Supplementary Records: Bannisdale and Fawcet Forest

Pages 130-132

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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1692 12 July. Upon petition of the inhabitants of Midwarsleed (Midwath Stead) that Bredderdale Bridge is very much out of repair; ordered that the hamlet of Bredderdale be contributory towards the repair or show cause to the contrary before 15 August next. K. Order Book, 1669–1696.

1696 24 April. The following, being suspected persons, have neglected or refused to make and subscribe the Declaration and take the Oaths: Tho. Pickering, John Pickering, Thos. Pickering, junior, and Mary Pickering, spinster, in Fawcett Forest (K. Indictment Book, 16921724). See Docker under same date.

1704 28 April. Presentment that the common highway leading from K. Kendall to Penrith, between places called Bannisdale Brigg and Crookdale hawse, containing in length 3 miles, is in great decay, and ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of Fawcett Forest. K. Indict. Book, 1692–1724.

1711/12 18 January. Presentment that Bannisdale Bridge is in decay; order for a report from the Chief Constable. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). On the 2nd May he presented his report that the bridge wants 12 yards of wall at the south end of the high side, and at the north end of the low side it should be ledged or walled 7 yards further, also some pinning up of the butments at each end. He estimates the cost at £1. K. Indict. Book, 1692–1724; Browne MSS., vol. 1, n. 221.

1712/13 16 January. Presentment that High Borrow Bridge and Crookdale Bridge are very ruinous; order for a report and estimate. (K. Order Book, 1696–1724). Rowland Walker's contract for repairing Crookdale Bridge, dated 27 April, 1713, included building "a wall up the river on the north side above 4 foot high and in length near 21 yards and to raise the ledges on the north and south ends of the bridge proportionable to the ledges in the middle, and to raise a wall on the said south end on the west side as far as ever has been, and to make about 50 yards or upwards of new pavement, etc." Browne MSS., vol. 1, n. 261.

1729 April. Presentment that the alta via Regia into Bannisdale Bridge is very ruinous. K. Indictment Book, 1725–37.

1737 7 October. Order to the high constable to view High Borrow Bridge and contract for the repair of 300 feet of the highway adjoining. K. Order Book, 1725–37.

1746 15 July. Order that the two high constables do forthwith view Crookdale Bridge and High Borough Bridge and contract for the repair thereof at as low a rate as possible. K. Order Book, 1738–50, also K. Indictment Book, 1738–50.

1750 12 May. Order that the two high constables forthwith contract for the immediate rebuilding of Crookdale Hawse Bridge. K. Order Book, 1738–50.

1756 13 July. Presentment that Bannisdale Bridge being a public bridge is in great decay and ought to be repaired at the public expense of the county. (K. Indictment Book, 1750–60). Ordered that the two high constables view and report to the next session. (Ibid). On 18 September following an Order was issued for them to contract for same. (K. Order Book, 1750–60). On a certificate that the bridge was sufficiently repaired the indictment was discharged on 9 January, 1758. (K. Indictment Book, 1750–60) when it was ordered that the sum of £5 be paid to Rob. Bindlass for the repair thereof. K. Order Book, 1750–60.

1760 15 July. A like presentment of Bannisdale Bridge and 300 feet at each end in decay. K. Indict. Book, 1750–60.

1805 6 April. Presentment and order that Bannisdale Bridge, over Bannisdale beck be repaired at the expense of Kendal Ward. K. Order and Indictment Book, 1798–1811.

1819 19 April. Presentment that Bannisdale and High Borrow Bridges in the king's highway from K. Kendal to Shap are very ruinous broken and in great decay, etc., and that the inhabitants of the County ought to repair the same. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24. Bannisdale Bridge was rebuilt in 1821. See p. 11.

1821 15 October. Filed the certificate that a certain building in the township of Fawcett Forest in the occupation of Thomas Huck is intended to be used as a place for religious worship, and requesting that the same may be registered, which is recorded accordingly. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1824 12 January. Presentment that High Borrow Bridge otherwise called Huck's Bridge, is very ruinous, etc., and also very narrow and incommodious, and that the inhabitants of the county ought to repair and amend the same. And the jurors further present that a certain part of the king's highway beginning at the south end of the said bridge and continued towards the town of K. Kendal for the length of 300 feet and a breadth of 18 feet, also another part beginning at the north end towards Shap for 300 feet and a breadth of 18 feet is in great decay. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1825 17 October. Order to the High Constables to produce a plan of the intended alterations and improvements to Huck's Bridge. On 13 January following it was ordered that a Committee with Mr. Webster, architect, do examine the state of the bridge and report what alterations in their opinion ought to be made, by rebuilding or otherwise. K. Order Book, 1824–34.

1826 13 January. Presentment that Kitts How Bridge in the king's common highway from K. Kendal to Shap is very ruinous, etc., and ought to be amended at the expense of the county. (K. Indict. Book, 1824–34). Ordered that a committee with Mr. Francis Webster, architect, do examine the state of the bridge and report what alterations in their opinion ought to be made. K. Order Book, 1824–34.

1826 28 January. Resolved that as the Trustees of the Heron Syke Road have requested Mr. Mcadam to make a plan and estimate of an entire new road to avoid Huck's Hill, the question as to the improvement of High Borrow Bridge otherwise Huck's Bridge be postponed, but that John Braithwaite, the Bridge Master, and Mr. Webster furnish an estimate of the expense of the necessary repairs of that bridge in its present form. Also that they furnish an estimate for the widening and repairing of Kits How Bridge and that such work be forthwith proceeded with. K. Order Book, 1824–34.

1827 23 April. Certificate that the bridge over Bannisdale Beck, between Kendal and Shap, lately erected (in 1822) at the expense of the Trustees of the turnpike road has been built in a substantial and commodious manner. K. Order Book, 1824–34.

1843 2 January. Ordered that Kitty How Bridge be repaired by the Bridge Master. K. Order Book, 1839–76.

1891 5 March. Bannisdale High Bridge crosses the Beck on a bye-road. It has a span of 30 ft. 10 ins.; the width of the roadway between the parapets is 26 ft. 2 inches. The bridge is on the skew and has been built at two occasions and there is a space between the two sections at the crown of 3 inches. C. C. Minutes, 1889–94.

1891 5 March. Huck's Bridge is situated on the old road which is now a bye-road. It has been built at twice. It has one arch of 23 ft. 7 ins. span with a width of roadway between the parapets of 10 feet. Ibid.