Henry VIII: November 1514, 21-30

Pages 1450-1467

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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November 1514

21 Nov. 3458. TOURNAY.
Note of the representation made by deputies of Mons. Ponmick, (fn. 1) lieutenant general of the King, to the Consaulx, that we know that as soon as the King came to the town the commonalty made oath of fealty, although some did the contrary. And lately peace has been made by which towns and places remain subject to him in whose hands they were at the date of the treaty; so that this town and city remain in the King's hands. The oaths of fealty must therefore be renewed.
Marginal note that the Consaulx have always been faithful to their oath, and if they knew any who have done otherwise they would punish them.
French. Printed by M. Adolphe Hocquet as No. XXXVI. in his Piè ces Justificatives. See No. 3231. The date of this document is only given in the heading.
21 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 164. R.O.
Thanks him for a noble present of horses to him and his wife, which has made him of consequence in the eyes of his countrymen. Sends him in return 12 brood mares, as he has learned from Sir Griffith Don that the King is very fond of horses. One of these mares has been broken in. If the King will send yearly into Italy, he shall have the pick of the Marquis's stables. Mantua, 21 Nov. 1514. Signed: El vostro schiavo e servitor, el Marchese de Mantua.
Lat., p. 1. Add. Endd.
21 Nov.
Ib., f. 165. R.O.
Thanks him for his favor bestowed at the writer's request on Launcelot Colyns, treasurer of York. Begs licence for Colyns to return to Italy, and pursue his studies. Rome, 21 Nov. 1514. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To, &c., my Lord the Abp. of York.
22 Nov.
Calig. D. VI., 192. B.M.
On Monday, the 13th inst., the jousts began, and continued four days. My Lord of Suffolk and he ran three days, and lost nothing. One Frenchman was slain at the tilt, and divers horses. On Saturday the 18th, "the tournay and course in the field began as roughly as ever I saw; for there was divers times both horse and man overthrown, horses slain, and one Frenchman hurt that he is not like to live. My Lord of Suffolk and I ran but the first day thereat, but put our ayds thereto, because there was no noblemen to be put unto us, but poor men of arms and Scots, many of them were hurt on both sides, but no great hurt, and of our Englishmen none overthrown nor greatly hurt but a little of their hands. The Dolphyn himself was a little hurt on his hand." On Tuesday, the 21st, the fighting on foot began, "to the which they brought an Almayn that never came into the field before, and put him to my Lord of Suffolk to have put us to shame if they could, but advantage they gat none of us, but rather the contrary. I forbear to write more of our chances, because I am party therein. I ende[d] without any manner hurt; my Lord of Suffolk is a little hurt in his hand." The King's matters go forward well; and on Monday or Tuesday they intend to depart to return to England. The French King sends Mons. La Guysse to the [King] in embassy, "and to lie there still. He hath [been] there before time. The Dolphin sen[dith] ... Bonyvette to his Grace with horses and ... which Bonyvette is one of his secret serv[ants, and] I think he shall come in our company."
[What follows is in Dorset's own hand.] The Queen continues her goodness and wisdom, and increases in the favor of her husband and the Privy Council. She "as scoyde to my lorde a Suffehok and me tha[t] the gynke her husbande scoyde her that my lorde a Sofehoke and I dyde same (shame) aule Franse, and that vhy s ... gary (should carry ?) the prynse (prize ?) in tho Ingland." On Sunday the [26th] day of November, the prizes are to be given. "Vy hauf [h]ade dywerse comonycasyans vythe Pryfe Counsele. Vy lefe to vyrte bychawse the sarge hys my lorde a [Sofeh]oke, bwte, has fare has kane parsefe, haule [thin]gys gohyth vhele, and to howre maysters [hono]ure. My Lord, I thynge no more to vr[yte un]thyle I see you." Paris [xx]ij Nov. Signed.
Pp. 3, mutilated. Add.: To my Lord of York's good lordship.
22 Nov.
Leonis X. Regesta, Vol. I., No. 12,901.
3462. LEO X. to the DUKE OF MILAN.
Desires that Nicholas Scott, imprisoned at Milan upon suspicion that he was going to enter the service of Venice against the Emperor, may be sent to him. Rome, 22 Nov. 1514.
Latin. Modern abstract.
23 Nov. 3463. PARLIAMENT.
Writs. See GRANTS IN NOVEMBER, No. 46.
23 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 176. R.O.
Summons addressed to the under-mentioned prelates, &c., to come to the Parliament to be holden at Westminster on the 5th of February next; viz., W. archbp. of Canterbury, Tho. archbp. of York, R. bp. of London, R. bp. of Winchester, Tho. bp. of Durham, H. bishop of Exeter, J. bp. of Ely, W. bp. of Lincoln, E. bp. of Salisbury, R. bp. of Chichester, J. bp. of Carlisle, J. bishop of Rochester, G. bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, M. bp. of Llandaff, R. bp. of Norwich, _ (blank) bp. of Hereford, Th. bp. of Bangor, E. bp. of St. David's, the keeper of the spiritualities of Bath and Wells during the Bishop's absence, the keeper of the spiritualities of Worcester, the Abbots of Peterborough, St. John's Colchester, Bury St. Edmond's, Abingdon, Waltham Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, Cirencester, St. Peter's Gloucester, St. Peter's Westminster, St. Alban's, Berdeney, Selby, St. Benet of Hulme, Thorney, Evesham, Ramsey, Hyde near Winchester, Glastonbury, Malmesbury, Croyland, Battle, Wynchecombe, Reading, St. Augustine's Canterbury, St. Mary's York, Tewkesbury and Tavistock, the Priors of Coventry and of St. John's, Edw. duke of Buckingham, Tho. duke of Norfolk, Charles duke of Suffolk, Tho marquis of Dorset, Tho. earl of Arundel, Rich. earl of Kent, Tho earl of Derby, Henry earl of Northumberland, Tho. earl of Surrey, Henry earl of Essex, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Charles earl of Worcester, Henry earl of Wiltshire, Edward Stanley lord Monteagle, Henry lord Clifford, George Nevile lord Bergeveny, G. lord Hastings, Tho. West lord La Warr, John (sic) Broke lord Cobham, Edward Sutton lord Dudley, Rich. Nevyle lord Latymer, Will, lord Willoughby, Tho. lord Darcy, Will. lord Conyers, Will. Blount lord Mountjoy, John lord Zouche, John Bourchier lord Fitzwaryn, Tho. Ormond lord Rochford, Tho. Fenys lord Dacre, Robt. (sic) lord Ogle, John Bourchier lord Bernes, Will. lord Stourton, Tho. lord Dacres, Robt. Ratcliff lord Fitzwauter, Walter Devereux lord Ferrers, John Tuchett lord Audeley, Ralph Scrope lord Upsall, Henry lord Scrope of Bolton, John lord Lumley, Henry lord Dawbeney and _ (blank) lord Clinton.
Latin. Official copy, pp. 2, in a later (Stuart ?) hand, certified by Thomas Ravenscrofte. Endorsed in a different hand: vio Hen. 8.
Close Roll
6 Hen. VIII., m. 13d. R.O. Dugdale's Summons to Parlt., p. 489. (Extract.)
2. Writ of summons in the usual form (see No. 205) for a Parliament at Westminster, 5 Feb. next, to all the persons named in § 1 (which is apparently a copy of this) and also to Sir John Fyneux, Sir Robert Rede, Sir William Hody, Robert Brudenell, Humphrey Conyngesby, John Butteler, Lewis Pollard, Richard Elyot, Guy Palmes, Thomas Pygott, John Carell and John Ernley, King's attorney.
Also to the sheriffs, &c., as in No. 205.
Appointment. See GRANTS IN NOVEMBER, No. 49.
23 Nov. 3466. DOCTOR RAWLINS.
King's almoner. See GRANTS IN NOVEMBER, No. 51.
23 Nov. 3467. JOHN CHAMBER.
Dean of St. Stephens. See GRANTS IN NOVEMBER, No. 54.
23 Nov.
Calig. B. I., 164. B.M.
Has received his loving letters by a man of Dacre's, 22nd Nov. She and her party were in great trouble till they knew what help Henry would give them; but having shown the letters to the lords then in Stirling Castle they were greatly comforted. Her adversaries continue to usurp the King's authority in Parliament, holding her and her adherents rebels. Begs Henry to hasten his army by sea and land, especially against the Chamberlain, who is "post of this conspiration." Within this se'nnight he appropriated an escheat of a bastardy, value 10,000l., as if he had the sole authority. The prior of St. Andrew's on the other side has laid siege to the Castle of St. Andrew's. Hopes Henry's navy will come to the rescue; for it lies by the sea side opposite "Berwyk be North." Has sent her husband to raise the siege this 23rd day. If not speedily relieved her funds will fail. Spends a thousand a day in wages. The enemy trust entirely to the coming of Albany. If he arrive before Henry's army, some of her party may incline to him from dread. Will keep this castle with her children till she hear from Henry. Some of the lords who fear their land will be destroyed by the invasion had better be assured from Henry to the contrary. The King and his younger brother prosper, and are "recht lyfe-like children." The enemy intend to besiege her in Stirling. Desires therefore that the Chamberlain "was haldin waking" in the mean time with the Borderers. She can defend herself well against the others till the English army come. Begs credence be given to Master Adam Williamson, and he be thanked for his services and for the peril he was in, in the ship that was broken with other three ships, which left Scotland before his, with Lion herald and other messengers, sent by the adverse lords to Albany, with letters under the Great Seal, which they detain and use "as they were kings." Has given St. Andrew's to the postulate of Arbroath, her husband's uncle. Begs Henry to write to the Pope in his favor. Desires letters from him every month at least as to his purposes; "and giff my party adversare counterfettes ony letteris in my name, or giff yai compell me to write to zou for concord ye subscription salbe bott yus: Margaret R. & na mare"; which will show that she has been forced. Stirling, 23 Nov. Signed: Your loweing suster, MARGARET R.
Pp. 2. Add.: To the rycht hye, &c., derrest brothar ye Kynge off Englande.
23 Nov.
Add. MS. 30,543, f. 74. B.M.
Minute account of "Le magnifique tournoi faict a Paris à l'entree de la Reyne Marie d'Angleterre, femme du Roy Louis XII.," which began on Monday, 13 Nov. 1514, at 2 p.m. beside the Tournelles, and lasted till Thursday, the 23rd. Giving, day by day, the feats performed by each individual.
French. Modern copy, pp. 80.
23 Nov.
Sadoleti Epist. Pont. XXXIV.
3470. [5613.] LEO X. to JAMES V.
Congratulates him on his accession, which he learned by his letters of 5 Oct. Is glad to hear that peace has been established between England and Scotland. Recommends obedience to his uncle. Rome, 23 (fn. 2) Nov. 1514.
25 Nov.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 13. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver bearer stuff (described) for the Stable. Greenwich, 25 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII.
25 Nov.
Calig. D. VI., 190. B.M.
Since the writing of his "other" letters a packet of letters and instructions had arrived from the King. Being on the point of dispatching other matters they judge it best to proceed, and not to join those matters and the other together. [Thus far in a clerk's hand; the rest in Dorset's own.] The first time Suffolk broke with the French King of their charge he desired Dorset to help him and spoke only of Navarre, "to see how he would take it, and to prove further his mind and see what we could get of him; who byhawfe (behaved) him with marvellous good words touching our master, but nothing to the purpose of Navarre, but ever to grope us and know the uttermost of our minds. And vhy ansure (we answer) hyme vhyte plesante vordys agayne ever [no]w and thane gropynge ate him agayne; and when [he] saw it vholde by none hodyre vheys (otherwise) a kalyth (he called) [us to] bankete, and made hus ete and drynge by hys bede; [and] that done a bade us goude nyde, and sayd [his Council] sude come in the mornynge to hus [; and we determin]yd to by has golse (?) to theyme ha[s we were to the] kynge and vy vher in dyd (we were indeed) by the ... ynynge to theyme. ... that we had none hod[yre] ... they demandyt ofe hws vyder v[y had any] tynge eles to say, and vhy sayd vy trote and p[rayed them] to be pleyne vythe hus and ife vy so fonde they[m we] volde by so vythe theyme; and so they departyth to [the] Kynge, and kame the nex day to hws and opy[nyd] ther to hus the Kyngys plesyre and mynde so largely to hus that vhy vhele parse vyth (we well perceived) they [dealt] pleynle vyth thus and hes thanges kyfyne (thanks given) to t[hem and] prosedet farder in hore mater; and thane they b[egan] to loke hone apone anodyr. And so, my lorde, has [me] thowth, vy departyth vhele contentyth [on] bothe partys, and toke thys dyreckcyone fo[r] my dysarge that vy sale haufe hawle the Fren[ch King's] plesyre in vrytyngys, has vhele hys demand[ys] has hys ansurs to houre demandys, vyche [shall] by synyth (be signed) vythe hys hone hande, so that vy s ... no vordys but vrytyngs. My lord, synys th ... the Kyng has devysyth vythe the Quene [of my] lorde and ofe my by the spase ofe to hurys (two hours) ... [He p]raysyt my lorde ofe Swfehoke and sayth [that the]re hys no prynse gyrsynyth (christened) has sw[ch a servant] for pes and vare sahynge tha[t] ... and in the consele ... [h]onure and that and the kynge ... have hodyre inbasadwrs hyder [he should] note a byne so sortele dyspasyth. I [pray] Gode that vhy hawfe done owfe so vele [as] hys grase doth stoy (?) the Quyne ofe hus. And has twchyng [the] maters of Scotelante vhy vhel hawle haufe [ho]wre dypesch fyste in vrytynge, vyche I truste [sch]ale by today, and that done vhy [will] prosyde in to hwre maters ofe Scotelande, [and] so to departe has sortele has vhy may." Paris, 25 Nov. Signed.
Mutilated, pp. 3. Add.: To my Lord of York's good lordship.
25 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 178. R.O.
Since closing his letter is advertised from Mechlin that Herman Tulman, a canon of Utrecht, is dead. Begs for his brother the benefice which the deceased held in England by the gift of Hen. VII. 25 Nov. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
25 Nov.
Ib., f. 189. R.O.
3474. [5636.] A. DE LIGNE to HENRY VIII.
On the arrival of Henry's ambassadors in France some Frenchmen gave them false information in order to put him out of Henry's favour. Has made his own excuses both to the said ambassadors and to the lieutenant of Tournay. Mortaigne, 25 Nov. 1514. Signed.
French, p. 1. Add.: Au Roy.
25 Nov.
Ib., f. 188. R.O.
3475. [5635.] LEO X. to HENRY VIII.
Has received his two letters. Requires no thanks for what he has done, the services of Henry to the Papacy are so great. Is glad to find that the King is satisfied of the innocence of the bp. of Worcester. Has delayed to send the declaration he had promised in order that his slanderers might not say thay had not sufficient time to prove their case. Will send them when complete. Rome, 25 Nov. 1514, 2 pont. Seal lost. Countersigned: Ja. Sadoletus.
Lat., parchment broadsheet, p. 1. Add.
S.P. Hen. VIII.,
230, f. 304. R.O.
"Articles à Mons. de la Guiche pour respondre de par Monseigneur à Mons. le Duc de Suffort touchant le voyage d'Espaigne dont il a este question que le Roy d'Engleterre veult entreprendre."
1. My said lord expects, if the King is pleased that he make the said voyage, to be chief of the whole army. My lord has spoken with Suffolk that if the King of England would prepare his army for the said voyage he (my lord) should have the raising of 8,000 lanceknights. Also the King of England would have to furnish the pay of 5,000 or 6,000 French, and 10,000 Englishmen with a band of artillery and everything necessary to besiege towns or to give battle. As to horsemen my lord is certain that the King will keep his promise to the King of England, and my lord promises to bring 300 or 400 men-at-arms of his own. My lord expects the King of England will send him full powers. He has given charge to La Guiche to arrange prelimaries as to the place of landing, the road, &c. La Guiche may tell them, if the voyage is undertaken, that the county of Biscay belongs to Mons. d'Alençon. My lord is much pleased at the message conveyed by Suffolk from the King of England touching a good and sure amity between the Princes, and has charged La Guiche to thank the King of England and assure him that there is none but his own sovereign whom he would more readily serve. All these things he is to communicate to Suffolk and no one else.
French, pp. 3.
26 Nov.
R.T. 137, f. 80. R.O.
3477. [5637.] SUFFOLK'S MISSION.
Answer of Louis XII. to the propositions made to him by the Duke of Suffolk, on the part of Henry VIII., touching the kingdom of Navarre.
Thanks for sending him so important a personage as the Duke. Professes to deal frankly with him, and give him his answer on the two following propositions:—(1) How far he will assist England in expelling the King of Aragon from Navarre, considering that he has broken his engagements with Henry and Louis. (2) That as the kingdom of Castile, by right, should descend to sisters, and the King of England claims one part, how far Louis will assist him in claiming his rights. With regard to the question of right, Louis can give no certain answer, because he does not know the laws of the kingdom of Spain; but without entering upon this he is willing to join the King in prosecuting his claims and expelling Ferdinand from Navarre, and will raise an army with him for that purpose. But, without disclosing their intentions, each King is to hear the ambassadors of Aragon. England and France shall communicate by their ambassadors upon this matter without concealment on either side. No arrangement shall be made without mutual consent. In return Suffolk is to explain to the King of England the history of the claim of Louis to the duchy of Milan, of which a brief is given; is to request the aid of England in its recovery, and a loan for one year of 200,000 crowns, on good security. He hopes the enterprise will be ready by the month of March. Paris, 26 Nov. 1514.
French. Modern transcript from Paris, pp. 7. [A fuller abstract is in Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 192, from the original.]
Sp. Transcr., I.,
5, f. 448. R.O.
2. Another modern transcript.
Pp. 12.
Add. MS.
30,663, f. 383. B.M.
3. Another modern transcript.
Pp. 21.
26 Nov.
Harl. MS. 1757, f. 227. B.M.
3478. [5638.] MARY QUEEN OF FRANCE.
Complimentary oration made to Mary of England by the University of Paris, 26 (sic) Nov. 1514.
In congratulating her on her marriage it is said, among other things, that it has been the privilege of the Kings of France since Clovis never to be killed in battle, and never to be slain by their people, or chased out of their own kingdoms.
French, pp. 23.
26 Nov.
Sanuto, XIX., 284.
3479. VENICE.
Announcement by the French ambassador, on 26 Nov. 1514, that he had letters of the 7th, from Paris, showing that the King was intent on the enterprise of Italy in the spring. And the Duke of Ferrara's ambassador here said his master had letters of the 2nd, from Paris, of the arrival there of the Duke of Suffolk sent to join the enterprise of Italy, in which England will send 6,000 men.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 515.
27 Nov.
Stowe MS. 146, f. 132. B.M.
3480. DR. MAGNUS.
Wolsey's order to Mr. Dawnce to deliver 20l. to Mr. Magnus whom the King sends northward for divers causes. Signed: T. Ebor, ii. Subscribed by Mr. Peter Langefellowe, chaplain to Dr. Magnus, as received 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII.
P. 1.
27 Nov.
Calig. B. I., 154. B.M.
3481. [5641.] DACRE to the COUNCIL.
Received their letters on the 19th, at 11 p.m., with a packet for the Queen of Scots, which reached her on Wednesday, the 22nd, at Stirling. Encloses her answer. She durst not make superscription. She was taken from Stirling to Edinburgh, by Arran and the Chamberlain, and received there by the Chancellor and the Council; "albeit whenas they had her there they yode clear from her ways, and so she withdrew herself, be wisdom, from Edinburgh to Striveling on the said Tuesday, and the Earl of Angus with her." Hepburn, Prior of St. Andrew's, has besieged the castle there, wherein her servants lie. News of this came while Dacre's servant was with her; and Angus immediately rode with 600 of her household servants to the rescue. Nothing has been heard of Lyon Herald, that "yode" in James Wood's ship to France, with "their comprehension," in Sept. last. Other ships that sailed in his company are gone and returned; so that it is thought he is drowned. A herald named Marche has come from France "for ratification of their comprehension," which it is thought by Arran will be sent to Albany to do as he likes. With the herald, Albany sent a commission claiming to inherit the castle of Dunbar as part of the earldom of Marche. The Bp. of Murray has sent by letter to his brother, keeper of the castle, to deliver it. The earldom of Marche, except the said castle, is in the Queen's feoffment. There was never so much lawlessness in Scotland as now. Kirkoswald, 27 Nov. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To my Lords of the King's most honorable Council.
27 Nov.
Epist. 544.
3482. [5642.] PETER MARTYR to LUD. FURTADO.
Louis has taken to his bed, but hasn't given over his designs on Italy. Ferdinand is no stronger than he. His asthma grows worse. Henry has written to the Pope, stating he had given his sister to Louis because he found himself abandoned by his allies; that she was refused by Charles, and the title of Queen of France was very honorable. * * * Valladolid, v. kl. Dec. 1514.
28 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 179. R.O.
Book of directions taken for payment of debts to the Crown by yearly instalments. Generally the total debt is given, sometimes only the instalment. The debts are:—
i. Easter and Trinity Terms ao 6to.—Sir Thomas Bryan, Sir William Fitzwilliam, Anthony Hansard, Sir Henry Willoughby, Sir John Savage, George Trevylyon, clk., Sir Walter Stonerr.
ii. Michaelmas Term.—Before Thomas abp. of York, Richard bp. of Winchester and others of the King's Council at the Savoy, Saturday, 25 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII.—Earl of Wiltshire, Sir Will. Sandes, Duke of Buckingham, Lord Willoughby, Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Barners, Sir Edward Guldeford, Lord Ferrers, Lord Dudeley, Sir John Hussey, Lord Audeley, Lord Burgevenny, Earl of Derby, Marquis of Dorset, Lord Dacre, Sir Will. Carewe, Sir Henry Halshall.
iii. 28 Nov. ao 6to.—Lord Hasting, Sir Nicholas Wadham, Earl of Essex, Lord Cobham, Sir Thomas Cornwall, Sir Griffith Rice, Richard Cornwall, Hervy Haward, Sir Wistan Broun, Sir Henry Long, Thomas Cheyne, Sir Edmund Haward, the executors of Sir Francis Cheyne, James Darell.
Lat., pp. 5. Endd.
28 Nov.
Exch. Accts., 418 (5), f. 26. R.O.
3484. THE TOWER.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Rob. Hoddelston and thirteen other yeoman (named) of the Chamber attending in the Tower, London russet for "watching clothing." Greenwich, 28 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII.
28 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 190. R.O.
3485. [5649.] SUFFOLK and DORSET to WOLSEY.
Reached Clermont this day "in our way towards our master." The French King has promised that neither the Duke of Albany nor the Bp. of Murray shall be sent to Scotland, "but one in a long gown of no great estimation." He will make the King privy of all such matters. Desire ships to be sent to Dover for their conveyance. Clermont, Tuesday, 28 Nov. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To my Lord of York's good lordship.
28 Nov.
Sanuto, XIX., 336.
3486. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 27 Dec. 1514.]
From Ambassador Dandolo, Paris, 28 Nov.—The King left on the 27th for St. Germain in Picardy to confer with the King of England, who is coming over. The ambassador remains in Paris, from which St. Germains is three days journey.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 542.
28 Nov.
Adv. MS. 25.
Extending again, for one year longer, the term within which he ought to take the habit and make his profession as abbot of the Augustinian monastery of Cambuskynnecht. Rome, 28 Nov. 1514, 2 pont.
28 Nov.
Ven. Transcr. 180, p. 28. R.O.
3488. VENICE.
Decree of the Council of Ten, 28 Nov. 1514, touching payment (through Alvise Pisani, the banker) to Donato and Pasqualigo, designated ambassadors to France and England.
Latin. Modern transcript, p. 1. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 516.
29 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 192. R.O.
3489. [5651.] HENRY VIII. to LEO X.
Is sorry to learn by the Pope's brief, dated the _ (blank) of this month, that his request to have the collectorship bestowed upon Andreas Ammonius has been misrepresented, as though it had been unduly extorted. The suggestion is the more offensive as it proceeds from him who never ceases to annoy the King. Will not insist on N.'s (Cardinal Hadrian's) want of fidelity, or the calumny and infamy which he has endeavoured to bring on the Bishop of Worcester, or the coldness with which he has received the announcement of the King's league with France; but the Pope must not be surprised if he (N.) is punished for such offences. Greenwich, 29 Nov. 1514.
Lat., on parchment, in the hand of Ammonius, and countersigned by him. Add.
29 Nov.
Ib., f. 191. R.O.
Writes again at the Pope's request in behalf of John, son of Francis de Bardis, of whose losses in alum the Pope and he had already written. Rome, 29 Nov. 1514. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: R'mo, &c., Archiepo. Ebor.
30 Nov.
Exch. Accts., 418 (5), f. 38. R.O.
3491. THE LEISH.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Ric. Symson, Ric. Dunnoll, John Williams and Ric. Rumsey, children of the Leash, gowns, &c. Greenwich, 30 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII.
30 Nov.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 193. R.O.
3492. [5656.] SIR THOMAS LUCY.
Bill of receipt by John Densell from Sir Thomas Lucy of 5l. in part payment of 25l. named in a pair of indentures. 30 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Signed and sealed.
Small paper, p. 1.
30 Nov.
Ib., f. 194. R.O.
The President of the Privy Council informs him it is needless for Sampson to go to Paris, as they "had good occasion" to use force to procure payment of Wolsey's dues. He will understand the occurrences here by the King's letters. Begs as soon as he has news of France touching Barradoty's charge, he will advertise the Archduchess. Requests his servant may be despatched; and that Spinelly may be instructed what to write to the compaignon of France. Brussels, 30 Nov. 1514. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: [To the] most reverend, &c., my Lord of York.
Exch. Accts.,
417 (3), f. 47. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Th. Bourne and Edmund Lyne, yeomen of the Buckhounds, clothing. ..., Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. (Faded.)
Cott. App. L.,
28 [XLVIII. 21]. B.M.
3495. [5542.] WOLSEY to MY LORD [BP. OF WORCESTER].
Thanks him for his letters and the credence by Mr. Andreas, as by his lordship's means the Pope and Cardinals have remitted to Wolsey 2,000 ducats of the annates of Lincoln. Wolsey intends to take as much money of my lord of Rochester and St. John's, whom the King is now sending in embassy there, as the 2,000 ducats amount to, trusting that they shall receive the ducats there. "As touching such stuff as ye [have receiv]ed to mine use out of the hands of Mr. Paxe, [I request you to] sell of the same all the apparel for [the late Ca]rdinal's body, with the scarlet and [red clo]the; and the altar cloths, vestments and tapestry [send to] me into England by ship or otherwise as ye [shall think] most best. Further, my lord, I beseech you to [make my h]umble commendations to the Pope's holiness ... hon]orable and diligent solicitation ... will to make me cardinal. My [very good lord, I] thank you for the same." * * *
Draft, in Wolsey's own hand, mutilated, p. 1.
S.P. Hen. VIII.,
9, f. 128. R.O.
Begs to be commended to my lord of York [Wolsey], for whose constant favor he is grateful. The Pope has great hopes of Wolsey's effecting a peace between the French King and the Duke of Milan. He can do nothing more pleasing to the Pope, or more worthy of himself; and shall have the 20,000 crowns already written of, if he can effect it. The Pope was about to send him a small present, in the name of the Duke of Milan, worth 1,000 crowns, but the writer told him it would be difficult to transmit it, and secretly impossible. The money will therefore be sent to the person addressed, to purchase what he knows will be most pleasing to Wolsey. Touching the annates of the see of Lincoln, besides those 1,000 ducats which the Pope remitted, they have at length extorted another 1,000 from the College, after much opposition of the Cardinals; especially from Hadrian, who speaks much evil of Wolsey, conceiving that Wolsey has opposed him in the collectorship. When he saw they would get the remission, he bought over witnesses to affirm that he had been working hard for Wolsey in the affair; which would be very true if that "pro" were turned into "contra." The money cannot be sent thither without loss by exchange. Wolsey may be able to find some persons in England who would pay it and receive it here. Joannes Campuccius will secure them.
Sends the inventory of the things he had received from Pace for Wolsey. Wishes to know what to do with them. Is urgent for the cardinal's hat. His Holiness is naturally slow. Will not create Wolsey a cardinal alone now, nor yet with those whom he promised before. Offers him a bull of promotion, on condition he will not carry the insignia publicly. Letters should be written to the Pope and the Cardinal de Medicis. The Pope is very glad that the French King has promised Wolsey the resignation of the bishopric of Tournay; and assents to the commendam in spite of the Lateran Council. Advises Wolsey, however, not to expedite his bulls till he gets the hat, which will save him some thousands. Sends the bull declaring his (Worcester's) innocence and will shortly send the process. Has forgiven Pace as desired. Has received his correspondent's letter touching Wolsey's pleasure in this matter.
Lat., pp. 3. In the hand of Ammonius. Endd.: Rev'mo D'no Eborum referenda.
Ib., f. 130.
3497. [5465.] WOLSEY [to the BISHOP OF WORCESTER].
Thanks him for the great pains to which he is put in expediting Wolsey's bulls and his diligent solicitation with the Pope for the cardinalate, which, at the King's desire and his lordship's mediation, the Pope has by brief promised the King at the next creation. Begs he will thank his Holiness, and there is nothing he shall desire that Wolsey will not be willing to serve him. Knows not how he shall recompense his lordship, and will in all respects advance his honour and profit. Is glad to hear of his honorable acquittal in the slander of great malice laid to his charge, as much as if it had been himself; "and with like ardent mind shall I persecute those that thus maliciously hath accused you as though thay had semblably laid the same thing to my charge; and, as I have more at the large showed to Mr. Andreas, pursue ye for their punishment there, and I sh[all] not fail to do my part here with the King in such wise that all the world shall take ensample how to infame a King's ambassador and orator." Andreas will inform him of the King's letters. Will be glad to know what he can do for him. "And if by your politic handling the Pope can be induced shortly to make me cardinal ye shall singularly content and please the King; for I cannot express how desirous the King is to have me advanced to the said honor to the intent that not only men might thereby perceive how much the Pope favoreth the King and such as he entirely loveth, but also that thereby I shall be the more able to do his grace service." Desires Worcester to inquire privately if the French King has used his influence with the Pope in this behalf as he has frequently promised, though he had much rather obtain it by the influence of the King and Worcester. Commits the rest to Worcester's discreet handling. Knows he has done his best for the expedition of the bulls and remission of the annates. Is grateful for the remission of 1,000 ducats procured by Worcester; howbeit every one thinks it strange that two annates in one year should be demanded of one bishopric against both law and custom. Hopes the Pope and cardinals will make restitution when they perceive that he has received no more of Lincoln than is mentioned in the instruments lately sent to Worcester. "Some men that loveth you not here be very glad that I am thus dealt with." Andreas will write to him Wolsey's mind touching the Duke of Milan's affairs. Desires Worcester to get the Pope to sequester to Wolsey's behalf, Bainbridge's goods now in the custody of Richard Paxe, levy as much money as may be made thereon and send the proceeds to Wolsey. Worcester is quite at liberty, without breach of the King's laws, to send a citation against Mr. Clerke now on his way toward England, "one of the most malicious conspirators against you." He may also rely on the assistance of the King and Wolsey in prosecuting all who malign him. "From my place besides Westminster, the, &c."
Draft in Wolsey's hand, pp. 3.
Calig. D. VI.,
138. B.M. Rymer, XIII., 455.
3498. [5696.] LOUIS XII. to WOLSEY.
Has such confidence in his cousin the Duke of Suffolk and in Wolsey that he is determined to apply to them in everything he may have to do with the King his good brother, their master. Has [asked] the Duke to tell Wolsey certain things in which he desires Wolsey's aid. Wolsey shall have reason to be amply satisfied of his gratitude. Signed.
French. Holograph, pp. 2. Add.: [A] Monseigneur d'Yorc mon bon amy. Mutilated.
1. Bernard de Valeys, gunner. To be gunner in the Tower, with 12d. a day from the Annunciation of St. Mary 4 Hen. VIII., since which he has exercised the office without fee. Eltham, 27 Oct. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 17. [5545.]
2. Thomas Warde, one of the King's yeomen harbingers. Annuity of 5l. for life, out of the lordship of Denbigh. Greenwich, 31 Oct. 6 Hen VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5546.]
3. Christopher Johnson, alias Coper, alias Goldesmyth, of Sandwich, goldsmith. Pardon for the murder of Henry Henden, miller, of Sandwich, and all other offences. Greenwich, 31 Oct. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [5548.]
4. Robert Geffrey. Presentation to the free chapel in the castle of Snodhille, Heref. dioc., void by resignation of Robert Cowper, clk., doctor of music. Del. Westm., 4 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5549.]
5. Sir John Norton of Middelton, Kent, alias of Sheldwych, Kent. Pardon and release as late sheriff of Kent; also release to him, Richard Guston of Sydyngbourne, and Christopher Bredeham of Sellyng, Kent, of their recognizance. Del. Westm., 4 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [5550.]
6. Richard Hope, yeoman of the Guard. To be, for life, bailiff of the town of Malmeshill Lucy, Heref., parcel of the earldom of March, vice Henry Hering, deceased, with 26s. 8d. a year. Greenwich, 2 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 29. [5551.]
7. Thomas Annesley, "gentleman for the mouth, of the Cellar, with" the Queen Consort. Corrody in the monastery of St. Mary, Suthwyke, vice Thomas Parker, deceased. Greenwich, 1 Sept. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Nov. P.S. (in English). [5552.]
8. Abpric. of York. Restitution of temporalities on the Pope's translation, at the King's recommendation, of Thomas late bp. of Lincoln to the archbishopric of York. Greenwich, 2 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 30.
ii. Bull of Leo X., appointing Thomas bishop of Lincoln as archbishop of York. Rome, at St. Peter's, 1514, xvii. kal. Oct., 2 pont. [5555.]
9. Bishopric of Lincoln. Restitution of temporalities upon the Pope's preferment, at the King's recommendation, of William Atwater, Councillor, to the bishopric of Lincoln. Greenwich, 2 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13. Rymer XIII., 468. [5556.]
10. Christopher Plomer, the King's chaplain. Presentation to the canonry of Cadyngton Major in St. Paul's, London. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5557.]
11. Thomas Broke, leatherseller of London. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Sir Richard Wyngfeld, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 2 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Nov. P.S. French Roll 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [5558.]
12. Sheriff Roll.
Cumb.—John Lamplewe, Sir Th. Curwen, *Sir John Ratcliff.
Northumb.—Robt. Colyngwode, "her'," Wm. Swynbourne, *Ralph Fenwyk.
Yorks.—Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir James Strangwisshe, *Sir John Norton.
Notts and Derb—Sir Th. Cokeyn, Sir Th. Sutton, *Sir Wm. Meryng.
Linc.—Sir Arthur Hopton, *George Fitzwilliam, Wm. Dysney.
Warw. and Leic.—Wm. Asshby, Th. Pulteney, *Sir John Dygby.
Salop.—*Th. Lakyn, Francis Yong, John Cotes.
Staff.—Ric. Astley, Sir John Draycote, *Wm. Chetwyn.
Heref.—*Sir Th. Cornwaill, Ralph Hakeluyt, Sir John Lyngeyn.
Glouc.—Wm. Denys, *Wm. Kyngeston, Robt. Wye.
Oxon and Berks.—Sir Edward Grevell, Sir Edward Chamberleyn, *Simon Harecourt.
Northt.—*Robt. Mathewe, Th. Lovet, Nich. Wodyll.
Camb. and Hunts.—*Sir Ralph Chamberleyn, Wm. Tanfeld, Robt. Frevyll.
Beds and Bucks.—Michael Fissher, Wm. Bulstrode, *Sir Edm. Bray.
Norf. and Suff.—*Sir John Heydon, Sir Anth. Wyngfeld, Ric. Wentworth.
Essex and Herts.—Hen. Frowyk, *Wm. Fitzwilliam, Th. Crismas.
Kent.—Th. Cheyney, Wm. Kemp, *Alex. Culpeper.
Surrey and Sussex.—Sir John Legh, Sir Hen. Wiott, *Roger Copley.
Hants.—*Ric. Norton, John Cailwey, Peter Philpot.
Wilts.—John Scrope, John Ludlowe, *Wm. Bonham.
Somers and Dors.—Wm. Paulet, *Edward Gorge, John Borghcher.
Devon.—John Chechester, Robt. Yoo, *Sir Nich. Wadham.
Cornw.—[John] Carewe, *Ric. Code, Robt. Longdon.
Rutland.—[*Th.] Brokesby, Th. Sherrard, [John] Calcote.
[Westmor.]—Henry lord Clifford, in fee.
Worc.—Sir John Savage.
Signed by the King at the beginning and end Del. Westm., 7 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (endorsed with memorandum that on 8 [Novem]ber 6 Hen. VIII., the King ordered the Lord Chancellor to appoint John Carewe to be sheriff of Cornwall instead of Ric. Code). [5561.]
13. John Carewe. Fiat for his appointment as sheriff of Cornwall, in the place of Richard Code, late nominated as sheriff for the year 6 Hen. VIII. Del. 7 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5562.]
14. John Yong, keeper of the Rolls and Records in Chancery. To cancel a recognizance of 1,000l., made by Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers, 14 March 4 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 7 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5563.]
15. Walter Chalcot. To be serjeant-at-arms, with 12d. a day, vice Humphrey Baryngton, deceased. Greenwich, 4 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 28. [5564.]
16. Ralph Shoton. Fiat for his farm of the ulnage in co. Lincoln, from Mich. last, for 6 years, at 7l. rent and 3s. increase. Del. Westm., 7 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Norfolk as treasurer; with certificate by Robert Blagge that surety is found in the Exchequer).
17. William Rothwell or Rothewell, of London, merchant, late customer of Bristol. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Sir Richard Wyngfeld, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 6 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Westm., 8 Nov. P.S. French Roll 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18 (dated 7 Nov). [5567.]
18. Thomas Raymond, grocer, of London. Grant in fee of a vacant tenement in Borthalane, alias Bordhawlane, St. Mary Colechurche, London, held by Henry VI. in right of the crown; to hold from 1 Aug. 1 Hen. VII. Eltham, 23 Oct. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [5568.]
19. Wm. Sedley. Fiat for his custody of the manors of Ifeld, Wellys and Cosyngton, Kent, which the late King Edward purchased; from Mich. last, for 20 years, at 6l. 14s. 4d. rent and 2d. increase. Del. Westm., 8 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Norfolk as treasurer).
20. Dorothy Verney. Annuity of 20 marks from Easter last, in consideration of her services to Mary queen of the French. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5571.]
21. Thomas Gentilman, Gentleman or Jentilman, of London, chaplain. Pardon. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5572.]
22. Sir Robert Peyton. Custody of the lands in co. Cambridge and wardship and marriage of Robert, s. and h. of Geoffrey Lokton. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20. S.B. [5573.]
23. John Porte, the King's solicitor. Custody, in reversion, of lands in Coland, Oslaston, Roddesley, Sudbury, Westbroughton, Somersale and Oldesmore, Derb., which Margaret late wife of Thomas Shaa, dec., holds for life; and custody of all other lands of Robert, an idiot, brother and heir of the said Thomas; so that after her death he shall take the custody of the lands in her tenure and the rule of the said Robert at an annual rent of 20 mks. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [5574.]
24. Henry Chyppenham of Hereford, esquire. Pardon. Greenwich, 6 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [5575.]
25. Thos. Spert, yeoman of the Crown. Annuity of 20l. which John Wodlesse, deceased, lately enjoyed. Greenwich, 7 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Westm., 10 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [5576.]
26. John Lok, merchant of London. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Sir Richard Wyngfeld, Deputy of Calais. Hanworth, 6 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Nov. P.S. [5577.]
27. William Wygston, Thomas Wygston, clk., Roger Wygston and William Fyssher, clk. Mortmain licence to grant to the chaplains and poor men of the hospital founded by them in Leicester, possessions to the annual value of 23l., beyond the annual amount of 40 marks mentioned in patent 13 July 5 Hen. VIII., which licensed them to found and endow the said hospital ... 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Nov. P.S. (mutilated). Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 20. [5578.]
28. George Akworthe. Fiat for his appointment as escheator of Beds and Bucks. Del. 10 Nov. ao 6to. S.B. (signed by Norfolk as treasurer).
29. Wm. Gryme. Fiat for his custody of the ulnage in Hants and the town of Southampton for 10 years at 28l. 17s. 8d. rent and 20s. increase. Del. Westm., 11 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Norfolk as treasurer; with certificate by Robert Blagge that surety is found in the Exchequer).
30. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Norfolk.—Westm., 12 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d. [5580.]
31. James Borough, yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff, for life, in reversion, of the lordships of Sutton-on-Derwent and Elvington, Yorks.; which offices John Eglesfeld now holds, during pleasure, by patent 12 Sept. 1 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 12 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17. [5585.]
32. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Cornwall.—Westm., 14 Nov. Pat. 5 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 6d. [5586.]
33. Escheators appointed.
Soms. and Dors.—Ric. Asche.
Glouc. and Marches.—Wm. Throgmerton.
Yorks.—John Savyll.
Del. Westm., 15 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Three S.B. each signed by Norfolk as treasurer.
34. Humphrey son and heir of Edm. Cokayn. Livery of lands. Del. Westm., 18 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13. [5593.]
35. Sir William Fitzwilliam. Grant, for life, in reversion, of the office of keeper of Bagshote park in Windsor forest, with herbage and pannage and usual fees, out of a messuage called "le Crown" in Bagshote and lands in Bagshote and Wynsham, Surrey; now held by Henry Uvedall, by patent 20 June 19 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 13 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [5594.]
36. Robert Chambre, smith. Annuity of 2d. a day, from 15 Nov. 3 Hen. VIII. (for his services in making the ironworks of the King's new ships), out of the lordship or farm of Beddyngton, as held by Sir Thomas Edmondson, priest, deceased. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 Nov. P.S. (in English). Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [5595.]
37. Thomas Delabere. Livery of lands, as son and heir of Sir Richard Delaber, dec. Greenwich, 14 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25. [5596.]
38. William Breton, merchant of the staple of Calais, grocer, of London. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Sir Richard Wingfeld, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 15 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 28. [5597.]
39. Peter Larke of Thetford, Norf., innkeeper. Pardon and release for offences before 4 March 5 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 21 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [5603.]
40. John Chambre, chaplain and physician to the King. Grant of the deanery of St. Stephen's, Westminster, void by translation of Thomas Wulcy, Privy Councillor (intimi Conciliarii), to the see of York. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5607.]
41. John Yong, keeper of the Rolls, Books and Records in Chancery. To cancel three recognizances of 150l., made by James Metcalfe of Nappey, Thomas Fulthorp of Hyppeswell, Yorks., William Rokeby and Thomas Tempest of London, 3 July 23 Hen. VII. to Sir Thomas Lovell, Sir Richard Emson, Sir John Husey, Edmund Dudley and Henry Wyot. Greenwich, 22 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5608.]
42. John Veysy, dean of the Chapel of the Household. Canonry and prebend in St. Stephen's, Westminster, vice John Chambre, resigned. Greenwich, 15 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5609.]
43. Thomas, son and heir of Roger Bodenham. Livery of lands in co. Hereford and marches of Wales. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 28. [5610.]
44. William Busshe. Grant, for life, of the ferry of Sandfordhith, Oxon. and Berks, and care of the King's ferry boats, from the first day of the reign; which office was granted him, during pleasure, by patent 15 Dec. 22 Hen. VII., vice Thomas Hunt, deceased; with all emoluments of the said office, from 15 Dec. 22 Hen. VII., from which date to 21 April 24 Hen. VII. the said William was molested by the escheators. Greenwich, 18 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 28. [5611.]
45. Edward Haseley, salter, of London. Protection for one year; going in the retinue of Sir Richard Wingfeld, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 19 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Nov. P.S. [5612.]
46. Parliament. Precept to William abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, to issue writs for assembling parliament at Westminster, 5 Feb. next. Del. 23 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (in English). [5615.]
47. John Yong, keeper of the Rolls and Records in Chancery. To cancel a recognizance of 100l., made by Henry earl of Essex, 10 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 23 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. [5617.]
48. Sir John Sharp. Grant, for life, of one "le dole" of the stannary in Lourchecomb, another in Helebregge alias Hele Brigge, a third in Olde Whittondon alias Olde Witton Downe, a fourth in Litelle Witton Downe, alias Hier Witton Downe, and a fifth in Harlis Parke, and two "lez dolez" and a half in Lower Whittondon, Devon: in the King's hands by attainder of Robert Stronge alias Storng; with all profits from Easter 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 15. [5618.]
49. Sir Edward Belknap and Sir John Daunce. Appointment as surveyors and approvers together with Barth. Westby (Statute 4 Hen. VIII. having enacted that Sir Rob. Southwell, now dec., and Westby should be general surveyors of lands therein specified and all possessions specified in a commission dated 6 Feb. 2 Hen. VIII., and that Southwell should, as regards such possessions, have authority and pre-eminence over all other auditors specified in two letters under the King's privy seal, dated respectively 30 June ao 2 and 31 Oct. ao 3 Hen. VIII., directed to the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer), and joint commission to survey and approve the lands above indicated; the said Belknap and Daunce being jointly controllers, &c., of all other auditors with the authority which Southwell had and having the office, jointly, of principal auditor as he had. All fines to be paid to John Heron, treasurer of the Chamber. The commissioners to act during good conduct; their writing shall be sufficient warrant to the Chancellor of England; they to have authority over all possessions specified in the Act, commissions, privy seals (with two schedules annexed) and in pat. 7 May 5 Hen. VIII.; to have the use of the Princes Counsaill Chamber in Westminster Palace, &c. Greenwich, 17 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. P.S. (defaced). Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 19. [5619.]
50. William, the Abbot, and the Convent of St. Mary Oseneye, Oxford. Licence to obtain bulls from Rome, to annex the perpetual vicarage of the parish church of Shenston, dioc. Lichfield, to the said monastery, to which the rectory is appropriated. Del. 23 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. Rymer XIII. 469. [5620.]
51. Rich. Rawlins, D.D., the King's almoner. Grant, in augmentation of the King's alms, of the goods and chattels of felons de se, and deodands after 1 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII., as long as he continues almoner. Greenwich, 18 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [5621.]
52. Wm. Reynold, of Westminster, brewer, native of Scotland. Denization. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 18. [5622.]
53. John Veysy. Mandate to the dean and chapter of the Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen, in the Palace of Westminster, to install John Veysy in the canonry and prebend, granted to him, vice John Chambre, by patent 22 Nov. last. Westm., 23 Nov. Pat 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5623.]
54. John Chamber. Mandate to John, abbot of the Monastery of St. Peter, Westminster, to install him in the deanery of St. Stephen's, granted to him, vice Thos. Wulcy, by patent 22 Nov. last. Westm., 23 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [5624.]
55. Ralph Seyntleger and Rob. Lambe. Mortmain licence to grant the manor of East Sutton, Kent, of the annual value of 12l. 13s. 4d., as appears by an inquisition taken before Thos. Burgoyn, escheator, to the prior and convent of the church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, Ledes, Kent, as of the value of 12l. 15s., in part satisfaction of a licence already granted to the said prior and convent to acquire lands to the clear annual value of 20l. Westm., 23 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13. [5625.]
56. Ric. Litelbury. To be escheator in co. Lincoln. Del. Westm., 23 Nov. [6 ?] Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Norfolk, as treasurer).
57. Mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Southampton. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 12 June 8 Edw. IV. (P. 2, m. 6), confirming:—
Ch. 29 July 23 Hen. VI.
Westm., 23 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Conf, roll 50, No. 4.
58. Rob. Stanshawe, groom of the Chamber. Grant, in tail male, of the lands called Kyttenden Fyrme, alias "le ferme landes" or farm of Kyttenden, in the parish of Stretley, Berks, and a close called Kyttenden Bromes alias Bromewode, which came into the hands of Henry VII. by attainder of John earl of Lincoln. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 32. [5627.]
59. Dame Joan Guldeford, late wife of Sir Richard Guldeford. Annuity of 20l. for her services to the late King and Queen, and to Mary queen of the French and Margaret queen of Scots. Greenwich, 21 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 24. Rymer XIII. 470. [5628.]
60. Sir Walter Hungerford. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of John, brother and h. of Philip Turney, son and heir of John Turney, of Wolverton, Somers., both deceased, who held of the King as of the honor of Gloucester. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (countersigned: Thomas Lovell). Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 32; and p. 2, m. 21. [5629.]
61. John Warde. To be bannerbearer before St. Wilfride, vice Thomas Edwardis, with 5l. a year out of the town and lordship of Rypon, Yorks., during the nonage of Lord Nevell, the King's ward, to whom the said office belongs by service of his lands. Greenwich, 15 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. P.S. (in English). [5630.]
62. Peter Asby, bachelor in decrees. Presentation to the church of Skrayenham, York dioc., vice William Ingelerd, resigned. Greenwich, 21 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 24. [5631.]
63. Yorkshire riots. Commissions dated 22 and 24 Nov. See No. 3408 § 37.
64. Mayor and bailiffs of Coventry. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 11 Dec. 3 Hen. VII (Conf. roll 17, No. 8). confirming:—
A. Pat. 20 Dec. 1 Edw. IV. (P. 7, m. 12) confirming:—
a. Ch. 24 March 1 Ric. II. conf. with additions:—
(1) Ch. 2 March 8 Edw. III.
(2) Ch. 10 May 15 Edw. III. conf. with additions:—
A. Ch. 10 July 17 Edw. II. conf.
Ch. 30 Jan. 52 Hen. III. cf.:
Ch. of Hen. II.
B. Ch. 2 March 8 Edw. III.
(3) Ch. 11 April 20 Edw. III. conf.:—
Ch. of Prince Edward, 3 April 20 Edw. III. cf.
Pat. of Queen Isabel, 1 Feb. 19 Edw. III.
(4) Pat. of Prince Edward, 2 Feb. 1374, 49 Edw. III.
(5) Pat. of the same (in French) 8 Feb. 1374, 49 Edw. III.
b. Ch. 6 April 22 Ric. II.
c. Pat. 4 May 8 Ric. II.
d. Pat. 7 July 11 Ric. II.
e. Pat. 7 July 11 Ric. II.
B. Pat. 8 May 2 Edw. IV. (P. 3, m. 22), conf.:—
Ch. 7 July 23 Hen. VI.
Ch. 26 Nov. 30 Hen. VI.
Westm., 25 Nov. [6 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 50, No. 9.
65. Anthony Chabo, surgeon, native of Savoy. Denization. Del. Westm. 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18. [5639.]
66. Sir Edward Ferrers, alias Ferreys, of Baddisley, Warw., alias of the Household. Pardon and release as sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire; and release to him, Sir John Rodney of Stoke Rodney, Somers., and Nicholas Brome of Wodelows, Warw., of their recognizance of 40l., made 15 Nov. 5 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [5640.]
67. John Copynger, page of the Robes. To be keeper of Okley park, Glouc., vice Edmund Wykes, deceased. Greenwich, 24 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29. [5643.]
68. Escheators appointed.
Warw. and Leic.—Edward Conwey.
Worc.—Wm. Leycettur.
Notts and Derb.—Thos. Thurlaynd.
Staff.—George Wylkys.
Camb. and Hunts.—Robert Frevell.
Cumb. and Westmld.—Th. Wharton.
Several S.B. each del. Westm., 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. and signed by Norfolk, as treasurer.
69. Thomas earl of Surrey. Grant of 100 oaks in the manor or park of Wyngfeld, Suff., which he now holds for life as tenant by the courtesy (per legem Angliae). Del. Westm., 28 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21. [5644.]
70. John Crompe. Pardon for having killed Christopher Tomsett, of Tyrley, Glouc., in self defence, as certified by Rob. Grevile, one of the coroners in Glouc. Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18. [5645.]
71. John Kyngeston. Pardon for having, by his charter, 15 April 5 Hen. VIII., alienated the manor of Falley, alias South Falley, Berks, to Ric. Eliott, a justice of the Common Pleas, Wm. Fetiplace, John Fetiplace and Chas. Bulkeley, their heirs and assigns, to the use of Kyngeston and Susanna his wife, and his heirs, licence not having been obtained, as appears by an inquisition taken before Wm. Yong, escheator. Westm., 28 Nov. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 30. [5646.]
72. Thomas earl of Derby. Livery of lands as son and heir of Joan Stanley, widow, late Lady le Straunge. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (countersigned: T. Nevyle). Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25. [5647.]
73. John Crocker, esquire for the Body. Licence to empark 100 ac. of land, 10 ac. of meadow, 200 ac. of pasture, 100 ac. of wood and 40 ac. of heath in his manor of Lyneham, Devon; and have free warren in his manors and lands of Lyneham, Hemerdon, Brixton, Smalehanger and Torpike, Devon. Greenwich, 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22. [5648.]
74. Owen ap Jenkyn, the King's servant. To be for life, from Easter last, porter of the castle of Penbroche, which office he had by gift of Henry VII. Greenwich, 28 March 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. P.S. (in English, filed in 1 Hen. VIII.).
75. Charles earl of Worcester and Henry his son. Precept to William abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, to put the date 20 September 6 Hen. VIII. on letters patent now in the Hanaper, granting them, in survivorship, the offices of constable of the castle of Dynas, and steward of Walshstalgarght and Dynas, Wales; as the King intends that no other person shall enjoy those offices. (See No. 3324, § 26.) Greenwich, 29 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. (without note of delivery). [5652.]
76. John Clogge, yeoman of the Crown. To have the fee of the Crown, being 6d. a day, from Mich. last. Greenwich, 27 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Nov. P.S. [5653.]
77. Sir Richard Whetehill. Annuity of 40 marks for life out of the issues of Calais, from Mich. last; also donation of 40 marks in discharge of payment of the said annuity from 6 Oct. 5 Hen. VIII. to 9 Oct. last. Del. Westm., 30 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19. [5654.]
78. Sir Ralph Eure, alias Evers, alias Ewre, of Eyton. Pardon and release as late sheriff of Yorkshire; and release to Ralph Eure of Malton in Rydall, Marmaduke Constable of Everyngham, Guy Willesthorp, and Anthony Ughterede, both of the city of York, of their recognizance of 100 marks. Greenwich, 28 Nov. 6 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 Nov. P.S. Pat. 6 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19. [5655.]


  • 1. So printed Doubtless the MS. has the name as Ponninck, for Poninges.
  • 2. Sic but described in Leonis X. Regesta, I. 12,527, as of 3 Nov.