Index of Persons and Places: T

Pages 580-587

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Tackbear [in Bridgerule], Takkebeare, Takkebere, co. Devon, 203

Tackley, Takkele, co. Oxford, 273, 274
-, advowson, 273
-, rectors of. See Houbole, William; Lewes, John

Tacolneston, Tacolnestone, co. Norfolk, 392

Tadlow, Taddelowe, co. Cambridge, 729

Tadyngton, Great Tadyngton, Tadynton, co. Hereford. See Tarrington

Tailboys, Taylbois, Walter, knight, 328, 837

Tailliour, Taillour. See Taylour

Takkebeare, Takkebere, co. Cornwall. See Tackbear, co. Devon

Takkele, co. Oxford. See Tackley

TALBOT, ELEANOR, 771–4, 1040–2
-, GILBERT, lord Talbot (1356–1387) of Goodrich
-, Castle, 62, 449, 462–8
-, JOHN, of Richard’s Castle, 771–8
-, Edmund de, 743
-, Elizabeth Lercedekene sister of John, the younger, and Eleanor, 771–4, 1040–2
-, Gilbert, of Richard’s Castie, 525
-, Gilbert, knight, tenant in Woodham Mortimer, co. Essex, 772
-, John, knight, father of John, 489, 771, 775, 776, 778
-, Philippa Gournay sister of John, the younger, and Eleanor, 771–4, 1040–2
-, Richard father of Gilbert, of Goodrich Castle, 465, 468
-, Richard, knight, lord Talbot (1387–1396), 449, 462; heir of John de Hastings (pedigree given), 885, 888, 906, 917

Talcourtays [unid., in or near Woodmancote], co. Sussex, 398

Talle, Thomas, 670

Tallington, Talyngton, co. Lincoln, 50

Talmache, Talmage, Cecily, 1050
-, John, 1052

Talman, John, 52

Talyngton, co. Lincoln. See Tallington

Tamerton, co. Cornwall, manor, 361

Tamworth, Thamworth, Tomworth, co. Stafford, 974
-, castle, 574, 578
-, collegiate church, prebends of, 574
-, deanery, advowson of, 574
-, field names, etc., in, 574, 578
-, inquisitions taken at, 574, 578, 580, 715
-, Amington, Fazeley, Kingswood, Stonydelph, Syerscote and Wilnecote in, q.v.
-, Rette of, q.v.

Tandridge, Tanrugge, co. Surrey, inquisition taken at, 178
-, manor, 178

Tanesovere, co. Northampton. See Tansor

Tangreton in Whitstable hundred, co. Kent. See Tankerton

Tankard, John, 75

Tankerton [in Whitstable], Tangreton in Whitstable hundred, co. Kent, 620

Tannere, Adam, 77

Tannesovere, co. Northampton. See Tansor

Tanrugge, co. Surrey. See Tandridge

Tansor, Tanesovere, Tannesovere, Tansovere, co. Northampton, 454, 710

Tanworth, Toneworth, co. Warwick, manor, 257

Tardebigg, co. Worcester, Bordesley in, q.v.

Tarent, co. Dorset. See Tarrant Abbey

Tarent Vilers, co. Dorset. See Tarrant Rushton

Tarporley, Torpurlegh, co. Chester, manor, 160
-, Utkinton in, q.v.

Tarrant Abbey [in Tarrant Crawford], Tarent, co. Dorset, abbess of, 989

Tarrant Crawford, Little Crauford, co. Dorset, 264

Tarrant Rushton, Tarent Vilers, co. Dorset, manor, 38

Tarrington, Great Tadyngton, Tadyngton, Tadynton, Tatynton, co. Hereford, 508
-, manor, 508, 656
-, manor, Worldende, Worldsend, in, 577
-, proof of age taken at, 648
-, vicar of. See Park, Robert

Tasburgh, co. Norfolk, advowson, 679

Tatershale, Tateshale. See Tattershall

Tateshale, Robert, heirs of, 856

Tateworth, co. Somerset. See Tatworth

Tathwell, Tathewell, Tathewelle, co. Lincoln, 328, 929

Tattershall, Tatershale, co. Lincoln, 212

Tattershall, Tateshale, barony, 676

Tatton [in Rostherne], co. Chester, Mascy of, q.v.

Tatton, South, [in Buckland Ripers], Southtatton, co. Dorset, 854

Tatworth, Tateworth, co. Somerset, manor, 525

Tatynton, co. Hereford. See Tarrington

Tauk, Tauke, John, 952
-, Robert, Elizabeth wife of, 882
-, William, 1056

Taunton, co. Somerset, inquisition taken at, 503
-, manor, 502
-, See also Fideoak

Taunton, Peter de, 214

Taustok, co. Devon. See Tawstock

Taw, co. Devon, river, fishery in, 1069, 1070
-, fishery called ‘Bryggepole’ in, 1069, 1070

Tawstock, Taustok, Toustok, Toustoke, co. Devon, advowson, 1067–71
-, manor, 966, 1067–71
-, Birbrook, Bridge, Chapeltown, Collabear, Corfe, Herton, Hollick, Lower, ‘Mersshe’, Muze, Pill, Pristacott, ‘Scatford’, Shorleigh, ‘Smythton’, ‘Somerton’, ‘Southele Wood’ and Week in, q.v.
-, Smith of, q.v.

Tawton, Bishops, co. Devon, Hill in, q.v.

Tawton, North, co. Devon, Greenslade and Newland in, q.v.

Taylbois. See Tailboys

Taylour, Tailliour, Taillour, Edith, 567
-, John, 621
-, Richard, 569
-, Richard, maltmonger, warden of the fraternity of All Hallows Staining, 524
-, Roger, tenant, co. Stafford, heirs of, 453
-, Roger son of William, of Burgh, 846
-, Simon, parson of Bilborough, 181
-, Walter, 594
-, William, tenant, co. Berks, 868
-, William, tenant, co. Salop, 452
-, William, tenant, co. Westmorland, 1026

Tean, Tene, co. Stafford, 453

Tebaud, John, 232, 812

Tebay [in Orton], Tybay, co. Westmorland, 838

Tedburn St. Mary, Tetteborne, co. Devon, 1013

Teffont Evias, Teffent Ewyas, Teffonte Ewyas, co. Wilts, 873, 877, 879

Tegengl, Englefeld, co. Denbigh, cantref, 696

Tehidy [in Illogan], Tyhydy, co. Cornwall, 1084
-, lord of, 1084

Teignweek, co. Devon. See Highweek

Teleshope, co. Salop. See Tilsop

Telteye, co. Essex. See Tilty

-, John son of Richard, 505
-, Richard, 505
-, Richard, knight, 842

Tempilsoureby, co. Westmorland. See Sowerby, Temple

Temple, John, 554, 567

Tenby, Tynbegh, co. Pembroke, castle and lordship, 889

Tendring, Tendryng, co. Essex, 147
-, Grove, Gernouns, in, 147
-, Old Hall, Tendrynghall, manor in 147

Tene, co. Stafford. See Tean

Tenham, co. Kent. See Teynham

Tenterden, co. Kent, Smallhythe in, q.v.

Tentryng, William, 393

Terlingham [in Hawkinge], Terlyngham, co. Kent, 612, 622
-, field names, etc., in, 622
-, manor, 612, 622
-, Northcroft in, 612

Termitts [in Hatfield Peverel], Termynys, co. Essex, 1094

Terrington, Tyrryngton, Tyryngton, co. Norfolk, 815
-, manor, 701

Terrington, Teveryngton, Tyveryngton, co. York, 736, 743, 750
-, manor, 744
-, Ganthorpe in, q.v.

Terry, Adam de, constable of the castle of Brough under Stainmoor, 836
-, Robert, 334

Terstwod, John, 490

Testwood [in Eling], Terstwode, co. Southampton, manor, 495

Tetbury, Tettebury, co. Gloucester, 76
-, inquisition taken at, 76
-, Doughton in, q.v.

Tetenhale, co. Stafford. See Tettenhall

Tetney, Tetnay, co. Lincoln, 328

Tetstill [in Neen Sollars], Tetunhull, co. Salop, 775

Tetsworth, Tettesworth, co. Oxford, inquisition taken at, 827
-, Attington in, q.v.

Tetteborne, co. Devon. See Tedburn St. Mary

Tettebury, co. Gloucester. See Tetbury

Tettenhall, Tetenhale, co. Stafford, deanery of king’s free chapel at, advowson of, 564, 565
-, manor, 554
-, Pirton in, q.v.

Tettesworth, co. Oxford. See Tetsworth

Tetunhull, co. Salop. See Tetstill

Teukesbury, co. Gloucester. See Tewkesbury

Teveryngton, co. York. See Terrington

Tewe, Thomas, 454

Tewer, Adam, 1026

Tewin, Tewynge, co. Hertford, 1050

Tewington [in St. Austell], Tewyngton, co. Cornwall, 326

Tewkesbury, Teukesbury, co. Gloucester, inquisition taken at, 889

Tewynge, co. Hertford. See Tewin

Tewyngton, co. Cornwall. See Tewington

Tey, Great, Great Teye, Great Tye, co. Essex, 382, 389
-, manor and advowson, 381
-, parson of. See Seward, John
-, Uphall, le Uphall, in, 381, 382

Tey, Little, Little Teye, co. Essex, 382

Teye, Walter, 382

Teyngweke, co. Devon. See Highweek

Teynham, Tenham, co. Kent, 115, 1056
-, chantry, 115
-, field names in, 115
-, manor, 115

Teynton. See Tynton

Teyte, John, 87

Thad, co. Oxford. See Hethe

Thame, co. Oxford, 933
-, abbot of, 137, 270
-, inquisition taken at, 944

Thamworth, co. Stafford. See Tamworth

Thaxthorp, co. Norfolk, Cook of, q.v.

Theakston [in Burneston], Thekeston, co. York, 741, 747

Theddlethorpe, Thetilthorp, Thetylthorp, co. Lincoln, 328, 861

Thekeston, co. York. See Theakston

Thelveton, co. Norfolk, manor, 531

Thelyngham, John de, 1052

Therfield, Therfeld, co. Hertford, 532

Thetford, co. Norfolk, inquisition taken at, 95

Thetilthorp, Thetylthorp, co. Lincoln. See Theddlethorpe

Theydon Gernon, Theydon, co. Essex, 1052
-, lord of, 1052

Theydon Mount, Theydon de Monte, co. Essex, manor, 136

Thichefeld, co. Southampton. See Titchfield

Thirkleby [in Kirby Grindalythe], Thurkylby, co. York, 763

Thirlby [in Felixkirk], Thyrlby, co. York, 913, 914

Thirle fee in Waddingham, co. Lincoln, 847

Thirley, Thirlee, Matthew de, of co. Bedford, 244, 847
-, Denise wife of, 244, 847

Thirn [in Thornton Watlass], Thyrne, co. York, 741, 747

Thirneby, co. Leicester. See Thurnby

Thirnyng cos. Huntingdon and Northampton. See Thurning

Thirnyng, William, 8, 255

Thirsford, co. Norfolk. See Thursford

Thirsk, Thresk, co. York, 505
-, inquisition taken at, 396
-, manor, 4, 6, 584, 738
-, Hutton, Sand, in, q.v.

Thirston [in Felton], Thristerston, co. Northumberland, 721

Tholthorpe [in Alne], Thorlethorp, co. York, 738

Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Gloucester, earl of Buckingham and Essex, 130, 815, 940, 1094
-, Eleanor wife of, 1094

Thomas, 812

Thomas, parson of Saxlingham, co. Norfolk, 1053

Thomas, vicar of Whaddon, co. Cambridge, 531

Thomas, William son of, 104

Thomas, Robert, 130

Thomeson, Ralph, 863

Thomlynson, Robert, 1024, 1026
-, Elizabeth wife of, 1024

Thompson, Tomston, co. Norfolk, 392

See also Thorneston

Thoralby [in Aysgarth], Thoraldby, Thoroldby, co. York, 742, 747
-, grazings in, 740
-, manor, 740
-, mill, 740
-, Heaning Gill and Swinacote in, q.v.

Thoreley. See Thorley

Thoresby [unid.], parson of. See Pay, Robert

Thoresby, North, Thoresby, co. Lincoln, manor, 636
-, Autby in, q.v.

Thoresby, South, Sowthoresby, co. Lincoln, 328

Thoresby, Thuresby, Hugh de, heir of, 741, 747

Thorhagh by Brodholm, co. Nottingham. See Thorney

Thoriton, Thoritone, co. Essex. See Thorrington

Thorlay, co. Lincoln. See Thorley

Thorlby [in Skipton], Thorleby, co. York, 833

Thorle. See Thorley

Thorleby, co. Lincoln. See Thurlby

Thorleston, co. Derby. See Thulston

Thorlethorp, co. York. See Tholthorpe

Thorley, Thorlay, co. Lincoln, 328

Thorley, Thoreley, Thorle, Thurleygh, Hubert de, clerk, 378
-, John son of Simon de, 37
-, Margery wife of Simon de, 37
-, Simon de, 32, 33, 37, 42

Thorn Coffyn, co. Somerset. See Thorne Coffin

Thornage, Thornegge, co. Norfolk, 1053

Thornbery, co. Gloucester. See Thornbury

Thornburgh, Thorneburgh, Isabel wife of Robert de, 836, 837
-, Robert de, 836, 837

Thornbury, co. Devon, Wonford in, q.v.

Thornbury, Thornbery, co. Gloucester, 449
-, inquisition taken at, 449
-, manor, 449
-, market, 449
-, Kington and Morton in, q.v.

Thorncote, Thornecote, co. Bedford, 729

Thorne, co. Lincoln, Amcotts in, q.v.

Thorne Coffin, Thorn Coffyn, co. Somerset, 644

Thorne, Emma daughter of John, 525
-, Joan wife of John, 525
-, John, 525

Thorneburgh. See Thornburgh

Thornecote, co. Bedford. See Thorncote

Thornegge, co. Norfolk. See Thornage

Thorneston [unid. ?Thompson], co. Norfolk, 816

Thorneton Collyng, co. York. See Cowling

Thorneton in Craven, co. York. See Thornton in Craven

Thorneton in Pekerynglyth, co. York. See Thornton Dale

Thorneton in Risebergh, Thorneton under Risbergh, co. York. See Thornton Riseborough

Thorneton, John de, tenant, co. York, 737, 749
-, John de, witness, co. Lancaster, 81
-, Margery wife of, 81

Thornetonrust. See Thornton Rust; Thorntonrust

Thorney, Thorneye, co. Cambridge, abbot of, 433

Thorney, Thorhagh by Brodholm, Thornhagh by Brodholme, co. Nottingham, 365, 366, 368, 369
-, Broadholme in, q.v.

Thorney, Thorneye by Stowe, co. Suffolk, 393

Thorngumbald [in Paull], Thorngubaud, co. York, 643

Thornhagh by Brodholme, co. Nottingham. See Thorney

Thornton, co. York, Landrikmose, Melbourne and Storthwaite in, q.v.

Thornton [in Stainton], co. York, 737, 749

Thornton Collyng, co. York. See Cowling

Thornton Dale, Thorneton in Pekerynglyth, Thornton in Pekerynglyth, co. York, 743
-, manor, 744

Thornton Fields [in Guisborough], Thornton Feld, co. York, 737, 749

Thornton in Craven, Thorneton in Craven, co. York, manor, 49
-, parson of. See Stayngreve, Nicholas de

Thornton in Lonsdale, co. York, Burton in Lonsdale in, q.v.

Thornton le Clay [in Foston], Thornton by Fosseton, co. York, 736, 750

Thornton Riseborough [in Sinnington], Thorneton in Risebergh, Thorneton under Risbergh, co. York, 749, 750
-, manor, 737

Thornton Rust [in Aysgarth], Thornetonrust, Thornton, co. York, 740–42, 747

Thornton Steward, co. York, Ulshaw in, q.v.

Thornton Watlass, Thornton Watlous, co. York, 741, 747
-, Clifton, Thirn and Watlass in, q.v.

Thorntonrust, Thornetonrust, Thomas son of Stephen de, 742, 747

Thoroldby, co. York. See Thoralby

Thorp, co. Lincoln. See Kettleby Thorpe

Thorp, co. Norfolk. See Ashwellthorpe

Thorp, co. York. See Thorpe

Thorp by Kilton, Thorp by Kylton, co. York. See Kilton Thorpe

Thorp in the Clottes, co. Nottingham. See Thorpe in the Glebe

Thorp in the Falous, co. Lincoln. See Thorpe in the Fallows

Thorp Lobenham, co. Northampton. See Thorpe Lubenham

Thorp on Tese, co. York. See Thorpe

THORP, Thorpe, Thorpp, JOHN DE, knight, 437, 461
-, KATHARINE wife of, formerly wife of Thomas
-, Berkeley of Uley, 437, 638–41


Edmund de, knight, 487, 814

Edward son of John and Katharine de, 640
-, Joan wife of, formerly wife of Roger de Scales, 486, 487

Thomas son of Nicholas de, 300

Walter de, 737, 749

Thorpbasset, co. York. See Thorpe Bassett

Thorpe [in Trusthorpe], Foulesthorp, co. Lincoln, 328

Thorpe [in Burnsall], Thorp, co. York, 743, 748

Thorpe [in Wycliffe], Thorp on Tese, co. York, 742, 748

Thorpe Arnold, Thorpernald, co. Leicester, 558

Thorpe Bassett, Thorpbasset, co. York, 6

Thorpe in the Fallows, Thorp in the Falous, co. Lincoln, 328

Thorpe in the Glebe, Thorp in the Clottes, co. Nottingham, manor, 300

Thorpe, la, by Frompton, co. Dorset. See Throop

Thorpe Lubenham, Thorp Lobenham, co. Northampton, manor, 972

Thorpe Perrow [in Well], Thorpirrow, Thorppyrrowe, co. York, 742, 747

Thorpe. See Thorp

Thorpernald, co. Leicester. See Thorpe Arnold

Thorpirrow, co. York. See Thorpe Perrow

Thorpland [in Wallington], Thorplond, co. Norfolk, 814

Thorplangton, co. Leicester. See Langton, Thorpe

Thorplond, co. Norfolk. See Thorpland

Thorpp. See Thorp

Thorppyrrowe, co. York. See Thorpe Perrow

Thorrington, Thoriton, Thoritone, Thoryton, co. Essex, advowson, 888, 917
-, manor, 20, 888, 917

Thorverton, Thurverton, co. Devon, inquisition taken at, 126
-, Chilton in, q.v.

Thoryton, co. Essex. See Thorrington

Thoucotes, James de, 737

Thouthorp in the Thistels, Thouthorp in ye Thystyls, Thowethorp in the Thistils, co. York. See Towthorpe

Thrapston, co. Northampton, 454
-, Vere of, q.v.

Threckingham, Threkyngham, Thrykyngham, co. Lincoln, 328
-, inquisition taken at, 1009

Thresk, co. York. See Thirsk

Threxton, Threston, Throxston, co. Norfolk, 52, 392

Thristerston, co. Northumberland. See Thirston

Throkemarton, Lucy, wife of John de Schelve, 785, 786

Thronton, co. Northumberland. See Thrunton

Throop [in Maiden Newton], la Thrope by Frompton, co. Dorset, 264

Throston [in Hart], Nethirthorston, co. Durham, 834

Throunton, co. Northumberland. See Thrunton

Throwley, co. Kent, Wilderton in, q.v.

Throxston, co. Norfolk. See Threxton

Thrunton [in Whittingham], Thronton, Throunton, co. Northumberland, 120, 247, 251

Thrussington, Thursyngton, co. Leicester, 970, 1082
-, lady of. See Notyngham, Katharine de

Thrykyngham, co. Lincoln. See Threckingham

Thulston [in Elvaston], Thorleston, Thurleston, co. Derby, 811

Thurcaston, co. Leicester, Anstey and Cropston in, q.v.

Thuresby. See Thoresby

Thurkull, Roger, 954

Thurkylby, co. York. See Thirkleby

Thurlby [in Bilsby], Thorleby, co. Lincoln, 328

Thurlby [by Bourne], Thorleby, Thurlby by Brune, Thurleby, co. Lincoln, 228, 232, 328, 812, 939

Thurleigh, Leyghe, co. Bedford, manor, 694

Thurleston, co. Derby. See Thulston

Thurleygh. See Thorley

Thurnby, Thirneby, co. Leicester, 558
-, Bushby and Stoughton in, q.v.

Thurning, Thirnyng, cos. Huntingdon and Northampton, 433, 454, 710

Thursford, Thirsford, co. Norfolk, 816

Thurstanton [in Hawkedon], co. Suffolk, manor, 384

Thurston, co. Norfolk. See Thuxton

Thursyngton, co. Leicester. See Thrussington

Thurton, co. Norfolk, 392

Thurverton, co. Devon. See Thorverton

Thuxton, Thurston, co. Norfolk, 814

-, Christiana wife of, 642
-, Mabel de Multon sister of, 642, 643
-, Margaret Dayvill sister of, 642, 643
-, heirs of. See Blyton; Croft; Egmanton; Multon

Thweng, Marmaduke de, 736

Thymelby, Thymolby, Thymulby, John de, parson of Nettleton, 127
-, John de, [co. Lincoln], 861
-, Thomas de, 127

Thynden, co. Northampton. See Finedon

Thyrlby, co. York. See Thirlby

Thyrne, co. York. See Thirn

Thyrneham, co. Northumberland. See Farnham

Tibenham, Tybenham, co. Norfolk, 392
-, Row, Long, in, q.v.

Tiberton, Tyberton, co. Hereford, manor, 515, 654

Ticehurst, Tycheshurst, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 717
-, Hammerden in, q.v.

Tickhill, Tikhull, co. York, castle, 833

Tickhill, Tykhill, fee [co. Nottingham], 1008

Tickhill, Tykell, Tykhill, honor, 397, 964

Ticknall, Tykenhale, co. Derby, 311

Tidelyng, William, 186

TIFFYR, ROBERT son of Robert, 153
-, Elizabeth wife of, 153
-, Robert son of, 153
-, William son of, 153

Tikhull, co. York. See Tickhill

Tillington [in Stafford], Tylyngton, co. Stafford, 453

Tillington, co. Sussex, River in, q.v.

Tilney, Tylneye, co. Norfolk, 815
-, Islington in, q.v.

Tilney, Tylnay, Tylneye, — de, 815
-, John de, knight, 816
-, Philip de, knight, 895

Tilsop [in Nash in Burford], Teleshope, Tilshope, co. Salop, 775, 1010

Tilty, Telteye, Tylteye, co. Essex, abbot of, 535, 767

Timberland, Tymberland, co. Lincoln, 328

Timsbury, Tymberbury, co. Southampton, 329

Tindale, Tyndele, Tyndelee, co. Northumberland, manor, 721, 1036

Tintagel, Tyntagel, co. Cornwall, manor, 326
-, Bossiney in, q.v.

Tinten [in St. Tudy], Tynten, co. Cornwall, manor, 361

Tipetot. See Tiptot

Tipper, Robert, 571

Tiptoft, Tipetot, Tiptot, Tybtoft, Typtofte, lord de, 389, 449, 819
-, John, knight, 1008
-, Pain, 681
-, Robert, knight, 811

Tirry, William, 345

Tisbury, East, Tyssebury, co. Wilts, 496
-, Lawn and Nippard in, q.v.

Tisbury, West, Tyssebury, co. Wilts, 496
-, Hatch, East, and Wick in, q.v.

Tisted, East, Esttystede, co. Southampton, advowson, 1061
-, Rotherfield in, q.v.

Titchfield, Thichefeld, Tycchefeld, co. Southampton, abbot of, 997
-, extent made at, 879

Titsey, Tycheseye, co. Surrey, 438

Tittershall in Long Crendon, Tudreshull, co. Buckingham, 551

Tittleshall, Tytelyshale, Tytsale, co. Norfolk, 815
-, Godwick and Grenstein in, q.v.

Tiverton, co. Devon, Loman, Craze, and Nethercleave in, q.v.

Tixall, Tixhale, co. Stafford, 453

Tochet. See Touchet

Tockington [in Olveston], Tokynton, co. Gloucester, 449
-, manor and advowson, 217

Tocotes, Toucotes, James de, 749
-, Reynold de, 543

Toddington, Todyngton, co. Bedford, Belyeter of, q.v.

Todeneys, co. Devon. See Totnes

Todenham, co. Suffolk. See Tuddenham St. Martin

Todenham. See Tudenham

Todyngton, co. Bedford. See Toddington

Tofts, Bircham, Toftes, Toftys, co. Norfolk, 815, 816
-, manor, 754

Toham, Great, co. Essex. See Totham, Great

Tokynton, co. Gloucester. See Tockington

Tol, co. Cornwall. See Toll

Tolerford, co. Dorset. See Tollerford

Toll [in Gunwalloe], Tol, co. Cornwall, 667

Tolle, John, 55

Toller Porcorum, Swynestolre, co. Dorset, 264
-, Kingcombe, Higher and Lower, in, q.v.

Tollere, William, 773

Tollerford, Tolerford, co. Dorset, hundred, bedelry of, 1028

Tollerton, Torlaston Torleston, co. Nottingham, 831, 1008

Tolleshunt Knights, Tolleshunte, Tolleshunte Chivaler, co. Essex, 389

Tolthorpe, Tolthorp, co. York, 763

Toly, Henry, 763

Tomston, co. Norfolk. See Thompson

Tomworth, co. Warwick. See Tamworth

Tonbridge, Tonebregge, co. Kent, castle, 439
-, inquisition taken at, 439
-, prior and convent of, 439
-, Hildenborough in, q.v.

TONER, NICHOLAS son and heir of Henry, 78, 854

Toneworth, co. Warwick. See Tanworth

Tonge, co. Kent, 115

Tony, John, 77

Toorygge, co. Devon. See Torridge

Topcliffe, Topcliff, co. York, manor, 739
-, Skipton on Swale in, q.v.

Topclyf, John, of Meldreth, 531

Topcroft, co. Norfolk, chapel of St. Giles in, advowson of, 679
-, manor, 679

Topsham, Toppisham, co. Devon, 607

Torbryan, Torrebrian, co. Devon, manor, 959

Torig, Torigh, co. Devon. See Torridge

Torkard, Ralph, 181
-, Cecily wife of, 181

Torlaston, Torleston, co. Nottingham. See Tollerton

Tormoham, co. Devon, Torre Abbey in, q.v.

Tornour. See Turnout

Torpel [in Ufford], Torpell, co. Northampton, manor, 323

Torpurlegh, co. Chester. See Tarporley

Torr in Newton Ferrers, co. Devon. See Yalumptorre

Torre Abbey [in Tormoham], co. Devon, abbot of, 203

Torrebrian, co. Devon. See Torbryan

Torridge, Torigh, co. Devon, river, fishery in, 333

Torridge [in Plympton St. Mary], Toorygge, Torig, co. Devon, 875, 880

Torrington, Great, Chepyngtoriton, Chipyngtoriton, co. Devon, inquisition taken at, 333
-, proofs of age taken at, 107, 649

Torrington, West Tyryngton, co. Lincoln, 516

Tortington, co. Sussex, John prior of, 82

Tortington, co. Sussex, prior of. See John

Tostrys, Tosttris, John de, of Lincoln, mercer, 93, 210

Totenham, co. Middlesex. See Tottenham

Totenhill, co. Norfolk. See Tottenhill

Totham, Great, Great Toham, co. Essex, 772

Totnes, Todeneys, Tottenesse, Totteneys, co. Devon, 203
-, castle, 494, 668
-, inquisition taken at, 203
-, lord of. See Zouche, William la

Tottenham, Totenham, co. Middlesex, inquisitions taken at, 892, 893, 919
-, manor, 12, 892, 919

Tottenhill, Totenhill, co. Norfolk, 814
-, Foston and Westbriggs in, q.v.

Tottington [in Aylesford], Totyndon, Totyngton, co. Kent, field names, etc., in, 622
-, free chapel of St. Stephen in, 620
-, advowson of, 612
-, manor, 611, 612, 622
-, Smith of, q.v.

Toucestre, co. Northampton. See Towcester

Touchet, Tochet, Tuchet, Henry, 597
-, John, heir of Nicholas Audley, 1062–8, 1070, 1074, 1075

Toucotes. See Tocotes

TOUNELONDE, JOHN, of Woodchurch, 299
-, THOMAS son of, 299, 1055

Tounlay, co. Lancaster. See Townley

Tounlay, John son of Richard de, 596

Tourell, John, 570

Toures, Thomas, of Burgh in the Marsh, 212
-, Isabel mother of, sister of Thomas de Botheby, 212

Tourseye, co. Buckingham. See Towersey

Toustok, Toustoke, co. Devon. See Tawstock

Towcester, Toucestre, Towecestre, co. Northampton, inquisitions taken at, 832, 1022
-, manor, 902

Towersey, Tourseye, co. Buckingham, 1093, 1096

Townley [in Whalley], Tounlay, co. Lancaster, manor, 596

Towthorpe [in Wharram Percy], Thouthorp in the Thistels, Thouthorp in ye Thystyls, Thowethorp in the Thistils, co. York, 736, 737, 749, 750

Tox, Thomas, 449

Tracy, John, 449

Traean Clynton, Trahan, co. Carmarthen, lordship, 891

Trago [in St. Pinnock], Treyaga, co. Cornwall, 361

Trahan, co. Carmarthen. See Traean Clynton

Traille, Trayle, Trayly, Eleanor, 446
-, John, [co. Bedford], 446
-, John, knight, [co. Bedford], 969
-, John, knight, [co. Northampton], 454

Tranthwaite [in Kendal], Tranthwait, co. Westmorland, 1024

Tranwell [in Morpeth], Trenwell, co. Northumberland, 348, 651

Tratford [in Lansallos], Tretteforde, co. Cornwall, manor, 114

Trawayle, Richard, 87

Tray, William, rector of the chantry of Slapton, 959

Trayle, Trayly. See Traille

Treassoe [in Ludgvan], Trewasse, co. Cornwall, 259

Treclynton, co. Northumberland. See Trickley

Trecorme [in Quethiock], Trecorn, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Tredak, co. Cornwall. See Trethake

Trefewhan in Crowan, co. Cornwall. See Tresewyn

Trefrize [in Linkinhorne], Treverys, co. Cornwall, manor, 1084

Treganhorne [in St. Erth], Tregenham, co. Cornwall, 1084

Tregarrick [in St. Cleer], Tregarrek, co. Cornwall, 361

Tregene [unid.], co. Cornwall, 1039

Tregene, Alan, 1039

Tregenham, co. Cornwall. See Treganhorne

Tregesteyntyn, co. Cornwall. See Strickstenton

Tregewell, co. Cornwall. See Truthwall

Tregony Pomeray, co. Cornwall. See Pomery

Tregoys, Treygos, Henry, formerly husband of Joan Seint John, 428, 430
-, Edward son of Robert son of, 426, 428, 430
-, John son of, 428, 430

Trehuthale, co. Cornwall. See Trewothol

Trelew in St. Buryan, co. Cornwall. See Trylly

Trelewith, co. Cornwall. See Trelow

Trelill [in St. Kew], Trelulla, co. Cornwall, 361

Trelow [in St. Issey], Trelewith, co. Cornwall, manor, 146

Trelulla, co. Cornwall. See Trelill

Tremadart [in Duloe], Tremdarek, Trendarek, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Trematon [in St. Stephen’s by Saltash], Tremeton, Tremyngton, co. Cornwall, castle, 259, 361, 441, 998
-, constable of. See Kyrkestede, Henry
-, manor, 259, 326

Trembleath [in St. Ervan], Tremblyth, co. Cornwall, Arundell of, q.v.

Tremdarek, co. Cornwall. See Tremadart

Tremeton, Tremyngton, co. Cornwall. See Trematon

Trenance [in St. Austell], Trenustell, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Trenay [in St. Neot], co. Cornwall, 370

Trenbian, John, 667

Trenchant, co. Southampton. See Alton

TRENCHANT, WILLIAM, alien from Normandy, 1059–60
-, Alice Roucestre wife of, 1059, 1060
-, Margery Chavyn sister of, 1059, 1060
-, Edward son of, 1059, 1060
-, Alice (also called Eleanor) daughter of, 1059, 1060

Trendarek, co. Cornwall. See Tremadart

Trenedros [in St. Erth], Trenodres, co. Cornwall, 1084

Trenewith, co. Cornwall. See Trenoweth

Trenge, co. Hertford. See Tring

Trenode [in Morval], Trenoda, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Trenodres, co. Cornwall. See Trenedros

Trenoweth [in Gunwalloe], Trenewith, co. Cornwall, 667

Trent, river, fisheries in, [co. Derby], 702, 922 [co. Leicester], 325
-, fishgarths in, [co. Lincoln], 3
-, kiddle in, [co. Nottingham], 719

Trent, Trente, co. Somerset, manor and advowson, 490

Trenustell, co. Cornwall. See Trenance

Trenwell, co. Northumberland. See Tranwell

Tresele, co. Stafford. See Trysull

Tresewyn [?Trefewhan in Crowan], co. Cornwall, 1084

Tresylyan, Robert, 361

Trethack, William, 667

Trethake [in St. Cleer], Tredak, co. Cornwall, 875, 880

Trethevas [in Landewednack], Trethynes, co. Cornwall, 666
-, manor, 667

Tretheven, Walter, 667

Trethynes, co. Cornwall. See Trethevas

Treton, Richard, parson of Oundle, 709, 710
-, Richard, clerk, 395

Tretteforde, co. Cornwall. See Tratford

Treve, co. Sussex. See River

Treveniel [in North Hill], Trevynyel, co. Cornwall, manor, 361

Treverys, co. Cornwall. See Trefrize

Trevet. See Tryvet

Trevethoe [in Lelant], Trevethow, co. Cornwall, manor, 1084

Trevynyel, co. Cornwall. See Treveniel

Trewannett [in St. Juliot], Trewarthenant, Trewathenant, co. Cornwall, manor, 1084

Trewasse, co. Cornwall. See Treassoe

Trewathenant, co. Cornwall. See Trewannett

Trewinnick [in St. Ervan], Trewynnok, co. Cornwall, manor, 361

Trewinnion [in St. Enoder], Trewynion, co. Cornwall, 145, 146

Trewothol [in Crantock], Trehuthale, co. Cornwall, 145, 146

Trewynion, co. Cornwall. See Trewinnion

Trewynnok, co. Cornwall. See Trewinnick

Treyaga, co. Cornwall. See Trago

Treygos. See Tregoys

Trickley [in Wooler], Treclynton, Trikulton, co. Northumberland, manor, 593, 594

Tring, Trenge, co. Hertford, inquisition taken at, 101
-, manor, 101
-, Wilstone in, q.v.

Trompyngton. See Trumpington; Trumpyngton

Trote, Walter, clerk, 959

Troubrigge, Troubrug, co. Wilts. See Trowbridge

Trous, co. Norfolk. See Trowse

Trow [in Alvediston], Trowe, co. Wilts, 131

Trowbridge, Troubrigge, Troubrug, co. Wilts, honor, 525, 793, 982

Trowe, co. Wilts. See Trow

Trowe, John, chaplain, 170

Trowell, co. Nottingham, manor, 1100

Trowse, Trous, co. Norfolk, 52

Troy, Mitchel, Troye, co. Monmouth, parson of. See Vaghan, Hugh

Trumpington, Trompyngton, co. Cambridge, manor, 562

Trumpyngton, Trompyngton, Roger de, knight, Roger son and heir of, 558, 562, 563

Truro, Truru, co. Cornwall, inquisition taken at, 259
-, Moreske in, q.v.

Trussebut, Laurence, 814

Trussell, Theobald, 440

Trusthorpe, co. Lincoln, Thorpe in, q.v.

Truthwall [in Ludgvan], Tregewell, co. Cornwall, 259

Trygg, John, 812

Trylly [unid. ?Trelew in St. Buryan], co. Cornwall, 259

Trystrem, William, 393

Trysull, Tresele, co. Stafford, manor, 753

TRYVET, Trevet, THOMAS, knight, 764–70
-, Anne daughter of, 764–70
-, Elizabeth second wife of, 764–70
-, Isabel first wife of, 769
-, Joan (once called Isabel) daughter of, 764–70
-, John, tenant in Charminster, co. Dorset, 91
-, John, tenant in Stockland Lovell, co. Somerset, 1062
-, Thomas, knight, [co. Lincoln], 534
-, Elizabeth Lymbury wife of, 534–7
-, Thomas, tenant in Stockland Lovell, co. Somerset, 198, 1062

Tubney, Tybney, co. Berks, 1015

Tuchet. See Touchet

Tuddenham, East, Tudenham, co. Norfolk, 815

Tuddenham, North, North Tudenham, co. Norfolk, 815

Tuddenham St. Martin, Todenham, co. Suffolk, manor, 261

Tuddenham St. Mary, Tudenham, co. Suffolk, 1052

TUDENHAM, Todenham, KATHERINE wife of Robert de, 64–8
-, John, knight, son of, 64
-, John de, knight, 261, 701, 899

Tuderlee, co. Southampton. See Tytherley, East

Tudreshull, co. Buckingham. See Tittershall

Tugby, co. Leicester, Keythorpe in, q.v.

Tullwick [in Wantage], Tulleswyk, co. Berks, 976

Tunstall, Tunstale, co. Norfolk, 815, 816

Tunstall [in Woolstanton], Tunstal, co. Stafford, 194, 1072, 1075
-, assignment of dower at, 1075–6
-, manor, 1065, 1072, 1075–6

Turbervill, Turbervyle, Cecily, sister of John de Beauchamp, 209
-, Robert, knight, 854
-, Cf. Turvylle

Turnham Hall [in Hemingborough], Turnamhall, co. York, manor, 49

Turnour, Tornour, John, 399
-, Roger, chaplain, heir of Henry Chalfhunt, 235

Turvey, Turveye, co. Bedford, 446, 729, 969
-, inquisition taken at, 969

Turvylle, Richard, 501
-, heir of. See Peyto
-, Cf. Turbervill

Tutbury, honor [co. Nottingham], 521

Tuxford, co. Nottingham, inquisitions taken at, 243, 517
-, manor, 243, 517, 849

Twambrooks [in Wincham], Twenbrokes, co. Chester, 160

Twineham, Twynem, co. Sussex, 621
-, manor, 611, 621

Twyford [in Hurst], co. Berks, 345
-, Smith of, q.v.

Twyford Bridge in Yalding, Twyforde, co. Kent, 439

Twyford, John, 339
-, Robert de, 687

Twynch, Philip, 372

Twynem, co. Sussex. See Twineham

Twynham [unid.], co. Suffolk, 1052

-, John son of, 63

Twytham, Agnes wife of Alan de, 927

Ty, Robert de, 392

Tybay, co. Westmorland. See Tebay

Tybenham, co. Norfolk. See Tibenham

Tybenham Rowes, co. Norfolk. See Row, Long

Tyberton, co. Hereford. See Tiberton

Tybesta [in Creed], Tybeste, co. Cornwall, manor, 326

Tybney, co. Berks. See Tubney

Tybtoft. See Tiptoft

Tycchefeld, co. Southampton. See Titchfield

Tycheseye, co. Surrey. See Titsey

Tycheshurst, co. Sussex. See Ticehurst

Tydryngton, co. Gloucester. See Tytherington

Tye, Great, co. Essex. See Tey, Great

Tyfford, William de, 936

Tyhydy, co. Cornwall. See Tehidy

Tykell. See Tickhill

Tykenhale, co. Derby. See Ticknall

Tykhill. See Tickhill

Tylnay, Tylneye. See Tilney

Tylteye, co. Cambridge. See Tilty

Tylyngton, co. Stafford. See Tillington

Tymberbury, co. Southampton. See Timsbury

Tymberland, co. Lincoln. See Timberland

Tynbegh, co. Pembroke. See Tenby

Tyndale, John, 454, 710
-, John, escheator in co. Northampton, 255
-, John de, 233, 837
-, Robert de, 1078–9

Tyndele, Tyndelee, co. Northumberland. See Tindale

Tynemouth, Tynemuth, Tynmouth, co. Northumberland, 592, 594
-, prior of, 592, 721

Tyngton. See Tynton

Tynmouth, co. Northumberland. See Tynemouth

Tyntagel, co. Cornwall. See Tintagel

Tynten, co. Cornwall. See Tinten

Tynton, Teynton, Tyngton, Robert de, rector of Uffington, 33–5, 37–8, 41, 44–6, 49–51

Typtofte. See Tiptoft

Tyrel, Tyrell, Henry, 607
-, Richard, 1069
-, Roger, 1069

Tyrewyt, Richard, clerk, 430

Tyrryngton, Tyryngton, co. Norfolk. See Terrington

Tyryngton, West, co. Lincoln. See Torrington

Tysoe, Tyshoo, co. Warwick, manor, 440
-, Westcote in, q.v.

Tysoe, Middle, Temple Tyshoo, co. Warwick, 440

Tyssebury, co. Wilts. See Tisbury

Tytelyshale, co. Norfolk. See Tittleshall

Tytherington, Tydryngton, co. Gloucester, 449

Tytherley, East, Esttuderlegh, Estuderlee, Tuderlee, co. Southampton, 758, 882
-, lord of, 882
-, manor, 479, 882

Tytherley, West, Westuderlee, co. Southampton, manor and advowson, 882
-, ‘Solemere’ in, 882

Tythrop [in Kingsey], Tythropp, [co. Buckingham] formerly co. Oxford, 1093, 1096

Tytsale, co. Norfolk. See Tittleshall

Tyveryngton, co. York. See Terrington

Tywardreath, co. Cornwall, Pelean in, q.v.

Tywarnhaile [in St. Agnes], Tywarnaill, Tywarnayil, Tywarnayl, co. Cornwall, manor, 326, 1084