

Welneford, cos. Gloucester and Warwick. See Welford on Avon

Weloustide, John, chaplain, 401

Welowes, co. Hertford. See Welwyn

Weltden. See Welden

Welton [in Howdenshire wapentake], co. York, 738
-, advowson, 738, 749

Welton le Wold, Welton, co. Lincoln, 212

Welverton, Adam, 374

Welwyn, Welowes, Welwe, co. Hertford, 1050
-, Lockleys in, q.v.

Welyngham, co. Norfolk. See Wellingham

Welyngton. See Wellington

Wem, Wemme, co. Salop, lord of, 453

Wembdon, co. Somerset, Perry in, q.v.

Wemme, co. Salop. See Wem

Wencelawdale, co. York. See Wensleydale

Wenden, Great, [in Wendens Ambo], co. Essex, manor, 794

Wendenlout, co. Essex. See Wendon Lofts

Wendesley, co. Nottingham. See Wansley

Wendesley, Thomas de, 687

Wendlyngburgh, co. Northampton. See Wellingborough

Wendon Lofts, Wendenlout, co. Essex, 389

Wendore, Wendoure, co. Buckingham. See Wendover

-, heirs of, (pedigrees given), 71
-, John father of, 71
-, Christiana wife of, 71

Wendover, Wendore, Wendoure, co. Buckingham, field names, etc., in, 804, 805
-, inquisitions taken at, 804, 805
-, manor, 804
-, Skynner of, q.v.

Weneanton, co. Cornwall. See Winnianton

Wenge, co. Buckingham. See Wing

Wenham, co. Suffolk, 52

Wenllwch or Wentloog, Wenllouk, co. Monmouth, hundred, 450
-, lordship, 450

Wenlock, Wenlok, co. Salop, abbey, 947
-, inquisition taken at, 907

Wenlok, Margaret wife of William, 957

Wensley, co. York, Bolton, Castle, Bolton, Low, and Redmire in, q.v.

Wensleydale, Wencelawdale, co. York, 740

Wentenore, co. Salop. See Wentnor

Wentloog, co. Monmouth. See Wenllwch

Wentnor, Wentenore, co. Salop, advowson, 452
-, Home in, q.v.

Wentworth, Wyntworth, William de, 420, 987

Wenyngton, William de, 81

Weobley, Webbeley, Webbeleye, Webley, co. Hereford, 337, 339
-, honor, 656
-, inquisitions taken at, 339, 515, 519, 654, 828, 1041, 1064
-, Smith of, q.v.

Weoley Castle [in Northfield], Welegh, Weolegh, Weoleye, co. Worcester, 208, 1057
-, castle, 205
-, lord of. See Bottetort

Werall, William, 571

Werdley, co. York. See Weardley

Werdor, co. Wilts. See Wardour

Were, Alice atte, 704
-, William, 1013

Wergrede, co. Dorset. See Worgret

Werk upon Twede, co. Northumberland. See Wark

Werk. See Wark

Werme, Luke, 250

Wermode, Robert, 571
-, William, 571

Wermyncham, co. Chester. See Warmingham

Wermyngton, co. Northampton. See Warmington

Wermynstre, co. Wilts. See Warminster

Wesenham, co. Norfolk. See Weasenham

West, Westwevelschier, co. Cornwall, hundred, bailiwick of, 370

WEST, THOMAS, knight, 490–6, 640
-, Alice wife of, sister and heir of Edmund Fitzherberd, 400–3, 494–6
-, Thomas son and heir of, 490–6
-, John, 570
-, Roland de, 975
-, Thomas, 437

Westacre, co. Norfolk, priory, 94
-, prior of, 815

Westansty, co. Devon. See Anstey, West

Westbecheworth, co. Surrey. See Betchworth, West

Westbolton, co. York. See Bolton, West

Westborough, Westburgh, co. Lincoln, 232, 328, 812
-, advowson, 228, 232, 812
-, manor, 228, 229, 542, 543, 635

Westbourne, Bourne, co. Sussex, manor, 429

Westbradenham, co. Norfolk. See Bradenham, West

Westbriggs [in Tottenhill], Westbrig, co. Norfolk, advowson, 816

Westburgh, co. Lincoln. See Westborough

Westbury, co. Salop, 452
-, manor, 1010
-, prebends of, 1010
-, Cause, Hayford, Lake, Minsterley, Vennington, Wallop and Whitton in, q.v.

Westbury, co. Wilts, inquisitions taken at, 528, 782
-, manor and hundred, 982
-, Dilton and Penleigh in, q.v.

Westchestre, co. Chester. See Chester

Westchikerell, co. Dorset. See Chickerell, West

Westchinnok, co. Somerset. See Chinnock, West

Westclandon, co. Surrey. See Clandon, West

Westcolvyle, [co. Cambridge]. See Weston Colville

Westcombe, co. Berks. See Inkpen

Westcote [in Tysoe], Whestcote, co. Warwick, 440

Westcott [in Dorking], Westcote, co. Surrey, manor, 18, 910, 923

Westdean [in Willingdon hundred], co. Sussex, Exceat in, q.v.

Westdene, Westdeone, co. Wilts. See Dean, West

Westdepyng, co. Lincoln. See Deeping, West

Westeneys. See Wastnays

Westerfield, Westerfeld, co. Suffolk, 52

Westgrenestede, co. Sussex. See Grinstead, West

Westgrymstede, co. Wilts. See Grimstead

Westhaddon, co. Northampton. See Haddon, West

Westhakebourne, co. Berks. See Hagbourne, West

Westhansty, co. Devon. See Anstey, West

Westhanyfeld, Westhanyngfeld, co. Essex. See Hanningfield, West

Westhaukeswell. co. York. See Hauxwell, West

Westherford, co. Northumberland. See Hartford

Westhildesley, co. Berks. See Ilsley, West

Westhorsle, co. Surrey. See Horsley, West

Westhrop, co. Wilts. See Westrop

Westkyngton, co. Wilts. See Kington

Westlaton, co. York. See Layton, West

Westle, Westle Waterles, co. Cambridge. See Westley Waterless

Westle, John, 431
-, Eleanor wife of, 431

Westlexham, co. Norfolk. See Lexham, West

Westley Waterless, Westle, Westle Waterles, co. Cambridge, 391
-, manor, 941

Westlillyng, co. York. See Lilling, West

Westlolleworth, co. Dorset. See Lulworth, West

Westlotton, co. York. See Lutton, West

Westmerssh, la, co. Somerset. See Marsh

Westmerland, Richard, clerk, 612

Westmeston, co. Sussex, 611
-, manor, 621

Westminster, co. Middlesex, 937
-, abbey, 3
-, abbot of, 213, 284, 439, 937
-, inquisitions taken at, 40, 937
-, ‘le Mote’ in, 937

Westmorland, county, escheator in. See Nesfeld, William de
-, office of sheriff of, 838

Westnewlond, co. Essex. See Newland, West

Weston in Pembridge, Weston by Pembrugg, co. Hereford, 339

Weston, co. Salop, Red Castle in, q.v.

Weston [in Buriton], co. Southampton, 436

Weston [in Standon], co. Stafford, 453

Weston [in Upper Claro wapentake], Weston by Ottelay, co. York, manor, 653

Weston Beggard, Weston, co. Hereford, 648, 658

Weston by Welland, Weston on Welond, co. Northampton, manor, 103, 105

Weston Colville, Westcolvyle, [co. Cambridge], 1052

Weston, Hail, Aylweston, co. Huntingdon, 433

Weston, King’s, [in Henbury], Kyngesweston, co. Gloucester, 217
-, manor, 639

Weston Town [formerly Little Marshfield, in Marshfield], Littelmarsfeld, co. Gloucester, 449

Weston under Penyard, co. Hereford, Penyard in, q.v.

Weston upon Avon, Weston, co. Gloucester, manor, 493

Weston upon Trent, Weston, co. Derby, 561

Weston, Ellis de, of St. Nicholas in the Shambles, London, 499
-, Robert de, 590
-, William, 339
-, William de, 453

Westpecham, co. Kent. See Peckham, West

Westport [in Arne], co. Dorset, 1011, 1012

Westraddon, co. Devon. See Raddon, West

Westrasyn, co. Lincoln. See Rasen, West

Westrop [in Highworth], Westhrop, co. Wilts, manor, 59

Westuderlee, co. Southampton. See Tytherley, West

Westwevelschier, co. Cornwall. See West

Westwhelpyngton, co. Northumberland. See Whelpington, West

Westwood [in Preston next Faversham], Westwode, co. Kent, chapel, 620
-, field names, etc., in, 622
-, manor, 611, 612, 622
-, Smith of, q.v.

Westwynterslewe, co. Wilts. See Winterslow

Wetenhale, co. Chester. See Wettenhall

Wetewang, Margery wife of Richard de, heir of Robert Wendout, 71

Wetherden, Wederden, co. Suffolk, 2

Wetheresfeld, co. Suffolk. See Withersfield

Wetherfeld, John, 433

Wetherhull, Richard, 77

Wetherisfeld, Wetheryngfeld, co. Suffolk. See Withersfield

Weton, co. York. See Weeton; Weighton, Little

Wettenhall, Wetenhale, co. Chester, manor, 160

Wetwang, co. York, Fimber in, q.v.

Wetyng, co. Norfolk. See Weeting

Wevelyscombe. See Wyvelescombe

Wexcombe [in Great Bedwyn], co. Wilts, manor, 437

Wexford, Wayesford, co. Wexford, 62
-, burgesses of, 62
-, inquisition taken at, 62

WEYLOND, BURGA, 478, 781
-, JOHN, knight, husband of, 478, 781
-, Katharine sister of, 781
-, Margaret sister of, Robert son of, 781
-, Peter son of, 478
-, Nicholas, 52

Weyneld, Simon, 393

Whaddon, co. Cambridge, inquisition taken at, 529
-, manor, 529, 530
-, Thomas vicar of, 531
-, watermill, 529

Whale [in Lowther], co. Westmorland, manor, 838

Whaley [in Bolsover], Walley, co. Derby, 724

Whaley Hall [in Elmton], Little Walleye, Walley-hall, co. Derby, 242, 849
-, manor, 849

Whalley, co. Lancaster, Birtwistle, Briercliff, Clitheroe, Cliviger, Extwistle, Hapton, Townley and Worston in, q.v.

Whapelot, William, 837, 838
-, Ellen wife of, 837, 838

Wharram Percy, co. York, Burdale and Towthorpe in, q.v.

Wharton [in Brough under Stainmoor], Qwerton, co. Westmorland, manor, 838

Whaston [in Kirkby Ravensworth], Qwayssyngton, co. York, 396

Whateleye [unid.? in Bentley in Wolverhampton], co. Stafford, 520

Whatton, co. Leicester, 970

Whatton, Thomas de, [co. Nottingham], 811
-, Thomas de, [co. York], 543
-, William, 105

Wheatacre, Whetacre, co. Norfolk, 392

Wheatfield, Whitefeld, co. Oxford, manor and advowson, 944

-, RICHARD father of, 73, 481
-, Joan daughter of, 73, 481
-, Margaret daughter of, 73, 481
-, Maud wife of, 481

Whelbache, co. Salop. See Welbatch

Whelere, Wheolar, John, [co. Essex], 482
-, John, [co. Gloucester], 1054

Whelesbergh, Whellesberugh, John de, 558, 970

Whelpington, West, [in Kirkwhelpington], Westwhelpyngton, co. Northumberland, 470, 1043

Whenby, Qwenby, co. York, 749
-, manor, 736

Wheolar. See Whelere

Whestcote, co. Warwick. See Westcote

Whetacre, co. Norfolk. See Wheatacre

Whiddon [in Landkey], Wyddene, co. Devon, 1069, 1070

Whinburgh, Qwynbergh, Whynebergh, co. Norfolk, advowson, 816
-, field name in, 225
-, manor, 225

Whinfell [in Brougham], Qwynfeld, co. Westmorland, field names, etc., in, 836
-, forester in. See Hornby, William de
-, wood, 836

Whipsnade, Wypsnade, co. Bedford, 456, 1033

Whisby [in Doddington], Whysseby, co. Lincoln, 328

Whissendine, Wyssendene, co. Rutland, manor, 324

Whissonsett, Wyssyngsete, co. Norfolk, 52, 392, 815

Whiston, Whysston, co. Northampton, manor, 454

Whitacre, Over, Whitacre, co. Warwick, 580

Whitacre, Richard de, 580

Whitby, co. York, Hall, Scot and Smith of, q.v.

Whitby, co. York, liberty, 7
-, bailiff of. See Gower, John

Whitcherche, co. Oxford. See Whitchurch

Whitchestre, Alice wife of John, sister and heir of
-, Henry de la Vale, 779, 780

Whitchirche, Henry, 87

Whitchurch, Whitchirche, Witcherche, co. Buckingham, 447
-, inquisition taken at, 1086

Whitchurch, Whitcherche, Whitchirche, co. Oxford, manor, 309, 1096

White, Whyte, Peter, clerk, 1027, 1028
-, Thomas, 250
-, William, 538
-, William, son of Richard Blount, 659, 660

Whitebrest, Wytebrest, John, of Sutton in Ashfield, 600, 601
-, Thomas father of, brother of John Malster, 601

Whitefeld, co. Oxford. See Wheatfield

Whitefield [in East Morden], Whitefeld, co. Dorset, manor, 527

Whitegate, co. Chester, Knightsholme in, q.v.

Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, Bransty and Corkickle in, q.v.

Whiteleye, co. York. See Whitley

Whitenham, co. Berks. See Wittenham

Whiteway, co. Dorset, hundred, bedelry of, 1028

Whitewell. See Whitwell

WHITFELD, KATHARINE wife of John, 944
-, Elizabeth daughter of, 944
-, Joan Stretle daughter of, 944
-, Edmund son of, 944

Whithouse, William, 156
-, Joan wife of, formerly wife of Mauger Vavasour, 156

Whitingham, co. Northumberland. See Whittingham

Whitley [in Melksham], Wyttele, co. Wilts, manor, 131

Whitley [in Kellington], Whiteleye, Whittelay, co. York, 420, 987

Whitonstall, co. Northumberland. See Whittonstall

Whitstable, co. Kent, Tankerton in, q.v.

Whitstone, Whitston, co. Cornwall, advowson, 667

Whittelay, co. York. See Whitley

Whittingham, Whitingham, Whityngham, co. Northumberland, 120, 247, 251
-, Barton and Thrunton in, q.v.

Whittington, Whytyngton, co. Derby, manor, 597

Whittington [in Grendon], Whityndon, co. Warwick, assignment of dower at, 688
-, manor, 685, 688

Whittington, Great, [in Matfen], Great Whityngton, co. Northumberland, manor and town, 721

Whittlebury, co. Northampton, Longehegg in, q.v.

Whitton [in Westbury], Witton, co. Salop, 452

Whitton, Wytton, John de, 452, 947
-, Joan Munede daughter of, 947

Whittonstall [in Bywell St. Peter], Whitonstall, co. Northumberland, 746

Whitwell, co. Derby, Steetley in, q.v.

Whitwell, Whitewell, Whytewell, co. Norfolk, 392
-, manor, 48

Whitwell, Whitewell, John, 697
-, Margaret de, 392
-, William, 708
-, Maud wife of, 708

Whitwham [in Lambley], co. Northumberland, 84, 85

Whityndon, co. Warwick. See Whittington

Whityngham, co. Northumberland. See Whittingham

Whityngton, Great, co. Northumberland. See Whittington, Great

Whitynton, Whytyndon, Robert, 211
-, William, 924

Whixhall [in Prees], Quykesale, co. Salop, 1065, 1075

Whixoe, Wykedesho, co. Suffolk, 393

Whorlton, co. York, Faceby and Potto in, q.v.

Whyberd, Wiberd, John, 622

Whycchenore, co. Stafford. See Wichnor

Whyche, John, 621

Whynebergh, co. Norfolk. See Whinburgh

Whysseby, co. Lincoln. See Whisby

Whysston, co. Northampton. See Whiston

Whyte. See White

Whytewell, co. Norfolk. See Whitwell

Whytyndon. See Whitynton

Whytyngton, co. Derby. See Whittington

Wibbury, Gilbert de, 649

Wiberd. See Whyberd

Wich, co. Worcester. See Wick

Wich’, co. Worcester. See Droitwich

Wicham in Strood, Wykham, Wykham by Strode, co. Kent, manor, 892, 920

Wichnor, Whycchenore, Wychenore, co. Stafford, 453
-, lord of, 1080

Wick in West Tisbury, Wyke by Tyssebury, co. Wilts, manor, 496

Wick [in Pershore], Wich, co. Worcester, inquisition taken at, 573

Wickham, West, Weste Wykham, Wykham, co. Cambridge, 535, 767
-, Streetly Hall and Yenhall in, q.v.

Wickhambrook, co. Suffolk, Aldersfield in, q.v.

Wicklewood, Wyclewod, Wykelwode, co. Norfolk, 392, 815

Widicomb, Walter, 876

Wigborough, Wygebere, co. Somerset, manor, 664

Wiggenhall, Wygenhale, co. Norfolk, manor, 701, 816

Wigginton, Wygynton, co. Stafford, manor, 907

Wighton, co. York. See Weighton, Market

Wigley [in Stanton Lacy], Wygley, co. Salop, 565

Wigmore, Wygemore, co. Hereford, honor, 515, 654

Wigston Magna, Wykyngeston, co. Leicester, 558

Wikham, co. Leicester. See Wykin

Wilbram, Ralph de, 160

Wilbrighton [in Gnosall], Wylbryghton, co. Stafford, 453

Wilby, Wyleby, co. Norfolk, 392

Wilby, co. Northampton, manor, 731

Wilby, Wylby, Richard, 978
-, Richard de, 392
-, William, 489
-, Cecily wife of, 489

Wilcokys, John, 994

Wilden, Wylden, Wyldene, co. Bedford, 558, 659, 660
-, manor and advowson, 826

Wilderhope [in Rushbury], Woldredhope, co. Salop, 565

Wilderton [in Throwley], Wylryngton, co. Kent, manor, 41

Wilghton, co. Lincoln. See Willoughton

Wilinton, John de, 673

Wiliton, co. Somerset. See Williton

Wilkesby by Marum, co. Lincoln. See Wilksby

Wilkesworth [in Colehill], Wodekesworth, co. Dorset, manor, 757
-, watermills, 757

Wilksby, Wilkesby by Marum, co. Lincoln, 575

Wilkyns, Thomas, Henry son of, 571
-, Nicholas son of, 571

Willardby, co. York. See Willerby

Willeley, Philip de, 947
-, Hugh son of, 947

Willerby, Willardby, co. York, 6

Willersey, Willerseye, co. Gloucester, manor, 493

Willesford, co. Lincoln. See Wilsford

William, abbot of Hartland, 669

William de … 948

William, servant, 648

William, son of Nicholas, 737

William, son of Thomas, 104

William, vicar of Southwick, 709, 710

William, vicar of Stinsford, 657

William, Richard, 620

Williamson, William. 975

Willingham by Stow, Wylingham, Wylingham by Stowe, co. Lincoln, 328
-, advowson, 328

Willington, Wyliton, co. Bedford, 729

Willington, Wylyngton, co. Derby, 311, 922

Willington [in Barcheston], Wolyngton, co. Warwick, 440

Williton [in St. Decuman’s], Wiliton, co. Somerset, manor, 682

Willoughby [near Alford], Wylughby, co. Lincoln, 212

Willoughby [in Walesby], Wylughby, co. Nottingham, 129

Willoughby, Scott, Scot Wilughby, Wilughby, Wylughby, co. Lincoln, 228, 232, 328
-, manor, 770

Willoughby, West, in Ancaster, Willughby by Ancastre, Wilughby, co. Lincoln, 228, 232, 812

Willoughby, Willughby, Wylughby, lord de, [of Eresby, 34
-, Robert de, knight, 378
-, Roger, parson of Gamston, 129

Willoughes, co. Leicester. See Ragdale with Willoughes

Willoughton, Wilghton, co. Lincoln, manor, 127

Willughby by Ancastre, co. Lincoln. See Willoughby, West

Willughby. See Willoughby

Wilmington, co. Kent, Stonehill in, q.v.

Wilnecote [in Tamworth], Wylmyncote, co. Warwick, 970

Wilsford, Willesford, Wyllesforth, Wylsford, Wyvelesford, co. Lincoln, 328, 939
-, priory of, advowson of, 328
-, Hanbeck in, q.v.

Wilsthorpe [in Greatford], Wyllethorp, co. Lincoln, 328

Wilstone [in Tring], Wyvelesthorn, co. Hertford, manor, 101

Wilton [by Hockwold], Wylton, co. Norfolk, 616
-, manor, 613, 614, 623

Wilton, co. Wilts, 522
-, abbess of, 294, 295, 496, 819
-, lord of. See Fitzwaryn

Wilton in Cleveland, Wylton in Cleveland, co. York, 749, 750
-, manor, 736

Wilton, Wylton, John de, knight, 614, 814

Wiltshire, lands in, 882

Wilughby, co. Lincoln. See Willoughby

Wilughby, Scot, co. Lincoln. See Willoughby, Scott

Wilwencotes, co. Northampton. See Cotton Camp

Wimbish, Wymbissh, co. Essex, 389
-, advowson, 389
-, manor, 380

Wimborne All Hallows, Upwymborne, co. Dorset, manor, 989

Wimborne Minster, Wymborn Menstre, Wymborn Mynstre, Wymborne, co. Dorset, inquisitions taken at, 38, 254, 413, 757
-, Barford and Kingston Lacy in, q.v.

Winbrook [in Kelly], Wonbrook, co. Devon, 1085

Winceby, Wynceby, co. Lincoln, 328
-, advowson, 328

Winch, East, Estwynch, co. Norfolk, 814
-, manor, 701

Winch, West, West Wynch, co. Norfolk, 814

Wincham, Wymyncham, co. Chester, manor, 160
-, Twambrooks in, q.v.

Winchcombe, Wynchecombe, co. Gloucester, abbot and convent of, 1081
-, market and fairs, 1081
-, Lutlyngton and Naunton in, q.v.

Winchester, bishop of, 17, 502, 819, 923

Winchester, Wyncestre, co. Southampton, 704
-, abbey of St. Mary, 477
-, abbess of. See Mare, Alice de la
-, castle, 402
-, custom of, 704
-, inquisitions taken at, 329, 357, 495, 627, 647, 704, 758, 868, 909, 1060, 1061
-, Northgate in, 399
-, writs issued at, 777, 778

Winchester, honor, court of, 548

Winderwath [in Brougham], Wynanderwath, co. Westmorland, 836

Winderwath [in Great Asby], Askeby Wyanderwayth, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Windlesham, co. Surrey, Bagshot in, q.v.

Windsor, Wyndesore, co. Berks, 134
-, castle, 473, 474, 476
-, chapel royal, dean of. See Mugge, William
-, mayor and bailiffs of, 134

Winfarthing, Wynferthyng, Wynneferthyng, co. Norfolk, chase, common and park, 22
-, manor, 899

Winford, Wynflith, co. Somerset, 798
-, advowson, 798
-, Ridgehill in, q.v.

Winfrith Newburgh, Wyneford, Wynfred Neburgh, co. Dorset, 752
-, manor, 1012
-, Burton, East, in, q.v.

Wing, Weenge, Wenge, co. Buckingham, inquisitions taken at, 110, 236, 684, 1033

Wingates [in Long Horsley], Wyndegates, Wyndegattes, co. Northumberland, 348, 651

Wingfield, co. Suffolk, Earsham in, q.v.

Winkleigh, Wynkele, co. Devon, manor, 258

Birch, Collacott, Hollocombe, Southcott and Winkleigh Keynes in, q.v.

Winkleigh Keynes [in Winkleigh], Wynkelegh Kaygnes, co. Devon, 538

Winnianton [in Gunwalloe], Weneanton, Wynianton, co. Cornwall, field names, etc., in, 667
-, manor, 666
-, Roos in, q.v.

Winscott Barton [in St. Giles in the Wood], Wynscote, co. Devon, 106, 107
-, parson of. See Dounworthy, Robert

Winsor [in Yealmpton], Wyndeshor, Wyndesore, co. Devon, 875, 880

Winterborne St. Martin, Wynterborn Martyn, co. Dorset, 264

Winterborne Zelston, Wynterborn Malruard, co. Dorset, 186

Winterbourne Cherborough, alias Upper Winterbourne, Wynterbourne, co. Wilts, 437

Winteringham, Wyntringham, co. Lincoln, manor, 415

Winterslow, Westwynterslewe, co. Wilts, manor, 461

Winthorpe, Wintrop by Burgh, co. Lincoln, 349

Winton [in Kirkby Stephen], Wynton, co. Westmorland, 837
-, manor, 836
-, Rookby Scarth in, q.v.

Wintringham, Wyntryngham, Wyntryngham in Buckrose, co. York, 6, 763
-, Knapton and Newton in, q.v.

Wintrop by Burgh, co. Lincoln. See Winthorpe

Winwick, Wynewyk, cos. Huntingdon and Northampton, 433, 709
-, manor, 710

Wiseton [in Clayworth], Wyston, co. Nottingham, 1

Wisman, John, 460

Wissett, Wysete, co. Suffolk, 813
-, manor, 45

Wistanstow, Wystanstowe, co. Salop, 1010
-, advowson, 1010
-, Strefford in, q.v.

Wistow, Wistenstowe, co. Leicester, 581

Witcherche, co. Buckingham. See Whitchurch

Witchingham, co. Norfolk, Lenwade in, q.v.

Witham, Wytham, co. Essex, inquisition taken at, 1040
-, Dengey Farm, Diengeie, and Houghton in, 1040
-, Blunts Hall and Howbridge in, q.v.

Witham, co. Essex, hundred, 379

Witham, Wythum, co. Lincoln, river, fishery in, 328, 770, 847

Witheridge, Withrygge, co. Devon, manor, 1085

Witheridge, Withrygge, co. Devon, hundred, 1085

Withersfield, Wetheresfeld, Wetherisfeld, Wetheryngfeld, co. Suffolk, 445, 537, 768
-, Hanchet Hall in, q.v.

Withrygge, co. Devon. See Witheridge

Withy, John, chaplain, 1065

Wittenham, Whitenham, co. Berks, 435

Wittering, Wytering, co. Northampton, manor, 710

Wittersham, Wyghtryshame, co. Kent, Palster Court in, q.v.

Witton [in Great Budworth], co. Chester, manor, 160

Witton, co. Salop. See Whitton

Witton [in Droitwich], Wytton, co. Worcester, 776

Witton le Wear, Witton of ye Watir, co. Northumberland, manor, 84

Witton Undirwood, co. Northumberland. See Netherwitton

Witton, West, co. York, ‘Synythorp’ in, q.v.

Wiveton, Wyveton, co. Norfolk, 443, 816

Wldon, co. Northumberland. See Wooden

Wlfurton, co. Norfolk. See Wolverton

Wobourn, Wobourne, Roger, 882
-, Thomas, clerk, 175

Woburn, Wobourn, Wobournechapell, co. Bedford, abbot of, 447
-, inquisition taken at, 683

Wockyng, co. Surrey. See Woking

WODE, JOHN ATTE, knight, 1081
-, Margaret wife of William atte, 948
-, Ralph atte, of Bradwell on Sea, 803

Wodebregge, Wodebrygg, co. Suffolk. See Woodbridge

Wodecherche, co. Kent. See Woodchurch

Wodechester, co. Gloucester. See Woodchester

Wodecok, Robert, 567

Wodecote, co. Warwick. See Woodcote

Wodefold, North, co. Wilts. See Woodfalls

Wodeford by Byfeld, co. Northampton. See Woodford Halse

Wodeforde, co. Devon. See Woodford

Wodeham, Wodeham Mortimer, co. Essex. See Woodham Mortimer

Wodeham Ferers, co. Essex. See Woodham Ferrers

Wodeham Wauter, co. Essex. See Woodham Walter

-, Agnes wife of, 472

Wodekesworth, co. Dorset. See Wilkesworth

Wodelond, co. Somerset. See Woodlands

Wodelond, John, 650
-, Walter, 498

Wodelynge, co. Kent. See Wadling

Wodemancote, co. Sussex. See Woodmancote

Wodend, co. Cumberland. See Woodend

Wodenorton, co. Norfolk. See Norton, Wood

Wodermersthorn, co. Surrey. See Woodmansterne

WODEROWE, Woderoue, JOHN, of the order of Friars Preachers of Derby, 471
-, Thomas father of, 471
-, William brother of, parson of Spofforth, 471
-, John, perpetual chaplain of the free chapel of St. Mary, Watton at Stone, 82
-, William, prior of the Friars Preachers at Derby, 471

Wodestoke, co. Oxford. See Woodstock

Wodethorp, William de, parson of Swalcliffe, 633

Wodeward, Nicholas le, 257

Wodeyat, co. Dorset. See Woodyates

Wodford, co. Northampton. See Woodford

Wodhous, co. York. See Woodhouse

Wodhull, co. Bedford. See Odell

Wodside, le, co. Westmorland. See Woodside

Wodyate, co. Dorset. See Woodyates

Wodyngton, co. Gloucester. See Boddington

Woketon, co. Buckingham. See Woughton on the Green

Woking, Wockyng, co. Surrey, manor, 318
-, Sutton in, q.v.

Wolaston, co. Stafford. See Woollaston

Wolcombe [in Melbury Bubb], Wolcomb Mautravers, co. Dorset, manor, 264

Wold, Wolde, co. Northampton, 346

Woldon, co. Northumberland. See Wooden

Woldredhope, co. Salop. See Wilderhope

Wolf, William, 432

Wolfardesworthy, co. Devon. See Woolfardisworthy, West

Wolfedale, co. York. See Woodale

Wolferstone, Wolferston, Wolfreston, Wulfurston, Roger alias Roger de, 2, 260, 261, 378, 379, 381, 996, 1099

Wolferton, co. Salop. See Woofferton

Wolferton, co. Southampton. See Wolverton

Wolfhampcote, Wolfhamcote, co. Warwick, 559
-, Flecknoe in, q.v.

Wolford, Great, co. Warwick, 440

Wolford, Little, [in Great Wolford], co. Warwick, 440

Wolfreston. See Wolferstone

Wolfreton. See Wolverton; Woofferton

Wolfreton [in Kirk Ella], co. York, 303

Wollaston, co. Gloucester. See Wolston

Wollaston, Great, [in Alberbury], Wylaston, co. Salop, 452

Wollavington, Wollavyngton, co. Somerset. See Woolavington

Wolledon, Henry, 107

Wollestrop, co. Lincoln. See Woolsthorpe

Wollopp, co. Southampton. See Wallop, Over

Wollore, co. Northumberland. See Wooler

Wolly, William, 107

Wolmere, co. Southampton. See Woolmer

Wolryngton, co. Devon. See Worlington

Wolston, co. Buckingham. See Woolstone, Great

Wolston, Wollaston, co. Gloucester, Bray of, q.v.

Wolston, co. Warwick, Brandon in, q.v.

Wolterton, Roger de, 1052
-, Cf. Waterton

Wolton, co. Wilts. See Wootton Rivers

Wolvelegh, co. Huntingdon. See Woolley

Wolverhampton, Wolvernehampton, co. Stafford, inquisition taken at, 907
-, Bentley and Whateleye in, q.v.
-, Leveson of, q.v.

Wolverton, co. Buckingham, manor, 662

Wolverton [in Alkham], Wolfreton, co. Kent, 612

Wolverton, Wlfurton, co. Norfolk, field names, etc., in, 613

Wolverton, Wolferton, co. Southampton, manor, 150–2

Wolverton, Wolwardyngton, co. Warwick, 440

Wolverton, Robert, chaplain, 356

Wolveton [in Charminster], co. Dorset, 401

Wolvey, co. Warwick, 559

Wolvyn, Richard, parson of Barpham, 430

Wolwardeston, co. Somerset. See Woolstone

Wolwardyngton, co. Warwick. See Wolverton

Wolyngton, co. Warwick. See Willington

Womberleghe, co. Devon. See Umberleigh

Wombewell, co. York. See Wombwell

Wombleton, Wymbilton, co. York, 6

Wombwell [in Darfield], Wombewell, co. York, 842

Wonbrook, co. Devon. See Winbrook

Wondestre, co. Somerset. See Wanstrow

Wonford [in Thornbury], co. Devon, manor, 876

Wonteslegh, co. Devon. See Wansley Barton

Woodale [in Coverham], Wolfedale, co. York, vaccary, 739

Woodbridge, Wodebregge, Wodebrygg, co. Suffolk, inquisitions taken at, 27, 869

Woodchester, Wodechester, co. Gloucester, manor, 951

Woodchurch, Wodecherche, co. Kent, 299, 1055
-, inquisition taken at, 299
-, Tounelonde of, q.v.

Woodcote [in Leek Wooton], Wodecote, co. Warwick, 130

Wooden [in Lesbury], Wldon, Woldon, co. Northumberland, 721
-, manor, 1036, 1037

Woodend [in Egremont], Wodend, co. Cumberland, 385

Woodfalls [in Downton], North Wodefold, co. Wilts, 819

Woodford [in Plympton St. Mary], Wodeforde, co. Devon, manor, 668

Woodford, Wodford, co. Northampton, 454

Woodford, co. Wilts, Heale in, q.v.

Woodford Halse, Wodeford by Byfeld, co. Northampton, manor, 972

Woodham Ferrers, Wodeham Ferers, co. Essex, 590
-, manor, 597
-, parson of. See Haselbeche, William

Woodham Mortimer, Wodeham, Wodeham Mortimer, co. Essex, 379, 772
-, manor and advowson, 772
-, Talbot of, q.v.

Woodham Walter, Wodeham Wauter, co. Essex, 379
-, lords of. See Fitzwalter
-, manor, 379
-, Brians in, q.v.

Woodhorn, co. Northumberland, Creswell, Ellington, Hayden, Hurst and Linmouth in, q.v.

Woodhouse [in Appletreewick in Burnsall], Wodhous, co. York, 743, 748

Woodlands [in Frome], Wodelond, co. Somerset, 352

Woodmancote, Wodemancote, co. Sussex, 398
-, See also Talcourtays

Woodmansterne, Wodemersthorn, co. Surrey, manor, 978
-, ‘Chacumbe’ in, 978
-, How in, q.v.

Woodnewton, Wode Neuton, co. Northampton, 710

Woodside [in Brougham], le Wodside, co. Westmorland, 836

Woodstock, Wodestoke, co. Oxford, inquisitions taken at, 273, 274

Woodwalton, Walton, co. Huntingdon, 433

Woodyates, Wodeyat, Wodyate, co. Dorset, manor, 989–91

Woofferton [in Richard’s Castle], Wolferton, Wolfreton, co. Salop, 771, 775

Woolavington, Wollavington, Wollavyngton, co. Somerset, manor, 196, 198, 1062

Wooler, Wollore, Wullore, co. Northumberland, 592, 594
-, Trickley in, q.v.

Woolfardisworthy, West, Wolfardesworthy, co. Devon, 538

Woollaston [in Bradley], Wolaston, co. Stafford, 453

Woolley, Wolvelegh, co. Huntingdon, 433

Woolmer, Wolmere, co. Southampton, forest, bailiwick of, 150

Woolstanton, co. Stafford, Chesterton and Tunstall in, q.v.

Woolsthorpe, Wollestrop, co. Lincoln, 50
-, advowson, 50

Woolstone [in Bicknoller], Wolwardeston, co. Somerset, 198, 1062

Woolstone, Great, Wolston, co. Buckingham, 447

Wootton, Wotton, co. Bedford, 66, 729
-, manor, 729

Wootton, Wotton, co. Northampton, manor, 902

Wootton, Wotton, co. Oxford, hundred, 423

Wootton Glanville, Wotton Glaunvyll, co. Dorset, 78
-, Henry rector of, 78

Wootton Rivers, Wolton, Wotton Ryvers, co. Wilts, 437

Wootton, South, Soutwotton, co. Norfolk, manor, 701

Wootton under Wood, Wotton, co. Buckingham, 447

Wootton Wawen, Wawones Wotton, co. Warwick, manor, 440
-, Botley and Henley in Arden in, q.v.

Worcester, bishop of, 69, 70, 217, 573, 773, 799, 935,
-, palace of, 573, 773

Worcester, co. Worcester, 773
-, bailiff of, 440
-, church of All Saints, advowson of, 776
-, church of St. Mary, 573, 773
-, inquisitions taken at, 773, 776, 829, 841, 912, 1042

Worfield, Worefeld, co. Salop, manor, 907

Worgret [in East Stoke], Wergrede, co. Dorset, 1011, 1012

Workeman, Roger, 460

Worksop, Warsopp, co. Nottingham, manor, 33

Worlington [in Instow], Wolryngton, co. Devon, 203

Worlington, Wridlyngton, Wrydelyngton, Wrydlyngton, co. Suffolk, 1052
-, manor, 24, 898

Wormegay, Wyrmegeye, co. Norfolk, 226
-, inquisitions taken at, 224, 226
-, manor, 226
-, court, ‘le knyghtcurt’, of, 226
-, priory, advowson of, 816
-, prior of, 816
-, Bardolf of, q.v.

Wormelow, Wormelowe, co. Hereford, manor, 468

Wormynghurst, co. Sussex. See Warminghurst

Worplesdon, co. Surrey, Burgham in, q.v.

Worsall, High, [in Northallerton], co. York, watermill, 740

Worston [in Whalley], Worstorn, co. Lancaster, 596

WORTHE, JOHN, knight, [co. Warwick], 1045
-, John, knight, [co. Essex], 301

Worthele [in Ermington], Worthole, co. Devon, 875, 880

Worthen, Worthyn, co. Salop, 452
-, Aston Pigot, Aston Rogers, Beachfield, Brockton, Hampton, Hogstow and Leigh in, q.v.

Worthevale, co. Cornwall. See Worthyvale

Worthin, Worthyn, William de, 452, 751
-, Joan de Overton wife of, 751

Worthole, co. Devon. See Worthele

Worthyn. See Worthen; Worthin

Worthyvale [in Minster], Northevale, Worthevale, co. Cornwall, manor, 1084, 1085

Worton, Nether, Netherorton, co. Oxford, 423

Worton, Over, Overorton, co. Oxford, 1088
-, advowson, 1088

Woth, John, 1046

Wotton. See Wootton; Wootton under Wood

Wotton Glaunvyll, co. Dorset. See Wootton Glanville

Wotton Ryvers, co. Wilts. See Wootton Rivers

Wotton under Edge, Wotton Undiregge, co. Gloucester, inquisition taken at, 217
-, manor and advowson, 217
-, Simondshall in, q.v.

Wotton under Weaver [in Ellastone], Wotton under Wever, co. Stafford, 554

Wotton, Wawones, co. Warwick. See Wootton Wawen

Wotton, Henry, the younger, 571
-, William de, knight, Margery de Ayot wife of, 254, 255

Woughton on the Green, Woketon, co. Buckingham, manor, 695

Wouldham, co. Kent, Nashenden in, q.v.

Woxebregge, co. Middlesex. See Uxbridge

Wragby, co. Lincoln, 636
-, manor, 50, 636

Wrast, co. Bedford. See Wrest

Wrastlyngworth, co. Bedford. See Wrestlingworth

Wrawby, Wrauby, Wraweby, co. Lincoln, 232, 812
-, manor, 141
-, Glanford Brigg in, q.v.

Wrench, Wrenche, Robert, 763
-, Thomas, 379, 382
-, Alice wife of, 379

Wreningham, Wrenyngham, co. Norfolk, 814
-, Nayland in, q.v.

Wrenstede, co. Kent. See Wrinstead

Wrentham, co. Suffolk, 617, 1052
-, inquisition taken at, 615
-, North Hall in, q.v.

Wrenyngham, co. Norfolk. See Wreningham

Wrest [in Flitton], Wrast, co. Bedford, manor, 694

Wrestlingworth, Wrastlyngworth, co. Bedford, 344, 729

Wretham, West, West Wrotham, co. Norfolk, 94

Wretherdale, co. Westmorland. See Bretherdale

Wridlyngton, co. Suffolk. See Worlington

Wright, Wryght, Richard, of Holbeach, clerk, 708
-, Roger, 334
-, Thomas, 567

Wrinstead [in Frinsted], Wrenstede, co. Kent, manor, 235

Wroot, Wroote, co. Lincoln, 127, 128

Wroth, John, lord of Brookley, 818
-, Philip, 508, 509
-, Roger, 508, 509

Wrotham, co. Kent, parson of. See Faryngdon, Robert

Wrotham, West, co. Norfolk. See Wretham, West

Wrottesley, John son of Hugh de, 571
-, Thomas de, 571

Wroxhull, co. Bedford. See Roxhill

Wrydelyngton, co. Suffolk. See Worlington

Wrydes, William, 568

Wrydfen, co. Warwick. See Redfern

Wrydlyngton, co. Suffolk. See Worlington

Wryght. See Wright

Wulfurston. See Wolferstone

Wullore, co. Northumberland. See Wooler

Wy, co. Kent. See Wye

Wyanderwayth, Askeby, co. Westmorland. See Winderwath

Wyboston [in Eaton Socon], Wyboldeston, co. Bedford, 729

Wybunbury, co. Chester, Bridgemere, Hunsterton and Lee in, q.v.

Wybunbury, Richard de, 160

Wych, co. Worcester. See Droitwich

Wychbold [in Dodderhill], Wychebaud, co. Worcester, manor, 773, 1042

Wychenore, co. Stafford. See Wichnor

Wyckham in Steyning, co. Sussex. See Wylcombe

Wycle, co. Northampton. See Weekley

Wyclewod, co. Norfolk. See Wicklewood

Wyclif, Wyclyff, Robert de, clerk, 736, 742, 748

Wycliffe, co. York, Thorpe in, q.v.

Wyclyff. See Wyclif

Wycombe, co. York. See Wykeham

Wycombe, High, co. Buckingham, inquisition taken at, 139

Wyddene, co. Devon. See Whiddon

Wyddiall, Wydiale, Wydyhale, co. Hertford, 532
-, manor, 529, 530

Wyderlynge, co. Kent. See Wytherling

Wyderyngton, John de, 721

Wydeville, Wydevyle, John, 255
-, John, sheriff of co. Bedford, 87

Wydiale, Wydyhale, co. Hertford. See Wyddiall

Wye, Wy, co. Kent, 612
-, Hinxhill in, q.v.

Wyge, John, 374
-, Alana wife of, 374

Wygebere, co. Somerset. See Wigborough

Wygemore, co. Hereford. See Wigmore

Wygenhale, co. Norfolk. See Wiggenhall

Wygenhale, William, 540

Wyghtman, William, king’s serjcant, 1059

Wyghton, co. York. See Weighton, Market

Wyghtryshame, co. Kent. See Wittersham

Wyghtwyk, John, 571
-, John son of, 571
-, Nicholas, chaplain, 520

Wygley, co. Salop. See Wigley

Wygtoft, Stephen de, 378

Wygynton, co. Stafford. See Wigginton

Wyke. See Week

Wyke by Tyssebury, co. Wilts. See Wick

WYKE, Wyk, JOAN, 479–80
-, Geoffrey, 1069
-, John husband of Joan, 479
-, Ralph de, escheator in co. Cambridge, 706
-, Thomas de, vicar of Ellesmere, 281, 283, 288, 289
-, William, 649

Wykedesho, co. Suffolk. See Whixoe

Wykeham [in New Malton], Wycombe, co. York, 6

Wykele, co. Northampton. See Weekley,

Wykelwode, co. Norfolk. See Wicklewood

Wykemere, Adam, 612

Wykes, co. Norfolk. See Ashwicken

Wykes, Aubrey de, 2

Wykham, Weste Wykham, co. Cambridge. See Wickham, West

Wykham, Wykham by Strode, co. Kent. See Wicham

Wykham, William, bishop of Winchester, 1014

Wykin [in Hinckley], Wikham, co. Leicester, 558

Wykyngeston, co. Leicester. See Wigston Magna

Wykyngeston, William de, 553

Wylaston, co. Salop. See Wollaston, Great

Wylbryghton, co. Stafford. See Wilbrighton

Wylbryghton, Henry de, 453

Wylby. See Wilby

Wylcombe [unid.? Wyckham in Steyning], co. Sussex, 619

Wylcombe, Nicholas, 619

Wylde, John, chaplain, 115

Wyldeboor, John, 973

Wyldebrug, co. Sussex. See Elbridge

Wylden, Wyldene, co. Bedford. See Wilden

Wyleby, co. Norfolk. See Wilby

Wylingham, Wylingham by Stowe, co. Lincoln. See Willingham by Stow

Wyliton, co. Bedford. See Willington

Wyllesforth, co. Lincoln. See Wilsford

Wyllethorp, co. Lincoln. See Wilsthorpe

Wyllys, Henry, 78

Wylmundesleie, co. Hertford. See Wymondley, Great

Wylmyncote, co. Warwick. See Wilnecote

Wylowes, co. Leicester. See Ragdale with Willoughes

Wylryngton, co. Kent. See Wilderton

Wylsford, co. Lincoln. See Wilsford

Wylton. See Wilton

Wylton in Cleveland, co. York. See Wilton in Cleveland

Wylughby. See Willoughby

Wylwencotes, co. Northampton. See Cotton Camp

Wylyngton, co. Derby. See Willington

Wymbilton, co. York. See Wombleton

Wymbissh, co. Essex. See Wimbish

Wymborn Menstre, Wymborn Mynstre, Wymborne, co. Dorset. See Wimborne Minster

Wymdham, co. Norfolk. See Wymondham

Wymering, Wymeryng, Wymeryngge, co. Southampton, inquisition taken at, 356
-, manor, 356, 925

Wymondham, Wymdham, co. Norfolk, 815
-, inquisitions taken at, 678, 679, 754
-, park, keeper of. See Merle, John
-, priory, patronage of, 679
-, prior of, 392
-, Grisaugh in, q.v.

Wymondley, Great, Wylmundesleie, co. Hertford, prior of, 1050

Wymyncham, co. Chester. See Wincham

Wynanderwath, co. Westmorland. See Winderwath

Wynceby, co. Lincoln. See Winceby

Wyncestre, co. Southampton. See Winchester

Wynch, West, co. Norfolk. See Winch, West

Wynchecombe, co. Gloucester. See Winchcombe

Wyndegate, Wyndegatte, William de, 348, 651

Wyndegates, co. Northumberland. See Wingates

Wyndegatte. See Wyndegate

Wyndegattes, co. Northumberland. See Wingates

Wyndeshor, co. Devon. See Winsor

Wyndesore. See Windsor; Winsor

WYNDESORE, WILLIAM DE, knight, 162–74
-, —, 1024
-, Christina de Mores sister of William, 162–74
-, Isabel sister of William, 162–74
-, John kinsman of William, 172
-, John de, [co. Westmorland], 1025, 1026
-, Margery Duket sister of William, 162–74
-, Miles de, 868
-, Alice wife of, later wife of Thomas de Ipre, 868

Wyneford, co. Dorset. See Winfrith Newburgh

Wynewyk, cos. Huntingdon and Northampton. See Winwick

Wynfeld, Richard, 567

Wynferthyng, co. Norfolk. See Winfarthing

Wynflith, co. Somerset. See Winford

Wynfred Neburgh, co. Dorset. See Winfrith Newburgh

Wyngeton, William, 621

Wynianton, co. Cornwall. See Winnianton

Wynkele, co. Devon. See Winkleigh

Wynkelegh Kaygnes, co. Devon. See Winkleigh Keynes

Wynkman, Joan, 341

Wynneferthyng, co. Norfolk. See Winfarthing

Wynscote, co. Devon. See Winscott Barton

Wynslowe, John, Mary alias Mariot Crocheman wife of, 1105, 1106

Wynston, John, 1056

WYNTER, Wyntur, ALICE, 53, 83
-, ROBERT son and heir of William, 75
-, John husband of Alice, 53, 83
-, John, the younger, 975
-, Walter, 1070
-, William, [co. Norfolk], 899

Wynterborn Malruard, co. Dorset. See Winterborne Zelston

Wynterborn Martyn, co. Dorset. See Winterborne St. Martin

Wynterbourne, co. Wilts. See Winterbourne Cherborough

Wynterbourne, William de, 558

WYNTERESHULL, Wyntersull, THOMAS, 124, 438, 646, 647
-, Alice wife of. See Loxle
-, Thomas son of Thomas, 124, 646, 647

Wynton, co. Westmorland. See Winton

Wyntringham, co. Lincoln. See Winteringham

Wyntryngham, Wyntryngham in Buckrose, co. York. See Wintringham

Wyntur. See Wynter

Wyntworth. See Wentworth

Wypsnade, co. Bedford. See Whipsnade

Wyrmegeye, co. Norfolk. See Wormegay

Wyrthorp, co. York. See Weaverthorpe

Wyryot, Richard, 277
-, Ellen wife of, 277

Wysbeche, William, 612, 615

Wyse, Henry le, 276, 884
-, John, steward of the earl of Pembroke, 277

Wysete, co. Suffolk. See Wissett

Wyssendene, co. Rutland. See Whissendine

Wyssyngsete, co. Norfolk. See Whissonsett

Wystanstowe, co. Salop. See Wistanstow

Wystey [unid.], co. Salop, 1010

Wyston, co. Nottingham. See Wiseton

Wytebrest. See Whitebrest

Wytering, co. Northampton. See Wittering

Wyth, John, Emma de Beston daughter of, 358

Wytham, co. Essex. See Witham

Wytheges, Walter son of Richard de, 571

Wytherling [in Molash], Wyderlynge, co. Kent, 51

Wythornwik, John de, clerk, 229

Wythum, co. Lincoln. See Witham

Wyttele, co. Wilts. See Whitley

Wytteneye, Baldwin de, 578

Wytton, Wytton Undirwode, co. Northumberland. See Netherwitton

Wytton, co. Worcester. See Witton

Wytton. See Whitton

Wyvelescombe, Wevelyscombe, John, 605, 680
-, Thomasia Molyns wife of, 602, 605

Wyvelesford, co. Lincoln. See Wilsford

Wyvelesthorn, co. Hertford. See Wilstone

Wyveton, co. Norfolk. See Wiveton