Index of Persons and Places: I

Pages 525-526

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Ibstoke, Master Laurence de, rector of Barwell, 817

Ichem, co. Southampton. See Itchen Abbas

Icklesham, Iclesham, co. Sussex, manor, 240

Ickleton, Ikelyngton, co. Cambridge, 535, 767
-, inquisitions taken at, 535, 767
-, manor, 535

Iclesham, co. Sussex. See Icklesham

Idbury, Iddebury, co. Oxford, manor, 1102

Iddesleigh, Yeddeslegh, co. Devon, 538

Ide, co. Devon, Fordland in, q.v.

Ideford, Yeddeford, co. Devon, 985

Iden, Idenne, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 320
-, manor, 320

Idlicote, Utlicote, co. Warwick, 440

Ifield, Yvesfelde, co. Kent, 67
-, Shinglewell in, q.v.

Ifield, Ifeld, Ifelde, co. Sussex, 77, 611
-, manor, 77, 611
-, proof of age at, 77

Ightfeld, John, 571

Ightfield, Ithefeld, co. Salop, 1065, 1075

Ikelyngton, co. Cambridge. See Ickleton

Ikham, Thomas, 612, 615

Ikworth, Thomas, 2, 996

Ilchester, Ivelchestre, Jevelchestre, Yevelchestre, Yvelchestre, co. Somerset, 603, 604
-, inquisitions taken at, 170, 545, 603, 644, 670, 793, 854, 878, 908, 961, 981, 999
-, Sock Dennis in, q.v.

Ildesley, co. Berks. See Ilsley

Ilemynstre, co. Somerset. See Ilminster

Ilfracombe, Ilferdecombe, co. Devon, manor, 203

Ilkeston, co. Derby, manor, 940

Ilketshall, Ilketelishale, Ilketeshale, co. Suffolk, 813
-, manor and leet, 227

Illary. See Hillary

Illecombe, William, 146

Illegh, Illegh in Knolle, Illeigh, co. Somerset. See Ely

Illeston, Thomas de, escheator in co. Kent, 342

Illeye, Robert de, knight, 392

Illogan, co. Cornwall, Nancekuke and Tehidy in, q.v.

Ilmington, co. Warwick, Compton Scorpion in, q.v.

Ilminster, Ilemynstre, Ilmynstre, co. Somerset, inquisitions taken at, 374, 411, 478, 490, 502

Ilsley, East, Estyldesle, co. Berks, inquisition taken at, 906

Ilsley, West, Westhildesley, co. Berks, 553

Ilsley, East or West, Ildesley, co. Berks, inquisition taken at, 906

Ilston on the Hill [in Carlton Curlieu], Ilveston, co. Leicester, 558

Ilsyngton, co. Norfolk. See Islington

Ilveston, co. Leicester. See Ilston on the Hill

Imber, Immere, co. Wilts, 982

Imeneye, co. Worcester. See Impney

Immere, co. Wilts. See Imber

Impney [in Dodderhill], Imeneye, co. Worcester, 776

Inclesham, Nicholaa de, 52

Inde, William, 838

Ingelby, South, co. Lincoln. See Ingleby, South

Ingereme, Richard, 543

Ingestre, co. Stafford, 453

Ingham, co. Lincoln, 328

Ingham [near Hickling], co. Norfolk, 23

Inghowe, co. Northumberland. See Ingoe

Ingleby [in Saxilby], Ingylby, co. Lincoln, 328

Ingleby, co. York, Barwick in, q.v.

Ingleby, South, [in Saxilby], South Ingelby, co. Lincoln, manor, 365, 367–69

Ingleton [in Bentham in Clapham], co. York, inquisition taken at, 860
-, manor, 860

Inglewood, Inglewode, co. Cumberland, forest, 1007

Inglis, Inglisch. See Englyssh

Ingoe [in Stamfordham], Inghowe, co. Northumberland, 470, 1043

Ingold, William, chaplain, 499

Ingoldesby, co. Lincoln. See Ingoldsby

Ingolds fee [co. Buckingham], 457

Ingoldsby, Ingoldesby, co. Lincoln, 939

Ingram, Angram, Angreham, co. Northumberland, 470, 1043
-, advowson, 592, 593
-, field names in, 594
-, manor, 592–94
-, Reaveley in, q.v.

Ingylby, co. Lincoln. See Ingleby

Inkberrow, Intebergh, Inteberwe, co. Worcester, manor, 785, 912, 946

-, John de la Ryver brother of, 704
-, Isabel daughter of, 704
-, Margery wife of, 704
-, Richard son of, 704

Inkpen, Inkepenne, co. Berks, West Court, Westcombe, manor in, 997

Inleigh, co. Somerset. See Ely

Instow, co. Devon, Worlington in, q.v.

Insula. See Lisle

Intebergh, Inteberwe, co. Worcester. See Inkberrow

Iping, Ipyng, co. Sussex, manor and advowson, 856

Ippollitts, co. Hertford, Almshoe in, q.v.

IPRE, ALICE DE, formerly wife of Miles de Wyndesore, 868
-, THOMAS DE, esquire, 868

Ipswich, co. Suffolk, inquisition taken at, 898
-, Brokes in, q.v.

Ipyng, co. Sussex. See Iping

Irby on the Marsh, Irby, co. Lincoln, 328

Irchenfeld, co. Hereford. See Archenfield

Ireland, duke of. See Vere, Robert de

Irenacton, co. Gloucester. See Acton, Iron

Irissh. See Iryssh

Irmingland, Irmynglond, co. Norfolk, 816

Irnham, co. Lincoln, 1009
-, manor, 1009
-, parson of. See Kirketon, Thomas de
-, Bulby in, q.v.

Irthlingborough, Irtelyngburgh, co. Northampton, 633

Irton, co. Cumberland, Easthwaite in, q.v.

Iryssh, Irissh, John le, of Edmondsham, 757
-, Philip, 609
-, William, 609

Isaak, Joan, 621

Isabel daughter of Nicholas, 737

Isefeld, co. Sussex. See Isfield

Isenhamstede Latymer, co. Buckingham. See Chesham

Isfield, Isefeld, co. Sussex, manor, 459

Isham, co. Northampton, 454
-, Grene of, q.v.


Isington [in Binstead], Ysington, co. Southampton, 399

Islington, Ilsyngton, co. Norfolk, 816
-, manor, 486

Itchen Abbas, Ichem, co. Southampton, manor, 329

Ithefeld, co. Salop. See Ightfield

Ive, Thomas, 975

Ivelchestre, co. Somerset. See Ilchester

Ivinghoe, Ivyngho, co. Buckingham, water mill in, 457

Ivychurch, Ivychurche, co. Wilts, prior of, 819

Ivyngho, co. Buckingham. See Ivinghoe

Iwele, [co. Gloucester]. See Uley

Iwerste, co. Southampton. See Ewhurst

Iwhurst, co. Sussex. See Ewhurst

Ixworth, Ixeworth, co. Suffolk, inquisitions taken at, 2, 996
-, manor, 996
-, prior of, 996