Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Lupton', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 357-363. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Lupton", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 357-363. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Lupton", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 357-363. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


Lupton is frequently described as a hamlet of Levens, sometimes as "Lupton in Levens." At the end of the twelfth and beginning of the thirteenth century the vill was held in uncertain shares by Adam dean of Lancaster, Roger de Burton, Thomas de Louthre and Adam de Lupton; or, possibly, Thomas de Louthre's third part of the vill descended to Adam de Lupton. It is probable that these persons represented the heirs general of some earlier owner, because the heirs of Adam, dean of Lancaster, namely the Redmans of Levens, held the manor and answered for 6s. 8d., the yearly service, with the service due for Levens. Roger de Burton appears to have derived his estate from Gilbert de Tours, or "Turribus," lord of Lowick, co. Lancaster, and superior tenant of part of Hutton Roof. The Burton estate passed to the heirs general of Anthony de Burton and, by the feoffment of John Berwick to Richard Redman, and by Redman's feoffment to Edward Bethom, the whole came to Thomas Harington, probably by a grant from the Crown. The later descent of this estate has not been discovered. A sixth part of the vill came to the hands of the family of Bronolvesheved, possibly from the representative of Louthre or Lupton, and so presumably to the Bellinghams; but this estate has not been traced. The manor descended in the family of Redman of Levens, but was not included in the conveyance of Levens and other estates of Matthew Redman in 1562 to Alan Bellingham. It appears, therefore, that it had been sold sometime prior to that date. Later it was in the possession of Sir Richard Hutton of Goldsborough, co. York, knt., one of the justices of the Court of Common Pleas, see Farlton. It was settled upon trustees and in 1681 was purchased by Sir Christopher Musgrave, knt., and afterwards baronet, son and heir of Sir Philip Musgrave of Hartley, baronet (d. 1678), by his wife, Julian, daughter of the said Sir Richard Hutton. The manor continued in the family of Musgrave for several generations.

1189 Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid inter alia three carucates of land in Loppeton; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 400.

1196–1200 Hugh Bardulf renders account of 4s. 3d. of the farm of the land late of Thomas de Ludre . . . . in Lupton for half the year; Pipe R. of Cumb. and Westm., 178.

1190–1200 Adam dean of Lancastre gave to the canons of Cockersand 12 a. land in Lupton in Leuwin's riddings with common right of his fee there; Chartul. of Cockersand (Chetham Soc.), 993.

1199–1216 Roger de Burton gave to the canons of Cockersand three acres in Lupton on the east side of Corntheit with common right and aquittance of pannage for ten swine. Ib. 992.

c1200 Roger de Burton also gave to the canons 10 a. land in Lupton, namely eight acres in Scailgail, on the east side, and two acres with a toft and messuage on the south side of Cornthwait, with common rights of his fee; ib. 993.

1202 Gilbert de Turs (fn. 1) releases to Roger de Burton, tenant, ½ carucate in Lupeton (mort d'ancestor); Feet of F., file 1, n. 3.

1227 Simon son of Henry and Christiana his wife acknowledged that one carucate in Lupton was the right of Thomas de Louth[re], tenant, who gave them three bovates of the land; Feet of F., file 3, n. 7.

1230–40 Adam de Lupton gave to the same canons the homage and service of the land which Ralph de Beckelege held of him [in Lupton], namely 12d. for 30½ a. land and 1½ a. meadow, by these bounds: In Heslehevet 10 a. by the ridding of William son of Siward to the rushy brook, descending that brook to the highway from Kawode, along the same to the old hedge of Heslehevet, thence down to the moss and so to the ridding of William son of Siward; also 10 a. in Blachate ridding (fn. 2) namely by Dribec down to Ellis's ridding and to the end of Lindeslac, thence ascending by the wood to the two hills of stones and so to the highway from Kawode; also the donor's land in Scalegail and around Siward's house to complete 10½ acres; also the acre of meadow by the chapel; with common rights of his fee. Chartul. of Cockersand, 990.

1230–40 Ralph de Beckeley gave to Adam de Lupton the land which Adam gave to the canons; ib. 994.

Ralph de Beckelei released to the canons all the land which he held of them in Lupton; ib.

Henry son of Henry de Redeman gave to the canons the land which Thomas son of Warner de Lupton held with riddings in the vill of Lupton, ib.

1250–68 William, son of Gilbert the clerk, gave all his land and tenement in the vill of Lupton to the same canons; ib. 995.

1268 Thomas de Staynbrige held this land of the canons in fee for 12d. rent; ib.

1283 Matthew de Redeman held Lupton of William de Lindeseye for 6s. 8d. rent, it is worth six marks. Lancs. Inq. pt. i, 256.

1301 Commission to Hugh de Louther and another to try the complaint of Matthew de Redman against persons who threw down his mill of Lupton, broke the dam and a boat, burnt his barn and hay and assaulted David le Mareschal his servant etc., whilst he was on the king's service; Cal. Pat. R. 1301, p. 626.

1302 Roger de Burton held at his death his lands of Manesergh, Lupton etc. of William son of Margaret de Ros by cornage. See Burton in Kendale, p. 279; Lancs. Inq., pt., i, 312.

1310 Roger son of Roger de Burton holds of William de Ros the vill of Burton with the hamlets of Preston Richard, Hencastre, and a 6th part of Lupton for 12d. cornage and 7s. puture. Cal. Inq. v, 118.

1312 Matthew de Redman replevies his land of Lupton, which had been taken into the king's hands for his default in the Bench against Agnes daughter of Robert de Dente; Cal. Close R. 1312, p. 459.

1332 Lupton. Subsidy of a fifteenth. Excheq. Lay Sub., 195A.

Thomas de Iccornshay in goods. 60s.
William his brother " 30s.
Robert, son of Henry " 15s.
Thomas de Birbrig " 22s 6d.
John de Stalstedrige " 30s.
William Le Gate " 22s. 6d.
William his son " 30s.
Thomas son of Henry " 22s. 6d.
William son of Gille " 45s.
Roger de Cornethwayte " 22s. 6d.
Sum £15, whereof to the king 20s.

1348 Gilbert de Brounolvesheved held at his death a 6th part of the hamlet of Thomas de Twenge by fealty, worth 26s. 8d.; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward III. See Strickland Roger, vol. i, 267; Cal. Close R. 1349, p. 124.

1354 Roger de Burton, chivaler, has a feefarm rent of 5s. yearly in the vill of Lupton; Inq. p.m., 30 Edward III, n. 63.

1356 Inquisn taken on the 2nd April, 30 Edward III, upon the extent of the lands and tenements of Roger de Burton, chivaler, the jurors say that he held the hamlet of Mansergh; a free farm which extended to 5s. per annum in Lupton; a free farm extending to 5d. per annum in Hencastre; also a messuage and 40 acres of land in the town of Hotonrof. The said premises are held of Thomas de Ros, knt., by the service of 30s. per annum and are worth per annum, clear £11 14s. 10d. Chan. Inq. p.m., 30 Edward III, n. 63.

1358 The abbot of Cockersand has the custody of lands and tenements in Lupton and Lyndhowe; Abbrev. R. Original., ii, 249.

1359 14 October. Enrollment of the indenture of Anthony, son of Roger de Burton, knt., granting to Robert son of William de Horneby all his lands rents and services in the towns of Burton, Hoton, Manser and Lupton. See Burton, p. 281.

Pardon for Matthew de Redman for entering into a messuage and nine bovates of land in Lupton, late of Mariota, late the wife of Henry de Redman, which she held of the king as of the lands late of William de Coucy, which descended to him by inheritance after her death, without livery as is customary, and restitution of the same by a fine, of 10 marks; Cal. Pat. R. 1359, p. 214.

1361 Robert de Carleton, late abbot of Cokersand, died 20 March 28 Edward III, seised of lands in Lupton and Lyndhowe, held in free alms; and not as of the fees of William de Coucy, deceased; Cal. Close R. 1361, p. 234.

1375 Matthew de Redmane held of Joan late the wife of John de Coupeland inter alia the manor of Lupton by homage and fealty and the service of two marks yearly [which included the service of the manor of Levens ?]; Chan. Inq. p.m., 49 Edward III, 1st nos., n. 29.

1417 John de Berwik of Berwik, granted to John de Berwik, his son and heir and Margaret his wife, his lands and tenements in Lupton, Mansarre, Staynton and Heyncaster, to hold to John and Margaret and their issue as the grantor's father died enfeoffed. 18 April, 5 Henry V. Deed at Sizergh.

1446 Grant by Thomas Gate and Robert Preston, chaplains, to Edward Bethum, knt., and Joan his wife, daughter of William de Fauconberge, their manors of Bethum and Hes[els]lake and all their lands and tenements inter alia in Lupton, which they had of the gift and feoffment of the said Edward. Dodsworth's MS.. 149, f. 144. See Beetham p. 227.

1451 Henry More holds a tenement and 15 a. land and meadow of the abbey of Cockersand at will for 6s. 8d. rent; the wife of Thomas Burgh holds a similar tenement for 6s. 8d. rent; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1296.

1452–3 Edward Bethom, knt., attorns his brother, Roger Bethom, to receive for him from Richard Redemane, esq., son of Richard Redemane, knt., seisin of the messuages etc. in Lupton which the same Richard formerly had by the feoffment of John Berwyk. Dated 31 Henry VI; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 145b.

1461 Edmund Mydilton holds a tenement and 15 a. land and meadow of the abbey of Cockersand at will for 6s. 8d. rent as Henry More held the same in 1451. Chartul. of Cockersand, 1296.

1472 Edward Bethom, knt., and Joan his wife, by feoffment to them made, were seised of lands and tenements inter alia in Lupton. He died 22 February, 1472, and Agnes daughter of Roger Bethome, wife of Robert Midelton, is his next heir, aged 22 years. Chanc. Inq. p.m., 12 Edward IV, n. 20. See Beetham, p. 230.

1482 Thomas Thwaytes [a feoffee], being seised of 20 messuages, 400 a. land, 400 a. pasture and 80 a. meadow in Lupton, gave the same to Richard son of Matthew Redmayn and Ellen his wife and their issue; they had issue William, who died without issue, and Edward, to whom the premises descended as brother and heir of William. The premises are held of William Parre, as of the barony of Kendale, and are worth 10 marks clear; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward IV, n. 49.

William Redmane, knt., held at his death inter alia 20 messuages, 400 a. land, 400 a. pasture and 80 a. meadow in Lupton of William Parr, as of the barony of Kendall by service unknown. Edward Redmane, his brother, aged 27, is his next heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward IV, n. 49.

See Levens, p. 129.

1488 Thomas Harington, esq., then attainted, held certain lands in Lupton of Edward Redman, esq., by service unknown; Inq. p.m., 4 Henry VII.

c1510 Rental of the priory of Conyngesheved in Lupton; John Boro renders yearly 4s. Duchy of Lancs. Rentals, bundle 4, n. 4.

1511 Edward Redmayn held prior to his death 40 messuages, 1000 a. land, 100 a. meadow, and 3000 a. heath in Lupton. He enfeoffed certain trustees thereof to the use of his will dated 1486. He died 27 September, 1510, leaving Joan, daughter of Henry Redmayn, son of the said Edward, his next heir, aged 1¼ year. The premises were held of the king as one of the lords of the barony of Kendale by the rent of 26s. 8d. yearly. Exch. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 116, n. 3.

c1521 John Barra has paid 20s. for entry to the tenement of Thomas Barra after the decease of the same Thomas; Duchy of Lancas. Rentals, bundle 4, n. 4.

1536 The relict of John Borowe renders for a tenement in Lupton 4s.; Rental of the possessions of the late priory of Conyshed; Duchy of Lanc. Rentals, bundle 5, n. 11.

1537 The wife late of John Midilton holds a tenement in Lupton, namely 15 a. land and meadow, and after her decease Giles her son, for 6s. 8d.; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1297.

1542 Marmaduke Gascoygne, esq., and Joan his wife passed by fine to Richard Redman, esq., inter alia certain tenements in Lupton with the advowson of a chantry in Lupton; Feet of Fines, Hil. Term, 24 Henry VIII.

1544 See Hutton Roof, p. 350. The messuages, lands etc. in Lupton of which Richard Redmayn, esq., died seised are held of the king in chief by a 10th part of a knight's fee and a yearly rent of 32s. 2½d. and are worth yearly £7 7s. 10d.; Exch. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 137, n. 3.

1586 Will of John Mydleton of Lupton. To be buried in my parish church of Kirkby Lonsdale. Wife and son Arthur to dwell together as long as they can agree, and house that I dwell in to be equally divided between them, my wife to have the south end . . . . . . To Arthur a yoke of Oxen; to John Mydleton who I am grandfather unto a cow; to Edward Conder a cow; to Free School of Kirkby Lonsdale 3s. 4d.; to John Conder one whye steerke; Executors wife and son William. Proved 23 October, 1586. From the Richmond Archdeaconry Records at Somerset House.

1662 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll 259, n. 13. (fn. 3)

The names of those which are in areare for theare harths:—Uxor John Wadson one hearth, 2s.; Thomas Mansergh one hearth, 1s.; Edward Burrow of Flosh one, 1s.; Robart Burrow of Flosh one, 2s.

The following are not within the compasse of the act:—

Matthew Fauceit and uxor Robert Gibbonson. Henry Kirkebie, constable. October 28, 1662.

John Wadson, Thomas Mansergh, Edward Burrowe and Robert Burrowe, for one each, due at Lady Day, 1663, 4s.

1669 Hearth Tax Roll, Lay Subsidy, 195, n. 73, m. 6d.

Willm. Burrow 1
Richard Ward 1
Willm. Thompson 1
Chr: Hirdson 1
Tho: Simpson 1
James Preston 1
The same 1
Walter Sherwen 2
Mr Robinson 1
Widd: Sherwen 1
Widd: Preston 1
Tho: Harrison 1
Robt Greenewood 2
Edward Briggs 1
Edward Burrow 1
Arthur Burrow 1
Mr Hutton 1
Thomas Jackson 1
Edward Burrow 3
The same 1
George Thompson 1
Leonard Ewan 1
Willm. Midlton 1
Arthur Burrow 2
John Dickinson 1
Arthur Sheapherd 1
Edward Moore 1
Willm. (?) Moore 2
. . . . Baines 1
Willm (?) Houseman 1
John Midlton 2
John Hutton 1
Willm. Manstreth 1
John Fawcett 1
George Ewan 2
Discharged by Certificates.
Widd: Burrow 1
Henry Kirby 1


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