Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1924.

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'Levens', Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924), pp. 113-140. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp113-140 [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Levens", in Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924) 113-140. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp113-140.

. "Levens", Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 2, (Kendal, 1924). 113-140. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/kendale-barony/vol2/pp113-140.


William de Lancaster II gave Levens to his seneschal, Norman de Hieland, otherwise de Redman, shortly before his death in 1184. Henry de Redman, son of Norman, succeeded his father before 1188, in which year he made an agreement with the English owner of the vill, Ketel son of Uchtred, whereby Ketel gave to Henry half the demesne land of the vill and in return Henry granted that Ketel should hold the other moiety of Henry by the same service that Henry was required to pay the chief lord for the whole vill, namely 8s. yearly. Ketel was the ancestor of a long line of owners of Nether Levens, who bore the name of the township. There were at this time three other freeholds in Levens, namely Sizergh, Forsthwaite and Ninezergh, which will be again noticed below.

[Descent of the lords of the manor of Levens]

The manor descended in the posterity of Norman de Redman to the 12th generation after him, and was sold by Matthew Redman, esq., a childless man, in 1562 to Alan Bellingham, esq., then of Helsington, whose descendant, another Alan, sold it in or before 1689 to Colonel James Grahme, Privy Purse to James II and younger brother of Sir Richard Grahme or Graham of Netherby. Dorothy, daughter and heir of Sir James, carried the manor in marriage to Henry Howard, earl of Berkshire, and by steps, which need not be repeated, it descended to the present owner.

No continuous descent of the mesne manor of Nether Levens can be given. Ketel son of Uchtred had sons, William and Thomas, the latter being father to another Thomas, living 1250. Roger, son of Thomas de Levenes occurs in 1276 and appears to have survived until early in the reign of Edward II. Thomas occurs in 1332 and his sons, Thomas, John and Roger are named in 1336, and his relict Sybil in 1352. She and her son Roger were apparently the then owners of Nether Levens. Roger also owned 'Hyning.' He or another Roger is named in 1380. For nearly a century and a half the history of the estate is a blank. In 1523 Thomas Preston, esq., owned and apparently occupied the manor and hall of Nether Levens. It appears to have descended in his posterity until about the year 1694, when William, viscount Montgomery, son of the Marquis of Powis, joined with his wife Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Preston, in conveying the estate to Edward Wilson of Dallam Tower, esq., in whose posterity the property has since continued.

Ninezergh, lying across the river Kent from Low Levens, was held in the early part of the 13th century by Orm de Niandeshergh, probably father of Thomas, who had issue John, living 1255, the father of Thomas, living 1282 and 1303. Next occur Thomas de Niandesergh in 1332, Mary his wife and John, their son, living 1350 and 1357. In 1414, we have mention of John de Niandesergh, esq., and Margaret his wife; in 1449 William occurs, and in 1504 William Nyandzer, gent., seals a conveyance of his capital messuage of Nyanzer to Sir Walter Strickland, knt., and others with a seal bearing a fess between three rooks, and for crest a Catherine wheel. He was probably the last of his line for the estate was in the possession of Thomas Strickland of Nyandsergh in the year 1592. No later information has been acquired in relation to this estate beyond the fact that it belonged in the latter part of the 17th century to Sir Thomas Preston of Manor-in-Furness.

Thomas de Forsquayt occurs in 1255. Robert de Guynes forfeited the messuage and tenement of Forsthwaite in or before 1344, when it was held of Matthew de Redman by the service of 6s. yearly. Later it was treated as parcel of the demesne lands of the Richmond Fee and was occasionally demised to servants of the crown for short periods.

1170–81 William de Lancaster II gave to Norman de Hieland, Lefnes for 8s. rent, saving the fishery and water of Kent unto Sandpol, and saving hawks, hart and hind, wild boar and sow. Witnesses; Helewise the grantor's wife, Simon de Turs, Anselm, Huctred son of Osolf, Roger son of Adam, Robert Mustel, Richard son of Alard, Jordan, Gilbert the grantor's brother, Gilbert de Croft, John the clerk; Orig. at Levens.

1187 Henry son of Norman de Redeman owes 1 m. that the fine made between him and Ketel son of Uchtred respecting the land of Levenes may be recorded in the King's court of the gift of that land which Ketel made to Henry and his heirs, the moiety of which Henry shall hold in his demesne and Ketel shall hold the other moiety of Henry by the same service which Henry does therefor to the chief lord; Lancs. Pipe R., 69.

1187–92 Gernac, (fn. 2) master of the Hospitallers, grants to Henry, son of Norman the sewer (de Redman) 4 a. of land in Levenes which the Hospitallers had by the gift of Norman the sewer, Henry's father, to hold for 12d. rent; Reg. of deeds at Levens, f. 95b.

1187–1200 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid confirms to Henry son of Norman de Redeman Levenes by its right bounds, namely as Sandpull descends into Kent, ascending Sandpull to the division of Crosthwait and of Whitberg where [the water ?] descends into Sandpull and so across the moss to the bounds of Levenes and Helsington, and on the other side by the right bounds with his neighbours, to hold in fee and inheritance with mills, pools and waters, except the grantor's water of Kent and fishery, rendering 16s. of farm and 5s. 4d. of cornage for all services. Witnesses: Richard son of Roger, Alan (sic) the dean, Gilbert de Lancastre, Ralph de Arundel, William de Arundel, Ralph de Bethome, Roger de Bethome, Roger de Burton, Matthew Gernet, William de Kellet, Hugh de Poplington, Henry de Insula, Orm de Irebi, Thomas de Corenthom (sic), Roger de Yelland, Geoffrey de Mamecastre, Adam Gernet, Adam de Manserg, Richard de Berburn, Gilbert his brother; Reg. of D. at Levens, f. 95.

1189 Richard I grants to Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid inter alia one carucate of land in Levenes with the fishery of the same vill; Farrer, Lancs. Pipe R., 400.

1190–1210 Grant by Horm de Niendesherche to Gervase de Aencurt and his heirs of 3 a. land in Scotwra nearest to Siritisherche, to hold in fee for two spurs or 2d. at Christmas. Witnesses: Henry de Redeman, Adam Gernet, Ketel brother of Horm, Matthew le Bretun, Reginald de Siritherthe, William the chaplain, who made this charter; Dodsworth's MS., 149, f. 134d.

Grant by Ketel de Levenes to Gervase de Aencurt of 16 a. land (fn. 3) which lie next to his demesne of Siheriderhe towards Kent, to hold for 1 lb. of pepper at Christmas. Witnesses: Henry the Seneschal, Gilbert de Lancastre, Nicholas the clerk, Roger son of Adam, William son of Geoffrey, Henry Daunay; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 135 d.

1191 Ketel son of Uchtred is amerced ½ mark for a default. Pipe Rolls, 3 Richard I, Yorks.

1196 Henry de Redeman, tenant, releases to Gilbert son of Roger FitzReinfred and Aylewise his wife, his claim in Witeberge (now Whitbarrow) for their confirmation of Selesat etc. and grant of common of pasture of the moss between Witeberge and Levenes, for 5s. rent; Feet of F. (Pipe R. Soc., XVII) 141.

Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid confirms to Henry de Redeman, Levenes and Selesete, to hold for the 10th part of a fee. Witnesses: Gervase de Aynecurt, Richard de Marisco, Lambert de Busseto, Gilbert de Lancastre, William de Windesore, Adam de Hyeland, Roger de Burton, Adam Gernet, Ralph de Ayncurt, Henry . . . . ., Gamel the forester, William son of Ketel; Reg. of Deeds at Levens, fol. 95.

1197 Henry de Redeman and Ketel de Levenes were respectively amerced 40s. and ½ mark for withdrawing from a plea; Pipe R. 9 Richard I, p. 180; Lancs. Pipe Roll, 99.

1197 Henry son of Norman de Redeman confirms to Ketel son of Uthrid the moiety of Levenes, (fn. 4) except 30 a., namely 15 a. in Crosthwaite and 15 a. in Levenes; "for I grant to Ketel the said moiety as to the elder of our inheritance." (fn. 5) The grantor is to have his pigs of Yealand quit of Ketel of pannage in the wood of Levenes; Ketel to have his own pigs from the house (sic) of Uthrid de Kirkabi likewise quit; to hold by rendering 32d. cornage rent and 8s. of farm. Witnesses: Adam dean of Lancaster, Benedict Gernet, (fn. 6) Matthew Gernet, Adam Gernet, (fn. 7) Roger parson of Heversham, William de Kellet; Reg. of D. at Levens, f. 95b.

1199 Confirmation to the canons of Cartmel of the gift of Henry de Redeman, with the consent of the prioress and convent of Fayerwall, of half Selredale (now Silverdale) and also the fishery in his part of the lake of Havereswater (now Hawes Water) a saltery and iron ore, if any be found; R. Chart. 8b.

1210–20 Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Renfrid grants to Henry de Redeman, his seneschal, Levens, by its right bounds, viz., as Le Whitekeld (the stream at Whitbarrow Lodge) descends into Sampull and so descending from Sampull into Kent, with the grantor's fishery of Sampull, and so descending Kent into Le Redesnabdubb, and from thence to the moss and so over the moss to Creskeld and thence to Walthendubb, and thence to "Godfreyhalfeacre" and so following the right bounds between Levenes and Hevershamheved to the bounds of Henkastre and Sigiswicke and Helsington; saving the grantor's fishery of Kent, hart and hind, wild boar and sow; to hold for the 10th part of a knight's fee. Witnesses: Patrick [de Culwen] son of Thomas, Thomas de Bethum, Roger de Lancastre, Richard de Copeland, Robert de Kerneford, Ingram de Staynton, Alexander de Kirkeby Ireleth, Alan de Penington, Benedict Gernet, Gilbert the clerk; Reg. of D. at Levens, ii, f. 95.

1210–20 Ralph de Eincurt grants to Gilbert de Hasmunderlau 5 a. in Lefnes which the grantor had from Roger de Loncastre of the fee of Orm de Niandsherg, to hold for 12d. yearly. Witnesses: Nicholas parson of Kirkebie, Benedict writer of the charter, Robert de Eincurt, Matthew de Sithrith[ergh], Philip de Likeberh, Thomas de Linaker; Orig. at Sizergh Dodsworth's MS., 149, f. 135.

1215 Henry de Redman, taken at Rochester castle, is committed to Robert de Curtenay. R. Litt. Claus., i, 241b.; R. Chart., 216.

1216 Benedict son of Henry de Redeman, a hostage for Gilbert FitzReynfred. Litt. Claus. R. 221b.

1217 The same Henry returns to allegiance. ib. 376.

1222 At the prayer of William de Lancaster, for whom Norman son of Henry de Redeman was a hostage in the time of the barons' war, Philip Mark is directed to release the same Norman from captivity at Nottingham, he having been seized and incarcerated there whilst returning home after redemption from being hostage; R. Litt. Claus., i, 497b.

1227–37 Gilbert de Asmunderlawe sells and quit-claims to Roger Abot his right in land which he holds of Ralph de Aencurt in the vill of Levenes, namely of the fee of Orm de Niandeshergh, to wit 5 a. land; to hold hereditarily as is contained in the charter which the grantor has from the said Ralph de Aincurt, rendering to the said Ralph 12d. yearly. Witnesses: Sir John de Kirkeby, then official of Richmund, Sir Michael de Furnes, Sir Richard de Coupland, Sir Alan de Penington, Thomas de Levenes, Robert de Brigstere, John de Derham; Dodsworth's MS., 149, f. 135.

1227–37 Ralph de Aencurt gives to Roger Abot and his heirs 5 a. land which he had from Roger de Lancastre in the vill of Levenes, namely of the fee of Orm de Niendeshergh, to hold by rendering 12d. yearly. Witnesses: Sir John de Kirkeby then official of Richmond, Sir Philip de Burgh, Sir Richard de Preston, Thomas de Levenes, Robert [de] Brigestre, John de Derham, Nicholas son of Robert de Kirkeby; Dodsworth's MS., 149, f. 135.

1235 Matthew de Redemane holds the twentieth part of a knight's fee of the barony of Kendale. Book of Fees, 552.

1241 Matthew de Redeman had impleaded William de Lancaster because he had not kept the terms of a fine made at York between Gilbert son of Roger Fitz-Reinfrid and Helewise his wife, mother of the said William and Henry de Redeman, father of Matthew, tenant, touching the land of Traneterne and Sleddale Brunnolf, ½ bovate in Helsington, 1 carucate of land called Levenes, the land of Whitebergh and Crostweit. William grants that Matthew shall hold Levenes outside the forest quit of forestry and foresters by its bounds (described), with 60 pigs in William's wood of Threlegrop at mast time; Matthew to have no common in Helsington, nor William in Levenes, but Matthew shall have common of pasture of Sandpol as far as the hard land of Whiteberg and he and his men of Selsat and Quenefel shall be quit of puture of the foresters, saving to William his "salvaigne" of his forest. For this Matthew granted that his men of Lupton shall feed the foresters; William to have the fishery of the water of Kent; Matthew to hold Levenes and Selsat for the 12th part of a fee; Feet of F., file 4, n. 1.

1241–56 Roger de Abot quit-claims to Ralph son of Ralph de Aynecurt for three marks the land which the grantor held of the said Ralph in the vill of Levenes, namely 5 a. land of the fee of Thomas de Niandeshergh. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Coupland, Sir R[ichard] de Preston, Sir Walter de Stirkeland, Gervase de Ayncurt, Thomas de Levenes, Thomas his son; Dodsworth's MS. 149, f. 135d.

Thomas de Levenes grants to Ralph de Ayncurt (fn. 9) 17 a. land in the territory of Levenes by the rod of 20 feet (fn. 10), namely 14½ a. of the land late of William Kiteman and of the land next the same land towards the south, formerly of Adam de Levenes, and 2½ a. by the house of Matilda, which land was formerly the said Adam de Levenes'; also the land which Ketel, the grantor's father, formerly gave to Gervase de Ayncurt, grandfather of the said Ralph in Levenes (fn. 11); to hold in fee and inheritance with common of pasture etc., of the vill of Levenes, by rendering 1lb. of pepper at Christmas. Witnesses: Sir Richard de Preston, then seneschal of Kendale, Sir Robert de Askeby, Sir Richard de Coupland, Rouland de Revegile, Henry de Haverigtun, Gilbert son of Matthew, Henry de Witeby, Richard de Hecham, Ellis son of Elvef, Thomas de Godemund; Orig. at Sizergh.

1243 Matthew de Redeman appears against William de Lancastre in a plea that he should keep the fine made in the King's Court at Lancaster between the said Matthew, plaintiff, and the said William, deforciant, touching the manors of Levenes, Skelesholt, [Selesete] Quinefel and Lupton. William was attached by Ralph de Ayncurt and Richard de Heyham; Matthew puts in his place Thomas son of Gilbert or Gilbert son of Richard. As the fine is of recent date they are to appear in Trinity term; Cur. Regis R. 128, m. 2d.

Grant by Thomas de Levenes to Ralph de Ayncurt of 15 a. land in the territory of Levenes by the rod of 20 feet, namely 12½ a. of the land late of William Kitteman and of the land [next the same land] towards the south which was formerly of Adam de Levenes, and 2½ a. next the house [of Matilda which formerly] was of the said Adam de Levenes; and further grant of the homage and service of Roger . . . . and confirmation of the land which Ketel [etc., as in the last charter with the same witnesses] and Robert the reeve. Seal of white wax bearing a fleur de lis. Legend: sigil, T . . . . . Levenis; Orig. at Sizergh.

1246 Thomas de Levenes, a juror; Lancs. Inq. (Rec. Soc.), pt. i, 166.

1249–50 Robert de Kendale grants to Ralph de Eyncurt 3½ a. in the vill of Lefnis, which Henry de Redeman gave to Matthew, the grantor's father, with Matilda, the grantor's mother, in free marriage, in Roberd-ridding, to hold of Matthew de Redeman, as freely as Henry father of the said Matthew de Redeman, gave it to Matthew the grantor's father and Matilda the grantor's mother. Witnesses: Ralph de Notingham, sheriff of Westmerland, Sir Patrick [de Culwen] son of Thomas, Roland de Revegile, Thomas de Levenes, Thomas de Houis, Adam de Hennecastre, Gilbert de Wyteby; Orig. at Sizergh.

1255 Thomas de Levenes, John de Nissandesergh and Thomas de Forsqwayt, jurors; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 195.

1257 John de Nyandeshereghes owes 60 marks of a fine for a trespass, by the surety of Gilbert de Berebrun [of Thrimby] and John son of Adam de Michelton; Parker, Pipe Rolls of Westmorland, 207.

1259 January 20, Henry de Redeman summons Peter de Brus and Walter de Lindesi to restore to him the stewardship of the lands that were William de Lancaster's in the county of Westmorland, which belongs to Henry by charter of the said William, kinsman of defendants, whose heirs they are. Defendants come not; attached for the morrow of Ascension etc. Cur. Reg. Roll, 107, Hilary, 43 Henry III, m. 2d.; 169, m. 54d.; Bain, Cal. of Scot. Docs., n. 2146.

1267 Grant to Henry de Redeman of free warren in his demesne lands in Levenes, Yelaunde and Trenterne; Cal. of Chart. R., ii, 74.

1276 Thomas, son of Adam de Levenes arraigns an assize of novel disseisin against Roger son of Thomas de Levenes touching a toft and land in Levenes; the same Roger arraigns an assize of n.d. against Henry de Redeman and others touching a tenement and common of pasture in Levenes; Dep. Keeper's Rep., 45, app. 228.

1280 Hugh son of Gerard de Levenes arraigns an assize of mont d' ancestor against John Gernet touching a toft and land in Levenes in Kendale; ib. 49, app. 105.

1282 Thomas de Niendesergh demands against Matthew de Redeman 2 a. meadow and 8 a. pasture in Lefnes; and against Margaret de Redeman 1 a. meadow in the same place, of which Thomas de Niendeshergh, grandfather of the said Thomas, whose heir he is, was seised. Margaret calls to warranty the said Matthew, who calls to warranty Roger de Lefnes; De Banco R. Trin. 10 Edward I, m. 31.

1283 Matthew de Redeman held Levenes and Selsate of William de Lindeseye. Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 256.

1299 Protection for Matthew de Redeman going with Robert de Clyfford in the defence of the march of Scotland; Cal. Pat. Rolls., 1299, p. 425.

1303 Thomas de Nyandesergh, a juror; Lancs. Inq., pt. i, 311.

1303–10 Benedict del Howes grants to Walter son of Sir William de Stirkland the messuage and land in the hamlet (sic) of Levenes which he had by the feoffment of the said Sir William. Witnesses: Sir Matthew de Redeman, Adam son of John Gernet, Thomas de Nyandeshergh, Roger de Levenes, Benedict Gernet, Robert de Syggeswyk, Henry de Syggeswyk; Orig. at Sizergh.

1315 Settlement of a suit between Sir Walter de Stirkeland, plaintiff, and Sir Matthew de Redmane, defendant, touching his common pasture and reasonable estovers in Levenys, made on Monday in the feast of the Conception of the B. V. M., 1315, as follows: Sir Matthew granted to Sir Walter, his heirs and tenants of Syresherth, Helsington, Brigster and Levenys as his right and inheritance common of pasture everywhere in Levenys, both in the place called the Park, Kentbankes, Laytheolff, and elsewhere at all times of the year outside the old hedges justly raised, and within the hedges after the corn and hay has been carried away; that if any corn remain or be left maliciously, or the lands be sown with winter seed to impede or prejudice Sir Walter or his heirs, it shall be lawful for them to enter with all beasts and consume and pasture the said corn or hay; that if any enclosure be raised to obstruct the said common, it shall be thrown down and if any beasts or animals of Sir Walter etc. enter any place within the townfield of Levenys upon the corn or hay, for default of enclosure, they shall not be impounded, but driven away without injury; Sir Matthew further granted to the same all manner of estovers as Sir Walter's right and inheritance everywhere in Levenys, both in the places named above and elsewhere, in woods to be cut, felled and carried away for burning, building, fencing and other necessaries without gainsay of Sir Matthew or his heirs, and for digging turves, and mowing herbage and rushes in Redker, and to take in heaths and mosses at his or their will, with free entry and free passage at all times of the year everywhere within the townfields of Levenys, without damage caused to the corn or hay, for taking and carrying away their estovers. Witnesses: Sir Nicholas de Leyburn, Thomas de Pykering, William de Wyndesouer and Thomas de Bethum, knights; Roger de Kernetby, vicar of the church of Kyrkeby in Kendale, Roger de Brunolfheved, John de Wesigton, Thomas de Aunay ("de Alneto") Alan the clerk. Circular seal of green wax bearing on a heater-shaped shield 3 cushions. Legend: S. Mathei de redman; Orig. at Sizergh.

1318 Matthew de Redmane, one of the late collectors of the tenth and sixth, is in arrears of his account for wages of William de Redmane, King's yeoman, deceased, brother of Adam de Redemane, King's yeoman; Cal. Close R., 1318, p. 42.

1319 A coroner to be elected for co. Lancaster in place of Matthew de Redman, deceased; Cal. Close R., 1319; p. 51.

1332 Levenes. Subsidy of a fifteenth.

Matthew de Redeman in goods £1 10 0
Thomas de Levenes " £2 0 0
John Raufson " £1 10 0
Adam Collan " 15 0
Henry Berthram " £1 10 0
Adam Bertram in goods 15 0
William Bertram " 15 0
William de Bigland " 15 0
William de le Mire " 15 0
Richard Turnour " 15 0
Thomas de Niandesherge " £1 6 3
Alan Wyse " 15 0
Sum of goods £13 1s. 3d., whereof to the king 17s. 5d.; Excheq.

Lay Sub., 195 A.

1335 Thomas de Levenes, John de Levens, Robert de Capplesheved were indicted of trespass in hunting in William de Coucy's park at "Hoton in the Haye"; Cal. Pat. R. 1335, pp. 146, 217, 291, 297.

1336 Thomas son of Thomas de Levenes, John son of Thomas de Levenes, Roger de Levenes, Ralph de Levenes and many others were indicted of entering William de Coucy's free chase, and breaking his park of Troutebek, hunting there, carrying away deer and killing two mares of his worth £20. Cal. Pat. R., 1336, p. 294.

1343 Commission for trial of Thomas de Roos, Robert de Roos, John de Patton, William de Lancastre, Roger de Lancastre, Thomas de Levenes, Robert Chapelesheved, William de Dockere, John le Coke and others for trespass against Michael de Presten at Werk-on-Tweed; Cal. Pat. R., 1343, p. 74.

William de Coucy, knt., Robert de Twenge and Thomas de Ros impleaded Thomas de Levenes and John, Ralph and Henry, his brothers, for fishing in their several fishery at Heversham and taking fish to the value of £10. De Banco R. 333, Hilary, 17 Edward III, m. 199d.

1344 By inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Saturday, the morrow of St. Barnabas, 18 Edward III, it was found that Robert de Gynes, an adherent of the king's enemies in France, had a messuage and 40 acres of land called Forsthwaythalle in Levenes, held of Matthew de Redmane by homage and fealty and the yearly service of 6s., being of the yearly value of 20s. beyond the rent; and that Edmund de Tateham and Joan his wife have occupied the tenements since such adhesion; Cal. Miscel. Inquis., ii, 471.

1344 Thomas Ward of Kendale held at his death a messuage and 8 a. land in Brigster in Levenes of Matthew de Redeman by homage and fealty and service of 2s. 6d. yearly. Adam his son, is his next heir; Cal. Inq., viii, 364; Cal. Close R., 1345, p. 497.

1344 Grant to Aymer Darcy, king's yeoman, of the forfeited lands in England of Robert de Gynes, clerk, during pleasure and the reversion of certain of Robert's lands which Mary de St. Paul, countess of Pembroke, holds for an unexpired term; and grant for life of certain manors in co. Lancaster and a messuage and 40 a. land in Levenes, called Forsthwaithalle and 5 marks yearly of land and rent in Casterton, late of the said Robert; Cal. Pat. R., 1344, pp. 355, 359.

1345 Lawrence de Asmunderlawe held at his death of Matthew de Redeman of Kendale a messuage, garden, mill, 40 a land, 3 a. meadow and 16s. rent by knight's service and 3s. 2½d. rent. William son of the said Lawrence, aged 17, is his heir. Cal. Close Rolls, 1345, p. 498.

1350 John de Nyandsergh grants to Matthew de Redeman, knt., his lands and tenements of Nyandesergh. Given at Nyandesergh on Sunday after All Saints, 24 Edward III; Reg. at Levens, f. 67b.

1351 Matthew de Redemane held the manor of Levens of William de Coucy, and now of the king, by the service of a 10th part of a knight's fee; Cal. Inq., ix, 457.

1352 Grant by Sybill, formerly the wife of Thomas de Levenes, and Roger son of the said Thomas, to Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., and his heirs, of 1 rood of land and waste in the vill of Levenes lying in Le Stabilstedes between the syke of the Wytekeldes and the syke of the Milkyngestedes, as they descend into Redekar, with licence to build and have a hearth within the same rood of land. Witnesses: Thomas de Ros, Ralph de Beethum, Matthew de Redemane and Roger de Leyburne, knights; John de Patton. Dated at Levenes on Easter Tuesday, 26 Edward III; Orig. at Sizergh.

Grant from the same Sybil and Roger to the same Thomas of the moiety of 30 a. of waste in the vill of Levenes lying in Le Mossebank, by these bounds; beginning at the side of Medilhaweslak next to Levenes and so evenly descending westward unto Levenes Mosse and following within the same by a width of 40 feet to the well called Le Keldeheved and so following a certain stream to the syke which runs from the place called Briggesterewells and along that syke to the way which extends from Levenes to Crossethwayt and so following that way towards Levenes to the head of Medilhaweslak. Witnesses [as above] and Raweland de Thorneburgh, Walter de Shepesheved. Same date. Two defaced seals; Orig. at Sizergh.

Indenture of quit-claim made between the same Mons. Thomas and the same Sybil and Roger de Levenes of his right of common in 20 a. land called Les Ryddynges and in 28 a. of waste adjoining thereto, which are parcel of a place called Wynstremyre in the vill of Levenes with liberty to the same Sybil and Roger to inclose and hold the same in severalty, so that if the beasts of Mons. Thomas, his heirs or tenants of Levenes enter the same through Wynstrewele and Plumtrebek they shall be driven away without injury; but if they enter the same over the water of Kent they shall be impounded until redress be made. For this Sybil and Roger quitclaim to Mons. Thomas their right in the services of Mons. Thomas for the lands and tenements which he holds of them in the vill of Levenes and in the rents and issues of the same, saving always one broad arrow ("une sete") to be paid to them at Martinmas; and further quit-claim of their common in 3 a. land in the field called Bysshopefeld, which Mons. Thomas had by the feoffment of Mons. Matthew de Redemane, and in a moiety of 30 a. of waste in the place called Le Mossebank in the vill of Levenes, with provision that if their beasts by default of inclosure enter the 30 a. and 3 a. of land and waste from Medilhoweslak as the fence passes ("sicome le clos pas") in Le Musse and through Le Musse to the brook ("le rive") of Briggesterewelles and ascending by the same brook to the highway from Levenes to Crossethwayt, they shall be driven back without being impounded, but if they enter over the said highway they shall be impounded until redress be made. Mons. Thomas also grants that Sybil and Roger and his heirs shall hold the old Henyng in peace. Witnesses: Mons. Thomas de Ros, Mons. Rauf de Beethum, Mons. Matthew de Redemane, John de Patton and Walter de Shepesheved. Written at Levenes on Sunday in the close of Easter, 26 Edward III; Orig. at Sizergh.

1352 Matthew de Redmane quit-claims to Thomas de Stirkeland, chivaler, his right in a tenement in Brigstere in the vill of Levenes which Ralph Lurifax sometime held, reserving a rose of yearly service, and that Thomas and his heirs may inclose and hold inclosed the said tenement and other lands and wastes which Thomas has of his feoffment (fn. 12) in Levenes. Witnesses: Thomas de Ross, Ralph de Bethum and Roger de Leybourn, knights; John de Patton, Richard de Preston, Walter de Shepesheved. Dated at Levens on the Sunday in which "Quasi modo geniti" is sung [Sunday after Easter], 26 Edward III; Orig. at Sizergh.

"By deed of the same date and similarly attested, Matthew de Redemane, chivaler granted to Thomas de Stirkelond, chivaler, 3 a. land in the field called Bysshehopefeld and the moiety of 30 a. of waste in the place called Mossebank in the vill of Levenes by bounds [as above]; Orig. at Sizergh.

1353 Thomas de Stirkeland, knt., son and heir of Sir Walter de Sterkeland, knt., releases to Sir Matthew de Redmane, knt., his right of common in all the lands of Sir Matthew between the water of Kent and Heversham and in the place called William Wrong, and in a messuage and 3 a. land on this side (citra) of the water of Kente, which messuage etc. lies between Dockpull and Birkpull; provided that if the beasts of Thomas or his tenants of Levenes by escape come over the water of Kente into the place aforesaid by default of enclosure they shall be driven away without let, and if his beasts or the beasts of his tenants of Sigiswyk and Hencastre enter within the said bounds they shall be impounded at the will of Sir Matthew or his heirs, as in times past. Dated at Levenes on Saturday in the feast of St. Wilfrid the Archbishop, 27 Edward III; Orig. at Sizergh.

1357 John de Niandeser demanded against Matthew de Redemane and John his brother a messuage, 40 a. land and 10 a. meadow in Levenes, which Matthew de Redmane, knt., gave to Thomas de Niandeser for the life of the said Thomas, so that after the death of Thomas the tenement ought to remain to John son of the said Thomas and Mary de Redmane and to the said John de Niandeser and his heirs. A jury to be summoned; De Banco R. 389, Hil., 31 Edward III, m. 218d.

Matthew de Redmane, knt., impleads Thomas de Yeland that he render an account of the time he was his bailiff in Levenes; ib. m. 184d.

1357 Alan de Sleddale, clerk, impleaded John Graynesone of Kendale for breaking a chest of Alan's at Levenes and taking goods to the value of 100s.; ib., m. 32d.

1359 Matthew de Redmane, knt., impleaded John de Capplesheved and Henry de Levenes that they boke his house at Levenes and took timber to the value of 40s. and assaulted Richard Paton, his servant there; ib. 398, Easter, 33 Edward III, m. 130.

1365 Order for the election of a coroner in place of Thomas de Redmane, who is insufficiently qualified; Cal. Close R., 1365, p. 130.

1369 Thomas de Yeland and Elen his wife have shewn to the king that whereas they recovered their seisin against Matthew de Redeman and Lucy his wife and others of 3 messuages, 80 a. land, 20 a. meadow, 12 a. wood and 8 a. moor in Levens by recognition of assize of novel disseisin (the said Matthew and the others have redisseised them); Abbrev. R. Original, ii, 310b.

1380 Roger de Levenes impleaded William del Chambre of Heversham, Adam Lange and John de Blakleghe for taking with force and arms the goods of the said Roger at Levenes to the value of £20 and carrying them away; De Banco R. 478, Easter 3 Richard II, m. 451.

1384 Quit-claim by Emma late wife of William de Layland of Wigan, otherwise called Emma daughter of Benedict Gernet of Henkastre, to Thomas de Yeland and Ellen his wife, and their heirs, with warranty, in her widowhood, of the lands, rents and services in Levens which were of Richard de Nyandesergh. Witnesses: Walter de Stirkeland, Roger de Levens, John del Chambre, Richard Walker, Richard Cayrous, William de Thornburgh. Dated at Nyandesergh, 20 April, 6 Richard II. Cal. Close R., 1381–85, p. 438.

1390 James de Pickeringe, chivaler, held of Thomas de Ros, chivaler, inter alia 2 tenements in the vills of Helsington and Levens for 1d. rent at Easter and Michaelmas, worth besides the rent 20s. yearly; Chan. Inq. p.m., 14 Richard II, n. 41.

1393 anuary 26. Licence for Richard Redemayn to enclose 3000 acres of his lands, woods and pastures in Levyns, make a park thereof and hold them as a park in fee simple; Cal. Pat. R., 1393, p. 211.

1399 Richard Redman, knight, going to Ireland in the king's service nominates inter alios William de Thornburgh, as his attorney; April 10, 1399; Cal. Pat. R., 1399, p. 519.

1401 By fine levied between John de Ingelby and William Asthorp, parson of the church of Dyghton, plaintiffs, and Richard Redmayn, chivaler, and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, the moiety of the manor of Harewode, co. York, was granted to Richard and Elizabeth in survivorship with remainder to Matthew their son in tail male, in default to Richard brother of Matthew in tail male, in default to the male issue of Richard and Elizabeth, in default to Brian Stapulton son of the said Elizabeth, and his heirs male, remainder to the right heirs of the said Elizabeth. (The said Matthew had issue Richard, who had issue William Redmayn, esq., and Edward Redmayn, as found by inquest taken 22 Edward IV, 1482); Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward IV, n. 49. See also ib. 16 Edward IV, n. 20.

1404 Thomas de Pickeringe held of William de Parr, chivaler [etc. as in 1390]; Chan. Inq. p.m., 6 Henry IV, n. 37.

1407 James de Pickeringe held of John de Parr, 2 tenements in the vills of Helsington and Levens for 1d. rent etc.; ib., 9 Henry IV, n. 38.

1411 Richard de Redeman, chivaler, held of Philippa, late the wife of Robert de Veer, late duke of Ireland, the manors of Levens and Lupton by homage and fealty and the service of 26s. 8d. at Easter and Michaelmas; Chan. Inq. p.m., 13 Henry IV, n. 44.

1414 Grant to the king's knight, Roger de Trumpyngton, of the lands late of John Niandesergh of Niandesergh, "squyer," with pastures, mills, fisheries etc., in the king's hands by reason of his forfeiture for killing John Tybbay, clerk, to hold during the said John's life, so that 100 marks be levied therefrom yearly for the maintenance of John's wife Margaret; and grant to the same of the same premises for life, for the said John's forfeiture for killing William Gerard of Burton-in-Kendal, yeoman, with like provision; Cal. Pat. R. 1414, pp. 219, 251.

1426 Inquest taken at Harrewod, 10 September, 5 Henry VI [1426] before Guy Rouclyf, escheator, by the oath etc., who say that Richard Redman, knt., died seised of the moiety of the manor of Harrewood of the gift of John Ingleby and William Asthorp, to hold to him and Elizabeth his wife for their lives; after their decease the same to remain to Matthew their son and his heirs male; for default, to Richard brother of the said Matthew and his heirs male; for default, the same to remain to the heirs male of the said Richard and Elizabeth, for default, to Brian Stapulton and his heirs; for default, to the right heirs of the said Elizabeth for ever, as by a fine thereof levied more fully appears.

The said Richard survived the said Elizabeth and died on Wednesday in the week of Pentecost last past, Richard Redman son of Matthew is his kinsman and next heir, to wit, son of the said Matthew son of the said Richard Redman, knt., and was aged 9 years in the feast of St. Martin in Winter last past. Chan. Inq. p.m., 5 Henry VI, n. 28.

1449 William lord of Haryngton, Richard Musgrave, Thomas Strikland, Edward of Bethum, knights; Walter Strikland, William Lancastre, esquries; John Scudale, rector of the church of Bethum, John Wodhous, vicar of the church of Urswyk in Fourneys, William Cause and Thomas Hudson of Bethleghton, appoint Roger Bethum, esq., their attorney to receive seisin of the manor of Nyandser in the vills of Levens and Eversam, according to the charter made to them by William Nyandser. Dated 2 May, 27 Henry VI; Orig. at Sizergh.

1458 Richard Redmane of Levenes, esq., grants to William Redmane, his son, and Margaret, daughter of Water Stirkeland, esq., wife of the said William, his lands, tenements, rents etc. in the hamlets of Forsethwayt, Brigstere, Berethwayt, Lesegill, Mabenhowe, Niandsergh, Bisshopfeld, and Lathehole, in the vill of Levens, and all his demesne lands lying on the west side of the water of Kent outside the park and new close there, and 7 a. of his demesne land on the east side of the said water in the vill of Levens, now in the tenure of Richard Mone at farm, and a yearly rent of 2s. 8d. to be received from the grantor's turbary called Levens Mosse, except the rents and services of the free tenants in the said hamlets and vill; to hold to them and the heirs male of the body of the said William, with reversion to the grantor etc. Dated 3 October, 37 Henry VI; Orig. D. at Levens.

1465 Pardon of outlawry for Richard Redeman, late of Levens, esq., for not appearing to answer Roger Dawson, citizen and tailor of the city of London, touching a debt of £55; Cal. Pat. R. 1465, p. 412.

1482 William Redmayn died on the eve of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 22 Edward IV (13 September, 1482); Edward Redmayn, his brother, aged 27, was his next heir. The said William held no land or tenement of the king in demesne at his death, but Thomas Joy, chaplain, was seised of the manor of Levens and gave the same to Richard Redmayn, knt., and his heirs male. Richard had issue Matthew, who had issue Richard and died in the life time of the said Richard his father. After the death of Richard the father (22 May, 1426 (fn. 13) ), the manor descended to Richard son of Matthew as his kinsman and heir male. The said Richard son of Matthew had issue William Redmayn and Edward Redmayn, and being seised of the said manor gave 20 messuages, 300 a. land and 12 a. meadow, parcel thereof, to the said William and Margaret his wife and their issue male, the said William being then 12 years old. After Richard's death (on 21 March, 16 Edward IV, 1476 (fn. 14) ) the manor, except as above, descended to his son William (then aged 30 or more) who died seised of all the premises, which then descended to Edward Redmayn, as brother and heir, because William died without heirs of his body. The manor is held of William Parre as of his barony of Kendale and is worth, beyond the said messuages, 5 marks; the messuages etc. are worth 20 marks clear; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward IV, n. 49; 16 Edward IV, n. 20.

1482 William Redmane, knt., held at his death the manor of Levens of William Parr, as of the barony of Kendall by service unknown, and 20 messuages, 400 a. land, 400 a. pasture and 80 a. meadow in Lupton of the said William Parr (as above), by service unknown. Edward Redmane, his brother, aged 27, is his next heir; Chan. Inq. p.m., 22 Edward IV, n. 49.

1482 Writ of Edward [IV] to the escheator in co. Westmorland reciting that it was found by inquest that William Redmayn, deceased, held no lands of the king in chief in co. Westmorland at his death, but that one Thomas Joy, chaplain, was sometime seised of the manor of Levens and gave the same to one Richard Redemayn, knight, and the heirs male of his body, whereby the said Richard was seised thereof and had issue Matthew, who had issue Richard and died in the lifetime of Richard the father, after whose death the manor descended to the said Richard son of Matthew as next of kin and heir male of the body of Richard the father, whereupon Richard son of Matthew entered into the manor and was seised as of fee tail and had issue the aforesaid William Redemayn and one Edward Redemayn, and so seised gave 20 messuages, 300 a. land, and 12 a. meadow, parcel of the manor, to the said William and Margaret his wife in tail male, the said William, being then within age of 20 years, to wit 12 years, by virtue of which gift William was seised of the premises in fee tail and Margaret as of free tenement; afterwards Richard son of Matthew died seised of the manor except the said premises, that the manor, except as above, descended to the said William as son and heir, who died without heir of his body, when the manor descended to Edward as brother and heir; and that one Thomas Thwaytes was seised of 20 messuages, 400 a. land, 400 a. pasture and 80 a. meadow in Lupton and gave the same to the said Richard son of Matthew and to Ellen his wife and the heirs of their bodies with remainder to Richard's right heirs, by virtue whereof Richard and Ellen were seised and had issue the said William and Edward, and died so seised; that the premises descended to William, as son and heir, who entered and was seised and so died, when the same descended to the said Edward, as brother and heir; that the manor of Levens and messuages etc. in Lupton are not held of the king etc., and because the king has taken Edward's fealty for the moiety of the manor of Harewode, co. York, etc., order to deliver the manor of Levens and messuages etc. in Lupton to the said Edward, saving the right of dower of Margaret, late the wife of the said William, to be assigned out of the said manor, except as above excepted. Westminster, 4 August, 22nd year. Close Roll.

1485 General pardon to Edward Redmayn of Harwode, co. York, esq., alias of Levens, co. Westmorland; Cal. Pat. R. 1485, p. 21.

1501 Thomas Strykland, knt., died 1 September, 12 Henry VII (1496), seised of 7 messuages, 200 a. land, 200 a. wood in Levyns, worth 5 marks, held of Edward Redmayn, esq., as of his manor of Levyns, service unknown; Cal. Inq., Henry VII, pt. ii, 270.

1504 Grant by William Nyandzer, gent., to Sir Walter Strikland, knt., Thomas Strikland, clerk, Gervase Strikland, esq., William Lambert, gent., and William Storer, clerk, of his capital messuage of Nyandzer, and a messuage in Leasgyll. Witnesses: William Jacson, Ralland Gayrlyk, clerk. Dated 1 October, 20 Henry VII. Circular seal of red wax bearing on a shield hung by the corner a fess between 3 rooks, supporters, 2 crocodiles. Crest: a Catherine wheel on a helmet. Legend: . . . . . . Niandser; Orig. at Sizergh.

1511 Inquest taken at Kyrkby in Kendale, 14 January, 2 Henry VIII (1511). The jurors say that:—

Edward Redmayn was seised of 20 messuages, 300 a. land, 40 a. meadow, 100 a. wood, 500 a. pasture, 2000 a. heath, 40s. rent in Leyvens; and 40 messuages, 1000 a. land, 100 a. meadow, 3000 a. heath in Lupton; 2 messuages, 80 a. land, 40 a. meadow in Hutton; 1 messuage, 40 a. land, 10 a. meadow in Hencastre; and 1 messuage, 10 a. land, 1½ a. meadow in Heversham. So seised he enfeoffed thereof John Huddelston, knight, William Huddelston, Henry Huddelston, Thomas Curwen, William Thwaites, Walter Redmayn, clerk, Thomas Dikes, chaplain, Alexander Dikes and John Thwaites in fee to use of said Edward and Elizabeth Ligh, then widow, for term of their lives and longest liver to fulfil his will; as appears by said Edward's deed dated 11 March, 1 Henry VII (1485–6), shewn to the Jurors, by virtue whereof feoffees became seised in demesne as of fee to said use. Afterwards all feoffees died but John Hudelston and John Thwaites, who survived and alone held the premises to said use. And Edward declared in his will that said surviving feoffees should stand enfeoffed of the premises to use of said Elizabeth for her life and that she should receive all the issues for life. And Edward's will was proved before the Ordinary of the Diocese of York.

And they say that Joan Redmayn, daughter of Henry Redmayn son of the aforesaid Edward Redmayn, is his heir aged 1 year and upwards. And the said Edward died 27 September last (1510).

And the Jury say that John Hoddilston and John Thwaites stood enfeoffed, after Edward's will, to the use of his right heirs.

All the messuages, lands and 40s. rent in Levyens, Lupton, Hutton and Selshed are held of the king, not in chief, but as of one of the lords of the barony of Kendale, by the 10th part of a knight's fee, to wit, Leyvens by rent of 20d. yearly, and Lupton in Leyvens by rent of 26s. 8d. yearly, and Selshed by rent of 8s. 4d. yearly. And the messuage, lands in Hencastre are held of the lord of the manor of Bethome. And the messuage and land in Heversham are held of the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Excheq. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 116, n. 3.

1523 Inquest taken at Kirkby Langsdall, 25 November, 15 Henry VIII (1523) before Cuthbert Musgrave, esquire, king's escheator, by the oath etc. who say that: Thomas Preston, esquire, long before his death was seised of the manor of Netherleuyns, and 3 tenements in Towtorn, 1 tenement in Hersseham in tenure of Thomas Lokkay in co. Westmd; divers lands and tenements in Wynterwhayttes and Walton with the appurtce in Cartmell in co. Lanc. So seised, by his charter 20 Aug. 4 Henry VIII (1512), shewn to the Jurors, he granted the manor, and all the lands and tenements in Towtorn and Hersseham, co. Westmorland and Wynterwhayttes and Walton in Cartmell, co. Lanc. to Roland Thorneburgh, esq., Nicholas Thorneburgh, gentleman, William Jakson, chaplain and John Walter, yeoman, to them and their heirs for ever to use of said Thomas Preston and Anne his wife and the longest liver and after their deaths to fulfil his last will. By virtue of which feoffment the feoffees were and are still seised of the premises in fee to the said use.

Manor of Netherleuyns is held of heirs of Edward Redmayn by fealty and rent of 10s. 6d., payable at Pentecost and St. Martin in winter, worth yearly besides reprises £10. Lands and tenements in Towtorn held of heirs of Thos. Parre, knight, by fealty and rent of 8s., payable as above, worth yearly besides reprises £2. Tenement in Hersseham held of lord de Latymer by rent of 2s. yearly, worth yearly besides reprises £1.

Long before his death the said Thomas Preston, esq., was seised of the manor of Prestonpatrike and the manor of Holme in Kendall and divers tenements in the vill (villa) of Kirkeby in Kendall, co. Westmorland, and divers lands and tenements in Lyndall, co. Lanc. So seised he by his charter 23 August, 4 Henry VIII (1512), shewn to Jurors, granted all said premises and also all the other lands and tenements, rents and services in cos. Westmorland and Lanc., except the manor of Netherleuyns, 3 tenements in Towtorn and 1 tenements in Hersseham and also all the said lands and tenements in Wynterwhaytes and Walton, which manor and other excepted premises he gave to Roland Thorneburgh and the others abovesaid to the use abovesaid, to Brian Tunstall, Richard Redmayn, Roland Thorneburgh, William Redmayne, esquires, Roger Thomson, chaplain, John Walter and Randal Preston, to them and their heirs for ever on condition that they should permit him to occupy and in their names make leases of all the premises, to convert them to his own use and have them at his pleasure, and after his death he wished the premises to be disposed of according to his last will. By virtue of which feoffment the said Brian and others were and still are seised in fee to the said use.

Manor of Prestonpatrike held of the heir of Thomas Curwen, knight, deceased, by fealty and a rent of 43s. 4d. payable at Pentecost and St. Martin in winter, worth yearly besides reprises £26. Manor of Holme held of said heir by fealty and rent of 21s. 8d., payable at said feasts, worth yearly besides reprises £6 13s. 4d. Lands and tenements in Kyrkeby in Kendall held of the barony of Kendall according to the custom of burgage in the town (villa) aforesaid and are worth yearly, besides reprises 26s.

Thomas Preston died, on 6 November, 15 Henry VIII (1523) and John Preston is his son and heir, aged 12 years and upwards. Excheq. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 126, n. 3.

1542 Marmaduke Gascoygne, esq., and Joan his wife passed by fine to Richard Redman, esq., the manor of Levens and tenements in Levens, Selsyde, Lupton, Hutton Roff, Gyrslake and Kirkby in Kendall, and the advowson of a chantry in Lupton, Feet of Fines, Hil. term, 24 Henry VIII.

1544 Inquest taken at Applebye, 4 August, 36 Henry VIII (1544), before Henry Tolson, gentleman, escheator, by the oath etc., who say that: Richard Redmayn, esquire, was seised in his demesne as of fee of the manor of Lewyns and 40 messuages, 1000 a. land, 50 a. meadow, 200 a. pasture, 100 a. wood, 40s. rent, 50 a. moor, 80 a. bog or turf, 40 a. heath or furze with the vill of Lewyns and within the vills of Mabynhall, Hyndcastell, Byrthwaith, Synderbarowe, Brygster, Fostwaytes, Lesgill, Selsyde and Kyrkby in Kendall. So seised he, in performance of agreements contained in Indentures between himself of the one part and Richard Layton, clerk, now decd, of the other part, concerning a marriage had between him and Dorothy, daughter of William Layton, esquire, granted the manor of Lewyns and all said messuages, lands etc. to said Richard Layton, clerk, Brian Layton, then esquire, now knight, and John Tunstall, chaplain. To have and to hold to them their heirs and assigns to use of said Dorothy, late wife of said Richard Redmayn, for her life as appears by a charter dated 26 January, 30 Henry VIII (1538–9), shown to the jurors, as follows: To all etc., Richard Redmayn of Harwood Castell co. York, esquire, greeting. Know that I in performance of certain Indentures made between said Richard Redmayn of the one part and Richard Layton, clerk of the other part dated 23 January, 30 Hen, VIII (1538–9), have granted to Richard Layton, clerk, Brian Layton, esq., and John Tunstall my manor called Lewyns in parish of Hersham and all my lands, tenements etc. in Lewyns, Mabynhall, Hyndcastell, Byrthwait, Senderbarow, Brigster, Fosthwaites and Selsid. To have and to hold to them their heirs and assigns to use of Dorothy Redmayn, wife of said Richard Redmayn for her life, to hold of chief lords of that fee by services therefor due. And I and my heirs will warrant the premises to said Richard Layton and others to said use against all people (gentes). Dated 26 January, 30 Henry VIII (1538–9).

The feoffees entered the premises and were seised thereof in their demesne as of fee to use of said Dorothy, who still lives and is seised thereof in her demesne as of free tenement for her life according to the form of the statute etc.. [Here follow the findings relating to Lupton and Hutton Roof].

The manor and premises in Lewyns, Mabynhall, Hyndcastell, Byrthwayt, . . . . . . .[Hencas]ter, Lesgill, Fostwaytes and Kyrkby Kendall are worth yearly clear £42 11s. 2d. All the messuages, lands, etc. in Selsid are worth yearly clear £11 12s. 4d. All the messuages, lands, etc. in Lupton are worth yearly clear £7 7s. 10d. All are held of the king by one tenth part of a knight's fee by a rent of 32s. 2½d. yearly. All the messuages, lands, mill and other premises in Hutton Ruff are worth yearly clear £6 7s. 8d. and are held of the king in socage by fealty and a rent of 3s. 4d.

Richard Redmayn, esquire, died 29 January last (1543–4) and Matthew Redmayn is his son and next heir and was aged on the day of his father's death 17 years and upwards. Excheq. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, file 137, n. 3.

1547 Inquest taken at Shappe, 1 September, 1 Edward VI (1547), before Lancelot Lancaster, esquire, the king's escheator, by the oath of 13 jurors (named), who say that James Bellingham was seised of 3 messuages and divers lands in Little Strikland in tenure of 3 tenants named. And 1 messuage or cottage and divers lands in Orton, in tenure of Wm. Warde. And 6 messuages and divers lands called "Crosbank" now in the several tenures or occupns of Michael Fayrrer, James Smithson, William Fayrrer, Elesabeth late the wife of Richard Fayrrer, William Sill and Gilbert Bell. And the Grange or Manor of Garthorne in his demesne as of fee. So seised he, on 23 January, 36 Henry VIII (1544–5), granted and to farm let the said Grange of Garthorne to Alan Bellingham, his elder brother (fratri suo majori) and his assigns for term of 80 years and on 23 April, 1 Edw. VI (1547) he made his will leaving Garthorne Grange, of which he had made a lease to his brother Alan Bellingham, to the child of his wife who is now pregnant if the same should be a son when such son shall be of age of 21 years, etc. He made his brother Alan Bellingham, and his (own) wife, Agnes Bellingham and the unborn child should it be a son, his executors.

James Bellingham died 29 April, 1 Edward VI (1547) and Thomas Bellingham is his son and nearest heir and he is aged 17 weeks and 3 days now. Chanc. Inq. p.m., ser. ii, vol. 85, n. 80.

1562 In Trinity term, 4 Elizabeth (1562) Matthew Redman, esq., passed by fine to Allan Bellingham, esq., the manor of Levens, 40 messuages, 300 a. land, 100 a. meadow, 500 a. pasture, 100 a. wood, 500 a. moss and turbary and 40s. of rent in Levens, Henkaster, Over Levens, Heversham, Mabinhall, Birthwaite, Syndebarrow, Brigsteare, Forsethwayte and Kendall; Reg. of D. at Levens, f. 96 d.

1577 Inquest taken at Kirkbye in Kendall, 3rd April, 19 Elizabeth (1577) before Christopher Preston, esquire, George Myddleton, esquire, Thomas Cansfeild, gentleman and Thomas Brathwate, esquire, the queen's commissioners, by the oath etc., who say that:

John Preston long before his death was seised of the manor of Preston Patricke, otherwise Preston; and the manor of Nether Levens; and 6 messuages in Towtorne and certain lands, meadow, pastures and other profits to the said messuages of old severally adjoining and belonging; and a moiety of the manor of Holme; and 4 burgages or messuages in the town or Borough of Kyrkbye Kendall in his demesne as of fee. So seised he, by his charter tripartite dated 20 January, 6 Elizabeth (1563–4), shewn to the jurors, enfeoffed Thomas Carus, junior, Nicholas Banester, gentleman, Thomas Parke and Walter Preston, yeomen, of the manors of Preston Patricke and Nether Levens and the 4 burgages in Kyrkeby Kendall and the messuages and lands etc. in Towtorne and the moiety of the manor of Holme, among other things. To have and to hold the manor of Nether Leuens and the messuages and lands etc. in Towtorne and the burgages in Kyrkbye Kendall to the feoffees and their heirs to the use of the said John Preston and Dorothy his wife for their lives and the longest liver in name of Dorothy's jointure and after their deaths to use of the heirs male of the body of the said John Preston, lawfully begotten, and in default of such to Christopher Preston, younger brother of said John and heirs male etc., and in default of such to right heirs of said John for ever. And to have and hold the manor of Preston Patrick and the moiety of the manor of Holme to the feoffees and their heirs for ever to use of said John Preston and heirs male etc., and in default of such to use of said Christopher Preston and heirs male etc., and in default of such to right heirs of said John Preston for ever. By virtue of which feofment and by force of the Statute of uses of 27 Henry VIII, John and Dorothy were jointly seised of the premises in Nether Levens, Towtorne and Kyrkbye Kendall; and the said John was solely seised of the premises in Preston Patrike and Holme.

So jointly seised, as bove, John Preston died and Dorothy survived and remained solely seised of those premises, and still lives.

They further say that the said John Preston was also seised, at the time of his death, of the other moiety of the manor of Holme and 5 messuages in Preston Richard, Hutton Rowff, Newbiggen, Farleton, Hayle and Hauerbrack and 1 messuage in Heversham in his demesne as of fee, and he was also seised at the time of his death of 10 burgages or messuages, 16 shops, 6 cellars, 10 gardens, 4 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow in the town or Borough of Kirkebye Kendall and Whynfell in his demesne as of fee tail to himself and heirs male of his body, lawfully begotten, with remainder to his right heirs for ever. And he was also seised at time of his death of 1 messuage or tenement in Woodhouse in Heversham and 15 acres of land, ½ rood of meadow and pasture there to said messuage belonging in his demesne as of fee tail, to himself and heirs of his body lawfully begotten, the reversion of a moiety thereof expectant to a certain Richard Bowskall, gentleman, and his heirs for ever.

The manor of Preston Patricke held of Henry Curwen, knight, as of his manor of Thornethat by fealty and free rent of 45s. yearly, payable equally at Pentecost and Martinmas for all services, worth yearly clear 40 marks; manor of Holme held of said Henry Curwen, knight, as of his manor of Thornethat by fealty and free rent of 43s. 4d. yearly, payable as above, worth yearly clear 20 marks; manor of Netherlevens held of the lord of the manor of Overlevens as of that manor by fealty and free rent of 10s. 6d. yearly payable as above, which same manor is worth yearly clear £13 13s. 4d.; premises in Towtorne held of the queen as of her Castle of Kendall in socage namely by fealty and free rent of 8s. yearly payable as above, worth yearly clear £3 5s. 4d.; premises in Preston Richard, Hutton Rowff, Newbiggen, Farleton, Hayle and Hauerbrack held in free socage by fealty only, of whom not known, worth yearly 28s. clear; the burgages in Kyrkeby Kendall, which he and his wife jointly held, held of the Barons of Kendall as of the manor or Barony of Kendall in free socage, worth yearly clear £4 4s. 4d.; messuages or burgages and other premises in Kirkebye Kendall and Whinfell, of which he was solely seised, held of queen as of her Castle of Kendall and of the said Barons as of their said manor or Barony of Kendall in free socage, worth yearly clear £4 15s. 10d.; premises in Woodhouses held of Richard Bowscall by fealty and free rent of 4d. yearly at Michaelmas, worth yearly clear 10s. 3d.; premises in Heuarsham held of Lord Latimer as of his manor of Mylnethorp by fealty and free rent of 2s., worth yearly clear 20s.

John Preston died 24 January, 19 Elizabeth (1576–7) and Thomas Preston, esquire is his son and heir, aged at time of his father's death, 36 years and upwards. Court of Wards Inq. p.m., vol. 18, n. 115.

1582 The boundary of Levens: The Circuittes, Metes and Bounders of the mannor of Levenes beginneth on the South-west syde of the same mannor at a place there called Todehole, and from thence goethe directlye westwarde to the Headewell, from the Headwell directlie to the southsyde of Dumbalde half acre, from thence directlye westwarde to Jurdane stone, and from Jurdane stone directlye to the thre wellez in the Common Myer, and from thence westwarde to the e[ ] and from thence passinge over the watter of Kent at Lyllye Dubbz, and from Lyllye Dubbz westward and somethinge towardes the Northe to the Whitewell, from the Whitewell northwarde up round [ ] southsyde of Whitbarrowe bie the boundes of [Witherslack], and so ascending to the topp of Whitbarrowe as the watter deales towardes Cartmell [ ] Beckermadierke and from thence pass[ing by the bounds] of Cartmell. And on the other parte [ ] of Whitbarrowe unto the well [ ] Maries, and from thence to the [ ] the brodeake to the Blackroo [ ] thence eastwarde to Touetarne [ ] to the White Kelde goes into S [ ] as the boundrie of [ ] and so desc[ending] and from S [ ] on the e[ ] of H [ ] where [ ]; Book of Surveys at Levens, IV, 7.

1589 Award made by Nicholas Curwen and Thomas Brathwat, esquires, and Thomas Curwen, gent., between Thomas Preston of Nether Levens, esq., and James Bellingham of Overleavens, esq., touching the right, title etc., in the wastes, commons and mosses in Overleavens: First both parties, their heirs and tenants, shall hold and enjoy in common the said wastes etc., now remaining unimproved and to take common of pasture, turf grass, turbary, peats and other profits, that each party shall have the moiety of all rents, fines and profits coming from all encroachments, purprestures and improvements, and of the amercements and forfeitures due by reason of any pain, trespass or other misdemeanour enquirable and presentable at a Court Baron. "Also we award that a jury of the Court of the said James Bellingham of Overleavens and a jury of the Court of the said Thomas Preston of Netherleavens shall yearly make inquiry and presentment of and upon all manner of incroachments, purprestures and improvements." Dated 18 April, 31 Elizabeth; Orig. at Levens.

1608 Conveyance by Robert Jackson of Sigswick, husbandman, to Sir Thomas Strickland of Sysargh, knt., of a peat-cote at Sinderbarrowgh with peat moss, turbary, spreading and lying for peats, now or late occupied with a messuage called Lanckrigg House or Lauckriggmilne house by Robert, or Thomas Jackson his father, or William Jackson his grandfather, and lying in Synderbarrough mosses, Sampoll mosses or the mosses beyond the Pull, par. Heversham, of the lands of Sir James Bellingham, knt., and John Preston, esq., yearly rent 21d. Dated 2 March, 5 James, 1607[-8]; Orig. at Sizergh.

1641–c 50 Rents of assize of the Manor of Levens now belonging to Henry Bellingham, knt., and baronet.

Robert Strickland, knt., holds divers lands and tenements in Forsthwaite and Briggsteare by homage and knight's service and the yearly rent of a mais-hawk and 2 catapults.

John Preston, esq., holds Nether Levens by knight's service and renders yearly 10s. 6d. namely 8s. of free farm and 2s. 6d. of cornage.

Christopher Lancaster, esq., now Christopher Lowther, knt. and baronet, who married the daughter and heir of the said Christopher Lancaster, holds the moiety of the manor of Sockbridge by knight's service and renders yearly a pair of spurs.

Edward Rolandson holds a messuage and tenement in Brigsteare, late purchased of Thomas Strickland, knt., deceased, by knight's service and renders yearly [9d.].

Arthur Brigges holds another messuage and tenement there, lately purchased of the said Thomas Strickland, knt., by knight's service and renders yearly . . .

Thomas Chamber, now Matthew Wilson, holds [land in Brigsteer for 9d. rent], Reg. of Deeds at Levens, fol. 96. May day rent of Levens, £7 15s. 5d.

1641– Martinmas rent within the collection of Thomas Benson due to Sir Henrie Bellingham, viz., customary and free rent £7 14s. 6d. with moss rent £3 5s. 9d.; Rental at Levens.

1642 Martinmas rente, 1642

s d
Thomas Benson 14 4
Christopher Wrirght 12 8
Thomas Benson 3 0
Thomas Nealson 1 0
Thomas Benson 6
Robert Hutton 2
Thomas Midlton 2 2
The heires of Haycocke 6 0
William Moone 5 0
Walter Shoowsmith 6
Mar Rowland Lucas 2 6
Rich: Lancaster wife 10
s. d.
William Holme 4
Thomas Strickland 3 4
Thomas Willson wife 3 4
John Nealson wife 7 6
John Nealson 2 1
Robert Atkinson 6
More 3
Walter Holme 3
William Holme 1 8
Thomas Steuenson 2 4
More 2
Henery Willson wife 5 4
George Holme wife 8
Richard Sheifeild 1 0
Rowland Willson wife 8
John Langhorn 9
Frances Woodhouse 2
Oswould Sill 9
Nicholas Wakfeild 1 0
Rowland Atkinson 9
Jennet Pounder 9
Hugh Borrow 2 6
Briam Preston 2
Mar Edward Willson 8
John Willson 9 6
More 3
Henery Holme 6 6
Robert Hudson 2 2
George (?) Kitching 3 0
Robert Woodhouse 1 1
Tho: Willson 10
Will: Birsbye wife 3 3
Thomas Greenup 3 5
Miles Brockbancke wife 3 3
Will: Parke wife 2 1
James Parke wife 7 3
Michaell Hadwen wife 1
Robert Saule 1 10
Jefraye Parke 2 6
Robert Kilner 9
Thomas Clarke 1 7
Rich: Atkinson
Alan Chamber
William Cooke 2
More 6
Mathew Philipson 2
Arthure Brigges 3
John Willson 2
Mar Will: Guy 1 0
George Becke wife 3
Thomas Moore wife 4
Charles Asburner 2
Thomas Williamson wife 10
Robert Hutton 3 8

1662–4 Schedule of defaulters to Hearth Tax. Lay Subsidy Roll 259, n. 13. (fn. 15)

Roger Sill, Michael Grouby, Widow Middleton, Robert Atkinson, and Robert Saul for one hearth each, 5s.

1669–71 Hearth Tax Roll, Lay Subsidy 195, n. 73, m. 24d.

Allan Bellingham esq. 16
Mr West 12
Henry Langcaster 1
Widd: Becke 1
Willm Pierson 1
Willm Wilson 1
Rich: Parke 1
John Dawson 1
Antho: Lowes 1
Rich: Wilson 1
Chr: Cowperthwte 1
John Dickinson 1
John Ederington 1
Willm Holme 1
Widd: Killner 1
Rich: Parke 2
Edward Rowlandson 2
James Johnson 2
Widd: Fisher 1
George Wharton 2
George Dawson 2
Franc: Nicholson 1
Willm Atkinson 1
Tho: Benson 1
Margt Wilson 1
Robt Dawson 1
Tho: Atkinson 1
John Bleward 1
Chr: Fletcher 1
Tho: Langhorne 1
Franc: Nicholson 1
Tho: Atkinson 1
Tho: Ellertson 1
Antho: Brisby 1
Edward Cornthwte 1
Robt Higgin 1
Annas Backhouse 1
Tho: Clarke 1
Willm Wilson 1
Discharged by Certificates.
Widd: Nelson 1
Daniell Bulfield 1
Widd: Killner 1

1671 Acknowledgment by Thomas Preston of Mannor in Furness, bart., that the manor or lordship of Netherlevens is holden of the lord of the manor of Overlevens by fealty and the yearly rent of 10s. 6d., as appears by the inquest after the death of Thomas Preston, esq., great-grandfather of the said Sir Thomas and lord of the said manor of Netherlevens, taken 21 October, 2 James [1604], "which rent and service is supposed to be extinguished by reason of some estates of the said manor and premises of late made between Sir John Preston, bart., my late brother, deceased, then lord of the said manor of Nether Levens, and Allan Bellingham, esq., then and now lord of the said manor of Overlevens." Dated 1 May, 1671; Orig. at Levens.

1676 Agreement made 2 May, 28 Charles II, 1676, by James Bellingham of Over Levens, esq., on behalf of himself and Sir Thomas Preston of Manor in Furness, bart, with Roger Greshon, Robert Dickinson, Richard Robinson, Richard Robinson, William Chamber, Nicholas Fisher, Miles Baxter, John Hinde, John Hinde, George Wilkinson, John Moorer, James Wilkinson, Robert Walfor, Thomas Shippard, Robert Lorimer, John Hind, Jane Walker, Thomas Torner, Christopher Redman, Thomas Collinson, Hellen Shappard, Anthony Jackson, William Manserghe, James Taylor, junior, Lancelott Forth, Elizebeth Chamber, Thomas Chamber, Peter Crober, George Wharton, Mathew Wilson, James Jackson, John Dickinson, Elinor Fisher, George Sedgwicke and John Jefferson concerning the occupation of mosses in Sinderbarrow and Brigsteare, to be held of the said lords under certain yearly rents by the respective tenants and their heirs with provisions for each tenant to make his "gateshare" of the Causey and dress the main runner called "the Poole" and keep in repair the bridges made over any of the runners; with further provision for the impanneling of a moss jury who shall supervise the said mosses and licence to the tenants "to delve turffe or peates to sell, provided they do not delve their mosses more than once over in one yeare"; Orig. at Levens.

1763 Agreement made 26 August, 1763, between the Right Hon. Henry Howard, earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, Edward Wilson of Dallam Tower, esq., Richard Backhouse of Hincaster, gent., Allan Wilson of Kendal, gent., Matthew Wilson of Helsington, gent., Thomas Wilson of Helsington, gent., Christopher Cowperthwaite of Sizerghfelside, gent., and Thomas Jefferson of Brigsteare, gent., of the one part, and Richard Harrison, gent., John Suart, yeoman, Robert Bindloss, yeoman, Christopher Stephenson, smith, Richard Wilson, Thomas (?) Simpson, Richard . . . . . g*,. . . . Lambert*, Anthony Pricket*, Jeoffrey Kirkby,*, Robert Wilkinson, Thomas Swainson*, John Turner, John Croudson, Joseph Simpson*, James Walker, Thomas Preston, John Moor, John Mackereth and John Parker, of the other part; reciting that all the parties are severally owners of messuages and tenements lying in and parcel of the manor or lordship of Levens, to which belong certain wastes or commons called Brigstear Common, Sinderbarrow otherwise Beathwaite Green Common, Slaughters Common and Leasgill Common, whereon by ancient custom no sheep have been depastured, which custom has of late been infringed. Hereafter no sheep are to graze upon the said wastes under pain of 4s. and any which escape or estray thereon from the High Commons within the said manor shall be moderately driven back. Each of the said parties shall only put on the said commons so many large commonable cattle, as horses, mares, geldings, cows, oxen, heifers, steers and calves to depasture as by law they may or ought in right of their respective tenements [with other provisions]; MS. at Levens.


  • 1. Hence Yealand Conyers and Yealand Redmayne.
  • 2. Probably an error for "Garnerius."
  • 3. This may be Forsthwaite in Levens.
  • 4. Low Levens.
  • 5. "Concessi autem Ketello modo ut antiquiori nostre hereditatis, scilicet, predictam medietatem," etc.
  • 6. Died in 1206.
  • 7. Slain in or before 1200.
  • 8. Recte "Santon."
  • 9. Living in 1247, see Whinfell, vol. i. p. 222.
  • 10. The rod now measures 16½ feet. The imperial acre has, by the Act of 5 Geo. iv, c. 74, superseded the acres, of very different extent, that were in use in different parts of the country.
  • 11. Probably Forsthwaite.
  • 12. See the next deed.
  • 13. For his will see Greenwood, Redmans of Levens, 247.
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