Holme and Holmescales

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Holme and Holmescales', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 292-296. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp292-296 [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Holme and Holmescales", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 292-296. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp292-296.

. "Holme and Holmescales", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 292-296. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp292-296.


The manor of Holme was granted to Thomas son of Gospatric, or more probably an older grant was confirmed to him, by Gilbert Fitz Reinfrid, during the reign of Richard I. It descended in the family of Curwen until at least as late as the reign of Elizabeth. The demesne lands appear to have passed to John de Wyndesore in the latter part of the reign of Edward III, under circumstances which have not been discovered. In 1384 William de Wyndesore, knt., had licence to enclose a park of 2000 acres in Holme. After his death the manor appears to have been sold. When Richard Tunstall was attainted of high treason in 1461 he held a considerable estate here with a moiety of the park and a moiety of the mill. These were granted in 1465 to James Harington, knt.

The other moiety of the manor and park of Holme was acquired by the Prestons of Preston Patrick. Upon the settlement of the inheritance of Sir Thomas Preston, bart., of the manor, between his daughters and coheirs, Holme came to Mary, who married William, marquis of Powis. Not long after, namely in 1717, the estate was sold to Colonel Francis Charteris of Hornby Castle, whose grandson, the honourable Francis Charteris was the owner in 1773.

1175 Orm son of Thore accounts for 40 marks due to the Crown for a default. Pipe Roll, 21 Henry II, p. 178.

1184–90 Orm son of Thore (fn. 1) gave to the canons of Cockersand land at Holm and land at Biscopholm between the brook which flows from Hale and the mill of Holm. Chartul. Cockersand, Chetham Soc, 997.

1184–95 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz Reinfrid confirms to Thomas son of Gospatrick (de Workington) his lands in Kendale, namely Holm etc. See Preston Patrick, p. 298.

1201 Roger de Beuchaumphe, (fn. 2) for the health of the soul of Simon de Morevill, gave to the hospital of Cockersand 10 a. of his demesne of Eschales [Holmescales] with common of pasture of the same (sic) vill; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1019.

1201 Roger de Bello Campo and Grecia who was the wife of Thomas son of Gospatric proffer 100 m. for custody of the land and heir of Thomas son of Gospatric; they also fine for 400 m. for the amercement of the forest imposed on the said Thomas in the time of King Richard; R. de Oblat., 157.

1201 Afterwards the custody of the land and heir and the marriage of the heir of Thomas son of Gospatric was committed to William de Stutevill and the above fine was annulled, the reason being that the custody was needful for the custody of the king's castles of Cumberland and Westmeriland; ib., 194.

1208 In an assize to recognize if William de Copland and Robert de Halton and Robert son of Godfrey unjustly disseised Hugh son of Everard of his tenement in Holme, the jurors say that Hugh's father died seised of the land and Hugh remained in seisin as heir; afterwards he crossed over seas and William took the land in mortgage of Hugh's mother for a term of 10 years of which 5 or 6 are past. Hugh recovers seisin; Curia Regis R. 48, m. 12.

1255 Henry de Holm, a juror. Lancas. Inq., part i, 195.

1260–75 Gilbert son of Patrick de Curwen gave to the canons of Cockersand free passage for sheep and cattle from Neubiging and pasture in Holm; Chartul. of Cockersand, 998.

1283 Gilbert de Curwen held Preston, Hoton and Holm of William de Lindesey (anciently for 43s. cornage). Lancas. Inq., part i, 255.

1332 Subsidy of the fifteenth. Lay Sub. Roll, 195, 1A.

John son of Hugh in goods £1 10 0
Robert Croudeson " 1 2 6
John son of John " 2 5 0
John Croudeson " 1 2 6
Patrick the miller " 1 10 0
William son of Perkyn " 2 5 0
Paton " 3 0 0
Symon son of Roger " 3 0 0
John son of Hugh " 1 10 0
Adam son of Roger " 1 2 6
Thomas son of Michael " 15 0
John Page " 15 0
Sum of goods £18.

1359 John son of Nigel de Burton demands against Robert son of John Shephird a messuage, three bovates of land and 4 a. meadow in Holm in Kendale. Robert calls to warranty William, son of Robert de Washyngton, elder, and John claims against him the said tenement, which Sigreda who was the wife of Thomas de Siggeswyk gave to Emma daughter of Gregory de Burton and her heirs, remainder to Nigel brother of Emma and his heirs, which Emma died without issue. William son of Robert de Washyngton says that Sigreda gave the tenements to Emma and her heirs in fee simple and not in fee tail. A jury was summoned, who say that Sigreda gave the tenement in fee tail. John son of Nigel recovers his seisin and Robert has of the land of the said William to the value of the tenement and William is in mercy; De Banco R. 398, Easter 33 Edw. III, m. 216.

1377 John de Preston impleaded Ralph de Hegholme and others that their cattle trespassed in his grass at Holme to his injury 100s.; ib. 468, Mich. 1 Ric. II, m. 234.

1384 Licence for William de Wyndesore to enclose and make a park of 2000 a. of his land, wood and pasture in Holme in Kendale, if not within the water of the forest; Cal. Pat. R. 1384, p. 447.

1390 Gilbert de Culwen IV, knt., Robert de Brigham and Simon de Working ton release to John de Blencow, son of Adam, their right in the lands and tenements in the vill of Holm in Kendale late of Robert de Culwen, uncle of the said Gilbert; 14 Ric. II.

1397 Licence for Thomas de Tunstall to alienate in mortmain nine marks of rent issuing yearly from lands and tenements in Raron, Wynyngton, Burton in Lonesdale, Bentham, Cokschote and Holme in Kendale, to the abbot and convent of Cokyrsand for finding a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily in the church of Tunstall or in the manor of Thorisland for the good estate of the said Thomas and Isabel his wife etc. and for the souls of William de Tunstall and Katherine his wife; Cal. Pat. R. 1397, p. 82.

1417 William Tunstall, son of Thomas Tunstall, knt., enfeoffs Robert Holme, chaplain, of his castle and manor of Thorslande and inter alia lands in co. Westmorland. Given at Thoresland on St. Agatha's Day, 4 Henry V (5 February, 1417); Dodsworth's MS. 62, f. 1b.

The same William attorns John Weshington, esq., to receive seisin of the castle and manor of Thoresland and inter alia of land in Holme in Kendale. Given at Tunstall on Monday after St. Paul the Apostle, 4 Henry V; ib.

1426 Grant by Anne, late the wife of William Tunstall, esq., to Thomas Tunstall, knt., brother and heir male of the said William, of her third part of divers lands which Thomas assigned to her in dower inter alia in Holme, co. Westmorland, the reversion of which belonged to the said Thomas after her death. Given on the eve of St. John the Baptist, 4 Henry VI; Dodsworth's MS. 62, f. 2.

1460 Pardon of outlawry for Thomas Pereson of Holme, co. Westmorland, yeoman, for not appearing when impleaded with Thomas Witton of Haukeland, co. Westmorland, yeoman, to answer Thomas Hornby, parson of the church of Burton in Kendale, touching a debt of 20 marks; Cal. Pat. R. 1460, p. 522.

Similar pardon for Richard Jackson of Holme, yeoman, and Robert Jackson of Carlthorp (sic), yeoman, for not appearing to answer the same Thomas Hornby; ib. 524.

1465 Richard Tunstall late of Tunstall, co. Lanc., knt., who was attainted of high treason at Westminster on 4 November, 1 Edward IV, was seised at the time of his attainder of 11 messuages, 4 cottages, the moiety of a water mill and the moiety of the park in the vill of Holme in Kendall, worth 100s. yearly; Chan. Inq. p.m., 5 Edward IV, n. 45.

Grant to James Haryngton, knt., in tail male, for good service in the capture of Henry VI, of the castle, manor and lordship of Thurland, all messuages, lands, rents and services in the town of Tunstell, a park called "Fayretwhayte parke" and all lands etc in the towns or hamlets of Warton, Overborowe, Netherborowe, Oldwenyngton, Gale and Erghom, co. Lanc., Bentham and Burton in Lonnesdale, co. York, and the town of Holme in Kendell, late of Richard Tunstell, knt., a rebel, in the king's hands by reason of an Act in Parliament etc. not exceeding £100 yearly value, to hold by fealty only; Cal. Pat. R. 1465, pp. 445, 460.

1523 Thomas Preston, esq., being seised of the manor of Preston Patrick and the manor of Holme in Kendall, granted the same in 1512 to certain feoffees to the use of his will. The manor of Holme is held of the heir of Thomas Curwen, knt., decd, by fealty and a rent of 21s. 8d. and is worth £6 13s. 4d. clear. See Preston Patrick.

1542 John Curwen passed by fine to John Preston a tenement in Home in Burton. Feet of Fines, Easter term, 34 Henry VIII.

1652Confirmation of a lease to George Wilkinson of Holme Park, sequestered from John Preston; Cal. of Com. for Compounding, iii, 1904.

1652 The tenants of Holme brought a suit in chancery against the Commonwealth tenants, claiming that Holme Park, sequestered from Sir John Preston, belonged to their ancestors and was usurped by Sir John's predecessors; ib., 546.

1652 Account of Courts held at Holme and Preston Patrick, late Sir John Preston's, in 1650-51; ib. 585.

1653 Frances, widow, and Christopher, son and heir of Cyprian Hilton of Ormside, beg an order to the County Committee to admit them to Cyprian's estate at Burton. (fn. 3) He died two months since (March 15, 1653); ib. IV, 3053.

1654 On Wilkinson's forfeiture the estates in Kirkby Kendale and Burton were purchased from the Treason Trustees by Thomas Wharton; ib., v, 3206.

1662–4 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll, 259, n. 13. Within the Constabellwick of Holm ther is none retur[n]ed for defolt of payment acknoledged by me Thomas Pendere the late constabell in the yeare 1662.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll, Lay Subsidy 195, n. 73, m. 5d.

Oliver Crosfield 1
John Cocke 2
Rich: Luckas 1
Henry Preston 2
Robt Jackson 1
Mich: Preston 1
John Beathom 1
Richard Pinder 3
John Luckas 2
John Hobkin 1
Thomas Thompson 1
Tho: Preston 1
Rich: Preston 1
Tho: Hudson 1
Dorothy Hudson 1
Leo: Luckas 1
Tho: Collinson 2
Tho: Penteth 1
Rich: Cartmell 1
James Newby 1
Widd: Hudson 1
John (?) Cuming 1
The same 1 wald up
Rich: Penreth 2
George Baitson 1
George Huggart 1
Lawrence Penreth 1
John Preston 1
Rich: Hudson 1
John Baitmond 1
Discharged by Certificates.
John Hudson 1
Jane Jackson 1
Widd: Robinson 1
Rich: Jackson 1
James Litleton 1
Rich: Edmondson 1


  • 1. See Beetham and Meathop.
  • 2. Roger de Beauchamp probably made this grant in right of his wife Grecia, relict of Thomas de Workington, who died in 1200. Rot. de Oblatis, p. 157.
  • 3. Query if Burton in the Parish of Warcop.