Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward II, File 73

Pages 213-218

Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem: Volume 6, Edward II. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward II, File 73

Writ to the escheator to take the proof of age of the said Ralph, 10 May, 15 Edward II.
STAFFORD. Proof of age, 6 April, 16 Edward II. (defective and defaced.)
William de Stafford, aged 60, says that the said Ralph, born at Amynton [alias Abyndon] by Tamwurthe and baptized in the church of St. Edith in Tamwurthe, was 21 years of age on 24 September last, and this he knows because he lifted him from the sacred font.
William de Mere, knight, aged 80, says the like, and knows it because at Whitsunday before the said Ralph was born he espoused Margaret his daughter to Adam de Moccleston.
……… ., knight, aged 60, says the like, ……
Vivian de Staunden (?), aged 62 (?), says the like …… .
William de Chadon (?), aged …………… . .
Roger (?) …… . ., aged 62, ………… .
………… . ., aged ………… . .
Edmund de Chettwynde, aged 52, says the like ………
Walter de Chettwynde, aged 60, says the like ……… .
William de Breideshale (?), aged 60 (?), says the like …… .
Thomas de Blichefeld, aged 64, says the like ……… .
William de Wulseleye (?), aged 62, says the like ………
C. Edw. II. File 72. (20.)
Writ of certiorari to Alan de Cubbeldyk and Richard de Naulton concerning the lands and heir &c. of the said Thomas who was killed at Warsop, co. Nottingham, 30 June, 15 Edward II.
Writ of venire facias to the sheriff of Lincoln, 30 June, 15 Edward II.
Mandate from the said Alan and Richard, the king’s justices, to the said sheriff to summon jurors &c. 3 July, 15 Edward II.
LINCOLN. Inq. Friday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 16 Edward II.
Tetford. A messuage, 60a. arable, 40a. meadow, 20a. pasture, a water-mill, half a toft held of John son of William of Tetford (de eadem) by service of 6d., 50s. 1d. rent, a wood, and the advowson of the church with alternate presentations, whereof the first pertains to the said Thomas, all held of the archbishop of York by homage, knight’s service, and suit at his court of Benyngworth, and 4s. rent to Roger Bacun, and 9d. to the mother church of St. Mary, Lincoln, yearly.
Ouneby. A messuage, a dovecote and croft, 16 bovates of land, 9a. meadow, a windmill and 31s. rent, held of the bishop of Lincoln by knight’s service, and suit of court; and they are charged in 40s. yearly to Aline de Wegeland and her heirs, and 6d. to the heir of Alan Lichur of Ouneby, and they render 3s. 9d. to Richard Biroun, and 3s. 4d. to the prior of St. Katherine’s without Lincoln for 1/2 bovate of land.
Wylingham. A messuage with a croft, 7 bovates of land, 2 windmills, and 18s. rent, whereof Alexander Ouneby enfeoffed William, father of the said Thomas, and Beatrice his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, held of the heirs of Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, by homage, knight’s service, and suit at the court of ‘la Hay,’ and by service of 5s. yearly to the said heirs, and 16d. yearly for the guard (ad custodiam) of the castle of Lincoln.
Calthaneworth. A messuage and 6 bovates of land. He also had the advowson of the church aforesaid, 40s. rent of free tenants, and 1lb. pepper, and rendered 4d. yearly for the guard of the castle of Lincoln.
Walter his brother, aged 23, and born of the said William and Beatrice, is his next heir.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (1.)
356. WILLIAM RUSSEL of Bradewell.
Writ (missing).
STAFFORD. Inq. made before Henry de Hamburi and Roger Illari, thereto assigned, on Saturday after the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, 15 Edward II.
Bradewell. The said William, father of ‘the said Nicholas’, held of King Henry, the king’s grandfather, a messuage and 2 carucates of land in Bradewell, which is a member of Newcastle, in chief, by homage, and doing guard at Newcastle in time of war for forty days at his own charges, and conducting the king with an esquire from Blitheford, co. Stafford, to ‘le Wrineford,’ when there shall be war in Wales, if the king shall take that road to Wales.
King Henry gave the manor of Newcastle to Edmund his son, father of Thomas sometime earl of Lancaster, and the said William attorned to him for the said services. The said messuage and land were given to Robert Russel, father of the said William, and Swanilda his wife, in free marriage; which William enfeoffed Nicholas his son of a bovate of the said land, and enfeoffed Nicholas de Audelegh of the residue for finding him necessaries in food and clothing, in the time of King Edward I. And the said Nicholas enfeoffed thereof Thomas le Forester of Newcastle, who enfeoffed Alexander de Mere, who died seised thereof; and after his death the bailiffs of Thomas earl of Lancaster entered upon the said bovate, of which the said William enfeoffed his son Nicholas, as well as upon the residue of the aforesaid tenements, and detained them until, with other lands of the said Thomas, they came to the king’s hand by his forfeiture.
The said Nicholas is his next heir.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (2.)
Writ of certiorari on the petition of John Pipard, to enquire whether the said John demised the manors of Twiford and Lynford to the said Edmund to farm, and entered upon them long before the said Edmund’s death, or not, 6 May, 15 Edward II.
BUCKINGHAM. Inq. 29 May, 15 Edward II.
Twyford and Lynford. The said John acknowledged the said manors to be the right of the said Edmund, who granted them to the said John for life, viz.—Twyford to be held of the king, and Lynford of the earl of Oxford, by the services due; and the said John demised them to the said Edmund for life for 40l. rent, with power of re-entry; and because the said Edmund ceased paying the said rent for two years, the said John entered upon the manors in 8 Edward II, and held them for seven years before the death of the said Edmund until the feast of St. Martin, 15 Edward II, eight weeks after his death. So that the said Edmund did not die seised in his demesne thereof as of fee.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (3.)
Writ of certiorari to the sheriff of Hereford on the complaint of Alice, daughter of William Rokulf the younger, that certain lands, which she entered upon after the said John’s death, and held for a long time by hereditary right, had been taken into the king’s hand, 27 February, 15 Edward II.
HEREFORD. Inq. Saturday before St. Gregory, 15 Edward II.
Werham in the hundred of Grymeswrtsne. A messuage, 87a. arable, 4a. meadow, and a plot of pasture, were held by the said John of the bishop of Hereford in fee by service of 11s. 8 1/2d. yearly, and by homage, fealty, suit of court, and scutage when it runs.
Alice, daughter of William Rokulf the younger, aged 5, is his next heir; and after his death on Wednesday the eve of the Ascension, 14 Edward II, she entered upon the said lands &c. and continued seisin, until Thursday after the Purification, 15 Edward II., and they are now in the king’s hand by precept under the privy seal to the sheriff.
HEREFORD. Inq. Friday after St. David, 15 Edward II.
Hereford. Four messuages and two curtilages in the city and suburb, held of the king in free burgage, rendering 7s. yearly to the citizens, who have the said town at fee farm of the king; a messuage and curtilage in the suburb, held of the bishop of Hereford by service of 18d.; 15s. 9d. yearly rent held of the king in free burgage, as above; and 6 3/4a. land in the suburb, held of the prior of Lanton Prima in Wales, by service of 8 3/4d. and suit of court, with wardship and marriage. The said Alice entered therein as kinswoman and heir of the said John, and continued her seisin from 21 May, 14 Edward II, to 4 February, 15 Edward II.
All the said lands are now in the king’s hand by the seizure of the bailiffs of the city by virtue of a writ of privy seal.
The said Alice, aged 4, is his next heir.
HEREFORD. Inq. Monday before St. Gregory, 15 Edward II.
Deweswalle in the hundred of Wormelowe. A messuage, 30a. land and 3a. pasture, held of John de Baddesshaue by fealty, suit of court, and service of 7s. 4d. yearly rent, and 1/2d. to the bishop of Hereford yearly; a messuage and 12a. land, held of William de la Calewe by fealty, suit of court, and service of 2s. yearly; a messuage, a windmill and 16a. land, held of John de Brideneport by fealty, suit of court, and service of 2s. 8d.; and two parts of 2a. land, held of John Danyel by fealty and service of 6d. yearly.
Wotton. 13s. 4d. yearly rent, and 1/2a. land, held of the lords of Garewy by fealty, suit of court, and service of 6s. 8d. yearly; and 33s. 4d. yearly rent, held of Alan Plukenet by fealty, suit of court, and service of 1/4 knight’s fee. The said Alice entered &c. as above.
Heir as above, aged 5 years.
Writ to the keeper of the land of Gower now in the king’s hand on the petition of Alice, daughter of William Rokulf the younger, showing that during the late disturbance John de Moubray and his adherents took and slew the said John Iwayn, and unjustly occupied certain lands pertaining to the said Alice, which are now taken into the king’s hand, 27 February, 15 Edward II.
[GLAMORGAN.] Inq. Saturday in Easter week, 15 Edward II.
Lotharne. The castle and town.
Pennedon in the mountains. Certain lands which were sometime of Griffith Vaghan.
Gatdele [alias Gaddeleye]. 12a. land.
Maieles [alias Mareles]. 60a. land.
Enesketty. 12a. land.
Eglistour land, worth 3s. 8d. yearly.
Kiltynleanch land, worth 4s. yearly.
Vairdre. Land, worth 3d. yearly.
Kiltionnen land, worth 16d. yearly.
All held of the lordship of Gouh’ [alias Gower] service unknown; which lordship Sir William de Brewosa, lord of Gouh’, gave to John de Mounbray, who after the death of John Iwayn entered upon them and held them from May, 14 Edward II, when he slew the said John Iwayn, until the feast of the Purification following, when the king by Rees ap Gruffut seized the said lordship, together with the said lands, into his hand for the rebellion of the said John de Mounbray, and it so remains.
Heir as above.
Writ of ad melius inquirendum to the keeper of the lands of Gower, 18 May, 15 Edward II.
[GLAMORGAN.] Inq. Friday after Holy Trinity, 15 Edward II.
The abovesaid lands are all held of the lord of Gower by socage, except the castle and town of Lotharn which are held of the same lord by service of a sore sparrowhawk (visus sor’) only. William de Brewosa never gave the said lands to John de Moubray, but the said John de Moubray took John Iwayn and feloniously slew him, and held his lands until they were taken into the king’s hand.
Heir as above, aged 5, being daughter of Denise, daughter of Nicholas Iwayn, brother of the said John.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (4.)
Writ of certiorari super vero valore, on the petition of Helen the wife of Alan de Cherleton, showing that the manor of Gatesden, which is now in the king’s hand, descended to her and Maud the wife of Robert de Holand, as daughters and heirs of the said Alan, and praying for her pourparty, 25 March, 15 Edward II.
HERTFORD. Inq. Sunday the morrow of SS. Philip and James, 15 Edward II.
Gatisdene. The manor (extent given), with the advowson of the church; from which Adam Tyeys receives yearly for life 111s. 10 1/2d. from the customary tenants. Richard le Chaumberleyn holds 1/3 knight’s fee of the said manor.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (5.)
Writ to the escheator to send in the Inquisitions lately ordered without delay. 20 May, 15 Edward II.
[NORTHUMBERLAND.] Inq. taken at Newcastle upon Tyne on Tuesday before Whitsunday, 15 Edward II.
Chyvyot. A moiety held for life, of the gift of Nicholas de Huntercombe, with successive remainders to Nicholas son of Lucy de Tweng’ and the heirs of his body, and to the right heirs of the said Nicholas de Menil, of the king in chief by service of 1/10 knight’s fee.
Writ to the escheator to send in the inquisitions lately ordered without delay, 16 August, 17 Edward II.
John de Menil, his brother, is his next heir, and of full age.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (6.)
Writ of amotus 7 June, 15 Edward II.
SALOP. Inq. Monday after All Saints, 17 Edward II.
Wilmynton. A capital messuage, 18a. land, and 1a. meadow, held of the king in chief as of the honour of Montgomery by service of 12d. yearly for castle guard.
Robert de Pecton (?), her son, aged 46 at the feast of Easter last, is her next heir.
C. Edw. II. File 73. (7.)