Crosthwaite and Lyth

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Crosthwaite and Lyth', in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) pp. 90-112. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


1186–1200 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Renfrid confirms to Henry son of Norman de Redeman, the land of Witeber (now Whitbarrow) by its bounds, namely on the bounds of Witherslake in ascending to the head of the hill of Wyteber and thence towards Cartmell across to Beckirmadeaike and to the bounds of Cartmel; and on the other side from the head of the hill of Wyteber to the spring by the chapel of St. Mary and as the stream of the spring flows to the moss and over the moss to Sandpull and thence descending to Kent; to hold in fee for a pair of gilt spurs or 6d; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1246 William de Lancaster, shortly before his death, enfeoffed Thomas le Leche (medicus) of 14 a. land in Crosthwaite, worth 7s.; Philip the cook of 13 a. land, worth 7s.; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 167.

1274 Robert de Ros of Werk held at his death inter alia Crostweyk with the farm, herbage and mill, a moiety of Aynerholm, (fn. 1) the farm of Adam Chefdor (fn. 2); Cal. Inq., ii, 49. See Helsington, vol. i, p. 134.

1283 William de Lindesey held at his death at Liht and Crosthwayt 31 tenants holding 268½ a. land and rendering £6 5s. 5½d. 33½ a. of waste, rendering nothing; certain free tenants who render 3s. yearly; a cotter who renders 4d. yearly; a water-mill which renders 100s. yearly; a brew-house belonging to that place worth 18d. yearly; pannage worth 2s.; the aforesaid tenants render yearly for Goldewethers, 6s. 8d. Sum £11 18s. 11½d. Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 254.

Adam Chader granted to Robert son of Nicholas Chador 2 a. in Ubberstede, (fn. 3) namely 1 a. in Hole Riding and 1 a. in Langriding, to hold for 6d. yearly. Witnesses: Roger de Lancastre, William de Pickering, domini; Thomas de Lancastre, Jillia (sic) de Stanford, Richard de Croke, Simon de Croke, Nicholas de Dures. Reg. of D. at Levens.

1296 Margaret de Ros, in her widowhood, gave to her nephew, Marmaduke de Thweng, Helsington with the moiety of the hamlet of Crosthwaite and Le Lyth. See Helsington, vol. i, p. 137.

1301 The same Margaret conveyed by fine to the said Marmaduke land in Crostwayt and Lith with the mill; Lancs. Fines, pt. i, 213.

1304 Robert Pape of Crosethwayt owes William de Kendale, clerk, 40s.; Cal. Close R. 1304, p. 206.

1320 Licence for Marmaduke de Twenge to grant to William de Twenge for his life the manor of Helsyngton, the hamlets of Crosthwayt, Le Lith, with the mills of the same, etc. See Helsington, vol. i, p. 141.

1323 Marmaduke de Thweng held at his death inter alia a moiety of the hamlet of Crostquat in which there are 12 tenants at will who render £5 3s. yearly; the moiety of one water-cornmill there which renders 80s. yearly; at Heynerholm the herbage is worth yearly . . . .; Lancs. Inq., ii, 148.

1324 Ingram de Gynes held at his death the hamlet of Crossethwait with 33 tenants at will who render yearly £10 11s. 5½d.; a water-mill there ought to be worth 66s. 8d. yearly, but now is worth only 40s.; a fulling-mill is worth 5s.; in the said hamlet of Crossethwait there were 17 tenements and little cottages now in the lord's hands, (fn. 4) which ought to render 54s. 9¾d.; the herbage of Ay[ne]rholm [now Aynum] ought to render 2s., but now it renders nothing for default of tenants; Inq. p.m., 17 Edward II, n. 60.

1332 Crosthayt. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

John son of Richard in goods £1 10 0
Peter Forest[er] " £2 2 6
John de Kynche " £1 0 0
Richard de Burgh " 15 0
Adam de Kellet " £1 0 0
William Barker " £1 2 6
John Chefdor " 15 0
Adam le Lauerd " £1 0 0
Adam Ayleward " £1 10 0
Geoffrey the reeve " £1 0 0
William Tydyman " £1 10 0
John son of Hugh " 15 0
Richard Corvayser " £1 0 0
William son of Ellote " 15 0
William de Crachalle " £1 0 0
Henry son of Gilbert " £1 10 0
Thomas his brother " £2 5 0
Richard Milner " 15 0
Sum of goods £20 5s. [whereof to the king 27s.].

1334 Christiana de Gynes held at her death inter alia in the hamlet of Crosthwait 23 tenants at will, who render yearly £9 11s. 5½d., a water-cornmill worth £3 6s. 8d.; a fulling-mill worth 5s.; Inq. p.m., 8 Edward III (1), n. 74.

1341 William de Tweng held at his death inter alia at Crossethwat the rent of free tenants and tenants at will, £13 16s.; ib., 14 Edward III (1), n. 31.

1344 Robert de Thweng held at his death two-thirds of certain lands at Crossethwayt and Katherine late the wife of William de Thweng, who survives, holds the third part in dower of the said inheritance; at Crossethwayt there is a certain herbage called Wodemale and the herbage of Aynerholm; Cal. Inq., VIII, 368.

1354 Order to the sheriff to take into the king's hands and deliver to Thomas de Stirkeland, keeper of the fees late of William de Coucy, a messuage and 4 a. land in Crosthwayt and Helsyngton, held in chief etc. by cornage, and to certify Thomas, son and heir of John Chifdore, deceased, that he should appear in the chancery to show why the tenement should not be taken into the king's hands until he do homage for the same; Abbrev. R. Original, ii, 232b.

1356 Inquest taken at Kirkby in Kendale . . . . August, 30 Edward III (1356) by the oath of Edward de Thornburgh, John de Fraping (?) John Ward, Baldewyn de Shepesheved, Adam de Saynford, William de Pottergh, Aubrey de Cotoun, William de Gilpyn, John de la Chaumbre, Robert de Docwra, William de Edenhale and William de Docwra, who say that John Chydore was seised at his death of a messuage and 4 a. land at Crosthwayt in Stirkland Kettell, held of the knight's fees late of William de Coucy by homage and service of 18d. yearly, worth 1s. 8d. yearly clear. He died on the morrow of the Assumption, 23 Edward III (16 Aug., 1349) and Thomas Chydor, his son, of full age, is his next heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 30 Edward III, 1s. nos., n. 11.

1357 Mandate to the escheator to deliver seisin to Thomas Chydore, son and heir of John Chydore, deceased, a messuage and 4 a. land etc. at Crossethwayt in Stirkeland Ketell, held of the king in chief as of the fees late of William de Coucy, deceased, by homage and the service of 18d. yearly. Abbrev. R. Original, ii, 245.

1359 John Clerk, the elder, and Edith his wife demand against Thomas son of John Chedor the third part of two messuages, 12 a. land and 4 a. meadow in Crosthwayt as Edith's dower; De Banco R., Trin., 399, m. 159.

1374 Thomas de Thweng held at his death inter alia the hamlets of Crostwhaite and Le Lythe with Aynerholme.

1374 Rental of John de Hothome and Walter de Pedwardyn, knts., made 49 Edw. III, see footnote on p. 5.

Tenants at will. Renders yearly.
s. d.
Simon son of Roger and John Bertram hold a tenement
Richard son of Agnes holds a plat called Bulleman place
William Gopamiste (?) holds Le Sutterdicke
Henry son of Gilbert (?) holds a tenement
John Crakall and John Ketson hold a tenement
. . . . Warde holds a tenement
. . . . . . . . . . . . . the herbage of Aynerholme
Richard son of John holds a tenement
Richard Fox "
Roger son of John "
John Thente "
William Walker " called Scheles
The same William " Helmegreve
Gilbert Dennison "
Richard de Knype (fn. 5) "
William Raper "
John (?) Raper "
John del Schawe (?) for part of a tenement
. . . . . . . . . . . . holds a cottage 6
William son of Henry (?) holds a tenement
Thomas Derlay and William de Routheworth
Peter Forester "
John son of William "
Richard son of Agnes holds a cottage
The same Richard for free farm yearly 6
Tho. Chiddo[ur] and Robert his brother for free farm 2 6
. . . . . son of William holds a cottage 1 1
Adam CI
Walter Barker holds a tenement 5
Elias Mantell holds a cottage 11?
Gilbert Sapson (?) holds a tenement
John Eldfadere " 4 8
Adam Pacocke holds a fulling-mill called Holleclowck
Roger Mylner holds a tenement 7 5
John del Hall holds a fulling-mill 15 (?)
Adam Pacocke "
Thomas Derlay " 6 8
William son of Thomas "pour une tentour" at Merskhowe 2
Adam Colicesonn holds an intake 6
Sum £13 (?)

Decay in Crostetwayth.

Of a cottage which Thomas del Terne held by year 12
Of a cottage which Anabella dau. of Alan held by year 6
Of a cottage which Alice wife of John Thrusson held by year 6

1375 Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Saturday next after the feast of Corpus Christi, 49 Edward III (23 June, 1375) the jurors say that Joan late the wife of John de Coupland, decd, held for the term of her life inter alia the hamlet of Crosthwayt. See the inquest under Windermere, p. 64.

1390–91 Rental of the lands of Philippa, late the wife of Robert de Vere, earl of Oxford, and John de Hothome in the lordship of Kendale.

Croseqwate. Renders yearly.
s. d.
Thomas Rawson (fn. 6) holds a messuage with appurt. 2 0
Thomas and John de Mylne " " 12 11
The same Thomas de Mylne " " 8 0
John Benson " " 12 11
Thomas Huebayne " " 3 4
Mabel de Knype " " 7 6
Ralph Coke " " 7 9
John (fn. 7) de Patton " " 7 9
John Dawson " " 13 10
Robert Jackeson " " 7 0
Matilda Hardye " " 7 0
William Dason " " 8 1
William de Mylne" " 16 1
Ralph Gylson " " 9 2
William Walker " " 17 0
Alice Shede" " 3 0
William de Hyll a messuage with appurt. 3
Thomas Bacster " " 3 0
John Garnet " " 9 10
John Pacooke " " 4 9
John Braye " " 4 0
Adam Colleson " " 4
Alice daughter of Waln' holds a cottage " " 3
Elecie (?) Mylner holds a toft " 2 0
The same Elecie holds a messuage " 1 10
Richard and William Roose " " 5 0
John de Hall " " 13 9
Rall[f] de Patton " " 1 2
Christina Eldefather holds a cottage " " 3
Agnes Tommyndoghter " " 1
Thomas Dakre holds a messuage " " 7 0
Roger de Hutton " " 7 3
Thomas Hodgeson " " 4 10
Adam Bell " " 9 11
Magot de Brigge " " 12 4
Tomas Huebayne a close called Malasdoghgarth 6
Robert Shedow holds a close " 8
Richard de K[n]yepe " " 10
Richard Panter holds a cottage " " 6
John de K[n]yype " " 4
Margaret (Margat) de Crakell " " 3
John Hyrd holds a tenement " " 2
The same John holds a new approvement " " 3
Elias Mantill holds an intake " " 2
John de Hall holds a fulling-mill " " 6 8
Adam de Cartmell " " 5 0
Jake Pacoke " " 3 4
Robert Philipson holds a water-corn-mill £2 0 0
The same Robert the "pannage" of Ayndholme 2 0
William Kylner holds a messuage with appurt £1 2 10¾
Sum £17 1s. 5¾d.

1411 John Swainson held of Philippa, duchess of Ireland, a tenement in Crostwhaite called Ubberstede by homage and fealty and 18d. rent, worth 5s. yearly; Chan. Inq. p.m., 13 Henry IV, n. 44.

1421 John de Lumley held at his death, as appurtenant to an eighth part of the manor of Kirkeby in Kendale, lands and messuages in Crossethwayte, and 120 a. land, 60 a. meadow, 140 a. wood and a watermill in Crossethwayte, worth 14 marks yearly clear; and four messuages, 60 a. land and 40 a. meadow in Lithe, worth 100s. yearly clear; Inq. p.m., 9 Henry V, n. 16.

1431 The tithe of Comyn (Comon in 1435), demised to the rector of Wyndandermere at farm renders 7s. (in 1435 it rendered 13s. 4d.); Roll at Levens.

1443 Grant to John, duke of Somerset and earl of Somerset and Kendale, and the heirs of his body, of inter alia £25 12s. 10d. yearly from the farm of the subsidy and ulnage of cloth for sale in Bristol in recompense of two parts of all the lands in the hamlets of Crossethwayte and Hoton in Strikeland Ketill etc., etc., the keeping of which lands was granted for a term of 10 years to Thomas Parr, knt. by letters patent dated 21 February, 17 Henry VI (1439) and a rent therefrom of £25 12s. 10d. to William Ayscogh during the same term, with reversion of the premises for life after the said term, by letters patent dated 21 October, 21 Henry VI (1443) to hold to the duke as above during the said term and during the life of William Ayscogh. Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1443, p. 224.

1445 Relaxation, to be valid during twenty years only, of a year and forty days of enjoined penance to penitents who, on the principal feasts of the year and that of the dedication, and on All Saints, the octaves of certain of them and the six days of Whitsun week, and of 40 days to those who, during the said octaves and six days visit and give alms for the repair and conservation of the chapel of St. Mary within the parish of Kirkbuy Kendall in the diocese of York; Cal. of Papal Regist., ix, 500.

1450 The wardship of two parts of the lands in the hamlets of Crossethwayt and Hoton in Stirkeland Ketil and Helsyngton and the fishery of Kente and the lands in Whityngton, co. Lanc., in the king's hands by the death of John, duke of Bedford, were committed to Richard Tunstall, esq., for life from Michaelmas last at the yearly rent of £25 12s. 10d., as Thomas Parre, knt., the last farmer, rendered for the same, sustaining the houses, closes and buildings and supporting all other charges; Cal. Pat. R. 1450, p. 335.

1454 Rental of Edmund, earl of Richmond, within the lordship of Kendale, from 6 March, 31 Henry VI to Michaelmas 33 Henry VI, to wit for 1½ year and 26 days. Min. Accts., Bundle 644, n. 10444.

Robert Brygges and Simon Thomson, joint reeves, answer for twothirds of the rents and farms at £11 4s. 9d. per annum; also for the farm of one intake newly enclosed by William Belle for which he does not answer because he occupied the said intake without lease or licence of the steward. Sum of receipt for the 1½ year £16 17s. 1½d.

1459 John Peerson paid 10s. for farm of the tithe of Le Combe (alibi Comyn). Roll at Levens.

1467 General pardon to William Garnet, (fn. 8) younger, of Crosthwayt, "yoman," of all offences committed by him before 12 November, 1467, and of all forfeiture of lands and goods; Cal. Pat. R. 1467, p. 50.

1520 The will of Myles Brigges of Croswaite was proved at London on 10 December, 1520, in which he gives the residue of his estate to Juliana his wife and Thomas Brigges his brother, and gives to Miles Briges son of the aforesaid Thomas the tenantright of the house that he dwelt in after his decease and his wife's widowright of it. He appoints as supervisors John Holme, priest, James Brigges of the Lythe, Robert Brigges of Kendale and others. Curwen, Hist. Heversham Church.

1535 The Order and Method how the Inhabitants of Crosthwaite and Lith ought to place themselves in their parochall Chappell for ever, according to an Indenture made and confirmed at a Court there holden the second day of October in the 26th yeare of Henry the Eight, and expressed in an Indenture beareing date the eight day of Aprill next ensueing in the sayde yeare, onily the names of the present owners and tennants are hereafter in these presents duely and carefully mentioned (both men and wifes) as they are to use and enjoy their seates and formes in the said pioch Chappell for ever. Faithfully extracted out and compared with ye said Originall July vii, 1669. (fn. 9)

On the North Side for men.

Inprimis in the wheire (choir) de High and Henry Newby for Calmire. First Form. Mr. Curwen for Spout; Stephen Garnett for Broadoke; William Rowlandson, Townyeat; John Rowlandson, Mosside; William Garnett, Tarnside; and James Strickland. Second Form. Wm Garnett, Mireside; Richard Rowlandson, Mosside; Thomas Reisbeck; Tho. Cocke, How; James Rowlandson, Broadoke; and Henry Moone, Rusmickle. Third Form. John Cossen, New-hall; Edward Rowlandson, Mossid; John Cartmell, Cartmellfold; Richard Dickinson, Dodg-how; Widow Docker, Yewes; and John Cartmell Cookeson. Fourth Form. Thomas Hubersty, Yewes; Edmond Atkinson, Mireside; Widow Atkinson, High House; Nicholas Theckston; Richard Theckston, Huberstyhead; and Richard Meason. Fifth form. Tho. Atkinson for Sills in Row; John Dickinson, Nook; Peter Hall, Greene; Robert Garnett, Tarnside; James Townson, Row; and the Priest house and de High man. Sixt form. Widow Swainson, Tarnside; Tho. Sanderson heredes; Tho. Hodgshon, Howyeat; Robt Atkinson, Huberstyhead; Widow Briggs and George Cock, Row.

The Wifes seates on the North Side.

On the short forme, uxores de High and Callmire and Johnskales; and the bride on the marriage day in the corner beyond ux. Mr. Curwen of Spout, John Cartmell and James Rowlandson, Broadoke. Second form, the wifes of Wm Garnett, Rusmickle; Wm Garnett, Tarnside; Tho. Pearson, Edge; James Hodgson, Tarnside; John Cosen, New-Hall; Tho. Dickinson, Highbirkes; and James Briggs, Townend. Third form. The wifes of John Philipson, Barkbooth; William Harrison, How; Edmond Atkinson, Mireside; Robert Dickinson, Churchtown; Henry Moone, Rusmickle; James Strickland, Huberstihead; and Widow Dixon, Row. Fourth form. Mrs. Knipe, Flodder; the wifes of John Banks, Durhambrigge; Relict Tho. Atkinson, Fellside next Durha bridge; Widow Swenson, Tarnside; Richd Rowlandson, Mosside; and John Rowlandson, Mosside. Fifth form. Wm Garnett wife, Mireside; the wifes of Tho. Sanderson; Tho. Hubersty, Yewes; Widow Atkinson, High House; and George Cock, Row. Sixt form. The wifes Wm Hall; Richard Meason, Huberstihead; Richd Theckston; John Docker, Yewes; Nicholas Theckston. Sevent form. The wifes of John Crosfeild, Huberstihed; John Garnett, Draw-well; the heires of Cragg; Richd Dickinson, Hollow Clow; Dickinson, Hill; Edward Birkett, Woodside; Jas. Strickland, Barkbooth.

Item all the weded men unnamed to be first placed and sett in the little wheer (choir) or short forms before any younge men.

Item all younge wives to forbear and come not att their motherin-law formes as long as their mother-in-law lives.

Item that all men and wives do sit in their forms aforenamed as they are here afore assyned and appointed them as they come; but if any of their own honesty will resigne their roome (i.e. out of civility and respect) except Mrs. Garnett to kneel or sit in her form next the wall.

Men and women that break this order are lyable to the penalty of 6s. 8d. one half to the chief lord, and the other half to the church. See the old indenture.

South Side for men.

Litle forme. Mr. Hodshon, Johnskales; Mr. Knipe, Flodder; and the Bridegroome the day he is married. First forme. Stephen Garnett, Causey; Tho. Dickinson, Highbirks, Wm Benson, Row; Wm Garnett, Rusmickle; Wm Hall; and Tho. Pearson, Edge. Second form. Widow Cocke, Browhead; Edw. Parnter, Whitebeck; Mrs. Knipe, Flodder; James Hodshon, Tarnside; Mr. James Hodghon, Girsgarth; Tho. Townson, Howyeate; George Cocke, Row. Third form. Geo. Levens; John Parnter, Whitebeck; James Rowlandson; Danson, Townend; John Philipson, Barkbooth; Henry Newby, Mirkhow; and the house late Chr. Parnter at Low. Fourth form. Mr. Knipe, Dawsonfold; Willm Ormandy, Churchtown; Jas. Briggs, Townend; John Dickinson, Churchtown; Wm Rowlandson, Mosside; Robt Dickinson, Kirktowne. Fifth forme. Mr. Wm Knipe, Dawsonfold; Wm Harrison, How; Heires of Cragge; Tho. Cocke, Draw-well; John Crosfeild, Huberstihead; Widow Rowlandson, Huberstihead. Sixt form. James Strickland, Huberstihead; Richard Dickinson, Hollow Clow; Widow Atkinson, Row; James Strickland, Barkbooth; Thomas Borwicke, Knipes-vel-Hollow Clow; Rich. Dickinson, Hill. Seventh form. Edward Birkett, Woodside; Rich. Slater, Churchtowne; John Garnett, Draw-well; Edw. Fairbanke, Huberstihead; Robinson, Low-birkes; Tho. Borwicke, Townyeate. Eighth form. Mr. Michael Robley, Greene; Wm Rawson; Roland Wallas, Tarnside; Roland Dawson, Row; Wm Garnett, Girsgarth; Agnes Drummer, How.

The wifes seates on the South Side.

On the First form. Mr. Willm Knipe, Dawsonfold, two seats; the wifes of John Cartmell; Wm Rowlandson, Mosside; Wm Rowlandson, Townyeate; Tho. Townson, Low; Stephen Garnett, Causey. Second form. Widow Cocke, Browhead; John Parnter, Whitebeck; Wm Ormandy, Kirktowne; Mrs. Hodgson, Girsgarth; Wm Benson, Row; the heires of the Low; Henry Newby, Mirkhow. Third form. Stephen Garnett, Broadoke, the wifes of George Levens; Rich. Dickinson, Dodg-how; Jas. Rowlandson, Townend; Edw. Parnter, Whitebeck; heires of Low-Birkes; Widow Wilson, Low. Fourth form. The wifes of Rich. Slater, Kirktown; Jas Townson, Row; Peter Hall, Greene; Widow Rowlandson, Huberstihead; Tho. Reisbeck; Tho. Borwick. Fifth form. The Skalehouse; Robt Garnett wife, Tarnside; the wifes of Rowland Wallas, Tarnside; Edw. Fairbanke, Huberstihead; Mr. Robley, Greene; Robt Atkinson, Huberstihead. Sixt Form, Widow Sill, Row; Widow Cock Atkinson, Row; Edw. Briggs wife, Row; Edw. Rowlandson, Mosside; Rowland Danson wife, Row; John Dickinson, Nooke; and Preist house.

Vera copia concordans cum Antiqua originali Indentura nomina recentiora locis antiqu (distinctionis gratia) tantum inseruntur extracta et valde diligenter revisa. Geo. Birkett Curat ibid. July 21, 1669.

1545 12 July, 37th year (1545) King Henry VIII, for £84 13s. 4d., granted to Allan Bellingham of Helsington, gent., those manors of Kendall, Crosthwaite and Lyth, late parcel of the possesions of John, late Lord Lumley and the turbary called Sampole, also the hamlets of Wyresdale and Cleveley, co. Lancaster. The manor of Kendal was of the clear yearly value of 21s. 2d., the manor of Crosthwaite 26s. 8d., the manor of Lyth 22s. 8d., the turbary of Sampole 3s.; to hold the same as of the king's manor of Wendover. Bucks, in free socage by fealty only and not in chief; Reg. of D. at Levens.

1554 Abstract of the Will of Symond Brege of Heversham. Dated . . . Sept. . . . . Burial in the Church of Heversham. Son Myles my freehold in . . . . . . Sons John . . . . . . . . James and William. Badly mutilated. Proved in the Arch. Richmond, Deanery of Kendal, 2 October, 1554.

c 1554 Abstract of the Will of Jennatt Briggs of the Lieth, p'ish of Heversham. Dated 4 Sept. . . . . Sister Marryon Briggs £3 . . . . . . . . Jocyne Briggs my sister 40s. and second best petticoat, etc. Sister (?) Anne Dickson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isabell my worst petticoat, etc. Sister Ann a quart of hony. To James Dawson (?) wyffe a quarte of Honye. To my Syster Symond wyffe . . . . . . . Symond Briggs all my . . . . . bees. Brother Symond childer either 12d. (?) Robert Dickonson boye 12d. Brother in law Robert Dickonson the reversion of that 40s. he oweth me that oweth from the charge of my . . . . . and that 5s. 6d. which I owe him. Tow Systers Maryon and Jocyne Briggs to be exors. Robert I ickonson and Agnes Dawson, witnesses.

Proved in the Arch. Richmond, Deanery of Kendal. . . . . . . Mutilated. Inventory £9 6s. 8d.

1560 Crostwhaitt and Liethe. Court (fn. 10) of Henry, earl of Cumberland, farmer of Queen Elizabeth of one moiety of the manor there, and of Alan Bellingham, esq., lord of the other moiety of the said manor, held there on 26 June, 2 Elizabeth, before the said Alan and Thomas Fallowfield, esq., steward of the earl, and others, for* years last past [Latin].

Of the Queen.

*Wife of William Rawson

*James Jackeson

*John Jackeson

Relict of Ralland Brigges

Robert Brigges

William Symkynson

John Brigges

Rolland Garnett

Of Mr. Bellingham.

Free tenant: the heirs of Stephen Garnet owe suit of court.


*Thomas Strikland, gent.

James Moyne

The same James

Of the Queen.

Miles Parmeter

Robert Dawson

Wife of Christopher Dawson

John Dawson

John Atkynson

Thomas Knype

Wife of Robert Knype

Richard Rallandson, nil

Wife of William Rallandson

Thomas Rallandson

Thomas Cock

John Rallandson

John Rallandson, elder

Edmund Crakell

Christopher Swaynson

Mathew Strikeland

John Strikeland

John Strikeland, younger

Peter Garnet

Robert Garnet

Peter Sternetwhait

Thomas Garnett

Richard Ric[hard]son

Peter * *

William Wilson

Thomas Deconson

Thomas Kylner

Wife of Henry Daison

Peter Walker

George Deconson

Wife of James Harreson

Peter Haule

Thomas Slacke

Roger Deconson

William Leyvyns

Thomas Cartmell

Wife of Simon Cokre

Wife of Thomas Cokre

John Hubersty

Roger Rallandson

Richard Rallandson

Robert Rallandson, younger

Of Mr. Bellingham.

William Garnett

William Can[n]y and his wife

James Jackeson

Miles Knype

Henry Brigges

Richard Permeter

James Rallandson

Thomas Holley

George Cock

The same George

Richard Cock

John Cock

John Rallandson, younger


* Henry Garnett

William Garnett

Edmund Garnett

Wife of Robert Garnett

Giles Garnett

William Garnett, elder.

Miles Kynpe, younger

John Birkhead

Thomas Huberstye

Wife of Robert Huberstye

William Huberstye

Thomas Garnett

Peter Gilpying

Ralland Henrison

Peter Sterntwhait

William Henrison

* * Knype

[3 names torn away].

Thomas Cartwell

Robert Deconson

Robert Leyvyns

William Leyvyns

Robert Huberstye

Wife of Richard Theckston

Robert Theckston

John Crakell, elder

Richard Sanderson

Robert Sanderson

Of the Queen.

Robert Rallandson, elder

Roger Rallandson

Brian Willan

[Those before whose names an asterick is placed were amerced 2d. each for green hew] (fn. 11)

Of Mr. Bellingham.

Thomas Kilner

William and Edmund Garnett

Thomas Burnes

Edward Atkynson

Wife of Thomas Peirson

Wife of John Peirson

James Dawson

John Sterntwhait

Richard Sterntwhait

Brian Brigges

Henry Brigges

Wife of James Walker

Brian Walker

Peter Fairebank

Richard Fairebanke

Edward Fairebank

Henry Garnet

Richard Garnet

Wife of Richard Taillour

1574 An estreat of the Court Baron. Roll at Lowther; Excheq. Special Commission, Westmorland, n. 3130, m. 9. The jurors testify that the heirs of Thomas . . . . . hold freely in the lands called "lez Richmond Laundes" and render yearly in free rent 18d.

Tenants by "lez tenantright." Renders yearly.
s. d.
Relict of William Rawson a tenement and 5 acres 2 8
Thomas Stirkland, gent. " 4 " 12 0
James Jakson " 5½ " 4
John Jakson " 13¾ " 13 10½
Robert Briges, bailiff " 31½ " £1 7
Miles Sympkynson " 1¼ " 1
Symon Sympkynson " 6½ " 2 8
John Briges " 9½ " 6 10¾
Jennet Garnett " 11 " 8 8
Miles Parnter (Parmeter) " 9½ " 5
Miles Parnter, younger " ½ " 1 4
Robert Dawson " 10¾ " 8
John Dawson " 10¾ " 8
John Atkynson " 7 " 5 0
Relict of Thomas Knype tenement and 4½ acres 3 8½ "
Brian Rallandson" 15½ " 7 1
Relict of Thomas Rallandson " with a garden 1 0
George Cockes, younger " 26 acres 11
George Cockes, elder, holds a tenement, namely a house and half an orchard with appurt., etc. 6
Relict of John Rollandson a tenement, 18½ acres 18 8
Miles Rallandson " 7 " 7 7
Edmund Crakell " 14¾ " 12 10
Stephen Garnett " 14 " 10 7
Relict of Peter Garnett " ½ " 1 2
John Strikland " ¾ " 3 0
Matthew Strikland " 11 " 6
John Stirkland, younger " 18 " 9
Thomas Garnett " 2¾ " 3
Robert Garnett " 21 " 10 11
William Starntwheit " 2¾ " 3
John Harryson " 6¾ " 4 0
William Levyns " 11 " 9 6
William Starntwhet " 6 " 4 0
John Crosfeild " 14¾ " 7 5
John Dickenson " 10 " 6 4
Charles Dickenson holds 2 houses and ¼ " 6
Relict of George Dickenson 2 " ¾ " 1 0
Brian Willan a tenement 11 " 6 8
Thomas Kylner " 11 " 6 4
John Dason " 1¾ " 3 11
Peter Walter " 11 " 4
Peter Haulle " 12 " 8 0
Relict of James Harryson " 6 " 4 0
James Harryson " 5½ " 3 10½
James Rollandson " 22 " 17
Thomas Slack " 2½ " 6
Richard Dickenson " 1 10
Thomas Cartmell " 1 2
John Potter " 4¼ " 2 10½
Robert Carter " 8¼ " 5
John Hube[rsti]e " 2 " 2 0
Roger Rollandson " 15 " 4 0
Robert Rollandson " 5¾ " 4
Roger Rollandson " 15 " 11 4
Robert Rollandson " 12 " 5
Giles Garnett a tenement ¾ acres 1
Stephen Garnett " 3 10
William Levyns " 3
William Dyckenson " 1 0
Charles Dyckenson for half a fulling mill 4
Relict of William Garnett for the same
Relict of Miles Briges for an improvement 4
John Eley " " 6
Relict of Miles Knype " " 2
James [M]oone " " 6
Anthony Knype, gent., " " 6
Thomas & James Swaynson " " 6
Michaell Harryson " " 6
William Garnett " " 6
Relict of Richard Fairbank " 1 2
William Harryson " " ...
Richard Garnett " " ...
Item, the aforesaid tenants for the moss at Sam[pool] 3
Sum £1810s. 1d.

1579 Articles agreed upon between Sir Thomas Boynton of Barmeston, co. York, knt., on the one part, and Thomas Strickeland of Ninesargh, gent., Robert Breigges, George Cocke, Richard Rowlandson, Robert Garnet and James Jackeson of Crostwayt and the Lyth, co. Westmorland, both for themselves and the rest of the queen's tenants within the lordship of Crostwhat, on the other part, the 28 April, 21 Elizabeth (1579).

Inprimis that theye maye generallie be set downe the Quenes Tenandes: Item that euerie wedowe painge her herryote To occupye her farme accordinge to the order of wedowe reight during her life, or if she refuse soo to doo then to leace her wedaw reight, And the tenande that aught of reight next to haue the same to paye three yeares fine for it, and to be enteride the Quenes Tenand and to haue his quitaunce accordinglie. Item at the change of the prynce euerie Tenaunde wedowes exceptid to paye tow yeares fine. Item that euerie Tenaunde by his last will maye geue his Tenement to wch of his sonnes as it pleaseth him. And for want of essewe of one to another as longe as he hayth anie Sonnes, And in defalte of suche sonnes to his doughtr or doughtrs and for want of essewe males or femalle then to anie other frende he hayth wthout let or Interupcyone of the Lorde painge therefore his fine accordinge to the Coustome abouesaid. Item that euerie Tenaunde bye his laste will (his Cheldren beinge vndure age) maye assigne his farme or Tenement, and his Cheldren to wch of his frendes as he trusteth best, to occupye and bringe vpp, soo that euerie suche frende as shall be put in truste doe before he entar to the said Tenement come before the Lorde or his officer, and lye in tow good surties to be bounde in good Somes trulie to answer the said Chyldrine all suche soumes of Monye or other goodes as shalbe dewe vnto theme, accordinge to the trewe meneinge of there fathers will. Item that all Tenaundes maye Injoye their Mylnes, Mossies, and Comones wth their appurtenancies, as theye haue bene accustomed. Item that all Tenandes maye sett their grasse of their Tenyment for three yeares wthout licence of the Lorde or officer. Item that everye Tenaunde maie sett asmvche of the said Tenement to sowe wth otes as he thinketh good, for one yeare, Soo that he the said Tenaunde haue parte of the ottes himself. Item that euerie Tenaunde maie set or let his holle Tenement and the Tenand reight of the same to whome he thinketh good, soo that he doo aske licence of the Lorde, or officer, wch beinge askyd shall not be denied, And the lorde then or officer shall set his hande to the couenantes passid betwex them, or other wise that it be voyde and of none effecte. Item that ye lorde shall not rayse or inhance anie fine otherwise then is set downe in thes Artickles. Item that no Tenement shall heareaftr be brokine or seueryed but that it maie decende to the next in bloude, or to such as the partie in possessione shall appoynt it bye his laste will or geyfte in writinge. Item that the tow Cottayges wch the said Tenandes be possessid of for the benefet of their Churche, maie haue the profites thereof bestowied to the said vse in suche sorte as hearetofore hath bene accustomed. Item that the Tenandes wthin their tenementes maye take woodde for plow and harro, soo they make no wast; and if thaye haue no woodd vpon the same then the Baylef to deliuer thaime in an other manes Tenement suche as shalbe nedfull. Item that the Tenaundes maie take suche wodde as groweth wth in theire owne Orchard to cut downe at their pleasur. Item that euerie Tenand beinge allowed by the Lordes Quest, and Baylef, maie Stub and grubbe all olde deade woodd wth in their farmeholdes in any place wheare they maie make arroble grounde or medowe, for the amendment of his Tenement. Item that it shalbe lawfull for the Tenaundes to Cut all maner of ramell woodde and to croppe the Bowes of woodde of warrant for makinge their heydges and fewyell for their fier so that it be not downe vnlawfullie nor vnordarlye onely wth in their owne Tenements. Item that it is agreyed betwext the said parties that the said Sr Thomas Boynton shall suffar the said Tenaundes to haue all their ollde anssyent Customes vsied wth in the said lordshippe of Crostwheat and the Lythe, as largehand and Amplye as thaye haue had at anie time before the dayt heareof the Quenes Maties Ryallties allwaies resaruyed. In wittnesse wheareof the parties abouesaid to thes prsent artickles haue setto their handes and sealles the daie and yeare abouesaid 1579." Signed. Thomas Strykland, Robart Brygges, George Coke.

Seals of red wax, broken; Orig. at Sizergh.

1584 Abstract of the Will of Thomas Carppmell of Crostwhat of the P'ishing of Heavsham. Dated 23 Feb., 1584. Wiffe Jennat to have her widdow right dewring her widdowhead of all my tenements or farmeholds. Son John Carppmell my said tenements which I now dwell upon after the wyddohead of my wife according to my marriage covenant Second son William Carppmell to have the full title or tenantright of all my messuage or tenement at Fellsyde, being p'cell of the Queens Mties lands which my sonne John now dwelleth upon being of 12d. rent by year and 3d. rent by year for Sampoole, he to enter immediately after the widowhood of his mother according to coustom of this lordshippe of Crostwhat and Lieth. Sonne John his heirs and exors to geve and pay £5 13s. 4d. to my son Wyllm Carpmell or his assigns for his grement furth of my tenement within two wholle years after he or his assigns enter into this my tenement. Sonne Wyllm to have all ye Eishes (?) that he and I sett upon the comon fell, saving those 3 or 4 eshes that groweth under cragg nye adjoyning to p'ston orchard Sudd (?) which I geve to my sonne John and those eshes yt John sett himselfe he to have them. Debts to be paid. All my Tenters and Tenetr Tinnes to my sonne Wyllm.

Sonne Wyllm all yt p'cell of mosee which I bought of Christopher Pointer and another p'cell of mosse beyond Matostable which I hold for my dutie doing under Maister Bellingham and other lords thereof, he doing dutie for yt. Also . . . . . . (torn away).

Sonne John 4 sonnes everie one of them 2 lambes. Hugh Longfellow Christofer sonne 2 lambes. Wyfe to have her thirde of my goods.

Thomas Brigges and Robert Brygges for Gods sake to order the matter between my sonne in law Christofer Longfellow and me.

Residue to my sonne Willm Carppmell and to be holle exor. Leonard Rollinson of Sandscale in Fornes, Thomas of cawinyer (Cowmire), Robert Brigges of Lyeth and Edmund Benn clarke curatt at Crostwhat to be supervisors, and to have for their pains 3s. 4d. each. Robert Dookye, James Rawson and Edmund Ben, Witnesses.

Proved in the Arch. Richmond, Deanery of Kendal. 22 March, 1584. Torn in half, and illegible at the tear..

Inventory by 4 men booke sworne yt ys to weitt John Hubberstye, Richard Rollandson, Robertt Dookye, and James Rawson, sworn by me Edmund Benn Clarke Curat at Crostwhat at the death of the said Thomas Carppmell 4 March 1584. Total £61 17s. 4d.

1558–1603 To the Sir William Cecill, knight, Baron of Barleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England etc.

Orator Richard Rowlandson of Heversome in the Baronye of Kendal, Westmorland, tenant of her Majesties Manor of Croswayte and Lythe complains with the rest of his poor neighbours that they paid Robert Brigges her ma'ties Baylie £168 to procure one Customarie lease of the manor of Crostwaythe and Lythe for the yearly rent of £18 10s. 1d. But so it is may it please your good Lordships that notwithstanding this great sum paid by your Orators the said Robert Briggs procured a lease of the said Manor to be made to himself contrarye to the trust reposed in him, and sythence the lease hath made divers penall by laws with forfeitures very harde to enriche himself and utterly to undoe your Orators thereby your Orators and theire gyldings at there proper costs and charges are not able to serve Her Ma'tie against the Scotts.

Robert Briggs with Lancelot Garnet and Richard Moone distrayned from your said Orator one cowe until paid 15s. 3d. but being not therewith contented but seeking ye utter undoing of your Orator his wife and fower small children have taken away from your said Orator his common as well of Brakes wherewith his house was to be thatched as also the herbage whereby the house is become a great ruin and decay likely to fall down. Whereas the honerable Lord Scroope Lord Warden of Carlyell directed his letters unto the officers of every Lordship how many men he would have to serve and those that did not go in the service should pay a certain sum of money which tax the said Robert Briggs doth detaine. In consideration of the above a writ of subpena is asked agaisnt Robert Briggs, Richard Moone and Lancelot Garnett to appear in Court and answer the complaint. Exchequer Bills and answers, Elizabeth, Westmorland II.

1580 Inquest taken at Appulbie 8 October, 22 Elizabeth (1580), Thomas Bellingham, by virtue of the last will of Alan Bellingham, esq., decd, his late father, was seised in his demesne as of fee tail, namely to himself and his heirs male of his body of the manors of Kendall, Crostwhait and Lythe and divers messuages, cottages, lands and tenements in Kendall, Crostwhait and Lythe . . . . which are worth yearly clear, viz:—Manor of Kendall and other premises there 21s. 2d., manors of Crostwhait and Lythe and other premises there 49s. 4d., the turbary of Sampoll 3s., the fourth part of the tolls 3s. 4d. Thomas Bellingham died 5 August last (1580) without any heir male of his body lawfully begotten and that James Bellingham is brother and heir of the said Thomas and is aged 20 years, 15 weeks, 3 days now. Chanc. Inq. post mortem, Ser. ii, vol. 191, n. 116.

1587 Variance depending between Rolland Hodshone of Cartmelfell, yeoman (1) and John Harrison of Lythe, yeoman, and Mabel his wife, in her right (2) touching the title of tenantright to a messuage called the Lawe in Lythe, late in the holding of Leonard Garnett, deceased, parcel of the queen's lands of the yearly rent of 8s. 8d. and rent at Sampowe 3d. Thomas Strickland, esq., steward of her Majesty's lands of the Richmond fee, impanelled a jury of her Majesty's tenants, namely George Cocke, Richard Rollandson, Peter Jackson, John Daweson, Brian Rollandson, Robert Rollandson, Matthew Strickland, Thomas Raweson, James Strickland, James Harrison, James Dawson, and Utor Desonne, who, after examination of a bargain between Leonard Garnett and the said Rolland Hodshone concerning the messuage, found that by force of the said bargain and Leonard's last will the said Rolland Hodshone ought to have the tenantright to him, his heirs and assigns, according to custom (Reference to loans made by Robert Garnett deceased, brother of Leonard, 28 October, 27 Elizabeth, and demise of parcels of the messuage to the said John Harrison from year to year and to Harrison's refusal to accept repayment); D. at Sizergh.

1593 Rental of the Marquis Fee: Cowmyn in Crostwhat; Mrs Briges for a customary tenement, 13s. 4d.; Robert Briges wife for Bell meadow, 20d. above [the] rent. Particulars follow of improvements in Crosthwaite; Roll at Levens.

1597 Abstract of the will of John Atkinson of the Lieth and p'ish of Heversham. Dated 2 Dec., 1597. Burial in the Churchyard of Crostwhat. Wyfe Ellen to have her widdow right of my tenement and her third of my goods. Dawters Issabell and Ellen Atkinson to have dawter thirde of my goods. Dawters Agnes Beck to have none of my goods. In default of Ann Wilson my sister daughter, Isabell my daughter to have that house and mosse that Edward Wilson now hath, and if she sell it, my son in law Xpofer Beck to have it before any other. Residue to my two daughters Isabell and Ellen equally between them, and to be exices with my wife Ellen.

Bryan Rollandson and Thomas Cock Supervisors. Bryan Rollandson, Thomas Cock and Edmund Ben, clerk, witnesses.

Inventory Total £33 19s. 4d. Proved in the Arch. Richmond, Deanery of Kendal, 16 Feb., 1597.

1618 Thomas Strickland holds divers lands and tenements in Crosthwaite and Brigstear by knight's service and paying yearly one sparrow hawk and two cross bows; Reg. at Levens.

1618 Lumley Fee Rental. (fn. 12)

William Garnett for the tenement called "the Hie," and for another tenement called "Skalefeilde," held by knight service, namely the 40th part of one fee, and 1s. 1d. rent. The same William holds his lands and tenements in Hubbersteade and Crostwhait as of the manor of Crostwhait by knight's service, and 1s. 6d. rent. The same William for a parcel of land called "Hole Ryddinge," purchased of Nicholas Layburne, esq., by knight's service, and 3s. rent.

Anthony Garnett for a tenement late in the holding of William Garnett. Thomas Strickland, gent, for the ancient tenement called Johnskales, 22s. The relict of James Moone for an ancient tenement (later Richard Moone), for 9s. 1d. rent.

William Garnett for a tenement and a portion of a corn-mill and of a fulling-mill.

Christopher . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . Cannye for an ancient tenement, 3s. 4d., moss-rent 4½d., and his part of 3s. 9d. for the fulling-mill and his part of a "walk"mill.

Henrie Brigges for an ancient tenement 6d. 6d., moss-rent 4½d., and his part of 3s. 9d. for the rent of the corn-mill and his part of the "walk"-mill (later John Cock).

Robert Brigges for an ancient tenement 12s. 0½d., moss-rent at Sampole 4½d. and his part of the corn-mill (later Roger Harrison, still later William Harrison).

Thomas Brigges for a tenement, besides his rent for an improvement hereafter set down (later James Brigges) at 1s. 4d. rent.

The following entries in the MS. have each a description of the tenement, but most are so fragmentary that the tenant's names and rent only are given here:—

s. d.
James] Rollandson 6 0
Agnes Hallaye 8 2
Relict of George Cock .. ..
Relict of Henry Cocke 2 11½
Relict of John Cocke 2 11½
.....Cocke 1 4
..... 10
Robert Rollandson 1 4
Thomas Rollandson .. ..
......Jackson 4 10
Agnes Elye 6
......Garnet 8 8
......Garnet 7 5
James Garnet 7 5
Giles Garnet .. ..
Relict of Miles Knipe 7
Relict of Thomas Hubberstie 12 0
.....[Hu]bberstie 5 7
......[Hu]bberstie 12 0
Relict of Thomas Garnett 10 1
Richard Gilpinge .. ..
William Harrison 7 11
The same 4 0
Relict of Wm Starne whaite 2 4
......irson 7 9
[John C]rakell 7 9
Thomas Cartmell 5
Relict of Robert Dickenson ...
Relict of Robert Levens 15 6
Relict of William Levens 3
William Dicconsonne 1 0
........sone 6 11½
......[C]rakell 4 0
Relict of Robert Sanderson 4
Relict of George Sanderson .. ..
[Thoma]s Sanderson 1 4
Thomas Kilner 1 0
Thomas Boornes 1 1
Edward Atkinson 1 1
Relict of Tho. Pearson 1
Relict of John Pearson 1
....(later George Benson) 1 3
William Levens .. ..

The succeeding entries in the MS. record the rents of new improvements paid by the tenants whose names have been entered above as the holders of tenements:—

. . . . . Brigges of Cow-
emier holds of the 6
lord there at will only.....[C]ock ..
a certain parcel of land improved 3
Michael Harrison 3
Relict of Wm. Starnewhait
Thomas Kilner 5
John Dickenson 5
Richard Starnethwait ..
John Crosfeilde ....
James Rollandson ...
Th.... ....
...Jackson ......
Relict of James Moone 3
William Garnet 2
Christoper Barwicke 2
Henry Brigges 2
Robert Brigges 1
Thomas Brigges ½
.....Rollandson 3
Giles Garnet 1
Relict of Miles Knipe 1
Robert Hubberstie ½
William Hubberstie 1
William Harrison ....
Edmund Atkinson ..
John Crakell ....
Thomas [Cartmell ?] ..
....Levens ......
......Thomas Jackson 1
Thomas Sanderson 1
Thomas Kilner 6
Simon Sinkinson ¼
....rian Willayn ½
Thomas Strickland ½
...Garnet ....
........ ¼
................ ¼

The tenants of Crostwhait and Lyth for improvements at Sampol, . . . . . . The tenants of Crostwhait and Lyth for half of the water miln, 3s. 9d.

1618–1625 William Garnet held in High and Scalefield, two messuages, a toft, two crofts, two gardens, two orchards, 50 acres land, 20 acres pasture, 16 acres wood, 4 acres moss, of the king in chief, by knight's service, viz. by a 100th part of a knight's fee. The same William held at Hubberstie Head 6 messuages, 6 tofts and 1 rood of land of the king and James Bellinghame as of the manor of Crostwhait, by unknown service. Rawlinson MS. B. 437, fol. 84d.

1624 Inquest taken at Kirkbie Kendall, 23 September, 4 Charles (1628), before Henry Cowper, esq., escheator by the oath of Anthony Knipe, Henry Feild, gentlemen, Allan Stevenson, Thomas Brigges, Adam Sheppard, Robert Harlinge, Henry Garnett, Edward Harlinge, Edmond Garnett, James Hardie, Christopher Phillipson, William Jeninges, John Birkett, Charles Johnson, John Jackson and William Hodgson, yeomen, who say that: William Garnett of Crosthwaite, tanner, on the day he died was seised of one messuage and tenement called "Wheatmans" in Crosthwaite and six acres of land there, to said messuage belonging. So seised he died . . . December, 22 James 1 (1624). The premises in Crosthwaite at time of his death were held of King James and James Bellingham, knight, and now are held of King Charles and James Bellingham, knight, as of their manor of Crosthwaite, by knight service, but whether they are held separately of the king as of his purparty of that manor or of James Bellingham, knight, as of his purparty of that manor by the service aforesaid, the jurors do not know. And the said premises are worth yearly clear 2s.

Anthony Garnett is son and heir of said William Garnett and was aged 12 years at time of his father's death. Chanc. Inq. post mortem, Ser. ii, vol. 707, n. 56.

1645 Samuel Knipe of Fairbank-in-Staveley who died and was buried in Crosthwaite Church "the VI day of November, 1645," and whose forebears we find living at "Flodder" in 1535, is said by Alderman Fisher (fn. 13) to have had a hand in the composition of the inscription to be found at Flodder Hall, viz:—

"If you wish to be a wise man observe these six things, which I command you. What you say, and where, of whom, to whom, how and when."

1662–64 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll, 259, n. 13. (fn. 14)

These are to sertifie whom it may conserne that Wid: Dixon, John Atkinson, Christopher Garnett, Widow Strickland and Widow Nickelson hath noe goods to distrene on nether is wiling to pay is for the Harthe monny which is fondly presented, witnes my hand Robert Dickinson, constable. There is five shillings wantinge.

These are to certifie whome it may concerne that Elizabeth Dixon, John Atkinson, Christopher Garnett, Ellizabeth Strickland, Maryan Nicholson and Margrett Leese was presented for six hearths and is not willinge to pay the same, neither hath any goods to distreane on wittnes my hand, Robert Dickinson, constable.

These are to sertefie whoe it may concerne that Marrian Nickelson, Ketheran Garnett, Elizabeth Strickland, Margrett Leece, Christopher Garnett, John Atkinson, Thomas Briggs, Widow Dixon, Petter Garnett was presented every one for a harthe in all 9 harthes and is not willing to pay the same nether hath any goods to distrene upon wittnes my hand, Robert Dickinson, constable. 9s. due for Michaelmas 1663.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll. Lay Subsiby R. 195, n. 73, m. 1.

Francis Brigg 2
James Hodghson 1
Thomas Townson 2
......Hodghson 2
.......Hodghson 3
M.....s Knipe 4
Willm Rayson 1
Thos: Cocke 1
Henry Moone 2
Mr Hodghson 1
Willm Garnett 2
Stephen Garnett 1
James Hoggart 1
Tho: Cocke 1
Willm Harrison 2
James Townson 1
Willm Holme 1
George Cocke 1
Edward Parnthwte (fn. 15) 2
John Parnethwte (fn. 15) 1
Willm Garnett 2
Robt Garnett 1
Tho: Swainson 2
Willm Garnett 1
Edward Atkinson 1
Edward Rowanson 1
Willm Rowanson 1
John Rowanson 1
George Leavens 1
.....Hall 1
Richard Dickinson 1
Mr. Roblay 1
James Walker 1
Mr Willm Curwen 2
John Cartmell 2
James Garnett 1
Peter Hall 1
Tho: Raisbecke 1
Tho: Sanderson 1
John Dickson 2
John Banke 2
Willm Gibson 4
Thos Peirson 1
John Cousens 3
James Rowlandson 2
Stephen Garnett 3
James Rowanson 1
Edward Garnett 4
John Phillipson 1
James Strickland 1
Edward Birkett 1
Willm Atkinson 1
Edward Harrison 1
Tho: Huberstye 1
James Docker 1
Miles Strickland 1
Rowland Wallas 2
James Hodghson 1
John Crosfield 1
George Langcaster 1
Widd: Atkinson 1
These persons following are discharged by certificates.UnpaidWiddw Brigges 1
Thomas Holmes 1
Tho: Powe 1
Tho: Huberstye 1
Rowland Dawson 1
Thos Rowanson 1
Franc: Brigges 1
Ann Parkes 1
James Garnett 1
Rowland Wallas 1
Tho: [? Wig]gin 1
J.... Cartmell 1
Robert Dickinson 2
Ann Rowanson 1
Willm Ormonde 1
Willm Birkett 1


  • 1. Now Aynum, near Church Town.
  • 2. This gave name to the owners of Hubbersty, the Chadors.
  • 3. Hubbersty, near Hill Top.
  • 4. Owing to the invasion of the Scots.
  • 5. The Knypes owned Burblethwaite Hall in 1626.
  • 6. The family of Rawson held the ancient messuage at the southern end of Lyth, known as "Rawsons" until the end of the 17th century. In 1652 William Rawson of the Lythe, yeoman, conveyed his messuage at Lyethe, parcel of the Richmond fee, of the yearly rent of 2s. 8d., to his son James Rawson of Kirkeby Kendale, charged with £20 to each of the grantor's daughters, Emma and Mary; W. Farrer's deeds. In 1700 William Rawson of Calverly, co. York, clerk, released to Christopher Prickett of Beathwaite Green, yeoman, the messuage in Lyth called Rawson's tenement, parcel of the Richmond Fee etc.
  • 7. Jhoa in the MS. which might represent Johanna or Joan.
  • 8. Probably of Johnscales.
  • 9. Kindly communicated by the Rev. T. Heelis.
  • 10. 1 Court Roll at Lowther, Kendal Barony, no. 3.
  • 11. Green-hew. or vert. Every tree or shrub within a forest that beareth a green leaf and that may cover deer or feed game. It is sometimes taken for that power which a man hath by the king's grant to cut green wood in the forest.
  • 12. This rental occupies folios 22 to 33d of the MS. Reg. at Levens which has been severely injured by fire.
  • 13. Local Chronology, p. 111.
  • 14. See footnote on page 38.
  • 15. A scribal error for Tarnethwaite.