Langdale and Baisbrowne

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Langdale and Baisbrowne', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 30-39. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Langdale and Baisbrowne", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 30-39. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

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1216–72 William de Lancaster 111 gave to the priory of Conishead the land of Basebrun by bounds (described); Monasticon vi, 557.

1274 Robert de Ros of Werk held at his death Langeden with a moiety of the mill and herbage of the forest; Cal. Inq., ii, 49. See also vol. i, p. 133.

1283 Alan de Peniton held Little Langeden of the same William; ib., 257.

Ralph de Berburn holds 40 a. of waste (locality unknown) for 6d. yearly; ib.

1283 William de Lyndeseye held at his death at Langeden 15 tenants who hold 136 a. 1 r. of land, each acre worth 6d. yearly; 6 tenants who hold 28½ a. of waste land there and render nothing; 2 cotters, who used to render 8d. yearly, (their tenements) are now waste and yield nothing: a forest there the herbage of which is worth 50s. yearly; a water-mill there renders 7s. yearly; a fishery called Routhemer is worth 18d. yearly. All the said tenants render 5s. yearly for "goldewethers alias goldewite"; Lancs. Inq., i, 253; Cal. Inq., ii, 269.

1324 Ingram de Gynes held at his death the hamlet of Langeden, where there are 11 tenants at will who render 66s. 0½d. yearly; there is a water-mill worth 10s. yearly. Two tenements in the hamlet of Langeden, which ought to render 3s. 6½d. yearly, were in the lord's hands for default of tenants and now lie waste; the herbage of the forest of Langeden ought to be worth 40s. yearly, but is now worth nothing for default of animals; Inq. p.m., 17 Edward 11, n. 60.

1332 For Subsidy of a fifteenth, see under Grasmere.

1334 Christiana de Gynes held at her death the hamlet of Langedene, parcel of the manor of Winandermere, in which are 11 tenants at will who render 66s. 0½d. at Martinmas and Whitsuntide; a watermill worth 10s. yearly; Inq. p.m., 8 Edward 111, 1st nos., n. 74.

1375 Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Saturday next after the feast of Corpus Christi, 49 Edw. 111 (23 June, 1375), the jurors say Joan late the wife of John de Coupeland, decd, held for the term of her life, inter alia the hamelet of Langeden. See the inquest under Windermere.

1375 Rental of John de Hothome and Walter de Pedwardyn, knts., made at Staveley on Thurdsay next after the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, 49 Edward III (15 March, 1375).

Tenants at will in Langeden. Renders yearly.
Thomas del Loge and Adam Willeson hold a tenement
Margaret who was the wife of Henry (fn. 1) 2½ acres
John de Asedall (fn. 2) holds a tenement
John Dowson (fn. 3) " 3
The same an intack 1
John Whiteheved (fn. 4) a tenement 4 1
John de Midelfell " 11 2
Ralph del Fell " 12 4
John Kynge " 6 5
Ralph del Fell " 2 5
John Forester an intake 2
John Willeson " 1
The tenants for a water mill 12 0
The tenants for pasture of the forest, called Forest sylver £2 10 0
William Walker for a pasture called Whelpstrothe 5 0
The tenants for a rent called "Yeld" (fn. 5) 6
Sum total (fn. 6) £6 10 0

Decay in Langden.

Decay of a tenement which Alexander de Belderby held.

1390 Alan Pennyngton, knt., held of the countess Philippa, the manor of Lyttyl Langden in Strickland Kettyll with the appurtenances and hunting by homage and fealty. He died 27 September, 1415, seised of, inter alia, the manor of Langden. Lancs. Inq., Chetham Soc. xcv, 121.

1390–94 Rental of the lands of Philippa, late the wife of Robert de Vere, earl of Oxford, and John de Hothome, within the lordship of Kendale.


Renders yearly.
s. d.
William Jopson, Richard his son and William Braqwat (Braithwaite) hold a messuage 10 0
John de Braqwat holds a toft
Relict of John Jopson and Jacke Wylkynson a mess
Richard Jacson holds a messuage 3 6
William Collnes " 6 2
John de Braqwat " 3
William de Hall half a garden
John son of Richd Wylkynson an intake 2
William Jhonson Rogerson a messuage 5 4
Robert Jacson " 9 4
Henry Jacson " 3 8
William Rogerson " 3 8
The tenants hold an agistment in the forest called "Forestsylver" £2 10 0
The tenants hold a water corn-mill 10 0
The tenants hold "Goldwether" 6
William Jub holds the moiety of a pasture called Quelpstroth 5 0
Sum total £6 15 11

1397 Thomas de Berdesie grants and confirms to Alan de Penyngton and Katherine his wife the manor of Langden which the grantor had of the gift and feoffment of William de Penyngton, to hold to Alan and Katherine and the issue of Alan, with remainder to Richard de Kirkebi, knt., and Richard son of John de Hodliston, knt., and their issue, with reversion to the right heirs of William de Penyngton. Dated at Langden, 24 May, 20 Richard II. Witnesses: William de Berdesei, Ywan de Asmunderlaw; Foster, Penningtonia, 24, from Furness Coucher (Chetham Soc.), pt. ii, 508.

1416 Alan de Penyngton held at his death inter alia certain lands called Tilberthwayt and Langden in Fourneys of the abbot of Fourneys by knight's service and 2s. 2d. yearly. He died on Friday after St. Matthew the Apostle, 3 Henry V (27 September, 1415); Lancs. Inq. (Chetham Soc.), pt. i, 121.

1439 Account of Walter Stirkeland, esq., accountant to the King from 17th to 18th year of Henry VI. The issues of John Wylson Dikonson, reeve, of two parts of the lordship of Langedon, £4 11s. 6d. For the following year the sum was the same.

1443 For John duke of Somerset's grant of two parts of the lordship or township of Langeden see Grasmere or more fully given in vol. i, p. 45.

1454 Rental of Edmund, earl of Richmond, within the lordship of Kendale, from 6 March, 31 Henry VI to Michaelmas, 33 Henry VI (1454), to wit for 1½ year and 26 days. Min. Accts., Bundle 644, n. 10444. John Robynson and John Saturthwayte, joint reeves, answer for two thirds of the rents and farms of the tenants at Langdale, £4 13s. 2d. per annum, whereof rent of the tenants £2 7s. 3¾d.; agistment of animals called "Forestsilver" £1 13s. 4d.; farm of water cornmill 6s. 8d.; "le Goldwhether," rent 4d.; farm of a moiety of a pasture called "Whelpheth" 3s. 4d.; and farm of two fulling mills 2s. 2¼d. Sum of receipt for the 1½ year £6 19s. 9d.

c 1512 Rental of the priory of Conyngesheved—Payment of farm at Christmas.

For Baysbrowne.

William Jackson. Memo that Will. Jackson paid at the feast of St. Augustin our patron, £3 10s. 0d. in 2 Henry VIII (1510); item of farm £3 £3 10 0
Richard Satterhwayt 1 3 4
Walter Diconson (and) Edward Diconson. Memo. paid for the term of Martinmas, 3 Henry VIII (1511) 28s. 4d. 1 13 4
Relict of Edmund Satterhayte, Wyllm Satterwayth,John Satterwayth, Christopher Satterwayth, Edward Satterwayth. Memo. resavyed by thehands of Thomas Baldro . . . for farm at Martinmas £3 3s. 8d. 1 13 4
Walter Benson
John Benson 7 4
Edward Benson, now Olyver Benson de novo
John Benson, junr 7 4
Benet Benson
Christopher Benson 7 4
Olyver Benson (the relict of Robt Wylkynson cancelled) 7 4
Relict of John Pertrigg; now Gefra de novo Christopher Pertryg (added later "modo Oliver B.") 13 8
Ben. Benson and Walter Benson and the relict of Edward Benson 7 4
Sum Total £10 4 0
For Reschbryges.
John Benson, senior 7 4
John Benson, junior 7 4
Christ. Benson 7 4
Olyva Benson 7 4
Edward Pertryg 4 11
Geftra Pertryg 2 5
Rowland Sattertwaythe £1 13 4
Willm. Jakson £3 10 0
Willm. Sattertwaythe 6 8
Edward " 6 8
Christofer " 6 8
Relict of John " 6 8
Edmunde " 6 8
Edwarde Diconson 16 8
Relict of Walter Diconson 16 8

Duchy of Lanc., Rentals, bundle 4, n. 4.

1516 Rowland Sattertwaythe took his father's tenement and agreed to pay for entry thereto at the Annunciation of St. Mary, 3s. 4d.; at the feast of St. James the Apostle, 1518, 3s. 4d.; with these guarantors: Thomas Benson son of John Benson, jun., Edward Pertryge; and he pays 10s. before Pentecost retr. 3s. 4d. Edward Sattertwaythe is bound to pay 6s. 8d. before the feast of Easter next to come; ib.

1519–20 Thomas Benson son of John Benson of Elterwatter has taken his deceased father's tenement for 14s. 8d. for entry thereto and has paid 6s. 8d. in II Henry VIII (1519–20); ib.

1532 Inquest taken at Appulby on Wednesday, 21 October, 24 Henry VIII (1532), before John Skelton, esq., Escheator. The jurors say that: William Pennyngton, the elder, knt, on the day he died, and William Pennyngton, younger, and Mary Strykland, daughter of Walter Strykland, were seised of Little Langden, according to the tenor and effect of a charter dated 4 June, 20 Henry VIII (1528); it is held of the duke of Richmond by service unknown and is worth £10 yearly and more. He died 20 May, 24 Henry VIII (1532) and William his son is his next heir; Excheq. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 131, n. 3.

1536 Rental of the king of the lordships, manors, lands, tenements, rectories and other possessions late of the priory of Conyshed made in the month of September, 28 Henry VIII.

For Baysborne.

Thomas Jackson, bailiff there. William Jacson and Thomas Jakson, his son, for tenement there 56s. 8d.
The same, for another tenement there 11s. 8d.
Rowland Saterthayte " " 11s. 8d.
Thomas Benson " " 14s. 8d.
Relict of Thos. Benson " " 7s 4d.
Edward Partrige " " 7s. 4d.
Edward Benson " " 6s. 6d.
Relict of William Benson, 2s. 10d.; and Thomas Benson for a tenement there 8s. 2d.
Edmond Dyconson for a tenement there 16s. 8d.
Relict of Edward Dyconson " " 16s. 8d.
Edmund Saterthayte " " 6s. 8d.
Christofer Saterthayte " " 6s 8d.
Relict of (William cancelled) Edward Saterthayte for a tenement there 6s. 8d.
Relict of John Saterthayte for a tenement there 6s. 8d.
Relict of Edward Saterthayte " " 6s. 8d.
Sum £9 10s. 8d.

Duchy of Lanc., Rentals, bundle 5, n. 11.

1536 Memorandum, the said prior and convent and their predecessors tyme out of mynde helde and occupyed a nother common or Shepe grounde called Udall, parcell of th'enheritaunce of Mr. Penyngton and payeth therefore yerely 40s.; ib., bundle 4, n. 17.

1560 Court of Henry earl of Cumberland, farmer at Langden of Queen Elizabeth, etc., held on Wednesday, 5 June, 2 Elizabeth, as in the Grasmere court.

Edward Benson, bailiff there.

John Benson

John Nicholson

Will. Sattartwhait

Will. Sattertwhait, sen.

Edmund Saterthait

Nicholas "

The w. of John Mealfeill

*Will. Dickeson [cancelled], he is dead. Nicholas Dikson, tenant 7s. 8d.

* Jenkin Dickson [ib.], he is dead, without harriot,tenant, 15s. 4d. (fn. 7)

* John Tomson, dead.

*Christ. Tomson and Robert Thomson (di' T. i.e. half tenement 3s. 8d. Chris. Thomson was tenant of half the tenement and afterwards without the lord's licence released half there (di.' ib') to the said Robert, as yet the relict of the said [Christ.?] is tenant of half.

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson, jun.

* The w. of Jenkin Dikson

The w. of George Dikson

Will. Harryson

John Harreson

Robert Harryson

Thomas "

James "

The w. of Will. Harrison

* The w. of Edward Benson; a harriot happens; afterwards she released the widow right to her son.

Richard Johnson

The w. of Thos. Satertwhait

Nicholas Bownes

The w. of John Robinson

Will. Wilson

Christ. Grigge

Robert Robinson

John Satertwhait

The w. of John Tyeson, Alex.

Tison holding half (t'. di.'), gressom 4s. paid to D. Flemyng, Harriot, viz., a cow, paid to D. Fl.

John Dickkenson

[All except those marked* were amerced 2d. each for green hew].

At the inquest taken, it was presented that:—Nicholas and George Dickeson jointly made together "j afflittam" (an affray) within the lordship of Landgen, against pain, 3s. 4d. John Yewdall, George Henrison and Oliver Partrig each fished in the several water of the lordship, against pain, 4d. each.

John Henrison has j house called "a barne" in default both of timber and thatch (textura); also Thomas Henrison has a house called "a fyer house" in default of thatch. It is therefore ordained that they be repaired before the next court under pain of 3s. 4d.

The relict of John Tison has one unreasonable cow in the lord's "excort" (fn. 8) wood within the lordship, it shall therefore be removed before the next court under pain of 3s. 4d. To this court came Mabel relict of Edward Benson in her own person and surrendered into the lord's hands the fourth part of the widow right of a tenement, late in the tenure of Oliver Benson, of the yearly rent of 12d., to the use of Edward Benson, her son.

1563 Inquest taken at Kyrkbie in Kendall, 9 September, 5 Elizabeth (1563) before Walter Stricklande and William Flemynge, esquires, the queen's commissioners, by the oath etc., who say that: John Benson of Langdon on the day he died was seised of the manor of Baysburne and 2 messuages in Eltwatter, 4 messuages in Aickhowe, 100 acres pasture, 40 acres arable land, 20 acres meadow, 10 acres wood. The said manor lands and tenements are worth yearly clear £8 7s. 4d.

John Benson died 17 February last (1562–3) and John Benson son of the late George Benson is grandson and heir of the said John Benson and is aged on day of this Inquisition 13 years 10 months and no more.

The said manor, lands and tenements are held of the queen in chief as of the dignity of the Crown, service not known. Court of Wards Inq. p.m., vol. 9, n. 34.

1564 Inquest taken at Kirkebye in Kendall, 7 November, 6 Elizabeth (1564) before Anthony Duckett, esquire, escheator, by the oath etc., who say that: John Benson, gentleman on the day he died was seised of the manor of Baisbrowne and 2 messuages in Baisbrowne, 8 messuages in Elterwatter, 4 messuages in Aikehowe, 100 acres pasture, 40 acres arable land, 20 acres meadow, 10 acres wood in Baysbrowne, Elterwater and Aikehowe. All are held of the queen in chief by knight service, namely one twentieth part of a knight's fee, and are worth yearly clear £8 7s. 4d. and not more.

John Benson died 17 February, 5 Elizabeth (1562–3) and John Benson son of George Benson, deceased, late son and heir apparent of the said John Benson is his grandson and next heir and he is aged on day of this Inquisition, 15 years, 1 month, 1 day and no more.

They further say that one David Flemyng of Ridall, gentleman has occupied 2 parts of the said manor and 2 parts of all the said lands and tenements from the time of John Benson's death and has received the profits, by virtue of John Benson's will dated 1 January, 4 Elizabeth (1561–2). Court of Wards Inq. p.m., file 40, n. 39.

1574 Rental and Survey of lands late of the Marchioness of Northampton, 7 September, 16 Elizabeth. Excheq. Special Commission, n. 3130, m. 17.

Renders yearly.
s. d.
Richard Willson holds a tenement with 1 acre [4 7]
Ernest Willson " 2 " [4 7]
Robert Dickson " 2 " [2 3½]
Thomas Dickson [2 4]
Jennet Thomson" 3 " [3 1]
Edmund Dickson " 3 " [4 7½]
Humphrey Dicksonn " 4 " [3 6]
[Thomas ?] Willson [3 8]
. . . . and Jennet Mydlefell " 3 " [8 0
s. d.
Katherine Mydlefell holds a tenement with ½ acre [2 0]
Christopher Mydlefel " 1 " [2 2]
Lancelot Mydlefell " " [2 0]
Jennet Satertweit " " [4 0]
John Benson " " [3 0]
Christopher Benson " " [1 7]
George Benson " " [ 3]
Richard Benson " 3 " [13 6]
Sum 37s. 6d. [67s. 1d.?].

Item, the tenants of Langden aforesaid pay yearly for a parcel of waste land or common there to the chief lords, 75s. (?), whereof to the Queen as in right of her lands lying within Landgen called Richemond Laundes, 25s. and to the said Queen as in right of lands there called "Marques Laundes" 37s. 6d.; and for a sixth part due to William Gilpinge, esq., the other lord there 12s. 6d.

Sum total of the manor 114s. 4d.

1608 nquest taken at Kirkbie Kendall, 6 February, 5 James 1 (1607–8) before Richard Rigge, esquire, escheator, by the oath etc., who say that: Thomas Brathwait, gentleman, was seised of the manor or lordship of Basebrowne and 30 messuages and tenements in Basebrowne, Elterwater, Aikehowe, Langdall, Loughrigge and Clappergate within the parish of Gresmyer in co. Westmorland; and also of certain lands in Brimham, co. York.

The manor or lordship of Basebrowne and the lands and tenements there and in Elterwater, Aikehowe, Langdale, Loughrigge and Clappersgate are held of the king as of his crown of England in chief by knight service and are worth yearly clear £4.

Thomas Brathwait died 20 December last (1607) without issue of his body and Gawin Brathwaite is his brother and next heir aged 24 years and upwards. Court of Wards Inq. p.m., vol. 39, n. 181.

1662–64 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll, 259, n. 13. (fn. 9)

Rydal and Loughrigg.

Roger Borwick (4 hearths) and Agnes Hackerigge (1 hearth) not willing to pay, neither hath any goods to distreane upon (from Annunc. B.V.M. (Lady Day), 1663, to the same feast, 1664). David Harrison, constable.

Roger Borwick presented for four hearths and is not willing to pay the same neither hath any goods to distreane upon within our constablewick, 2 June, 1664, 4s. Will. Robinson, constable.


George Nycholson, John Nycholson, George Harrison, Anthony Atkinson and Richard Harrison, every one a hearth and not willing to pay, neither hath any goods to distreane upon. James Benson, constable. 1662.

John Sharpe, John Nicholson and George Nicholson, every one a hearth and not willing to pay, neither hath any goods to distreane upon, due at Michaelmas, 1663, 3s. Nickolas Satterthwaite, constable.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll, Lay Subsidy, 195, n. 73, m. 16.

John Benson 1
The same 1 wald up
John Johnson 1
John Gregg 1
Tho: Dixon 1
Charles Milfield 2
Willm Dixon 1
John Harrison 1
Joseph Hudleston 1
John Milfield 1
Mich: Benson 2
The same 4 wald up
Charles Milfield 1
John Walkere 2
Renald Walker 1
Willm Cowperthwte 1
The same 1 wald up
Willm Dixon 1
John Jackson 1
Willm Satterthwte 1
Edward Bownas 1
The same 1 wald up
John Roberts 1
John Wilson 1
Mr. Braithwte 1
Nich: Gregg: 1
These persons following are discharged by Certificates.
Widd: Rigg 1
Willm Wilson 1
Richard Harrison 1
(sic) Mich: Gregg 2
Willm Grave 1
Willm Harrison 1
Edward Setherthwte 1
Tho: Benson 1
John Tyson 1
Charles Harrison 1
Widd: Tyson 1
John Nicholson 1
John Gregg 1
Tho: Dixon 1
Rodger Grigg 1
George Powson 1
John Dixon 1
Edward Parker 1
John Walker 1
Robt Bownas 1
Widd: Wilson 1
John Wilson 1
Chr: Sharpe 1


  • 1. From membrane B. William son of Henry holds 2 tenements.
  • 2. The name corresponds with the modern Easedale.
  • 3. Adam son of John holds a tenement in membrane B. These first four items amounted to about 24s. 11d.
  • 4. Whitteheved in membrane B.
  • 5. "De una nova gressumma vocata 'yeld' per annum de Langden."
  • 6. The same total as on the earlier rental, membrane B.
  • 7. John Dickson of Burwhet is named in the roll of pleas of 1560.
  • 8. "Ex cortice bosci domini", probably a cow kept illicitly on bark of the lord's wood, or in a wood wherein the timber has been stripped of its bark.
  • 9. On a strip of parchment fastened to the old canvas bag in which this roll is kept is written:—County of Westmorland. Bag of particulars of the account of the most noble Ann, Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery, late sheriff and receiver of all sums due to the king for the several hearths and stoves due in the said county for two whole years ended at the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 16 Charles II, 1664 [Latin].