Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Hincaster', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 168-176. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp168-176 [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Hincaster", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 168-176. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp168-176.

. "Hincaster", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 168-176. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp168-176.


The mesne manor of Hincaster was held by the family of Gernet of the Burtons, as of their manor of Burton in Kendale, by the yearly service of 6s. 8d. After the termination of the male line of Burton the lordship of Hincaster was held in 1374 by Peter de Ros and Thomas de Stirkeland, and in 1426 by Walter de Stirkeland, son of Sir Thomas, the rent and service of John Roos of Greenhead having been reserved by the feoffees of Sir Thomas Stirkeland, who at that time settled the remainder of Hincaster on Walter de Stirkeland and Dowse his wife. Thomas Strikland, knt., died in 1496 in possession of the manor, which he held of Thomas Parr, esq., by the service of a red rose. Presumably the manor has descended in the posterity of Sir Thomas.

The pleadings in a suit in 1338 preserve the descent of 4 generations of Gernets, the last, Adam, son of John Gernet, having alienated his estate here to Sir Walter de Stirkeland in the time of Edward II. Adam son of Benedict Gernet, representing a junior branch of the family, which held their lands of the the senior line, had a daughter Avice, who married Sir Thomas de Hellebek. Possibly the property of this junior line eventually came to Peter de Ros and John Roos, and later to the Redmans of Levens. Edward Redman held at his death in 1510 a messuage, 40 a. land and 10 a. meadow in Hincaster of the lord of the manor of Bethom (in right of a moiety of the manor of Burton in Kendale). This estate was conveyed by Matthew Redman, esq., in 1562, to Allan Bellingham.

1189 Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid inter alia one carucate in Hennecastre; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 400.

1189–1205 Michael de Hennecastre was a witness to the grant by Herbert de Hellale to Richard de Siggeswic of a moiety of Siggeswic. See Sedgwick.

1237In the year 1237 Roger son of Roger de Burton and John son of Benedict Gerneth make an agreement, namely that Roger grants to John the whole carucate of land in the vill of Henecastre, in demesnes and services, which was late of Benedict his father, as his right to the first born heir of the said Gerneth. For this, and for the release of his relief due to Roger, the said John confirms to the said Roger, his lord, and to his heirs 30 a. land of his demesne in the vill of Hinecastre, namely 10 a. in Cornewaith towards Quiteclif and his share of the land upon Tunstides, any deficiency [of 30 a.] to be made good upon Quiteclif; 2 a. of his demesne meadow on Hayhus and upon Brokesbanc; with release of the service of Richard Godemund and his heirs for the tenement he held of the said John's ancestors, and all his part of the fishery of the vivary of Henecastre, as his ancestors used to fish it; to hold by rendering yearly one gilt spur for the said fishery, which gilt spur, the said John is bound to render to his lords of Stainton, saving to John and his heirs water for the support of his mill; release also to the said Roger of one bovate of land in the vill of Henecastre, whereof eight bovates make one carucate, in meadows and other places, doing for the said bovate and for the tenement of Richard Godemund the foreign service of those tenements; grant also of all grain growing in the said 30 acres and in the bovate of land quit from the said John and his heirs of multure and that the said John will find the miller. Witnesses: Sir Patrick [de Culwen] son of Thomas, Sir Matthew de Redeman, Sir Richard de Preston, Sir Alexander de Windeshouer, Henry de Croft, Geoffrey de Huppesal, John de Kyrkeby, Adam the chaplain, who has written these letters; Orig. at Sizergh.

1237–48 John Gernett grants to Ralph de Ayncurt the vivary (fn. 1) of Hennecastre, both the moiety which the grantor holds of Ralph and that which he holds in demesne, and the mill of Hennecastre with the onset and the mill-stream over his land of Hennecastre from the vivary to the mill; and the whole multure of Hennecastre to the 13th measure, saving the feoffment of Roger de Burton, both in the vivary and in the mill and elsewhere in the vill of Hennecastre, as his charter testifies, and saving the liberty of the heirs of Vivian Gernet in the said mill and the liberty of other free tenants in the vill and saving the liberty of Adam Gernet in the said mill, and saving John's own grain quit of multure; to hold by rendering yearly a pair of white gloves at St. Lawrence. Witnesses: William de Daker, then sheriff of Westmerie, Robert de Askeby, Richard de Preston, Thomas de Musgrave, Alexander de Wyndesoure, Thomas de Levenes, Henry de Witeby, Ralph de Sitheritheserh, William de Wedaker, Nicholas de Heversaym, Adam Gernet, Gilbert the constable. Portion of paste seal; Orig. at Sizergh.

1237–48 Adam Gernet grants to Ralph de Ayncurt 3½ a. land in Hennecastre of his demesne next the mill-pool of Hennecastre, as they lie in parcels between the mill-pool and the highway which comes from Kirkeby, and one acre of meadow in the said vill next the boundary of Stayntun, namely by the rod of 20 feet, (fn. 2) to hold by rendering yearly a pair of white gloves at St. Lawrence. Witnesses: [as in the last charter]; Orig. at Sizergh.

1237–48 Ralph de Ayncurt grants liberty to John Gernet and his heirs in Ralph's mill of Hencastre, namely that the grantor will find the mill and a miller to grind John's own grain there without multure, namely when the hopper is void, unless the corn of Adam Gernet should chance to come first; further be it known that John and his heirs shall give food to the miller reasonably, when he grinds his grain and if by chance the miller be not found in the mill, the said John or another for him shall grind without any harm of either party. The grantor further gives to the men of Hennecastre common of the water of his vivary of Hennecastre for watering all manner of beasts, and grants to John that all his men who owe suit shall grind to the 13th measure. The grantor further grants to John that he will find for Roger de Burtun a mill to grind his grain growing on the land which the said John formerly gave to him, whosoever sows it, namely so much as grows on 40 acres and one bovate of land, free of multure, and that the said Roger shall have his fishery in the vivary of Hennecastre, as his charter [from the said John] testifies; the grantor also undertakes to grind the grain of the heirs of Vivian Gernet, quit of multure [etc. as in the preceding charter]. Witnesses: William de Dakre, then sheriff of Westmerie, Robert de Askeby, Richard de Preston, Thomas de Musgrave, Henry de Bethum, Ralph de Bethum, John de Heselslac, Thomas de Levenes, Thomas his son, Roger Kayrus, Adam Gernet. Circular seal of green wax bearing on a heater-shaped shield 2 bars, in the sinister part of the chief a canton. Legend: s. Radvlphi D'aincvrt; Orig. at Sizergh; Dodsworth's MS., 149, f. 136.

1255 Adam de Hencastre, Adam Gernet and John de Hencastre, jurors. Lancs. Inq. (Rec. Soc.), pt. i, 195.

1257 Ingerith, late the wife of John Gernet, is amerced ½ mark because she did not prosecute her plea; Parker, Pipe R. of Westmorland, 207.

1270 Adam de Hancestre acknowledges that a messuage and 20 a. in Hanecastre are the right of Thomas de Muscegrave, to hold of Adam; for this Thomas gave Adam a messuage and two bovates in Sampford for life; Feet of F., file 4, n. 37.

1272–1307 Avice daughter (and ? heir) of Adam de Henecastre married Thomas de Hellebeck, knt. Nicolson and Burn, Hist. Westmorland i, 202.

1276 John de Henecastre and Benedict his brother arraigned an assize of novel disseisin against William de Stirkeland and others touching a tenement in Henecastre. Dep. Keepers Rep. 45, app. 201.

1281 Roger de Burton, knt., mortgages until Holy Trinity, 1283, to William de Stirkeland, knt., for £10, his land in Hennecastre with the mill, soke and fishery. Witnesses: Richard de Preston, Robert de Betham, knights; William de Wyndeshouer, William de Crofte, Matthew de Redeman, John Gernet, Benedict Gernet. Dated on Wednesday, before the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 1281; Orig. at Sizergh.

1281–1303 Thomas son of Thomas de Hellebeck grants to Robert son of John Gernet of Hennecastre all the land which Thomas de Hellebeke had of the gift of Adam Godmund (of Hennecastre) in Hennecastre in Burton-in-Kendale, to hold of Roger de Burton. Witnesses: Roger de Burton, knt., Richard de Preston, knt., William de Stirkeland, knt., William de Windelesoure, Gilbert de Wyteby, Matthew de Rideman, Benedict de Hennecastre, John de Forsthwayt, Thomas de Niandesherge, John Gernet of Hennecastre; Orig. at Levens.

1293 An inquest was taken on Thursday after St. Oswald the king in full County [court] of Westmorland to inquire in pursuance of the king's writ if Adam son of Benedict Gernet of Hanecastre and Richard his brother were taken and detained in Appelby prison for the death of Walter del Burne, whereof they were charged. The jury, which included William de Mannesherg, Nigel Kayrous, Thomas de Cheney, Adam de Lagefite and William de Gylpyn found that they were not guilty, but had been charged in malice; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 278.

1300–15 Adam son of John Gernet of Hencastre grants to Sir Walter de Stirkland and his heirs, his land and tenements in Hencastre in the vill of Burton with buildings, gardens, meadows, woods, wastes etc. and the reversion of the dower of Cecily late the wife of the said John Gernet, and the homage and service of Benedict Gernet for the lands which he held of the grantor in the said vill; to hold for a rose at midsummer. Witnesses: Matthew Redeman, Richard de Preston, knights; Robert de Wassington, Baldwyn de Schepesheved, Rowland de Patton, Thomas de Levenes, Robert the clerk. Part of a seal of red wax; Orig. at Sizergh.

1301 Richard de Musgrave conveyed part of his moiety of Orton to Adam de Henecastre, with whose daughter, Avice, the same came in marriage to Sir Thomas de Helbeck; Nicolson and Burn, i, 488.

1303 Adam Gernet and Robert his brother are jurors. Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 311.

1310 John son of Sir Roger de Burton releases to Sir Walter de Stirkelaund and his heirs his right in the lands and tenements in the hamlet of Hencastre and in the mill there, with suit of the mill, the mill-pool and fishing of the same and the back-water (retroversio aque) of the mill-pool, which he had in the hamlets of Henecastre and Staynton of the inheritance of the said Sir Walter. Witnesses: Patrick de Collewenne, Richard de Preston, William de Windeshouere, Robert de Wessington, Robert Gernett, Rowland de Patton. Dated at Crossecrack on Wednesday after the Nativity of the B.V.M., 4 Edward son of Edward; Orig. at Sizergh.

1315 Feoffment by Adam, called Gernet, of Hencastre, to Sir Walter de Stirkeland and his heirs of the lands and tenements which the grantor had in Hencastre in the vill of Burton with messuages, buildings, rents, services of free men and others, concerning which Adam levied a fine in the king's court. Witnesses: Sirs Nicholas de Layburne, Thomas de Pikering, William de Windeshouer, knights; Roger de Kernetby, perpetual vicar of the church of Kirkeby in Kendale, John de Wesington, Thomas de Levenys, Thomas de Aunay ("de Alneto"), Roland de Patton, Alan the clerk. Dated at Kyrkeby in Kendale, on Sunday the morrow of All Saints, 1315; Orig. at Sizergh.

1332 Hencastre. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

William de le Welle in goods 30s.
Alan Theckester " 22s. 6d.
William Watteson " 22s. 6d.
John son of William " 15s.
John Taillour " 15s
Roger de Crauford " 22s. 6d.
John de Syggeswyk " 22s. 6d.
William son of Robert " 15s.
Thomas Dodesone " 15s.
Sum of goods £9, whereof to the king 12s.

1338 Roger de Burton, knt., and John Baret were summoned to answer Thomas son of Walter de Stirkeland of a plea that they took the cattle of the said Thomas and unjustly detained them in a place called Hencastre in the vill of Burton in Kendale. Roger says that one Adam Gernet held of the same Roger two messuages and two carucates of land in Burton in Kendale, of which the said place is parcel, by homage, fealty and the service of 6s. 8d. yearly and suit at Roger's court every three weeks, of which service Roger de Burton, father of the said Roger, was seised; the said Adam enfeoffed Walter de Stirkeland of the said premises. Thomas says that one Roger de Burton, great-great-great-grandfather (tritavus) of the said Roger, granted to Adam Gernet a messuage and one carucate of land, to hold by the service of 6s. 8d. yearly; from Adam the right descended to John as son and heir and from John to John, as son and heir, and from John to Adam, as son and heir; that John, father of Adam, enfeoffed Roger de Burton, grandfather of the said Roger, of half the said premises and died seised of the other moiety, being succeeded by his son and heir Adam, who enfeoffed Walter de Stirkeland; from Walter the right descended to Ralph, who died without issue, and from Ralph to Thomas de Stirkeland as brother and heir; De Banco R. 316, Mich., 12 Edward III, m. 184.

1354 Roger de Burton, chivaler, holds a free farm rent of 5s. in the hamlet of Hencastre in the vill of Burton; Inq. p. m., 30 Edward III, n. 63.

1356 Inquest taken 2 April, 30 Edward III, upon the extent of the lands and tenements of Roger de Burton, kt., the jurors say that he held the hamlet of Manser; a free farm which extended to 5s. per annum in Lupton; a free farm extending to 5d. per annum in Hencastre; also a messuage and 40 acres of land in the town of Hotonrof. The said premises are held of Thomas de Ros, knt. Chanc. Inq. p. m., 30 Edw. III, n. 63.

1359 Enrollment on 14 October, 1359, of the indenture of Anthony, son of Roger de Buton, knt., granting to Robert son of William de Horneby all his lands, rents, and services in the towns of Burton, Hoton, Manser and Lupton.

1361 Anthony de Burton, son and heir of Roger de Burton, chivaler, had lands in Preston and Hencastre; Cal. Pat. R., 1361, p. 23.

1374 Peter de Roos and Thomas de Stirkeland held of Thomas de Thwenge the 10th part of a knight's fee in Dylacre and Hencastre; Chanc. Inq. p. m., 48 Edward III, n. 68.

1376 At an extent made at Kirkeby in Kendale, 24 April, 50 Edward III, of the value of the knight's fees etc. which belonged to Thomas de Twenge, it was found that he held inter alia a tenth part of a knight's fee in Dylacre and Hencastre which Peter de Ros and Thomas de Strickland lately held, worth 60s. yearly. Inq. p. m., 50 Edward III, n. 68.

1388 Grant by William Robynson of Le Chaumbre of Hencastre to Edward (E'do) de Redmane of all his lands, tenements and woods in Hencastre. Witnesses: Walter de Stirkeland, John de Bethome and Thomas de Layburn, knights; Richard de Roos, Thomas de Stirkeland. Dated at Hencaster on Tuesday before the feast of St. Mary (fn. 3) "Evangelista," 11 Richard II; Orig. at Levens.

1407 Walter de Stirkland grants to William Maymorn and John de Barton, chaplains, four tenements in Hencaster, an acre of meadow called Gousakyr, ½ a. land upon Le Potbank and the mill in Hencastre.

1417 John de Berwik granted to his son and heir, John, and Margaret his wife, his lands and tenements inter alia in Heyncaster to hold to them and their issue as the grantor's father died enfeoffed. Deed at Sizergh. See Stainton.

1426 John de Barton and William Maymorn, chaplains, grant to Walter de Stirkeland, son of Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., and to Dowse, his wife, the messuages, lands etc. which they had by the gift and feoffment of Walter de Stirkeland, knt., father of the said Thomas, in Hencastre, except the rents and services of John Roos of Greneheved and a pool called Hencastre Vyver, in Hencastre, to hold to Walter and Dowse and their male issue, remainder to the heirs male of the body of Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., great-grandfather of Walter etc. dated 20 September, 5 Henry VI. Orig. at Sizergh.

1430 Sir Thomas de [Stirkeland ?], knt., appoints his attorney to deliver seisin to John Marschall of messuages, lands, rents etc. which he lately had by the feoffment of Joan formerly the wife of Robert del Chambir and Edmund del Chambir, son and heir of the said Robert, in Hencastre in Kendale, to hold according to the form of a feoffment made to the said John Marschall by the said Sir Thomas. Dated 24 July, 8 Henry VI; Orig. at Levens.

1430 Nicholas of Layborne, William of Levens, John Redmane and Richard Duket, appointed by Sir Thomas of Stirkeland, "knyghte," and Richard Redmane, son of Sir Richard Redmane, "knyghte," to settle "certayne variaunce . . . movyd and stered be twene ye sayd Sr Thomas and ye sayd Ric' for a tenement ligand in Hencaster in Kendale." The parties were "sworne be ye trawthes of yayr bodyse to comme" before the arbitrators "be fore Lammas daye nexste folowyng . . . . and sall schewe al ye titell and ye ryght whilk aythir of thayme claymes ye sayde tenement by and ye variance be twene yayme . . . . . . Gifne at Hevershame Kyrke ye Wednesday nexste be fore Palmesundaye in ye zer of reigne of kynge Henry sexst efter ye Conqueste of Ingland VIII"; Orig. at Sizergh.

1442 Grant by John Marschall to Richard Redman, son of Richard Redman, knt., of the messuages, lands, rents, etc. which the grantor lately had by the feoffment of Thomas Strykland . . . in Hencastre in Kendale. Dated 24 July, 20 Henry VI; Orig. at Levens.

1450 Grant by Richard Redman, son of Richard Redman, knt., to Richard Redman, son of Matthew Redman, knt., of the lands etc. which he had by the feoffment of John Marschall in Hencastre in Kendall. Witnesses: Richard Dukett, Hugh Warde, John Redeman of Gyrslake. Dated 20 June, 28 Henry VI; Orig. at Levens.

1501 Thomas Strykland, knt., died 1 September, 12 Henry VII (1496), seised of the manor of Hencastre, worth £10, held of Thomas Parr, esq. by fealty and the service of a red rose at Midsummer; Cal. Inq., Henry VII, pt. ii, 270.

1537 Value of the land late of Walter Strykland, knt., which ought to descend to Walter his son, namely land and tenements in Hancastre worth £9 15s. 4½d. clear, which Elizabeth Gascoygn (see Sedgwick) holds as jointure; Orig. at Sizergh.

1539 Rental of Walter Strykland, esq., renewed 1 July, 31 Henry VIII. Henkestre [the following took tenements or otherwise as noted and paid the several "gressums" recorded below]: William Parke, his father's late tenement, £5; James Sill, £5; Thomas Parke, 2 tenements, £4; William Wodhowse, 5 marks; Humfray Heigen, a cottage, 6s. 8d.; Edward Mone, his father's tenement (Sureties: James Sill, Thomas Parke), £4; Geoffrey Parke, £4; William Rage, a cottage, 3s. 4d.; John Potter, a cottage, 6s. 8d.; Matthew Fletcher, a cottage, 6s. 8d.; Edward Salle, 1 a. meadow, 6s. 8d.; Orig. at Sizergh.

c 1543 Muster roll of the tenants of Walter Strykelande, esq. in Hencaster:

With horse, harnes and a bowe, Edward Mone. With horse, harnes and a byll, Rychard Sall, Robert Sall, Gyffray (cancelled) Mychael Parke, James Syll, Thomas Parke, Wylliam Wodhowse, Edward Sall.

"Foymen without harnes," but with a bow. Wylliam Ragg, Rychard Flecher, Jhon Neylson (cancelled), Jhon Benson, Rychard Parke, Wylliam Park, Mylles Park, Roger Parke. Original at Sizergh.

1652 Jane, widow of Charles Saul of Saulwood and Stainton, co. Westmorland, petitions that in 1627 (?) she had a jointure of £25 a year assigned to her on lands in Hincaster by Edwin Saul, her father-inlaw, after her husband's death (sic), but they were sequestered four years ago for the recusancy of her husband, who is dead. Her claim was allowed in 1654; Cal. of Com. for Compounding, IV, 2875.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsidy 195, n, 73, m. 16.

Chr: Becke 1
The same 1 unfinished
John Moore 1
Antho: Saull 3
The same 2 unerected
Jefferey Parke 1
Mr. Edmond Saull 1
Richard Saull 3
The same 1 new built
Robt Higgin 1
Mr Wilson 1
Henry Brisby 1
Widd. Saull 2
Richard Jackson 1
Discharged by Certificates
Willm. Hellme 1
Ellinor Langstreth 1
James Dickinson 1
Antho: Benson 1
Widd: Scott 1
Tho: Helme 1


  • 1. A place where living animals are kept, e.g. a park, warren, piscary, etc.
  • 2. See footnote on p. 118.
  • 3. "S'ce Marie," sic for "S'ci Marci."