Henry VIII: October 1513, 11-20

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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October 1513

11 Oct.
Add. MS. 6, 113, f. 9. B.M.
Bill, 11 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII., witnessing receipt by Thomas Wrythesley alias Garter king of arms from, John Daunce, of 100 mks. for "agreement of the duty" of his fellows, kings of arms and other officers of arms of the Prince of Castell and other, for the jousts royal at Tourney. Signed.
Small paper, p. 1.
11 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 100. B.M.
Warrant to John Daunce to pay John Prynce, yeoman of the Guard, 6l. 13s. 4d. in reward. Tourney, 11 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII. Prynce's receipt subscribed.
P. 1.
11 Oct.
Exch. Accts., 417 (11). R.O.
Declaration, taken by Guthlac Overton and declared before Sir Robert Southwell, of the account of Ric. Gibson, deputy to Sir Chr. Garnishe, serjeant of the King's tents, of money received of Sir John Daunce, upon warrant dormant of 23 Jan. 4 Hen. VIII., and payments made by command of the King and Council for stuff, carriage and wages, as by "three books of parcels thereof" appears at large, from 8 Feb. 4 Hen. VIII. to 11 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
Showing briefly how he received 838l. 6s. 8d. and asks allowance for various amounts expended on timber, canvas, ropes, &c., and upon wages, "small necessaries," carriage, &c., in all 863l. 16s. 7d.; so that "payments exceed the receipts" by 25l. 9s. 11d. Signed: per Thomam Tamworth, audit.
Paper roll of 3 large leaves.
11 Oct.
R.T. 143, f. 859. R.O.
2350. [4501.] TOURNAY.
Notarial copy of the town's submission to Henry VIII. on the 23 Sept. Dated 11 Oct. 1513.
Lat. Modern copy, pp. 17.
11 Oct.
Milan Transcr., 2. R.O.
Description of the King and others at the tilting held that day. Conversation with Winchester. The English, a fortnight ago, captured 15 Scotch and 3 French ships. Tournay, 11 Oct.
Italian. Modern copy, pp. 5. See Milan Calendar, I, No. 669.
11 Oct.
Vitell. B. II., 52. B.M.
2352. [4499.] [MAX. SFORZA DUKE OF MILAN] to [HENRY VIII.].
Received his letters announcing his victory over the French and Scots, which was to be expected from so brave an army, and so experienced a leader. Begs to hear from him again. After the defeat of the French at Novara some of their accomplices surrendered; others, such as Barnabas Marquis Malaspina who incited the Alexandrines to revolt, have suffered death. Has no fear of the Venetians any longer, who had set a garrison in Crema, and were two days ago defeated at Ulmo near Vicenza. Bartholomew Alvianus fled; the rest saved themselves in Padua. The hopes of the French are ruined in Italy. Milan, 11 Oct. 1513.
P.S. in his own hand. It only remains for Henry to finish the war. It will be much to his credit to have rescued Italy from the foul yoke of the French. [Signature lost.]
* The wrapper of a letter, add. in the same hand to Hen. VIII., and endorsed, "the 15th of October, 1513," occurs at ƒ. 57.
Milan Calendar I., No. 668. 2. Draft of the above headed 9 Oct., giving additional particulars of the battle of Ulmo where Rangonus and Hermes Bentivolus were slain, Manfredus wounded and Mercurius, prefect of the light horse, taken prisoner by the Imperialists.
11 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 5, f. 74. R.O.
After he and Cardinal Bainbridge had written their letter in common, the Pope told De Giglis privately that he was strongly urged by the College of Cardinals to send legates to the different Christian Princes, according to the decisions of the Lateran Council,—for a general union against the Turks, who are making great preparations against Christendom; and as Louis, the schismatic King of France, is in so low a condition that he cannot refuse, he hopes that England will agree to the proposition. To prove the Pope's regard for Henry's honour the legate to him shall be the Cardinal of England, who, however will not accept the office until he knows Henry's pleasure; and the Pope asks that the messenger sent with this letter may go and return within 22 days. Rome 11 Oct. 1513. Signed.
Lat., pp. 2. Addressed and sealed. Endorsed.
11 Oct.
Baronius, XXXI. 27.
2354. LEO X. to HENRY VIII.
Congratulations upon his victories over the French and Scots. Imminent danger from the Turks. Rome, 5 id. Oct.
12 Oct.
Addit. MSS. 15,387, f. 4. B.M. Theiner, p. 511.
2355. [4502.] HENRY VIII. to LEO X.
That he may not be deceived by false rumors, writes briefly of the great success which God has continuously vouchsafed to him. Has already informed him of the late victory gained by the Earl of Surrey, with small loss, and the slaughter of 13,000 Scots. Has sent the particulars, as related to him in numerous letters, to the Cardinal of York and the Bp. of Worcester, to show to his Holiness, that he may be able to prove that God is fighting in behalf of the Holy Alliance. Notwithstanding his affinity to the King of Scots, and repeated promises of amity received from him, had been always as much prepared for war as for peace. James was seduced by France, from whom he received a large sum of gold, and a great number of men and guns, to invade England in Henry's absence, by which he has inflicted a heavy blow upon his own kingdom. Henry will not fail to follow up his advantage, although one (fn. 1) of the Scotch nobles, who alone escaped, having saved himself by flight, has submissively desired a truce. And now this great and wealthy city of Tournay has surrendered to him after eight days' siege, along with other neighbouring castles. Had intended to pursue the French, who were said to be advancing on Cambray, but they fled so rapidly that he despaired of overtaking them. He accordingly remained at Tournay to consult with the Emperor and the Lady Margaret for the consummation of the marriage of the Prince of Castile. The Prince himself arrived on the 10th. Is much delighted with his conversation. Must return to England, now that winter is close at hand and the Scotch affairs are urgent, to meet his Parliament, which is summoned for the 1st of Nov. Will return as soon as possible, with a larger army, and prosecute the war with all possible vigor. Will leave to-morrow. Begs he will revoke certain concessions made to the King of Scots which are injurious to England. The church of St. Andrew's was only recently made metropolitan and the Archbishop slain in the battle was only the second of that dignity, and his predecessors were always suffragans of the Abp. of York. Begs he will recall the grant of metropolitan honors to that see, and reduce it to the dignity of a bishopric, and also restore the priory of Coldingham, which had been given in commendam to the late Archbp. of St. Andrews', to the see of Durham. As the affairs of Scotland concern him nearly, begs Leo not to dispose of any of the Scotch bishoprics, rendered vacant by the slaughter of the prelates who were in the battle, armed and without sacerdotal habit, until Henry has expressed his wishes with regard to them. Requests that he will write to the Bp. of London to allow the body of the King of Scots, who died under excommunication, to be carried to London, and buried with royal honors at St. Paul's. Tournay, 12 Oct. 1513.
Lat. Modern copy, pp. 17.
12 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 99. B.M.
Warrant to John Daunce to pay Sir William Parre his wages as a spear, at 40d. a day, for one year from 2 Nov.; and also 50l. by way of loan, to be repaid at Michaelmas next. Tourney, 10 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
Subscribed with Parre's receipt for 110l. 16s. 8d. on 12 Oct.
Parchment, p. 1.
12 Oct.
Exch. Accts., 517 (25). R.O.
2357. ALMS.
Account of small sums of money given to "the poor" between 5 April and 12 Oct. 1513, with one payment of 2s. on 20 Oct. [1512] and a list of persons who contributed "for the whole year" 5l. 13s. 8d., viz. Thomas Cowper, 5s., Richard Sandwyche 5s., Henry Campion 2s., John Frythe 3s. and 51 others.
Narrow paper, pp. 5.
13 Oct. 2358. TOURNAY.
Further abstracts from the Archives of the town as in No. 2338(2).
XXIV. Notification received by the town that Henry VIII. leaves it to-day, Thursday, 13 Oct.
XXV. Order forbidding the inhabitants of Tournay to make, sing or utter libels in the way of songs, ballads or otherwise against Kings or princes. 14 Oct. 1513.
Both documents in French.
13 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 101. B.M.
Warrant to John Daunce to pay Sir Edward Guyldeforde 125l. 10s. 4d. for the costs he has sustained in making the tilts and jousting places, scaffolds and other necessaries, and providing stuff, spears, &c., for "our royal jousts made at Torney." Tournay, 13 Oct. 5 Henry VIII.
Guildford's receipt subscribed.
P. 1.
13 Oct.
Sanuto, XVII., 267, 271 and 304.
2360. VENICE.
[Notes of letters received 29 Oct. to 8 Nov.]
From the Ambassador Dandolo (Amiens, 8–13 Oct.) and others, touching the King of England's return home, the Emperor's hostility to Liege, &c.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 345–8.
14 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 102. B.M.
Bill, 14 Oct. 1513, witnessing receipt by Sir Robert Wyngffeld, from Mr. John Dauncy, of 100l. st. "assigned unto me by the King's grace in reward."
Small paper, p. 1.
14 Oct.
Lettres de Louis XII., iv., 203.
The Emperor is answering your letters touching the writing which the English Councillors presented to you and the affair of M. de Nassau. On the despatch of this came a post by whom you write a request of the English Councillors. The Emperor says that Phintzing will declare his intention therein. If we could hear news of some money the Emperor might return thither in time to meet the King of England, but without it return seems impossible. Karde, 14 Oct.
14 Oct.
Vitell. B. II., 53. B.M. Rym. XIII., 379.
Has received his letters yesterday by the Cardinal of York, who exhorted the writer to deliver him the deposit and promised a great reward from Henry. Was keeping his narrow chamber with a fit of rheumatism. Gave up his deposit, which the Cardinal took with him on condition that he should personally hand it to Henry; for Pope Julius commanded that either the writer or the said Cardinal should deliver it personally. Sorry that owing to pain in his joints he cannot attend to the confirmation required by Henry. Will do so as soon as he recovers. Rome, 14 Oct. 151[3]. Signed.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
15 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 76. R.O.
Receipt, 15 Oct. 1513, by Thomas Spynelly, the King's servant, from Sir John Daunce, of 4l., by the Council's order, for espial.
P. 1.
15 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 103. B.M.
Warrant to John Dauncy to deliver to Lord Edward Gray, 20l., in reward. Tourney, 15 Oct., 5 Hen. VIII.
Grey's receipt subscribed.
Small parchment, p. 1.
15 Oct.
Galba B. III., 90. B.M. Rym. XIII., 379.
Declaration by Henry VIII. that he and Margaret of Savoy, acting for the Emperor, have concluded certain articles (recited) of agreement for defence against France by the Emperor's supporting the garrison of Tournay with 4,000 horse and 6,000 foot in Artois, Hainault, &c., paid by the King (200,000 cr.), during the winter, and invasion of France before 1 June next, and also for the marriage of Prince Charles with the Princess Mary at Calais before 15 May next. Lisle, 15 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
Lat., copy, mutilated, pp. 6.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 5, f. 76. R.O. 2. [4508(2).] The oath of Will. de Croy Lord Shierve (sic), lieutenant of the King of Castile, Thos. de Playne, chancellor of the same King, Mich. de Croy Lord of Sempi, and Hieronynmus Lauweryn, Lord de Watrevliet, treasurer of the same King, John le Sauvage Lord le Schaubeke, president of Flanders, taken before John Yong, LL.D., ambassador of England, to the matrimonial treaty between England and Castile. Signed.
P. 1.
* This document is really of the year 1506. See Rymer XIII. 147, &c.
Walther, Anfange Karls v., App. 10. 2367. MARGARET OF SAVOY to MAXIMILIAN.
Winchester and the Almoner, with her yesterday to communicate the affair of Aragon, wished that he would appoint commissioners to deal with them as to the writings to be made between him and their master, and asked her to write of this and the hastening of his return. Has good hope that the affair of Aragon will end well.
Le Glay, Analectes Hist., p. 189. 2368. THE EMPEROR.
"Promesse de ne point faire de paix avec la France sans le consentement de ... (Ce billet est de la main de Marguerite d'Autriche, ecrit, on le croit, en 1513, lors de l'entrevue de cette princesse avec Henri VIII.)."
Le Glay,
Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 171.
To-day the King of England's Council have required her to write to the Emperor to hasten his coming and to let them know the day and place where he will be, so that they may dismiss most of their men; and with a certain number of men the King will still be able to wait some days. They say also that if the Emperor does not return and take some other conclusion than has hitherto been taken they will repute all that has passed between him, the King and them void. This would involve the ruin of these countries and she begs him to hasten his coming.
Addit. 21,382, f. 56. B.M. 2370. [4509.] MAXIMILIAN to MARGARET.
Is satisfied with her arrangements for the household of the Princess Mary in the appointment of the wife of Charles Ourssin, Margaret's controller, as her femme de chambre, and John Glennet, nephew of De Sallans, treasurer of Burgundy, who is now with Margaret's secretary Marnix, as controller.
Fr., draft, p. 1.
15 Oct.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 77. R.O.
2371. TOURNAY.
Receipt, 15 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII., from Sir John Daunce, by Sir Robert Dymmok, to the use of Sir Edward Ponynges, lieutenant of the city of Tourney, for 40l. heretofore "paid to the lord Emerey as well for certain espial by him to be made in the parts of Henago as for other necessary charges concerning the King's wars."
P. 1.
15 Oct.
Milan Transcr., 2. R.O.
The King of England's departure from Tournay and entertainment at Lille. Has obtained leave from Madame to go to the Emperor. The French forces. Ghent, 15 Oct. 1513.
Italian. Modern extract, pp. 7. See Milan Calendar, I, No. 671.
15 Oct.
Sanuto, XVII., 217 and 218.
2373. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 18 Oct. 1513.]
From Vettor Lippomano, Rome, 12 Oct.—* * *The Pope has given a bishopric (fn. 2) of Scotland, which belonged to the King's brother, who also was killed in the rout, and has a revenue of 12,000 ducats, to Cardinal Cibo, in to-day's Consistory. The Pope goes to Magnana and Ostia. * *
15 Oct.—On the 13th the Ambassador received the Signory's letters; and immediately rode after the Pope. * * Bonfires in Rome by the Spanish ambassador and certain cardinals, including England, for the defeat (fn. 3) of the Venetians.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 339.
Ib., 227. ii. [Note of letters read 22 Oct. 1513.]
From the Ambassador Lando, Rome, 15 Oct.—The Pope urges Venice to give up Verona, since the Emperor is supported by Spain and England; and then he will make a league of Christendom against the Turks, and in time Venice will recover her own. The French ambassador, Bishop of Marseilles, has come to tell him that, by letters from Amiens, of the 3rd, the English were still at Tournay. Letters from Lyons of the 26th state that the Queen had news that the King of Scotland was not killed, only a natural brother who wore his coat (veste).
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 342.
16 Oct.
Exch. Dipl. Doct. 747. R.O.
2374. [4510.] HENRY VIII. and MAXIMILIAN.
Declaration by Margaret of Savoy of her conclusion with Henry VIII. of the articles (recited) referred to in No. 2366. Lisle, 16 Oct. 1513.
Lat. Large parchment. Signed and sealed.
17 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 104. B.M.
"Rewards given by the King and delivered by the hands of [Mr. Almoner] (fn. 4) to my Lady's officers at the King's second being at Lile," 17 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII, viz.:—
To the treasurer, 20l.; two stewards, 40l.; comptroller, 10l.; grooms and ushers, 20l.; clerk of the kitchen and clerk of the office, 20l.; master cook and three cooks, 20l.; pantry, 10l.; "frutrie," 10l.; "herbigers," 10l.; "marshall herbigers," 6l. 13s. 4d.; tapistriers, 13l. 6s. 8d.; porter, 3l. 6s. 8d.; cellar and buttery, 10l.; secretary, 20l.; children of the chamber, 3l. 6s. 8d.; the Prince's "harbigers," 10l.; Latin secretary with the Prince, 6l. 13s. 4d.; ushers of the Princes Council, 3l. 6s. 8d.; "Moungyne and his wife," 3l. 6s. 8d.; the audiencer, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Thomas Spynelly, 40l.; the gentlewomen called watchers of my Lady's chamber, 20l.; the master of my Lady's horse, 20l.; bakers, pastry and wafery, 4l.; governor of Bresse's clerk, 40s.; chaplains, 20l.; minstrels, 13l. 6s. 8d.; clerks of the closet, 100s.; Sir Th. Bolayn, 40l.; a servant of the duke of Bromwik, 13l. 6s. 8d.; Rougecrosse herald, by the King's command, 40s.; a messenger of the Pope, 10l.; servant of Wm. Rote, serjeant at arms, for money given to the King's smiths at Calais and "where his Grace was shifted or his Grace came to Lisle," 26s. 8d.; to one that made verses at Tornay, 40s.; alms to the Friars Observants at Lisle, 40s.; a servant of the Emperor's that brought bowstaves, 6l. 13s. 4d.; alms to another friar at Lisle, 20s.; to Seward Skipwith to give alms at Tornay, 6s. 8d.; the porter of Calais in reward, 6s. 8d.; the ambassador of Aragon at Iper, 20l. Total, delivered "by John Daunce" in presence of Mr. Almoner, 470l. Signed: Thomas Wulcy.
Pp. 2.
17 Oct.
Exch. Accts., 61 (10). R.O.
"The jestes from Torney to Caleis:—Money paid by Sir Sampson Norton," master of the Ordnance, for horsemeat for the cart horses of the Vanguard, by command of my lord Captain.
Showing amounts (between 8s. 8d. and 34s.) paid daily, on 12 Oct. at Stengell, 13th at Lile, 14th at Ipre, 15th at Dixmew, 16th at Newporte and 17th at "a village beside Donkirk"; besides 2s. 8d. for "thexing and trymmyng of a carte," twice, between Lisle and Dixmewe. Signed by Norton.
P. 1.
17 Oct.
Vesp. C. I., 91. B.M.
Treaty concluded by Don Pedro de Urrea, ambassador with the Emperor, Don Louis Carroz, ambassador in England, Johannes de la Nuza, ambassador of Aragon with the Prince of Castile and Lady Margaret, on the part of Ferdinand; John lord de Bergis, Gerard de Pleine lord De la Roche, on the part of the Emperor; Richard bishop of Winchester, Privy Seal, Lord Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset, on the part of England. It is agreed that Ferdinand shall invade Guienne or Aquitaine before June next with 15,000 foot, 1,500 heavyarmed horse, and 1,500 light-armed horse, and 25 pieces of artillery, 12 large and 13 small, and shall give up his conquests to England. Henry is to contribute monthly 20,000 cr. of gold, equal to 4s. sterling each, to the expenses of Aragon from the time Ferdinand commences the war in Guienne. England to invade Picardy or Normandy before June, and each power to send a fleet to sea before the end of April. The Pope and Charles of Castile to be at liberty to enter the league. Lisle, 17 Oct. 1513. Signed by the Spanish plenipotentiaries.
Lat. Vellum.
Exch. Dipl.
Doct. 742. R.O.
2. [4511(2).] Confirmation of the above by Henry VIII. Undated. Seal appended (broken).
Paris and
Simancas MS.
3. Copies of the above treaty signed by Winchester and Dorset and by Berghes and Plaine. See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, Nos. 138–9.
Galba B. V.,
392 b. B.M.
2378. [4512.] [HENRY VIII. to his AMBASSADORS.]
[Of the commencement, much mutilated, only a few isolated portions remain, such as "the sayd Duche[ss]," "the sayd ambassadors," "th' emperor and his grace," "the expedition," "against the King's enemy the."]
* * * "the convention, interview and meeting to be made by" the Emperor, the King, Queen, the Prince of Castile, the Duchess, and the Lady Mary, "Princess of Castile," for solemnisation of the marriage to be made in Calais in May next; for the due preparation of which much discussion is required.
Draft in Ruthal's hand, mutilated, p. 1.
Galba B. III.,
95. B.M.
2. [3862.] (fn. 5) * * ". . nce of the confederates of the sa[i]d l[eague], and in no ways join th[e ... or any ot]her prince against the said confederates or any of them, but actually join [the King in his] wars according to the purport of the articles above specified." But as the Swiss are of such nature that they must be entertained by pensions, and receive wages, it is thought that authority should be given to the "said" ambassador of Aragon to conclude [as well] upon the said league as upon a yearly pension to them by common contribution of the Pope, the Emperor, the Kings of England and of Aragon. To this the King's ambassador may say that the Pope, Emperor and King are agreeable and have no doubt that Aragon will do his part.
The 2nd overture made to the King by the Emperor was to accept the protection of "those the Prince's countries in his absence," considering the unstability of friends and the brittleness of neighbours which even of late put them to business, and will presumably the rather attempt like things in the King's absence than they did when he was present; albeit this motion was notified by the Emperor to his said nephew and not devised by the King, yet, for the honour and surety of "the King his said brother's" lands, the King is agreeable, when the league is taken, if the King of Aragon will consent.
In Ruthal's hand. Mutilated, p. 1.
17 Oct.
Pet. Mart. Ep. No. 528.
2379. [4513.] PETER MARTYR to LUD. FURTADO.
Miseries of Italy. The Venetians have collected all their forces at Padua against the Spaniards. Every turret and pinnacle is bristling with guns. The Venetians have cleared away every tree, to give free scope to their projectiles. The Swiss are besieging Dijon. To gain time La Palisse demanded an opportunity of consulting Louis, on their proposals, and fortified Dijon in the interval. Terouenne has been taken and destroyed by the English. Tournay has surrendered, and given Henry 40,000 ducats, who has moved towards Amiens, where Louis is with 30,000 men. Francis duke of Augouleme has been wounded in the skirmish. The King of Hungary has cut to pieces 4,000 Turkish cavalry. Valladolid, 17 Oct. 1513.
18 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 88. B.M.
Bill for the King's oblations anno quinto, showing the days, viz.:—17 July, Sunday, at Calise in Staple Place. 22 July, Mary Magdalen's Day, at Calkewell Field by Calise. [24 July, at Hammeswell Field by Guysnes, Sunday. 9 Aug., St. Laurence Day "at Crekewell Field] (fn. 6) where the King's Grace met with the Emperor." 14 Aug., at the same Crekeffield, Sunday. 4 Sept., "beside Gyngate, of the east side," Sunday. 8 Sept., Nat. of Our Lady, beside Betwyn. 14 Sept., Exalt. of the Cross, at Bossilfield. 17 Sept., Sunday, at Torneyfield. 22 Sept., St. Matthew Day, at Torneyfield. 25 Sept., "Sunday, the King was received at Tornay and there had no high mass nor offered at no mass." 13 Oct., St. Edward Day, "at Tornay, in his chamber." 16 Oct., Sunday, at Lisle "with Lady Margaret and the Prince of Castell." 18 Oct., St. Luke, "almost at Calise returning."
P. 1. Corrected and signed by W. Atwater, dean of the Chapel.
ii. Endorsed with an acknowledgment by John Barker of receipt from Sir John Daunce of 4l. for Dr. Attwatter, for "causes within written."
19 Oct.
Calig. B. III., 235. B.M.
2381. [4497.] DACRE to [RUTHAL] BP. OF DURHAM. (fn. 7)
Has this morning received his letter dated Awkland the 17th inst. At the meeting of the Chamberlain and himself, on Saturday last, the weather was so grievous, and he was "so sore chafed and encumbered with the Scots," whom he found extreme in the ransoming of English prisoners, that he forgot to ask the Chamberlain of the charge committed to Ross herald. Intended this last Tuesday to have made a great raid into Scotland, but was prevented by the waters. If they continue, will have to wait for the next moon. Thinks it desirable for the article contained in his letter to the Queen, written after he was with Ruthal at Durham, for the manning of Etall and Ford, to be remembered, as there is no abstinence at this time. Has seen the Bishop's plan for rebuilding Norham and will send the smith required. Carlisle, 19 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add.: [To m]y Lord of Duresme. Endorsed: Letters of the Lord Dacre to my Lord of Duresme.
20 Oct
.Ib., 12. B.M.
2382. [4518.] DACRE to RUTHAL. (fn. 8)
Has received the King's letter and his; has returned an answer to the King. The Duke of Gloucester, late warden of the West Marches, and Earl of Northumberland, of the East and Middle, thought it a great enterprise to make a raid into Tevydale with all their friends and adherents. Though a man of much less substance, Dacre will attempt raids on the West and Middle Marches at the King's desire. Cannot attempt the East March at present. My Lord of Norfolk, in the last war, with my Lords of Winchester, Conyers, Sir William Bulmer and others, and 1,000 soldiers, supported by Berwick and Norham, found it as much as they could do to make a raid in Tevydale. Little help from Northumberland, it being so poor and wasted. As for a good and secret workman to make your iron gates at Norham, I send William Hall who shall be with you on Sunday next. Carlisle, 20 Oct. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add.: To my Lord of Duresme.
20 Oct.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 105. B.M.
"Rewards given by the King's Grace at Caleys," 20 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII.
The lords Vannasso, Iselsten, Walwen, and Lynny, 500 mks. each. The lord Marques van Baunde, 200l.; Boton, 60l.; My Lady's steward, 20l.; Garvoo, 40l.; Charlo, 20l.; Lamond de Brumiselles, 40l.; Lord Iselsten's servant, who guided the King on the way, 20 mks; Colcer, 20l.; Burlewe, 20l.; Motre de Flotre, 20l.; Mons. Saint George, 20l.; Styllyngstrete, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Mocoron, "which maketh lodgings with my lord Burgeyveny," 20l.; Mons. de Eueryngham, 20l.; Philip Brysell, 40l.; the Bastard Emery, 200l.; Sir Rice ap Thomas, 500 mks.; John Ways, Francis Gerys, Ant. Dahey, and John Foltham, 10l. each; Hedyng for 6 archers and 2 "furryers" of my Lady's, "which went with him," 20l.; Byssy, 20l.; John de Luse, 13l. 6s. 8d.; Angelus Recombe, "Stradyat," 66s. 8d.; Sir Robert Wyngefeld, diets for 200 days from 14 Oct. anno quinto, 200l. Total "paid by Sir John Daunce," in the presence of Mr. Almoner, 2,723l. 6s. 8d. Signed: Thomas Wulcy.
Pp. 2.
20 Oct. 2384. JOHN DE LUSY.
Annuity. See under 31 March, 1514.
20 Oct.
R.T. 144, f. 233. R.O.
2385. [4516.] TOURNAY.
Letters patent of Henry VIII. in favor of Guillaume Espanault, Guillaume de Bruges, Jehan Huart l'aisné, and others, inhabitants of Tournay, who could not conveniently return to the city within the 40 days allowed by the Act. Calais, 20 Oct. 1513, 5 Hen. VIII.
* This is printed as No. XXVI. in M. Adolphe Hocquet's Pièces Justificatives. See No. 2358.
French. Modern copy, p. 1.


  • 1. The Chamberlain, Lord Hume.
  • 2. Of St. Andrews.
  • 3. At Vicenza, on 7 October.
  • 4. These words struck out and "Sir John Dauncy" substituted.
  • 5. This paper is placed here for convenience and not because it has any connection with § 1. An arrangement for the "protection" of the Prince is described by Walther (Anfänge, p. 117) as concluded on 19 October 1513.
  • 6. Cancelled.
  • 7. Headed by Ruthal, "The first."
  • 8. Headed by Ruthal, "The second."