Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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, 'Barbon', in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) pp. 364-373. British History Online [accessed 22 May 2024].

. "Barbon", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 364-373. British History Online, accessed May 22, 2024,

. "Barbon", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 364-373. British History Online. Web. 22 May 2024,


The manor of Barbon was held towards the end of the 12th century by Richard de Berebrun. His granddaughter carried the manor in marriage to a younger member of the house of Lascels of EscrickYorks., and upon the death in 1252 or 1253 of Roger son of Picot de Lasceles the Eskrick inheritance passed to the same line and descend, ed, as shown in the annexed pedigree, with Barbon, until the death c. 1297–1301 of Roger de Lascels who had been summoned to Parliament as a baron in the year 129-. Barbon, part of Escrick, and various estates in the cos. of York and Lincoln, afterwards descended in the line of Lascels which descended from Theophania, eldest (?) daughter of Roger, baron de Lascels, and were held in 1323 by her son, Ralph de Lascels. After the 4th step from Ralph the pedigree is defective, but Margaret, daughter and heir of [Roger] Lascels of Escrick carried the manor of Barbon and other property in marriage to James Pykeryng of Killington and, dying 17 November, 1499, was succeeded by her grandson, Christopher, then aged 13. Anne, daughter and heir of Christopher, was three times married, her second husband being Sir Henry Knevet, knt. In 1572 she and her third husband, John Vaughan, settled the Escrick property on her eldest son, Henry Knevet. The manor of Barbon appears to have been settled on Francis Vaughan, her eldest son by her third husband. (fn. 1) Francis Vaughan, esq., lord of Sutton on Derwent, was slain in Ireland on 15 July, 1597, whilst in her Majesty's service. (fn. 2) In 1581 he had conveyed the manor of Barbon to Sir Thomas Boynton, knt., and Francis Boynton, esq., in trust for the benefit of lady Anne Knevet for life with remainder to the said Francis Vaughan and his heirs. (fn. 3) About thirty years later it was acquired by John Middleton of Middleton Hall, esq., who afterwards sold it to Sir Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe, Lancs., knighted in 1684 and died 1687, in whose descendants the manor has continued to this day.

[Descent of the manor of Barbon]

1184–1200 Grant in frankalmoign by Richard de Berebrun with the consent of his wife and heir to the canons of Cockersand of one a. of land in Midelton and pasture for 100 sheep and their offspring, with provision for an equivalent gift to be made within the bounds of Barbon if he should not be able to warrant this gift. Chartul. of Cockersand, 926.

1195 Thomas de Berebrunne is amerced half mark for the surety of Uchtred. Pipe Roll, Cumberland and Westmorland, 175.

1200–1216 Sibyl daughter of Richard de Bereburn with the consent of her husbands, Robert Fossard and Theobald de Martinis gave to the canons of Cockersand, land within the following bounds, that is, from the acre of land which Richard her father gave to them following towards the south to the nearest wall which the said canons have made there, thence following the said wall by the foot of the hill southward to the great highway, and following the highway unto the aforesaid acre of land, with pasture for 100 sheep. Chartul. of Cockersand, 928.

1200–1216 Robert Fossard, with the consent of Sibyl his wife, also gave to the same canons one acre of his land in Bereburn next to the acre of the said canons towards the east with pasture for 100 sheep. Ib.

1239 Amice who was the wife of Thomas de Magneby gives five marks for a pone, (fn. 22) against William de Lancaster III. respecting the custody of the land late of the said Thomas. Mandate to the Sheriff of Westmeriland. Excerpta E. Rot. Finium, i, 319 m.

1242 Avice late the wife of Thomas de Magneby owes five marks for the pone. Parker, Pipe Rolls of Westmorland, 202.

1246 William de Lancaster III enfeoffed Gilbert de Berbrun of 20 a. land in Sleddale, worth 10s. yearly. Lancs. Inq. (Record Soc.), i, 167.

1250–68 William son of Gilbert de Berebrun gave to the canons of Cockersand one acre land in Berebrun, in Hustad Heylrig, extending at the east end to the land of Adam de Berebrun, his brother, with common of pasture; Chartul. of Cockersand, 929.

1253 The king granted to Roger de Magneby free warren in his demesne lands in Maunby an Kirkby Knowle, Yorks., and Barbon, Westmorland. Cal. Chart. R., i, 426.

Grant to Avice de Lascelles and her heirs of free warren in their demesne lands in Fulestowe, co. Linc., Escrik, Schorveton and Cyrneton (recte Thyrnetoft), co. York; ib.

1253–68 Roger de Lasceles confirms to the canons of Cockersand the land in the vill of Berebrun which they have by the gift of Richard de Berebrun, great-grandfather of the grantor, and of Sibyl his (Richard's) daughter, with pasture for 200 sheep in the common pasture of Berebrun. Chartul. of Cockersand, 927.

1258 Gilbert de Berburne, Joan his wife, Amice and Agnes, sisters of the said Joan, give ½ mark for an assize of mort d'ancestor. Mandate to the sheriff of Westmorland; Excerpt. E. R. Fin., ii, 278.

1260 Peter abbot of Hepp was pardoned on account of poverty 21 marks of an amercement imposed in an assize arraigned against him by Gilbert de Berburne and the others named above touching a tenement in Revegyll; ib., 1260.

1278 Sir Hugh Fitz-Henry [de Ravensworth] and Sir Roger de Lasceles make an agreement touching certain ground and common of pasture between Sir Hugh's manor of Dent and Sir Roger's manor of Berebrune on the day of the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 6 Edw. plaintiff's suit, on paying surety to prosecute. Sir Hugh grants the soil of Berebrundal as Leaven's water falls between Midelton and Dente upward towards the north and downward to Colbrainrayse and thence as Leaven's water falls to the bounds between Castreton and Dent, with common of pasture from these bounds to the hays of Dente. Sir Roger grants the soil of Dente from Colbrainrayse to the dale of Dent by the bounds before named and common of pasture from the said bounds towards Berbrundal to the forge next Colbrainrays and so by the syke adjoining the forge towards the east unto Rauntre-slak and thence following the syke ascending to the head of Lauerdsate towards the north and so upwards . . . . berhe; and from the forge before-named to the west to Blakecrage and so by the Traypottes up to Barkerkon; and that Sir Hugh's animals shall be driven back without claim if found without the above-said bounds, namely unto the forge nearer Berebrune, by these bounds: from the said forge to a mound of stones ascending eastward to Traypottes in the moss, thence to the Anbeespine and so to the Myln of the Lauerdsate and upwards to Stolermorum; and from the said forge westward up Le Rede Chrike near the Brokengile and so from Rede Chrike up to Barkerkin. Witnesses: Sir Brian Fitz-Alan, Sir William de Holteby, Sir Richard de Vescy, Gilbert de Quyteby, (fn. 23) Gilbert de Burnolishevid, Adam de Segiswyke, William de Stainford; Orig. at Sizergh.

1279 Roger de Lascels claims free warren in Fulstowe, co. Linc., by charter of 37 Henry III to Avice de Lascelles his ancestor, whose heir he is. Roger de Lascelles, his uncle (avunculus) held the manor of Fulstowe in the time of Henry III and had seisin there; Placita de quo waranto, 400 b.

1283 Roger de Lasceles held Berburn of William de Lindsey for 30s. 8d. rent; it has been demised to Philip the chaplain for his life and is worth £10. Lancs. Inq. i, 256.

1292 Roger de Lasceles was summoned to show by what warrant he claimed to have free chase in Bereburne without the king's licence. He answered that he only claimed free warren in that vill by charter of 37 Henry III granting to Roger de Maugneby and his heirs free warren in their demesne lands in Maugneby and Kirkeby under Knoll, co. York, and Bereburne, co. Westmorland. The king's attorney stated that Roger used free chase and holds in defence in the same harts and does and roebucks, which belong not to warren. The jurors say that Roger has free warren in that vill and that beyond the tenour of his charter he has taken to himself a certain free chase called Langedale and there keeps great beasts in defence. Order that the free chase be taken into the king's hands; Placit. de quo Waranto, 787.

1310 Pardon for William de Esshes, the younger, for his service in Scotland, for the death of Walter le Taillur of Berebroune and for other offences; Cal. Pat. R. 1310, p. 288.

1332 Bereburne. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Gilbert de Baynbrige in goods £6 2s. 6d.
William Taillour " £3 1s. 3d.
Gilbert de Bereburne " £4
John son of Alan " 45s.
Adam son of Robert " 45s.
Adam de Le Holm " 52s. 6d.
Patrick Scote " 45s.
Robert de Berewyk " 45s.
Robert de Wythesnake " 35s.
Sum £26 11s. 3½d., whereof to the king 3[5s. 5d.]; Exch. Lay Sub., 195A.

1336 Adam son of Gilbert (fn. 24) de Berburn acknowledges a debt of £40 to the abbot of St. Mary's, York; Cal. Close R. 1336, p. 536.

1342 Execution of the said recognizance; ib. 1342, p. 552.

1348 Gilbert de Brounolvesheved held at his death of the king in chief as of the lands late of William de Coucy two messuages and 16 a. land in Berburne in the hands of tenants at will who hold of Ralph de Lassels by fealty and the service of 23d. yearly at Easter and Michaelmas, worth, besides the said rent, 5d. yearly; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward III. See Strickland Roger, vol. i, 267; Cal. Close R, 1349, p. 124.

1351 Ralph de Lascels, knt., held of William de Coucy and now of the king the manor of Berburn by cornage, wardship and relief, and Roger son of the said Ralph now holds it by gift of the said Ralph; Cal. Inq. p.m., IX, 457.

1370 Of Robert Hyne and others for tithe of Berburne, six sieves, 64s.; Gilbert de Berburne, three windles, 4s.; Adam de Berburne, two windles, 2s. 8d.; (fn. 25) Richard de Ickorneschaw, three windles, 4s.; William Swaynesone, two windles, 2s. 8d.; Thomas son of William, two windles, 2s. 8d.; Roger de Redmane, four windles, 5s. 4d.; Thomas de Thascrig (?), 1½ windle, 2s.; Agnes Collan, one windle, 16d.; John Mallinsone, ½ windle, 8d.; Richard atte Gate, two windles, 2s. 8d.; Thomas son of Henry, three windles, 4s.; Thomas Magson ½ windle, 8d.; John Coke, ½ windle, 8d.; John de Nyandesergh, one windle, 16d; Thomas Kenedy, 1½ windle, 2s.; William the miller, ½ windle, 8d.; William del Gate, one windle, 16d.; Thomas de Burgh, one windle, 16d.; Roll at Levens.

1375 Ralph Lascels held of Joan, late the wife of John de Coupland, the manor of Berburne by homage and fealty and the service of 30s. 7d. yearly; Chan. Inq. p.m., 49 Edward III, 1st nos., n. 29.

1411 Ralph Lascelles held of Philippa, late the wife of Robert de Veer, late duke of Ireland, the manor of Berburne by homage and for 30s. 2d. rent at Easter and Michaelmas, worth beyond the rent 100s.; Chan. Inq. p.m., 13 Henry IV, n. 44.

1451 Richard Wilson holds of the abbey of Cockersand a cottage and three acres of land in Berburne for 3s rent; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1292.

1461 Rental of Cockersand (as in 1451).

1501 John Owtway holds of Cockersand abbey a toft and three acres land in Berbrunne for 3s. rent; Chartul. of Cockersand, 1293.

1537 John Outway holds (as in 1501); Chartul. of Cockersand, 1293.

1545 Thomas Curwen, gent., passed by fine to Francis Tunstall, esq., a tenement in Whelperygg; Feet of Fines, Mich. term, 37 Henry VIII.

1546 Giles Curwen and Thomas his son and heir apparent passed by fine to Richard Assheton, esq., tenements in Casterton and Barborne; ib., Easter term, 38 Henry VIII.

1612 Inquest taken at Kirkbielonsdall 22 September, 10 James I (1612) before Roger Otwaye escheator by the oath of Geoffrey Siggeswicke, Robt Wilson, Christopher Bainbridge, Edward Wilson, Roger Moore, gentlemen. Edward Harling Edwd Bland, John Ewan, Giles Moore, John Bayliffe, Thos Robinson, George Bainbridge, Geoffrey Holme, Bryan Walker and Adam Cooke, yeomen, who say that:

Richard Shutleworth, knight, was seised of the manor of Barbon, otherwise Barbron in co. Westmorld and 50 messuages, 10 cottages, one water mill, 60 gardens, 500 acres arable land, 100 acres meadow, 100 acres moor and turbary, 500 acres pasture, 20 acres wood, 1000 acres furze and heath there. So seised he by his charter dated 31 May, 38 Elizabeth (1596). made between the said Richard Shutleworth of the one part and Cuthbert Heskethe and Nicholas Grymeshaw kinsmen and servants of said Richard Shutleworth of the other part, granted the said manor of Barbon, and certain other manors, lands and tenements in cos. York and Lancaster, to said Cuthbert and Nicholas their heirs and assigns to following uses: This Indenture made 31 May, 38 Elizabeth, between abovesaid parties (those of second part being called "cosins and servants" etc.) witnesseth that whereas Sir Richard now stands seised of an estate of inheritance in fee simple of the manor or lordship of Forcett, co. York, manor of Barbon, co. Westmoreld, moiety or one half of those messuages, lands and tenements called "Heblethwaite" in parish of Sedberghe, co. York, and hath no issue of his body lawfully begotten and is desirous that said manors etc. and all his freehold lands etc. in cos. Lancaster, Westmorland and York may descend to such of his blood and name in form hereafter mentioned. Feoffees to be seised thereof to use of said Richard Shutleworth, knight, and heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, and for default of such to use of Richard Shutleworth, son and heir of said Thomas Shutleworth, deceased, brother of said Sir Richard, and heirs male etc., and for default of such to the use of Nicholas Shutleworth, 2nd son of said Thomas and heirs male etc., and for default of such to use of Ughtred Shutleworth, 3rd son of said Thomas and heirs male etc., and for default of such to use of Lawrence Shutleworth "batcheler of Dyuinitye" parson of Withforde, otherwise Whelforth, co. Warwick, brother of said Sir Richard and heirs male etc., and for default of such to use of right heirs of Richard Shutleworth, son and heir of said Thomas Shutleworth and of the said Nicholas Shutleworth, and of Ughtred Shutleworth for ever. Provided always that if said Sir Richard Shutleworth at any time be resolved to determine the said uses and do pay to said feoffees or either of them "one Ring of gould of the value of fyve shillings or above," before five witnesses or more to the purpose to frustrate the said uses, that from thenceforth this Indenture shall be void.

Sir Richard Shutleworth, knight, died 5 November, 41 Elizabeth (1599). The said manor and other the premises are held of the king as of his barony of Kendall in free socage namely by fealty and a rent of 30s. yearly for all services and is worth yearly clear £5. And Lawrence Shutleworth was brother and next heir of said Richard and was aged at time of death of said Richard Shutleworth 55 years, 2 months. Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 675. n. 105.

1621 Inquest taken at Kirkbie . . . . October. 19 James I (1621), before [Joseph] Booth [gentleman, escheator], by the oath of . . . . . . ., . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bainebrigg, William Bowerdale, Richard Gosling, J . . . . . ., . . . . . ., Thomas Usconson, Nicholas Garnet, John Tailor, John Aickrigg, . . . . . who say that:

Edward Baines on the day he died was . . . . . . . .of seven acres of land . . . . . . . . . .Casterton. And that 2½ acres [thereof were] then held and now are held of Charles, Prince of Wales, as of his manor of Ken[dall called "le] Richmond Fee in free socage and the remaining part . . . . . . . . held of Ri . . . . . . . . as of his manor of Barbon by a yearly service of one clove gilliflower. The said seven acres of land and other the premises are worth yearly clear 6s. 8d.

Edward Baines died 1 April, 18 James I (1620) and Jeremiah Baines is his son and heir, aged 10 years 10 months now (sic). Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 767, n. 100.

1621 Inquest taken at the town of Kirkbie Lonsdale, 22 October, 19 James I (1621), before Joseph Boothe, gentleman, escheator, by the oath of Thomas Garnett, Edward Blande, George Bainbrigge, Robert Harlinge, William Bowerdale, Richard Goslinge, Thomas Witton, Geoffrey Holme, Thomas Usconson, Nicholas Garnet, John Tailor, John Aickrigg, and John Garnett, who say that:

William Hardie on the day he died was seised of seven acres of land in Barbon which are held of Charles, Prince of Wales, as of his manor of Kendall Castle in free socage, namely by the yearly payment of a clove gilliflower and are worth yearly clear 6s. 8d.

William Hardie died 5 May, 1618, and Robert Hardie is his son and nearest heir, aged 4 years, 10 months now. Chan. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 785, n. 13.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsidy Roll, 195, n. 73, m. 28d.

Robt Bayliffe 2
Robt Hardye 2
Jerimy Baines 1
Edmond Hardye 1
Samuell Otlay 2
Miles Garnett 1
Edmond Garnett 1
Robt Whitehead 1
Tho: Holme 2
Willm. Garnett 1
John Garnett 4
Tho: Garnett 1
Tho: Dent 1
John Wilson 1
Tho: Fawcett 1
Samuell Gibson 1
James Richardson 1
Rich: Hodghson 2
Willm. Adison 1
Richard Garnett 1
Tho: Gibbonson 3
John Atkinson 2
Robt Moore 1
John Fowler 1
Robt Holme 2
Chr: Holme 2
Tho: Fawcett 1
John Becke 1
Rich: Shutleworth, esqr 2
Robt Jackson 1
James Waidson 2
Edward Garnett 2
Richard Garnett 2
Edmond Garnett 1
Edmond Garnett 2
John Bainbrigg 2


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