Helsington and Sizergh

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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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Helsingetune, Dom. Book, [2 c.] 1066, Gilemichel. The vill anciently comprised the hamlets of Brathelaw (now Bradley fields), Cunswick, Tranthwaite, Routheworth, Sizergh, part of Brigsteer and the demesne of Greenriggs.

1170–80 William de Lancastre II grants to Gervase de Ainecurt £15 worth of land for the service of ¾ fee in Natland and Bothelford [extending] to the brook of the gallows and to the bounds of Hoton and Stainton, with Sizaritherge, Winderg and the other Winderg, the grantor's part of Lander and that part of Socabret which Waldeve held, all which he gave for £12 10s. worth of land; and for 50s. worth of land in arrears he delivered to the said Gervase the service of Hacatorp in pledge for 50s., until he perfected the said £15 worth of land. Witnesses: Norman the sewer, Jordan the grantor's son, Gilbert the grantor's son, Grunebald, Robert de Heriez, Anselm, Orm son of Tore, Roger de Crofd, Roger son of [Adam, Orm son of Bernu-]lf, Robert Mustel, William parson of Warton John the clerk, Richard the chamberlain, W[illiam Pultyngton]; orig. D. at Sizergh.

Gillem de Lancastre quit claims to Gervase de Haencurt all rents and services which he ought to perform to the grantor for his manors and lands in the county of Westmerland, in exchange for the rent of 50s. in Westmerland which Gervase has granted to the grantor. Witnesses: Norman the sewer, Robert de Heriic, Anselyne, Orme Fitz [Thor], Roger le chambarleyn, Gillem de Croft, Gillem le parson de Warton, Johan clerk, [Ri]cardyn le Chamburleyn, Gillem Puttyngton (French); orig. D. at Sizergh.

1184–86 Henricus rex Anglorum Willelmo Marescallo salutem. Mando tibi quatinus quam citius poteris ad me venias paratus et militibus quotqunt habere poteris ad standum mecum in werra mea et id [eo manda mihi ?] qualis et quanta tua sit milicia, persepe (?) re (?) mihi planxisti quod de parvo feodo te feoffari, pro vero scias quod si mihi fideliter servias dabo in augmentum castellum Raul cum toto honore et cum omnibus pertinentris . . . . . . poterimus; Written on the seal tag of a charter of John, parson of Kirkby Lonsdale, preserved at Hornby Chapel Library.

1184–86 Henry II gave to William Marshal the custody of the heir of William de Lancaster; see Kirkby in Kendale, page 2.

1184–89 William Marshal (Marescallus) confirms to Gervase de Eincurt his tenements which William de Lancastre gave him as his charter testfies, "to hold of the said William Marshal and his heirs in fee and inheritance." Witnesses: Thomas son of Gospatrick, Gilbert de Lancastre, Roger de Croft, Roger son of Adam, Henry son of Norman, Geoffrey de Prestun, Geoffrey son of Robert, William Waler[an], Matthew Gernet, William de Kettovill, Richard son of Alard, William de Bevill, Gamel the for[ester]; orig. D. at Sizergh.

1190–1200 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfred confirms to Gervase de Aincurt the land which William de Lancastre, father of Helewise, the grantor's wife, gave to him, namely Natalaund, Bothelford, Sisrahelheres, Winderes and the other Winderes, the moiety of Sockebret which Waldef held, and the third part of Louther; also Hagethorpe which the said William pledged to Gervase for 50s. worth of land; to hold for ¾ knight's fee; with licence to make a mill on the water course by the gallows of Kirkeby between Kirkeby and Natalaund. Witnesses: Henry [de Redeman] the seneschal, Robert de Soukey ("Sinking" in MS.), James de Flaund', Gilbert de Lancastre, Adam dean of Lonsdale, Thomas son of Gospatric, Robert de Bethom, Roger de Burton, Gamel the regarder (i.e. forester); Reg. of D. at Levens, ii, f. 62.

By another charter the said Gilbert granted to the same Gervase acquittance of noutgeld of his said lands of Westmerland and Kendale, which he holds for ¾ knight's fee. For this Gervase gave Gilbert 20 m. Witness: Roger Fitz-Reinfrid; ib., f. 81.

1200–20 Thomas le Fleming, for the health of the soul of his lady, Helewise de Lancastre, gave to the brethren of Cockersand 2s. of rent out of his land in Helsington. Witnesses: Henry de Redeman, Adam son of Roger, Henry Daunay, William son of Ketel, William de Le, William de Waltone; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1015.

1204 Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid has the custody of the land and heir of Oliver de Aencurt; R. Litt. Pat., 45b.

1216 The son, or daughter, and heir of Ralph de Ayencurt, is a hostage for Gilbert Fitz-Reymfrid; R. Chart.; 221lb.

1217 Ralph de Aencurt returns to allegiance; R. Litt. Claus., i, 376.

1235 Ralph de Aencurt and Patrick son of Thomas hold 1 fee of the barony of Kendal; ib., i, 412.

1246 William de Lancaster, shortly before his death, enfeoffed . . . . Duble of 20 a. in Helsington, worth 20s., John le Waleys of 22 a. worth 22s. and Philip de Mara of 12 a. worth 6 s.; Lancas. Inq., i, 167.

Ralph de Eincurt, a juror; Lancas. Inqns , pt 1, 166.

A day was given to William de Lancastre, Ralph de Eyncurt, Robert son of Utred and Henry de Sysergh touching a plea of estovers, (fn. 1) by William son of Uctred, on the octaves of St. Hilary at Leycestre; Assize R. 1045, m. 54.

Ralph de Eyncurt appeared against William de Lancastre of a plea that he permit Ralph to have reasonable estovers in William's wood in Barton, as he ought to have. William was attached by Roland de Revegel and Gilbert the Constable. Adjourned to Leycestre in Hilary term; ib., m. 55 d.

1247 Ralph de Aencurt is amerced ½ m for a default; Parker, Pipe R. of Westm., 204.

1249 Robert de Sigrittserh gives to Ralph de Ayncurt 4½ a. in Bigcroft in exchange for 4½ a. which Ralph recovered against Ralph brother of the said Robert. Witnesses: Ralph de Notingham, sheriff of Westmerland, Robert de Aseby, Roger de Burton, Thomas de Lefins, Richard de Heyham, G. de Witeby, Richard de Coupland, Roger reeve of Sigriterh. Orig. D. at Sizergh. Seal of Robert son of Mathew.

c1250 R[alph] de Siritherhe, son of Matthew son of Peter, releases to Ralph son of Ralph de Ayncurt, his lord, 2 acres, less 13 perches, in his croft, and 1 rood 8 perches in Scotwra on the northern side, and 1 rood in the tillage between the grantor's house and the house of the said Ralph, his lord, and all his part of Hewode, for 8 acres of land and meadow lying between the grantor's house and that of the said Ralph, his lord. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Redeman, Robert de Ha[s]keby, Walter del Hay, Rauland de Renegil; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 137 d.

1250–65 Robert son of Matthew de Sywirtherwe grants and sells to dame Alice de Ayncourt two parts of 2 acres of his meadow in Sywirtherwe, which Ralph "my brother" formerly took from Ralph de Ayncourt in exchange for certain lands called Ewode; to hold for a pair of white gloves or 1d. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Redeman, William de Wyndesouere, Thomas de Levenes, Adam Gernet; ib.

1272 Walter de Lindesay held at his death land in Helsington, worth 5 m. and 21 a. of meadow, worth 30s.; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 236.

1274 Nicholas de la Quisine arraigns an assize against William de Stirkeland touching land in Sithereshergh; Dep. Keeper's Rep. 42, app. 653.

Inquest taken at Kyrkeby in Kendale on Monday after the quindene of Holy Trinity, 2 Edward I (11 June, 1274) by the oath of Thomas de Lancastre, Richard Gilpin, John de Kenetemere, Roger de Bronolvesheved, Ralph de Patton, Thomas Collan, Benedict Gernet, Roger Kayrus, Robert de Stirkland, John de Midelton, Roger son of William, William de Friysbank, and William son of Alexander, jurors, to make an extent of the lands of Robert de Ros of Werk, who say that the castle of Kyrkeby in Kendale with the parks, vivaries, herbage and "cista" therein is worth one year with another 10 marks; there are in Kirkeby in demesne 160 a. arable land, each worth yearly with meadow 6d., sum 66s. 7d. (sic); the vill of Kirkeby with enclosure is worth 10 marks yearly; a water-mill, the moiety thereof pertaining to this part, with the moiety of the mills of Rispeton and Appeltweht, is worth 28 marks yearly, whereof Alan de Sutton receives 50s. yearly and Adam de Lancastre 20s., for their lives; the moiety of the fulling-mill of Kirkeby, formerly extended at 10 marks, is now 8 marks, as the tenants of John de Bellewe ("de Bella Agua") in Kenetemere, who married Laderina, one of the sisters and heirs of Peter de Brus, do not do suit at the said mill as of old in Peter's time; the moiety of the mill of Patton, formerly extended at 10 marks, is now 9 marks, as William de Wyndesores has set up a mill at Grarig to its injury in 1 mark yearly; the mill of the hospital is worth yearly 60s.; the moiety of the mill at Dylaker is worth 10s. yearly; the fishery of Fors is worth 6 marks; in the demesne of Helsinton there are 210 a. land with meadow, each worth 6d. yearly worth with the emendation of the grange, herbage of the Hay with the forest and dead wood felled, £4 13s. 4d.; farm of the tenants in Helsinton, 64s. 10d.; from geld ("goldor") of sheep there, 3s.; farm of Henry the reeve of Helsinton, 20s.; the farm of Grenerig, 54s., and from "gold" there, 6s. 8d.; farm of Adam de Riboyers, 6d.; farm of Hagayl, £6 3s. and from "gold" there, 5s.; from a meadow called Rispetun-henge, containing 9 a., 12d. an acre yearly; from the herbage of Adam Brun, 16s. yearly; from the farm of William [le] Sauser, 3s. 6d. yearly; from that of Beauconquayte, 7s. yearly; from that of Stavley, 70s. yearly and from the demesne there 46s and from "goldis" there 6s. yearly; from a close at Hoon (?), 12d. yearly; from the farm of the vill of Stirkeland, 60s., and from 'golds" there, 3s.; the meadow of Leythilde, 6s. yearly; the farm of the vill of Schalquatrig, 50s. yearly; the farm of the tenants of the underwoods, 48s.; the farm of Hotun, 110s. and from "golds" there, 6s.; from the mill there, 100s.; farm of the tenants in the forest with Schewreschale and Oxinholme, £11 6s. 9d., herbage there 5 marks; from Adam son of Henry for a shieling and 2 a. land, 3s.; there are free tenants [in Kendale] who pay yearly £7 4s. 3d.; two year-old hawks, 2s.; 2 pairs of gilt spurs, 13d.; gloves, 1d.; 6 cross bows 10d.; 12 arrows 2d.; 4 lbs. pepper. 40d.; 4 lbs. cummin, 4d.; and 1 lb. wax, 6d.; the forests of Ridale with Satsondoff and Becmelbrid and Carkerdale are worth £14 13s. 4d. yearly; the farm of Gresmere with a moiety of the mill and of the fulling-mill, "goldarr" of sheep, moors, fishings and a brew-house, is worth £7 17s. 3d.; the farm of Langedon with a moiety of the mill and herbage of the forest are worth £3 18s. 8½d.; in Crostweyt there is land in demesne worth 22s. 11d.; the farm of Crostweyt with the herbage, "goldis," a brew-house and the mill are worth £11 15s. 11d. yearly; from the moiety of Aynerholm, 3s. 4d. yearly; from the farm of Adam Chefdor, 3s. yearly; Roger's island in Wynendemere is worth 12d. yearly; from small fishings above Kirkeby ½ mark; free tenants in Westmerland under 104s. 4d. yearly; the court of Kendale, worth one year with another and formerly extended at £20, is now worth £18, being reduced in value 40s. by the pourparty of John de Bellewe; from stallage, small herbages, pannage, honey and squirrels, 102s. Total £197 17s. 3½d. The said manor [of Kirkeby in Kendale] has fallen to the pourparty of Margaret de Ros, the last-born daughter and one of the heirs of Peter de Brus, and is held of the king in chief; Inq., p. m. 2 Edw. I, n. 26.

1275–85 Alice de Howis, late the wife of Thomas son of Thomas de Levenes gave parcels of land in Le Howis (now Hawes) to Thomas her son, and a moiety of Le Howis lying between Kilnegilebec and Sighitherg dik (both of which flow into Kent), to each of her sons, Benedict and John. Afterwards she released to William de Stirkeland these two moieties of Le Howis, by charter attested by Roger de Burton, Richard de Preston, knights, William de Windesouer, Gilbert de Brunnollissheved, John de Camera, John de Forstewayth; Orig. at Sizergh.

1277 William son of William de la Quisine assize of n. d. against William son of Walter de Lindeseye and William le Especer touching a tenement in Rostthweyt; Dep. Keeper's Rep., 46, app. 269.

1278 Richard de Gilpyn assize of novel disseisin against Margaret de Ros and others touching a tenement in Helsington; Dep. Keeper's Rep., 47, app. 246. See Bradleyfield.

1279 William de Strikeland held ⅓ fee in Natelond, Siresserwe and Wynderwe of Peter de Brus; Cal. Inq., ii, 190.

1282 Adam Knappe, assignee of Roger de Thirnnby, attorney of William son of Robert de Stirkelaund, and others demand against Adam son of Robert de Kendale 7 a. land &c. in Helsington, which Nicholas son of William son of Geoffrey de Croke claims as his right. William calls the said Adam to warranty; De Banco R., Mich., 47, m. 106. See Tranthwaite.

The same William son of Robert is impleaded by Margery, late the wife of William son of Geoffrey le Clerk, of the third part of 10 a. land and ½ a. meadow in Helsington as dower; ib., m. 119 d. He calls Adam son of Robert de Kendale to warranty; ib., 49, m. 52.

1283 William de Lindsay held at his death 24 a. land in Helsington, which render 13s. 4d. yearly; Lancs. Inq., pt. 1, 255.

1286 William de Stirkeland, knt., demises Le Howis, lying between Le Kilnebek and the divisions of Syressergh, to John de Camera for 6 years at 10s. yearly. Witnesses: Roger de Burton, Richard de Preston, knights; William de Windessouer, Matthew de Redeman, Gilbert de Brunll[esheved], Thomas de Derlay; orig. at Sizergh.

t. Edw. I. William de Styrkeland grants to Sir William de Pykering all his land in Brigster, which sometime belonged to Sir Ralph de Anecurt, and all his land in Syggeswic, that some time belonged to the said Sir Ralph; to hold for 4s. 6d. yearly, less 12d. due to Roger Nutting and his heirs for the land in Syggeswic. Witnesses: Robert de Ormyshevid, Thomas de Derley, Rouland de Thorneburc, William son of Patrick, Richard de Sands (de Sabelonibus), Benedict Gernet; orig. at Sizergh.

1288 William de Stirkeland son of Sir Robert de Stirkeland knt., grants to John called of the Chamber (de Camera) and Sibyl his wife his land in Le Howys with 3 acres of land and meadow near Le Killinbek, which Alice del Howys holds for life with reversion to the said John and Sibyl, lying between Kent and the way extending towards Levenys, beginning on the eastern side next the demesne land of dame Margaret de Ros [and extending] near Le Killin bek westward, as the arable land and wastes divide, in ascending to a certain old hay, as the arable land and waste divide, and following the said hay unto Kent; to hold for a race of ginger at Christmas. Witnesses: John de Rosgille, knt., Robert le Engleys, knt., Roger de Burton, knt., Richard de Preston, knt., William de Wyndeshouer, Gilbert de Bron[olvisheved], Geoffrey de Melcanthorp, Alan the clerk. Dated at Great Strikeland in Westmerland on Sunday afte, Michaelmas, A D 1288. Orig. in the possess, of Alan Chambrer major Royal Cumberland Militia, 21 Feb., 1852. Translated by Mr. Harding of the Duchy of Lancaster Office; copy at Sizergh.

1292 William de Strikelande, by his attorney, Baudewin de Schepesevede, renders to Walter his son lands of his inheritance, and Le Howes, and land in Brigester. Given at Appelby, on the feast of St. Leonard, 20 [Edward I]; Orig. at Sizergh.

William de Stirkelaund, son of Sir Robert de Stirkelaund, releases to Walter de Stirkelaund, his son and heir, the manor of Sithiserg, 104s. 10d. worth of land in Nateland, which William reserved on the day when he enfeoffed Walter of the vill of Natelaund, with the wood of Staynton, reserving only his right of inheritance which the grantor holds by the courtesy of England. Witnesses: Roger de Burton, Richard de Preston, William de Wyndishouer, Gilbert de Bronolhisheved, Benedict Gernet. Given at Kirkby in Kendale on the feast of Holy Trinity, A.D. 1292; Orig. at Sizergh.

John son of Thomas de Levenis grants to Sir William, son and heir of Sir Robert de Stirkeland, his land in Le Houwes, which the grantor had by the gift of Alice his mother. Witnesses: Robert de Burton, Richard de Preston, knights; William de Wyndesouere, Matthew de Redeman, John Gernet. Benedict Gernet, John de Forstewayt, John de Camera; Orig. at Sizergh.

1293 William de Goldington demands against William de Stirkelaund that he hold the agreement made between them touching 14 messuages, one mill, &c. in Helsington and Heverisham; De Banco R., Mich., 102, m. 229 d.

1294 Nicholas de Leyburn and Margaret his wife recover their seisin of 2 messuages and 52 a. of land in Kirkeby Kendale and Helsington against Roger de la Quisine (Kitchen) and Joan his wife. Nicholas is in Gascony in the king's service; Abbrev. Placit, 233 b.

1294–1300 John de Burton grants to Sir William de Pykering 12/3 a. of meadow in the vill of Sygrithisherg, which the grantor formerly purchased of Robert de Kendale. Witnesses: Sir Roger de Burton, Roland de Thorneburg, Simon Bewalet, their constable, Richard de Gilpin, Thomas de Derley; Henry the clerk; Orig. at Sizergh.

1296 William de Styrkeland, knt., acknowledges a debt of £100; Cal. Close R. 1296, p. 519.

1297 Confirmation of a charter of Margaret de Ros granting in fee simple to Marmaduke de Twenge, her nephew, the manor of Helsington with the demesne there, the meadow, park, mill and tenants of Helsington, with the hamlets of Crosthwayt and Le Lyth, Aynerholum, Stavelay [with] the manor and park, Gressemer and Langeden, the island of Rogerholum and the fishery of Wynandermer, Sattegyll, Rispeton, Fauerbank and Hogayl (except 2 tenements), with the mills of the said hamlets, a moiety of the mill of Rispeton, and certain advowsons in co. Lancaster, a moiety of the fees, rents and services of free men belonging to her of the inheritance of Peter de Brus, her brother, a moiety of the vill of Kirkeby in Kendale and a moiety of the profit of that vill and of her free court there, of the fishery of Le Fors and of the woods of Haye, Severgh, Threlesgrope, Mountjowe and Brendewode, except 45 a. of the demesne of Helsington; Cal. Pat. R., 1297, p. 304.

1298 Walter de Stirkeland, Baldwin de Shepesheved and Sibyl his wife recover by replevin their lands in Helsington, seized for default against Agatha late wife of Thomas de Parys; Cal. Close R. 1298, p. 293.

William de Styrkeland demands against Baldwin de Sheppesheved ("Sheppeffeld") and Sibyl his wife £20, and against Gilbert de Brunolvesheved £12, which they respectively owed him and have unjustly detained; De Banco R., Easter, 123, m. 52.

Agnes late the wife of John de Warrewyk demands against Walter de Styrkeland a messuage and 20 a. land in Helsinton and Briggester; ib., Trin., 124, m. 68 d.

1299 Protection for Walter de Stirkeland, knt., going to Scotland in the king's service with Marmaduke de Twenge; Cal. Pat. R. 1299, p. 456.

1300–05 William de Stirkeland grants to his son and heir, Walter de Stirkeland, the land and waste in Le Howis between Le Kilnebek and the bounds of Syressergh, his land of Brigster and the land late Adam Ward's in Syressergh. Witnesses: Gilbert de Brunolvisheved, Robert de Wessington, Roland de Patton, William de Gylpyn, Henry de Guyp, Richard de Derley, Baldewyn de Schipesheved; Orig. D. at Sizergh. Small circular seal of green wax on a shield the arms of Strickland. Legend: s. WILL'I DE STE[RKELAND].

1301 Between William son of Margaret de Ros querent and Margaret de Ros deforciant of 2 messuages 31 carucates and 45 acres land 15 mills and one half share of 3 mills with appurtenances in Helsington etc, Preston Richard etc in Westmoreland. The same is held by the said William and his heirs and the remainder to Marmaduke de Twenge in perpetuity and the said Margaret warrant the said William and his heirs and also the said Marmaduke and his heirs. Feet of Fines 29 Edw. I, No. 62.

Fine levied in accordance with the charter of Margaret de Ros to Marmaduke de Thweng, respecting 39 c., the moiety of 5 mills in Crosthwaite, Le Lyth, Staveley Gamel, Hugill, Ryspeton, Gresmyer and Langden, the manor of Helsington, except 45 a., the 4th part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendal, except the castle, and of £6 11s. 0¼d. of rent &c and ⅓ fee in Stainton, Natland, Sicesedergh, Quinfell, Windergh, Hakthorpe, Trostermond, Barton, Neuby, Tyregh, Great Stirkeland, Stirkeland Ketle, Rowthworth, Skelsmergh, Asthwaite, Dilaker, Hinkaster, Sledall, Preston Richard, Slegill, Lowther, Little Stirkeland, Rigmaydun; Reg. of D. at Levens, ii, f. 12.

1302 Order not to put Marmaduke de Thweng in default for not appearing in the suit in the county (court) between William de Stirkeland and the said Marmaduke, Robert de Wessington and Robert de Sigeswyk, touching the wrongful taking and detention of William's cattle, as he was in the king's service; Cal. Close R. 1302, p. 553.

1303 A coroner to be elected in place of William de Stirkeland, who is incapacitated by infirmity; ib., 1303, p. 113.

John del Howes releases to Walter de Estirkelande his land and tenement in Sitheserge, which he had of the gift and feoffment of Sir William de Sterkelande, father of the said Walter. Witnesses: Richard de Prestone, knt., Thomas de Pykering, Robert de Wessington, Nicholas de Leyburne, Richard de Derley, Benedict Gernette, Baudewyn the clerk; Orig. at Sizergh.

1303 Walter de Stirkeland complains to the king that whereas William de Stirkeland, his father alienated to Adam Warde a messuage 30 a. in Helsington, parcel of the land which the same William held by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Elizabeth late his wife, daughter of Ralph de Aynecourt, mother of the complainant, whose heir he is, against the form of the Statute of Gloucester, wherefore Walter impleaded Adam in the Bench and because Adam committed felony the tenement was seized into the king's hands. A jury find that the alienation was made before the enactment of the said statute, to hold for 1d. yearly; the tenements were taken into the king's hands by Roger de la Quisine (de Coquina), coroner, on Thursday before the feast of St. George the Martyr, 29 Edward I, for the felony of the said Adam, viz. for the death of Henry le Mouner, slain; Inq. p. m., 31 Edw. I, n. 130.

By inquest taken at Heversham on Sunday before St. Lawrence 31 Edward I (4 August, 1303) it was found that William de Stirkeland held a messuage and 30 a. land in Helsington before the alienation of the inheritance of Elizabeth his wife, the reversion whereof belongs to Walter de Stirkeland, as her son and heir, to Adam Warde in fee by the said William, who enfeoffed Adam thereof before the statute of Gloucester, to hold of William and the heirs of the said Elizabeth by homage and 1d. rent. The tenements are in the king's hands for Adam's felony, in killing Henry de Mouner, and were seized by Roger de Coquina, coroner and serjeant of the king, on Thursday before St. George, 29 Edward I; they are worth 10s. yearly. Inquest at Haversham on Sunday after St. James; the said William held the tenements by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Elizabeth daughter of Ralph de Aynecourt, his late wife; Miscel. Inquis., i, 520.

1303–13 Agreement made between the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York, and Walter de Styrkeland, knt., touching right of way for the collecting and carrying of tithes of corn, hay &c. throughout Sir Walter's lands in the vill of Helsyngton and in the townfield and territory of Sirghther and Natlund, in the parish of Kyrkeby in Kendale. Witnesses: Nicholas de Layburn, Thomas de Pykeryngg, Robert de Askeby, knights; Henry de Warthecopp, Robert de Wessyngton, Patrick de Culwen, Thomas Daunay (de Alneto), John Collan, Richard de Derlay; Orig. at Sizergh. Visica shaped seal of brown wax, bearing the figure of the abbot standing.

1304 William de Stirkeland, knt., acknowledges a debt to Hugh de Burgo; Cal. Close Rolls, 1304, p. 195.

1306 Walter de Stirkeland and John Collan acknowledge that they owe Hugh de Stubbes a sack of wool, worth 6½ m.; ib., 1306, p. 440.

Baldwyn de Schepeshevid and Sibyl his wife release to Walter de Stirkeland all actions by reason of detention of land in Le Howes, called Sulkorn-rydding and Great Gresgarth. Dated at Kirkeby in Kendale on Tuesday after the Epiphany, 34 Edward [I]; Orig. at Sizergh.

1307 Grant, for good services rendered in Scotland, to Walter de Stirkland of free warren in his demesne land in Helsyngton, Heveresham and Barton; Cal. Chart. R., iii, 100.

1311 Adam Warde of Kendal releases to Walter de Strikland, knt., his right in lands which he formerly held in Scyresergh in the vill of Helsington, and in Levenis. Given at Kyrkeby in Kendal on Sunday before the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 5 Edward [II]. Witnesses: Nicholas de Leyburn, Roger de Kernetby, vicar of Kyrkeby in Kendale, John de Wessington, Thomas Daunay, Roland de Patton, Richard de Derley, John de Derley, Thomas de Stirkland, Alan de Elmed, clerk; Orig. at Sizergh.

1317 Eda relict of Benedict del Howes releases to Sir Walter de Stirkeland her right of dower in the said Benedict's lands in Le Howes and Siritherd in the vills of Helsington and Levenes. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Redmane, Sir Nicholas de Layburne, Thomas de Levenes, Thomas Daunay (de Alneto), Thomas de Mandeshergh, Roger son of Thomas de Lancastre. Dated at Natelound on Sunday next before St. John the Baptist, 10 Edward son of Edward; Orig. at Sizergh. Vesica shaped seal of green wax bearing a crane. Legend: S. ALICIE DE LEVENES.

1318 Robert de Gylpyn, who was accused of the death of John de Coupeland, died before conviction, seised of 2 messuages, 19½ a. land and 3 a. meadow in Helsington, held of John de Lancastre and Elizabeth his wife, as of her dower of the inheritance of William de Ros; Richard de Gylpyn, his brother, is next heir and prays for restoration of the tenements; Cal. Inq., vi, 125.

1319 Walter de Stirkeland showed that he had recovered his seisin against Marmaduke de Twenge and others of common of his pasture of Helsyngton and Stirkeland Ketel, but had again been disseised; Abbrev. R. Original, i, 249 ff.

1320 William de Thweng demised to farm to Roger de Kerneteby, vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Kendal the manor of Helsington with the park, as Robert de Washington sometime held it by the demise of Marmaduke de Thweng, his father, to hold for 13 years from Martinmas, 1320 for 7 m. for first 6 years and 8 m. for last 7 years. The grantor to find timber in Hay for building a new oxhouse and repairing the old grange which is falling into ruin. Witnesses: Patrick de Culwen, Roger de Bronolfesheved, knights; Robert de Washington, Thomas de Levenes, Roland de Patton; Reg. of D. at Levens, ii, f. 62 d.

Licence for Marmaduke de Twenge to grant to William de Twenge for his life the manor of Helsyngton, the hamlets of Crosthwayt, Le Lith, Gressemere, Langeden, Scarregill (? Sapgill), Fauerbanck, and Rispeton, with the mills of the same hamlets of Crosthwayt, Le Lith, Gressemere, Langeden, Scarregill, and Fauerbanck and a moiety of that of Rispeton, the wood of Aynerholm, the island of Rogerholm, the fishery of Wynandermere, lands in co. Lancaster (specified), with the knight's fees, rents and services of the free tenants, which the said Marmaduke held of the gift and feoffment of Margaret de Ros, the woods of Severgh, Threlegrepe, Mountjowe and Brindewode, a moiety of the wood "del Haye," a fourth part of the vill of Kyrkeby in Kendale, and the court of the said fourth part, the fishery "del Fors" and hamlet of Hogayl excepting the lands and tenements held by William son of Adam and Henry de Withfalheved in the said hamlet; Cal. Pat. R. 1320 p. 445.

1321 Commission to certain justices on the complaint of Walter de Stirkeland that William son of Marmaduke de Twenge, John de Hastthorp, Jordan de Dalden, Peter de Tonewyche, Robert de la More, Marmaduke son of John de Twenge, John de Wessyngton, Robert de Wessyngton, Thomas Ward, Ellis Gyliotson of Kyrkeby in Kendale, and Henry son of Gilbert de Crakhale with armed men came to his manor of Sighritheserd, while he was under the king's protection, and broke his close and houses and the doors and windows of the houses and set fire to the said houses, carried away his goods and Gilbert de Crakhale, his bondman, assaulted his servants and fixed the fingers of some of them into holes of posts with pins (kivillis) and beat others of them; Cal. Pat. R., 1321, p. 56; 1317–21, p. 610.

1323 Marmaduke de Twenge held at his death the manor of Helsington in Kendale, the 4th part of the fishery of the Fors with the hamlets underwritten (i.e. Crosthwaite, Staveley, Hugill, Grasmere and Langdale), which manor has been burnt by the Scots, the herbage there . . . . renders nothing yearly; a dovecote there, which has been thrown down by the Scots, renders nothing; 86 a. land in demesne, worth 3d. the acre, yields 21s. 6d.; 5 a. meadow in demesne, worth 6d. the acre, yield 2s. 6d.; the herbage of the park there is worth 3s. 4d. yearly; 10 tenants at will there . . . .; a water-cornmill renders 6s. 8d. yearly; Lancs. Inq., pt. ii, 147.

1323 On Sunday in Mid-Lent, 16 Edward II, Richard Bowet came to Walter de Stirkeland, at Syricherg in Kendale, who had the king's commission to receive to the king's peace the adherents of Andrew de Hartcla, who wished to render themselves to his peace, and rendered himself to the said Walter, as of Andrew's household &c, and Walter received the oath of allegiance from him; Cal. Close R., 1323, p. 214.

1324 A moiety of the manor of Kernesford (Carnforth) co. Lancaster, is delivered to Joan late wife of Robert de Wessington, who was jointly enfeofled thereof with her late husband by Walter de Stirkland, to hold for 1/24 fee; Cal. Close R., 1324, p. 249.

1331 William de Tweng by Ralph de Lund his attorney on the 4th day against Walter de Stirkeland, John son of Roger, and John del Mire on a plea of assault and arms in the Close of the said William by Helsyngton destroying goods and chattels to the value of £10 taking things up and knocking them about to the great damage of the same William's peace. And they do not come themselves nor are represented. That they must be distrained upon their land and that they must be present in their bodies here at Westminster 3 weeks after Easter De Banco Roll 280, memb, 126b, 4 Edw. III, 1329, 15 days after Hillary.

1332 Helsington. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

John son of Richard in goods 22s. 6d.
Robert son of Alan " 30s.
Nicholas son of Henry " 15s.
Thomas son of William " 15s.
William son of Agnes " 30s.
Robert de Schepisheved " 45s.
Adam Croysee " 60s.
Thomas Ward " 75s.
William de Staynbale " 15s.
Thomas Forest[er] " 30s.
Gillion the sowter (sutor) " 22s. 6d.
Adam Derninge in goods 45s.
Richard de Langbergh " 30s.
Cohun Walker " 15s.
William de Gygeswyke " 45s.
Odonell son of Richard " 30s.
William son of Lieoun " 45s.
William Wyrycake " 30s.
Sum of goods £30, whereof [to the king 40s.]; Excheq., Lay Sub., Westmld., 195, A1.

1332 William de Thweng, knt., granted to Walter de Stirkeland the waste and wood in the vill of Helsington below the sheepfold of Sir Walter towards his manor of Syritheserd, which is called Le Cotgarth; D. at Sizergh.

The same Sir William grants that Walter de Stirkeland and his heirs may enclose the land and tenements which they have in Helsington, except Brigster, which shall remain unenclosed except such part as was already enclosed, and saving to Sir William and his fishermen right of way to the fishery of the Forsse; if Sir William's beasts stray into Sir Walter's lands in Helsington they shall be driven out without impounding, and if Sir Walter's beasts escape into his acregarths they shall be impounded until the damage be paid, if it be not towards Le Bergh (fn. 2) for default of enclosure. Sir William also grants to Sir Walter and his tenants of Helsington estovers for burning, building and enclosing for Sir Walter's manor of Syresargh in the woods of Sever, (fn. 3) Threlgrope, Mongowe, (fn. 4) Brendwode and Whitbergh, and common of pasture for their beasts of the manor of Syresargh in Le Bergh of Helsington and Lez Whytebergh, and in the woods above said; D. at Sizergh. Seal of white wax, on a fess 3 lions rampant between 3 martlets; legend: s. Willelmi De Theng.

1334 Sir Walter de Stirkland, Nicholas the reeve and Richard Wariner are bound to deliver to the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York, 3 skeps of good oat-meal for tithe of sheaves of Sigredhergh of the issue of the harvest of 1334, sold to the said Sir Walter; to be delivered at the granary of the said religious men at Kyrkeby in Kendale about Easter following, or the price thereof in lieu of the meal according as good oatmeal may be sold in the next days of the market in Kyrkeby in Kendale before the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 1335. Dated at Kyrkeby in Kendale on Sunday next before the feast of St. Peter's Chains, 1334. Orig. at Sizergh.

1336 Licence for Walter de Stirkeland to impark his wood and his demesne lands called Syritherd, co. Westmorland; Cal. Pat. R., 1336, p. 196.

1340 William de Tweng held at his death the manor of Helsington with lands in Kirkeby in Kendale, Crossetwayt, Stavelay, Sapgill, Hogill, Respton, Gresmere and Langdene of the king in chief by the service of ¾ fee and suit of the county (court) of Westmorland every month; at Helsington there is the site of the chief messuage which is waste and worth nothing, free tenants and tenants at will there render £15; a fishery called "Le Fors" used to render 36s. 8d., and now only 20s.; a fishery called "Le Keent" is worth 2s. yearly; Inq. p. m., 14 Edw. III, 1st nos., d. 31.

1341 Walter de Stirkeland, knt., held of William de Twenge a messuage and 8 b. in Schireserg, Staynton, Whynfel, Hakethorp and Wyndergh by the service of 1/20 fee; Cal. Inq., viii, 202.

1342 Pardon to Richard Ward of Walesby (co. Linc.) of his outlawry in the county (court) of Westmorland for not appearing to answer touching a plea of John de Stirkeland, knt., that he render an account for the time when he was his receiver; Cal. Pat. R., 1342, p. 468.

John Dauney complained against Thomas Roke of Stavelay, walker, and others, that they broke his close at Helsyngton, cut down his trees and carried them away to the value of £10; De Banco R., Trin., 331, m. 255 d.

1344 Robert de Thweng held at his death two parts of the manor of Helsington and lands in Kirkeby in Kendale, Crossethwayt, Staveley, Sadgill, Respeton, Gressemere, and Langden, pertaining thereto; which two parts, with the third part of the said manor and tenements, which Katherine, late the wife of William de Thweng, who still survives, holds in dower of the said inheritance, the said Robert held of the king in chief by the service of a moiety of three parts of a knight's fee and by doing suit at the county (court) of Westmorland every month; Cal. Inq., viii, 368.

1346 Grant for life, for good service on this side the seas, to John son of Walter de Stirkeland of the bailiwick of the forestership of Fourneys; Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1346, p. 479.

1350 Thomas de Stirkeland, chivaler, going on the king's service to Ireland, nominates attorneys for one year; ib., 1350, p. 460.

1357 William son of Peter de Kirkeby in Kendale, and John Waryner of the same place are in mercy for default. They were summoned to answer John Daunay of a plea that they with William de Edenhale of Kirkeby in Kendale broke John's close at Helsyngton and cut down his trees to the value of £10; De Banco R., Easter, 390, m. 125.

Later, the said William and John stated that they were burgesses and residents in the vill and borough of Kirkeby in Kendale and that they and all their predecessors had reasonable estovers, namely housebote and haybote, (fn. 5) in Helsington. The sheriff was ordered to summon a jury; ib., Trin., 391, m. 244 d.

1360 James de Pykering, knt., demanded against Robert son of Adam Warde 4 bovates and 80 a. land in Helsyngton; and against John Warde, the elder, 40 a. of land there; and against John Warde, younger, 35 a. land and 6 a. meadow there; and against John de Capplesheved and Beatrice his wife 40 a. land there; and against Bona who was the wife of Adam Ward 2 bovates there; which Thomas de Pykeryng gave to John his son and Margaret wife of the said John and their issue with remainder to Robert de Pykeryng and his heirs; he states that John and Margaret died without issue and that Robert had a son and heir James, the demandant. Robert son of Adam says that one Adam Ward was seised of one moiety of the tenement claimed against him, Robert succeeded him as son and heir and is under age; and of the remainder Roger Ward his uncle, whose heir he is, was seised and died without issue, the said Robert being his heir; John Ward, younger, says that one Thomas Ward was seised of the tenement claimed against him and enfeoffed thereof the said John in fee, and he calls to warranty Robert son of Adam Ward, kinsman and heir of the said Thomas; John Ward, elder, says that he holds the tenement claimed against him for the life of Matilda Ward, the reversion after her death being to Robert son of Adam Ward; John de Capplesheved and Beatrice claim to hold the tenement claimed against them in dower of the said Beatrice of the endowment of Roger Ward formerly her husband, with reversion after her death to the said Robert son of Adam Ward; Bona Ward says that she holds the land claimed against her in dower from Adam Ward, formerly her husband, with reversion at her death to Robert son of Adam Ward. The plea is to remain until Robert son of Adam is of age; De Banco R., Trin., 403, m. 64.

1361 Licence, for good service done in France, for Thomas de Stirkeland to impark 300 acres by estimation of his lands and woods in Helsyngton, Levenes and Hackethorpe; Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1361, p. 551.

Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., Roland de Thornburgh &c. on the commission of the peace for co. Westmorland; ib., 1361–64, p. 65.

1374 Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Monday after St. Lawrence the Martyr, 48 Edward I (14 August, 1374). Thomas de Thwenge held at his death of the king in chief in his demesne as of fee the manor of Helsington with the demesne there, meadow, park and water-mill and the tenants of the same manor, the hamlets of Crostwhaite and Le Lythe with Aynerholme, by knight's service, worth £36 6s. 8d. yearly. [See Staveley]. A fourth part of the woods of Le Haye, Severgh, Threlesgrope, Mountjowe and Bryndwoode, held of the king by knight's service, worth nothing yearly. These manors, lands, tenements, rents and services with two (sic) parts of a knight's fee he held of the king in chief as a fourth part and a 24th part of the barony of Kendale by the service of a moiety of three parts of a knight's fee. He had 3 sisters, namely Lucy, Margaret and Katherine. Lucy had issue Marmaduke de Lumley, who had issue Robert de Lumley, now living, aged 17 years; Margaret had issue Matilda, who had issue John de Hotham, "chivaler," now living, and Isabel, wife of Walter de Pedwardyn, chivaler," now living; Katherine had issue Elizabeth, wife of William Botreaux, "chivaler." Thus the said Robert de Lumley, John de Hotham, "chivaler," Isabel wife of Walter Pedwardyn, ["chivaler"], and Elizabeth wife of William Botreaux, "chivaler," are kinsmen and next heirs of the said Thomas de Thwenge; Inq. p. m., 48 Edw. III, 1st nos., n. 68.

1376 Extent made at Kirkeby in Kendale, 24 April, 50 Edward III (1376) of the value of the knight's fees &c. which belonged to Thomas de Thwenge, deceased, by the oath of John de Burgh, Patrick de Sheppesheved, Robert de Dokwra, William Daunay, Richard Walker, William de Gylpin, John Channon (?), Richard Kayrous, Roger de Stirkeland, Thomas Godmond, Adam Wariner and Hugh Gylpin, the said Thomas held a 6th part of a knight's fee in Wattesfeld, Helsington, Asthwayte, Howys, Dubbys, Routheworthe, Bolteston and Tyllowthwaite, which Richard Kayrous and John del Chambre held of him, worth 100s. yearly; a 20th part of a knight's fee in Sleddale, which Robert de Bainbrig lately held of him, worth 20s. yearly; a 20th part of a knight's fee in Staveley Godmond, which John del Chambre, Boldewin de Sheppesheved and Thomas Godmond lately held of him, worth 50s. yearly; a 26th part of a knight's fee in Patton, which William Slak lately held, worth 26s. 8d. yearly; a 10th part of a knight's fee in Dylacre and Hencastre, which Peter de Ros and Thomas de Stirkeland lately held, worth 60s. yearly and a 30th part of a knight's fee in Preston and Mareshalholm. which Robert son of Peter of Kirkeby in Kendale and Richard de Preston held of him, worth 40s. yearly; (fn. 6) Inq. p. m., 50 Edw. III, n. 68 (Rawlinson's MS.).

1381 Walter de Stirkland with the escheator &c. is appointed to inquire touching the lands and possessions of the chapel of "Seinte Marie Holm," co. Westmorland, annexed to the chapel of Seggenden, of royal foundation and patronage, that have been alienated or withdrawn; Cal. Pat. R., 1381, p. 629.

1390 James de Pickeringe, "chivaler," held of Thomas de Roos 2 tenements in the vills of Helsington and Levens for 1d. rent at Easter and Mich.; Inq. p.m., 14 Ric. II, n. 41.

1390–25 Alice de Asmunderlawe held of Philippa, countess of Oxford (?), a messuage and 20 a. land in Helsington for 20s. yearly; Roll at Levens.

1404 Thomas de Pickeringe held of William de Parr, chr., 2 tenements (as in 1390), worth 20s.; Inq. p. m., 6 Hen. IV, n. 37.

1405 By inquest taken in 1405 it was found that Thomas, son and heir of Ralph de Lumley, chivaler, died seised of the manor of Helsington in Kendale and a 4th part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale with all the appurtenances except the castle of Kirkeby, held of the king in chief by the 8th part of a knight's fee, worth £30 yearly. Thomas died within age, I Henry IV (recte 31 May, 5 Henry IV, 1404). John de Lumley, chivaler, son and heir of Ralph and brother of Thomas de Lumley, aged 20 years, is his next heir; Chan. Inq., p.m., 6 Hen. IV, n. 23.

1407 James Pickeringe held the same 2 tenements that Thomas de Pickeringe held of William de Parr, chevr, at the death of John de Parr. Inq. post mort., 9 Henry IV, m. 38.

1421 Inquest taken at Kirkby in Kendal on Saturday the eve of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 9 Henry V (23 Aug. 1421), by the oath of Robert de Bellyngham, William de Blenkansop, John Roos, John de Preston of Biggyns, John de Redmane, John de Stirkelande, John de Thyrkeld, Richard de Bethum, Richard de Culwene, John de Carehous, William de Manser and Thomas de Manser, who say that John Lumle, chivaler, alias John de Lumley, chivaler, held at his death an 8th part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale, which 8th part extends itself into Kirkeby in Kendale, Helsyngton, Crossethwayte and Lithe: (see Kirkby Kendale, page 41) namely in Helsyngton 6 messuages, 100 a. land, 30 a. meadow and 100 a. wood worth 100s. yearly clear. (See Crosthwaite). The said 8th part is held of the king in chief by knight's service and is worth 47 marks yearly clear. He died 22 March 9 Henry V (1421) and Thomas his son is his next heir, aged 11 years; Chan. Inq., p. m., 9 Hen. V, n. 16.

1425 John dake of Bedford demised to Robert Bryggys and John Bryggis his son, for life, the tenement (fn. 7) with adjacent land in Helsyngton formerly held by Roger Strekeland and William Geste, to hold for 10s. rent and keeping the premises in repair. This demise was confirmed to the same Robert and John by the king in 1440; Cal. Pat. R., 1440, p. 392.

1431 Nicholas Layburn pays £2 6s. 8d. for farm of the tithes of Helsington; Roll at Levens. For Wattesfeld and Hawes see Bradley.

Thomas Stirkland, knt., enfeoffs Richard Garsdale, vicar of the church of Kirkby in Kendale, Richard Broughton, Thomas Broughton and Thomas Warde, chaplains, of his manor of Sisyssergh. Dated 10 June, 9 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh. Seal of red wax bearing an escallop shell surrounded by twisted rushes.

1442 The king grants to Walter Strikland, esq., the office of keeper of the park of Calgarth from 18 May, 1437, for life at 6d. per diem, as Robert Pylton, late keeper, received the same fee; and whereas the same Walter has resigned the grant made to him on 5 April, 1438, of the office of receiver of the lordship of Kendale, with the fee of £10 yearly and wages of 2s. per diem, grant in lieu thereof of the said office of keeper with the pannage and herbage of the park for life from Michaelmas last past and the fishery of the water of Wynandremere and all the lands and tenements in the hamlets of Appilthwayt and Under Milnbek and on the south side of the water called Milnebek, in the parish of Wynandremere, for life, in full recompense of the wages of 6d. per diem and of the fee of £10 per annum, to hold by rendering yearly 5 marks only at Easter and Michaelmas by equal portions. Eltham, 16 October, 1442; Orig. at Sizergh.

1443 Grant to John, duke of Somerset and earl of Somerset and Kendale, and the heirs of his body, of inter alia £25 12s. 10d. yearly from the farm of the subsidy and ulnage of cloth for sale in Bristol in recompense of two parts of all the lands in the hamlets of Crossethuayte and Hoton in Strikelandketill and in the towns of Forsethuayte, Striklandketill and Helsington and of the fishery of Kent, and of lands in Whittington, co. Lanc., the keeping of which lands was granted for a term of 10 years to Thomas Parr, knt., by letters patent dated 21 February, 17 Henry VI (1439) and a rent therefrom of £25 12s. 10d. to William Ayscough, justice of the Bench, during the same term, with reversion of the premises for life after the said term, by letters patent dated 21 October, 21 Henry VI (1443) to hold to the duke as above during the said term and during the life of William Ayscogh. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1443, p. 224.

1446 Confirmation by Thomas Danyell, esq., to Thomas Stirkland, knt., and Walter his son of the stewardship of his lands in Kendale, to hold so long as they bear themselves well in that office; and to Walter the keeping and oversight of the park of Calgarthe with the water called Wynandremere with "the holmys" within that water, with the emoluments, for his life, if he "do his true part in the said office." Windsor, 4 Nov., 25 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh.

1448 Feoffment by Richard Strikland, esq., son of Walter Strikland, esq., and of Isabel, Walter's wife, daughter of John Olney, son of William Olney, son of John Olney, son of John Olney, knt., and of Matilda his wife, daughter of Nicholas Haversham, to trustees of the manor of Haverssham [co. Bucks] with the advowson of the church there. Sunday after St. Matthew the apostle and Evangelist, 27 Henry VI; Cal. of Anct. Deeds, B. 4220.

1452 Baldwin Scheppesshed alias Shepeheved acquired to him and his heirs of Margaret Roos a plat of land called Le Groute (fn. 8) by Le Howes in Helsyngton, held in chief, and afterwards Thomas Parre, knt., acquired the same of Baldwin, (fn. 9) without licence, the king for 6s. 8d. has pardoned the trespass; Cal. Pat. R., 1452, p. 18.

1462 General pardon to Walter Strykland of Syrsser, esq., son and heir of Thomas Strykland, of all offences committed before 4 November, 1461. Westminster, 1 July, 2 Edward IV; Orig. at Sizergh.

1488 Gilbert Lancaster, esq., and Elizabeth his wife grant to Thomas Stirkland, knt., two tenements in the holding of Robert Wilkinson of Shawe and John Mownce, dwelling at "Park fute," subject to redemption on payment of £12 to Thomas at the manor of Cysar. Witnesses: William Lambert, John Berra, Henry Helme. Dated 16 May, 3 Henry VII; Orig. at Sizergh.

1491 Thomas Strykeland, knt., enfeoffs John Warener, knt., and 6 others of messuages, lands, mills, rents &c. which Thomas Stele, John Danyell, Thomas Warener, the wife of John Speyght, the wife of William Saunderson, Edward Syll. John Raynoldson, John Makereth, Robert Smythe, Richard Dawber, Thomas Brade, Agnes Makereth, the wife of William Mayster, Richard Smyth, the wife of Edmund Preket, Peter Saule, William Reynaldson, William Clerk, Edmund Sill, John Ayra, John Speyght, Thomas Walker, John Adson, Edmund Moser, James Strykeland, Edmund Crakyll, Robert Wilson, Richard Mannyng, Robert Dowcerner (sic), John Nicholson, Margaret Wilson, John Mylne, Thomas Hogeson, William Chambyr, John Lyndhede, Miles Croser, Thomas Comyns, the wife of John Cowper, John Bagla. William Symson, Thomas Saunderson, Roger Chambyr, Nicholas Mone, Thomas Parke, the younger, Thomas Hogeson Robert Preston, Thomas Parke the elder, Roger Williamson, William Syll, Robert Mone, William Parke, the wife of Henry Braythewayte, William Smyth, Thomas Hirde, Thomas Raysebek, John Frearman, William Martendale, Thomas Bordriggys, Laurence Chambyr, Christopher Chambyr, John Henreson, William Fauset, Katherine Pye, Richard Hyne, Robert Wilson, Roger Saule, Richard Till, the wife of John Hyrde, William Loremer, Isabel Nelson, Christopher Nelson, Edmund Nelson, Richard Ayra, Robert Nelson, William Nelson, Robert Speyght, William Hegyn, John Loremer, Robert Hegyn and Thomas Forest hold of the said Thomas Strykland, jointly or severally, at will or for term of years, in the tenements in the vills of Natland, Kyrkbe Kendale, Syggyswyk, Hencaster, Brygstere, Levens, Sisergh and Staynton, of the clear yearly value of 100 marks, to hold to the use of dame Margery, formerly the wife of John Byron, knt. for her life, with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Thomas Strykland. Witnesses: George Stanley, knt., lord Le Strange, Edward Stanley, knt., Thomas Laurens, esq. Dated at Kyrkbe Kendale, 9 March, 6 Henry VII (1491); Orig. at Sizergh.

1504 George Lomley, knt., lord Lomley, grants to Walter Strikland of Sithser, knt., the office of steward in Kendall for life, receiving 53s. 4d. yearly as fee. Dated at Cilton Castle, . . July, 19 Henry VII (1504); Orig. at Sizergh.

1507 Value of the lands late of George Lumley, knt., lord Lumley, grandfather of Richard Lumley, of which he was seised at the time of his death, namely 11 November, 23 [Henry VII, 1507], of which lands the said Richard now seeks livery out of the king's hands as kinsman and next heir of the said George:

The demesne of Kyrkeby Kendall £45 2s. 4d. besides lands in Yorkshire, Northumberland and Cumberland amounting to £216 8s. 3¾d. yearly value; MS. at Levens.

1511 Inquest taken at Kyrkby in Kendale, 16 January 2 Henry VIIJ (1511). The jurors say that lord Richard Lomley did not die seised of any lands or tenements in co. Westmorland; but that George Lomley, knight was seised of the manors of Kyrby in Kendale, Helsyngton, Helsyngtonlathes, Crosthwaite & Lyeth with 60 messuages, 800 a. land, 200 a. meadow, 100 a. wood, 4000 a. pasture, 2 mills & a moiety of 2 mills, 258 rent & the fishery of Fors. So seised by his charter dated 12 September 22 Henry VIJ (1506) he enfeoffed thereof Henry Scrope, knight, & others to fulfil his will which follows: Feoffees to suffer me the said George to occupy & receive the profits for my life & after my death to suffer Richard, son of Thomas Lomley, son of me to occupy & receive the profits for his life & after his death my feoffees to stand seised of the premises to the use of the heirs male of the said Richard lawfully begotten. The manors, lands & tenements are worth yearly besides reprises £46 and are held of the king in chief by services unknown. John Lomley is son and heir male of the said Richard. Richard Lomley died on the feast of Holy Trinity last past (1510). John is aged 18 years; Excheq. Inq. p. m., ser. ii, file 116, n. 2.

1526 Alexander Kennede, doctor of physic, agrees with Walter Strikland, knt., for £20, that "he shall with the grace and help of God reduce and bryng the saide Sir Walter Strikland to perfite helth of all the infirmities ande diseases conteignyd in hys person and in especiall stoomake lounges and breeth wherin he hath moost disease and greve."Dated 26 April 18 Henry VIII (1526); Orig. at Sizergh.

1529 Lease by Edmund, abbot of the monastery of Our Lady of York, and the convent to Richard Whalley, the abbot's servant, of the tithes of corn and hay late in the holding of Sir Walter Strikland, knt., in the "parishynges" of Eversham and Kirkeby in Kendale, namely belonging to two tithe barns called Croscrak and Laikrige, belonging to the parsonage of Eversham, to the tithe barns of Natland and Sizar, belonging to the parsonage of Kirkby in Kendale, to hold for a term of 41 years at £18 14s. 8d., namely for Croscrak and Laikrige, £14; for Natland and Whynfell, 74s. 8d.; and for Sizar, 20s., payable at Easter. Dated 2 February, 20 Henry VIII (1529). Orig. at Sizergh.

1530 Inquest taken at Burgham, 5 April, 21 Henry VIIJ (1530), before William Curwen, escheator, by writ of "amotus." Walter Strikland, knight, was seised of the manor of Syssergh & 7 messuages, 20 a. land, 4 a. meadow, 100 a. wood in Brygstere; 12 messuages, 60 a. land, 10 a. meadow in Hyncastre; the manor of Natland; the hamlet of Stayneton; the hamlet of Sygeswyk & 15 a. land, 19 a. meadow, 22 a. pasture, 7 a. wood in the hamlet of Sygeswyke; a certain hamlet called Whynfell; 12 burgages, 11 tofts, 11 a. land in Kyrby in Kendall; a messuage in Grayryge; messuage in Laweray; a messuage in Sleddall; a messuage in Stayveley; 6 a. land in Thorpe; 1½ a. land in Lowther & 2 parts of the advowson of the parish church of Lowther, to present a clerk to the said church when void alternately (duabus vicibus) & 4 a. land in Sharowgh. By his charter dated 20 September, 15 Henry VIII (1523) he thereof enfeoffed William Penyngton, esquire, Roger Lassells, esquire, Jervase Strykeland, esquire, Henry Norton, esq., Anthony Shortus, esq., & Richard Browne, clerk, to perform his will. The feoffees entered the premises & are still so seised. Walter Strykeland made his will as follows: In the year 1528 "I Syr Walter Strykland knyght" make my will, my body to be buried in the church of the Holy Trinity of Kendall "in myn owne choir of Sent Katryn"; to two of my daughters, Elizabeth & Anne, 300 marks to their marriage, from my moveable goods & lands, they to be content & claim no more; if they die before marriage the said 600 marks to remain to the executors for performance of the will. Whereas I have enfeoffed William Penyngton & others (named) & given them livery & seisin of all my lands, tenements &c in co. Westmorland to the following uses, viz: from all my lands, tenements, &c in the towns of Sygewyke, Hencastre, Nateland, Staynton & Westseyd Kent, which before time dame Elysabeth my mother, now wife of Sir William Gascon, had as her jointure & "hur thredd" (third), the feoffees are to permit the said dame Elizabeth to receive the profits during her life & after her death the feoffees are to stand seised thereof for the performance of this will; & to stand seised of the residue of his manors, lands &c from which his executors are to take the profits for the bequests of this will; the feoffees are to suffer his wellbeloved wife "Katerin" to take yearly during her life £32 rents to her own use within the town of Stanton as parcel of her "feftment"; the feoffees to stand seised of a parcel of the hamlet of Whenfell to the yearly value of £8 of rents to the use of his said wife for her life, "so that the seid somes of feffment extend yerely but to the holle some of xliiij li. ouer all chargys & reprises"; to his daughter "Mare" £20 to be taken from his goods & lands & delivered to her "at such tyme as she goeth to houshold"; wishes the said daughter to be brought up as own daughter to his mother lady Gascon; the feoffees to stand seised of as much of the hamlet of Natland as shall be of the yearly value of 10 marks for his son Thomas for life; & to stand seised of as much of the demesne lands of Hakthrop as shall be of the yearly value of £10 to the use of "Jarves Strikland my unchill" for life, & after his death of as much part as shall be of the yearly value of £4 13 4 to the use of Elsabeth Strikland, wife of the aforesaid Jarves, as an annuity if she survives the said Jarves; £6 138 4d to Elsabeth Fethomas to her marriage; a quarters wages to his servants; feoffees to suffer "my enterly welbeloued Walter Strekland, my sone & myn heire," Gerues Strakland, esquire, Rychard Browne, clerk, to have all such lands &c as of right ought to descend "to me as well in possession as reversion" to the use of this will; to Syr Rouland Raulandson, "my chapplyn," a year's wages besides such wages as "my wyffe" will give him; Syr Miles Herreson to have the "serues or Chantre in my quere in Kendall Kyrk" after the death of Syr John Bourdall according to "my writing under my seale to the seyd Syr Miles"; appoints as executors "Dame Katryn my Wyffe & Walter Strykland my son, Jerues strykland & syr Rychard Browne clerke"; appoints as supervisors "William lord Dakers, & Dame Elsabeth Gascougn my mother"; the witnesses are "James Layburn, esquier, Thomas Belangham, gentilman, Syr William Walker, my gostly Father & parish prest of Kyrkby in Kendale, Syr Rauland Raulandson, chapplyn, Syr William Browne, chapplyn, Walter Chamer, Thomas Lambert, John Loncaster & Rouland Bek, my seruaundys wyth many other." The manor of Syssergh is held of John Lomley, lord de Lomley as of one fourth part of the barony of Kendale service unknown worth yearly clear 20 marks; the messuages, lands &c in Brygstere are held of the said John, lord Lomley, & of Richard Redmayn & John Preston, esquires, service unknown, worth clear £4; the messuages, lands &c in Hyncastre are held of the heirs of Thomas Parre, knight, deceased, service unknown, worth yearly clear £6; manor of Natland & hamlet of Stanton are held of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, knight, deceased, as of one fourth part of his barony of Kendall, by knight service, worth yearly clear 40 marks; the hamlet of Sygewyke & other lands there are held of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, knight, deceased, service unknown worth yearly clear 11 marks; the hamlet of Whynfell is held of the king in chief by knight service, worth yearly clear 8 marks; the burgages, crofts & lands in Kyrby in Kendall are held of John, lord Lomley, & of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, namely 4 of the burgages, tofts & lands of the said John & 8 of the burgages, tofts & lands being the residue, of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, service unknown, worth yearly clear 9 marks; the messuage in Greyryge is held of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, service unknown, worth yearly clear 20s; the messuage in Laucray is held of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, service unknown, worth yearly clear 8s; the messuage in Sleddall is held of Henry, duke of Rychemond, service unknown, worth yearly clear 13s 4d; the messuage in Stayvley is held of the said John, lord de Lomley, service unknown, worth yearly clear 5s; the lands &c in Thorppe, Lowther & Sharough are held of the heir of the said Thomas Parre, service unknown, worth yearly clear 20s. He died 9 January, 19 Henry VIIJ (1528). Walter Stricland, younger, is his son & next heir, aged 14 years; Excheq. Inq., p. m., ser. ii, file 129, n. 1.

1537 Walter Strykland of Syser, knt., died 9 January, 19 Henry VIII (1528), Walter his son being aged 14 years, and by reason of his minority in the custody of the King. The said Walter, the son, attained full age on 5 April, 1537. The manor of Syser with the park was then worth £24 yearly, clear; lands and tenements in Brygestre with the park, 78s. 11d. Value of all the estates in Westmorland late of Walter Strykland, knt., £155 Os. 4½d.; Orig. at Sizergh.

1539 Lease by William, abbot of St. Mary's, York, &c. to William Knevett, esq., and lady Katheryn Strykland, his wife, of the tithe of corn and hay, as in the lease of 1529, for term of 70 years, namely for Croscrake and Lawkoygge, £14; for Natland and Whynfell, 66s., and for Sysyrehe, 20s. Dated 15 April, 30 Henry VIII (1539); Orig. at Sizergh.

c 1540 "The householde servantes of Walter Strykeland, esquyer, his tenandes and inhabitantes within the countie of Westmerland of his enheritance ther:

The sayd Walter Strykeland, esquyer,

Rowlande Becke, with horse, harnes and a bowe.

Rychard Collynson do.
Anthony Langhorne do.
Nycoles Kylner do.
Robert Watson do.
Roland James do.
Rychard Wylson do.
Jhon Smythe do.
Wylliam Sawkelt do.
Wylliam Browne do.
Edward Spyser do.

[No place named; similar lists follow for Natland, Staynton, Hincaster, Syggyswyke, Whynfell, Hacthrop and Wynder].

The hoole noumber off Walter Stryklande, esquier and depute steuard of Kendall, his servantes, tenandes and inhabytantes within the countie of Westmerland of his ineritance thayre:

Bowmen horsid and harnassed 79
Bylmen horsyd and harnassed 74
Bowmen wthout hors harnasse 71
Bylmen without hors harnasse 76
Totalis numerus 290 (sic)

Orig. at Sizergh.

Lease by Henry VIII to Thomas Seymour, knt., for 21 years from Michaelmas, 1540, for £81 5s. 5½d., of 40½ a. of glebe land in Le Kyrkefelde in the parish of Kyrkeby Kendall and tithes of sheaves of Barowfelde, late in the tenure of William Collynges; Helsyngton Lathes, late in the tenure of Thomas Bellyngeham, and the residue of the tithes of sheaves of the rectory of Kyrkeby Kendall, late in the hands of the parishioners at will, and the tithe of wool and lambs of the rectory, being parcel of the possessions of the late monastery of the Blessed Mary in the suburbs of the city of York, now dissolved; D. at Sizergh.

1544 On 28 June, 36 Henry VIII (1544), Sir John Williams, knight, treasurer of the augmentations of the revenues of the king's majesty's crown, acknowledged the receipt from Allan Bellingham, gent., of £137 10s. due to his Majesty for the grant and purchase of the manor or farm of Helsington, purchased by the late Duke of Richmond of the Lord Lumley.

1544 By his letters patent dated 1 July, 36th year (1544) King Henry VIII, for £137 10s. granted to Allan Bellingham of Helsington, gent., the manor of Helsington with its members, late in the occupation of Thomas Bellingham, gent., deceased, father of the same Alan, to hold as fully as Henry late and last earl of Richmond or John Lumley knight, lord Lumley, or any of his ancestors held it by the 20th part of a knight's fee, which said premises extend to the clear yearly value of £10 10s. Bar to the right or claim of William Parr, knight, lord Parr of Horton, in the premises; MS. at Levens.

1547 William Striklande of Place Newton, co. York, gent., and Elizabeth his wife, sell to Walter Striklande of Sysar, esq., their moiety of the leases of tithes in Kendall, which they had by the demise of William Knevet and dame Katherine his wife, deceased, for the remainder of their term. Dated 23 September, 1 Edward VI (1547); Orig. at Sizergh.

Robert Pykeryng, gent., passed by fine to Anne Knyvett, widow, (fn. 10) the manor of Barowe Halle and tenements in Brygstere, Helsyngton and Kyrkby in Kendall, co. Westmorland, and a moiety of the manor of Sedbergh, co. York; Feet of Fines, Easter term, 1 Edw. VI.

1548 Indentures of sale by Raulf Constable of Hull, co. York, esq., and Anne his wife to Walter Stirklande of Sysar, esq. of the other moiety of the tithes of Kendall (as above 1547). Dated 28 September, 2 Edward VI (1548); Orig. at Sizergh.

1550 Lease of tithes (as in 1540) from Edward VI to Robert Tyrwhit, knt., from the end of the term then created for 40 years at £84 18s. 6d.; D. at Sizergh.

1553 John Vaughan and Anne his wife, daughter and heir of Christopher Pickering, knt., passed by fine to Alan Bellyngeham, esq., tenements in Barowfeld and Brygstere; Feet of Fines, Easter term, 7 Edw. VI.

1580 Inquest taken at Appulbie, 8 Oct. 22 Elizth (1580), before George Salkeld, John Midleton, George Gilpin esquires & Thomas Birkbeck gentleman deputy of Wm Atkinson gentleman the Queen's feodary in co. Westmoreland by Commn to them directed. By the oath of Humphrey Musgrave, esq., Richd Sandfurth gent., John Wharton esq., Edmund Dudley, Walter Chamber, Richd Tunstall, Hugh Maichell, Barnaby Maichell, Hugh Warcope, John Bambrig senior, George Bachouse, George Bambrig, John otherwise Jenkin Bell, Randulph Washington, Robert Barton, Henry Bachouse, Thomas Bird, gentlemen, Henry Loughe & Randolph Bateman who say that: Thomas Bellingham, by virtue of the last will of Alan Bellingham esquire deceased his late father, shewn to jurors, was seised in his demesne as of fee tail, namely to himself & the heirs male of his body, of the manor of Helsington & divers messuages, cottages, lands & tenemts there. And of a free rent of 28 yearly issuing out of the manor of Siserghe. And of the manors of Kendall Crostwhait & Lythe (for which see under). And of the soil free tenement & hereditament (in solo libro tenement et hereditament) of a certain Turbary in the said county called Sampole. And of the manor of Croke. And of the manor of Staveley. And of divers mess., cottages, lands &c in Crooke, Overstaveley, Netherstaveley, Sadgill, Respeton, Fairbanke, Howgill, Hewgill, Grismyre, Langden, Potterfell, Vowflatt, Ultwhait, Raderhead, Saberghe, Crookfell, Westwood & Rogerholme. And free fishery of the water of Winandermer. And of the tarns in Skekleswater & Grismyre. And of a moiety of 1 water mill in Respeton. And of the manor of Kirkby in Kendall otherwise Kirkland in Kendall (which see under). And of divers mess. & lands in Tulletwhait, Underbarrowe, Stricklandketle, Whynfell & Sigewick. And of divers mess. lands &c in Clarethorpe, Driebeck & Amrasse. And of divers mess. burgages lands &c in Apulbie; mess. in Whinfell called "le Great Ashe" lately purchased from Matthew Readman esq.; tithes of wool in parish of Bampton alias Banton; manor of Bellingham co. Northumb.; divers mess. lands &c in Powlton & 1 mess. or burgage in borough of Lancaster, co. Lanc.; 1 acre of land at Carnefurthe in co. Lanc. called "Salteracre otherwise Salterflatt," & advowson of the church & rectory of Warton co. Lanc., with remainder for default of such heirs male of the body of said Thomas to James Bellingham son of aforesaid Alan Bellingham decd & heirs male of his body & for default of such with remainder to heirs male of the body of said Alan & heirs male of their bodies with divers other remainders as appears more fully in Alan's will.

Thomas Bellingham on the day he died by his own purchase was seised in his demesne as of fee of 1 mess. in Bradeleyfeild co. Westmorld late in tenure of James Lockey & purchased from him; & of divers mess. cottages, lands &c in Sleddall, Swinkelbanke, Stockdale, Sadgill Sadgiltwhait & Sadgilhead lately purchased from James Layburne esq.; & of all those lands commons wastes &c commonly called "le Grai Cragge, Arnecrewe, Towsid, Sadgill, Sadgilhead & Sledalhead lately purchased from said Jas. Laiburne; & of 9 mess. in Skelsmerghe late in several tenures of William Atkinson, Catherene Braban widow, Robt Harrison, Robert Burton, the relict of Henry Jackson, the relict of Edmund Gilpin, Nicholas Hodgshon, James Beck & Alan Gilpin lately purchased from said James Laiburne; & of 2 tarns (stagnis) one called "Braban tarne" & the other called "Sibb tarne otherwise Hauerigge tarne" & free fishery in them, purchased from said James Laiburne; & 1 water grain mill & 2 fulling mills in Skelsmerghe now or late in tenure of said James Beck purchased from said James Laiburne. And 1 mess. in Fornes in parish of Overstone co. Lane. now or late in tenure of James Kirkbie called "Overstanerley" purchased from said James Kirkbie.

Manor of Helsington & premises there held of Queen in chief by knight service namely 1/20th of a knights fee, worth yearly clear £12 10s. 0d. Manor of Staveley & premises in Overstaveley, Netherstaveley, Sadgill, Respeton, Fairebanke, Howgill, Hewgill, Grismyre, Langden, Potterfell, Wouflatt, Ultwhait, Raderhead, Sabergh, Crokefell, Westwood & Rogerholme & fishery in Winandermere & the tarns called Skekleswater & Grismyre, the moiety of 1 water grain mill in Respeton held of Queen in chief by knight service & are worth yearly clear £16. Premises in Tulletwhait, Underbarow, Stricklandketle, Whinfell & Sigeswick except (preter) the tenemt in Whinfell called "le Great Ashe" are held of Queen as of "le Marques lands" within barony of Kendall by fealty only & are worth yearly clear, viz: premises in Tulletwhait & Underbarowe 30s, premises in Stricklandketle 8d, mess. in Whinfell 13s 4d, mes. in Sigeswick 3s 4d. Premises in Clarethorpe Amrasse & Driebeck held of Queen as of her manor of East Grenewich in free socage & not in chief & are worth yearly clear 51s 2d. Premises in Apulbie held of Queen as of her manor of East Grenewich in free socage by fealty only & not in chief & are worth yearly clear £7 13s 4d. Mess. in Whinfell called "le Great Ashe" held of Queen as of her fee of "le Richmond landes" by fealty only & worth yearly 20s. Tithes of wool in Bampton held of Queen as of her manor of East Grenewich by fealty only in free socage & not in chief, worth yearly clear £3 4s 1d. Manor of Bellingham held they know not of whom, worth yearly clear £5 0s 0d. Premises in Powlton & in borough of Lancaster & the 1 acre in Karnefurthe & advowson of church & rectory of Warton held of Queen as of her honor of Lancaster by fealty only, are worth yearly clear viz: Premises in Powlton £4, messuage in borough of Lancaster 4s 6d, 1 acre in Karnfurth 20d, advowson of church &c of Warton nothing. Messuage in Bradleyfeild held of William Marquis of Northampton in socage by fealty only, worth yearly clear 15s. Premises in Sleddall, Sleddalhead, Sadgill, Sadgilhead, Sadgiltwhait, Graicragge, Swinkelbank, Arnecrewe, Towside, & Skelsmerghe held of Queen as of "le Marquis landes" in socage by fealty only & are worth yearly clear £30 3s 10d. Messuage in Overstone held of whom they know not worth yearly clear 20s.

Thomas Bellingham held no other manors lands &c of Queen or others on the day he died, namely 5 August last (1580) without any heir male of his body lawfully begotten. James Bellingham is alive & after Thomas' death he by virtue of the will of Alan Bellingham deceased entered into all the manors mess. lands in Helsington etc., as in his remainder namely to him & heirs male of his body lawfully begotten according to the form & effect of the said will of Alan Bellingham.

The said James Bellingham is brother & heir of the said Thos Bellingham deceased & is aged 20 years 15 weeks 3 days now. Chanc. Inq., post mort., ser. ii, vol. 191, n. 116.

1581 Inquest taken at Kirkbye in Kendall, 4 February, 23 Elizabeth (1581), before Thomas Brathwate, esquire, deputy Feodary, Thomas Strickland, gentleman, & Miles Philipson, gentleman, the Queen's Commissioners. Walter Chambres was seised at his death of a capital messuage called "Le Hawes," a water mill, a garden, an orchard, 38 a. land, 12 a. meadow, 20 a. pasture, 10 a. wood in Helsington; another capital messuage called "Hawledhaull," a garden, 28 a. land, 2 a. meadow, 6 a. pasture, 6 a. wood in Stricklandkettle; 3 messuages or tenements in Staveley; a messuage or tenement in Sigiswike; & 6 messuages or burgages in Kirkebye in Kendall. He had to wife one Anne Chambres, who is still living, to whom dower of the said tenements belongs. The capital messuage, mill, lands &c. in Helsington are held of the Queen by knight service, worth yearly clear £13. The capital messuage, lands &c. in Stricklandkettle are similarly held, worth yearly clear £5. The messuage & tenements in Staveley are held of the Queen by fealty & a free rent of 4s 4d yearly, as of her purparty of the manor of Staveley which lately was of John Hewtham, esquire, now in the Queen's hands by reason of the minority of James Bellingham, esquire, & are worth yearly clear 43s. The messuage or tenement in Sigeswicke is held of the Queen by knight service, worth yearly clear 19s 10d. The messuages or burgages in Kirkby in Kendall are held of the Queen by fealty only in free socage & are worth yearly clear 58s. Walter Chambres died 30 October last (1580) and Alan Chambres is his son & next heir, a minor of the age of 16 years, 5 weeks, 5 days; Court of Wards Inq., p. m., vol. 20, n. 116.

1585 Special livery out of the Court of Wards and Liveries to Thomas Strycklande, gent., son and heir of Walter Strycklande, esq., deceased, who died 8 April, 11 Elizabeth (1569), which Thomas attained his full age on 6 June, 27 (sic) Elizabeth (? for 26 Eliz. 1584), inter alia of divers lands and tenements in Briggestrett (sic) lying on the west side of the road which leads from Levenes to Crosthwayte, held of Alan Bellingham and one John Preston, esq., by unknown service and worth yearly, clear, 38s. 11d.; the manor of Siserghe held of Alan Bellingham, esq., as of the fourth part of the barony of Kendall [Lumley fee] by unknown service and worth yearly £20; certain pasture and wood called Brigestere Parke, containing in pasture 20 acres and in wood 20 acres, and worth yearly, clear, 13s. 4d. Total of the inheritance, £221 8s. 10d.; of which in possession, £88 1s. 6d.; in reversion, £133 7s. 4d.; Orig. at Sizergh.

1592 Controversies having arisen between Thomas Strickeland, esq., and James Bellingham, esq., they were submitted to the arbitrament of Sir Henry Curwen, knt., Thomas Preston, Gerrard Lowther, Thomas Braythwat esquires and Thomas Hesketh, gent., who met on 27 August, 1591 (and again on 4 September, 1592) and awarded that:

Mr. Strickland and his tenants of Levens, Syzergh and Brigster should enjoy such common of pasture and turbary as they had used for 50 years past within the commons, waste grounds and mosses of Levens with right of way.

For one year ensuing the fishing of the river Kent called the Force and from the Force downwards to the sea, as far as the fishing extends, shall be used and enjoyed by the said T. S. and J. B. as well as by Thomas Preston, esq., and Thomas Stryckeland of Nyanserghe, with a common net only, and not otherwise, or else the parties are to join in a law suit for the reformation of their respective rights.

James Bellingham having repaired a water-cornmill near the Force, T. S. of Syzerghe alleges that the fishing there is impaired. Ordered that J. B. peaceably enjoy the same mill and that T. S. pay him 10s. for the fishing as heretofore.

Ordered that Mr. S. and his heirs ought to enjoy the two closes in Helsington called Cotgarthes and Flasbanke, paying yearly to Mr. B. 4s. for Cotgarthes and 12d. for Flasbank yearly.

Mr. S. and his tenants of Brigstare shall enjoy common of pasture for their cattle upon Helsington Barrow as for 40 years past.

Mr. S. shall have such common of pasture for his cattle in Whytbarow as he has been accustomed to have.

The tenants of Sedgewike and others shall enjoy the usual pathway through Levens park; as has been accustomed for 40 pears past.

Mr. B. pretendeth that the tenure of Syzargh is by knight's service holden of him and 2s. rent. Mr. S. denies both the tenure and rent. Ordered that the parties search their evidences, especially for some office found before the reign of Henry VII, and show the same on 4 Sept. following.

Mr. B. affirms that the fine of copyhold land in the manor of Kyrckeland is uncertain; Mr. S. affirms it to be 2 years' rent. Ordered that Mr. S., if not yet admitted, be admitted at the next court, paying 8s. 8d. fine, and both parties to produce further evidence on 4 Sept. next.

Ordered that all improvements made by Mr. S. or his tenants on commons where they ought to have common of pasture within 30 years past shall stand good; Orig. award at Sizergh.

1596 Briggsteare. Richard Rowlandson to pay 6s. 1d. rent and 40s. gressom for the tenement which Thomas Briggs bought of James Warde; and 10s. 5d. rent and £5 gressom for the fine of the said Thomas Brigges of the tenement descended from William Briggs, his father; and 10s. 5d. rent and £5 gressom for the said Richard's own fine of the said tenement by him purchased of the said Thomas Briggs; Orig. at Sizergh.

1612 Inquest taken at Kirbye Kendall, 2 September, 10 James 1 (1612) before James Bellingham, Knight, Christopher Phillipson, esquire, Roger Otwaye, escheator and Robert Curwayne, feodary. The jurors say that: Thomas Strickeland, late of Siserghe, knight, was seised of the manor of Siserghe; a messuage called "Frosthwaite"; and 7 messuages, 40 a. land, 4 a. meadow, 40 a. wood in Brigstere; 12 messuages, 60 a. land, 10 a. meadow in Hancaster, alias Hyncaster; a messuage in Awtinghwaite; the manor of Nutland; the hamlet of Stainton; the hamlet of Siggeswicke; the manor of Whinfell; 5 burgages, 5 tofts, 5 roods of land in Kirbye Kendall; a messuage in Sleddall; a messuage in Staveley; 2 messuages in Crakell; 15 a. land in Hawbrigge; and a 4th part of the fishery in the water of Kent. [Here follows the description of his lands in co. York]. So seised by his indenture made between himself of the one part and Christopher Phillipsonne of Calgarthe, co. Westmorland, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife of the other part, dated 29 March, 33 Elizabeth (1591), he granted to the said Christopher and Elizabeth in survivorship an annuity of £50 issuing out of the manors of Nutland and Siggeswicke, payable at the Purification & St. Peter ad vincula by equal portions. So seised of the manor of Thornton Brigges by his indenture made between himself of the one part and Thomas Hardwicke of the city of York, gentleman, and Katherine his wife of the other part, dated 31 May, 34 Elizabeth (1592), he let to farm to the said Thomas and Katherine the demesne lands of the manor of Thornton Brigges, for 80 years should Katherine so long live.

Further, by his indenture dated 30 March, 37 Elizabeth (1595), by the name of Thomas Strickeland, esquire, of the one part and John Baimbrigge of Kirbee, gentleman, and Barnabie Maychell of Kirbiethure, a yeoman, of the other part, he granted to them an annuity of £3 6s. 8d. issuing from his manor, lordship or park of Nutland in co. Westmorld, to hold to the uses expressed in the will of Edward Knipe, deceased, payable at the feasts of Pentecost and Martinmas by equal portions.

So seised of the manor of Letbye by his indenture dated 1 March, 10 James 1 (1613), he let to farm to William Inglebye, knight, a 3rd part of the manor of Letbye, alias Leckbye, to hold from Pentecost next following for a term of 99 years.

So seised of the manor of Newbye, by his indenture dated 20 May, 7 James 1 (1609) he sold to William Ingleby of Ripley, co. York., knight, and Thomas Ingleby, gentleman, the manor or lordship of Newby, to hold under condition that should Thomas Strickeland, knight, his heirs, etc., pay to William Ingleby, knight, his heirs, etc. at the Circumcision of Christ (Christi), called "Newyeres daye" then next following £1100 at the Mansion house of the said William Inglebye at Ripley that then the indenture shall be void. So seised of the rectory of Sheareburne by his indenture dated 26 June, 9 James 1 (1611), he sold to George Bowles, citizen and alderman of London that rectory, to hold under condition that should Thomas Strickeland, knight, his heirs, etc. pay to George Bowles his heirs, etc. on 28 December next following £525, then the indenture shall be void. So seised of the manor of Sedbergh, he let to farm by his indenture dated 15 January, 9 James 1 (1612) to Richard Hutton, esquire, serjeant at law, that manor, to hold from the Annunciation last past (25 March 1612) for 12 years, by virtue of which lease Richard Hutton entered the manor and still is thereof possessed. So being seised of the manors, messuages, tenements and other the premises aforesaid and being indebted to divers persons in several sums of money amounting altogether to £9500 or thereabouts, as by a schedule indented, dated 6 June, 10 James 1 (1612), shown to jurors, more fully appears, by his indenture dated, 16 June, 10 James 1 (1612), made between Sir Thomas Strickland of Thornton Brigges, co. York, knight, of the one part, and Sir Henrie Woodrington of Woodrington, co. Northumberland, Sir Francis Boynton of Roxbye, co. York, Sir Nicholas Tempest of Stella, co. Durham, knights, and Allan Chambers of "the Hawes," co. Westmorland, gentleman, of the other part, in considn of £10,000 to him paid by Sir Henrie and the others, he bargained and sold to them the manors, lordships, towns, villages, hamlets or capital messuages of "Sisergh with his members, Nutlande Whinfeeld, Stainton, Hyncaster, Siggeswicke, the West syde of Kent, and Akenthwaite in co. Westmorland, Thornton Brigges, Sedberghe and Letbye, with certeyne small parcelles of lande in Norton and Milbye," in co. York, to hold the same for ever of the chief lord or lords of the fee, etc., which indenture was enrolled in the King's Chancery according to the form of the Statute. The said bargain and sale was under this trust that Henry Woodrington and the others should pay the debts of the said Thomas Strickeland and for the payment, should sell and grant 5 of the said manors, lands and hereditaments or so many as to them seemed fit and that they should grant the residue to the heirs of the said Thomas.

Further they say that the manor of Siserghe is held of James Bellingham, knight, as of the 4th part of his barony of Kendall, by service unknown, worth yearly clear £10; the messuage, lands, etc,. in Brigstere on the east side of the road which leads from Levens to Crosthwaite, are held of James Bellingham, knight, by service unknown; the said messuage and premises in Brigstere on the west side of the said road are held of the said James Bellingham and one John Preston, esquire, by service unknown, worth yearly 13s. 4d; the messuages, lands, etc., in Hancaster are held of the king as of his manor of Kendall called "le Marques Fee" by service unknown, worth yearly clear 20s, the messuage in Awtingthwaite is held of the king in chief by knight service, worth yearly 7s. The manor of Nutland and the hamlet of Stainton are held of the king as of his barony of Kendall by knight service, worth yearly £3 6s 8d; the hamlet of Siggiswicke is similarly held by service unknown, worth yearly clear 40s; the messuages, parcel of the said hamlet of Siggiswicke, lately purchased from Allan Chambers, gentleman, is held of the king in chief by knight service, namely; by a 100th part of a knight's fee, worth yearly 19s 10d; the manor of Whinfell is held by the king in chief by knight service, namely; by the 20th part of a knight's fee, worth yearly £3 6s 8d; the burgages, crofts and lands in Kirbye Kendall are held of the king and of the said James Bellingham, knight, namely, 3 parts of them of Bellingham and the residue of the king, by service unknown, worth yearly 40s, the messuage in Sleddall is held of the king as of his moiety of the barony of Kendall by service unknown, worth yearly 13s 4d; the messuage in Staveley is held of George Gilpin, esquire, by service unknown, worth yearly 5s; the messuage in Crakell and 15 a. land in Lawrigge are held of James Bellingham, knight, as of the 4th part of his barony of Kendall by service unknown, worth yearly 15s 5d; the manor of Thorneton Brigges, co. York, is held of the heirs of the lord de Mowbrey, deceased, in free socage and is worth yearly clear £10; the 3rd part of the manor of Letbye, co. York, is held of the abovesaid heirs, in free socage, worth yearly clear £5; the manor of Newbye, co. York, is held of the heirs of William Hungate, esquire, deceased, as of his barony or manor of Sheareburne by knight service and is worth yearly clear £6 13s 4d; one moiety of the manor of Sedbergh, co. York, is held of the king as of his manor of Eastgreenwich in free socage and the other moiety of the king by service unknown, the said manor being worth yearly clear £3 6s 8d; the rectory of Sheareburne, co. York, is held of the king in free socage, worth yearly £5. Thomas Strickeland, knight, died 19 June last (1612), and Robert Strickeland is his son and next heir, now aged 12 years, 8 months and 2 days. Lady Margaret, late wife of the said Thomas Strickeland, Christopher Phillipson and Elizabeth his wife; and Katherine Hardwicke, late wife of the said Thomas Hardwicke, still survive; Court of Wards Inq. p.m., Vol. 46, n. 141.

1615 Inquest taken at Kirkbie Kendall, 5th April, 13 James 1 (1615), before Roger Ottwaye, esquire, escheator. Allan Chambers, gentleman, was seised at his death of a capital messuage or tenement called "le Hawes" and a water mill with divers parcels of land, meadows, pasture and wood in Helsington, late in the tenure of Walter Chambers, gentleman, deceased; another capital messuage or tenement called "Hawledhall" with divers lands, arable, meadows and pasture in Strickland Ketle, late in tenure of the said Walter Chambers, late his father; 3 messuages or tenements in Nether Staveley, now in the several tenures of divers tenants thereof according to a certain custom called "Tenantright" there of old used and approved; and of 6 burgages or tenements in Kirkbie Kendall, now in the several tenures of divers tenants thereof according to the custom called "Tenantright" of old used and approved within the town or burgage of Kirkby Kendall, which premises formerly were the inheritance of the aforesaid Walter Chambers, deceased.

Anne Haworth, widow, late the wife of the said Walter Chambers, has and holds a third part of all the lands and tenements aforesaid as dower, and still survives, the reversion thereof to the right heirs of Allan Chambers. The premises in Helsington are held of the king as of his manor or barony of Kendall by knight service, namely: by the 40th part of a knight's fee and are worth yearly clear £3; the premises in Strickland Ketle are held of the king by knight service, namely: by the 40th part of a knight's fee and are worth yearly clear 40s; the premises in Nether Staveley are held of James Bellingham, knight, as of his purparty of the manor of Staveley by knight service, which James Bellingham, knight, holds his said purparty of that manor of the king in chief, and they are worth yearly clear 43s; the burgages and tenements in Kirkbie Kendall are held of the king as of his manor or barony of Kendall in free socage and are worth yearly clear 30s. Allan Chambers died 5 January, 12 James I (1615); his wife Anne survives. Walter Chambers is Allan's son and next heir, aged 18 years and 4 months at his father's death, and the said Walter was married in his father's lifetime and is still married; Court of Wards, Inq. p.m. vol. 52, n. 25.

c 1620 Robert Strickland, esq., son to Thomas Strickland, Knight of the Bath, holdeth the manor of Sisergh with the appurtenances of James Bellingham, knt., being part of the barony of Kendall, by knight's service, by the third part of a knight's fee or by several ancient charters, offices, rentalls and court Rolls and other evidences here in this book truly expressed more at large may and doth evidently appear and is united, annexed, placed and lyeth within the boundary, lordship and manor of Helsington, the which is held of the King's majesty in capite and by the 12th (sic) part of a knight's fee, as by letters patent etc., proving the tenure thereof in capite, etc., and he payeth yearly unto the said James Bellingham, Knt., for the Hall place, manor house and site of the said manor of Sisergh, two shillings; and he holdeth under the chief capital messuage aforesaid, a park there called Sisergh park and demesne lands in his own hands containing about 8 score acres, tenants at will, parcels of the demesne which payeth yearly to him six pounds six shillings, and eight pence; one freeholder which payeth yearly to him for one parcel of ground called Tranthwaite, twelve pence of rent of assise. He holdeth also divers messuages, lands meadows, woods and tenements with the appurtenances, lying in Brigstear, on the east part of the way which leadeth from Levens to Crosthwaite, of Sir James Bellingham, Knt., by the twentieth part of a Knight's fee; and those messuages and other the lands in Brigstere, lying on the west side of the said way; he holdeth of Sir James Bellingham, Knt., and of John Preston, esquire, by the tenth part of a Knight's fee; and he holdeth one messuage and divers lands in Craket in Natland and 15 acres of land in Lawrig, of Sir James Bellingham, Knt., of his fourth part of his barony of Kendall, by a third part of a Knight's fee, together with common of pasture of [Whit]barrow, and the fishing at the Force, as tenant [at wi]ll, for the which he payeth yearly during the pleasure of the said Sir James Bellingham, Knt., 10s . . . . 12s and for Cobegarth, 4s yearly . . . . . . Whinfell. Transcript made by Thomas Lodge; Reg. of D. at Levens.

c 1641 Robert Strickland, Knt., holds the manor of Sisergh, of the lord of this manor (of Helsington) by Knight's service and renders yearly 2s.

John Layburne, esq., holds the manor of Coneswicke, of the lord of this manor (Helsington), by Knights service and renders [1lb. of pepper].

Robert Bindlosse, baronet, holds land in Watsfeild of the lord of this manor (of Helsington) by Knight's service and renders yearly 1s; Reg. of Deeds at Levens Hall.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll; Lay Subsidy R. 195, n 73.

84 in number—£4. 4. 0 tax.

Antho: Parker 2
John Clarke 1
Ann Chambers 1
Widd: Wilkinson 1
John Rowlandson 1
Robt Warriner 1
Peter Collinson 1
Barnard Mackreth 3
Mr Thomas Shepheard 22
Robt Shawe 5
John Bankes 5
Willm Growby 1
Robt Swainson 1
John Thompson 4
Widd: Wilson 4
Eliz: Wilson 4
John Collinson 2
Mr Willm Curwen and Christopher Hudson 9
Mr Fisher 8
Lawrence Edmondson 3
Myles Langcaster 5


  • 1. The right of taking wood from an estate for reasonable purposes.
  • 2. Helsington Barrows.
  • 3. Sever, near Underbarrow village.
  • 4. Mountjoy Wood, near Underbarrow.
  • 5. "Housebote" signifies timber for repairing the dwellings, and "haybote" for repairing the fences around about the same.
  • 6. Also 1¾ fee in Westmorland and Lonsdale (particulars given).
  • 7. Probably this was Briggs, later Bridge House. See Trans. C. & W. A. Soc., N.S.viij., 119.
  • 8. John del Chambre held the plot called Le Grounte in 1375 for 16s. 8d.
  • 9. recte of Baldwin's heirs or successors.
  • 10. Anne, daughter and sole heir of Christopher Pickering, married (1) Francis Weston, knt.; (2) Sir Henry Knyvet, 3rd son of Sir Thomas Knyvet of Buckenham, knt., by whom she had issue; (3) John Vaughan of Sutton, co. York, by whom she had issue. See Burke, Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, 294; Foster, Visit. of Yorks., 121.