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Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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1160–70 Willaim de Lancaster 1, at the prayer of William de Lancaster, his son and heir, grants to Alexander de Windesoure with his daughter Agnes in marriage what he had in Heversham, Grarigg with the appurtenances, and what he had in Morland. See Heversham, s.d. 1160–70.

1274 William de Wyndeshoure has raised a mill in Grarig to the injury of the mill (late of Robert de Ros) in Patton; Cal. Inq., ii, 49.

1275 The same William caused the said mill to be raised whilst the lands of Peter de Brus were in the king's hands in wardship, to the disinheritance of Margaret, sister and one of the heirs of the said Peter, for her ancestors were seised of the mill toll of Grarig which has now been withdrawn by the said mill raised in Grarig.; ib, 89.

1276 Margaret de Ros attorns Walter de Teyl, clerk, and Richard de Camera in a suit with William de Wyndesore touching a mill erected in Grarig in Kendale; Cal. Close R. 1276, p. 336.

1283 William de Windesouer held Heveresham, Grarig and Morland of William de Lyndeseye for 15s. 10d. yearly service; Cal. Inq. ii. 270.

1302 Long before her death Margaret de Ros enfeoffed her son, William de Ros, of a moiety of the mil of Grarige; Cal. Inq., IV, 285.

1310 William de Ros held at his death a 4th part of the mill of Grarig; ib., v, 119.

1332 Grarige. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Thomas de Patton in goods 45s.
Robert son of Hugh " 30s.
Robert son of Elen " 30s.
William de Garthwayte " 35s.
Robert de le Water " 40s.
John de Pulhow " 35s.
Robert son of "Cristian" " 15s.
John de Overton " 25s.
Robert de Grygam " 20s.
John son of Nicholas " 25s.

Sum of goods £15, whereof to the king 20s.

1333 By deed dated at Sirithherd on Sunday next after Easter, 7 Edw: III. Walter de Stirkeland granted to John de Stirkeland, his son, inter alia all his lands and tenements in Grarigg and Lamberigg. See Whinfell, s.d.

1351 The manors of Heversham, Morland and Grarigg were held of William de Coucy by cornage, wardship and relief and on the day of the said William's death were in his custody by reason of the minority of William de Wyndesore, son and heir of Alexander de Wyndesore; and the said William de Wyndesore, now of full age, holds the said manors; Cal. Inq. IX, 458.

1366 Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., enfeoffed Thomas de Seynesbury, vicar of Kendal, Walter de Welle, parson of Lowther, and William de Wechyngton (sic) of his lands and tenements in Quynfell, Grarig and Lamberig. And by deed dated on Thursday next after Easter, 40 Edw. III, the feoffees granted the premises to Sir Thomas for life, etc., etc. See Whinfell, s.d.

1375 William Wyndesore held of Joan de Coupeland, the manors of Heversham, Morland and Grarige by the service of 13s. 4d. yearly; Inq. p.m., 49 Edw. III (1), n. 29.

1385 William de Wyndesore, lieutenant of Ireland, knt., the husband of Alice de Perers, "the lady of the Sun," the famous court beauty of the latter years of King Edward III, died without issue in 1385, when it was found by inquest taken in London that his sisters, Isabella, aged 38, Christina, wife of Sir William Morieux, aged 34, and Margaret or Marjory, wife of John Duket, aged 32, were his heirs; Inq. p.m., 8 Ric. 11, n. 38.

1398 Letter of attorney by John Darell and Richard Feldon authorizing Thomas de Burgham to receive seisin of the manors of Heveresham, Morland, Dilacre, Holme and Burton and of all the lands and tenements held by Marjory Duket in the said places and in Grayrig, except certain lands etc., held by Richard Duket, of the grant of the said Marjory in Grayrig; the said premises having been granted by the said Marjory to the said Darell and Feldon and to Robert de Louthre. Dated at Middilham, 6 October, 22 Richard 11; Anct. Deeds, B. 4081.

1431 Richard Dukett (fn. 1) paid 13s. 4d. for farm of the tithe of Grayrigge; Roll at Levens.

1436 Pardon of outlawry for James Overende of Lamberygge, "husband man" for not appearing when sued with John Overende of Greye rygge, "husbandman," to answer Richard Duket touching a trespass; Cal. Pat. R. 1436, p. 4.

1487 General pardon to Richard Dukett alias Doket of Grayrig in Kendale, alias Richard Doket of Greyrig, esquire, for offences committed before 13 December; Cal. Pat. R. 1487, p. 197.

1526 Award indented, made by John Lowther, knt., Gerves Strykeland Thomas Seyton and Thomas Bellyngham, esquires, arbitrators between Walter Strykeland of Sythsergh, knt., and Rolland Thornborough of Hampysfell, esq., and Richard Dukket of Grayrige, esq., in a dispute concerning pasture ground which Walter and Rowland claimed to be parcel of their lordship of Whynfell and their inheritance, and Richard claimed the same to belong to the lordship of Grayrige and his inheritance, etc., etc. See Whinfell, s.d.

1567 Walter Strickeland of Siserghe, esq., grants to Anthony Duckett of Grayerigg, esq., messuages and tenements in Grayrigge, yearly value 36s. 9d., in exchange for Duckett's messuages and tenements in Whinfell, in the tenure of Martyn Sunsin, Thomas Newebie, Richard Peareson and Thomas Braken, of the yearly value of 36s. 8d. Witnesses: Alan Bellyngham, Thomas Strykland, Waltar Chambar, Robert Byndlos, Anthony Garnett, William Benson and Rycharde Bowskell. Deed at Sizergh.

1572 Inquest taken at Kirkby Kendall . . . . . . . . 14 Elizth (1572) before Richard Salkeld, John Bradley, Christopher Preston, esquires, by the oath of George Salkeld, Thomas Strikland, Rolland Philipson, Miles Philipson, Walker Chamber, Richard Bowskell, Lanc. Dockwray, Thomas Sleddall, Ranulph Washington, Richard Tunstall, John Collynson, Miles Foxe, Thomas Ward, gentlemen, . . . who say that: Anthony Duckett, esquire, long before his death was seised of the manor or lordship of Grayrige and certain messuages and lands etc. there, and the manor or lordship of Docker with certain messuages and lands, etc. there, and certain burgages or messuages, lands, and tenements in Kirkbie Kendall and certain messuages, lands, . . . . . . . . . . . and 2 messuages and tenements in Overton, otherwise Orton. So seised he enfeoffed Thomas Denton and Richard Denton of the manor of Docker and other the premises in Docker. To have and to hold the said manor lands and tenements to said Thomas and Richard and their heirs to the use of the said Anthony Duckett and Alice then his wife for term of Alice's life in name of jointure and after their deaths to use of Anthony's right heirs for ever. By virtur of which feoffment and by the Statute of uses of 4 Feb., 27 Hen. viij, Anthony Duckett and Alice his wife were seised of the manor or lordship of Docker and other the premises there, he in his demesne as of fee she in her demesne as of free tenement. So seised Anthony Duckett by his will bequeathed to Richard Duckett his son and heir apparent all the said manors or lordships, messuages, lands, etc., in Grayrige, Docker, Kirkbie Kendall, Whynfell and Overton otherwise Orton. To have and to hold to the said Richard Duckett and his heirs and for default of such to right heirs of said Anthony for ever. They further say that the manor or lordship of Grayrige and messuages, lands, etc., there were held of the queen in free socage as of her castle of Kendall; and the manor or lordship of Docker and other premises there were held of the queen in chief by a 20th of a knight's fee and an annual rent of 28s. 6d. for all services; the burgages or messuages and other the premises in Kirkbie Kendall were held of the queen and of Alan Bellingham, esquire in socage; and the lands and tenements in Whynfell and Overton were held in socage; but of whom they know not. Manor of Grayrige etc. worth yearly £35 1s. 11d. clear. Manor of Docker etc., worth yearly £12 13s. . .½d. clear. Premises in Kendall worth yearly £7 6s. 6d clear. Premises in Whynfell and Overton worth yearly 49s. 8d. clear.

Anthony Duckett died 20 March last (1571–2) and Alice his wife survives and solely holds the manor of Docker and other the premises there and Richard Duckett is son and heir of said Anthony and was aged at time of his father's death 39 years & upwards; Chanc. Inquisns post mort., ser. ii, vol. 162, n. 175.

1593 Inquisn taken at Kirkebie Kendall 21 Feb., 35 Eliz. (1592–3) before John Sennowse, esquire, escheator, by the oath of George Gilpin, esq., Nichollas Thorneburrowe, Wm Wilson, Allan Chambers, Randall Baitman, Christopher Midleton, Miles Man, Wm Wilson, Francis Feilde, Wm Baines, John Harlinge, Henry Atkinson, gentlemen, Wm Collingson, Nichollas Fisher, Adam Shepperde, Robt Baitman, yeomen. Who say that:

Richard Duckett esq., on the day he died was seised of the manors or lordships of Grayrigge, Lambrigge and Docker; and 3 mess. in Whinfell; and 12 burgages in Kierkbie Kendall. So seised he by his charter dated 2 Oct., 23 Eliz. (1581), enfeoffed James Bellingham and Richard Sandfurth, esquires, of 49 messuages then parcel of the manor of lordship of Grayrigge situated there, then in several tenures or occupns of John Newbie, the relict of Richd Duckett, yeoman, and John Duckett, her son, the relict of Gilbert Willson and Rolland Willson, her son, Richard Helme, Anthony Dennyson, John Newbie, the relict of Henry Ward and Richd Ward her son, Anthony Airey, Wm Hardknees, Henry Denyson, John Weshington, junior, Robt Dennyson, the relict of John Dickenson, Miles Dickenson, Gilbert Dickenson, Stephen Williamson, Henry Williamson, Thos Willson, the relict of Robt Newbie and Henry Newbie her son, Richd Airey, John Beck, Jas. Harrington, John Weshington, senior, Thos Thekston, John Willson, James Airey, Wm Rallandson, Edwd Airey and John Airey his son, Thos Airey, Ranulph Weshington, Wm Lathes, John Hodgson, John Bowman, Robt Milner, the relict of Miles Simpson and Edward her son, Robt Tollenson, Richd Tollenson, John Airey, Henry Milner, Edward Warrener, Alexander Denyson, the relict of Anthony Bowness, the relict of Walter Denyson, Rolland Helme, Thos Lucas, James Beck, Robt Airey, Robt Tailer and Wm Storer or their assigns. By the same charter he granted to said feoffees a yearly rent of £11 issuing from the residue of said manor or lordship of Grayrigge. To have and to hold said 49 mess. to feoffees and their heirs for ever to use of Francis Duckett son and heir appt of said Richard Duckett, and Mariona wife of said Francis and sister of said James Bellingham, for term of lives of Francis and Mariona and of the longest liver for part of her jointure, and after their deaths to use of the heirs male of the body of Francis lawfully begotten or to be begotten, and for default of such then to use of right heirs of said Richard Duckett for ever. And to have said rent of £11 to feoffees and their heirs, payable at feasts of St. Martin the bishop and Pentecost, to use of said Francis and Mariona during their lives and of longest liver in name of residue of her jointure. By the statute of uses Francis and Mariona were seised of said 49 mess. and of said rent.

Richard Duckett being seised of the residue of the manor or lordship of Grayrigge and of the said manors or lordships of Docker and Lambrigge and the said messuages, burgages or tenements in Kirkbie Kendall and Whinfell in his demesne as of fee by another charter dated 9 Oct., 23 Eliz. (1581) enfeoffed said James Bellingham and Richd Sandfurth thereof. To have and to hold to them and their heirs to use of himself, Richard Duckett for his life and after his death to use of Francis Duckett and male heirs etc. (as above) and in default of such to use of his own right heirs for ever. Charters shewn to jurors. By force of statute of uses Richard Duckett was seised thereof in his demesne as of free tenemt and so died seised.

Manor of Grayrigge held by queen as of her manor of Kendall worth yearly clear £35 5s. 11d., whereof the aforesaid 49 mess. are parcel of said manor and are worth yearly clear £29. Manor of Docker held of queen in chief by 1/2; of a knight's fee and by a rent of 28s. 6d. yearly and is worth yearly clear £12 13s. 1½d. Manor of Lambrigge held of queen as of her manor of Kendall in free socage and is worth yearly clear £10. The burgages in Kierkby Kendall held of queen and of James Bellingham, esquire, in free socage and are worth yearly clear £6 6s. 6d. The messuages in Whynfell held in free socage of whom they know not and are worth yearly clear 41s.

Richard Duckett died 27 Oct last (1592) and Francis Duckett is his son and heir and of full age namely 28 years and upwards.

Chanc. Inquisns post mort., ser. ii, vol. 237, n. 123.

1636 Inquest taken at Kirkby Kendall, 24th May, 12 Chas. i (1636), before Henry Bellingham, knight and baronet, John Layburne, esquire, Henry Harrison, escheator for co. Westmotland, and Robert Curwen, gentleman, Feodary for the said county, by the oath, etc., who say that;

Francis Duckett, knight, long before his death was seised of the manor or lordship of Grayrigg and of 49 messuages or tenements in Grayrigge, parcel of the said manor then and now in the several tenures and occupations of divers tenants there; and of the manor of Docker with the appurtences in Docker and Middleton; and of the manor or lordship of Lambrigge; and of the Rectory of Beetham; and of 1 messuage or tenement in Whinfell in the tenure of the relict of Henry Holme; and of 3 messuages tenements or burgages in Kirkby Kendall in the tenure of divers tenants there.

So seised he, by his charter dated 17 Aug., 5 Chas. i (1629), made between the said Francis Duckett, knight, of the 1st part and Anthony Duckett his son and heir apparent of the 2nd part and Henry Bellingham of Overleavens, knight and baronet, John Fleming of Rydall and Gawin Braithwaite of Ambleside, esquire of the 3rd part, gave granted enfeoffed and confirmed to those of the 3rd part and their heirs the same manors of Grayrigg, Docker and Lambrigg, the rectory of Beetham and the messuages, etc. in Docker, Lambrigg, Grayrigg, Whinfell, Midleton and Kirkby Kendall to the several uses specified in the said charter, which was shown to the Jurors, namely to himself for life, then to Anthony Duckett his son and heir apparent and his heirs for ever. And to this further use that William Duckett his 2nd son should receive for life a yearly rent of £40 after the death of Sir Francis, and that James Johnson should receive a yearly rent of 40s. for life. Should those rents be in arrears it shall be lawful to distrain.

By force of the Statute of uses of 27 Hen. viij, Francis Duckett was seised of all the said premises for life with remainder as aforesaid. And William Duckett and James Johnson are still living. And Francis Duckett so being seised died.

The manor of Grayrigg and other the premises there are held of the king as of his manor of Kirkby Kendall now called "le Richmond Fee" by knight service and by a yearly rent of 12d. and are worth yearly clear £10; and the manor of Docker with the appces there and in Middleton parcel of the said manor of Docker are of Docker are held of the king in chief by 100th part of 1 knight's fee and a yearly rent of 28s. 6d. and is worth yearly clear 5 marks; and the manor of Lambrigg and other the premises there are held of the king as of his manor of Kirkby Kendall called "le Marquesse Fee" by knight service and is worth yearly clear £3; and the messuage in Whinfell is held, of whom they know not nor by what services and it is worth yearly clear 2s. 6d.; and the 3 burgages in Kirkby Kendall are held of the king and of James Bellingham, knight, as of their several purparties of the manor of Kirkby Kendall in free socage and are worth yearly clear 5s.; and the rectory of Beethom with the appces is held of the king as of his manor of Eastgreenewich in co. Kent in free socage and by a yearly rent to the king of £25 and is worth yearly clear £6 13s. 4d.

Francis Duckett, knight, died 24 Oct. last (1635) and Anthony Duckett is his son and heir, aged 51 years and more now.

Court of Wards Inquis. post mort., vol. 88, n. 61.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsidy R. 195, n. 73.

Antho: Duckett, esq. 12
Tho: Robertson 2
The same 2 wald up
Gilbert Atkinson 1
Renard Adamson 1
Hugh Mattinson 1
John Dickinson 1
James Rowlandson 1
John Simpson 1
Henry Ward 2
Widd: Hewgill 1
Willm Dennyson 1
George Wilson 1
Peter Mosser 1
Edw: Mosser 1
The same 1 wald up
Tho: Washington 1
Richard Rowlandson 1
John Bradley 1
Thomas Mitchell 1
Henry Gibson 1
Willm Harrison 1
Tho: Fawcett 1
Thomas Holme 1
These persons following are discharged by certificates. unpaid.
Widd: Baxter 1
Barth: Gilpin 1
Edward Fell 1
William Rowlandson 1
Widd: Hewgill 1
Tho: Dennyson 1
Rodger Lowes 1

1676 Rental of the Richmond Fee: Anthony Duckett, esq,. for lands in Grayrigge, 1s.

c1685 Anthony Duckett, esq., sold the manor to Sir John Lowther of Lowther, bart.


  • 1. Some account of the Ducketts will be found in the Herald and Genealogist, vol. vi, f. 212; vii, f. 250; also in Sir George Floyd Duckett's Duchetiana.