Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Stainton', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 190-201. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Stainton", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 190-201. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Stainton", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 190-201. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


1180–1200 Bernard son of Gilbert grants to Eveward son of Roskil a portion of his land in Staintun, namely Rigbrunild and half a bovate of the grantor's demesne in the vill of Staintun, to hold for 2s. yearly. Witnesses: Adam the clerk, Nicholas Eveward of Heversaim, Brunolf de Prestun, Godewin de Heversaim. Circular equestrian seal (2 ins.) of white wax. Legend: Sigill . . . . . . ra . . . .; Orig. at Sizergh.

1197 Anselm de Furnes was amerced ½ m. for disseisin; Lancs. Pipe R. 99. Pipe R. Cumb. and Westm., 179.

1204–15 Anselm de Furnesia grants to Ralph de Ainecurt with Helen the grantor's daughter (in marriage) his hall of Stainton with the precincts, vivary and garden and the land which Dolfin held between the garden and vivary, in increment of the free maritagium which he previously gave to them. Witnesses: William, prior of Kertmel, Andrew de Fegerole, Gilbert de Askebi, Simon son of Uckeman, Richard son of Alard, Robert de Ainecurt, Thomas de Linacre. Thomas de Essebi, Richard son of Richard, Adam de Patrikedale, Michael the chaplain; Orig. at Sizergh.

1204–15 nselm de Fournes grants to the monks of Furness one stone of wax yearly at the Purification, which Richard de Preston, his son-inlaw, is bound to pay him yearly at that term. Witnesses: Nicholas parson of Kirkeby, Ralph Daincurt; Coucher of Furness (Chetham Soc.), ii, 92.

By charter, attested by Michael de Furnas and Ralph de Bethum, the said Richard de Prestun undertakes to render the stone of wax; ib.

c 1207 Anselm de Furnesia confirms to Efward de Stainton the gift which Bernard the grantor's uncle (awnculus) gave to the same Efward in Stainton, namely in Rigbrunild, for his chief messuage and half a bovate of defensible land in Stainton with assarts in Little Stainton, which Bernard gave to Efward; to hold for 2s. yearly; Witnesses: Davit abbot of Caldre, John prior of St. Bees, Alan son of Ketel, William his brother, Michael his brother, Andrew de Fugeriis, Ralph de Amkurt, Alan son of Benedict, Adam his son, Richard de Prestun, Gilbert de Askebi, Adam his brother, John the clerk, writer of the charter; Orig. at Sizergh.

1210 Anselm de Furneis is amerced 60 m. for trespass, but is pardoned 20 m. of the debt; Pipe R., Cumb. and Westm., 194.

1217 Notification by Hamon, dean [of York], William the treasurer and Hugh, master of the Hospital of York, that pope Honorius, by letters dated at the Lateran, 4th Ides of November, 1st year (10 November, 1216), directed them to hear and settle the complaint of the abbot and monks of Furness against G[ilbert ?] the knight and certain others of committing injury to them touching certain forests, property and goods; by authority of which mandate they summoned before them Richard de Preston and Adam son of Patrick de Borwyk and made a settlement whereby Richard and Adam undertook to render yearly at the Purification one stone of wax to the house of Furness from the land late of Anselm son of Michael de Furness, which they hold in Stainton in Kendale, which stone of wax Anselm gave to the said monks in alms, A.D. 1217; Coucher of Furness, ii, 92.

1243–45 Patrick de Siggiswic grants to Ralph de Ayncurt land in the vill of Stainton, near his land of Siggiswic, which the grantor had by the gift of Christiana, daughter of Richard de Prestun; to hold for 1d. to the grantor or the heirs of Christiana. Witnesses: Robert de Askeby, sheriff of Westmerie, Patrick [de Culwen] son of Thomas, Matthew de Redeman, John de Morvile, Matthew de Rossegile, Ralph de Sihheritheserh, Thomas de Levenes, Roger de Heversam, Henry de Witeby; Orig. at Sizergh.

Alan son of Richard son of Edward de Staintun quit-claims to Sir Ralph de Aincurt for five marks his right in ½ bovate of land and all Rigbrunild. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Askeby, then sheriff of Westmerland, Richard de Copland, John de Morvill, Robert de Yafnewid, Thomas de Lefnes, Richard de Hegham, Ellis de Winderg, Thomas de For[s]thait, Patric de Sigiswic, Hugh de Sockebrede, Geoffrey the reeve of Staintun, Roger de Heversam. Portion of seal; Orig. at Sizergh.

1255–70 Hugh de Sockebrede quitclains to Richard de Ayncurt all the land in Stayntun which he had from Sir Ralph de Ayncurt, father of the said Richard, in exchange for his own land of Sokebrede. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Redeman, Sir Gilbert de Lancastre, Sir Robert de Layburne, Lambert de Santun, Thomas de Levenis, Robert de Kendale, Thomas de Forsthwayt, Adam Gerneth; Orig. at Sizergh.

1272–74 Hugh son of Richard de Sokebred quit-claims to William de Stirkeland his right in his land and tenement in the vill of Stayneton in Kendale. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Creppinges, (fn. 1) then sheriff of Westmerland, Sir John de Morvill, Sir Robert de Yafnewyte, Henry de Tyrel, Adam Engagne, Geoffrey de Melkantorp, John de Denton, clerk; Orig. at Sizergh.

1275–90 William de Stirkeland confirms to the prior and convent of Kermell the perpetual cure and custody of the chapel of Croskrake formerly founded by Anselm son of Michael de Furnes in the grantor's territory of Staynton in Kendale, with the lands and possessions belonging to the same chapel, with power and free arbitrament of disposing at their will of the chapel and its goods, and so that when the prior and convent appoint a keeper in the said chapel to celebrate divine service for the souls of the grantor's ancestors and successors, none of his heirs shall distrain the prior or his chaplain to receive any lepers or infirm in the said place nor to suport or render hospitality to such against their will. Witnesses: Sir Henry de Redeman, Sir Roger de Burton, Master Roger de Warwik, rector of the church of Heversam, William de Wyndesouer, Richard de Preston, Thomas de Derlay, Roger de Levenis; Contemporary copy at Sizergh.

A similar confirmation by William de Stirkeland, Adam de Berewike and Eda de Wedacre; ib.

1275–85 Eda de Wedacre, relict of William de Wedacre, in her free widowhood confirms to the monks of Furness for the souls of Sir Anselm de Furness, her grandfather, and Sir Richard de Preston, her father, and William de Wedacre, formerly her husband, half a stone of wax or two shillings yearly at the Purification; Coucher of Furness, ii, 94.

1283 Eda de Wedeacre held of William de Lyndeseye a "land" in Stainton for 4d. yearly rent; Cal. Inq., ii, 270.

1295 Walter de Stirkeland, knt., quit-claims to the abbot [Simon de Warwick] and convent of St. Mary's, York, his right in land, tenements and rent of free tenants which they have of his ancestor's gift in the hamlet of Staynton in the vill of Heversham. Original at Levens; see vol. i, 222.

1303 Margaret, formerly the wife of Hugh de la Vale, in her widowhood, quit-claims to Walter de Stirkeland her right in land and tenements in Staynton in Kendale which William de Stirkeland gave to William de Stirkeland her first husband, and to her in free marriage. Witnesses Hugh de Louther, Walter de Wessyngton, Robert de Swynburn, Andrew de Smytehton, William de Denn, John de Denn, Thomas de Wessyngton. Dated at Newcastle upon Tyne on Monday after St. Nicholas, A.D. 1303, 32 Edward [1]; Orig. at Sizergh.

1310 Eleanor late the wife of John de Berwyk held a third part of the hamlet of Staynton of William de Ros of Kendale by the service of 4d. yearly; Cal. Inq. v, 118.

1324 Pardon to Robert de Staynton and Joan his wife for acquiring in tail from Thomas de Dokwra a messuage, 10 acres of land and two acres of meadow in Hoton in the Forest, held in chief, with remainder to the right heirs of Robert, and licence to retain the same; Cal. Pat. R. 33.

1332 Staynton. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Roger de le Crage in goods 30s.
William his brother " 45s.
Eleanor de Burton " 45s.
Robert le Walker " 60s.
Geffray Milner " 15s.
Symon Walker " 30s.
Ellis de le Ryge " 30s.
Adam de le Ryge " 20s.
Thomas de le Crage " 45s.
Adam Lauerd " 20s.
Adam de le Cragge " 60s.

Sum of goods £20, whereof to the king 26s. 8d.; Exch. Lay Sub., 195A.

1341 Walter de Stirkeland, knt., held land in Staynton of William de Twenge by knight's service; Cal. Inq., viii, 202

1349 Grant of the manor of Berwyk and land in Staynton by certain feoffees to John son of Ralph de Berwyk [of Borwick, co. Lanc.] with divers remainders. Original at Sizergh.

1353 Thomas de Stirkeland, chivaler, keeper of the lands late of William de Coucy, deceased, accounts for 60s. of the issues of lands and tenements in Staynton late of Ralph de Berewyk, deceased, which belong to the king by reason of the minority of John de Berewyk, son and heir of the said Ralph, from 25 October, 25 Edward III (1351) to 12 Oct., 27th year (1353) when the king committed the custody of the lands to John son of Robert de Dalton. Min's. Accts. bundle 1118, n. 5.

1357 Robert atte Grene and Alice his wife implead William Carpenter of Stanton that he render an account of the time he was receiver of the said Alice; De Banco R. 390, Easter 31 Edward III, m. 152.

1388 Grant by John de Croft of Yheland and Nicholas Faysand to John de Berwyk and his heirs of a yearly rent of £10 out of their lands and tenements of Staynton, co. Westmorland, and Le Hirst in Dokker, co. Lanc. Dated at Staynton on Easter Monday, 11 Richard II; Orig. at Sizergh.

1390 John de Berwyk held of Thomas de Ros, chivaler, 6 tenements and 60 a. land in the hamlet of Staynton for 4d. rent at Easter and Michaelmas, worth 40s, Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Richard 11, n. 41.

1404 John de Berwyck held of William de Parr, chivaler [etc. as in 1390]; Chan. Inq. p. m., 6 Henry IV, n. 37.

1407 John de Berwicke held of John de Parr [etc. as in 1390]; ib., 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

1407 Walter de Stirkland grants to William Maymorn and John de Barton, chaplains, four tenements in Hencaster, an acre of meadow called Gousakyr, ½ a. land upon Le Potbank and the mill in Hencaster, five tenements in Staynton with the rents and services of those holding them, namely Robert Hyrd, John Dicson, Robert Addyson. William son of John Crag, and Magot Crag, the manor of "Owuir" Wynder and "Neyer" Wynder. Witnesses: Richard Ros, Richard de Belingham, Robert de Burgh, John de Preston of Byngynges (sic), dated at Syssher on the Invention of the Holy Cross, 8 Henry IV. Circular seal of red wax bearing on a shield hanging by corner the arms of Strickland with a holly bush on a closed helmet. Legend: Sig. Walteri d' Stirkeland.

1411 Thomas de Warcopp of Lambertsete and Alice his wife, late the wife of Walter de Strikeland, knt., demised Alice's dower inter alia in Staynton to Thomas de Strykeland, son and heir of Sir Walter, during Alice's life, for £20 13s. 4d. yearly. D. at Sizergh.

1411 Alan de Penyngton and John de Lamplugh, knights, held of Philippa, late the wife of Robert de Veer, late duke of Ireland, a tenement in Stainton by fealty and the service of 1d. (sic) at Whitsuntide and Martinmas, worth 5s.; John de Berwicke, elder, held of her certain lands and tenements in Stainton by fealty and the service of 4d. yearly, and 12d. to her bailiff for his puture, at the same terms, worth 10s.; Chan. Inq. p. m., 13 Henry IV, n. 44.

1417 18 April, 5 Henry V, John de Berwik of Berwik, elder, granted to John de Berwik, younger, his son and heir, and Margaret his wife, his lands and tenements in Lupton, Mansarre, Staynton and Heyncaster, to hold to John and Margaret and their issue, as the grantor's father died enfeoffed; Deed at Sizergh.

1426 Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., grants to John de Barton and William Maymorn, chaplains, his messuages and lands in Staynton, except those held by John de Cragg, Thomas Webster, John Bawdewynson, and Adam Hardyberde and except a meadow called Staynton Ynge. Dated 10 September, 5 Henry VI. Small seal of red wax bearing an escallop shell; Orig. at Sizergh.

1437 Richard Garsdale, vicar of the church of Kyrkby in Kendale, Richard Broxton, Thomas Broxton and Thomas Warde, chaplains, grant to Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., and Mabel his wife the messuages and lands in Staynton, Over Wynder, Nether Wynder, Trostormond, Thorp and Sharrow which they had by Thomas's feoffment to hold to Thomas and Mabel and their issue. Raynald Dokwra to deliver seisin. Dated 10 November, 16 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh.

1438 Grant by John de Berwyk, younger, and Margaret his wife demised to Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., lands and messuages, rents and services in Staynton in Kendale, to hold to Thomas in tail male at fee farm by rendering to John and Margaret 12 marks, 3s. 4d. yearly. Thomas to make no waste in the woods of Staynton save for repair of the houses and hays of the said tenements by view of the grantor's bailiff. Dated 20 April, 16 Henry VI; (fn. 2) Orig. at Sizergh.

1448 Demise by Margaret late the wife of John Berwyk to Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., of her lands and tenements in Staynton in Kendale, to hold during her life for 12 marks rent. Dated on the feast of St. Katherine the Virgin, 27 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh.

1495 Demise by Averey Berwike of Haverbrake in the "parishing" of Bethom, gent., to Walter Strikland, "swyer," for 99 years, of Averey's lands and tenements in Staynton in Kendale which he has by right of "descent of heritage" from Thomas Berwyk, her late father, to hold by paying after the recovery had of the premises such duty and sum as shall be named by William of Penyngton, "swyer." Dated 13 June, 10 Henry VII; Orig. at Sizergh.

Bond by Thomas Parre, esquire of the king's body, to John Whytyngton, esq., and Robert Wasshyngton, of the king's household, gent. in £40, that Walter Strykland, knt., shall stand to the award of Thomas Laurence, knt., Lawrence Starky, esq., Edward Rydman and John Pykeryng, esquires, arbitrators on Walter's part and on that of John Whytyngton, touching the right and possession of certain lands and tenements in Stayneton, now in the said Walter's tenure. Dated 19 February, 19 Henry VII. Original at Sizergh.

1501 Thomas Strykland, knt., died 1 September, 12 Henry VII (1496), seised of the manor of Staynton, 10 messuages, 100 a. land in Staynton, worth £20, held of the countess of Richmond of the half barony of Kendale, service unknown; Cal. Inq., Henry VII, pt. ii, 270.

1526 Bond by Thomas Crossere of Sygyswyke, chapman, John Kytson of Staynton, yeoman, and John Saule of the same, yeoman, to Walter Strykland, knt., in £20, that the said Thomas shall fulfil the award of Thomas Syll of Natlandmyln, Reynold Makereth, Reynold San derson, James Raulandson, Robert Neylson, Leonard Lorremer, William Neylson, Richard Syll of Staynton, Olyver Cowper, Thomas Cowper, younger, Rynold Greynhede and Richard Higyn touching all quarrels and actions depending between Thomas Crosser and Miles Crosser his brother. Dated 31 December, 18 Henry VIII. Orig. at Sizergh.

1529 Edmund [Whalley] (fn. 3) abbot of St Mary's, York. and the convent leased to Richard Whalley, the abbot's servant, the tithes of corn and hay late in the holding of Sir Walter Strikland, knt, in the "parishynges" of Eversham and Kirkby in Kendall, belonging to two tithe barns there called Croscrak and Laikrige, appertaining to the parsonage of Eversham for £14, and the tithes of corn and hay belonging to the tithe barns of Natland for 74s. 8d and Sizar, for 20s., appertaining to the parsonage of Kirkby in Kendall, reserving to the executors of Sir Walter the unexpired term of a former lease; Orig. at Sizergh.

1537 Yearly value of the lands of Walter Strykland, knt., who died 9 January, 19 Henry VIII (1528) and which ought to descend to Walter his son and heir; Divers meadows in Stanton-ynges, 48s. yearly, which Elizabeth Gascoygn (see Sedgwick) holds as jointure, lands and tenements in Stanton, £30 7s. 7d. yearly, held by Lady Katherine Strykland, Walter's mother, for jointure; Orig. at Sizergh.

1539 William [Dent], (fn. 4) abbot of St. Mary's, York, and the convent lease to William Knevett, esq., and Lady Katheryn Strykland, his wife, of the tithe corn and hay [as demised in 1529], for a term of 70 years, paying for Croscrake and Lawkryge £14; for Natland and Whynfell 66s. and for Sysyrehe 20s.; Orig. at Sizergh.

1539 Rental of Walter Strykland, esq., renewed 1 July, 31 Henry VIII. "Stanton of Barwyke": Walter Barray took the tenement late his father's and gave "gressum" 40s.; Edward Nelson took a tenement and gave "gressum" 20s.; Robert Atkynson took etc., 40s.; John Kytson took etc., 26s 8d; Edward Carter took etc., 26s 8d.; Thomas Saulle took etc., 20s.; Henry Chamer took etc. 26s. 8d. (each sum being for "gressum"); ib.

c 1543 Muster roll of Walter Strykelande's tenants of Staynton:

With a horse, harness and a bow: Thomas Barray, Cudbert Schippert, Anthony Shippert, Nycholas Denyson, Jhon Neylson, Edward Denyson, Henry Chaymer, John Flecher, Jhon Sall, Jhon Wylson Roger Sall. Each of the following

With a horse, harness and a byll: Jhon Barray, James Schippert, Henry Schippert, Water Barray, Rychard Syll, Robert Walker, Rychard Speyght, Henry Newby, Rowland Denyson, Wylliam Lorymer, Richard Wayray (sic), Harry (cancelled) Edward Ayray, Edward Neylson, Jhon Nycalson (cancelled), Kytson, Robert Atkynson, Thomas Sall, Rychard Syll (cancelled), Wylliam Parke (cancelled) John Brygges, Leonard Jackson (cancelled), Gyffray Carter, Jervyc Hyne, Walter Cowper, Edmond Neylson, Edward Carter, Rychard Fletcher.

Footmen without harness, but furnished with a byll or bow: Edmond Schippert, Rychard Neylson, John Coupertwhat, Robert Sall, Wylliam Spyght (cancelled), Nycholes Higgyn, Jhon Jakson, Wylliam Sall (cancelled), John Banes.

Yongmen furnished with a bow: Jhon Barray (cancelled), Steve Barray, Herre Neyleson, Adam Barray, Henry Barray, Roger Barray, Jhon Schippert (cancelled) Roger Forest, Edward Forest, Leonard Thompson, James Rygg, Edward Car, William Fell, Leonard Cowper.

Yongmen furnished with a byll: Jynkyn Benson, Wylliam Sutytre (cancelled) Stevene Schippert, Edward Ayray (cancelled), Roger Lorymer, Jervys Walker (cancelled), Edward Neylson, Richard Neylson, Edward Neylson, Gylles Hyggyn, Edward Neylson, Robert Higgyn, Robert Spyght, Wylliam Hyne (cancelled), Thomas Brokbank, Robert Rychardson, Jhon Jakson, Rychard Sall, Leonard Forest, Hugh Forest, Rychard Forest; Orig at Sizergh.

1569 Walter Strykland of Syrisarghe, esq., leases for 17 years to Thomas Tempest of Stanley. co. Durham, gent., and Thomas Strykland of Nyendsargh, gent., his lands and tenements in Staynton, Hencastre, Sigisweke, etc. Orig. at Sizergh.

The queen demises to Alice Strickland inter alia the manor of Stainton worth £36 11s. 10d. yearly; the hamlet of Sigeswike worth £13 18s. 3d.; messuages and lands in Hinchaster worth £10 11s. 8d. yearly; a messuage etc. in Brigstre on the east side of the way leading on the left side towards Crosthwayte, worth £4 2s. 11d. yearly; worth on the whole £116 8s. 1¾d. and leased by Walter Strickland in his lifetime (as above). Also the queen demises to Alice inter alia a tenement in Awtingthwayte in the tenure of Miles Atkinson by year 7s. etc. Orig. at Sizergh.

Robert Byndeles of Helsington, gent., at the request of Thomas Strickland of Syserghe, esquire, enfeoffs the said Thomas of messuages and lands in Stainton which Robert acquired of Thomas Redman, gent., to hold in fee. Orig. at Sizergh.

1574 The heirs of Walter Stirkland held certain lands in Staynton as of the castle of Kendall and rendered yearly a free rent of 4d. Rental and survey of lands late of the Marchioness of Northampton, 7 September, 16 Elizabeth.

1585 The yearly value of the estates of which Thomas Strickland obtained livery after attaining his full age of 21, on 6 June, 27 Elizabeth (1585): The hamlet of Steynton held of the heirs of Thomas Parre, knt., as of the 4th part of the barony of Kendall, by knight's service and worth yearly £32 15s. 7d.; 12 messuages, 60 a. land and 10 a. meadow in Hankaster alias Hynkaster, held as above by service unknown, worth yearly £9 15s. 4d.; the hamlet of Siggesweke held as above by service unknown, worth yearly £11 19s.; a messuage in Awtingthwaite held of the queen by knight's service, worth yearly 7s.; D. at Sizergh.

1597 Tenants of Thomas Strickland, esq., in Staynton, 1 August, 39 Elizabeth.

Relict of John Ingarson
Agnes Chamber
Rel. of Leonard Barrow
James Shepard
Adam Shepard
Henry Beck
Simon Barwick
Dorothy Bennyson, widow
Lancelot Maycchell
Stephen Barrow
Richard Crackell for a close
Edward Jennings
Rel. of John Forrest
Edward Forrest for 2 closes
James Dicconson
Rel. of John Shawe
Robert Lorymer
Robert Atkinson
Thomas Benson
Richard Moone
Rel. of Robt. Mackereth
Rel. of William Saule
James Walker
John Willson
Edmund Willson
Richard Hynd
Thomas Fletcher
Richard Benson
Wife of John Jackson
William Carter
Rychard Syll
Agnes Chamber
Henry Chamber
Alan Prickett
John Lorymer
Rel. of Leonard Lorymer
Rel of Brian Howgill
Robert Nealson
Richard Speight
Christopher Byndlose
Robert Dennyson
Rel. of Robert Beck
John Ayrey
Rel. of Edmond Shepard
John Fell
Rel. of John Newby
Robert Dennyson
Rel. of John Nealson
Thomas Howgill
John Hoggarth
Rel. of Giles Higging
Rel. of Richard Lorymer
Thomas Briggs
Rel. of Thomas Fletcher
Rel. of Thomas Saule
Richard Saule
Rel. of Rich. Saule, younger
Rel. of Richard Chamber
Thomas Nealson, 18s. 5½d. rent, 4 boone shearings, 6 hens, one boone harrow[ing]
Robert Barrow
Arthur Williamson
Orig. at Sizergh.

1635 Inquest taken at Kirkbie Kendall, 19 August, 11 Charles I (1635) before Henry Cowper, gentleman, escheator, by the oath of Henry Feild, Christopher Phillipson, Rowland Gibson, James Waidson, John Taylor, William Atkinson, John Harryson, John Mealebancke, Roger Baiteman, Robert Cooke, Thomas Bracken, John Birkehead, Geoffrey Helme, Miles Walker, Christopher Bland and John Jackson, yeomen, who say that: Edwin Sawll long before and on the day of his death was seised of one capital messuage or tenement in Stainton and 60 a. of land, 20 a. meadow, 20 a. pasture in Stainton and Hincaster to said capital messuage belonging; and one water grain mill in Stainton being of the yearly rent or fee farm of £4 yearly payable to Robert Strickland, esquire.

So seised Edwin Sawll, died 24 November, 8 Charles 1 (1632). All the above premises are held of the king as of his manor of Kirkbie Kendall called "le Marquesse Fee" by one 20th part of a knight's fee and they are worth yearly clear £4 13s. 4d. Charles Sawle is his son and heir, aged now 29 years and upwards, and he has received the profits of all the premises from the time of his father's death until now. Chanc. Inq. p. m., ser. ii, vol. 735, n. 118.

1662–64 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll, 259, 64 n. 13.

Thomas Bindlas for one hearth and is not willing to pay neither hath any goods to distreane upon. Thomas Levens, constable.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsidy 195, n. 73, m 12d.

Widd: Hinde 2
Tho: Birkett 1
Mr Edmond Saull 4
Tho: Wilson 2
John Wilson 1
Tho: Fletcher 1
Edmond Briggs 2
John Garth 1
Myles Baxter 1
Widd: Waugh 1
Tho: Leauens 1
Willm Maninge 1
Peter Binlas 1
Richard Robinson 3
Richard Robinson taylor 2
Adam Sheapherd 2
Robt Benson 1
Widd: Jackson 2
Richard Jackson 2
Widd: Knipe 1
Antho: Chamber 1
Henry Strickland 2
John Hinde 2
Robt Dickinson 2
John Petty 2
Antho: Thompson 1
Bryam Langcaster 2
Tho: Binlas 1
Robt Binlas 2
Edmond Hinde 1
Discharged by Certificates.
Tho: Sealeby 1
Edmond Nelson 1
Allan Sanderson 1
Chr: Petty 1
Rowland Cornthwte 1
Mabell Batemond 1

1786 By the Rev. John Wilson, 31 May, 1786. Whereas it is possible that the school of Heversham and Chapel of Crosscrake may, after my decease, be again united, being a native of Stainton and perfectly acquainted with everything relative to the above chapel, for the benefit or amusement of my successors I here insert the following short account. Crosscrake chapel, when I attended to learn writing etc. about the year 1733, was then and formerly a school (fn. 5) without one farthing endowment, and for many years taught with much credit and reputation by an industrious master, Mr. Wells. About the year 1755, Dr. Keene, then Bishop of Chester, informed of the utility of a chapel at Crosscrake paid it, at his northern Visitation, a personal visit and finding how very useful a chapel would be in this part of the parish procured of the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne £400. This sum, till a purchase was made, being only at 40s. per cent. made a stipend of £8 per annum. To this chapel a Mr. Ellis from Arkholme was first ordained. He staid about two years and was succeeded by a Mr. Hartley who quitted it in the year 1760. In March, 1760, on the sole nomination of the present vicar of Heversham, Rev. Henry Wilson, along with the Free School of Heversham to which I was chosen in 1756, I was elected curate of Crosscrake. As the stipend was yet but £8 per annum I endeavoured to make it more [by the purchase in 1763 of land in Dillicar, (fn. 6) let for £17 per annum]. About the year 1765, through the endeavours of the then Bishop of Chester with Lady Gower, I got forward with a 2nd augmentation, thus:—From Lady Gower £100, from Dr. Stratford £60, from myself with deed of gift £42 [to which the Bounty added £200]. With this £400 I made a purchase of an estate in Killington called Beckside . . . . now rented at £16 per annum. About the year 1772 on my third application to the bishop [Lady Gower advancing £200] I bought an estate called Mackreth Hill, in the parish of Sedbergh, and a rentcharge issuing out of an estate in Garsdale called Garsdale Foot. Till the year 1773 I officiated in the old chapel. The walls and roof being the old school and the structure very shabby and limited I applied for a Brief. From this we received upwards of £90, with this and the main part of a subscription in the hands of the late Alderman Shaw of Kendal, we built the present chapel. (fn. 7) Farrer, Records of Heversham Gram. School.


  • 1. He was commissioned (5 July, 1274) to enquire in Westmorland and other counties concerning the exportation of wool to Flanders. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1274, p. 69.
  • 2. A similar charter bears date 20 April, 17 Henry VI (1439).
  • 3. Abbot from 1521 to 1530.
  • 4. Abbot from 1530 to the time of dissolution, Nov. 29, 1539.
  • 5. After the dissolution of the religious houses, this chapel had gone to decay. Mr. Machel describes it in his time as an ancient chapel rebuilt, having a chimney in the northwest corner the lintel thereof lying about a yard from the ground, and a yard above that the funnel going out at an hole in the wall; without any bell, or any salary belonging to it, or any service performed. But it was made use of for the purpose of a school. Nicolson and Burn, i, 210. In John Ogilby's survey of the roads (1675) it is called' "Grove Chapel" a name which many subsequent map-makers follow.
  • 6. Cold Seat in Dillicar.
  • 7. In 1842 it was enlarged by Thomas Philipson, at a cost of £200, and re-opened on the 11th of September. In 1875 a new church was built on an adjacent site.