Henry VIII: December 1514, 1-10

Pages 1467-1476

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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December 1514

Sanuto, XIX., 363.
3500. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 Jan. 1514–5.]
From Andrea Badoer, [London,] _ (blank) Dec.—It is given out that the King will cross to France to meet the King of France. On—the Queen was delivered of a stillborn child of 8 months—a great grief to all the Court.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 555.
1 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 195. R.O.
3501. [5659.] SURGERY.
Bill of receipt 1 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII. by Marcellus de la More, the King's surgeon, from Sir John Daunce, for wages of a surgeon, at 6d. a day, attending at Calais upon Mr. Merney from 16 June to 2 Nov. 5 Hen. VIII., and for wages of a surgeon in the ship of Lewes Southeron, at 10s. a month, for 3 months ended 22 Sept. 6 Hen. VIII. Signed: By me Marselis de la Moer.
P. 1.
1 Dec.
Paris MS.
Several notes of receipt, on 1 Dec. 1514, of French pensions, as follows, viz.:—
By the Duke of Norfolk 1,030cr., Wolsey 1,000cr., Fox 1,050 livres, Worcester 3,500 livres, Poynings 1,050 livres, Lovel 3,035 livres, Compton 700 livres and Secretary Meautis 50cr.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, Nos. 193–200.
1 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 298.
3503. VENICE.
Despatch of Donato and Pasqualigo as ambassadors to France and England, 1 Dec. 1514.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 519.
1 Dec.
Vitell. B. II., 110. B.M.
Recommend Cardinal St. Chrysogon to be collector, and Polydore, archdeacon of Wells, sub-collector. Rome, 1 Dec. 1514.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: Archiep. Eboracensi. Three seals.
2 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 306. R.O.
3505. THE NORTH.
Receipt, 2 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by John Mery, one of the clerks of the Spicery, from Sir John Daunce, of 5,000l. in prest, viz. 4,000l. to be delivered to the abbot of St. Mary Abbey in York for the King's charges in those parts and 1,000l. for wages of the crew at Berwick and other charges for defence of the Borders.
P. 1.
2 Dec.
Ib., f. 307. R.O.
Names and wages of artificers and labourers appointed by Sir Edw. Belknapp to despatch hoys and crayers bringing the King's ordnance from Calais to London, for work 1 and 2 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII. on the hoy called the Leonard of Calais, Segre Anthony, master, viz. Bede Oliver, master carpenter, and 17 others. Signed by Belknapp.
Mutilated, p. 1.
Ib., f. 308.
2. Wages due to Robert Bates, master carpenter, and 25 other carpenters and sawyers (named) for five days ending 2 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., in "the preparyng off the artelare in the Hordynanse Howsche." Signed by Sir Richard Cholmeley.
Large paper, p. 1.
2 Dec.
Foxe, IV., 183.
Articles of heresy objected against Richard Hun, at Fulham, 2 Dec. 1514, viz. that he spoke against paying tithes, defamed the clergy, defended heretical opinions of Joan Baker and possessed prohibited books such as the Apocalypse, Epistles and Gospels in English, Wickliff's Works, &c.
From Bishop Fitzjames's Register.
Ib., 186. 2. Articles (13) of heresy in books used by Hun.
2 Dec.
Vitell. B. II., 111. B.M.
His enemies have made use of the King's name to the Pope, to remove him from the duties of collector, have forged three letters in his Majesty's name, and obtained a surreptitious bull from the Pope. Requests, therefore, that the Pope's replication, the interest of the College of Cardinals, and his own faithful services may be sufficient to confound his enemies and keep him in his place. Rome, 2 [Dec.] 1514.
Hol. Lat., p. 1, mutilated.
2 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 197. R.O.
Has written this private testimonial in behalf of Cardinal St. Chrisogon, recommended by the College of Cardinals. Begs the King will accept favorably the Cardinal and his proctors and the business of his church of Bath and of the Collectorate, and especially one Polydore, for many years his sub-collector. Rome, 2 Dec. 1514. Signed: R. Ep's Ostien', Carlis S. Giorgii, Camer'.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
2 Dec.
Vitell. B. II., 114.* B.M.
3510. [5666.] THE SAME to WOLSEY.
In favor of Cardinal Hadrian and Polydore. Rome, 2 Dec. 1514. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: Th. Archiep. Ebor.
2 Dec.
Ib., 113. B.M.
Is anxious to show his gratitude to the King, who has protected him under the calumnies he has suffered, and expressed a resolution to punish the authors. As to the King's command touching his caluminators, especially Pace, although he cannot legally proceed to any execution against them, yet he has commanded Pace to deliver him an inventory of the goods of the late Cardinal. This is very insufficient. Will send it by the first courier. Rome, 2 Dec. 1514.
P.S.—Has written to the Bishops of York and Winchester. The Pope has confirmed to him the appointment of Andreas Ammonius, Henry's Latin secretary, to the collectorship, and his determination not to revoke it. Signed.
Latin. Pp. 2, mutilated.
2 Dec.
Ib., 112. B.M.
The Bp. of Worcester omits nothing tending to Wolsey's interests. The goods of the late Cardinal in Pace's hands are sequestrated with Worcester, as the King ordered. About his own cause, although in hope of victory, will write nothing as the event of litigation as of war is uncertain. A most iniquitous sentence was passed in the cause, summo studio atque to[tis] viribus annitente Cardinale, (fn. 1) which the writer expects to be revoked shortly. Without regard to his dignity or conscience, the Cardinal twice thrust himself forward to give evidence, and compelled many of his household to do the same; but he is dead with the stigma of avarice, pride and anger resting on him. Hopes that Wolsey who has succeeded him will not imitate his vices; that he may be allowed to advise him without offence; and that Wolsey will daily steal some time from business to make his account with God. Rome, 2 Dec.
Hol. Latin. Pp. 2, mutilated. Add.: Archiep. Eboracensi.
3 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 199. R.O.
3513. [5673.] MARY THE FRENCH QUEEN.
Bill for victuals expended on the "transporting of the French Queen into France" in 6 Hen. VIII.
Showing amount and value of victuals received by "me, John Heron, surveyor of the Custom House in London," from Mr. Dawtrey at Hampton and John Hopton at Erithe, and delivered, for the month 12 Sept. to 10 Oct., to each of the following ships (captains and pursers named and numbers of mariners, gunners and soldiers given):—The Great Elizabeth: Sir Weston Brown, captain, Wm. Felowe, purser. Great Bark: Sir Wm. Pyrton, c., John Paynter, p. Great Galley: Wm. Gonson, c., Wm. Hackeswad, p. Less Bark: Sir Stephen Bull, c., John Redy, p. Swallow: Sir John Wallope, c., Thos. Saward, p. Sweepstake: Sir Henry Sherborn, c., Wm. Kentt, p. Rose Galley: Wm. Sabyn, c., Michael Moffett, p. Catteryn Gally: Wm. Cocke, c., Henry Feyrford, p. Myhell Younge: Wm. Fyscher, c., Thomas Yonge, p. Pettyr of Lye: Adrian Doncken, c., Wm. Hedley, p. John Hopton's galleon: John Hopton, c., Thomas Elles, p. Lysard: Chr. Coo, c., Wm. Tydboll, p. And a boat of the Henry Grace a Dewe (victual delivered to Wm. Boneythen, at Sandwich).
With some further payments about victualling down to 3 Dec., when the total expenditure amounted to 1,005l. 9s. 9½d., which exceeds the sum received by 648l. 9s. 9½d. Heron has sold empty pipes for 15l. and mouldy biscuit for 10l.
Pp. 22. Endd.: "Le 3 liver."
Exch. Accts.,
57 (12). R.O.
2. Declaration of the account of John Heron, [supervisor of customs] and subsidies in the port of Lon[don,] for the retaining of ships for the transporting to Calais and home again of Lord Burgeyveny and his company, transporting of the French Queen and her company to Boleyn, and transporting the Duke of Suffolk and his retinue, my lord Marquis, my lord Chamberlain and others into England, from 15 May 6 Hen. VIII. to 25 Nov. following.
Receipts:—Remaining from his last declaration for a like retaining of ships to transport the King into England after his "victorious voyage in France," 31l. 14s. 5½d. Received of Sir John Daunce at various dates from 24 May to 17 Sept. 6 Hen. VIII., 2,279l. 16s. 4d.
Allowance:—Paid for 32 hoys, &c., retained to transport my lord of Burgavenny and his company to Calais "for the rescuing of Guysnes." Conduct to Erith of 235 soldiers who were discharged at Sandwich at that time. Paid to Edward Bray, captain of the Magdaleyn of Founteraby, and Edward Hanford, captain of the Mary of Walsyngham, appointed to keep the Narrow Sea and afterwards discharged, for a month from 13 May 6 Hen. VIII. Payments for Burgavenny's return and other necessary expenses about that business from 15 May to 7 Aug. Among the expenses about the French Queen are two months' wages, to 4 Nov., for Chr. Coo, captain of the Lezard, for keeping the Narrow Sea, and a payment to Sir Wystan Browne of "conduct money homewards of such persons as were saved in the Lubykk," and expenses of Sir John Scot superintending the transport at Dover. Total payments, 2,130l. 2s. 8d.
A paper roll.
Harl. Charter,
84, C. 23. B.M.
3. Pardon and release to John Mikkelow, Clerk Comptroller of the King's household, for 600l. advanced to him by Sir John Daunce for the expenses of the journey of Mary the French Queen to France. Signed bill.
3 Dec.
Vitell. B. II., 111.* B.M.
In behalf of Cardinal St. Chrysogon and Polydore. Rome, 3 Dec. 1514.
Hol. Lat., p. 1. Add.
3 Dec.
Ib., f. 115.
3515. [5672.] D. CARDINAL ST. MARK to WOLSEY.
In behalf of Cardinal Hadrian and Polydore. Rome, 3 Dec. 1514.Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: Archiep. Ebor.
3 Dec.
Ib., 114. B.M.
Polidore told him of Wolsey's kindness to him. Begs to be retained in his collectorship. Rome, 3 Dec. 1[514].
Hol. Lat., p. 1, mutilated.
4 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 309. R.O.
Bill of receipt, 4 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by Edward Hawte of London, from Sir John Daunce, of 40l., in reward for attendance upon the Duke of Longevylde during his abode in England. Signed.
P. 1.
4 Dec.
Ven. Transcr., 180, p. 30 (1). R.O.
3518. VENICE.
Resolution of the Council of Ten, 4 Dec. 1514, as to a present worth 1,000 ducats to be sent to the Queen of France and a similar present to Robertet.
Italian. Modern transcript, p. 1. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 521.
5 Dec.
Galba B. III., 168. B.M.
3519. [5675.] SPINELLY to [HENRY VIII.].
Wrote last on . . November. The chancellor of the Duke of S[axony] has arrived with letters of credence to Spinelly and, learning the English ambassadors' [return] out of France, delivered a mem[orial] of his charge. Sends it, together with two original letters from the Duke of Gueldres and an extract in Latin touching the Duke of S[axony's] business, who is one of the most virtuous princes in Germany and likely to succeed to the empire. He will give security for the money he wants to borrow, "offering to repay your Grace in blocks of silver." John Caulier, of the Prince's council, who came from France two days ago, reports that France will not restore to the Archduchess the lands taken from her "for the quarrel of the Duke of Longueville." The President, Governor of Bresse and Marnix desire Henry's interference. "[They say th]ey have greate merveylle to he[ar] [re]sidue of Barradotes charge." She has been ill, but is recovered, and is informed by Chievres that the Lord of Angoulesme is gone towards Guienne, and will be assisted by England in the recovery of Navarre, which would not only hurt the King of Aragon, but also the Prince, as his heir. There is much murmuring against it. Hears that the Swiss are sending 20,000 men to the defence of Milan. Preparations are made at Lyon, Dauphiné, &c., for the French army going into Italy under Bourbon. The Swiss have refused the Duke of Savoy's proposal to remain neutral, and demand of him Sussa and Yvreye as security. (Mutilated news of war between the Genoese and the French, mentioning capture of a carrack worth 50,000 ducats.) The Emperor and the King of Aragon will omit nothing to gain the Pope. It is said that the Scotch are favored by the French, who would rather Henry spent his money against the Scotch than them. If the Scotch will not accept the treaty the King and French King, jointly, should require the Prince to banish them out of his dominions. The Council here have decreed that if Wm. Copland bring certificate that the things he provided here were delivered to the King the custom, amounting to 100l., shall be remitted. The Estates are assembling. Brussels, 5 Dec. 1514. Signed.
Pp. 4, mutilated.
5 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 211. R.O.
3520. [5676.] SPINELLY to WOLSEY.
Wrote his last on 30 Nov. Refers Wolsey to the King's letters touching the Duke of Saxe. Desires to know the King's pleasure therein and the King's answer to the Chancellor of Fryzeland, who is at Brussels, and will otherwise go to England. The Archduchess will not be pleased unless provision be made for the restitution of her lands. "And as for the matter concerning the begers Scots, upon knowledge I shall do my best therein." Brussels, 5 Dec. 1514. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: [To the] most rev. &c. the Abp. [of] York.
6 Dec
.S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 310. R.O.
Receipt, 6 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by John Bredwell, prior of Christ Church in London, from Sir John Daunce, of 33l. 6s. 8d. for repair of a tenement called "the Belle Howse in Houndysdyche besides London, which hath been occupied for casting and making of guns," and for rent of the same for three whole years. Signed.
P. 1.
6 Dec.
Ib., f. 311. R.O.
Receipt, 6 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by Sir John Cutte from Sir John Daunce, of 3l. 6s. 8d. given in reward to James Bowland and Robert Robson, of Newcastle, gaolers, for bringing up Peter Hastynges "by the commandment of my lord of York." Signed.
P. 1.
6 Dec.
Hall's Chronicle, 573. Foxe, IV., 190.
Depositions at the coroner's inquest, 6 Dec. (fn. 2) 6 Hen. VIII., on the death of Richard Hun, merchant tailor, in the Lollards Tower within Paul's Church, on the night of Sunday, 4 Dec., and verdict of murder returned against Wm. Horsey, alias Heresie, clk., chancellor to Richard bp. of London, Charles Joseph, sumner, and John Spaldyng, alias John Belrynger.
6 Dec.
Sp. Transcr., I., 5, f. 454 and f. 458. R.O.
Instruction given by Luis Caroz to Juan de Eztuñiga, provincial of Aragon, to be declared to King Ferdinand.
Need of a discreet person to advise the Queen of England, who has been taught by her confessor Friar Diego Fernandez that she ought to forget Spain in order to gain the love of the King and the English, and so she neglects to be useful to her father. The few Spaniards who remain in her household also neglect their duty as Spanish subjects. Doña Maria de Salinas, whom the Queen loves more than any other mortal, is a relation of Juan Adursa, a merchant in Flanders and friend of Juan Manuel, who through him dictates to the Queen of England. Caroz is treated not as an ambassador but like a bull at whom everyone throws darts. The King is particularly discourteous, and hostile to Ferdinand. Unless bridled by vigorous measures he will get beyond control, but his Councillors can be influenced through their dislike of war. Spanish captains are forbidden to lade cargo for the East on pretence of an old statute against so doing until the six ships which the King sends are laden; but the real reason is to prevent English captains being forbidden to lade cargoes in Spain. Spaniards complain much that they are forced to sail with empty ships. Begged permission to leave, but was ordered to remain for a time. Thinks Ferdinand, in giving this order, was misled by a letter from the Queen. Any other ambassador would be more readily heard in England. 6 Dec. 1514.
Spanish. Modern transcripts from Simancas, pp. 6 and pp. 10. See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, Nos. 201–2.
6 Dec.
Vitell. B. XVIII., 105. B.M.
In his last, written from this town, advertised the King [of the Vene]tians army, and recovering of the same by great industry. If the army had failed to attain [the said] passage, Pado had been in great peril. While Pado was doubting of the return [of the] army, there was some tumult in the same; the governor in despair left the city, and "for reward of his manly demeaning hath lost ... his head, as he was well worthy. And what sh[all come] of this winter war is not yet known." The Estates of this country meet at Insbrook on the instant. The Viceroy of Naples [comes on] the 11th inst. The Lord Prosper [Colonna] arrived on the 4th, the Emperor went the same night to a place three Dutch miles hence, [where he remains until] the 9th. "The Lord Prosper is not only [of great] authority and a principal captain, but he [seemeth] to be such one as well of person favor and outward gesture." Next day after his c[oming] * * * Inquired how Creeme doth stand. Was told there is an abstinence of war between the Duke of Milan and the Venetians till Christmas, on condition that the town shall not "revite[ll nor] receive any new presidy." Thinks a peace will be treated for at this congregation between the Emperor and the Venetians; but much depends on the answer he shall receive from the Swiss within the next eight days.
Is clearly without money. If not relieved sooner than he can hope for, will be obliged to hide himself this Christmas. Is in despair for the want of it. Insbrook, 6 [December] 1514.
Hol., mutilated, pp. 3. Add.
7 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 230, f. 312. R.O.
Receipt, 7 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII., by John Gyllyatt, from Sir John Daunce, of 130l. towards wages of workmen at Eryth, Depford and Reyneham working upon the wharfs and finishing the storehouses and making a new house for the sure and dry keeping of the King's masts. Signed: John Gelyott.
P. 1.
7 Dec.
Ven, Transcr., 180, p. 30 (2). R.O.
7 Dec. 1514.—Upon hearing that Piero Bembo, the Pope's secretary, was coming hither in post, they sent the Bishop of Asti, French Ambassador, notice of his coming; as likewise, yesterday, of the message he brought. The Pope despatched Bembo on the 28th ult. and he arrived here on Monday night, 4th inst., rested the next day, and yesterday had audience, declaring that the Pope with the assent of the Emperor and King of Spain proposed that, for an agreement, the Signory should be restored to their whole state except Verona and its territory (which allows them passage into Lombardy) and pay 200,000 ducats to the King of the Romans. This Bembo urged with the threat of invasion by the Duke of Milan, Spaniards, Genoa, King of the Romans and the Swiss, who would thus deprive the Signory of the power to assist the coming of the King of France into Italy. Answered that they had rejected these terms before when in worse plight and when the King of France was pressed by the English and others, whereas he was now free and determined to make the expedition with a most powerful army, as appeared by their ambassador's letters of the 11th and 14th ult. All this is to be declared to the King, whom they will keep informed of everything.
P.S.—Enclose copy of a letter from the Turk brought by an ambassador despatched specially to bring the news it contains.
Italian. Modern transcript, pp. 2. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 520.
7 Dec.
Venetian Calendar, II., No. 522.
3528. VENICE.
Decree made 7 Dec. 1514 (almost identical with No. 757) relative to Piero da Cha da Pesaro's contract for bows.
Sanuto, XIX.,
2. Note of the above, 7 Dec. 1514.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 524.
8 Dec.
Add. MS. 21,059, f. 1. B.M.
3529. IPSWICH.
Writs addressed from Westminster to the bailiffs of Ipswich, viz.:—
1. Error: pleas between John Forgon, jun., and Th. Broun. 28 April 1 Hen. VIII.
2. Certiorari: Vincent Croxton and Wm. Cheyny, skinners. 8 July 1 Hen. VIII.
3. Certiorari: Wm. Cutler and Wm. Clod. 28 Jan. 1 Hen. VIII.
f. 2. 4. Procedatis: Wm. Cutler and Wm. Clod. 18 March 1 Hen. VIII.
5. Habeas corpus: Peter Heyber. 3 May 2 Hen. VIII.
6. Certiorari: Th. Hall son of Th. Hall late of Coksale, Essex, mercer, and John Robson and Agnes his wife. 6 May 2 Hen. VIII.
f. 3 7. Attachment: Wm. Cheyny. 1 July 2 Hen. VIII.
8. Certiorari: Wm. Breteyn and Chr. Heyward. 20 Aug. 2 Hen. VIII.
9. Error: Forgon and Broun and also Breteyn and Heyward. 1 Oct. 2 Hen. VIII.
f. 4. 10. Certiorari: John Skyrwyn and Ric. Peyton. 29 Jan. 2 Hen. VIII.
11. Error: the same. 22 July 3 Hen. VIII.
12. Certiorari: John Yongolde and John Dameron. 24 July 3 Hen. VIII.
f. 5. 13. Certiorari: John West and Th. Curson. 27 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.
14. Certiorari: Nic. Geffrey and Ric. Berwyk. 22 Nov. 3 Hen. VIII.
15. Error: Edm. Gosnold and John Forgon. 2 Jan. 4 Hen. VIII.
f. 6. 16. Procedatis: Wm. Esmond and Nic. Tobry. 30 April 5 Hen. VIII.
17. Error: Nic. Hervy and Wm. Bullok. 6 June 5 Hen. VIII.
18. Procedatis: Wm. Spencer and Wm. Larke, clk. 12 July 5 Hen. VIII.
f. 7. 19. Certiorari: Wm. Bullok and Wm. Baron, clk. 8 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
Latin. Each small paper, p. 1.
8 Dec.
Exch. Accts., 418 (5), f. 30. R.O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Ric. Smyth, yeoman of the Robes, a tawny chamlet gown, &c. Greenwich, 8 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
8 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 352.
3531. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 3 Jan. 1514–5.]
From Ambassador Dandolo, Paris, 8 Dec.—Has been to the King at St. Germains, who was there with the Queen awaiting answer from the King of England about their interview. The King said he was going to Lyons immediately to arrange the enterprise of Milan (numbers of his army given); he would never abandon the alliance of Venice; perhaps the King of England would not come over and then he would be at Lyons the sooner.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 547
8 Dec.
R.MS. 13 B. II., 275. B.M. Ep. Reg. Sc., 267. Sadoleti Epist. Pont. XXXV.
3532. [5678.] LEO X. to Q. MARGARET and the COUNCIL OF SCOTLAND.
Has received by Thos. Nudry, notary, and of his chamber, their letters of 22 June last, asking that the church of St. Andrew's and other churches may in accordance with the privileges of their realm be transferred to the persons they nominated. Appointed Innocent, card. deacon of Sts. Cosma and Damian to that See, thinking that it would be a bond of union between them, as he mentioned in a previous letter, but finding that they prefer a bishop of their own nation, has appointed Andrew, archbp. of Bourges, in consideration of his own deserts and the affection entertained for him by the late King, with the power of Legate a latere. This was approved by the College of Cardinals. Will not take away prelacies from Scotchmen. The promotion of Andrew was made in the consistory before receiving her letters. Desires credence for Nudry. Rome, 8 Dec. 1514, 2 pont.
Lat., copy, p. 3.
Adv. MS. 47. 2. Another copy.
Pp. 4.
Transcr., I., 1, f. 236. R.O.
3. Modern note of the original draft of the above in the Vatican.
P. 1.
8 Dec.
Sanuto, XIX., 315.
3533. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 11 Dec. 1514.]
From the Ambassador at Rome, 8 Dec.—[Note by Sanuto that he does not know the contents, for the letter was read with great secrecy; but he has heard privately that the Pope wrote to the King of England to dissuade the King of France from seizing Milan, and arrange matters; and England answered that, now he had made peace and alliance with France and learnt the latter's right to Milan, he not only comforts him to send his army to recover it but will give him every assistance. Heard likewise that the Swiss, upon news of the French preparations, hold diets in aid of Milan which are attended by ambassadors of all the opponents of Venice; they will, however, insist on having money.]
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 525.
9 Dec.
Dumont, IV., i., No. 92.
3534. THE SWISS.
League between Leo X. and the Swiss (the Pope sending annually to Lucerne a subsidy of 2,000 fl. of the Rhine for each of the thirteen cantons, first payment in May next), made at Zurich, 9 Dec. 1514.
10 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 212. R.O.
3535. [5679.] TH. LESON, clk., Receiver to SIR WM. COMPTON.
Acknowledgment of the receipt of 20l. from Sir Th. Lucee, for a whole year's fee due to Sir Wm. Compton. 10 Dec. 6 Hen. VIII.
Signed and sealed.
10 Dec.
Paris MS.
Note of receipt, 10 Dec. 1514, of a French pension of 1,000 cr. by the earl of Shrewsbury.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 203.
10 Dec.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 213. R.O.
Excuses the molestation offered to the English ambassador, the bearer, when passing through his territory to Mantua. Milan, 10 Dec. 1514. Countersigned: A. Somentius.
Lat., p. 1. Add. Endorsed.


  • 1. Cardinal Bainbridge.
  • 2. The verdict purports to be taken on the 6th, but some of the depositions relate to events as late as Christmas. Hall also includes a letter (undated) from the Bishop of London to Wolsey to get the indictment declared untrue (for if any London jury try the case "they be so maliciously set in favorem heretice pravitatis that they will cast and condemn any clerk though he were as innocent as Abell") and to intercede for him with the King. Also Hall includes a note of the Bishop's saying in the Parliament Chamber that a bill had been brought there to make the said coroner's jury "true men" but they "were false perjured caitiffs" and that his life was in danger from heretics. Fox has copied (?) from Hall even to the making the coroner's name "William" Barnwell at the beginning of the paper and "Thomas" Barnwell in the signature. Echoes of the case occur in Lords' Journals, I, 38–41, under 28 and 29 March and 2 and 3 April, 1515, when a bill concerning an appeal for Hun's children was read a first time and the Lords "decreverunt ut Billa pro liberis Ricardi Hume (sic) restituendis (licet Regia manu signata sit) deliberetur."