Supplementary Records: Selside and Whitwell

Pages 133-134

Records Relating To the Barony of Kendale: Volume 3. Originally published by Titus Wilson and Son, Kendal, 1926.

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1503/4 10 January. Dispensation issued by Julian, cardinal-bishop of Ostia on 23 March, 11 Alexander VI, for William Thornburgh and Cecily Curwen to marry. They were related in the third degree. Register of Savage, p. 94.

1696 24 April. The following, being suspected persons, have neglected or refused to make and subscribe the Declaration and take the Oaths: Tho. Thornbarrow and Arthur Holme. (K. Indictment Book, 16921724). See Docker under same date.

1705 Thomas Sommers, curate of Selside, certified that the chapel there was supplied by a "reading curate," i.e., a reader of the Common Prayer and Homilies of the Church of England, in contradistinction to a "preaching curate." In 1717, the curacy was valued at £8 5s. od., made up of £4 charged upon the estates of the inhabitants, £4 issuing out of land left by Miles Birkbeck, and 5s. interest of money left by Thomas Nelson.

1715 William Thornburgh of Selside Hall, a Nonjuror, owned Whitwell Hall in his own possession, valued at £9 15s. 10d. English Catholic Nonjurors of 1715.

1715 5 November. As the rebel army marched south through Kendal, Francis Thornburgh, son of William Thornburgh "of Selset Hall near Kendal," joined them. "His ffathr sent one of his servent men to wait upon his son, because he was in scarlet cloathes and stiled Captn Thornburrow." Francis was taken prisoner at Preston and marched with the other chief prisoners to Wigan—He " hapnd to see two other prisoners there bribe ye centinel. So they made escape and one hour after he tould ye centinel what he saw. So ye centinel let him make his escape in woomans cloathes." Chetham Soc., o.s. vol. v, pp. 80, 164.

1754 31 May. Presentment that from the time whereof the memory of man is not to the contrary there was and yet is a certain common and ancient highway leading from the town of Selside to the market town of Orton (? via the Breasthigh Road) used for all the liege subjects of our Lord the King, etc., without any obstruction or hindrance whatsoever; and that on the 1st October, 27 Geo. 11, at Selside a certain wall had then before been erected and fixed across the same common highway in a certain part thereof called Kirkford Lanehead by a certain person yet unknown, whereby the same king's highway was totally obstructed so that the King's liege subjects could not go, return, pass, ride and labour as they ought, etc., and that Tho. Wilson of Selside with force and arms unlawfully and obstinately did uphold and maintain the same. On the 11 October, 1754, Tho. Wilson pleaded guilty and produced a certificate to show that the obstruction was now removed and that the same king's highway was now open unobstructed and free for all His Majesty's liege subjects. K. Indict. Book, 1750–60.

1764 10 July. Jacob Chambre, A.B., curate of Selside, took the oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration and subscribed the same according to law. K. Indictment Book, 1760–70.

1818 12 September. Application for an Act of Parliament to enclose and allot the commons of Selside and Whitwell. Local Chron. 26.

1821 9 July. Presentment that in the highway from Patton towards and into the turnpike road from K. Kendal to Shap, at a certain part beginning at the brook which divides the townships of Patton and Whitwell and so continuing towards and unto the said turnpike road, of the length of 3700 yards, being of the breadth of 8 feet, is very ruinous etc., and that the inhabitants of the township of Whitwell and Selside ought to repair the same. Certified to be in good and sufficient repair on 7 April, 1823. K. Indict. Book, 1817–24.

1832 6 January. Henry Holme Airey, Perpetual Curate of Selside, took the oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration and made the Declaration required by Statute 9 Geo. IV, and subscribed the same. K. Indictment Book, 1824–34.