Henry VIII: October 1513, 1-10

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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October 1513

1 Oct.
R.T.' 144, f. 225. R.O.
2331. [4485–6.] TOURNAY.
Letters patent of Henry VIII., declaring, at the request of the provost and jurats of Tournay, that the general pardon recently granted to persons banished from the city is not intended to include murderers, traitors, violators, incendiaries, ravishers, &c. Tournay, 1 Oct. 1513, 5 Hen. VIII.
French. Modern copy, p. 1.
1 Oct.
Sanuto, XVII., 135.
2332. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 4 Oct. 1513.]
From Ambassador Francesco Foscari, Rome, 30 Sept. and 1 Oct.—Agreement with the Swiss made by Tremouille, who is in Dijon. A Florentine (fn. 1) in Flanders has written to the Cardinal of England that the English have killed the King of Scotland and 4,000 Scots. Upon this news the Cardinal made bonfires; and so did the ambassadors of the Emperor and Spain, although it may not be true.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 325.
3 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 5, f. 72. R.O.
2333. [4487.] SUDBURY.
Certificate by Edward Strachy that he lately sold a house called the Cheker, in Sudbury, to John Oxburgh, who made an agreement (described) with Wm. Russham, barber, as regards a certain "eavesdrip" and "stanty wall." 3 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
3 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 75. R.O.
Bill of receipt, 3 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII., by Ulric Ghinzing, the Emperor's treasurer, from John Daunce, of 2,000l. st. "pro le enterteinement prefate Cesarie Majestatis."
Latin. Mutilated, p. 1.
4 Oct.
Sanuto, XVII., 162.
2335. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 October 1513.]
From the Ambassador Foscari, Rome, 4 Oct.—His successor will enter to-morrow and he will leave for home on the 10th. News of the rout of the Scots and death of their King as confirmed by letters from a Florentine merchant in London and from Banisis, the Emperor's agent in the English camp. Tournay will surrender.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 327.
5 Oct. 2336. TOURNAY.
Further abstracts from the Archives of the Town printed in the "Annales de la Société," &c. (see No. 2318), pp. 405, 406.
xx. Order for the métiers of the town to return their banners to be shut up in the market place. 4 Oct. 1513.
xxi. Meeting of the four Consaux at the Halle du Conseil, 5 Oct. 1513; to which came several princes and others of the King's Council saying how desirous the King was to preserve their privileges, and that he had appointed Monsieur de Ponninghe as his lieutenant with 1,000 horse and 4,000 foot.
xxii. Notification that "droit d'escarsaige" is resumed into the hands of the town. [Oct. 1513—March 1514.]
6 Oct.Calais Controller's Accts. vol. II. p. 157. R.O. 2337. CALAIS ACCOUNTS.
Account of Sir Hugh Conwey, as treasurer of Calais, for the year ending Mich. 5 Hen. VIII.
Compare Nos. 193(3), 589(3), 893(2) and 1424, with the last of which, by comparison, we note specially:—
i. (2) 3,192 sacks, 20 cloves; 354,043 woolfells; proceeds devoted to the "countermuryng." (3) 6,184 sacks, 36 cloves; 2,330 cloves of brekling; 398,228 woolfells. (4) Thomas Proute, mayor. (6) A marginal note records that a budget seized at the time of the King's being in Calais was "delivered unto the King's own hands." (7) Nil because given to Robert Garnyshe free of account.
ii. (18) Paid to Barth. Tate, on privy seal, Greenwich, 18 April ao 3o for wages of three men, 33l. 9s. 2d.; to Ralph Broke, on p. s. Greenwich, 22 March ao 4to, the like; to Wm. Stafford, on p. s. Greenwich, 14 May ao 5to, the like; to Richard Long, on p. s. Calais, 21 Oct. ao 5to, like wages from 8 Aug. to Michaelmas, 4l. 15s. 4d.; to Charles Clyfford, on letters missive, Richmond_ (blank) Jan. 2 Hen. VIII, wages of himself and three men from Mich. to 13 Feb. ao 4to, 22l. 16s. 8d.; to Francis de Taxis, on p. s. Westm., 7 Feb. ao 3, for wages of six posts from Meghlen to Calais, whole year, 119l. 15s. 3½d.; also, on p. s. Calais, 2 July ao 5to, for two posts between Calais and Brussels, whole year, 36l. 10s.; [tonnage of the John Baptist, Charles Clifford captain, from 2 March ao 4to to 29 Aug. following, 30l.] (fn. 2); to Francis de Taxis, on p. s. Eltham, 12 July ao 6to, for eight posts at 18d. Fl. a day from 12 May to 1 Aug., 35l. 8s. 9d.; to Ant. Nele, surveyor of works at Calais, on placard (recited) dated Greenwich, 29 March 5 Hen. VIII., for fortifications, 200l.
(35) Omitted. New entry:—(37) Annuity of William Lambert, by pat. 13 July 5 Hen. VIII., half year, 100s.
Lat., pp. 56.
Calais Controller's Accts. vol. II. p. 147. R.O. 2. Sir Hugh Conwey's garrison account for the year ending 6 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
Compare Nos. 193(2), 589(2), 893 and 1424(2) with the last of which this is nearly identical.
Lat., pp. 5.
Ib., 217. 3. Comptroller's (Sir John Wylshir's) duplicate of § 1 and § 2 combined.
Lat., pp. 62.
6 Oct.
R.T. 144, f. 227. R.O.
2338. [4490.] TOURNAY.
General pardon to offenders, and licence to return to the city. Tournay, 6 Oct. 1513.
French. Modern copy, pp. 2.
Ib., 229. 2. Proclamation that whereas the inhabitants were allowed 20 days to make their oath to Henry VIII., they shall be at liberty after taking that oath to settle where they please, except in countries hostile to England.
French. Modern copy, p. 1.
* Printed in the "Annales de la Socièté Hist. et Archéologique de Tournai," Nouvelle Serie, t. V., 406, from the Archives of the Town (No. XXIII. in List, see No. 2336).
6 Oct.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 208.,
The King of England's Council have presented a writing which Hans Renner and Louis Marraton will show him. Some resolution upon the things therein contained must shortly be taken, both for the advancement of the things themselves and because of the desire of the King and his Council to know the answer; and therefore she begs that he will write fully to her what she may declare to the King's Council. Tornay, 6 Oct. 1513.
6 Oct.
Paris MS.
Confirmation by Queen Juana of Castile of the truce of 1 April, 1513 (No. 1736). Valladolid, 6 Oct. 1513.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 136.
6 Oct.
Sanuto, XVII., 164.
2341. VENICE.
Summary of news sent by the Duke of Ferrara, 6 Oct. 1513, as received by Gurk, in a letter dated 12 Sept., from the Emperor. War news of the French, English and Scots. The King of Spain was expected to attack France. Personal dealings of the King of England and Lady Margaret. His Queen sent him three Scots, prisoners, in exchange for one French, writing that it was no marvel if one man of war took another but she sent three taken by a woman.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 328–9.
Preparations. See GRANTS IN OCTOBER, No. 4.
7 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 5, f. 73. R.O.
Credence for Balthazar Stuerd, coming as the Pope's nuncio. Rome, 7 Oct. 1513. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add. Endd.
8 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 97. B.M.
2344. THE ROBES.
Acknowledgment by Ric. Smith, of the Robes, of receipt, on 7 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII., from Mr. Dauwnce for a piece of purple velvet, bought of a merchant of Antwerp, at 14s. the yard, 14l.
Small paper, p. 1.
Ib., f. 98. 2. The like for other stuff bought of Wm. Coplond and three Dutchmen, on 8 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.; total, 155l. 12s. 4d.
P. 1.
8 Oct.
R.T. 144, f. 231. R.O.
Letters patent allowing the inhabitants of Tournay to trade in their dominions. Tournay, 8 Oct. 1513, 28 Max. and 24th of Hungary.
French, modern copy, pp. 2.
10 Oct.
Exch. Accts., 56 (22). R.O.
Wages of "the master of the Ordnance retinue" for the month, of 28 days, beginning 10 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII., showing amounts due to the Master, at 13s. 4d. a day, John Clavell, clerk controller, at 12d., and others named, viz., 4 clerks of the ordnance at 12d., 5 clerks of the check (12d.), 4 yeomen of the ordnance (8d.), 4 yeomen purveyors (8d.), 4 chaplains (6d.), 4 surgeons (8d.), 8 bowyers (8d.), 8 fletchers (8d.), 3 lantern makers (6d.), 4 horseharness makers (6d.), one carpenter at 12d. and seven at 8d., one wheeler at 12d., eleven at 8d. 2 sawyers at 6d., 3 masons at 6d., one smith at 12d., and six at 8d. Th. Hert, master gunner at 4s., 18 others (Dutch names mostly) at 53s. 4d. the month and one at 37s. 4d. Signed here: Rauf. Beyston. Also 20 master shooters (Dutch names mostly) at 26s. 8d. the month, 22 master mates, at 23s. 4d., 18 servants gunners at 18s. 8d., 41 names headed "The Master's retinue" at 6d., 4 petty captains at 8d., and 826 pioneers and carters arranged under counties. Total, 840l. 2s. 8d. Signed: Sir John Raynsforth: Rauf. Beyston, clerke comptroller.
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