Henry VIII: December 1509

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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December 1509

1 Dec.
T.R. Misc. Books, 111. R.O.
258. [718. For the CHAPEL OF ST. GEORGE, WINDSOR.
Inspeximus and confirmation of the liberties granted by Edward IV. Westm., 1 Dec. 1 Hen. VII.
Engrossed copy on vellum, pp. 30.
Sir Robert Cotton's signature appears on the first page. (fn. 1) ]
3 Dec.Deeds A. 14,907. R.O. 259. LORD DARCY.
Original patent of 3 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. (See GRANTS IN DECEMBER, No. 5.) Seal broken. Marked: Irror.
3 Dec.
Spanish Transcr ., Ser. I., 5, f. 82. R.O.
Sends duplicate of his letter of 28 Nov. John Stile tells him that the King wishes at once to conclude a close alliance with him, the King of the Romans, Queen of Castile and Prince Charles. Glad that the King's opinions coincide with his own. He and the Queen of Castile are ready to sign at once and he sends his power to his ambassador Luis Caroz. Begs her to say that he is ready to sacrifice anything to serve the King, and if they are sincerely united all Christendom will feel it. It is, however, desirable to gain the alliance of the King of the Romans. Endd.: Mansilla, 3 Dec. 1509. See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 32.
Span., modern transcript from Simancas, pp. 3.
Ib., f. 191.
261. ALMAZAN to ALBION and CABANILLAS, Spanish Ambassadors in France.
Letters from Rome state that the French are trying to sow dissension between Ferdinand and the Emperor. If so, their peace negociations there are false pretences meant to prevent peace being made. This courier is going to England. If they think the French will stop him they must put his letter in another cover directed to Madame Margaret and tell him to tear it off after passing the frontier and go to Calais. See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 83.
Span., modern transcript from Simancas, p. 1; headed as an undated minute enclosed in the preceding.
3 Dec.
Venetian Transcr., 176, p. 42. R.O.
262. DOGE AND SENATE OF VENICE to their Ambassadors at Rome.
3 Dec. 1509.—Means of negociating will be improved by the coming of the English ambassador, the bishop of York, who will be at Rome before this letter is received and who is to be visited and assured of the Signory's devotion to England. See Venetian Calendar II, Nos. 19, 20.
Two letters. Ital., modern extracts, pp. 2.
5 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 44. R.O.
Warrants to the Great Wardrobe, dated Greenwich, 5 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. to deliver Mr. Geoffrey Wrenne, clerk of the Closet:—(1) Six altar cloths, &c. Signed.
P. 1.
Ib., f. 43. R.O. (2) Broad cloth for a gown. Signed.
P. 1.
6 Dec.
Sanuto, IX., 439.
264. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 3 Jan. 1509–10.]
Andrea Badoer, from England, 6 Dec.—The letter, being in cipher was not read. (See § 2.)
Private letters brought news of the death of Bartholomew Liviano who was prisoner at Lochies, where Signor Ludovico (fn. 2) was.
Other private letters from Ferigo Morexini to Pandolfo his brother, from London, 5 [Dec.].—The King is very well disposed to the Signory. He is 18 years old, liberal, warlike and loved by his subjects, provided with money and eager for war with the King of France. On 1 Dec., at London and throughout the island, was made proclamation for all who could bear arms to be in order by Candlemas next. People say it is against France. He has ready _ (blank) ships for this. News of the capture of Vieenza was received by the English with great joy. The Consul L[orenzo Pasqualigo] and merchants of Venice, asking for delay of payment of a certain custom, were readily granted two years' grace. Our ambassador is ill, and, if there are others willing to be ambassadors, a change would be for the benefit of the Signory. It is said there that there will be peace between the Emperor and the Signory, and that the King of France is making 60 ships in Normandy and Brittany, in great haste, to come to Venice. Merchants and others who write hither add that the King and all the English are with the Signory, and the King wishes to attack France.
Sanuto, IX., 446 2. [Note of letters read 4 Jan. 1500–10.]
From England, from Andrea Badoer, 6 Dec.—Preclamation made on the 1st for all to be in arms by Candlemas. It is said to be against the King of Scotland, who has sent to demand of this King a castle which was formerly his. This by instigation of the King of France. The King of England favours the Signory and dislikes France.
8 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 1. R.O.
Warrants to Sir Andrew Wyndesore, keeper of the Great Wardrobe, to deliver the yeomen of the Chamber attending in the Tower (13 names), for "wacching clothing," each 5 yds. of London russet. Greenwich, 8 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Signed. Countersigned by Surrey, Shrewsbury, Somerset, Lovell and Marny.
8 Dec.
Le Glay, Neg, entre la France et l'Autriche, I., 292.
As to her desire to learn the conclusion between the Emperor and French King concerning the Venetians; so far there is no other than the Treaty of Cambray, and it is not likely that Roquendorf, who is coming hither, brings the final resolution; for the Emperor still desires the Diet at Mantua of all the allies. * * * Spoke to the Legate in accordance with what she wrote, and he showed himself well inclined to maintain the amity with the Emperor. The King means to pass the Mountains still better appointed than last year, and, although the Swiss have refused to continue the league with him, he now sends the bailly of Troye to obtain Swiss. He sends also the mareschal des logis, D'Arizoles, to the King of England and another great embassy thither is to follow. Bloys, 8 Dec. 1509.
8 Dec.
Venetian Transcr., 176, p. 44. R.O.
267. DOGE AND SENATE OF VENICE to their Ambassadors at Rome.
8 Dec. 1509.—Received theirs of 22, 25 and 26 ult. * * * As to the Pope's complaint of the damage done to Ferrara by the armada, he is to be reminded (details) how the Duke detains their "Pollesene" of Rhoigo and assisted the Emperor against Padua. They must make much of the English ambassador. See Venetian Calendar II, No. 23.
Ital., modern transcript, pp. 2.
8 Dec.
Sanute, IX., 408.
268. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 23 Dec. 1509.]
Hironimo conte di Porzil to Zuan Badoer, from Rome, 9 Dec.—Letters from Blois of 28 [Nov.] and Genoa of 4 Dec. report [the Cardinal of] Rouen to be at the point of death. The Pope is striving to persuade the Siennese to be good Italians. The Gulf. Letters from Flanders state that France is arming for Italy in the spring, and sends men to Normandy for fear of the English. The French in Rome are greatly excited because the English ambassador and two of the Venetian were in the congregation of Cardinals.
Ib., 409. 2. From Rome. [Received 24 Dec.]—The Pope's heart is more than ever hardened against raising the excommunication. The ambassador of England, bp. of York, has done a good office for the Signory, and is appointed to be with the Cardinals deputed to hear the Ambassadors, two (named) of whom have been with the said Cardinals and so justified the Signory with regard to the Gulf and Ferrara that the English ambassador spoke to the Pope. The Pope said "We will write into England to the King and have his opinion, far as it is." The said ambassador has great reputation in Rome and has told the Venetian ambassadors that his master and the King of Scotland have made a league and will attack France. * * *
10 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 80. R.O.
Warrant to Great Wardrobe to pay for making a long gown, &c. Greenwich, 10 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Signed.
Congé d'élire. See GRANTS IN DECEMBER, No. 27.
11 Dec. 271. BUTLEY PRIORY.
Election. See GRANTS IN DECEMBER, No. 28.
Election. See GRANTS IN DECEMBER, No. 30.
12 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 53. R.O.
Warrant to Great Wardrobe to deliver Wm. Worthy, "keeper of our fool," tawney medley for a gown, &c. Tower of London. 12 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1.
12 Dec.
Spanish Transcr. Ser. I., 5, f. 84. R.O.
Treaty between Maximilian and Ferdinand for the management of Prince Charles's inheritance in Spain, made before the Cardinal of Amboise, as mediator, at Blois, 12 Dec. 1509. (This is Ferdinand's part signed by Maximilian's ambassadors Mercurino de Gattinara and Andreas de Burgo, and by Robertet.) See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, Nos. 33, 34 and 37.
Lat., modern transcript from Simancas (of S.P. Cal., No. 33), pp. 3.
13 Dec.
R. MS. 13 B, II. 65b. (No. 181.) B.M. Ep. R, Scot., I., 130.
As he is not known to his Majesty, ventures to send the following account of himself.—While studying at Padua he brought out a book of Adagia, and three books De Inventoribus Rerum, at the request of the Duke of Urbino, who is well skilled in Greek and Latin. On his appointment to the collectorship visited England, desirous to become acquainted with that country, and studied English antiquities. Was so much astonished at the lives of its illustrious men that he could not but feel surprised at the scanty notices of it to be found in Greek and Latin authors. Finding its annals various and confused, and even unknown to Englishmen, resolved to write a short history of the country. Has nearly finished the work, and interwoven notices of Scotland, but scantily, as he had no good author to follow. Has often requested Gilbert, King James's chaplain, to furnish him with the names of the Scottish Kings; and as he has failed so to do, requests his Majesty to furnish him with any annals of the country that he possesses, or the names and lives of the Scottish Kings, and his own among the number. London, 13 Dec. 1509. Signature copied: "Servulus Polidorus Vergilius Urbinas, Archidiaconus Wellen."
Lat. Copy, pp. 2.
14 Dec.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., I., 221.
Received her letters touching the affair of Gueldres, upon which he had, three or four days before, sent a power to his councillors with the King of France. As to what she has written of Madame Marie of England, he is well pleased that she come into the Low Countries and he furnished as Margaret suggests. Bolzanne, 14 Dec. 1509.
16 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 99. R.O.
His appointment by Thomas Ilston, prior of St. Augustine's, Daventre, to be steward of all the priory lands. Daventry, 16 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII.
Lat., copy, p. 1. Large paper.
21 Dec.
Venetian Transcr., 176, p. 45. R.O.
21 Dec. 1509.—Wrote on 15th ult. and have since received his of the 8th ult. enclosing copies of the King's letters to the Pope and Ferdinand, and the latter's reply. He is to thank the King,—commending the hint he gave Ferdinand against making France too powerful in Italy and inciting him to seize this unique opportunity to conquer a crown whose title he bears. Continue to seek reconciliation with the Emperor and have sent two ambassadors (fn. 3) to Feltre to confer with two of his, and offer aid in attacking Milan. Are sure that Henry could get the Emperor to enter league with him, Spain and Venice; but, even if the Emperor refuse, the Venetians will join Henry and Ferdinand in attacking France. Thank Henry for the offers made by his ambassador at Rome to theirs. Progress of the war; the Signory have recovered Vicenza, Feltre, Cividal di Belluno and La Scala, and made reprisals on the Duke of Ferrara for his retention of the Polesine of Rovigo, &c., and attacks upon their men. See Venetian Calendar II, No. 24.
Ital., modern transcript, pp. 4.
Heard by James' chaplain Henry Wret of his good health. The treaty between the Emperor and France, of which he lately sent a copy so far as it related to Gueldres, has been observed with difficulty on his side but frequently broken by the other. Requests the assistance of James for his defence. The above Henry, bearer of these, will explain his intentions. Zutphen, 22 Dec. 1509.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
22 Dec.
Venetian Transcr., 176, p. 48. R.O.
Sorry to see, by his last, that he was ill. Pleased with the letters the King wrote to Ferdinand and the Pope, but point out objections to a passage in that to the Pope. Remind him of their instructions to caress D. Peter Carmeliano. Ludovic della Mirandola, chief captain of the Duke of Ferrara, killed. Badoer shall congratulate the King on the Queen's pregnancy. Enclose letters of thanks to the King. Dated 22 Dec. 1509. See Venetian Calendar, II, 25.
Ital., modern transcript, pp. 2.
24 Dec.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 46b. (No. 112.) B.M.
281. [767.] JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
Recommending John Innys for the Cistercian abbey of Deir, which James, the present abbot, proposes to resign. Edinburgh, 24 Dec. 1509.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
[24 Dec.]
Adv. MS. 275.
282. JAMES IV. to CARD. [OF ST. MARK].
Is writing to the Pope to confer the abbey of Deir on John Innes.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
25 Dec.
Roman Transcr. Ser. I., 52 B., f. 425. R.O.
Certificate by Raphael [Card. of Ostia, Papal chamberlain] of visitation [of the Pope] by Richard Bishop of Norwich for three years from 26 Feb. 1507, and for two further triennia. By Aloysius Gibraleon, writer of apostolic letters, on behalf of the bp. of Norwich. Rome, 25 Dec. 1510, (fn. 4) pont. 7.
Lat., modern extract.
26 Dec. 284. CERNE ABBEY.
Election. See GRANTS IN DECEMBER, No. 47.
28 Dec.
Adv. MS. 9.
Writes again of his successes, in case his former letters have miscarried. To requite the ancient malice of the Lubeckers which he, like his predecessors, has experienced, the writer went to Holstein, trusting to have his brother's assistance. Offered to submit the case to the arbitration of the abp. of Lunden, the bp. of Roschild and the Senates of Hamburg and Lunenburg, with the addition of the King of Scots or one of the German electors. This was declined, and the King of Denmark found himself deprived of his brother's assistance, who had made a treaty with the Lubeckers. "Convenit ad ultimum inter nos, &c. (See No. 247.) Requests therefore that James will arrest and seize the goods of any Lubeckers. Requests the loan of James' ship called The Margaret with three others, to be sent to Merstrand in Norway by Easter next, the crew to be at the command of the King of Denmark or his son Christiern, and that Andrew Barcarii and his brothers may be at his service next summer. Copenhagen, 28 Dec. 1509.
Lat., copy, pp. 3.
29 Dec.
Venetian Transcr., 176, p. 49. R.O.
29 Dec. 1509.—Received theirs of 13 Dec. about their conference with the Cardinals of Naples and St. George, in presence of the bp. of York, ambassador of the King of England. Send resolution as to the two articles of the Gulf and Ferrara in which they may use the mediation of the said English ambassador.
Two letters. Ital., modern transcript, p. 1.
30 Dec.
Sanuto, IX., 506.
287. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 1 Feb. 1509–10.]
Private letters from England, of 30 Dec. from S. Lorenzo Pasqualigo, consul, Alberto Bavarin, Nicolo da Ponte, S. Ferigo Morexini and others, but not from the Ambassador Badoer.—Tin had gone up because the King had bought a great quantity to make 100 pieces of artillery. He wishes to launch and arm four ships which he has been making in Hampton. The King's tribute had come from the King of France.
31 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 71. R.O.
Warrant to Great Wardrobe to deliver Jehan Veyrier, "our surgeon": black chamlet for a gown, &c. Richmond, 31 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
1. The General Pardon. Warrant for Richard Wygan to have the King's general pardon, notwithstanding his exemption. Greenwich, 1 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. (countersigned: W. Atwater). [719.]
2. Sheriffs.—"Nicholas Ridlay, to be sheriff of our county of North-umberland for this year ensuing." S.B. (now filed under 29 Sept.; sewed on to the back of this document is one half of a presentation to William abp. of Canterbury by William Wareham, archdeacon of Canterbury, of Nich. Hyllyngton, LL.B., to the perpetual vicarage of the parish church of St. Clement, Sandwich, void by the death of Richard Hoynde, priest, dated 20 March, 1508). [537.]
3. Sheriffs. "John Leventhorpe squyre to be shrief of Essex." (In the King's own hand.) Del. 3 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. (paper, backed with the other half of the presentation referred to in the preceding).
ii. Certificate by Rob. Blagge of surety found in the Exchequer by John Leventhorp as sheriff of Essex and Herts. [724.]
4. John Nevyle, yeoman of the King's horses. To be, during pleasure, keeper of the old park of Wakefeld. Greenwich, 17 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Dec. P.S. (in English). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [720.]
5. Sir Thomas [Lord] Darcy and Edith his wife. Ratification by the King of their estate in the manors of Mantholme, Witton, Cotyngham, and Buttrecrambe, Yorks.; Shirwode, Notts.; Assheford in le Peke, Derb.; Talworth, Surr.; Kenton and Lyston, and other lands in Devon, the fee farm of 28l. 9s. 8½d. in Basingstoke and Andover, Hants, and the moiety of an annual rent of 30l. payable by the sheriff of Kent. It appears that they granted the premises by a final concord to Sir Reginald Bray, dec., Sir Tho. Lovell, Sir Jas. Hubert, Sir Ric. Emson, and Tho. Lucas, during the life of the said Edith; and the said Sir Thos. Lovell, &c., after the death of Sir Reginald Bray, by the King's command, released to them the premises during the said Edith's life. Greenwich, 29 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Dec. P.S. [721.]
6. John Yong, Master of the Rolls. Warrant to cancel 11 recognizances, amounting to 5,100 mks., made by Sir George Hastynges, 23 Hen. VII., to Sir Thomas Lovell, Sir Richard Emson, Sir John Huse, Edmund Dudley, and John Ernley, the King's attorney. Greenwich, 3 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. [722.]
7. Sir Thomas Lord Darcy, Councillor. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Thomas Grey, son of Sir Ralph Grey. Greenwich, 30 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Dec. P.S. [723.]
8. Commission of the Peace. (See Appendix.) Kent.—Westm., 4 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18d. [725.]
9. William Gower, groom of the Chamber. To be, for life, keeper of Aberleye park, Worc., on surrender of pat. 2 June, 23 Hen. VII., granting the office for life to Henry Penago as held by Walter Rufford, dec. Also grant for life of a tenement called the Colehouse. Also to be, for life, bailiff of the lordship of Shkally, Worc. Greenwich, 9 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 5 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [726.]
10. Sir Francis Cheyny. To be, during pleasure, constable and porter of Quenebourgh Castle, Kent, and steward of the lordship and manor of Middelton and Merden and of the hundred of Middelton, Kent. Greenwich, 30 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Dec. P.S. [727.]
11. Thomas Westbury, yeoman of the Chamber, To be, during pleasure, keeper of the hunt within the land (terram) called of Sturfeld, Hants, with 2d. a day out of the lordship of Cristis Churche. Greenwich, 3 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 5 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [728.]
12. John Basset. Livery of the manors of Bradwell (with advowson of the church), Pygottys, Little Canfelde (with advowson of the church), Moole Hall, and Depden Mellis in Stisted, the third part of the manor of Blomsteis, tenements called "Edwardis, Wolseys and Keyrs," and a mill called Shaldeforde Mille, in Essex; a tenement in Candewyke Street, London; a tenement in the alley called "Smythes Aley," in Southwark and other tenements there now held (as wife's dower) by William Aylove and Etheldreda his wife, late wife of John Writtell, son and heir of John Writtell; and the reversion of the manor of Little Chishull (with advowson of the church), Essex, also held by the said William and Etheldreda as her dower. The grantee is kinsman and heir of Juliana Writtell and John her father (who both died as minors in the King's wardship), and kinsman and heir of John Hynde, late mayor of London, viz., son of John, son of Catherine daughter of Amy, sister of John Hynde, father of John, father of Joan, mother of John Writtell, father of John, father of Juliana. . . . 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Dec. P.S. (mutilated). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 26. [729.]
13. John Earl of Oxford and Elizabeth his wife, widow of William, late Viscount Beamount and Lord of Bardolf. Grant of the manors of Grymesthorp, Suthorp, and Edenham, Linc.; of Loughburgh, Shepished, and Blayston, Leic.; of Whynburgh, and Mattishall, Norf.; of Donyngton, Brundisshe, Cretingham, Cloptonhalle, and Ilkettishall, Suff.; of Watton at the Stone, Herts; of Plompton, Barcombe, Fletching, Birling, Buskegage, and Pedynghoo, Sussex; of Trunchauntes in Alton, Hants; and of Willoughvyes in Edmonton and Totenham, Midd.; the advowsons of the churches of Lougburgh and Cosington, Leic.; of Whynburgh and Garston, Norf.; of Donyngton, Suff.; of Plompton; and lands in the towns and fields of Westminster and St. Giles's called "Beamountes landes," late of the said Viscount; to hold to the said John and Elizabeth during the life of the said Elizabeth, and in full satisfaction of her dowry. Green wich, 30 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Dec, P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [730.]
14. John Harden, M.A. Presentation to the church of Bladon, Linc. dioc., void by death. Greenwich, 2 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [731.]
15. Commissions of the Peace. (See Appendix.) Northamptonshire.—Knoll, 6 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18d. [732.]
Warwickshire.—Knoll, 6 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18d. [733.]
16. For the co-heirs of Walter Writtell. Livery to James Walsyngham and Eleanor his wife, Edward Waldegrave and Gresilda his wife, daughters and heirs of Walter Writtell, dec., of the manors of Lampyttis and Bobyngworth, alias Bodyngworth, Essex; the advowson of Bobyngworth church; three messuages called Pykerelles, Reynkyns, and Bolistoffys, and tenements called Hyerdes, Pykerelles, Wylkyns, Croucheroft, Chambrelains, Pappes, and Tylehous, in Bobyngworth, High Onger, and Northweld; lands in Bobyngworth, Weld, Marton, Laver, Maydeleyn, High Onger, Fishid, and Northweld Basset; and the manor and advowson of High Laver, with appurtenances there and in Maydleyn Laver, Harlowe, Machyn, Martyn, and Little Laver, Essex; and the reversion of the manors of Astelyns, Westhach [and], Bukhurst alias Godhurst; of lands in Chikwell, Essex, held by William Ayleef and Etheldreda his wife, late wife of John Writtell, s. and h. of John Writtell, dec., as the dower of the said Etheldreda. The premises came into the King's hands on the death of John Writtell, by minority of John Writtell, his s. and h., who dying within age, they remained in the King's hands by minority of Juliana Writtell, now dec., d. and h. of the said John the son. Eltham, 25 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Dec. P.S. (mutilated). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [734.]
17. Edward Belknap, esquire for the Body. Livery to the said Edward, as son of Henry, brother of Gresilda Hend, of the manor of Staundon Hall, Essex, with the advowson of Staundon church, and lands in Colchester, formerly of John Aleyn; the manor of Mascallesbury alias Makerelsbury, in White Rodyng, Essex; the reversion of the manors of Ramsey and Wrabnasse, which William Ayloff and Etheldreda his wife, late wife of John Wretyll, s. and h. of John Wretyll, dec., hold as the dower of the said Etheldreda; the manors of Langporth, alias Olde Lamporth, Olde Rumpney, and Charlton near Dover, with the advowson of Charlton church; lands in the parishes of Leed, Rumpney, Charleton, and Dover, Kent; and the reversion of the manor of Ryngewold and Kinges Downe, and the advowson of the church of Ryngwold, Kent, which William Ayloff and Etheldreda his wife hold as her dower. The premises came into the King's hands on the death of John Wretyll, by minority of John Wretyll, his s. and h., who died within age, and they remain in the King's hands by minority of Juliana Wretyll, now dec., d. and h. of the said John the son. Eltham. 26 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Dec. P.S. (mutilated). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20. [735.]
18. Walter Devereux Lord Ferrers. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir John Devereux, s. and h. of Sir Walter Devereux and Anne his wife, d. and h. of Sir William Ferrers Lord Ferrers and Elizabeth his wife, although under lawful age; including the lands held for life by Joan wife of Thomas Poyntz, and by Elizabeth late the wife of the said John, or which have reverted to the Crown by the death of tenants for life. Del. Knoll, 7 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [736.]
19. John Trevanyon. To be, during pleasure, comptroller of the great and petty custom in the ports of Plymouth and Fowey. Westm., 7 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [737.]
20. James Morice, for services to the Countess of Richmond, and Hugh Edwards, sewer of the Chamber. To be, during pleasure, surveyors and general receivers of the possessions late of the Countess of Richmond, dec., in England. Greenwich, 4 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 8 Dec. P.S. (in English). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [738.]
21. Commission of the Peace. (See Appendix.) Leicestershire.—Knoll, 8 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18d. [739.]
22. William Fitz William. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Thomas, s. and h. of John Boswell, dec. Greenwich, 30 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 9 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [740.]
23. Henry Penago, one of the King's sewers. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascon wine. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. French Roll, 1 Hen. VIII. m. 5. [741.]
24. Mayor and Burgesses of Newcastle on Tyne. Annuity of 20l., during pleasure, out of the great customs of their port, for repair of the bridge over the Tyne and the walls of the town, under the supervision of Lord Darcy and the Prior of Durham cathedral. Greenwich, 8 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [742.]
25. Merchants of Newcastle on Tyne. Licence, during pleasure, to export wool and woolfells of Northumberland (except lands assigned to Berwick), Cumberland, Westmorland, the bishopric of Durham, and the liberties of Allerton and Richemond; paying for customs only 10s. per sack, and 10s. for every 240 fells (but for skins called shorlings and morlings and for lambskins as heretofore) the merchants having complained that wool and fells of the growth of those countries are of so little value and the customs so high that they cannot export without loss. Greenwich, 9 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [743.]
26. William Totilde, clk. Presentation to the church of Ripton Regis, Linc. dioc., void by resignation of John Harrys. Greenwich, 10 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [744.]
27. Abbey of Hulme St. Benet's (or St. Benet of Hulme). Congé d'élire to John Reding, the prior, and convent, on the death of William Forrest, late Abbot. Greenwich, 5 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22.
ii. Petition for the above. Dated 30 Nov. 1509, 1 Hen. VIII. [745.]
28. Butley priory. Assent to the appointment, by Richard bp. of Norwich, of Augustine Ryvers, regular canon and prior of Wodebrige, Norw. dioc., as prior of Butley, in the place of William Wodebrige, canon of Butley, whose election, made with the King's licence, had been cancelled by the bishop justicia id poscente. Greenwich, 5 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19.
ii. Petition of Richard bp. of Norwich for the above. Terlyng, 7 Sept. 1 Hen. VIII. [746.]
29. Sir John Husee. Warrant to the abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, to make letters patent, in accordance with the warrants in his hands or hereafter to be brought to him concerning the King's gifts to Sir John Husee, notwithstanding any restraint or command to the contrary. Tower of London, 12 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. (in English). [747.]
30. Nunnery of Pollesworth. Assent to the election of Dame Alice Fitzherbert as abbess in place of Anne Fitzherbert, dec. Greenwich, 5 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 12 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21.
ii. Petition of the chapter for the above. 29 Oct. 1509. [748.]
31. Gaol delivery. Cambridge (town).—Hugh Rankyn, mayor, Hugh Chapman, Robt. Morehouse, John Wode, and John Hughson. Knoll, 12 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20d. [749.]
32. Sir George Maners, knight for the Body. Annuity of 700 mks., during the life of Sir Thomas Lovell, annually payable by the said Thomas to the King by virtue of an Act of Parliament, 7 Hen. VII., whereby (after reciting the act of attainder of Thomas Lord Roos, 1 Edw. IV., and the Act of 1 Hen. VII. which repeals that attainder, and restores Edmund, s. and h. of the said Lord Roos, to all his honors and possessions, but vests the issues of the said possessions in the King, during pleasure), the custody of the said Edmund (who is incapable of taking care of himself) and of his possessions is granted to the said Sir Thomas Lovell, to hold during the life of the said Edmund (since deceased), and after his death to enter on and hold the said possessions during his own life, subject to the above rent of 700 mks. Greenwich, 10 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Dec. P.S. (partly defaced).
ii. Duplicate of the same. P.S. (mutilated and defaced). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20. [750.]
33. Arnold Villeermerii (Villiermeerii, in pat. roll). Presentation to the parish church of St. George in Exeter, void by death. Greenwich, 10 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 15 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [752.]
34. Thomas Seymer, John Alen, and Henry Eden, of London, merchants. Licence to export 200 sacks, of wool and woollen cloth from London, Southampton and Sandwich beyond the Mountains, through the Straits of Marrok; paying (for customs subsidies, Calais dues, and all other dues) fer wool 4 mks. per sack, half within nine months from shipment and the rest within the next nine months, and for cloth and other merchandize as other the King's lieges. Greenwich, 8 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Dec. P.S. (mutilated). French Roll, 1 Hen. VIII. m. 5. [754.]
35. Prisoners. Warrant to the abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, to direct letters to the keepers of the prisons about London, for liberation on bail of John Milles, John Midelmore, Henry Toft, John Dison, William Smyth, John Kymer, Sir Humphrey Lile, John Pecocke, John Blewbery, William Frye, John Bampton, and Thomas Durant, prisoners for misdemeanors in the late reign, they being ready to find sureties to appear before the justices of the King's Bench next term. Wanstead, 17 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. (countersigned. T. Surrey, Harry Marny, T. Brandon. Sealed.) [755.]
36. Robert Studley, servant to Wm. Compton, groom of the Chamber. Grant, during pleasure, of the room of inward pricker of the Steelyard, in the city of London. Greenwich, 6 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Dec. P.S. (in English). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [756.]
37. Brian Darley, S.T.P. Presentation to the parish church of St. Mary within Calais, void by death. Greenwich, 6 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [757.]
38. William Dixson. To be, during pleasure, one of the foresters of Galtrasse forest, York, with 4d. a day. Greenwich, 12 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [758.]
39. Richard Fauconer, master gunner of the Ordnance, To have, during pleasure, 6d. a day, beyond his wages of 6d., for a man under him, vice William Newport, dec., one of the King's twelve gunners; and keep watch and ward in the Tower of London as Newport did. Tower of London, 14 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 19 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [759.]
40. Wynard Godfrey, one of the King's makers of saltpetre. To be, during pleasure, one of the King's gunners, with 6d. a day. Tower of London, 14 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 19 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [760.]
41. Payce Reignold, gunner. To be, during pleasure, one of the King's gunners, with 6d, a day. Tower of London, 14 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 19 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [761.]
42. Blasius Billard. "Sowecher" (Swiss). To be, during pleasure, gunner of the King's artillery, with 6d. a day. Tower of London, 14 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 20 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21. [762.]
43. Commissions of Gaol Delivery, Maidstone (town).—Sir George Nevyll, of Burgevenny, Sir John Fyneux, Sir Robt. Rede, Sir Edward Ponynges, Sir Th. Bourghchier, John Roper, Ric. Lee, Walter Roberth, John Halys, and Wm. Hede. Knoll, 20 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20d. [763.]
Stafford.—Ric. Litilton, Edward Grey, Th. Partryche, and Ric. Selman. Knoll, 21 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20d. [764.]
44. John Yong, Master of the Rolls. To cancel four recognizances of 160l. each, made 15 Nov. 24 Hen. VII., by Edward Duke of Buckingham, Sir Henry Stafford, of Shute, Devon, and Anne Herbert, of Chepstow, Wales, widow, to Sir Thomas Lovell, Edmund Dudley, and Henry Wyat (now knight). Greenwich, 22 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. S.B. [765.]
45. Commission of the Peace. (See Appendix.) Oxfordshire.—Knoll, 23 Dec. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18d. [766.]
46. William Daubourne, groom of the King's bows. To be, during pleasure, bailiff of the lordship of Multon, Northt., vice Thomas Fulbroke. Greenwich, 23 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 24 Dec. P.S. (in English). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21. [768.]
47. Cerne abbey. Congé d'élire to the prior and convent, on decease of Thomas Sam, the abbot. Tower of London, 14 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 26 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21.
ii. Petition for the above, stating that the abbot died on 3 Dec. and that the bearers are Thomas Whyng and Thomas Corton. Dated 4 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. [769.]
48. Gregory Bukmer. To be, during pleasure, chief carpenter of the works in Calais. Tower of London, 12 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 26 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21. [770.]
49. John Baker. To be, during pleasure, chief mason of the works at Calais from 6 Oct. last, as Thomas Ferrour held the office. Greenwich, 9 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 26 Dec. P.S. Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21. [771.]
50. Thomas Carmynowe, gentleman usher of the Chamber. To be, during pleasure, bailiff of the hundreds of Penwith and Kyrryer, Cornw., with the tripleage thereto belonging, as he held the same of Hen. VII. Richmond, 24 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 26 Dec. P.S. (in English). Pat. 1 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [772.]
Calig. B. VII.,
166. B.M.
"A Memorandum [by Darcy] for Mr. Chancellor to shew to my lord his master" [i.e. the Bishop of Durham].
1. That he would be good unto the writer's cousin, Sir Ralph Eure, to be steward and sheriff of the bishoprick. 2. In what manner he wishes his lordship to abide generally in the North. 3. To favor his servant Dalton, now at the Court. 4. Not to take part against the mayor of Berwick, as the mayor and five aldermen will be sureties to his lordship, and see him satisfied for salmon. (fn. 5) 5. Will provide for his lordship an excellent captain for Norham. 6. Begs him to quicken his servants at the Court. 7. To give credence to Mr. Chancellor, "anempst the Scot in prison at Dorisme." Signed: Thos. Darcy.
Hol., p. 1. Endorsed in same hand: Good Mr. Chancellor, have this poor bill in remembrance to my good lord your master.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 271. R.O. 291. [5782.] RUTHAL to LORD [LUMLEY].
Has received his lordship's letter by the bearer, expressing surprise that he is commanded to deliver the keys of the tower of Westgate, with the rolls of the bishop's court, to Baron Hylton, in as much as the bishop's chancellor had told Roger Lumley, his lordship's uncle, that Ruthal would keep the office of fostership of Wardale in his own hands. Begs Lumley and his council to consider that since the writer's promotion to the see of Durham, no one has come to show that he has any title to the office, or authority to prevent Hylton from holding the Bishop's court. His council have involved him in untrue surmises and colorable tales, and led him to act rather as if he were the bishop's master. Commands him to desist. At the special request of "the Lord Darcy," who had written to the bishop in his favour, is content to be friendly on his desisting.
Pp. 3. Add. in Ruthal's hand: [To m]y very good [lord] the Lord Darcy [these] be delivered.
Adv. MS. 272. 292. JAMES IV. to JULIUS II. (fn. 6)
Lewis XII. has intimated to him that the Pope meditates an expedition in person against the Infidels, and that he is arming the French soldiers for that purpose. Lewis will not be able to accompany them, being gouty (pedibus æger) and also unable to leave his duties as King. Is himself ready to go anywhere at the Pope's order. Wishes to know his intentions, in order that his fleet may be furnished with rigging and arms. Preparations have been carried on more slowly, as the Pope has delayed James' indulgence for visiting the Holy Sepulchre. Reminds him that he will have to come from the extreme parts of the world, and it will be difficult to provide for the kingdom. Desires credence for Thos. Halkerstoun, provost of Crechtoun.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 24b. (No. 40). Gairdner, Letters of Ric. III. and H. VII., ii. 222. 293. JAMES IV. to the POPE.
Commends his secretary, Patrick Paniter, "a litterarum studio ad nos nuper delatus" for three collations according to the indulgence granted by Sixtus IV. to clerks of the kingdom of Scotland (ut quem sua vigilantia tanto apud nos officio non indignum dedit, eum tua Sanctitas ampliori decorans gratia singulari ad tres collationes cum prœrogativis et derogatoriis prosequatur exspectativa, atque supra communem Cancellariœ prœscriptum Secretarium nostrum secreta Secretariœ Apostolicœ expeditione promotum iri dignetur, quali felicis recordationis Sixtus quartus Pont. Max. nostri regni clericos condonavit).
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 135. 2. Another copy.
Adv. MS. 163. 294. THE SAME to THE SAME.
In behalf of Patrick Paniter, "a litterarum studio ad rempublicam delatus," that he may have power to choose a confessor who may absolve and give him dispensations even for simony, &c. (in omnibus etiam simoniœ labe nisi exceptuatis in bulla Cœna Domini ac contracta et contrahenda ex signatis aut signandis nostris literis seu alia quovismodo irregularitate nisi bigamiœ homicidii voluntarii manualiter commissi, &c.).
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 164. 295. JAMES IV. to the CARD. ST. MARK.
To the same effect.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 273. 296. JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
Requests an indulgence for Geo. abbot of St. Thomas, Arbrothe, Benedictine, St. Andrew's dioc., Patrick Paniter the King's secretary, archdeacon of Murray, and Thos. Dikson, provost of Guthre, Brechin, to enable each to choose a confessor with power to grant absolution (except) in cases of simony, bigamy, wilful homicide or maiming (casibus in bulla Cœna Domini exceptis).
Lat., p. 1.
Adv. MS. 287. 297. JAMES IV. to the POPE.
Recommending that the Premonstratene abbey of Tongland, dioc. Galloway, resigned by Danianus de Falcutiis be given to David bp. of Galloway in commendam. Edinburgh.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 288. 298. THE SAME to THE SAME.
When Danianus de Falcutiis, late abbot of Tongland, resigned his abbey, which the Pope has granted to the bp. of Galloway in commendam, he was to have received a pension of 200 ducats from the fruits of the monastery; which has by negligence not been provided for. Requests his Holiness to rectify the omission. "Ex oppido nostro, &c."
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 48b. (No. 122.) B.M. Ep. Reg. Scot., I., 108. 299. [774.] JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
As it was resolved by his predecessors, more than 130 years ago, that the priory of Coldinghame, belonging to Durham, should, in consequence of its proximity to Berwick, be annexed and canonically subject to the abbey of St. Margaret, Dunfermling, begs (though this regulation has not been observed the last few years) it may be incorporated with the said abbey, now held in commendam by the abp. of St. Andrew's. It is now void by the death of John, the last prior. Dreads the appointment of a prior thwarting the abp. and troubling the realm.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 157. 300. JAMES IV. to the CARD. OF ST. MARK.
In behalf of Robert abbot of Glenlus, Cistercian, Glasgow dioc., postulate, now confirmed, of Cupar, St. Andrew's dioc., who wishes to exchange the monastery of Cupar for the abbey of Melros. Has written to the Pope that, in consideration of the poverty to which Melros is reduced, its lands a prey to the enemy in war and to exiles in peace, besides being burthened with a large pension to one Barnard Bel, he may be allowed to retain that abbey along with Glenlus. Refers the Card. further to Gilbert Strawhyne and John Duncan.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 48. (No. 117.) B.M. Ep. Reg. Scot., I., 107. 301. [925.] JAMES IV. to JOHN KING OF DENMARK.
Credence for Jas. Makesoun, of his household, whom he sends to his Majesty. (fn. 7)
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 84. 302. THE SAME to THE SAME.
In behalf of Robert and Peter, sons of David Mortune, a deceased merchant of Scotch birth, who was a Dane by domicile, whose inheritance has been seized by Thos. Lummisden, merchant of Cowpanhevyn. Edinburgh.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS. 304. 303. JAMES IV. to [the DUKE OF HOLSTEIN].
Received 13 Oct. by the chancellor and the advocate his letters of the 31 Aug. requiring assistance for his duchy of Holstein against Denmark. Is prevented by many great affairs from complying with his demands, but will not fail him when he has an opportunity. From the palace.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Christiern prince of Denmark is desirous to marry into the royal family of France. [Distinguished] in arms and sagacious in council, he well supports the glory of his ancestors. James is anxious to promote so desirable an alliance, and thinks Anne should encourage it, as Montroye King of Arms will report to her. From the palace.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 49. (No. 123.) B.M. 305. [773.] JAMES IV. to PEROTTUS, Senator of Montpellier.
Has heard of his services to Cuthbert Hume, both by Hume's letters and by the messenger (evangelista) Passarus; for which he thanks him and his brother Philippe des Prez (de Pratis), consul of Alexandria. He must send Cuthbert to Bruges, in Flanders, where Scotch merchants daily meet, or else to Scotland, and the King will get his friends to redeem him and pay his debt. From our palace, 1509.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II. 64. (No. 175.) B.M. 306. [3618.] PANITER to [ALEXANDER STEWART] ABP. OF ST. ANDREWS.
The letters which he received by The Treasurer (ex thesaurario) pleased the King much. He admires their style, and expects from St. Andrew's, as he is primate, the primacy in letters and in virtue. In pulpit and in synod he is equally praised. "Biduus labor æterno cedet honori." The matter is not for gaining an abbey or saving jurisdiction; if he is watchful and active all is safe.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 100. R.O. 307. [775.] ESTIMATE FOR THE MAKING OF [HENRY VII.'s] TOMB. (fn. 8)
"Lawrence Ymbar, carver, for making the patrones of timber." The imager says "that the 2 images lying on the tomb and the King's image kneeling on the tomb are worth, if perfectly done, 8l. each image; each of the images of the 4 lords kneeling upon the tomb, 4l.; each of the 12 small images about the tomb, 40s. These images to be fully finished in a year and a half." Total, 64l.
Mem.:—That Drawswerd, sheriff of Yorke, (fn. 9) says, that the two images lying in, and the King's image kneeling on, the tomb, he would deliver ready wrought within 12 weeks, and value them at 66s. 8d. each; the 4 lords kneeling on the tomb he values at 60s. each; and each of the 12 small images at 24s. 4d. Total, 36l.
Humphrey Walker, the founder, says, that it will take 6,400lbs. weight of fine yellow metal to make the imagery of the whole tomb, 19 pieces, at 20s. per cwt.=64l.; for casting and repairing, ready for gilding, the two lying images and the King's image, 80l. each=240l.; do. the 4 lords, each 60l.=240l.; and do. the 12 small images, each 100s.=60l. Total, 604l.
Nicholas Ewen, copper-smith and gilder, estimates the 2 lying images, and the King's image of men's stature, "well gilt and surely done," 40l. each=120l.; each of the 4 lords, 40l.=160l.; each of the 12 little images, 10l.=120l. "The gold and gilding of the kneling forme, and the qwishen (cushion) upon the tombe, and gilding the epithaphie round about the tombe, and the garnyshe of the bace rounde aboute the tombe benethe, woll cost 10l.; and this to be delyvered redy in half a yere." Total, 410l. For one smith and two men with him "to forge and make fylis and tolis for the repairing of all the coper worke," 40l.—comprised in the above sum of 410l.
John Bell and John Maynard, painters, say that the whole of the painting work in colours and workmanship will cost 40l., "whiche wolbe don and wrought with 4 mennys hands within 3 quarters of a yere."
Robert Vertue, Robert Jenyns, and John Lobons, the King's 3 master masons, say, that the workmanship of the black towche stone and the white marble for the said tomb after the manner of the mouldings of the patrone, "whiche master Pageny hathe made," will cost 80l.—to be delivered ready wrought within one year.
Mr. Fynche and Roger Thorney, merchants, say that "100 fote of black towche stone is sufficient for the legger and the bace of the said tombe," price of every foot in London 2s.=10l.; 80 feet of white marble for the sides and the ends; the cost for delivery in London 13l. 6s. 8d. Sum total, 1,257l. 6s. 8d.
Mem.:—That Ld. Derby had a copper image made 5 ft. and a half long, weighing 5½cwt., for the casting and repairing of which the founder had 80l.; the gilding cost 35l.; the gilder's labour, 10l.; and James Halys had for making the patron of the image in timber, 100s.=130l.
Large paper, p. 2. Endd. in the hand of Henry VIII.: "A remembrance of certain names and prices for making of a tomb."
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 102. R.O. 308. [776.] LEGATEES OF HENRY VII.
"A declaration of all such sums of m[oney] as hath been restored, delivered, and paid unto bishops, abbots, and priors by the lord[s executors] of the testaments and last will of the late King of noble memory, King Henry VII."
Payments to the bishops of Chestre, Lincoln, Excetour, and Sarum; the abbots of Ramesey, York, Chestre, Redyng, Abengdon, Battell, Waltham, Seint Albon's, Shyrburne, Wigmore, and Crowlande; and the priors of Lewys and Walyngford. Total, 8,406l. 13s. 4d.
Pp. 2.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 104. R.O. 309. [777.] DEBTS TO HENRY VII.
"Hereafter ensue divers recognizances and other weighty matters drawn by our special commandment out of divers books signed with the hand of our dearest father, to rest of remembrance in this present book, to the intent it may appear to us hereafter how favorable and benevolent sovereign lord we have been unto divers our nobles and other our subjects, in discharge and pardoning of many and sundry of the same weighty causes, whereby they stand the more especially bounden unto us, and therefore truly and faithfully to serve us according to their duties, when and as oft as the case necessarily shall require; and to the end, also, that the remainant of these matters and causes following, being not discharged, be put in respite and suspense till our mind and pleasure be further known in that behalf."
[Describing the nature, cause and amount of each.]
Names of the recognizors:—The merchants of the Steelyard; the old baron of Graistok; Herman Ryng, Coort Van Elsik, John Grobered, Easterlings; Sir John Savell (for non-appearance of one Skelton in the Star Chamber); Sir John Bothe; Sir Jas. Stanley, clk., now bp. of Ely; Geof. and Tho. Middilton, Sir Amyas Paulet, Sir Matth. Brown, Hen. Earl of Northumberland, Sir Edm. Jenney, Sir Edw. Borough, Sir Hen. Willoughby, Sir Tho. Grene; Sir Wm. Conyers, now Lord Conyours and John Doddesworth; Sir Nich. Vaux; Tho. Tirell, son and heir of Sir James Tyrell; Sir Edw. Stanhop; John Crokker; Collectors of co. Salop; Executors of John Fesaunt (for salt remaining at Pole in keeping of Henry Uvedale); Sir John Dunham, Sir Wm. Capell, the Lord Marquis, one Lovelas of Kent, Tho. Delahay, Young Jermy, Sir Wm. Ascue; Sir Tho. Parre and Sir Walter Strikeland; John Wode, and other outlaws of Berwick and Sir Thomas Darcy, now Lord Darcy; the same Lord Darcy, Sir John Bothe and Sir Nich. Bold; Lord Dacre and Wm. Heron; Sir John Verney and Nich. Pagnam; Alex. Culpepir and Geo. Guyldeford; Cesill Lady Marquys Dorset; Jane Lady Straunge; Sir Edw. Howard and Lady Morley his wife; Edw. Ratcliff, Roger Fenwik.
Pp. 7.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 116. R.O. 310. [780.] CLERICAL SUBSIDIES.
Taxation of the archdeaconries of York, Cleveland, and the East Riding of York, giving the several benefices but no names of incumbents. Total of York 4,136l. 5s. 8d. and of the East Riding, 2,553l. 13s. 4d.; of which 220l. 6s. 8d., and 139l., respectively, are from benefices not exceeding 10 mks. value, held by persons not otherwise beneficed. Grand total, 11,895l. 0s. 8d.
Latin. Pp. 27. Headed in another hand: Anno D'ni Millesimo quingentesimo ixmo.
K.R. Subs. 46 (213A.) R.O. 2. Similar taxation of the archdeaconries of Norwich and Norfolk, showing, by deaneries, at how much each church or portion is valued, with totals at the end of each archdeaconry as well of these values (3,837l. 11s. and 4,944l. 19d. respectively) as of the moiety and tenth of the same. Many portions belonging to foreign religious houses are entered, and are mostly marked in the margin "alien."
Lat. pp. 37. In a handwriting of Henry VIII.'s time, the paper mark being the same as that of § 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 131. R.O. 311. [781.] GUNNERS.
Petition for a warrant for the payment of their wages to the King's gunners Will. Huxley and John Hylton, yeomen of the Ordnance, Ric. Fawconer, the King's master [gunner], Roger Englyshe, Hen. Cremer, Robert Fyssher, Blase Byllard, John Wystowe, Thos. Greves, Humph. Walker, Pace Reynolde, Guyllam Lecryant, and Wynant Godfrey. (fn. 10)
Draft, mutilated, pp. 2.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 132. R.O. 312. [784.] ACCOUNTS OF THE EARL OF OXFORD, Constable of the Tower of London.
Debts to him from Mich., 20 Hen. VII., to Mich. 1 Hen. VIII. Total, 480l.
Receipts from Easter, 21 Hen. VII. to Mich., 23 Hen. VII., from John Daunce by Wm. Ockley and Sir Ric. Cholmeley; Mich., 23 Hen. VII. from Wm. Grene and John Warnet, late collectors of petty custom in London; Mich., 24 Hen. VII. to Mich., 1 Hen. VIII., from Ric. Cholmeley and Wm. Bulstrode, late collectors of subsidies. Total 470l.
"Et sic solutiones excedunt debitum," 10l.
Large paper, p. 1; defaced and partly mutilated.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 1, f. 133. R.O. 313. [785.] THE GENERAL PARDON.
Latin memorandum that, in Suffolk, William Flatman, alias Flakman, has been indicted and found guilty of murder. Subscribed with note that, as a common murderer and arrant thief, "it is thought by us of the King's Council that he should have no general pardon." Signed: T. Surrey, Ri. Wynton, T. Duresme, T. Docwra, [R.] Rede, Thomas Lovell, T. Englefild, H. Wiat. Not signed by the King.
Small paper, p. 1.
Brian Tuke's books. See Vol. IV. No. 6798.
Harl. MS. 1,624, f. 33b. B.M. 315. SUTTON VALENS.
Claim of Edmond Gorge to the manor of Sutton Vallens as stated by Humphrey Conysby and William Malton; with the opinions of Judges Butler, Fairfax and Grevill, Brudnell, Rede and Fineux thereupon, and subsequent sentence of the Chancellor.
French. Copy, pp. 10. Headed: M[ichaelmas], 1 H[enry] VIII. With marginal reference: "Ex. 157c."
411 Dd. VII. 3. Camb. MS. 316. DEAN COLET.
A double Latin version of the Gospels of St. Matthew, etc., by order of Dean Colet. Folio, vellum. 1509.
From catalogue.


  • 1. The document is really of the year 1485, viz. 1 Hen. VII.
  • 2. Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, died at Loches.
  • 3. Alvise Mocenigo and_Cornaro.
  • 4. The year 1510 began by the old Roman Computation (for documents of this kind) on 25 Dec. 1509, historical year.
  • 5. Note by Ruthal in the margin:—"Md. for this salmon and fishing to be put to farm, for my most advantage, to my deputy at Norham."
  • 6. Definite dates, even of year, cannot be given to this and the fourteen letters following, which are placed here for convenience.
  • 7. James Makesoun was sent to Ghent, March 27, 1509. See R. MS. 13 B. II. 48b.
  • 8. This document, it will be seen, though endorsed by Henry VIII. was drawn up two years before the death of his father, for whom the tomb was intended.
  • 9. Thomas Drawswerd was sheriff of York in 1506–7, 21 and 22 Hen. VII.
  • 10. The appointments of almost all the gunners here named are to be found on the Patent Rolls of the 1st year of Hen. VIII.; but they were all gunners under Henry VII., and, as Thomas Hert (appointed 1 June, 1509) is not among them this paper probably belongs rather to the end of 1508.