Preston Patrick

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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. "Preston Patrick", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 297-304. British History Online, accessed May 30, 2024,

. "Preston Patrick", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 297-304. British History Online. Web. 30 May 2024,


Preston in Kendale, commonly known as Preston Patrick, took its distinguishing apellative from Patric, younger son and ultimate heir of Thomas son of Gospatric de Workington. Patrick having received the lordship of Culwen in Galloway acquired that name, which became Curwen in the following generation. The manor was granted or confirmed to Thomas son of Gospatric by Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid after the grant of certain lands in Kendale made to him by Richard I in 1189. This Thomas founded a house of Premonstratensian canons here about 1191 which afterwards was removed to Shap. The manor descended in the family of Culwen, or Curwen, at least as late as the 16th century (1577). The demesne lands and Hall of Preston Patrick were acquired by the Prestons either towards the end of the fourteenth or beginning of the fifteenth century and descended like the manor of Holme. In 1717, William Herbert, esquire, commonly called duke of Powis, and Mary his wife, and William Herbert, commonly called lord Montgomery, their son and heir apparent, conveyed to Francis Charteris of Hornby Castle, esquire, the manors of Preston Patrick and Holme, with the capital messuage or mansion house called Preston Old Hall and a fee farm rent of 15s. 4d., being the tithe hay silver of Preston Patrick, and also the parks or lands known as Holme Park, Lodge Park, and Wood Park, containing by estimation 185 acres (customary measure ?), and the tithes and tithe barns of Dalton, Holme and Burton, and also the lands called Hutton Park, containing by estimation 137 acres (customary measure ?) and customary rents amounting to £42 8s. 3d. with fines and heriots. (fn. 1)

In the year 1773, Francis Charteris of Hornby Castle, esq., grandson of the above Colonel Francis Charteries, enfranchised the customaryheld tenements of the manor of Preston, for the sum of £5130, to William Bateman, Thomas Cartmell and Richard Wright, in behalf of themselves and other customary tenants of the manor. (fn. 2)

The possessions of the abbey of Shap in Preston Patrick, when the original house of St. Mary Magdalene of Premonstratensian canons was founded by Thomas son of Gospatric, were granted by James 1 to Philip, lord Wharton, in whose posterity they continued until the time of Philip, duke of Wharton, when they were conveyed to Robert Lowther of Maulds Meaburn, esq., father of Sir John Lowther of Lowther, bart., in whose posterity they have continued to this day.

1157 Gospatric son of Orm is with the king's court at Woodstock. Coucher of Furness, part 1, 344.

1175 Gospatric son of Orm renders account of 20 marks to the Crown for a default. Pipe Roll, 21 Henry II, p. 178.

1176 Gospatric son of Orm accounts for an amercement of 500 marks for the surrender of the king's castle of Appelbi to the king of Scots. Pipe Roll, 22 Henry II, 119.

1184–95 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid confirms to Thomas son of Gospatrick his lands of Kendale, namely Holm, Preston and Hoton, to hold by the service of the 4th part of a knight's fee for which he and his heirs shall be quit of 43s. for cornage. Witnesses: Roger Fitz-Reinfrid, Hugh de Morvill, Reinfrid de Bhueria, Gilbert de Lancastre, Gervase de Aencurt, Robert de Bethum, Uctred son of Osolph, Roger de Bello Campo, Geoffrey de Preston and others; Transact., N.S. xiv, 55.

1191–1200 Thomas son of Gospatric gave to the hospital of Cockersand land in Preston in Kendale, adjoining the boundary of Farlton, and common of pasture for a team of oxen and 10 cows; Chartul. of Cockersand 999.

Grant in free alms by Thomas son of Gospatric to St. Mary Magdalene and the canons of the Premonstratensian order of Preston of a portion of his land at Preston in Kendale whereon to make a dwelling-place of the canons, to wit all his demesne park below Lacksloft and in Lacksloft to the way from Preston Uthreed, following that way to the way which comes from Holme and so along the way from Holme to the syke which runs from Hasaldmire, by that syke to the water which is the division between the two Prestons, thence ascending (that water) to the said way from Lackslot; also the land below the way from Wathsudden to Stainbrigg and all the land of Stainbrigg to the division of Brackentwhait, as the wood and plane ground divide, to the land of Richard son of Sig[er]ith, and so to the way from Stainbrigg to the boundary of Farleton, that is all the land late of Michael son of Helen, and so following the boundary of Farleton to the boundary between the two Prestons, and so ascending to the way from Wathsudden, except the meadow of Mirescugge; also 10 acres at Sigglethuait for their welfare; and all the land from above Wathsudden, namely where the chapel of the infirm was; and of his wood they shall have as much as they wish to take and now have, without view of his foresters, and the bark of trees which they fell shall be theirs. Grant also of free common within the metes of Preston with other easements and liberties belonging to the vill of Preston in wood, ways, waters, and mills, and pasture of their pigs without pannage, with tithe of his pannage and liberty to grind at his mill without multure whensoever they should come and the hopper is empty, and when they have need to grind at his mill other (?) men shall cease grinding; Dodsworth's MS. 61, f. 90.

1220–46 William de Lancastre confirms to Patrick son of Thomas son of Gospatrick the grant which Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid, father of the grantor, made to the said Thomas of the lands in Kendale which he held of the said Gilbert in Preston, Holme and Hoton, by these bounds: as the water of Roakerdale (fn. 3) falls into the water of Hoton, so ascending to the brook which runs from Surthwaite to the way below Surthwaite, so ascending that way to the higher part of Stainburild, and so across to Raiseherling and from thence to below the Dubbs eastward, and from the Dubbs to the ancient bounds of Lupton to Hordpotrig. (fn. 4) For this confirmation Patrick granted that he would find puture for two of the grantor's foresters, being foot-men, in the vills of Hoton and Preston, as his neighbours do and that Patrick's men of the said vills shall find "witnesman" for the said foresters; Rawlinson MS., cited by Nicolson and Burn, i, 107.

1235 Patrick son of Thomas held the fourth part of a knights' fee of the barony of Kendal in Preston Patrick, Holme and Old Hutton. Testa de Nevill, Record Com., p. 412.

1242 Patrick son of Thomas is amerced 20s. for not coming before the justices; Parker, Pipe R. of Westm., 203.

1283 Gilbert de Curwen 1 held Preston, Hoton and Holm of William de Lindsay (anciently for 43s. cornage); Lancs. Inq. pt. i, 255.

1332 Subsidy of the fifteenth, in Preston Thomas (? Patrick). Lay Subsidy Roll., 195, 1a.

Adam Marescallus in goods £1 10 0
William de le F.....le " 15 0
Gilbert Nelleson " 1 0 0
Alan Wolf " 1 2 6
Robert son of Stephen " 2 5 0
John Cayker " 1 10 0
Stephen the sutor " 15 0
Richard Dounay " 1 0 0
John Daunay " 1 10 0
Adam son of Robert in goods £2 5 0
William de Lupton " 2 5 0
Chudbertus Scoticus " 1 2 6
Robert son of Thomas " 1 0 0
Adam Lorymer " 2 5 0
William son of Thomas " 1 0 0
John son of Thomas " 15 0
Richard Brad " 1 0 0
Thomas de Brigstere " 15 0
William son of Galfride " 15 0

Sum of goods £25.

1333 Gilbert de Culewen I [d. 1290] lately gave six messuages, 80 a. land, two parts of a mill and all the wood in Preston Patrik in Kendale to Thomas de Culewen his son in tail, remainder to John de Culewen in tail, and because John joined the Scots and had entered upon the said lands on the death of Thomas, who died [1300] without issue, without the king's licence, the escheator took the premises into the king's hands; afterwards the king learned that John was in the king's faith and peace and always had been at Thomas' death, that he was taken prisoner of war by the Scots and detained in prison and that to save his life he remained in faith to the Scots for half a year and that he returned to England a year before the death of his brother and has been in the king's faith and peace ever since; that the lands are held of Gilbert de Culewen III for a rose yearly and are worth £4 6s. 8d. yearly; the escheator is therefore ordered to remove his hand; Cal. Close R. 1333 p. 39.

1339 Roger son of Ralph impleaded Adam Mareshal of Preston Patrick in Kendale that he render an account of the time that he was the said Roger's receiver. De Banco R. Mich., 320, m. 188d.

1347 John de Croft died on Monday after Michaelmas, 21 Edward III (1347), seised of a messuage and 7 a. land in Preston held of the abbot of Shapp by fealty and the service of 2s. yearly. John son of Adam son of the said John, aged 5 years, is his next heir; Cal. Inq. IX, 17.

1348 By deed dated at Preston in Kendale on Tuesday next after St. Thomas the Apostle, 22 Edward III, John, son of Sir Gilbert de Cullewen, knt., granted to Robert son of Robert de Wessington and his heirs estovers in his wood of Preston necessary for housebote and haybote for Robert's tenants in Nateland. Witnesses: Sir Ralph de Bethum, Matthew de Redeman, knights; Richard de Preston, William de Wyndisore, John de Astentwait, William de Thorneburgh. Deed at Sizergh.

1348 By letters dated at Caton on the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle in the same year the said John authorized William de Wessington to deliver seisin of his wood of Preston to the said Robert; ib.

Quit-claim by Eda, who was the wife of Gilbert de Cullewen II, chivaler, to Edmund Laurence of her right in the lands and tenements late of Gilbert, her husband, in Preston Patrik, Holmschales and Hoton by reason of her dower. Witnesses: Richard de Preston, John de Aftentwatt, John de Patton, William de Thorneburgh, John Warde. Given at Preston in Kendale, on Friday after St. Peter in Cathedra, 22 Edward III; Duchy of Lanc., Anct. Deeds, L, 1079.

1355 The abbot of Heppe impleaded John de Pykeryng for taking his goods at Preston in Kendale to the value of 40s. and for assaulting John Cayker his servant there; De Banco R., Trin., 382, m. 212.

1356 John de Wyndesore impleaded Robert Nelison and others of trespass with their cattle in his grass at Preston Patrik to his injury in £100s; De Banco R., Hil., 384, m. 20.

1358 William de Dacre gives £20 for restitution of certain lands and tenements in Preston, co. Westmorland; and 40 marks for the lands and tenements in Preston, which Roger de Rygmayden lately held; Abbrev. R. Original., ii, 251.

1358 Whereas William de Dacre held in fee lands in Preston, co. Westmorland, which have been taken into the king's hands because John de Corewenne, who adhered to the Scots, the king's enemies, held the same in fee at the day of his adhesion, and although the king could retain the premises as forfeit, yet in consideration of good service done by William in the wars of Scotland and for £20 fine, which he will pay, has restored to him the premises; Cal. Pat. R. 1358, p. 130.

Grant for 40 marks to be paid by William de Dacre to the king, to the said William of lands in Preston, co. Westmorland, which Roger de Rygmayden lately held of the demise of Roger de Corewenn, son and heir of John de Corewenn, which had been taken into the king's hands for John's adhesion (as above); ib., 137.

1361 William de Dacre held at his death on 18 July, 35 Edward III (1361), land and tenements in Preston Paterick in Kendale with 200 a. waste of wood called Preston Wode and 100 a. waste of wood called Aldhoton Wode; there are divers tenants at will there who pay yearly 66s. 8d. at the terms of Martinmas and Whitsunday. He held the same of Sir Gilbert de Curwen III of Wyrkngton, the elder, by what service is not known. Ranulf de Dacre, parson of Prestkote, his brother, aged 30 years, is his next heir; (fn. 5) Inq. p.m., 35 Edward III (1), n. 63.

1379 The abbot of Heppe by Thomas Daunay, his attorney, impleaded John de Preston for taking with force and arms and carrying away the goods and chattels of the said abbot at Preston Patryk, worth £10; De Banco R., 473, Hil. 2 Richard II, m. 38d.

Thomas Forester of Drybek demands against John Maymorne of Preston in Kendale that he render to him £8 which he owes; ib., m. 326.

The abbot of Heppe, by Thomas Daunay, impleads John son of Roger Raper, William Garlyk and Thomas son of Richard Perkyn for taking with force and arms and carrying away his goods, value 100s. at Preston Patryk. Ib. 475, Trin. 2-3 Rich. II, m. 65 d.

The jury between the abbot of B. Mary Magdalene of Hepp, plaintiff, and Richard de Preston, Thomas del Bek, John Mareschall, Thomas Clerk, Robert Doddyng, Adam Calmere and Robert Richardservant of Preston in a plea of trespass, was respited to Hilary term; ib. 476, Mich. 3 Richard II, m. 421d.

1396 Thomas Wassynton of Presthoton grants to John his son a tenement in Presthoton (fn. 6) with lands in the town and townfields of Presthoton, which the donor had by the feoffment of William de Wassyngton, of Presthoton, to hold to him and his issue, remainder to William, brother of the said John and his heirs, remainder to Robert brother of the said William. Witnesses: Robert de Wassyngton of Kerneforth, John de Berwyke, elder, John Wassynton of Warton, elder, Thomas Makerall of Warton, John son of Robert de Hoton, John Berwike, younger. Dated at Presthoton on the feast of St. Oswald the king, before the feast of St. Lawrence, 20 Richard II (5 August, 1396); Duchy of Lanc., Anct. Deeds, L. 1018.

1437–8 Grant by John de Lamplogh, knt., to John de Lamplogh, son of Hugh de Lamplogh, his son, and to Joan his wife, daughter of Thomas de Bethome, esq., of the lands and tenements which he holds of the inheritance of Elizabeth, his wife, for the term of his life, in Preston in Kendale; the said lands, after his death, shall belong to the said John son of Hugh, as kinsman and heir of the said Elizabeth. Witnesses: Richard Musgrave, Thomas de Strikland and Thomas Parre, knights, and James Croft. Dated 16 Henry VI. Seal of John de Lamplogh; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 146.

1523 Thomas Preston, esq., being seised of the manor of Preston Patrike and the manor of Holme in Kendall granted the same in 1512 to certain feoffees to the use of his will. The manor of Preston Patrike is held of the heir of Thomas Curwen, knt., deceased, by fealty and a rent of 43s. 4d at Whitsuntide and Martinmas, worth yearly clear £26; the manor of Holme is held of the said heir by fealty and a rent of 21s. 8d. as above, worth £6 13s. 4d. clear. John Preston, his son, aged 12 years, is his heir; Exch. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 126, n. 3.

1577 John Preston, esq., long before his death enfeoffed certain trustees (namely in 1564) of inter alia the manor of Preston Patricke and the moiety of the manor of Holme to the use of the said John Preston and his heirs male, in default to Christopher Preston and his heirs male; and being seised of the other moiety of the manor of Holme and other premises (see Levens), and so died seised thereof. The manor of Preston Patricke is held of Henry Curwen, knt., as of his manor of Thornethwaite by fealty and a free rent of 45s. yearly and is worth 40 marks clear; the manor of Holme is similarly held by fealty and a free rent of 43s. 4d., and is worth yearly clear 20 marks; Court of Wards Inq. p.m., vol. 118, n. 115. For the Inquisition see Levens, p. 134.

1651 Dorothy, widow and executrix of Robert Reeve with 3 others petition the Committee for Compounding that inter alia the manor of Preston Patrick was conveyed by Thomas Wharton of Gillingwood, co York, in 17 Charles I (1641-2) to Richard Hutton and Anthony Wharton for payment of the debts of Anthony Wharton and Anthony his father, but the manor is sequestered for the delinquency of Anthony Wharton, one of the trustees; Cal. of Com. for Compounding, IV, 2919. See also p. 2513.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll, Lay Subsidy, 195, n. 73, m. 25d.

Antho: Preston 1
Rich: Preston 1
Richard Garlicke 1
Widd: Cragg 1
Tho: Moore 1
Richard Chamley 1
Richard Sutton 2
James Saull 1
Henry Shirwen 1
Richard Lonesdall 2
Willm Saull 1
Richard Sill 2
Richard Cornthwte 2
Rowland Midilton 2
Widd: Ward 1
Allan Backhouse 1
Widd: Potter 1
Tho: Horneby 1
Tho: Wakefield 2
Richard Denny 1
Mr Allan Prickett 1
Randall Wright 1
Randall Wright 2
Tho: Thompson 1
Tho: Cham 2
Mr John Webb 4
Edward Backhouse 2
James Backhouse 1
Rich: Preston 2
Willm Cartmell 2
Tho: Wilson 1
Richard Thompson 1
Richard Wakefield 2
Willm Wakefield 1
Rowland Warriner 2
James Jackson 1
Willm Beast 1
Oliver Leighton 1
Widd: Sill 1
Math: Wright 2
Arthur Burrow 1
Antho: Preston 1
Discharged by Certificates.
Widd: Cragg 1
John Cornthwte 1
Widd: Potter 1

1681 The Attorney-General versus Caryll, lord Viscount Molineux, Robert Dalton, the Right. Hon. Francis, Lord Carrington and Humphrey Weld. Depositions were taken whether the estates of Sir Thomas Preston, bart., were made over to the Jesuits and placed in the hands of Jesuit trustees. The estates included the hall and demesne of Preston Patrick, two capital messuages called Nether Levens and Ninesergh, lands called Holme Park and Hutton Park, two tenements in Casterton and the rectory of Burton in Kendale; Exchequer Depositions (Lanc. Record Soc.), 33 Charles II, Mich., n. 28.


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  • 4. These appear to be the bounds between Preston Patrick and Holmescales, Killington and Mansergh.
  • 5. Ranulf de Dacre, who died on Saturday after the Assumption of the B. V. M., 49 Edw. III (1375), was not then seised of these tenements in Preston Richard etc.
  • 6. This deed has no connexion with Preston Patrick. It is inserted here because of the references to the Washington family.