Kirkby in Kendale: 1663-1739 and addenda

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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'Kirkby in Kendale: 1663-1739 and addenda', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1, (Kendal, 1923), pp. 119-129. British History Online [accessed 19 June 2024].

. "Kirkby in Kendale: 1663-1739 and addenda", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1, (Kendal, 1923) 119-129. British History Online, accessed June 19, 2024,

. "Kirkby in Kendale: 1663-1739 and addenda", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1, (Kendal, 1923). 119-129. British History Online. Web. 19 June 2024,

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1663–1739 and addenda

1663 A List of those persons who were not chargeable to Hearth Tax, with the number of their hearths. Note, the greater part of the Hearth Tax Roll of the borough of Kirkby Kendale has decayed owing to damp. The following is all that remains:

[Name of Street is lost.]

ton 1
John 1
Thomas Chamber senior 1
Richard Lancaster 1
Mr. Anthony Garnett 5
James Mac. . . .1d 1
Richard Hall 1
John Walker 2
Robert Dobson 1
John Bewsher 1
Thomas Holme 1
Anthony Garnett 3

[Name of Street is lost.]

Barrowe 1
Ellitson 1
[Wi]llm Tayler 1
[Ar]thur Collinson 2
Stephen Fisher 1
Widdowe Lane 1
John Lowson 1
Edward Forth 1
Widowe Woodburne 1
John Ratcliffe 1
Elizabeth Harrison 1
James Leeminge 1

Stramongate not chargeable.

George Walker 2
Rowland Phillipson 1
Willm. Sheepherd 1
Edward Brathwt 1
Richard Becke 1
Widdowe Burrowe 1
Lancelot Hodgson 2
Elizabeth Becke 3
Willm. Atkinson 1
Widdowe Castley 1
Jane Newbie 1
George Barrowe 4
Ellin Garnett 1
Margaret Postlethwt 1
Thomas Walker 1
Edward Hallithorne 1
Willm. Hallithorne 2
Jerremy Crosse 2
John Nicholson 1
James Dan 1
Margaret ison 1
Margaret Tode 1
Katherine Stainton 1
Widdowe Newby 1
Nichollas Hodgson 1
James Hallithorne 2
Widdowe Atkinson 1
James Browne 1
Agnes Hucke 1
James Woodburne 5
James Garnett 1
Robert Warriner 2
Arthur Dixon 4
Thomas Washington 1
Thomas Robinson 2
Widdowe T 1
[Mar]garet .
[W]iddowe .
H .
Allice Warriner 1
Agnes Dennison 1
Robert Granger 1
Edward Fisher 1
Roger Topping 1
Anthony Ye .
Rowland Atkinson .
Widdowe Scales .
Widdowe Atkinson .
Thomas .
Willm. Becke 1
John Walterson 1
John Jackson 1
James Dutton 1
Robert ....ner 1
Willm.....eman 1
Agnes ....abo 1
Rowland Chamber 1
Widdowe 1
Widdowe Dixon 1
Richard Rowlandson 1
Richard 1
Myles Rowlandson 1
Myles Atkinson 1
Richard Bateman 1
Richard Warriner 1
Willm. Hamleton 1
Robert Bulfell 1
James Roanson 1
Gervice Dixon 1
Willm. Bulfell 1
Elizabeth Parker 1
Widdowe Rowlandson 1
James Newby 1
Elizabeth Walker 1
Robert Shearman 1
Agnes Harrison 1
Thomas Tyson 1
George Holme 1
John Holme 1
Chamber 1
John Leycocke 1
Agnes Fisher .
Addam Willison 1
Dorothy Theckston 1
Thomas Smith senir 3
George Birkett 2
Richard Stephenson 1
Henery Holme 1
Margarett Warriner 1
Gervis Bell 1
Agnes Beethome 1
James Boore 1
John Smith 1
James Nicholson 1
Nichollas Rowlandson 1
Widdowe Bateman 1
Nichollas Bateman 1
George Knipe 1
Thomas Dixon 1
Jane Walker 1
Richard Rowlandson 1
John Birkett 1
Willm. Benson 1
Lancelot Watson 1
John Hynde 3

Delivered by the hands of Richard Duckett, gent., clerk of the peace within the said borough. John Parke, mayor, Willm. Guy, Edward Turner; Excheq: Lay Subsidies [Westmorland] Bundle 195, n. 74.

1665 "A calendar of 'Kendall Quakers' now in gaol at Appulby.

William Cartmell Committed by Allan Bellingham, Dan. Fleem-einge, James Duckett and Nicholas Fisher, esquires, for refusing either to submit or traverse to these indictments [abstention fromchurch, attending conventicles &c].
Elizabeth his wife
Edward Burrow
William Mansergh
Robert Atkinson
Rowland Warriner
Michael Langhorne Committed by Sir John Lowther, bart., for refusing to find security for his appearance and good behaviour.

Francis Howgill and William Hebson upon another account." Hist. MSS. Com., Rep. xiii, app. vii, p. 92.

London, 2 February, 1664[-5]. Notice from [William Dugdale], Norroy King of Arms to the Bailiffs of Kendal and Lonsdale Wards of his intention to hold a visitation at the Fox and Goose in Kendal on the 20th March; ib., Rep. xii, app. vii, p. 34.

1671 A list of those who paid Hearth Tax with the number of hearths for which each person was chargeable:


Richard Killner 2
Mr. Robt Beathom 2
Antho: Hudson 2
Edward Knipe 3
Chr: Robinson 4
Widd: Backhouse 2
James Dixon 3
Mr. Allan Wilson 2
Mr. Edw: Turner 3
John Fell 4
Charles Birkett 3
Richard Nicholson 1
John Troughton 3
Mr. James Troughton 2
John Sutton 3
George Woodburne 2
Mr. Brampston 2
Mr. Duckett 6
Sam: Ward 2
Mr. Tho: Greene 3
Rich: Robinson 2
Willm. French 3
Mr. Hilton 5
James Fisher 2
Widd: Wilson 2
Tho: Jackson 1
Robt Wilkinson 3
Tho: Adlington 1
Willm. Birkitt 2
Mr. Jackson 4
Tho: Solla 1
Mr. John Garnett 5
John French 3
Willm Thompson 3
Antho: Hudson Junour 2
John Hudson 1
Richard Ridley 3
Peter Wilson 2
James Ellerson 2
Henry Fisher or farmer 7
Willm Dent 4
Doctor Steall 6
Alex: Jackson 1
John Crosby 1
Bryam Nelson 2
Adam Sadler 1
John Jackson 3
George Drenkell 3
James Leemeing 1
Willm Whittwell 1
Stephen Rowldson 1
Rodger Backhouse 2
Willm Pennington 2
Edmond Holme 2
Tho: Holme 2
Tho: Dixon 2
Tho: Birkett 2
Widd: Forrest 7
Widd: Langmyre 3
Barth: Gaunt 4
Oliver Platt 2
John Peirson 6
James Harrison 4
John Cocke 5
George Holme 5
John Higgins 4
John Preston 3
Tho: Shawe 2
Mr. Tho: Fisher 8
John Hartley 3
Edmond Hartley 1
Mr. John Hadwen 4
Mr. James Cocke 1
Willm Woodburne 4
Widd: Wilson 4
Mr. John Parke 7
Allan Baitemond 3
John Busher 2
James Atkinson 2
Mr. John Washton 4
Robt Nicholson 3
Mrs. Sorey & farme 3
Widd: Killner 2
James Rigg 3
Widd: Asburner 3
Tho: Holme 1
Robt Barrow 5
Total 252

Strickland gate in Kendall.

Robt Atkinson 4
Willm Cookeson 5
Robt Killner 3
Robt Baitmond 1
Tho: Hodghson 1
Mary Harrison 4
James Chamber 3
Jefferay Cowper 2
Hugh Jackson 1
Mrs. Forth 6
Widd: Adlinton 3
John Foster 5
Mr. Tho: Sandes 8
Mr. Stephen Birkett 4
Henry Hunter 4
Willm Laycocke 3
Mr. Brownsword 5
Antho: Becke 3
Mr. John Towers 3
Mr. John Jopson 5
Widd: Beast 1
Widd: Walker 1
Mr. Jennings 4
Robert Towers 2
Willm Collinson 4
Widd: Barrow 1
Henry Jackson 1
Isaac Hall 2
Widd: Newby 2
Robt Jopson 1
Mr. Tho: Turner 1
John Langcaster 1
Widd: Girnell 2
Widd: Beathom 4
Robt Collinson 2
Tho: Holme 3
Willm Turner 1
Docker Hall 5
John Girnell 1
Robt Newby 4
John Inman 1
Math: Braithwte 1
James Wilson 2
Antho: Warriner 1
John Tyson 1
Edmond Adlinton 5
James Moore 3
Henry Holme 2
Mrs. Towers 4
Willm Akerigg 1
Chr: Barrow 3
Mr. Simpson 4
Mr. Geo: Wilson 8
Willm Mitchell 2
Tho: Mitchell 1
James Suall 1
Chr: Jackson 3
Stephen Johnson 1
Franc: Hunter 6
Edw: Thompson 7
Myles Batemond 4
Lawrence Chamber 2
Antho: Banke 3
Widd: Ingerson 5
John Wilson 4
John Thwaites 3
Edw: Nicholson 4
Myles Askerigg 4
Bryam Langcaster 5
John Sheapherd 2
Tho: Castley 4
Willm Wallas 3
James Sutton 4
James Fenton 3
Chr: Longbaine 4
James Forrest 5
Mr. Tho: Sands 3
Total 235


Widd: Braithwte 3
Tristrum Wallas 2
John Holme 3
James Briggs 2
Tho: Chambers 4
Mr. Tho: Strickland 3
Tho: Castley 1
Mr. Tho: Turner 3
James Sim 1
James Castley 3
Widd: Pierson 3
Rodger Askew 1
James Halythorne 4
John Hinde 2
John Aerey 3
George Woodburne 2
Miles Troughton 5
Tho: Smith 3
Willm Holme 1
Antho: Wharton 2
George Birkett 2
Annas Dennyson 1
Robt Grainger 1
John Hollowhead 4
John Garnett 5
Willm Nicholson 2
Margt Potter 4
Robt Bullfell 1
John Busher 1
Tho: Holme 1
Widd: Watson 1
Rich: Langcaster 1
John Matson 1
John Birkett 1
John Walker 2
John Atkinson 1
Ann Yeates 1
Maryan Rowlandson 1
John Hinde 1
Mr. Antho: Garnett 4
Richard Langcaster 1
James Fisher 4
Widd: Chamber 1
Widd: Garnett 3
Tho: Sledall 1
Mr. Sledall 2
Willm Dodghson 1
Bryam Langcaster 1
Henry Sim 1
Rowland Cowper 2
Robt Hollowhead 2
Tho: Walker 2
Nich: Ward 1
Tho: Smith 2
John Cowper 1
Widd: Chamber 1
Nich: Becke 3
James Newby 2
Henry Garnett 4
Agnes Woodburne 6
Stephen Wilkinson 3
Willm Woodburne 3
Willm Hodghson 3
Widd: Dennyson 2
Jarrett Rawes 2
Widd: Warriner 4
Arthur Dixon 2
Tho: Mitchell 2
James Rowlandson 4
Widd: Dodghson 3
Tho: Pierson 1
John Hadwen 2
Mr. John Archer 8
Mr. John Cocke 2
Willm Cocke 1
James Cocke Junour 4
George Walker 1
Total 175


Tho: Clarke 2
Lawrence Robinson 1
Widd: Shawe 2
John Wallas 2
John Noble 2
Willm Stainton 1
Tho: Ward 2
John Mitchell 2
Willm Thompson 1
George Walker 2
George Wilkinson 2
Mungo: Grainger 1
John Suckmantle 2
Widd: Foster 1
Tho: Ward 2
Mr Proctor 3
Richard Forth 3
Bartho: Jackson 1
Widd. Stable 2
Chr: Parker 1
Willm. Birkett 1
Tho: Walker 1
George Archer 1
Antho: Hastwhitle 2
Mr. Brownsword 2
Total 42

"County of Westmerland. At the Generall Quarter Sessions of the peace, holden at Kendall for the said County," 10 January, 22 Charles II (1671). "This is a true duplicate for the said County as it was returned to me at the said Sessions by George Williamson esqr, his Maties receiver and ordered by the Justices at the said Sessions to be returned accordingly. Examined by Geo: Suthewell, clerk of the peace there; Excheq. Lay Sub., bdle 195, n. 73.

1688 Bond of Robert Nouble of Kirkby Kendall, yeoman, to William Braithwaite of the same, sheareman dyer in £12; dated 25 March, 1687[-8]. Reciting that William Brathwaite by his deed dated 30 December, 2 James II [1686], sold to the said Robert Nouble a burgage house, messuage and tenement in Kirkby Kendall on the east side of Strickland Gate, between the house of John Benson and that late of John Hunter, which the said Brathwaite late purchased of James Brathwaite of Kirkby Kendall, glover, by deed poll dated 21 January, 1 James II 1685[-6], and also a shop on the south side of Markett Street in Kirkby Kendall, late in the tenure of James Satterthwaite and since of William Satterthwaite, son of the said James, who sold the same to the said James Brathwaite, of the lands sometimes of James Fenton and now of Roger Fenton, of the yearly rent of 5s., with covenant to produce the said deed poll. Mark of Robert Nouble. Witnesses: Tho. Hudson, Tho. Greene.

1689 Bond of John Sutton of Kirkby Kendall, shearman, to Thomas Bradley of Slackhead, par. Beetham esq. in £42, dated 25 March, 1 William III, 1689, to keep the covenants mentioned in a deed of even date touching the sale of two dwelling houses in Kirkby Kendall made to the said Thomas Bradley. Sig. of John Sutton. Witnesses: William Bradley (1), William Bradley (2), Jos. Borrow.

1733 Will of Anthony Askew of Kirkby Kendall, esq., dated 5 December, 7 George II, 1733. His messuage and lands at Holme Lyon late purchased of Mr. Muncaster of Cockermouth, and a close of land in Natland, called Smaythorns, to Mr. John Harrison, Mr. John Fletcher, and Mr. John Millner apothecary, on trust for the use of his grandson, Anthony Askew, son of his late son, Anthony Askew of Wakefeild, deceased, until 21; also to them the sum of £350 in trust and the rents of his property for the education of his said grandson either at Lowther school or Sedbergh school and afterwards at one of the Universities, to be brought up either to divinity, Law or Physick "as his genius shall tend," using the principal if necessary, and then to the use of the said grandson absolutely with half testator's library. In case the said grandson dies before 21, then to testator's brother, Adam Askew, with the whole library and £250 (out of the £350) equally among the said Adam's children, £100 to testator's granddaughters, daughters of his son Adam. To the said Mr. John Harrison and Mr. Henry Humphreys, clerk, £500 in trust to purchase lands pursuant to articles of agreement dated 4 September, 1725, made between the testator and Robert Hopkinson, gent., whom testator desires to pay his £600 that lands may be purchased and settled pursuant to the said articles; gift also of the further sum of £500 agreed to be given by the said articles within one year after testator's decease, to be paid and applied as his son, Anthony Askew, did direct and appoint by his last will. His manors, houses, lands &c. in the counties of Cumberland, Lancaster and Westmorland to his said son, Adam Askew, except as above excepted, and his personal estate, except half the library, and appoints him executor. To testator's son in law, John Fletcher [blank]; to testator's brother Roger £20 towards the education of his younger son. His kind friends: Sir Thomas Lowther, bart., and James Wilson, esq., to be supervisors; to his 3 trustees (abovenamed) a mourning ring apiece. [Sig. torn off]. Witnesses: Robert Nicholson, John Gaythrope, Tho. Herbert.

A biographical notice of Anthony Askew, M.D. (1722–1774), son of Adam Askew, will be found in Nicholson's Annals of Kendal, 2nd ed., 348. He was educated at Sedbergh school and Emanuel Coll., Cambridge. See Dict. of Natl. Biog., ii, 192; Foster's Lancashire Pedigrees.

1734 Appointment of Anthony Askew, esq., to be deputy lieutenant for the county of Westmorland, by Charles, earl of Carlisle, dated 10 December, 8 George II, 1734.

1737 Will of Anthony Askew of Kirkby Kendall, esq., dated 30 August, 1737. The woods and trees growing on the tenement called Slack or Elderslack, near Grange, par. Cartmel, lately purchased from John Dawson of Witherslack, to the Rev. Mr. Cuthbert, vicar of Kendall, Mr. Miles Harrison, Mr. Caleb Rotheram, Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. John Miller, in trust for sale for the benefit of his grandson, Anthony Askew, son of testator's late son, Anthony Askew of Wakefeild, deceased; his messuage at Holme Lyon, close in Natland, and messuage at Elderslack, near Grange, and his new built messuage and dwelling house and stable on the backside thereof in Finkell Street, now in the possession of John Harrison, innkeeper; his dwelling-house in the possession of Edward Holme, thereunto adjoining and newly built; his dwelling-house on the south side of Finkell Street in the possession of Samuel Gawthrop, to the same Mr. Cuthbert and others named for the education of his said grandson (as in the first will); in case of his grandson's decease before marriage or 23 years of age then to testator's brother, Adam Askew, he paying to either of the said Anthony, the grandson's, sisters £100 apiece. To testator's nephew, Anthony Askew, now of Trinity College in Dublin, £20 a year until the usual time of taking of Batchelor of Arts degree computed from his first admission, and £20 for the next succeeding year and no longer, to be equally paid by the testator's son Adam and the testator's trustees. Bequest of library as before; the other moiety to son Adam. To Mr. Miles Harrison and Mr. Henry Humphreys, clerk, £500 (for performance of articles as stated in the first will). To son Adam testator's new stables lately built adjoining to testator's new house in the possession of Edward Holme and fronting to testator's yard or court and all his manors, houses, lands (as with first will). Owing to his executor's distant habitation his funeral to be managed by Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. John Miller at the expense of his executor "and that it be done after a decent and frugall manner." Sir Thomas Lowther, bart., and Daniel Wilson, esq., his "very kind friends," to be supervisors. To his 5 trustees a mourning ring apiece. To son in law, John Fletcher, £5. [Sig. cut away]. Witnesses: Tho. Wilson, Tho. Herbert, Jas. Dowker.

1739 Will of Anthony Askew, dated 23 January, 1738[-9]. [Mr. Thomas Harrison takes the place of Mr. John Miller, as a trustee. To the premises named in the second will add]: two closes near Blawith, par. Cartmel, called Machell meadow and Henry meadow and the Intack, containing 3 acres and 3 roods, lately purchased from William Coward; all to be held in trust for the education of his said grandson, son of Anthony Askew of Wakefeild, deceased, at Sedbergh school or Kendal school or where Mr. Cuthbert shall think fit and afterwards at one of the Universities &c (as in the first will), and at 23 years to the said grandson absolutely. Other provisions as in the second will. £100 apiece to the sisters of his said grandson, Anthony, at 21, to be paid by son Adam and grandson Anthony. To Mary Pell, widow, an annuity of £4. Son Adam executor and provision for management of the funeral as in the second will. To his supervisors and trustees a mourning ring apiece. "I desire my son Adam be as assisting to my said grandson Anthony after he has done with his studies in any i[n]tervall when he shall come from the University as I was to him before he went to Newcastle." Sig. cut away. Witnesses: Tho. Wilson, John Wightman Jas. Dowker.


1300 Nov. 21, 1300. Commission to try the case about the mediety of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale occupied de facto by Walter de Maydenestan and intruded into by Mr. Alan de Esingwald who had been removed therefrom by archbp. Romeyn. Reg. Corbridge f. 180 d.

April 7, 1301. Mandate to the official of the archdeacon of Richmond to induct Mr. John de Roderham clk. into the mediety of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, late held by Mr. Alan de Esingwald &c.; ib., f. 181 d?

April 4, 1301. Collation of Mr. John de Roderham to a mediety &c.; ib., f. 185.

Aug. 9 and 24, 1301. Letters to the king praying him to remove Walter de Maydenestan from the church of Kirkeby Kendale; ib., f. 186.

Aug. 25, 1301. Letter to the king denouncing Walter de Maydenestan, John Collan, Adam de Witherslak, Thomas de Ward, Adam le Clerk, Robert Tybay, John Gernet, junior, Geoffrey de Sprotton and Giles the cook as excommunicated and praying the King to do his part in the matter; ib., f. 186.

Sept. 26, 1301. Appropriation by the archdeacon of Rich. of the ch. of K. in K. to the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York. It had been governed by 2 rectors. A vicarage to be instituted. Confirmation by the archbp.; ib., f. 186 d.

Oct. 18, 1302. Notice to Roger vicar of Kirkeby in Kendale that the bp. of Carlisle would reconcile the churchyard of Kirkeby in Kendale polluted by the shedding of blood; ib., f. 186 d.

Sept. 25, 1307. The chapter of York consent to the appropr. of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale. Reg. Greenfield 1. f. 27 i.