Index of Persons and Places: H

Pages 513-525

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Haayn, Robert, 594
-, Cf. Hagon; Heynes

Habbeton, co. York. See Habton

Habeton, co. Norfolk. See Hapton

Habton, Habbeton, co. York, 736, 750

Hacconby, Hacunby, Haucunby, co. Lincoln, 939
-, inquisition taken at, 153
-, manor, 153, 936

Haceby [in Newton with Haceby], Escheby, co. Lincoln, 328

Hacford, co. Norfolk. See Hackford

Hachard, John, 78

Hache, John atte, 1056

Hachecote, co. Buckingham. See Edgecott

Hackeridge [in Marshwood], Hakerigge, Hakerygge in the vale of Mersshwode, co. Dorset, 527

Hackford next Reepham [in Reepham], Hacford, Hakeford, Hakford, co. Norfolk, 52, 815
-, advowson, 52
-, manor, 48

Hackleton, Hakelynton, co. Northampton, 972

Hacunby, co. Lincoln. See Hacconby

Hacunthorp, William de, 129

Haddelegh, Haddelegh in the hundred of Rocheford, Haddeliegh, co. Essex. See Hadleigh

Haddington [in Aubourn and South Hykeham], Hathyngton, co. Lincoln, 328

Haddiscoe, Hadiscothorp, co. Norfolk, advowson, 418

Haddistone [in Bunwell], Hadeston, co. Norfolk, 392

Haddon, West, Westhaddon, co. Northampton, 68

Haddon, John, 262, 264

Hadeston, co. Norfolk. See Haddistone

Hadiscothorp, co. Norfolk. See Haddiscoe

Hadleigh, Haddelegh, Haddelegh in the hundred of Rocheford, Haddeliegh, Hadlegh, co. Essex, 276, 472, 821, 884

Hadlow, Hadlo, co. Kent, 439

Hagbourne, West, Westhakebourne, co. Berks, 475
-, extent made at, 868
-, inquisition taken at, 475
-, manor, 475, 868

Hagenet. See Haughley

HAGFORD, JOHN son of Walter, 866

Hagham, co. Lincoln. See Haugham

Hagh, Haghe, John, 895
-, Cf. Hawe

Hagon, Robert, 975
-, Cf. Haayn; Heynes

Hagworthingham, Hagwortingham, co. Lincoln, 328

Haile, co. Westmorland. See Hale

Hailes, Hales, [co. Gloucester], abbot of. See Hampton, Richard

Hainault, Henaud, 1021

Hainton, Haynton, co. Lincoln, manors, 636

Hakeford, co. Norfolk. See Hackford

Hakelvite, Hakelvyght, Thomas, clerk, 400, 401
-, Walter, 777

Hakelynton, co. Northampton. See Hackleton

Hakerigge, Hakerygge in the vale of Mersshwode, co. Dorset. See Hackeridge

Hakford, co. Norfolk. See Hackford

Hakforth, John, 594

Halaughton, co. Leicester. See Hallaton

Halbank, Emma de, 1026

Halberton, co. Devon, 538

Haldenby, co. Northampton. See Holdenby

Hale [in Abthorpe], co. Northampton, manor and advowson, 710

Hale, la Hale, co. Southampton, 495

Hale [in Kirkby Thore and Newbiggin], Haile, co. Westmorland, grange, 838

HALE, Hayle, RICHARD DE, chaplain, 1007
-, John atte, tenant, co. Dorset, 38
-, John atte, tenant, co. Kent, 250
-, Richard, 76
-, William, 76

Hales alias Loddon Hales, Halys, co. Norfolk, 392, 1052
-, fee called ‘Hale Buskes’ in, 816

Hales, [co. Gloucester]. See Hailes

Hales, Halys, John de, 392
-, Stephen de, knight, 52, 392, 816

Halesworth, Hallesworth, co. Suffolk, inquisition taken at, 45

Halewell, co. Southampton. See Holywell

Halghewill, co. Devon. See Halwill

Halghton, [co. Leicester]. See Hallaton

Halghton, co. Stafford. See Haughton

Halghton, Humphrey de, 453

Haliburne, co. Southampton. See Holybourne

Halington, co. Lincoln. See Hallington

Hall, Halle, Alice atte, 843, 845
-, John atte, witness, co. Cambridge, 341
-, John atte, witness, co. Gloucester, 55
-, John atte, witness, co. Leicester, 567
-, John atte, [co. Sussex], 189
-, Roger atte, of Foxton, 712
-, William del, of Whitby, 7

Hallaton, Halaughton, Halghton, Haloughton, Halughton, co. Leicester, 220, 810
-, chapel of St. Michael at, advowson of, 810
-, inquisitions taken at, 220, 810, 820, 1031
-, rector of. See Gower, William

Halle in Swynefeld, co. Kent. See North Court

Halle. See Hall

Hallelond, co. Sussex. See Hollands

Hallested, co. Lincoln. See Halstead

Hallesworth, co. Suffolk. See Halesworth

Hallingbury, Great, Halyngburyburgh, co. Essex, manor, 416
-, Wallbury in, q.v.

Hallington, Halington, co. Lincoln, 328

Hallmead [in Alkham], Holemed, co. Kent, 620

Hally. See Haulay

Halnaker [in Boxgrove], Halnacre, co. Sussex, 504

Haloughton, co. Leicester. See Hallaton

Halsham, John, lord of Collingbourne Ducis, 403, 461
-, Philippa Strabolgi wife of, one of the heirs of John de Hastings, earl of Pembroke (pedigree given), 885, 888, 906, 917

Halstead, Halstede, co. Essex, 1052

Halstead [in Stixwould], Hallested, co. Lincoln, 328

Haltemprice [in Cottingham], Hautemprise, co. York, priory, advowson of, 303

Halton, co. Buckingham, 447

Halton [in St. Dominick], co. Cornwall, manor, 998

Halton [in Corbridge], co. Northumberland, manor, 410

Halton, East, Halton on Humber, co. Lincoln, 516

Halton, East, [in Skipton], Halton on Hull, co. York, 842, 843, 845

Halton, West, Halton on Trent, co. Lincoln, manor and advowson, 282

Halton, West, [in Long Preston], Halton, co. York, 743, 748

Halughton, co. Leicester. See Hallaton

Halwell, co. Devon, Poulston in, q.v.

Halwill, Halghewill, co. Devon, 538

Halyfeld, co. York. See Hellifield

Halyngburyburgh, co. Essex. See Hallingbury, Great

Halys. See Hales

Halywell. See Holywell

Halywell, William de, 779

Ham [in Angmering], Hamme, co. Sussex, manor, 427–30

Ham Bursy [in High Ham], Hamme Bursy, co. Somerset, manor, 216

Ham, High, co. Somerset, Beer, Ham Bursy and Ham, Low, in q.v.

Ham, Low, [in High Ham], Netherhamme, co. Somerset, manor, 216

Ham, West, co. Essex, Stratford Langthorne in, q.v.

Hambek, co. Lincoln. See Hanbeck

Hambleden, Hamelden, co. Buckingham, 139
-, lord of, 139

Hambury by Wych, co. Worcester. See Hanbury

Hamby, Walter de, 212

Hamcastle [in Clifton upon Teme], Homme, co. Worcester, manor, 773

Hamelak, co. York. See Helmsley

Hamelden, co. Buckingham. See Hambleden

Hamelyn, John, 989
-, Christina wife of, 989
-, Isabel daughter of, 989
-, John, knight, 989

Hamerdenne, co. Sussex. See Hammerden

Hameringham, co. Lincoln, 328

Hamet, co. Cornwall. See Hammett

Hamme, co. Sussex. See Ham

Hamme Bursy, co. Somerset. See Ham Bursy

-, Agnes daughter of, wife of John Yonge, 1004

Hammerden [in Ticehurst], Hamerdenne, co. Sussex, manor, 717

Hammett [in Quethiock], Hamet, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Hamo, parson of Finchampstead, 189, 789

Hamond, Henry, 372

Hamondson, Hamoundeson, John, 232, 812

Hampden, Edmund, 805
-, John, 447
-, Reynold, 805

Hampstead Ferrers [in Hampstead Norris], Hampstede Ferrers, Hampstedferers, co. Berks, manor, 138, 1015

Hampstead Norris, co. Berks, Bothampstead and Hampstead Ferrers in, q.v.

Hamptesforde, William de, 538

Hampton [in Ellesmere], co. Salop, 287, 289

Hampton [in Worthen], co. Salop, 452

Hampton Gay, Hampton Gray, co. Oxford, 435

Hampton Maisey, Hampton Meisy, co. Gloucester, 449

Hampton Monialium, co. Gloucester. See Minchinhampton

HAMPTON, Hompton, RICHARD, 702, 703
-, John son of, 703
-, John brother of, Joan daughter of, wife of William de Bisshebury, 703
-, Richard, abbot of Hailes, 1057
-, Roger de, vicar of Ellesmere, 287, 289
-, William 339

Hamstall Ridware, Hamstal Rydewar, co. Stafford, 453

HAMVILLE, Hamvyle, Hanvylle, JOAN, 253, 501
-, William, 290

Hanbeck [in Wilsford], Hambek, co. Lincoln, 228

Hanbury, Hambury by Wych, co. Worcester, 573

Hanchet Hall [in Withersfield], Hanchachall, Hanchachalle, co. Suffolk, 537, 768

Handsworth, Hondesworth, co. Stafford, manor, 208

Hanefeld, co. Sussex. See Henfield

Hanewode, co. Salop. See Hanwood, Great

Hanewode, William de, 776

Hangleton, Hangelton, co. Sussex, advowson, 619
-, field names in, 621
-, manor, 611, 621

Hankeford, William, serjeant-at-law, 960

Hanlith [in Kirkby Malham], Hanlyth, co. York, 842

Hanneson, Richard, 181
-, Emma wife of, formerly wife of Richard Pollesworth, 181

Hanneworth, co. Lincoln. See Hanworth, Potter

Hanney, co. Berks, 435

Hanney, John de, clerk, 163, 164, 167

Hanningfield, East, Esthanyfeld, Esthanyngfeld, co. Essex, 389, 590
-, advowson, 888, 917
-, inquisition taken at, 20
-, manor, 20, 888, 917

Hanningfield, South, Southhanyfeld, Southhanyngfeld, co. Essex, 590
-, advowson, 888, 917
-, manor, 20, 888, 917

Hanningfield, West, Westhanyfeld, Westhanyngfeld, co. Essex, 20, 590
-, advowson, 888, 917
-, manor, 888, 917

Hanslope, Hanslap, co. Buckingham, manor, 713

Hanthorpe [in Morton], Hermethorp, co. Lincoln, 328

Hanvylle. See Hamville

Hanwood, Great, Hanewode, co. Salop, 452

Hanworth, Cold, Coldehanworth, co. Lincoln, 328

Hanworth, Potter, Hanneworth, co. Lincoln, inquisition taken at, 404
-, manor, 404

-, Margaret wife of, 590
-, William son of, 590

Happisburgh, Hapusburgh, co. Norfolk, 392

Hapton [in Whalley], co. Lancaster, manor, 596

Hapton, Habeton, co. Norfolk, 814

Hapusburgh, co. Norfolk. See Happisburgh

Harberton, co. Devon, Blackmore in, q.v.

Harborough Magna, Herdeburgh, co. Warwick, advowson, 580

Harborough, Market, Hareborogh, Harebourgh, co. Leicester, inquisitions taken at, 37, 102

Harbottle [in Holystone], Hirbotill, Hyrbotyll, co. Northumberland, castle, 470, 1043

Harbottle Peel [in Holystone], Chirmonden, Shyrmoundene, co. Northumberland, 1043
-, court, 592, 593
-, park, Le Helme in, 470, 1043

Harbury, Herbury, co. Warwick, manor, 257

Harby, Herdby, Herdeby, co. Leicester, parsons of. See Benyngholme, William; Stayngreve, Nicholas de

Hardel, Laurence, 389

Hardele, co. Norfolk. See Hardley

Hardenes, Hardenesse, co. Devon. See Hardness

Hardeshull, co. Warwick. See Hartshill

Hardeshull, John de, knight, 945

Hardewik, Herdewyk, Joan de, 839
-, John, of Mollington, 778
-, Roger, 392

Hardi, John, 1011

Hardingham, co. Norfolk, Swathings in, q.v.

Hardington Mandeville, Hardyngton Maundevyll, co. Somerset, 263

Hardley, Hardele, co. Norfolk, 392

Hardmead, Herdmede, co. Buckingham, 474

Hardness [in Dartmouth], Hardenes, Hardenesse, Hardynys, co. Devon, 959, 960

Hardres, John, Margery wife of, 342

Hardwick, Hurdewik, co. Buckingham, manor and advowson, 1086

Hardwick, [lost, in Nettleton], Herdewik, Herdwike, co. Lincoln, 636

Hardwick, Herdewyk, co. Norfolk, 392

Hardwick [in Ducklington], Herdewyk, co. Oxford, manor, 585

Hardwicke, Herdewyk, co. Gloucester, 449

Hardyngton Maundevyll, co. Somerset. See Hardington Mandeville

Hardynys, co. Devon. See Hardness

Hareborogh, Harebourgh, co. Leicester. See Harborough, Market

Harecourt, co. Leicester. See Kibworth Harcourt

Harecourt, John, 1065
-, heirs of, 195
-, John de, lord of Kibworth Harcourt, 558
-, Thomas, 559
-, Thomas, knight, 207
-, Maud wife of, daughter of John de Grey, 207

Harefeld, Richard, 884

-, Richard son of, John son of, 121

Harewedon, co. Bedford. See Harrowden

Harewod, co. York. See Harewood

Harewold, co. Bedford. See Harrold

Harewood, Harewod, Harwod, co. York, 511, 1078
-, inquisitions taken at, 511, 1078, 1079
-, manor, 511
-, Dunkeswick, Healthwaite, Huby, Keswick, East, Lofthouse, Stockton, Stub, Weardley and Weeton in, q.v.

Harlaxton, Herlaston, co. Lincoln, 939

Harleston, Harlyston, co. Norfolk, inquisition taken at, 1029

Harleston, Eudo son and heir of Roger de, 807

Harleton, co. Cambridge. See Harlton

Harleye, Burga widow of Richard de, 565

Harling, East, Estherlyng, co. Norfolk, 815

Harlton, Harleton, co. Cambridge, 432

Harlyngton, John de, of Yaxley, 516

Harlyston, co. Norfolk. See Harleston

Harmas [in Gosfield], Hermere, co. Essex, manor, 870

Harmby [in Spennithorne], Harneby, Hernby, Herneby, co. York, 740, 742, 748

Harnam, co. Somerset. See Harnham

Harname, co. Northumberland. See Harnham

Harneby, co. York. See Harmby

Harnham [in Bolam], Harname, co. Northumberland, manor, 1037

Harnham [in Oake], Harnam, co. Somerset, manor, 999

Harnhell, co. Kent. See Hernhill

Harnhill, Harnhull, co. Gloucester, manor, 935

Harodon, co. Northampton. See Harrowden

Harome [in Helmsley], Harom, co. York, 49

Harp, South, [in South Petherton], Southarp, Southeharp, co. Somerset, 371, 372, 680
-, field names in, 372

Harpeden, William, 431

Harpesfeld, Harpesfelde, Herpesfeld, John de, citizen and ropemaker of London, 184
-, Christina wife of, 184
-, Richard de, citizen and ropemaker of London, 184
-, Agnes mother of, 184
-, Gilbert father of, 184

Harpetre, Henry de, 449

Harptree, East, Estharpetre, [co. Somerset], manor, 609

Harrietsham, Heriettesham, co. Kent, inquisition taken at, 892

Harrington, Haryngton, co. Lincoln, 388

Harringworth, Haryngworth, co. Northampton, Park, la, in, q.v.
-, lord of. See Zouche

Harrold, Harewold, co. Bedford, charter dated at, 692
-, manor, 694
-, vicar of. See Janyn, Henry

Harrowden [in Eastcotts in Cardington], Harewedon, co. Bedford, 729

Harrowden, Great, Great Harodon, co. Northampton, 633
-, manor, 633, 636

Harrowden, Little, Little Harodon, co. Northampton, 633
-, manor, 633, 636

Hart, Hert, Northhert, co. Durham, inquisition taken at, 834
-, manor, 834
-, Elwick, Morleston, Nelson and Throston in, q.v.

Hartburn, co. Northumberland, Greenleighton in, q.v.

Hartford [in Great Budworth], Hertford, co. Chester, manor, 160

Hartford, East and West, [in Horton], Estherford, Westherford, co. Northumberland, 721

Harthill, Herthull, co. York, vicar of. See Mawdyt, William

Harthill, Herthull, co. York, wapentake, 762

Harting, Hertyng, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 856
-, manor and advowson, 856

Hartington, Hertington, co. Derby, manor, 687
-, Hurdlow in, q.v.

Hartland, Hertilond, co. Devon, William abbot of, 669

Hartlepool, Hertilpole, Hertpol, co. Durham, 834
-, inquisition taken at, 1047

Hartley, Hertelee, Hertelegh, co. Kent, manor, 892, 920

Hartley [in Earsdon], Hertlawe, co. Northumberland, 118
-, manor, 779

Hartley Castle, Hertecley, co. Westmorland, manor, 836

Hartlington [in Burnsall], Hertlyngton, Hertlyngton in Craven, co. York, 740, 743, 748, 833, 842, 845

Hartshill, Hardeshull, co. Warwick, 954

Harty, Isle of, Herteye, co. Kent, 115, 612

Harwdon, John, 268, 270, 271

Harwod, co. York. See Harewood

Haryngdon, Robert de, knight, Isabel wife of, daughter of Nigel Loryng, knight, 258

Haryngton, co. Lincoln. See Harrington

Haryngton, Nicholas de, 837
-, Cf. Heryngton

Haryngworth, co. Northampton, See Harringworth

Haselbache, Haselbache in le Peek, co. Derby. See Hazlebatch

Haselbeche, William, parson of Woodham Ferrers, 547

Haselbere Plokynet, co. Somerset. See Haslebury Plucknett

Haselden, co. Wilts. See Hazeldon

Haseley, Great, co. Oxford, Rycote in, q.v.

Hasell, co. Somerset. See Hazel

Haselor, Haselore, co. Stafford, 1080

Haselyngfeld, co. Cambridge. See Haslingfield

Haske [in Upton Hellions], Hassok, co. Devon, 203

Haslacton, Reynold de, knight, 543

Haslebury Plucknett, Haselbere Plokynet, co. Somerset, manor, 988

Haslingfield, Haselyngfeld, co. Cambridge, field names in, 487
-, manor, 484, 487

Hassale, Thomas de, 160

Hasseby [unid., ?Aisby in Haydour], co. Lincoln, 328

Hassenbrook [in Stanford le Hope], Assynbrook in the Hope, Hassyngbrook in the Hope, co. Essex, advowson, 888
-, manor, 888, 917

Hassingham, Hasyngham, co. Norfolk, 392

Hassok, co. Devon. See Haske

Hassokes Mour, co. Somerset. See Moor

Hassop, co. Derby, manor, 687

Hassyngbrook in the Hope, co. Essex. See Hassenbrook

Hastang, John, 440

Hastinges. See Hastings

Hastingleigh, Hastyngleghe, Hestynglegh, co. Kent, advowson, 612, 620

Hastings, Hastyngges, co. Sussex, barony, 179

HASTINGS, Hastinges, Hastyng, Hastynges, Hastyngges, Hastyngs, ANNE, countess of Pembroke, daughter of Walter Mauny, 11–31, 885–923, 1021
-, HUGH DE, knight, 406, 407
-, JOHN DE, earl of Pembroke [1375–1389], 11–31, 62, 785, 885–923, 946
-, heirs of. See Cantilupo, William de; Gray, Reynold de; Halsham, Philippa; Scrope, Elizabeth; Talbot, Richard; Zouche, William la
-, Anne wife of Hugh de, 406
-, Hugh son of Hugh de, 406, 407, 813
-, John de, earl of Pembroke [1348–1375], 11–31, 277, 885–923
-, heir of, 489, 700
-, John de, [lord Hastings 1290–1313], Elizabeth daughter of, wife of Roger de Gray, 896
-, Isabel de Valence (once called Joan) wife of, 885, 896
-, John de, [lord Hastings 1313–1325], 893, 896
-, Hugh son of, Hugh, knight, grandson of, 897
-, Juliana wife of, 893
-, Laurence son of, earl of Pembroke [1339–1348], 191, 893, 896, 899
-, Nicholas, 1002
-, Isabel wife of, formerly wife of Ralph Alblasterer, 1002
-, Ralph de, knight, 39, 45, 50, 593, 734, 737, 749, 750, 763, 779, 837, 1037
-, Robert, 559
-, William, escheator in co. Norfolk, 928
-, lord de, 378, 388

Hastyngleghe, co. Kent. See Hastingleigh

Hastyngs. See Hastings

Hasyngham, co. Norfolk. See Hassingham

Hatch Beauchamp, Hacch, co. Somerset, lord of. See Beauchamp

Hatch, East, [in West Tisbury], Esthacche, co. Wilts, manor, 496

Hatcliffe, co. Lincoln, Gonerby in, q.v.

Hatfeld, Thomas, bishop of Durham, 6

Hatfield, Bishops Hatfeld, co. Hertford, inquisition taken at, 691
-, Holwell in, q.v.

Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfeld Regis, co. Essex, inquisitions taken at, 380, 416

Hatfield Peverel, Hatfeld, Hatfeldpeverel, Hatfeldpeverell, co. Essex, 772
-, honor, 241
-, manor, 1094
-, prior of, 772, 1040
-, Termitts in, q.v.

Hathern, Hatherne, co. Leicester, 558

Hathewy, Thomas, 75

Hathilsay, William de, 983

Hathyngton, co. Lincoln. See Haddington

Hatley St. George, Hungry Hattele, co. Cambridge, 341
-, church and churchyard, 341

Hatthorn, Roger, 92

Hauberk, Haubark, Haweberke, Laurence, of Claxton, 33, 38, 45, 46, 49, 50
-, Simon, 1082

Haucunby, co. Lincoln. See Hacconby

Hauegood, William, 372

Haugham, Hagham, co. Lincoln, 328

Haughley, Hagenet, honor, 486, 533

Haughton, Hoghton on Ydell, co. Nottingham, manor, 129

Haughton, Halghton, co. Stafford, 453

Haukeserd, Henry de, chaplain, 207

Haukeston, John de, 160

Haukeswyk, co. York. See Hawkswick

Haukinge, co. Kent. See Hawkinge

HAULAY, Hally, Haule, Hauley, BEATRICE DE, wife of Robert de Hauley, knight, 860, 861
-, JOHN, knight, 497
-, Robert son of, 497, 860, 861
-, Hugh, 336
-, John, 336
-, John de, 447

Haulghton Hulle, co. Salop. See Hill Halton

Hautemprise, co. York. See Haltemprice

Hautryve, Thomas, 805

Hauxwell, East, [in Hauxwell], Esthaukeswell, co. York, 739, 742, 748

Hauxwell, West, [in Hauxwell], Westhaukeswell, co. York, 741, 747

Havant, Havehonte, co. Southampton, inquisition taken at, 873
-, Brookhampton and Limborne in, q.v.

Haverbrack [in Beetham], Haverbrek, co. Westmorland, 1024

Haverham, [co. Lincoln], See Haverholm Priory

Haverhill, Haveryll, co. Suffolk, manor, 444

Haverholm Priory, Haverham, [co. Lincoln], prior of, 543

Havering atte Bower, Haveryng, [co. Essex], letters patent granted at, 978

Haversham, Nicholas de, 558

Haverthorpe, Thomas de, chaplain, 1009

Haveryll, co. Suffolk. See Haverhill

Haveryng, [co. Essex], See Havering atte Bower

Haveryngg, John de, knight, 163
-, Lora wife of, 163

Hawardby, co. Lincoln. See Hawerby

Hawe, John, 350
-, Nicholas, 55
-, Cf. Hagh

Haweberke. See Hauberk

Hawerby, Hawardby, co. Lincoln, 328
-, Beesby in, q.v.

Hawkar, Thomas, 1021

Hawkedon, co. Suffolk, Thurstanton in, q.v.

Hawkeslowe, John, 1057

Hawkinge, Haukinge, co. Kent, 620
-, Combe, Reinden and Terlingham in, q.v.

Hawkswick [in Arncliffe], Haukeswyk, co. York, 842

Haxay, Thomas de, keeper of the writs of the Common Bench, 925

Hay, del Hay, la Haye, [co. Lincoln], fee, 328, 770

Hay, John del, sergeant-at-arms, 8

Haybarn [in Aston], le Heyberne, co. Warwick, 206

Haybergh, William de, 1026

Hayden [lost, in Woodhorn], Haydon, co. Northumberland, 746

Hayden Bridge [in Warden], co. Northumberland, Morralee in, q.v.

Haydon [in Allendale], co. Northumberland, 746

Haydon, co. Sussex. See Highdown

Haydour, co. Lincoln. See Hasseby

Haye, la, [co. Lincoln]. See Hay

Hayes [in Alberbury], le Hye, co. Salop, 452

Hayford, co. Salop [unid., ?Hayford near Westbury], 1010

Haykyn, John, chaplain, 499

Hayle. See Hale

Haynton, co. Lincoln. See Hainton

Hayton, Upper, [in Stanton Lacy], Overheyton, co. Salop, 1010

Haywood Oaks, Haywod, co. Nottingham, assart in, 521

Hayword, John, chaplain, 365

Hazel [in Dundry], Hasell, co. Somerset, 798

Hazeldon [in Wardour], Haselden, co. Wilts, manor, 496

Hazlebatch, Haselbache, Haselbache in le Peek, co. Derby, manor, 1030

Head Barton [in Chittlehamholt], la Heavede, co. Devon, 538

Headcorn, co. Kent, Mottenden in, q.v.

Heale [in Woodford], Hyle, co. Wilts, manor, 56

Healthwaite [in Harewood], Helthwaite, co. York 1078

Heaning Gill [in Thoralby], Hevenynges, co. York, 740

Heathfield, Hethfeld, co. Sussex, 403
-, Sapperton in, q.v.

Heathpool [in Kirknewton], Hethpole, co. Northumberland, 594
-, lordship and town, 118

Heaton [in Newcastle upon Tyne], Heton, Heton Jesmuth, co. Northumberland, 84, 85, 721

Heavede, la, co. Devon. See Head Barton

Hebbeden, Hebden, Nicholas, knight, 232, 635, 637, 812
-, William de, 543

Hebbek, co. Westmorland. See Helbeck

Hebden. See Hebbeden

Heberd, John, 745

Heck, Great, [in Snaith], Balnehek, co. York, 420, 987

Heck, Little, [in Snaith], Littelhek, co. York, 420

Heckingham, Hykyngham, co. Norfolk, 1052

Heckington, Hekyngton, co. Lincoln, 812
-, Botston of, q.v.

Hed, Heed, Heved, John, clerk, 486, 487
-, Thomas, 487
-, William, 1054

Heddesore, [co. Buckingham]. See Hedsor

Heddon, Blak, co. Northumberland. See Blackheddon

Heddon, East, [in Heddon on the Wall], Esthidwyn, co. Northumberland, 246

Hedingham, Castle, Hedyngham, Hengham ad Castrum, co. Essex, 342
-, inquisitions taken at, 926, 1050

Hedley, Black, [in Shotley], Blakhedle, co. Northumberland, 594

Hedon, co. York, inquisition taken at, 643

Hedsor, Heddesore, [co. Buckingham], lady of. See Restwold, Elizabeth

Hedursete, co. Norfolk. See Hethersett

Hedyngham, co. Essex. See Hedingham, Castle

Heed. See Hed

Heenham, co. Suffolk. See Henham

Heford, [co. Oxford], See Heyford, Lower

Hegg, Thomas de, 392

Hegham, co. Leicester. See Higham on the Hill

Hegham, Roger, chaplain, 115

Heghton, Hegthton, co. Sussex. See Heighton

Heighley [in Audley], Hele, Helegh, Heley, co. Stafford, castle and park called ‘le Haye’, 194, 1065, 1072, 1075
-, Audley of, q.v.

Heigholme in Leven, co. York. See Holme

Heighton [in West Firle], Heghton, Hegthton, co. Sussex, manor, 459, 761

Hekyngton, co. Lincoln. See Heckington

Helbeck [in Brough under Stainmoor], Hebbek, Helbek, co. Westmorland, 836
-, manor, 837

Hele, William, 1069, 1070

Helee, Helegh, co. Stafford. See Heighley

Helethorpe [lost, in Raund], Helythorp, co. Lincoln, 516

Heley, co. Stafford. See Heighley

Helghefeld, co. York. See Hellifield

Heliere, Thomas, bailiff in Dorchester, 412

Helleston in Kerier, co. Cornwall. See Helston

Hellewell, co. Dorset. See Elwell

Hellifield [in Long Preston], Halyfeld, Helghefeld, co. York, 743, 748, 842

Helmeslay, Helmesleye, co. York. See Helmsley

Helmeswell, Helmeswelle, co. Lincoln. See Hemswell

Helmingham, Helmyngham, co. Suffolk, Lampeth of, q.v.

Helmsley, Hamelak, Helmeslay, Helmesleye, Hemelsay, co. York, 737, 749
-, castle and manor, 49
-, inquisition taken at, 913
-, Carleton, Harome and Pockley in, q.v.
-, Roos of, q.v.

Helmyngham, co. Suffolk. See Helmingham

Helperthorpe, Helperthorp, co. York, 763

Helpringham, Helpryngham, co. Lincoln, 127, 232, 812
-, inquisition taken at, 732
-, manor, 732

Helshaw [in Stoke upon Tern], Hesilshawe, co. Salop, 565

Helsington, Helsyngton, co. Westmorland, 1023

Helston, Helleston in Kerier, co. Cornwall, 326
-, inquisition taken at, 1039
-, manor, 326

Helsyngton, co. Westmorland. See Helsington

Helthwaite, co. York. See Healthwaite

Helton Bacon, co. Westmorland. See Hilton

Helton Flethan, co. Westmorland. See Hilton

Helton, William de, 838
-, Agnes wife of, 838
-, Cf. Hylton

Helyon, Henry, 745

Helythorp, co. Lincoln. See Helethorpe

Hembury in Saltemerssh, co. Gloucester. See Henbury

Hemel Hempstead, Hemelhampstede, Hemlamsted, co. Hertford, 8–10

Hemelsay, co. York. See Helmsley

Hemelyngton, co. York. See Hemlington

Hemenhale, co. Norfolk. See Hempnall

Hemenhale, Ralph de, 2

Hemingborough, co. York, Barlby, Menthorpe and Turnham Hall in, q.v.

Hemingby, Hemmyngby, Hemyngby, co. Lincoln, 328, 388
-, advowson, 388
-, parson of. See Kelby, Robert de

Hemingford, Hemyngford, co. Huntingdon, 433

Hemlamsted, co. Hertford. See Hemel Hempstead

Hemlington [in Stainton], Hemelyngton, Hemlyngton in Clyveland, co. York, 303, 749
-, manor, 737

Hemmingford Grey, Hemmyngforth, Hemmyngforth Grey, co. Huntingdon, inquisition taken at, 692
-, manor, 692

Hemmyngby, co. Lincoln. See Hemingby

Hemmyngforth, Hemmyngforth Grey, co. Huntingdon. See Hemmingford Grey

Hempnall, Hemenhale, Hemnale, co. Norfolk, manor, 383, 392

Hempstead, Hempstede, Hemstede, co. Essex, 926
-, inquisitions taken at, 1105, 1106

Hempston, Broad, Hempston Cauntelow, co. Devon, manor, 494

Hempston, Little, Hempston Arundell, co. Devon, manor, 1027

Hempton by Fakenham, Hempton, co. Norfolk, 815
-, prior of, 815

Hemstede, co. Essex. See Hempstead

Hemswell, Helmeswell, Helmeswelle, co. Lincoln, 92, 93, 210
-, field names in, 92
-, Spital in the Street in, q.v.
-, Bate and Cook of, q.v.

Hemyngby, co. Lincoln. See Hemingby

Hemyngford, co. Huntingdon. See Hemingford

Hemyngford, John de, 984

Hemyngton, Hemynton, Richard de, 433, 710
-, Thomas, 433

Henaud. See Hainault

Henbury, Hembury in Saltmerssh, co. Gloucester, 935
-, manor, 217
-, Weston, Kings, in, q.v.

Henchman, Thomas, 791

Hendford alias Hendford Maltravers [in Yeovil], Honeford, co. Somerset, manor, 265
-, Elston Combe in, q.v.

Hendre, William, 667

Hendyng, John, 339
-, Joan wife of, 339

Henehowe, co. Suffolk. See Henhow

Henfield, Hanefeld, co. Sussex, 403
-, inquisition taken at, 403
-, Hollands in, q.v.

Hengham, co. Norfolk. See Hingham

Hengham ad Castrum, co. Essex. See Hedingham, Castle

Hengham, John de, the elder, of Corby, 1008

Henham, co. Essex, manor, 380
-, Plegdon in, q.v.
-, Waryn of, q.v.

Henham [in Wangford], Heenham, co. Suffolk, 393

Henhow, Henehowe, Henhowe, [in Bury St. Edmunds], co. Suffolk, inquisitions taken at, 25, 26, 384, 393, 617, 802, 901

Henle, co. Oxford. See Henley upon Thames

Henlewe, co. Bedford. See Henlow

Henley [in Stanton Lacy], co. Salop, 565

Henley in Arden [in Wootton Wawen], Henley in Arderne, co. Warwick, 440

Henley upon Thames, Henle, co. Oxford, inquisitions taken at, 135, 137, 183, 270, 585
-, manor, 135

Henlow, Henlewe, Henlowe, co. Bedford, 80, 119, 729
-, Crouche of, q.v.

HENRISONE, Henryson, TECIA widow of John, of Great Limber, 252
-, Richard son of, 252
-, Roger, 571

Henry III, 142, 881

Henry, earl of Derby, keeper of the duchy of Lancaster, 351, 810, 815, 924, 935
-, Margaret (sic) wife of, 924

Henry, rector of a moiety of the church at Eakring 33, 50

Henry, rector of Wootton Glanville, 78

Henry, son of Hugh, knight, 842

Henrys, Roger, 571

Henryson. See Henrisone

Hensall [in Snaith], Hethensale, co. York, 420, 987

Henton [in Chinnor], co. Oxford, manor, 137, 270

Henton St. George, co. Somerset. See Hinton St. George

Henton, John, 695
-, Cf. Hynton

Henxhell, Henxhull, co. Kent. See Hinxhill

Hepburn, Hibbourne, co. Northumberland, manor, 71

Hepp, co. Westmorland. See Shap

Herbury, co. Warwick. See Harbury

Herdby, co. Leicester. See Harby

Herdeburgh, co. Warwick. See Harborough Magna

Herdeby, co. Leicester. See Harby

Herdewik, co. Lincoln. See Hardwick

Herdewyk. See Hardewik; Hardwick; Hardwicke

Herdmede, co. Buckingham. See Hardmead

Herdwike, co. Lincoln. See Hardwick

Hereford, bishop of, 438, 500, 650, 656, 828

Hereford, countess of, 389
-, earl of, 163, 301, 302, 518, 815, 977, 978
-, See also Bohun

Hereford, co. Hereford, 339
-, church of St. Ethelbert, 656
-, dean and chapter of, 515, 654, 656
-, inquisitions taken at, 14, 125, 277, 405, 500, 577, 650, 656, 699, 799, 852, 858, 859, 889–91, 918, 924, 930
-, proof of age taken at, 337
-, Smith of, q.v.

Hereford, county, escheator in. See Byseley, Hugh

HEREFORD, JOHN, 405, 858
-, MARGARET DE, 858, 859
-, THOMAS son of John, 405, 858, 859
-, Nicholas uncle of, 858, 859

Herengewell, co. Suffolk. See Herringswell

Heriettesham, co. Kent. See Harrietsham

Herlardiby, William de, 737, 749

Herlaston, co. Lincoln. See Harlaxton

Herle, John, 1084, 1085
-, John, knight, 1084, 1085
-, Margaret wife of, sister of Richard Polglas, 608, 1084, 1085
-, William de, knight, 969, 972

Herlethorp, Stephen de, 5, 6

Hermere, co. Essex. See Harmas

Hermethorp, co. Lincoln. See Hanthorpe

Hermite, William, 150

Hernby, Herneby, co. York. See Harmby

Hernhill, Harnhell, co. Kent, 612

HERON, ELIZABETH, wife of John Heron, knight, formerly wife of Robert de Eslyngton, 251
-, Gerard, knight, 834
-, Gilbert, Elizabeth wife of, daughter of Robert de Eslyngton, 247
-, John, knight, 779

Herpesfeld. See Harpesfeld

Herringfleet, co. Suffolk, prior of St. Olaves, 816

Herringswell, Herengewell, co. Suffolk, 1052

Hersham in Haveryll, co. Essex. See Horseham

Hert, co. Durham. See Hart

Hertecley, co. Westmorland. See Hartley Castle

Hertelee, Hertelegh, co. Kent. See Hartley

Herteye, co. Kent. See Harty, Isle of

Hertford, co. Chester. See Hartford

Hertford, co. Hertford, 302
-, inquisitions taken at, 942, 1032

Hertford, county, escheators in. See Bredeford, John; Moton, Henry

Hertforthyngebery, co. Hertford. See Hertingfordbury

Herthull, co. York. See Harthill

HERTHULL, RICHARD, 578, 863–65
-, Alice wife of, 865
-, Giles son of, 865
-, John, clerk, 185
-, Mary wife of Richard, 863
-, William son of Giles, 863–865

Hertilond, co. Devon. See Hartland

Hertilpole, co. Durham. See Hartlepool

Hertingfordbury, Hertforthyngebery, co. Hertford, manor, 942

Hertington, co. Derby. See Hartington

Hertland, Walter, 290

Herdawe, co. Northumberland. See Hartley

Hertlyngton, Hertlyngton in Craven, co. York. See Hartlington

Hertlyngton, William de, 743

Herton [in Tawstock], Hurdeton, co. Devon, 1069, 1070

Hertpol, [co. Durham], See Hartlepool

Hertyng, co. Sussex. See Harting

Hervy, Simon, parson of Combe Martin, 203

HERVYLE, Hervyll, WALTER, of London, 119
-, Robert son of, 119

Herward, Clement, 392

HERYNG, ROBERT, a minor, 591
-, John, 975
-, Margaret, wife of Robert Fovent, 591
-, Raymond, 591

Heryngton, Thomas de, 84
-, Cf. Haryngton

Hescombe [in Odcombe], co. Somerset, manor, 525

Hesellarton. See Heslarton

Heselrigg. See Hesilrigge

Hesill, co. York. See Hessle

HESILRIGGE, Heselrigg, Hesilrig, Hesilrige, DONALD (DE), knight, 120, 247
-, Joan wife of, 247, 303
-, William brother of, 120

Hesilshawe, co. Salop. See Helshaw

Heslarton, Hesellarton, Heslerton, Euphemia de, 829, 833, 861, 1007

Heslington, Heslyngton, co. York, 983

Hessle, Hesill, co. York, 303
-, ferry, 469, 1044
-, manor, 469, 1044

Hestynglegh, co. Kent. See Hastingleigh

Hethe, Heth, Thad, co. Oxford, 434, 435, 449, 552, 568
-, field names in, 568
-, Smith of, q.v.

Hethe, Thomas atte, alias Thomas Grendale, of Fenton, 1098
-, Cf. Hith

Hethensale, co. York. See Hensall

Hethersett, Hedursete, co. Norfolk, parson of. See Keteryngham, William de

Hethfeld, co. Sussex. See Heathfield

Hethpole, co. Northumberland. See Heathpool

Heton, Heton Jesmuth, co. Northumberland. See Heaton

Heton, co. York. See Hetton

HETON, ALAN DE, knight, 118, 592–4
-, THOMAS DE, [knight], 118, 592
-, Elizabeth daughter of Alan de, wife of John de Fenwick, 592–4
-, Henry, knight, son of Thomas de, 118, 592, 593
-, Joan daughter of Alan de, wife of Robert de Ogle, 592–4
-, John de, 592
-, Mary daughter of Alan de, wife of William de Swynburn, 592–4

Hetton [in Burnsall], Heton, co. York, 842

Heved. See Hed

Hevenynges, co. York. See Heaning Gill

Heversham, co. Westmorland, Levens, Preston Richard and Stainton in, q.v.

Hewick, Copt, Coppedhewyk, co. York, 738

Hexstall, Thomas, 974

Heyberne, le, co. Warwick. See Haybarn

Heyes, John atte, 107

Heyford, Lower, Heford, [co. Oxford], 435

Heyford, Nether, Heyford, co. Northampton, 68, 454

Heynes, Peter, 75
-, Cf. Haayn; Hagon

Heytesbury, co. Wilts, Knook in, q.v.

Heywod [unid.], co. Suffolk, 813

Hibbourne, co. Northumberland. See Hepburn

Hibbourne, Robert de, heir of Robert Wendout, 71

Hickes, John, 290

Hickling, Hikelyng, Hykelyng, co. Norfolk, 23
-, inquisition taken at, 23
-, prior of, 816
-, Ingham near, q.v.

Hickling, Hiclyng, co. Nottingham, manor, 1000

Hide, le, co. Stafford. See Hyde Lea

Hide. See Hyde

Hidwyn, Robert de, 246
-, John son of, 246

Hieghbrouk, co. Somerset. See Highbrooks

Higham, Cold, co. Northampton, Grimscote in, q.v.

Higham on the Hill, Hegham, co. Leicester, 558

Highbrooks, Hieghbrouk, Hybrok by Somerton, co. Somerset, 263, 411

Highdown [in Ferring], Haydon, co. Sussex, 427, 430

Highweek and Newton Abbot, co. Devon, Highweek, Teignweek, Teyngweke, manor in, 1101
-, Bradley and Newton Bushel in, q.v.

Highworth, co. Wilts, Westrop in, q.v.

Hikelyng, co. Norfolk. See Hickling

Hikham, John de, of Waddington, 244
-, Margaret wife of, 244

Hilborough, Hylburworth, co. Norfolk, manor and advowson, 678

Hildenborough [in Tonbridge], co. Kent, Dachurst in, q.v.

Hildenley [in Appleton le Street], Hildynglay, co. York, 140

Hilderstone, Hildreston, co. Stafford, 453

Hildynglay, co. York. See Hildenley

Hill [in Bishops Tawton], Hull, co. Devon, 1070

Hill Halton [in Bromfield], Haulghton Hulle, co. Salop, manor, 1010

Hill, North, co. Cornwall, Treveniel in, q.v.

Hill. See Hull

Hillary, Illary, Alice, daughter of William Grey, 116, 117
-, Roger, 580
-, Roger, knight, 1070–3
-, Margaret Audley wife of, 1062–8, 1070–3, 1075

Hille. See Hull

Hillesden, Hillesdon, co. Buckingham, 447

Hillingdon, co. Middlesex, Colham in, q.v.

Hillington, Hillyngton, co. Norfolk, 815

Hilperton, Hulpryngton, co. Wilts, manor, 982

Hilton [in Marhamchurch], co. Cornwall, manor, 669

Hilton [in Appleby St. Michael], Helton Bacon, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Hilton [in Askham], Helton Flethan, co. Westmorland, manor, 837

Himbleton, co. Worcester, Shell in, q.v.

Hinckley, co. Leicester, Dadlington, Hydes Pastures and Wykin in, q.v.

Hindlethwaite [in Coverham], Hyndelaythwayt, co. York, vaccary, 739

Hindon, Hyndon, Hynedon, co. Wilts, inquisitions taken at, 332, 792

Hindringham, Hyndryngham, co. Norfolk, 816

Hingham, Hengham, co. Norfolk, advowson, 418
-, inquisitions taken at, 725, 1019

Hinton [unid.], co. Somerset, inquisition taken at, 362

Hinton, Cherry, Hynton, co. Cambridge, inquisition taken at, 395
-, Uphall in, q.v.

Hinton Martell, Hynton Martell, co. Dorset, 401
-, manor, 401

Hinton St. George, Henton St. George, co. Somerset, manor, 988, 989, 991
-, Niddon in, q.v.

Hinwick [in Podington], Hynewyk, co. Bedford, 446, 729

Hinxhill [in Wye], Henxhell, Henxhull, co. Kent, 612
-, advowson, 1049
-, inquisition taken at, 1049
-, manor, lord of. See Brode

Hinxton, Hyngeston, Hynkeston, co. Cambridge, 88, 535, 767
-, Assh of, q.v.

Hirbotill, co. Northumberland. See Harbottle

Hirde, Henry, 567

Hirfryn, Hirvyn, co. Carmarthen, commote, 1064

Hith, Thomas atte, 815
-, Cf. Hethe

Hobekyns, John, 186

Hobreggehalle, co. Essex. See Howbridge

Hoby, co. York. See Huby

Hocham, co. Norfolk. See Holkham

Hockering, Hokering, Hokeryngg, co. Norfolk, manor and advowson, 418

Hockley, Hokkele, co. Essex, 821
-, Plumberow in, q.v.

Hockwold, Hokwold, co. Norfolk, 613, 616
-, advowson, 613, 616
-, Wilton by, q.v.

Hodnet, Hodenet, co. Salop, 1010
-, Espley, Kenstone, Lostford and Marchamley in, q.v.

Hoel. See Howell

Hoff [in Appleby St. Laurence], co. Westmorland, manor, 838

Hoges. See Hogges

Hogeson, John, 1026

Hogges, Hoges, Richard, 460
-, William, 568

Hoggesthorp, co. Lincoln. See Hogsthorpe

Hogges welle, William de, 532

Hoghe, co. Norfolk. See How, Scales

Hoghton, co. Bedford. See Houghton Conquest

Hoghton, co. Leicester. See Houghton on the Hill

Hoghton on Ydell, co. Nottingham. See Haughton

Hoghton, Richard de, 81
-, Cf. Hoton

HOGSHAUE, EDMUND son of Thomas, knight, 698–700
-, Emmeline daughter of, 698
-, Edmund son of, 698
-, Joan sister of, 698
-, Margaret sister of, wife of John Bluwet, 698, 700

Hogsthorpe, Hoggesthorp, co. Lincoln, 409
-, Lopp of, q.v.

Hogstow [in Minsterley and Worthen], Hoxstowe, co. Salop, chase, 452

Hokenaston, John de, 687

Hokenyour, William, 620

Hokering, Hokeryngg, co. Norfolk. See Hockering

Hokfordfizpayn, co. Dorset. See Okeford Fitzpaine

Hokham, co. Norfolk. See Holkham

Hokkele, co. Essex. See Hockley

Hokwold, co. Norfolk. See Hockwold

Holand, John de, knight, son of Joan, princess of Wales, 306, 838
-, Thomas de, earl of Kent [1360–97], son of Joan, princess of Wales, 229, 301–35, 327, 328, 469, 881, 1044

Holbeach, Holbech, co. Lincoln, Wright of, q.v.

Holborn, co. Middlesex, St. Andrew’s parish, Shoe Lane in, 278

Holcot, Holcote, co. Bedford, 446

Holden [in Silsden in Kildwick], Holdenforeste, co. York, chase, 833, 845
-, vaccaries etc. in, 833

Holdenby, Haldenby, co. Northampton, 560

Holdene, John, 620

Holdenforeste, co. York. See Holden

Holdesworthy, co. Devon. See Holsworthy

Holdych, Richard, 678

Hole [unid.], co. Devon, Colyn of, q.v.

Hole [near Grimsby], co. Lincoln, Claymond of, q.v.

Holebrok, Roger, 374

Holecombe Portmor, co. Devon. See Hollocombe

Holemed, co. Kent. See Hallmead

Holemoor [in Pyworthy], Holemore, co. Devon, 1069

Holewall, co. Dorset. See Holwell

Holeway, Robert, 440

Holewell, Great, co. Bedford. See Holwell

Holford, co. Gloucester, hundred, 1081

Holkham, Hocham, Hokham, co. Norfolk, manor, 725, 899

Holkham, Howham, John de, 678, 701

Holkhams [in Holme next the Sea], Holkham, co. Norfolk, 816
-, Smith of, q.v.

Hollands [in Henfield], Hallelond, co. Sussex, 403

Holle, Alexander, 374

Hollick, Lower, [in Tawstock], Hollok, co. Devon, 1070

Hollin [in Rock], Holyn, co. Worcester, 776

Hollington, co. Sussex, Cortesley and Filsham in, q.v.

Hollocombe [in Winkleigh], Holecombe Portmor, co. Devon, 538

Hollok, co. Devon. See Hollick, Lower

Holm. See Holme

Holman, Richard, 1069

Holme [in Pickhill], Holme by Pekhall, co. York, 739

Holme [in Stirton in Skipton], le Holme, co. York, manor, 833

Holme, co. York [unid., ?Heigholme in Leven], 303

Holme Abbey alias Holme Cultram, Holm, co. Cumberland, abbot of, 838
-, Applegarth in, q.v.

Holme, East, Holne, co. Dorset, manor, 752

Holme Hale, Holm, co. Norfolk, 392

Holme next the Sea, Holm, co. Norfolk, 816
-, Holkhams in, q.v.

Holme North, Holme in Ryedale, co. York, inquisition taken at, 6

Holme Pierrepont, co. Nottingham, Bassingfield in, q.v.

Holme, South, [in Hovingham], Suthholme, co. York, 6

Holme upon Spalding Moor, Holm in Spaldyngmore, co. York, 6

Holme, Holm, John, Agnes wife of, daughter of John Musket, 265
-, ?Walter de, 643

Holmer, co. Hereford, Burcote in, q.v.

Holne, co. Devon, manor and advowson, 203

Holne, co. Dorset. See Holme, East

Holnemede [unid.], Holnemed, co. Dorset, 1011, 1012

Holsworthy, Holdesworthy, co. Devon, manor and advowson, 203

Holt, co. Norfolk, 52, 422
-, inquisitions taken at, 46, 60, 928
-, manor, 46
-, proof of age at, 1053

Holt, co. Worcester, Beauchamp of, q.v.

Holt, Holte, Henry, 150
-, Peter, 710
-, Thomas, 612

Holton, Houton, co. Lincoln, 516
-, Beckeiing in, q.v.

Holton, co. Somerset, Lattiford in, q.v.

Holton le Moor [in Caistor], Houton, co. Lincoln, 328

Holwell, Great Holewell, co. Bedford, 456, 1033

Holwell, [? in Cranborne], Holewall, co. Dorset, Forde of, q.v.

Holwell [in Hatfield], co. Hertford, manor, 691

Holybourne, Haliburne, co. Southampton, 399

Holygrene, John, 571

Holylonde, John atte, 77

Holyn, co. Worcester. See Hollin

Holystone, co. Northumberland, Harbottle and Harbottle Peel in, q.v.

Holywell, co. Flint, Basingwerk in, q.v.

Holywell [in Shoreditch], Halywell, [co. Middlesex], priory, abbess of, 532

Holywell [in Earsdon], Halywell, co. Northumberland, 779

Holywell [in Droxford], Halewell, co. Southampton, manor, 1014

Home [in Wentnor], co. Salop, 452

Homme, co. Worcester. See Hamcastle

Hompton. See Hampton

Honald, John, 947
-, Robert son of, 947

Hondesworth, co. Stafford. See Handsworth

Hone, John, 1086, 1088

Honeford, co. Somerset. See Hendford

Honere, Thomas, 55

Honeybridge [in North Bradley], Honybrigge, co. Wilts, field names in, 522
-, lord of, 522
-, manor, 522

Honibere [in Lilstock], Honyber, Honybere, co. Somerset, 198
-, manor, 196, 198, 1062

Honiton, Honyton, co. Devon, inquisitions taken at, 673, 958

Honyber, Honybere, co. Somerset. See Honibere

Honybrigge, co. Wilts. See Honeybridge

Honyngham, Gilbert de, parson of Rotherfield Greys, 582

Honyton, co. Devon. See Honiton

Hoo in Watlyngton, co. Oxford. See Howe

Hoo, le, co. Surrey. See How

Hoo, Thomas atte, 341
-, William de, knight, 52

Hoobreggehall in Wytham, co. Essex. See Howbridge

Hood, Thomas, 622

Hook, Houke, co. Dorset, manor and advowson, 264
-, Stapleford in, q.v.

Hope, co. Derby, 471
-, inquisition taken at, 471

Hope, Walter, 290

Hopere, Alexander, 1069
-, Robert, 78
-, Thomas, 1069
-, Cf. Houpere

Hoppegras, William, 437

Hopton [in Stafford], co. Stafford, 453

Hopton, Hoptone, Thomas de, 453
-, William, 620

Horbling, co. Lincoln, 328

Horbury, William, king’s clerk, 960

Hordlowe, co. Derby. See Hurdlow

Hore, John, of Pristacott, 1069
-, Thomas, escheator in co. Warwick, 501

Horewode, co. Buckingham. See Horwood, Great and Little

Horley, Horle, Guy, 341
-, Thomas de, 651

Hormead, Great, Hormed, co. Hertford, 390

Hornby [in Great Smeaton], Horneby, co. York, 740

Hornby, Horneby, John de, 737
-, Joan wife of, 737
-, Margaret de, 81
-, William, 10
-, William de, chief forester of Whinfell, 836

Horncastle, Horncastre, co. Lincoln, inquisition taken at, 895

Horndon on the Hill, Horndon, co. Essex, inquisition taken at, 705

Horne, Simon, 975
-, Thomas, parson of Huntingfield, 708
-, William, 424

Horneby. See Hornby

Hornylow, Robert, 567

Horscar, Henry, 81
-, Ralph son of, 81

Horseham [in Helion Bumpstead], Hersham in Haveryll, co. Essex, manor, 442

Horseheath, Horsete, Horsethe, co. Cambridge, 432, 535, 767, 941

Horsehouse [in Coverham], co. York, vaccary, 739

Horseley, Thomas, 348

Horselowe, co. Stafford. See Orslow

Horsete, Horsethe, co. Cambridge. See Horseheath

Horsey, Horseye, co. Norfolk, 23

Horsforth, Horsford, co. York, 1078

Horsham, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 398

Horsham St. Faith, St. Faith, co. Norfolk, prior of, 392

Horsington, Horsyngton, co. Somerset, manor and advowson, 628

Horsley, Long, Northorseley, co. Northumberland, 348, 651
-, Stanton and Wingates in, q.v.

Horsley, West, Westhorsle, co. Surrey, manor, 476

Horsyngton, co. Somerset. See Horsington

Horton [in Chartham], co. Kent, 51

Horton, co. Northampton, 972

Horton, co. Northumberland, manor and fort, 721
-, Bebside, Cowpen, Hartford, East and West, and Stickley in, q.v.

Horton [in Chatton], co. Northumberland, 593, 594
-, lord of. See Gray

Horton [in Pontesbury], co. Salop, 452

Horton [in Wellington], co. Salop, 1010

Horton, co. Stafford, 194
-, manor, 1072, 1075, 1076
-, Gratton in, q.v.

Horton Grange [in Ponteland], Horton Graunge, co. Northumberland, 1037

Horton, Adam de, 81
-, Alice daughter of, 81
-, John de, 592
-, Robert, 568

Horwood, Great, Great Horewode, co. Buckingham, 447
-, Singleborough in, q.v.

Horwood, Little, Horewode, co. Buckingham, 447

Hothfield, Hothfelde, co. Kent, 51
-, manor and advowson, 41

Hotoft, co. Lincoln. See Huttoft

Hoton [in Prestwold], Houton, co. Leicester, 970

Hoton, co. York. See Hutton, Sand; Hutton, Sheriff

Hoton Bosshell, co. York. See Hutton Bushel

Hoton by Mulgreve, co. York. See Hutton Mulgrave

-, JOHN son of Alexander de, 506
-, Maud wife of, 506
-, Maud de Yarwith daughter of, 506
-, Alexander, 506
-, Joan sister of John de, 862
-, Cf. Hoghton

Hotot, Howtoft, Robert, 52
-, Robert, knight, 708

Houbole, William, rector of Tackley, 273

Hough on the Hill, co. Lincoln, Brandon in, q.v.

Hougham, co. Kent, Maxton in, q.v.

Houghton, co. Essex. See Witham

Houghton, co. Norfolk, 815

Houghton Conquest, Hoghton, co. Bedford, 87
-, advowson, 66, 87
-, manor, 87
-, Britens alias Grove manor in, 957
-, Conquest of, q.v.

Houghton on the Hill, Hoghton, co. Leicester, manor, 558

Houke, co. Dorset. See Hook

Hound, co. Southampton, Netley in, q.v.

Houndbeare [in Aylesbeare], Huntebere, co. Devon, 875, 880

Hounton, co. Southampton. See Hunton

Houpere (?), Nicholas, 603
-, Cf. Hopere

Houton, co. Leicester. See Hoton

Houton, co. Lincoln. See Holton; Holton le Moor

Houward. See Howard

Hovingham, co. York, Holme, South, in, q.v.

How [in Woodmansterne], le Hoo, co. Surrey, 978

How, Scales, [in South Lynn], Hoghe, co. Norfolk, manor, 486

HOWARD, Houward, ROBERT, knight, 52, 701
-, John son of, knight, 701, 754, 794, 815, 1040
-, Margery wife of, daughter of John de Plays, knight, 754, 794, 1040
-, Laurence, 975
-, Thomas, 616

Howbridge alias Hubbridge Hall in Witham, Hobreggehalle, Hoobreggehall in Wytham, co. Essex, manor, 772, 1040

Howden, co. York, E.R., manor, 738

Howden [unid.], Howeden, co. York, Cicill of, q.v.

Howe in Watlington, Hoo in Watlyngton, co. Oxford, manor, 933

Howe, co. York, 6

Howeden, co. York. See Howden

Howel …, of Radnor, 339

Howel. See Howell

Howelestone, co. Worcester. See Howsen

Howell, Hoel, Howel, Philip ap, parson of Vaynor 279, 282, 283, 285
-, William, 669
-, Margery wife of, 669

Howes, Richard de, 32

Howesom, co. York. See Howsham

Howham. See Holkham

Howsen [in Cotheridge], Howelestone, co. Worcester, 773

Howsham, [in Scrayingham], Howesom, co. York, manor, 49

Howtoft. See Hotot

Howyk, David de, clerk, 246

Hoxstowe, co. Salop. See Hogstow

Hubard, Thomas, 1026

Hubbe, Geoffrey, 975

Hubbridge Hall, co. Essex. See Howbridge

Huby [in Harewood], Hoby, co. York, 1078

Huckote by Aylesbury, co. Buckingham. See Hulcott

Hudde, John, 1011
-, William, 76

Huddeswell, Hudeswell, William de, 741

Hudyngton, Richard, 1057

Hugeford. See Huggeford

Hugeyn. See Hugyn

Huggeford, Hugeford, William, 1010
-, William, knight, Margery wife of, daughter of James and Katherine de Pabenham, 826

Hugh, Robert son of, 748

Hughson, John, of Ousby, 408

Hugill, co. Westmorland, Ulthwaite in, q.v.

Hugon, John, 868

Hugyn, Hugeyn, John, 974
-, Roger, 568

Huish Champflower, Hywyssh Chamflour, co. Somerset, 1028

Huish, North, co. Devon, Lupridge in, q.v.

Hulcott, Huckote by Aylesbury, co. Buckingham, manor, 804

Hull, co. Devon. See Hill

Hull [in Martock], co. Somerset, 263

Hull, Bishop’s, co. Somerset, Fideoak in, q.v.

HULL, Hill, Hille, Hulle, BATHOLOMEW DE, 1003
-, Thomas son of, 1003
-, Alexander, 680
-, James, 682
-, John, [cos. Devon and Cornwall, ? more than one], 607, 998, 1084, 1085
-, John, [co. Wilts], 248
-, John, commissioner, 1058
-, John de la, 359
-, Juliana atte, 568
-, Richard, 75
-, Robert, 682
-, Robert del, 571

Hulle, Haulghton, co. Salop. See Hill Halton

Hullerew, Stephen, 1070

Hulm in Kynderton, co. Chester. See Kinderton cum Hulme

Hulpryngton, co. Wilts. See Hilperton

Hulton [in Burslem], co. Stafford, abbey, 1063

Hulverston, John de, knight, 393

Humberstone, Humberston, co. Lincoln, 328
-, abbey, advowson of, 328

Humbleton, co. York, Elstronwick in, q.v.

Humfurville. See Umfravill

Hundeslay, co. York. See Hunsley

Hunespill, co. Somerset. See Huntspill

Hungerford, co. Berks, inquisition taken at, 997

Hungerford, Thomas, knight, 879, 1085, 1087, 1090

Hungerton, co. Leicester, Baggrave in, q.v.

Hungerton, John de, parson of Ayston, 846

Hunmanby, co. York, inquisition taken at, 677
-, manor, 677
-, market and fair, 677

Hunsley [in Rowley], Hundeslay, co. York, 303

Hunstanton, Hunstanston, co. Norfolk, 816

Hunsterton [in Wybunbury], co. Chester, manor, 160

Hunsterton, Richard de, 160

Hunt, Hunte, Henry, 76
-, John, tenant, co. Leicester, 567
-, John, tenant, co. Sussex, 621
-, Ralph, 954
-, Alice wife of, 954
-, William, 687

Huntebere, co. Devon. See Houndbeare

Hunteleye, co. Gloucester. See Huntley

HUNTER, JOHN, of Great Salkeld, 408
-, John son of, 408
-, Cf. Untor

Huntercombe [in Burnham], Huntercombes, co. Buckingham, manor, 1005
-, ward of, 473

HUNTERCOMBE, ELIZABETH, wife of Robert de Cherlton, knight, 1005, 1006
-, JOHN son of John, nephew of Elizabeth, 1005, 1006
-, John, knight, father of Elizabeth, 1005
-, John son of, and Margaret his wife, later wife of Richard Mewes, 1005, 1006
-, Maud sister of Elizabeth, 1005

Hunthank. See Unthank

Huntingdon, Hunton’, Huntyngdon, earl of, 988

Huntingdon, Huntyngdon, co. Huntingdon, inquisitions taken at, 31, 433, 518, 709, 887, 916, 1098
-, priory of St. Mary, advowson of, 433
-, prior of, 433

Huntingdon, honor, 11, 87, 315, 633, 694, 729–31, 915, 1098

Huntingfield, Huntyngfeld, [co. Suffolk], parson of. See Horne, Thomas

Huntington, Huntyngton by York, co. York, 987
-, Earswick in, q.v.

Huntley, Hunteleye, co. Gloucester, manor, 467

Hunton [in Crawley], Hounton, co. Southampton, 873

Hunton’. See Huntingdon

Huntspill, Hunespill, co. Somerset, manor, 143
-, Alston in, q.v.

Huntyngdon. See Huntingdon

Huntyngdon, Robert de, 984
-, William, 89

Huntyngfeld, [co. Suffolk]. See Huntingfield

Huntyngfeld, Roger, 432
-, William de, 708
-, lord de, 732

Huntyngford, John, 433

Huntyngton by York, co. York. See Huntington

Huntyngton, Oliver de, 987

Hurdeton, co. Devon. See Herton

Hurdewik, co. Buckingham. See Hardwick

Hurdlow [in Hartington], Hordlowe, co. Derby, 687

Hurst, co. Berks, 58
-, Sindlesham and Twyford in, q.v.

Hurst [in Lydney], co. Gloucester, manor, 795

Hurst [in Woodhorn], co. Northumberland, 746

Hurtmore [in Godalming], Hurtmere, co. Surrey, manor, 476

Huscard, Richard, 277
-, Margaret daughter of, Ellen Wyryot daughter of, 277

Huscarl [in Beddington], Huscarle, co. Surrey, 978
-, manor, 978

Huse. See Husee

Husebere, John, 374

HUSEE, Huse, ANKARETTA, 856, 857
-, Henry, 447
-, Henry, the elder, husband of Ankaretta, 856, 857
-, Henry, knight, son of Ankaretta, 856, 857
-, Hugh, knight, 558
-, Nicholas, 91

Hutte, Thomas, 558

Huttoft, Hotoft, co. Lincoln, 328

Hutton Bushel, Hoton Bosshell, co. York, 763
-, Ayton, West, in, q.v.

Hutton Magna, co. York, Layton, West, in, q.v.

Hutton Mulgrave [in Lythe], Hoton by Mulgreve, co. York, 506

Hutton, Sand, [in Thirsk], Hoton, co. York, 6

Hutton, Sheriff, Hoton, Shirefhoton, co. York, 736, 738, 748
-, church, 736
-, field names, etc., in, 736
-, manor and manor court, 736
-, vicar of, 736, 748
-, Cornbrough, Farlington and Lilling, East and West, in, q.v.

Hybrok by Somerton, co. Somerset. See Highbrooks

Hychecokes, William, of Shalbourn, 723

Hyde, Hyde by Winchester, co. Southampton, abbot of, 495, 1060

Hyde, le, [in Barworth in Studham, co. Bedford], co. Hertford, manor, 1032

Hyde, le, co. Warwick. See Hydes Pastures

Hyde Lea [in Castlechurch], le Hide, co. Stafford, manor, 453

Hyde, Hide, Giles del, 453
-, Maurice, 359
-, Robert, 336
-, Robert atte, 612
-, Thomas atte, 621

Hydebrugge, co. Oxford. See Hythe Bridge

Hydes Pastures [in Hinckley], le Hyde, [co. Leicester] formerly co. Warwick, 559

Hydewood [in Studham], le Hydewode, co. Bedford, wood, 1033

Hye, le, co. Salop. See Hayes

Hykelyng, co. Norfolk. See Hickling

Hykyngham, co. Norfolk. See Heckingham

Hylburworth, co. Norfolk. See Hilborough

Hyle, co. Wilts. See Heale

Hylton, Robert de, knight, 861
-, Cf. Helton

Hyndelaythwayt, co. York. See Hindlethwaite

Hyndon, co. Wilts. See Hindon

Hyndryngham, co. Norfolk. See Hindringham

Hyne, Thomas, 105

Hynedon, co. Wilts. See Hindon

Hynewyk, co. Bedford. See Hinwick

Hyngeston, Hynkeston, co. Cambridge. See Hinxton

Hynklegh, John de, 160

Hyntes, Richard de, 453
-, Thomas, 716

Hynton, co. Cambridge. See Hinton, Cherry

Hynton Martell, co. Dorset. See Hinton Martell

Hynton, Thomas, 184
-, Cf. Henton

Hyrbotyll, co. Northumberland. See Harbottle

Hyswyndon, co. Wilts. See Swindon

Hythe Bridge [in Oxford], Hydebrugge, co. Oxford, fishery of the river Thames at, 855

Hywyssh Chamflour, co. Somerset. See Huish Champflower