Rydal and Loughrigg

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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1274 In an extent made on Monday after the quindene of Holy Trinity, 2 Edward I (11 June, 1274) of the lands of Robert de Ros, the jurors say that he held at his death inter alia the forests of Ridale with Satsondoff and Becmelbrid and Carkerdale worth £14 13s. 4d. yearly. Inq. p.m., 2 Edward I, n. 26. See also vol. 1, p. 133.

1275 Margaret de Brus, late the wife of Robert de Ros of Werk, grants to Roger de Lancastre her part of Rydale by bounds (described), her part of Amelsate and Loghrygg with common of pasture within the bounds of Gressemere, to hold as Peter de Brus, her brother, and William de Lancastre, her uncle, formerly held the same, to hold for the 4th part of one fee. Witnesses: Thomas de Musegrave, sheriff of Westmerland, John de Hyrlawe, John de Morevill, Ranulf de Dacre, Henry de Stavelegh, Michael de Harecla and Roger de Burton, knights; William de Wyndlesore, Roger son of Gilbert de Lancastre, Thomas de Derley, Ralph de Patton, Roger de Brunulvesheved, Gilbert his son, Thomas de Lancastre; Cal. of Chart. R., ii, 190.

1275 Order to permit Roger de Lancastre to hold in peace, lands in Rydale, Amelstate and Loucrigg, lately seized by the escheator, as Margaret de Ros granted the same to Roger by the King's licence; Cal. Close R., 1275, p. 183.

1277 Agreement made between Roger de Lancastre and William de Lyndesey respecting the said William's men and their beasts taken in Roger's forest of Rydal. [The terms of the agreement occupy 28 lines each containing about 22 words]. Witnesses: Henry de Pankley (sic), (fn. 1) Roger de Burton, knights; William de Wyndesheuer, Gilbert de Quytby, John de Brashitchyn, Gilbert de Brundesheved, Richard de Gilpyn, Richard son of Julian. Dated, May 5 Edward I, 1277. Orig. at Rydal Hall.

1277–85 Release by Hugh de Bussey and Elizabeth his wife to Sir Richard le Fleming and his heirs of the claim which they had in the land of Routhemere, as Rydal Water was then called, which they had of the gift of the said Sir Richard. Witnesses: Roger de Lancaster, John de Tateham, knts., John de Thornton, John de Hursewyck, Robert de Staynford, John de Burg, Alan the clerk; Deed at Rydal Hall.

1291 Roger de Lancastre held at his death the dale of Rydal of the king in chief for a 4th part of a fee; Cal. Inq., ii, 506.

The manor of Wythirslake, extended at £15 19s. 10d. yearly, the valley of Ridale, extended at £20, and other lands are assigned in dower to Philippa late wife of Roger de Lancastre, although the king lately took the homage of John de Lancastre, Roger's son and heir, for the lands which his father held in chief and caused him to have seisin thereof, it was not his intention to omit assigning dower of the lands to Philippa. Cal. Close Rolls, 1291, p. 169.

1320 Licence for John de Lancastre to enfeoff John de Lancastre of Holgill of the Manor of Rydale, held in chief and for the latter to regrant the manor to the former and to Annora his wife, for their lives, with remainder to Roger de Lancastre, brother of the first named John de Lancastre, for his life, with final remainder to John de Lancastre of Holgill and his heirs; Cal. Pat. R. 1320, p. 523.

1324 Ingram de Gynes held at his death the hamlet of Loghrige, parcel of the manor of Wynandremere, in which hamlet there are nine tenants at will who render 17s. 1d. yearly; 10 tenements were in the lord's hands, which ought to render 10s. 2½d. yearly, together with the fishery of Routhemere and of the water of the Dubbes; a brewhouse there ought to render 3s. 6d. yearly, and now renders nothing for default of tenants; Inq. p.m., 17 Edward 11, n. 60.

1332 For Subsidy of a fifteenth, see under Grasmere.

1334 Christiana de Gynes held at her heath in Loghrigg nine tenants at will who render 17s. 1d. yearly at Martinmas and Whitsuntide; ib. 8 Edward 111, 1st nos., n. 74.

Order to the escheator to deliver to Annora, late the wife of John de Lancastre the manor of Rydale etc., because the King has learnt by inquisition taken etc., that John and Annora held jointly at John's death the said manor by the grant of John son of Robert de Lancastre (reference to a messuage in Barton) by the king's licence, for their lives, with reversion of the manor to John son of Robert and his heirs, and that the said manor is held of the king in chief by the service of the 4th part of a knight's fee etc.; Cal. Close R. 1334, p. 270.

1338 Annora late wife of John de Lancaster held for her life with her husband the manor of Ridale of the grant of John de Lancastre of Holgill, remainder to Roger de Lancaster for life, reversion to John de Lancaster of Holgill, who survives; the said Roger died 10 years ago; the manor is held of the king in chief for ¼ fee; the reversion of the manor belongs to John de Lancaster of Holgill, who is 30 years of age; Cal. Inq., viii, 105.

1338 Order for delivery to John de Lancastre of Holgill of the manor of Rydale and tenements in Hoton (Roof), in accordance with the above grant; Cal. Close R. 1338, p. 583.

1375 Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Saturday next after the feast of Corpus Christi, 49, Edw. 111, (23 June, 1375) the jurors say that Joan late the wife of John de Coupeland, decd, held for the term of her life, inter alia, the hamlet of Loghrygge. See the inquest under Windermere.

1390–94 Rental of the lands of Philippa, late wife of Robert de Vere, earl of Oxford, and John de Hothome, within the lordship of Kendale.


Renders yearly.
s. d.
William Mylner holds a cottage 6
John Wylleson of Rydall holds a cottage called Cockerstone 6
John Wylleson Elletson " " 1 1
Thomas Johnson Herreson " a toft 8
Adam Johnson Herreson " a mess. with appurt. 4 0
Margaret Corkere " " 2 3
William Makerth " ½a. land 6
John Smeth " a mess. with appurt. 1 6
John Smeth, elder " " 2 6
John Sutton " a cottage 1 0
Richard de Banworthrigh " a close 1 0
Thomas Harreson Makerth " a cottage 6
John Douckeraye " " 6
Jacke Jhonson " a mess. " 2 0
John Walker " " 5 1
John Dicson " " 4 6
Adam Robynson " " 2 0
The same Adam " " 1 5
John Wylleson " " 1 5
The tenants used to render 12s. for agistment on the common [i.e. Forestsylver] and now render nothing
The same for "Goldwether" 5
The same for "Walkynsylver" (fulling) 6 8
John Walker holds a fulling-mill 3 4
William Lancastre, knght, the fishery of Rothmer 3 4
Thomas Harreson Makreth and Jacke Jhoanson, the fishery of Rathaw 6
Sum 46s. 3d.

1397 John de Lancastre of Rydale, last of seven commissioners appointed to arrest and commit a large number of Westmorland men (named) who threaten the lives and limbs of the abbot and canons of Hepp; Cal. Pat. R., 1397, p. 157.

1402 John de Lancastre, chevaler, holds the fourth part of one fee in Ridale, as parcel of the moiety of the manor of Kirkeby Kendale, which Margart de Ros formerly held. Feudal Aids, v, 196.

1435 Pardon, for 20 marks, to Thomas Warcop of Lambersate and John Scarlet, chaplain, in that they lately acquired without the king's licence to them and the heirs of Thomas from John Lancastre, "Chivaler," since deceased, and Katherine his wife, the manors of Ridale and Loughrygge, held in chief, and regranted them to the said John Lancastre and Katherine and the heirs male of their bodies with remainder to Robert Lancastre his brother for life, with remainder to John Lancastre son of William Lancastre of Yanewyth and the heirs male of his body, with remainder to Christopher Lancastre, brother of the said John son of William and the heirs of his body, with remainder to William Lancastre son of the said Robert and the heirs male of his body, with remainder to William Lancastre of Hertsop and the heirs male of his body; and licence for the said Katherine to have the manors again entailed as aforesaid; Cal. Pat. R. 1435, P. 455.

1439 Commission to the bishop of Carlisle, Ralph earl of Westmorland and 12 others (named) to make inquiry touching the complaint of Elizabeth, (fn. 2) late the wife of Robert Crakanthorpe, that John Lancastre of Holgill and Christopher his brother with other malefactors drove away and still detain 260 oxen and cows and 200 sheep belonging to tenants of the said Robert at Rydale and Depedale, in the lifetime of her said husband, and that the said John Lancastre, William Thornburgh of Selsede and others burned a barn of her said husband with corn therein to the value of £100 and that the said John, Christopher and William, and Roland, Edward and Leonard, William's brothers, with the aid and counsel of certain wicked persons, have frequently robbed her since her husband's death and her friends well-wishers and tenants of their goods, threatening them to such an extent that they must either leave the country or compound with the said malefactors at their will; ib. 1439, p. 273.

Account of Walter Stirkeland, esq., accountant to the King, from 17th to 18th year of Henry vi. Issues of William Jakson and Robert Smyth, reeves, of two parts of the lordship of Loghrygge £1 14s. 5d. For the following year the sum was £1 13s. 10d.

1444 John, duke of Somerset and Kendale died 27 May, 1444, seised of, inter alia, two parts of the lordship or manor of Logerigg, worth 29s. 1d. yearly. Chanc. Inq. p.m., 22 Henry vi, n. 19.

1454 Rental of Edmund, earl of Richmond, within the lordship of Kendale, from 6 March, 31 Henry vi to Michaelmas 33 Henry vi (1454), to wit for 1½ year and 26 days. Min. Accts., Bundle 644, n. 10444. William Jackson the reeve, answers for two thirds of the rents and farms of the tenants at Loughrigg, £1 12s. 5¼d. per annum, whereof rent of the tenants 18s. 0½d.; agistment of animals called "Forestsilver" 1s.; "le Goldwhether" rent, 5d.; a rent called "Walkyng silver" (fulling mill), 4s. 5½d.; farm of the corn mill, 2s. 8d.; farm of fishery in Rawthmere (Rydal Water) 2s. 2¼d.; farm of fishery in Rawthey, 4d.; and farm of the fulling mill 3s. 4d. Sum of receipt for the 1½ year £2 8s. 7¾d.

1482 Grant by Isabel, late the wife of Thomas Flemyng, esq., deceased, to John Flemyng of Conyngsheid and John Uttyng, chaplain, of her manors, lands, tenements, rents and services in Rydale and Loghrig, in the parish of Gryssmerre. John Flemyng son of John Flemyng, deceased, appointed attorney to deliver seisin. Witnesses: Thomas Stirkeland, knt., James Layburn, Richard Duket, esquires. Dated 2 March, 21 Edward iv, 1482. Heraldic seal of Thomas [Flemyng]; D. at Rydal Hall.

1487 John Whitfeld, esq., died 6 July, 1487, seised in fee of a moiety of the manor of Ridell, worth £4, and a moiety of the manor of Lowthryg, worth 20s., held of the king in chief by the service of a 4th part of a knight's fee and the rent of a red rose at Midsummer. Robert Whitfeld, aged 38, is his son and heir; Cal. Inq., Henry vii, i, n. 314.

1501 Pardon to Robert Whitfeld, esq., tenant of a moiety of the manor of Rydale, for any entry without due livery upon the said moiety, either by him or by John Whitfeld or his ancestors; Cal. Pat. R. 1496–1509, p. 256.

1522 Inquest taken at Kendall, 22 February, 13 Henry VIII (1521–2), before John Louther, knight, and James Layburn, esquire, the king's commissioners, by oath of Gervace Strykland, Richd Redmayne, Richd Dukett, Thos Dudley, esquires, Launcelot Lowther, John Dawnee, Henry Salkeld, Hugh Bradley, Thos Bellyngeme, Nicholas Tunstall, Ewin Gilpyn, Thos Dokwray, Christopher Godmont, who say that:

John Flemyng esquire, died seised of the whole moiety of the manor of Rydall in his demesne, as of fee and one quarter of the lordship of Loughrygge, namely of 4 acres of arable land, 10 acres pasture, 8 acres wood in Loughryge. And they are held of the king by knight service in chief. The moiety of the manor of Rydall and the one quarter of the lordship of Loughryge are worth yearly clear £10.

John Flemyng died 9 January last (1521–22) and Hugh Flemyng is his son and nearest heir and he is aged 30 years and upwards. Chanc. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 37, n. 142.

1544 Receipt by John Whytfeld, esq., of £5 from Hugh Flemynge, esq., by the hands of William Sands, receiver of Furness "unto the Kyng's grace, myne attorney in that behalf, for the half yere Farme of the manor of Rydall and Lodogherigge (sic)" due at the Purification, 1544; Orig. at Rydal Hall.

1558 Inquest taken at Kyrkbye in Kendall, 13 June, 4–5 Philip and Mary (1558) before Thos Sandford, David Hutton, John Lamplwght, esquires and Willm Bardsey, gentleman, by the oath of Richard Carus, Roland Garnett, Gilbart Wylson, Stephan Feyld, Rychard Tunstall, Thomas Sleddall, James Strikland, John Colinson, Bryan Edmundson, Ranulph Wasshington, Thomas Genyes, James Wilson, Miles Warton and John Wilson, gentlemen, who say that: Hugh Flemyng, esquire, on the day he died was seised of a half part of the manor of Ridale, and 16 messuages, 30 acres land, 40 acres pasture in Lowghrigg, and 2 messuages or tenements, 6 acres land, 12 acres pasture in Banrigges. The said half part and 16 messuages etc., are held of the king and queen in chief by knight service of one fourth part of a knight's fee, and are worth £10 clear yearly. The 2 messuages etc. in Banrigges are worth yearly clear 20s. The said 2 messuages are held of the heirs of Paycoke of Gressemer in socage and a yearly rent of 1d. for all services.

Hugh Flemyng died 8 June 3–4 Philip and Mary (1557) and William Flemyng is his kinsman and nearest heir and he is aged 23 years and upwards now. Chanc. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 112, n. 167.

1560 Court of Henry, earl of Cumberland, farmer at Loughrig of Queen Elizabeth, etc., the following appeared.

Attachment by Hugh Jackeson, bailiff there.

John Benson for green hew there

Nicholas Jackeson for the like

Will. Jackson

Robert Jackson

John Benson

Jenkin Benson

The w. of Hen. Newton

Will. Smithe

The w. of Robt. Newton

John Coucke

Hugh Peartrigge

Robert Grigge

Thomas Bratwhat

The w. of Lawrence Newton

Thomas Jopson

The w. of Thos. Newton

Thomas Jopson

Richard Smithe

Will. Jackson

Will. Mackrethe

The w. of Edward Partrigge

[No amercements or sum total].

1574 An estreat (fn. 3) of the Court Baron. Roll at Lowther; Excheq. Special Commisssions, Westmorland, n. 3130, m. 6. The jurors testify that at Loughrigg there are no "free tenants" in the lands called "lez Richmond Laundes."

Tenants by "lez tenantright," as follows:—

Renders yearly.
s. d.
Hugh Jackson, bailiff, holds a tenement and 8 acres, arable meadow and pasture with appurtenances 7 10 (fn. 4)
John alias Jenkyn Benson " 2 " 1 0
Francis Benson " 6 " 3 2
John Benson " 6 " 3 2
John Cooke " 4 " 2 0
Edward Ewdall " 4 " 2 0
John Benson " 1½ " 1 3
Oliver Partrige " 1½ " 1 1
William Smythe " 5 " 4 6
Heirs of John Smythe " 1 " 1 6
Relict of William Makrethe " ½ " 10
Relict of Robert Jackson " 3 " 3 0
Oliver Newton " 1½ " 1 6
Leonard Newton " 1½ " 10
Relict of John Jakson " 3 " 3 1
William Bratwhete " 3 " 2 0
William Joppson " ½ " 10
Hugh Partrige " 4 " 3 0
Robert Jackson " 4 " 2 2
William Jackson " 6 " 3 10
Robert Grige " 5 " 3 0
Henry Joppson " ½ " 10
Relict of Robert Newton " ½ " 10
William Cokenskell " ½ " 10
Hugh Jackson " ¾ " 6
Relict of Barnard Benson " 3 " 2 4
s. d.
William Flemynge, armiger, pays yearly for the water there 5 4
Sum total of the rent there (fn. 5) £3 2 3

1589 Inquest taken at Browgham, 1 April, 31 Elizabeth (1589) before John Richemond, esq., escheator in co. Westmorland, by the oath of Richard Dudley, esq., Lancelot Bose, Thos Browgham, Frauncis Warcopp, Wm Hudsonne, Lancelot Davyes, gentlemen, Thos Byrde, Thos Atkinson, Michael Varey, Leonard Smythe, John Holme, John Wetherolte, (fn. 6) Edmond Sandfurthe and John Meason, yeomen, who say that: Michael Benson was seised of divers messuages and tenements in Loughrigge, namely: 1 messuage there called "Gotehowe" late in tenure of himself worth clear yearly 5s.; and of another messuage there in occupation of Elizabeth Benson, widow, worth yearly clear 14s. 3d.; and of another messuage there in tenure of Anthony Benson, worth yearly clear 4s. 4d.; and of another messuage there in tenure of Miles Benson, worth yearly clear 3s. 8d.; and of another messuage there late in tenure of Anthony Grigge, worth yearly clear 5s. 9d.; and of another messuage there late in tenure of John Jobson of Cockstone, worth yearly clear 2s. 10d.; and of 1 cottage there in tenure of Anthony Grigge, worth yearly clear 9d; and of 1 close there called "Rothemyer close" in tenure of Richard Hawkerigge worth yearly clear 2s 1d So seised Michael Benson died on 12 January, 31 Elizabeth (1588–9) at Langdaine in aforesaid county.

The premises etc. in tenure of Elizabeth Benson, widow, Anthony Benson, Miles Benson, Anthony Grigge, John Jobson and Anthony Grigge, shoemaker, and Richard Hawkerigge are held by the tenants thereof to them and their heirs in tenant right according to the custom of the manor of Loughrigge within the Barony of Kendaile and the said premises are held of the queen in chief by knight service. Edward Benson is son and heir of said Michael Benson and was aged 15 years and not more at time of his father's death. Margaret Benson was wife of said Michael and she is now living at Langdayne. Chanc. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 277, n. 138.

1613 Inquest taken at Kirkbie Kendall, 20 September, 11 James 1 (1613), before Roger Otway, esquire, Escheator, by the oath etc., who say that: Barnard Benson was seised of 4 small tenements in Loughrigg, one called "Milnerbrigg," 2 called "Foxhow," and the other called "Cockstone," they are held of the king in chief by one hundredth part of a knight's fee and are worth yearly clear 3s. 4d.

Barnard Benson died 4 March, 6 James 1 (1608–9) and Arthur Benson is his son and nearest heir and he is aged now 48 years and upwards and he has received the profits of all the premises from the time of his father's death until now. Court of Wards Inq. p.m., vol. 48, n. 34.

1647 William Fleming compounds for delinquency in king in arms against Parliament; be submitted in September (1646?) and then took the National Covenant. On 15 April his fine was fixed at £110; Cal. of Com. for Compounding, pt. iii, 1695.

1650 William Fleming's grandfather, William Fleming, settled the manor of Rydal and estates in cos. Lancaster, Westmorland and Cumberland upon himself and his heirs male with remainder to his right heirs and died leaving issue John and Daniel. John Fleming 10 years ago settled the estates in trustees until his eldest son William was 21 years old. In 1647 they were sequestered for the supposed recusancy of William who died a minor. John Fleming, William Fleming, his nephew, of Skirwith, Cumberland, Jordan Crosland of Helmsley and (alias ?) Sir Jordan Crosland of Harum, co. York, claim by way of remainder. ib.

1650 Rydal demesne sequestered from William Fleming was let by the late commissioners for compounding to William Beck at £202 10s.; George Mowson bid £220 and John Harland £240 for it. The commissioners for co. Westmorland resolved to decide the contest by setting up a light, the lease to be granted to the highest bidder before the light went out. Mowson thus got it at £180. Harland coming in after the light was out offered £200. The commissioners think that they were employed, one by Sir Jordan Crosland, who married Fleming's eldest sister; the other by William Fleming of Skirwith, co, Cumberland, who holds an entail. The estate is not really worth more than £120 a year; Cal. of Com. for Compounding, pt. i, 188.

1651 John Winter of Penrith petitions the commissioners that Rydal Manor, sequestered from the late William Fleming, was let privately in May, 1651, to Walter Cowper for £100, though petitioner offered £200. Cowper has assigned his lease to Roger Barwicke, a recusant delinquent, for his master, Sir Jordan Crosland, a dangerous delinquent, who keeps possession, to the terror of the well-affected, it being a strong place and a noted rendezvous for malignants. Being faithful and a sufferer for the Commonwealth petitioner is troubled at this abuse and begs . . . . leave to lease the estate at £200; ib. 1698.

1669 A Breviat of all the hearths chargeable. 27 in number=£1 7s. tax.

Daniell Fleming, esq. 8
Tho: Fleming 1
Willm Walker 1
Edw: Grigg 1
Tho: Benson 2
The same 3 wald up.
Willm Robinson 1
Edward Patricke 1
Willm Yowdall 1
Renald Braithwte 2
The same 1 wald up
Edward Mackreth 2
George Jackson 1
Edward Fisher 1
James Benson 1
Edward Benson 1
Franc: Benson 2
The same 1 wald up
Tho: Hewgill 1
These persons following are discharged by Certificates Unpaid.
John Bankes 1
Geo: Otlay 1
Rich: Nicholson 1
Charles Wilson 1
Charles Harison 1
Willm Holme 1
Widd: Nicholson 1
George Holme 1
Widd: Barrow 1
Widd: Jackson 1


  • 1. The transcriber appears to have misread two of the names.
  • 2. Fourth daughter and coheir of John Lancastre of Holegill.
  • 3. Estreat, or true copy of some original writing and especially of fines and amercements.
  • 4. The Lowther roll makes this 7s. 2d., but the Excheq. Special Commission read "vijs. xd.
  • 5. The particulars add to £3 1s. 7d., but some of the items are difficult to decipher.
  • 6. Many of these Inquisitions have signatures of the jurors at foot in which the spellings frequently differ from the names in beginning of Inquisitions: for instance in this one the juror "John Wetherolte" signs his name "John Wethielt."