Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 1. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1923.

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1154–1189 William de Lancastre II gave to Gervase de Anecurt £12 10s. of land in Welpsatt and Qwynfell by bounds (described). Deed at Sizergh.

c1200 Rayner de Stiveton gave to the canons of St. Mary, Bolton, the service of Henry de Redeman due to the donor for the land which Henry held of him in Whynfell, namely ½ mark yearly. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Bigestrop, Robert de Mohant, Reginald de Werbelton, then constable of the castle of York, Jordan de Rufford, Ralph de Kent, clerk, Hugh de Cauton (recte Colton), William de Malghom, Rayner de Otterburn, Hugh de Otterburn, Symon de Kirkeby, clerk, John de Eboraco, clerk; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 138.

1220–1220 Adam, son of Orm de Wraton and Sampson de Quinnefel gave land in Quinnefel to the canons of Cockersand, Chartul. 1020, 1022.

1247 William, son of Henry, was summoned to answer the abbot of Cokersand of a plea that he should acquit the abbot of the service which Ralph de Ayencurt demands from him for his free tenement which he holds of the said William in Quinefell, of which the said William, as mesne, ought to acquit him, namely in respect of 30a. land in that vill which he holds in free alms by the gift of Adam, son of Orm, uncle of the said William, whose heir he is, and for which, by reason of William's default, Ralph de Ayencurt distrains him to do suit to his court of Strikeland from three weeks to three weeks; and the abbot claims 40s. damages. William denies that he ought to acquit the abbot, that Adam his ancestor died in seisin of that land; that he brought an assize of mort d'ancestor against the abbot after Adam's death; and the prays for a jury. Adjourned; Assize R. 454, n. 12.

1250–68 Nicholas, son of Thomas de Quinnefel confirms to the canons of Cockersand land which Sampson de Quinefel, his grandfather, gave them in Quinefel; Chartul., 1023.

1255–72 Peter de Brus released to William de Stirkelaunde and Elizabeth his wife their lands of Welpeseyt from puture of his land serjeants at horse and foot and of witnesman; D. at Sizergh.

1283 Matthew de Redeman held of William de Lyndeseye a moiety of Quinfel, rendering 8s. 2d. yearly; Cal. Inq. ii, 269.

1295 Walter de Stirkeland, knt., quit-claims to the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, York, his right in land, tenements and rent of free tenants which they have of his ancestors' gift in the hamlet of Qwynfell in the vill of Stirkeland Ketel and in the hamlet of Staynton in the vill of Heversham. Witnesses: Sirs Nicholas de Laybourne, Thomas de Pykering, Robert de Askeby, knights; Henry de Wardecoppe, Robert de Wessington, Patrick de Culwen, Thomas de Alneto, John Collan, Richard de Dyrlay; Orig. at Levens.

1332 Qwynfel. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

John de Dupslacke in goods. 45s.
William de le Terne " 30s.
Nicholas son of Roger " 67s. 6d.
Richard de Bramthwayte " 37s. 6d.
William Aylsy " 45s.
Cristian wife of Adam " 45s.
William her son " [45s.]
William son of Adam " 45s.
Adam son of Adam " 45s.
Richard Foute " 45s.
Nicholas son of the widow " 37s. 6d.
Roland de Thornesburge " 37s. 6d.
William Doufthwayte " 37s. 6d.
Nicholas son of Beatrice " 37s. 6d.
Sum of goods £30, whereof the fifteenth 40s.; excheq., Lay Sub., Westmld., 195, 1A.

1333 By deed dated at Sirithherd on Sunday next after Easter, 7 Edward III, Walter de Stirkeland granted to John de Stirkeland, his son, his lands and tenements in Quinfel in Kendale in the vill of Stirkeland Ketel with the homage and service of his free tenants there, namely beginning at Arnestane, descending to Boroudalebek, descending the same to Withskargill, ascending the same to the summit of the hill and thence descending to Grariggebek, descending the same to Quinfellebek, ascending the same to Arnestane; also all his lands and tenements in Grayrigg and Lamberigg; to hold to John and the heirs of his body by the service of the 4th part of one knight's fee and by rendering yearly to the grantor for life £10 and after the grantor's death 1d. yearly to his right heirs; with remainder in default of issue of the said John to Thomas, brother of John, &c., to Ralph, brother of John, &c.; D. at Sizergh.

1335 Gilbert de Lancaster demises to his son, Robert de Lancastre, for life, his lands and tenements in Whynfell in Kendale, with reversion to Christopher the grantor's son; Trans., C. & W. A. Soc., N.S.X, 460.

1341 Walter de Stirkeland, knt., held land in Whynfel of William de Twenge by knight's service; Cal. Inq. VIII, 202.

1355 Roger son of Gilbert de Lancaster, lately deceased, held at his death 3 tofts and 1 carucate of land in Whynfell of Matthew de Redmane for one sparrow-hawk yearly, worth 20s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 30 Edw. III (1), n. 36.

1356 Roger son of Gilbert de Lancaster held at his death 3 tofts and 1 carucate in Whynfell of Matthew de Redmane by homage and the service of a sparrow-hawk yearly; Inq. p.m., 30 Edw. III (I), n. 36.

1360 William de Thornburgh held at his death an eighth part of the hamlet of Selsete and a moiety of the hamlet of Whinfell of Matthew de Redman by knight's service and 16s. 8d. yearly, worth 100s. yearly. He died in 23 Edward III (1359). Roland de Thornburgh, his son, aged 35 years is his next heir. Inq. p.m., 34 Edw. III (1), n. 51.

John, son of Roland de Patton held at his death a shieling in Whinfell, of the abbot of Jorevall by the service of 4s. yearly. Inq. post mort. 34 Edw. III.

Adam Williamson of Quynfell impleaded Thomas Wilkynson Addyson of Quynfell for killing 40 lambs of the said Adam at Quynfell, price 40s.; De Banco R., Hil., 401, n. 92.

1366 Thomas de Styrkeland, knt., enfeoffed Thomas de Seynusbury, vicar of the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale, Walter de Welle, parson of the church of Louthir and William de Wechyngton (sic) of his lands and tenements in Quynfell, Grayrig and Lambrige and by deed dated at Quynfell on Thursday next after Easter, 40 Edward III (1366) the feoffees granted the premises to Sir Thomas for life with remainder to Peter and Thomas, sons of Sir Thomas, for their lives, remainder to John, brother of Peter and Thomas, for life, remainder to Sir Thomas, in tail. Witnesses: Ralph de Bethum and James de Pikeryng, knights; Matthew de Redmane, Richard de Preston, Roger de Levens Three seals, 1 broken, 2 arms of Strickland, 3 circular, non-heraldic; Orig. at Sizergh.

1375 Matthew de Redmane held of Joan de Coupeland the moiety of the vill of Quynfel (6s. 8d.) and tenements in Selsate (18d.) for 8s. 2d. rent; Inq. p.m., 49 Edw. III (1), n. 29.

1383 Christopher de Lancastre grants his lands and tenements in Whynfell, Fatherbank and Sleddale in Kendale to feoffees to the use of his son, John de Lancastre, the younger, with remainder, in default of issue of John, to Thomas, brother of John; Trans. C. and W. A. Soc., N.S. X, 468.

1402 Pardon to William de Hayray, son of John de Hayray of Quynfell for the death of John Stodhird on Saturday before Holy Trinity 1 Henry IV, in Kirkeby in Kendale; Cal. Pat. R. 1402, p. 40.

1411 Richard de Redman held of Philippa, duchess of Ireland, a moiety of the hamlet of Whynfell and divers tenements in [Selsate] . . . . for 8s. 2d. rent; Chan. Inq. p.m., 13 Hen. IV, n. 44.

1427 Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., enfeoffed Richard de Broghton and Thomas de Broghton, chaplains, of his messuages and lands in Whinfell, except the homage and service of his free tenents there and the whole of his fishery, and lands at Thorp, par. Barton, co. Westmorland; and they in turn enfeoffed Sir Thomas of the same premises for life, with remainder to Robert de Stirkeland, son of Sir Thomas for life, remainder to the heirs male of the body of Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., great-grandfather of the said Robert; D. at Sizergh.

1428 Release by William Grene to Adam Banys of Hegholme of lands &c. in Whynfell which he had by the gift and feoffment of the said William on the preceeding day. Dated 18 June, 6 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh.

1431 Robert Copson and Robert Fo . . . paid farm of the tithes of one part of Whynfell and Thomas de Strykeland, chivaler, paid 14s. 8d. for the other part; Roll at Levens Hall.

1459 Rowland de Thorneburgh paid 15s. for farm of the tithes of Whynfell; ib.

1466 Gylbert Loncastre, esq., grants to William Syll and Roger Sill his son a tenement in Whynfell in Kendale called Colynflat, late in the tenure of Robert Copson, with common of pasture within the lordship of Whynfell. Dated at Erysdon, 10 November, 6 Edward IV; Orig. at Sizergh.

1481 Thomas Strikeland, knt., and dame Agnes his wife take inter alia in an exchange of lands with Gilbert Lancaster, esq., and Elizabeth his wife, a tenement in Quynfell late in the tenure of Rowland Helm, called Depeslak, a tenement there called Colynflat, a tenement there late in the tenure of Thomas Nicolson of the Hill, also the "ferm hald" (fn. 1) late in the tenure of John of Birkhed in Sleddale; D. at Sizergh.

1482 William Cyll (later Sill) of Natland releases to Roger Cyll his son his right in a tenement in Whinfell in Kendale called Colynflate, which the said William and Roger had by the gift and feoffment of Gilbert Lancastre, esq. Witnesses: James Byndlos, Richard Dodding, Robert Cyll; D. at Sizergh.

1494 William, abbot of St. Mary's, York, and the convent, parsons of the parish church of Kirkeby in Kentdall, let to farm to Thomas Strikeland, knt., for 9 years the tithe corns of Nateland for 51s. yearly, and one part of the tithe corns of Whynfell for 22s. yearly, and tithe corns of Collynflat, in the holding of Thomas Helm of Whynfell, for 8d. yearly at Easter; D. at Sizergh.

1497 Variance between Geoffrey Redeman and Elizabeth his wife, late the wife of John Grene of Gressyngham, and William Banes son of Adam Banis concerning the possession of lands in Whynfell in Kendall, which Adam lately purchased in fee of the said William Grene, was settled by Sir Edward Stanley, who awarded that, as Adam Banes had long occupied the lands in peace, William Banes should continue in possession and that William Banes shall pay the said Geoffrey or his wife 6 marks towards such costs as he had incurred in the suit for those lands. Dated 2 January, 12 Henry VII; Orig. at Sizergh.

1520 Richard Dukkett of Grayrege, esq., and Edmund Gilpyn of Kentmare, gent., are bound to Walter Strikeland of Sizergh, esq., in £100 to fulfill the award of Sir John Lauther, knt., and James Leyburn, esq. arbitrators between the parties touching the right and title of certain pasture and common of the lordships of Whynfell and Grayrige depending in traverse between Richard Dukkett and Walter Strikland; D. at Sizergh.

1526 Award indented, made by John Louther, knt., Gerves Strykeland, Thomas Seyton and Thomas Bellyngham, esquires, arbitrators between Walter Strykeland of Sythsergh, knt., and Rolland Thornborough of Hampysfell, co. Lane., esq. (1) and Richard Dukket of Grayrige, esq. (2), in a dispute concerning pasture ground which Walter and Rolland claimed to be parcel of their lordship of Whynfell and their inheritance and Richard claimed the same to belong to the lordship of Grayrige and his inheritance. They award that all the pasture ground marked by them up to the cross called Alen Cross shall be divided before the feast of St. Michael next into three parts by Miles Dikson, Kandour Gilpyn, Richard Washington and Alexander Wylson, two parts whereof shall remain to Walter and Rolland and their heirs, as parcel of Whynfell, and the third part to Richard Dukket and his heirs as parcel of Grayrige; also all such ground as from the cross as the way goes to Almgill under the way to Borough watter to be divided into two parts, one to Walter and Rolland and one part of the other part to Richard and two parts of that other part to Walter and Rolland. Moreover all the ground from Almgill down the water of Borough to the Withgarthes and up Wythscargyll and down gill of the backside of Withscrathe to Thrusegill Granez and so up as it is meared to Alan Crokes Gayith shall be divided into three parts, two parts whereof shall remain to Walter and Rolland and the third part to Richard. The said Richard shall bear the cost of two parts of all fences which shall be made between the lordships of Whynfell and Grayrige and Walter and Rolland shall bear the third part and to begin their third part at Borough watter and so up to Heigh of the Hill. Dated 2 September, 18 Henry VIII (1526); Orig. at Sizergh.

1537 Lady Katherine Strykland, mother of Walter Strykland, held lands and tenements in Whynfelde (sic), worth yearly £14, for her jointure; ib.

1539 Lease of the tithes of Natland and Whynfell for 66s. yearly, from William, abbot of St. Mary's York, &c. to William Knevett, esq., and Lady Katheryn Strykland his wife. Orig. at Sizergh.

c1540 "The booke off Walter Strykelande, esquyer," &c., "his tenandes and inhabitantes" within Whynfell (each had a"horse, harnes and a bow"): James Nycalson, Edward Necalson, Rychard Helme, Thomas Symson, Henry Helme, Bryan Chawe, Rychard Chawe, Jervys Dykson, Roulland Symson, Rychard Newby, Rychard Chaw.

Bylmen, with horse, harnes and a byll: Jhon Nycalson, Robert Nycalson, Robert Nycalson, younger, John Thomson, Henry Hellm, Thomas Braken, Thomas Dyconson, Robert Dyconson.

Yong men without horse and harnes, each had "a bow": Robert Chaw, Richard Symson, Thomas Denyson, Thomas Hellme, Jhon Diconson, Olyver Waryner.

Bylles, each had "a byll": Water Nycalson (cancelled), Alexander Nycalson, Christopher Hellm, Wylliam Hewetson, Rowlland Fournes, Robert Graynes, Rychard Braken, Wylliam Helme, Roulland Hellme; Roll at Sizergh.

1551 Award of Edward Dockwray, Robert Sleddall, Anthony Langhorne, Thomas Atkynson, Leonard Maichell, James Nycolson, Lancelot Dennyson and Henry Helme, tenants and "faverers" of both Sir William Thornebrughe, knt., and Walter Striklaund of Siserthe, esquire, in a controversy between the said Walter and the late wife of Gervice Dickson, his tenant (1) and Robert Helme of the Hollyngwell in Whynfell, husbandman, tenant to Sir William Thornebrughe (2) and between the said Walter, Edward Nycolson and the late wife of Edmund Helme, his tenants (1) and Edward Willison in Whynfell, tenant to Sir William (2) concerning lands of the said Walter occupied by Robert Helme and Edward Willison in Whynfell, pretending title and right to the same. Robert Helme had occupied 2 dales of ground lying in the Raynes by long sufference without paying any rent; he is ordered to pay the late Gervice Dickson's wife 2s. 8d. at Martinmas and thereafter to pretend no claim to the 2 dales which shall be annexed to her tenement. For the land lying in Crowyke Bank, parcel of Edward Nycolson's tenement and occupied by Edward Willison, the said Willison shall pay Nycolson 12d. at Martinmas and 10s. for prior profits; the ground to be annexed to Nycolson's tenement; D. at Sizergh.

1551 Robert Helme of Hollynewell, husbandman, Edmund Helme his son and Ralland Helme of Mowrebank, husbandman, were bound to Walter Strykland, esq., in £40, to observe the above award; ib.

1552 Alan Wilson of Kirkby in Kendale, goldsmith, releases to Allan Bellingham, esq., his right in lands in Whinfell, late parcel of the possessions of the dissolved abbey of Cockersand; Reg. of D. at Levens Hall.

On 20 August, 6 Edward VI (1552) Alan Wilson of Kirkby in Kendale, goldsmith, in consideration of the sum of £46 13s. 4d. released to Allan Bellingham, esq., his right and interest in all those messuages, lands and tenements in Preston, Sigeswicke, Mansergh and Whinfell which were then or late in the occupation of Giles Backhouse, William Bateman, John Cowper, Christopher Mansergh, the wife of John Stockdall, Roland Helme and Joan late the wife of Gervase Dickson, of the clear yearly rent of 40s., which premises were late parcel of the possessions of the late abbey of Cockersand; Reg. of Deeds at Levens Hall.

1561 By his deed bearing date on the 18 June, 3 Elizabeth, Matthew Redman of Harewood, co. York, esq., in consideration of £15, granted to Alan Bellingham of Helsington, esq., those messuages, lands tenements and rents, lying in the town and lordships of Kirkby in Kendale and Whinfell in Kendale which were formerly the inheritance of Edward Redman, his grandfather; Reg. of Deeds at Levens Hall.

Matthew Redman of Harewood, co. York, sells to Allan Bellingham of Helsington, esq., messuages and tenements in Whinfell in Kendale formerly the inheritance of Edward Redman, his grandfather; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1567 Walter Strickland of Siserghe, esq., grants to Anthony Duckett of Grayerigg, esq., messuages and tenements in Grayerigg, in exchange for Duckett's messuages and tenements in Whinfell. See Grayrigg, page 216.

1568 Walter Strickland, esq., held at his death, of the queen by knight's service [the moiety of] the manor of Whinfell; Nicolson and Burn, i, 115.

1569 After the death of Walter Strickland the Court of Wards granted to Alice his relict inter alia the manor of Whinfell. See Natland, p. 173.

1585 At the succession of Thomas Strickland to his inheritance the manor of Whinfell, held of the queen by knight's service, was of the clear yearly value of £14; Orig. at Sizergh.

1588 Agnes Bagley of Sigeswyck, widow, John Docker of Sigeswyck, tailor, and Alice his wife and heir of John Bagley, deceased, convey to Thomas Stryckland of Sysergh, esq., a messuage and tenement in Whynfell, now or late in the occupation of William Helme, Jervase Strickland and Alan Chambers, gentlemen, and William Pryckett, yeoman, attorneys to deliver seisin. Dated 23 March, 30 Elizabeth, 1588; D. at Sizergh.

emph type="b">1594 Award in a dispute between Richard Nycholson and Allyce Nycholson, widow, touching a messuage in Whinfell. William Nycholson the elder, brother of the said Richard, and Alice shall release all claims to the messuage; Richard Nycholson shall compound with Thomas Strickland, now chief lord, for a reasonable price for his admittance, and shall pay the said William £50 in satisfaction of William's debt to Edward Nycholson; D. at Sizergh.

1627 William de Thorneburgh, esq., held at his death, of the heirs of Richard Redman in socage a moiety of the manor of Whinfell and divers lands and tenements in Whinfell, Selsyde and Patton of the clear yearly value of £6 4s. 4d.; Nicolson and Burn, i, 115.

Richard Duckett, esq., held at his death three messuages and tenements in Whinfell in socage of the clear yearly value of 41s., ib.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll; Lay Subsidy R. 195, n. 73.

Mr. Labran 1
James Nicholson 2
Walter Nicholson 2
Richard Rawes 3
Henry Dennyson 1
Antho: Wilkinson 2
Mary Cowperthwte 1
Edmond Powley 1
John Powley 1
Richard Shawe 1
John Powley 1 wald up
Tho: Summer 1
John Robinson 1
Nath: Dixon 2
Chr: Dixon 1
Margt Williamson 1
Margt Newby 1
Widd: Hellme 1
Tho: Moore 1
Rowland Steall 1
Willm Warriner 2
James Dennyson 1
Richard Aerey 1
John Nicholson 1
Edmond Bracken 1
Robt Wilson 2
John Stephenson 1

1670 Sir Thomas Strickland of Thornton Briggs, co. York, knt., and Walter Strickland of Ripon, esq., conveyed to Robert Stephenson and three others, trustees for the inhabitants and land-owners, a parcel of the manor of Whinfell by the general name of all that manor, seigniory, township or lordship of Whinfell with its rights, members and appurtenances; and the said trustees conveyed to the several landowners, in such manner that the mines and quarries upon the wastes, the waifs ande strays, (fn. 2) and the fishing in the ponds or tarns on the wastes or commons remained in the trustees for the use of the tenants at large; Nicolson and Burn, i, 115.

1723 By an indenture quadripartite made between Jane Thornburgh of Kendal, widow of Roland Thornburgh of Methop, esq. (1); John Trafford of Croston, co. Lane., esq., and Elizabeth his wife, sister and heir of Thomas Thornburgh, esq., deceased, son and heir of the said Roland (2); Thomas Townley of Royle, co. Lane., esq., and John Knipe of Flodder in Lyth, gent. (3); and Henry Wilkinson and seven others in trust for the tenants and landowners of Whinfell (4); whereby the parties to the first, second and third part, for the sum of £1040 3s. 4d. conveyed to the said trustees the manors or reputed manors, lordships or seigniories of Whinfell, Selside, Skelsmergh and Patton, with royalties, deodands, (fn. 3) ponds, waifs and estrays, paying yearly to the king 9s. 1½d. and 1s. yearly to the lord viscount Lonsdale; and the trustees conveyed severally to the tenants; the fishery in Whinfell tarn to remain among the tenants undivided; Nicolson and Burn, i, 115.


  • 1. A house and land let by lease, in which the tenant enjoys a sure holding in contradistinction to a tenant at will.
  • 2. Any goods that have been left, or any stray beasts, not wild, found within the lordship.
  • 3. Deodand is a thing given as it were to God when a person meets with a fatal accident; e.g., if a man driving a cart falls so that the wheel crushes him or the horse kicks him to death, such wheel or horse was considered deodand and forfeited to the lord of the land and sold for the benefit of the poor.