Preston Richard

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Preston Richard', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 202-210. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Preston Richard", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 202-210. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Preston Richard", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 202-210. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


1170–84 Uctred son of Osulf [de Preston Richard] attested charters of William de Lancaster II; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 443.

1184–90 Hutred son of Osolf and his heirs gave to the canons of Cockersand land at Preston in Kendale lying next the great brook [Peasey Beck] which is the boundary between the two Prestons, below the highway which leads to Wathsuthenan, ascending that way to the head of the great tillage which crosses the tillage of Hoscal-hofeh [Oskill's Head], as the peat-moss meets the hard land in going round to the spring below Hoscal-houet, and by the syke of the spring to the said great brook, with common of pasture within Ekergart in Winter and Spring for eight beasts with calves, two horses and 20 sheep with lambs, and from the beginning of summer outside Ekergart with the donor's men until Martinmas; Cockersand Chartul., 1001.

1190–1220 Richard son of Hutred son of Osolf confirmed his father's gift to the canons, namely the land between the brook and the land of Henry de Mamecestre, son of Geoffrey [de Cheteham] on the east side of the way which leads to Wathsuthenan, where their buildings stand etc. (as above); ib., 1002.

Henry de Chetham gave to the same canons his part of the mill of Preston, which he had by the gift of Richard de Preston, for pittance of the convent, reserving the multure of the grain of his men there; with grant of the moiety of the forinsec multure, reserving the multure of his own house of Preston; and two a. in Houeskelleheuet; ib. 1003.

1198 A day was given to Anselm de Furness and Uchtred son of Osolf to hear their record and judgment of a plea of perambulation and division of lands on the octaves of St. John the Baptist. Curia Regis Rolls (P.R.O.) i, 51.

1220–46 Walter de Strikland confirms to the monks of St. Bees, 2 a. land in Stirkland, which Richard de Preston and his wife, Amabel, his (the grantor's) daughter, had given; Wilson, Reg. of St. Bees. 412-14.

1230 Richard de Preston, a justice at Appleby; Pat. R. 1230, p. 354.

1246–72 Richard de Preston appears as a juror on various inquests during the period 1246 to 1272; Lancs. Inq. (Rec. Soc.), pt. i, passim.

1256 Henry de Notingham granted to Richard de Preston and Alice his wife two bovates, except a mill and 25 a. land, in Preston; Feet of F., file 4, n. 30.

Grant by Richard de Preston to Richard his son and Amabilla, wife of the said Richard the son, of lands etc. at Preston; Hist. MSS. Com. Rep. x, app. 4, p. 225.

1277 Order for the election of a coroner for Westmorland in place of Richard de Preston, who is incapacitated by infirmity; Cal. Close R. 1277, p. 405.

1277–1307 John Gudeberd of Burnham (Bruham ?) and Margery his wife grant to Richard de Preston, son of Sir Richard de Preston, and to Amabill his wife and the heirs of Richard a messuage lying between Latuneland (fn. 1) and Richard's land in Great Stirkeland; D. at Sizergh.

Grant by Roger de Barton to the same Richard and Amabill of a messuage and lands in various places (named) in Great Stirkeland; ib.

The same Richard and Amabill purchased land in Great Stirkeland of Adam the Hunter, clerk, and Joan his wife; ib.

Henry de Lynacre of Great Stirkelaund and Christiana daughter of the same Henry granted a messuage and lands in Great Stirkelaund to the said Richard, son of Sir Richard, and to Amabill his wife; ib.

1282 Demise by the abbot and convent of Cokersand to Richard de Preston (of Preston) in Kendall of the mill of Preston, etc. Witnesses, Henry de Lee, sheriff of Lancascer, Alan de Singilton, Henry le Botiler (pincerna), William le Botiler (pincerna), Benedict Gernet, William de Heton, John de Thatham (all domini). Dated in 10 Edward; Hist. MSS. Com., Rep. x, app. 4., p. 225.

1290 Walter de Stirklaund complains that Roger de Burton, Richard de Preston and many others came to his land in Nateland and took away his goods and those of Nicholas de Crakehale, his bondsman. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1290, p. 408.

1294 Richard de Preston and Thomas de Pykering were appointed to assess and levy the tenth in Westmorland; Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1294, p. 103.

1295 At Kirkby in Kendale on the feast of the Apostles, Philip and James, 23 Edward I (1 May, 1295), Elizabeth daughter of Robert the clerk gave an acquittance to Richard de Preston, son of Sir Richard de Preston, for 21s. 7d., part of a legacy of 40s. of the testament of her mother; D. at Sizergh.

1301 Between William son of Margaret de Ros querent and Margaret de Ros deforciant of two messuages, 31 carucates and 45 acres of land, 15 mills, and one half share of three mills with appurtenances in Helsington, Preston Richard etc., in Westmorland. The same is held by the said William and his heirs the remainder being to Marmaduke de Twenge in perpetuity; the said Margaret warrants to the said William and his heirs and also to the said Marmaduke and his heirs. Feet of Fines, 29 Edward I, n. 62.

1303 Roger de Burton held lands in Preston Richard and Hencastre in Kendale, as of his manor of Burton, of William son of Margaret de Ros; Cal. Inq., iv, 87.

1311 Roger son of Roger de Burton held the hamlets of Preston Richard and Hencastre with his manor of Burton of William de Ros of Kendale; Cal. Inq. v, 118.

1315 Amabill late the wife of Richard de Preston made fine with the king by 40s. for pardon in acquiring from Margaret de Ros 40s. of rent in [Great] Stirklaund; Abbrev. R. Original, i, 214; Cal. Pat. R. 1315, p. 302.

1332 Preston Richard. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Richard de Preston in goods 60s.
John de Preston " 30s.
Ellis son of Hawe " 30s.
William de le Syle " 15s.
Robert Couhirde " 22s. 6d.
Robert son of Alan " 15s.
William de Calvemyre " 30s.
Nicholas Shepherd (bercarius) " 22s. 6d.
John Walker " 30s.
Richard son of Ellis (Elye) " 40s.
Roger Laboray " 30s.
William Stage " 30s.
Sum of goods £18, whereof to the king 24s.; Exch. Lay Sub. 195A.

1334–43 Richard de Preston attests various local charters during this period.

1335 Release by John de Wyndesore to Richard de Preston relating to the park of Preston. Dated 30 April, 9 Edward III. Heraldic Seal; Hist. MSS. Com. Rep. x, app. 4, p 225.

1335 Exemption for life of Richard de Preston (fn. 2) from being put on assize etc. or appointed sheriff etc.; Cal. Pat. R. 1335, p. 187.

1340 Richard de Preston was appointed one of the four collectors of the ninth in co. Westmorland; Cal. Pat. R. 1341, p. 151; 1340, p. 504.

1341 Richard de Preston held of William de Twenge a messuage and 40 a. land in Preston by the service of the 30th part of a knight's fee. Cal. Inq., viii, 202.

Licence granted to Richard de Preston, the elder, and John de Haveryngton of Thirneby to alienate in mortmain to the abbot and convent of Hepp two messuages, 31 a. land etc. in Bampton Cundale and Heppe. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1341, p. 305.

1342 Richard de Preston was one of the collectors of wool in Westmorland in 1342; Cal. of Fine R., 1342, p. 285; Cal. Pat. R. 1341, p. 151.

1344–5 The same was one of the assessors and collectors of the fifteenth and tenth in Westmorland in 1344 and 1345; ib., 393–4, 435.

1354 Richard de Preston, a confederate of William de Wyndesore, chivaler, and others in rioting at Little Stirkeland. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1354, p. 161.

1357 John de Preston, elder, impleaded Richard Brysbane for taking a horse at Preston Richard, price 40s.; De Banco R., Hil., 389, m. 85d.

The same John demanded against John Wilkynson that he render an account of the time that he was his receiver; ib.

Richard de Preston demands against Adam de Berburn of Lonesdale that he render to him 40s. which he owes and has unjustly detained; ib., Trin., 391, m. 184d.

1358 John de Preston, elder, demands against Joan late the wife of John de Haveryngton and Sibyl late the wife of Thomas de Levenes that the said Joan render 60s. and the said Sibyl 40s. which they respectively owe him; ib., Hil., 393, m. 99d.

1360 John de Preston in Kendale party to a recognizance; Cal. Close R., 1360, p. 110; 1359, p. 625.

1362 William de Wyndesore, chivaler, going to Ireland on the king's service, nominates John de Preston of Kendale and Roger de Levenes, his attorneys, for one year; Cal. Pat. R. 1362, p. 217.

1362 Richard son of Richard de Preston had letters of protection going with William de Wyndesore, chivaler, to Ireland on the king's service; Cal. Pat. R., 1362, p. 219.

1363 The same William de Wyndesore, going to Ireland, nominates Richard de Preston and John de Preston, his attorneys in England for one year; ib. 416.

1374 Robert son of Peter of Kirkeby in Kendale and Richard de Preston held of Thomas de Thwenge the 30th part of a knight's fee in Preston and Mareshalholm; Chan. Inq. p.m., 48 Edward III, n. 68.

1377 John de Preston demands against Robert de Cliburn that he render to him 43s. 4d. which are in arrears of a yearly rent of 13s. 4d.; De Banco R., Mich., 468, m. 334.

1378 The abbot of Heppe demands against John de Preston that he render an account of the time that he was his receiver; ib., Trin., 471, m. 172 d.

1380? Richard de Preston grants to Richard de Milnthorp all his good and chattels. Dated 8 December, 4(?) Richard II.—Heraldic Seal. Hist. MSS Com. Rep., x, app. 4, p. 225.

1388 Cecily late the wife of Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., appoints her son, Thomas de Stirkeland to be steward of all her lands etc. in co. Westmorland. Dated at Preston in Kendale, in 12 Richard II; ib.

1390 Richard de Preston held of Thomas de Ros, chivaler, the manor of Preston Richard by knight's service, which Richard died seised of the said manor, his heir being a minor and in the custody of the said Thomas, the manor was therefore in the possession of the said Thomas de Ros on the day he died; Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Richard II, n. 41.

1390 The following notes tend to confirm the statement that Richard de Preston of Preston Richard, who died after 1390, had a younger brother who continued the line.

17 November, 1362. Order for the payment to James de Pykeryng and John de Preston of £19 12s. for their expenses for 49 days at the Parliament summoned at Westminster a fortnight after Michaelmas last; Cal. Close R., 1362, p. 440.

1 June 1362. William de Wyndesore chivaler going to Ireland on the king's service, has letters nominating John de Preston of Kendale and Roger de Levenes as his attorneys for one year; Cal. Pat. R. 1362. p. 217. He has like letters nominating John de Wyndesore of Kendale and John son of William de Stoke, clerk, his attorneys;ib.

18 November, 1363. He has like letters nominating Richard de Preston and John de Preston his attorneys for one year; ib., 416.

21 May, 1368. Order for the payment to John de Preston, knight of the shire for Westmorland of £7 for 25 days at the Parliament summoned at Westminster on 1 May last; Cal. Close R. 1368, p. 480.

29 March, 1371. Order to pay Hugh de Louthre and John de Preston, knights of the shire of Westmorland £19 12s. for 49 days at the Parliament summoned at Westminster on the feast of St. Matthias last; Cal. Pat. R. 1371, p. 289. In 1380 John de Preston was on the commission of the peace for Westmorland; ib., 1380, p. 515. He occurs as justice as "the elder," for many years down to 1390, and as John de Preston simply for many later years. In 1398 a commission was appointed to inquire about dissensions between John de Preston and John son of Thomas de Middleton and others, who lay in wait to kill the said John de Preston and his friends; ib. 1398, p. 503. In 1405 John de Preston and the sheriff of Westmorland were commissioned to inquire about the failure of the prior and convent of Watton to find three canons to dwell in a cell of the priory at Ravenstandale to celebrate for the good estate of the king and the souls of his progenitors and to do alms and other works of piety there according to the original foundation of the priory; ib. 1405, p. 63.

1394–1428 John de Preston, was a justice of the king's bench; recorder of London in 1406; sergeant-at-law in 1411; raised to the bench of the Common Pleas in 1415; retired in 1428; Foss, The Judges of England (ed. 1870), 538.

1404 John de Preston of Kendale held of William de Parr, chivaler, the manor of Preston Richard by knight's service, worth 100s.; Chan. Inq. p.m., 6 Henry IV, n. 37.

1404 Commission to Simon Blakeburn, serjeant at arms, to receive John de Preston and Robert his son, Matthew del Grene, and John de Sygilswyk, detained in the prison within the king's castle of Pevensey, with the cause of their seizure and bring them before the king; Cal. Pat. R. 1404, p. 364.

1407 Alan de Penyngton, chivaler, and John de Lamplugh, chivaler, held of John de Parr the manor of Preston Richard by knight's service, worth 100s.; ib., 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

1420 John de Penyngton, knt., appoints Richard de Preston, his attorney to deliver seisin to John de Preston of Bygynges of all his lands etc. in co. Westmorland. Dated at Mulcaster, on Wednesday after St. John of Beverley, 8 Henry v (8 May, 1420). Heraldic seal broken; Orig. at Sizergh.

1445 Pardon of outlawry for Thomas Otheland of Preston in Kendale, yeoman, for not appearing to answer Thomas Botiler touching a debt of six marks; Cal. Pat. R. 1445, p. 303.

1445 It was found by inquest that in the Chapel of St. Gregory by Preston Richard, par. Burton (sic) a chantry was founded by John de Preston, late one of the justices of the Bench, and incorporated of two chaplains to celebrate divine service for the souls of him and his ancestors; that the founder enfeoffed John Urswyk, Thomas Barburn, Nicholas Preston, clerk, and Robert Preston and their heirs of premises in London (described) to the use of Roger Casterton and Henry Preston, then chaplains of the said chantry, without licence, and that the feoffees named continued their estate in the premises contrary to the statute of mortmain; whereupon the king granted the premises to two of his serjeants, in survivorship; Cal. Pat. R. 1445 pp. 366, 373.

1452 Grant by Nicholas Radclyff, knt., John Knobilhowe, parson of the church of Lamplugh, William Farlam and Robert Roskyll, chaplain, to John son of John Penyngton, esq., and to Isabel his wife, daughter of John Broghton, esq., of a yearly rent after the death of John Penyngton, knt., in Preston in Kendale. Dated 12 August, 30 Hen. VI. Hist. MSS. Com., Rep. x, App. IV, p. 225.

1477 Pardon of outlawry for Roger Bateman of Preston in Kendale, chapman, administrator of the goods of Roger Bek, who died intestate for not appearing to answer Dennis Bayle touching a debt of £4; Cal. Pat. R. 1477, p. 28.

1532 Inquest taken at Appulby, on Wednesday, 21st Oct., 24 Henry, VIII (1532) before John Skelton, esquire, escheator.

William Pennyngton, the elder, knight, on the day he died and William Pennyngton, junior and Mary Strykland, daughter of Walter Strykland, were seised in their demesne as of fee tail of the manor of Preston Richard and of Little Langden according to the tenor and effect of the charter of Richard Barwis, Francis Maundforde, John Thwaites with others dated 4 June, 20 Henry VIII (1528). The manor of Preston is worth yearly £20 and more; Little Langden is worth yearly £10 and more. The manor of Preston is held of the castle of Kendall by service unknown; Little Langden is held of the duke of Richmond by service unknown. He died 20 May, 24 Henry VIII (1532) and William Pennyngton his son is his next heir, aged 14 years; Excheq. Inq. p.m., Ser. ii, file 131, n. 3.

1534 John Lamplughe, knt., passed to William Baxster and Robert Sterlyng tenements in Lamplughe etc., co. Cumberland, and Preston, co. Westmorland; Feet of Fines, Mich. term, 26 Henry VIII.

1542 John Lamplewgh, esq., passed by fine to Thomas Carus, gent., a tenement in Preston Richard; ib. Trin. term, 34 Henry VIII.

1586 Abstract of the will of Robart Atkinson of Thendmore in the parishe of Heversham. Dated 7 May, 1586.

Burial in the parishe Churchyarde of Heversham nigh unto my father and my owne child. Wife Elizabeth Atkinson my estate of my cottage for life or widdowhood, then to William Atkinson my son, and if he should die before the age of 21, then to Thomas Atkinson, my brother John youngest son, the said Thomas paying my sister £3 6s. 8d. Son William my suit of best apparrell etc. Brother John second best suit of apparrell. Sister Alice two of my best sheipe, etc. Sister Agnes one sheipe. Aunt Elsabeth one paire of sleeves. Residue to Elizabeth my wife, and to be sole executrix.

Allane Prickett and Thomas Parke to be supervisors.

Alane Pricket, Randall Wryght, Thomas Parke, witnesses.

Inventory £14 6s. 6d. Proved in the Arch. Richmond, Deanery of Kendal, last day of June. 1586.

c1600 John Preston, of Holker, esq., son and heir of Christopher Preston, married Mabel, daughter and coheir of George Benson of Hugill, and with her obtained one moiety of the manor of Preston Richard; Nicolson and Burn, i, 212.

1603 William Johnson of Stub, gent., purchased the Old Hall of Preston Richard with the demesne; Nicolson and Burn, i, 213.

1623 George Preston, who died in 1640, settled the manor or lordship of Preston Richard and lands in Heversham upon himself for life with remainder to his younger son, George. See Kirkby Lonsdale; Court of Wards, Inq. p.m., vol. 94, n. 207.

After the death of George Preston of Holker, esq., the moiety of the manor of Preston Richard was sold to Sir John Lowther of Lowther, bart.; Nicolson and Burn, i, 212.

1662–4 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll, 259, n. 13.

Richard Jackson for one hearth 12d. due at Lady Day, 1663. He hath no goods to distraine. Giles Preston, constable.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsidy 195, n. 73, m. 17.

Robt Atkinson 2
Richard Maning 1
Willm Halhead 1
John Backhouse 1
Willm Halhead 2
Widd: Maning 1
Rich: Cornthwte 2
Allan Backhouse 1
Widd: Baire 1
Widd: Birkett 2
George Mawson 2
Arthur Crosfield 1
Rodger Cornthwte 2
Tho: Richardson 1
Chr: Fletcher 2
The same I puld downe
Rodger Preston 1
Tho: Fletcher 1
Richard Preston 2
Willm Birkett 2
The same I fallen downe
Leonard Croft 2
Richard Greenewood 2
Tho: Pepper 2
James Syll 2
Widd: Preston 1
John Skaife 1
Rich: Helme 1
Willm Johnson 1
Allan Backhouse 1
Discharged by Certificates.
John Stephenson 1
Antho: Foster 1
Peter Smith 1
Antho: Birkett 1
Antho: Birkett 1
Mr Greenewood 1
Antho: Preston 1
Tho: Hodghson 1
John Dawson 1
Chr: Lowrymor 1
Widd: Lowrymor 1


  • 1. See Cal. Close R. 1335, p. 378.
  • 2. Possibly of co. York.
  • 3. From this it appears probable that Richard de Preston left male issue in 1390. John de Preston of Kendale held the manor of Preston Richard in 1404 either by reason of the custody of the heir, or by reason of a life estate in the manor; but probably for the first reason stated. Between 1404 and 1407 the daughters of Richard de Preston, if living, became coheirs of the manor, or if dead, their respective husbands would hold the manor jointly by the courtesy of England.