Index of Persons and Places: U

Pages 587-588

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 16, Richard II. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1974.

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Uardby, co. Lincoln. See Ewerby

Ubbeston, Upston, co. Suffolk, 393

Ubeton, co. Wilts. See Upton Lovell

Uckfield, Uckefelde, co. Sussex, inquisition taken at, 761

Uffington, Uffyngton, co. Lincoln, manor, 50 keeper and warrener of. See Warner, Robert
-, parson of. See Tynton, Robert de

Ufford, co. Huntingdon. See Offord

Ufford, co. Northampton, Torpel in, q.v.

Ufford, Ufforde, Robert de, knight, [co. Norfolk], 260, 816
-, Robert de, knight, [co. Suffolk], 617
-, William de, earl of Suffolk, 701

Uffyngton, co. Lincoln. See Uffington

Ufton Robert [in Ufton], co. Berks, manor, 1015

Ugborough, co. Devon, Langford Barton in, q.v.

Uggescombe, Uggescomb, co. Dorset, hundred, bedelry of, 1028

Ughtred, Ughtret, Thomas de, tenant, co. Westmorland, 837
-, Idonia, wife of, 837
-, Thomas de, knight, tenant, co. York, 737, 749, 750

Ugley, Uglehall, co. Essex, 745

Ulbargh, co. Warwick. See Oldberrow

Ulceby [near Alford], Ulceby Waterles, co. Lincoln, 328

Ulceby [near Barton on Humber], Ulseby by Thornton, co. Lincoln, 328

Uley, Iwele, co. Gloucester, manor, 639
-, Robert, parson of, 638, 639
-, Berkeley of, q.v.

Ulkeston, co. Northumberland. See Owston

Ullaythornes, Henry de, the elder, 1025
-, Henry de, the younger, 1025

Ullesby, co. Cumberland. See Ousby

Ullington [in Pebworth], Ollyngton, co. Gloucester, 777

Ulsawe, co. York. See Ulshaw

Ulseby by Thornton, co. Lincoln. See Ulceby

Ulshaw [in Thornton Steward], Ulsawe, Ulsow, co. York, 741, 747

Ulthwaite [in Hugill], Ulthwait, co. Westmorland, 1023

Ulting, Ultyngge, co. Essex, 379

Ultyng, Nicholas, 389

Ultyngge, co. Essex. See Ulting

Ulverscroft, Ulvescroft, co. Leicester, priory, 558
-, prior of, 558
-, See also Raulot, William

Ulverston, co. Lancaster, Conishead in, q.v.

Ulvescroft, co. Leicester. See Ulverscroft

Ulvescroft, Alice, 567
-, Benet de, 558

Ulvyngton, co. York. See Ovington

Umberleigh [in Atherington], Womberleghe, co. Devon, 538

UMFRAVILL, Dumframvill, Humfurville, Umframvill, Umfranvill, Umfravyll, Thomas, the elder, 469–70, 1044
-, THOMAS, knight, the younger, 469, 470, 592, 593, 779, 1043–4
-, Gilbert son of, 1043, 1044
-, Gilbert de, earl of Angus, 469, 1043
-, Maud wife of Gilbert, earl of Angus, later wife of Henry de Percy, 469, 470
-, Robert son of Thomas, the elder, 1044

Umfrey, William, 487

Unthank [in Addingham], co. Cumberland, 735

Unthank [in Skelton], Hunthank, co. Cumberland, 835

Unthank [in Alnham], Hunthank, co. Northumberland, 246
-, manor, 593, 594

Untor, John, 1057
-, Cf. Hunter

Upchurch, Upchurche, co. Kent, 612

Upclatford, co. Southampton. See Clatford, Upper

Upcott [in Bideford], Uppecote, co. Devon, 538

Upcott [in Rockbeare], Uppecote, co. Devon, 1013

Upexe [in Rewe], Uppex, co. Devon, manor, 203

Uphall [in Cherry Hinton], Uphalle, co. Cambridge, manor, 395

Uphall [in Ashill], Uphalle, co. Norfolk, manor, 897, 899

Uphall, le, co. Essex. See Tey, Great

UPHALLE, JOHN ATTE, of Carleton, 945

Uphill, Uphull, co. Somerset, 793

Uplowman, Lomene, co. Devon, manor, 673
-, Chieflowman in, q.v.

Upminster, Upminstre, co. Essex, 162

Upottery, Upotery, co. Devon, manor, 1027
-, Fair Oak and Rawridge in, q.v.

Uppeanry, co. Devon. See Annery

Uppecote, co. Devon. See Upcott

Uppeslond, Uppeslound, co. York. See Upsland

Uppex, co. Devon. See Upexe

Uppingham, Uppyngham, co. Rutland, inquisitions taken at, 419, 903, 973

Upsland [in Kirklington], Uppeslond, Uppeslound, co. York, 742, 747

Upston, co. Suffolk. See Ubbeston

Upston, Richard de, parson of Shimpling, 378, 379, 381, 383, 384, 392

Upton [in Blewberry], co. Berks, inquisition taken at, 626
-, Upton Moels, Upton Mules, manor in, 1088
-, Upton Russels manor in, 626

Upton, co. Huntingdon, 1098

Upton [in Sibson], co. Leicester, 558, 954
-, lord of, 954

Upton in Castor, Upton by Castre, co. Northampton, manor, 323

Upton [in Nobottle Grove hundred], Upton by Northampton, lord of. See Clendon, Richard de

Upton [in Badsworth], co. York, manor, 584

Upton Cheney [in Bitton], co. Gloucester, 449

Upton Helions, co. Devon, Creedy, Lower, and Haske in, q.v.

Upton Lovell, Obeton, Ubeton, co. Wilts, manor and advowson, 294, 296, 298

Upton Lucy [in Berwick St. John], co. Wilts, 496
-, manor, 496

Upton St. Leonards, co. Gloucester, manor, 795

Upton Scudamore, Upton Escudamour, Upton Escudemour, Upton Skydemore, co. Wilts, 873, 877, 879

Upton, John, 337
-, Philip, clerk, 595

Upway, co. Dorset, Elwell in, q.v.

Upwell, co. Norfolk, 701

Upwood, Upwode, co. Huntingdon, Walton of, q.v.

Upwymborne, co. Dorset. See Wimborne All Hallows

Urchfont, Erchesfonte, co. Wilts, manor, 330

Urry’s Place [in Carisbrooke], Urryesplace, co. Southampton, 295

Ursel, John, chaplain, 543

Urswyk, Ursewyk, Robert de, escheator in co. Lancaster, duke’s escheator in the duchy of Lancaster, 81, 351, 727
-, Ellen wife of, formerly wife of John de Dalton, knight, 81

Usk, Uske, co. Monmouth, river, fishery in, 450

Usse, co. Cornwall. See Essa

Utkinton [in Tarporley], Utkynton, co. Chester, manor, 160

Utley [in Keighley], Uttelay, co. York, 843

Utlicote, co. Warwick. See Idlicote

Uttelay, co. York. See Utley

Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, Stramshall in, q.v.

Uxbridge, Woxebregge, co. Middlesex, 279
-, markets and fairs, 279