Henry VIII: August 1510

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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'Henry VIII: August 1510', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920), pp. 323-330. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp323-330 [accessed 20 June 2024].

. "Henry VIII: August 1510", in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920) 323-330. British History Online, accessed June 20, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp323-330.

. "Henry VIII: August 1510", Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920). 323-330. British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp323-330.


August 1510

1 Aug.
R.MS. 13 B. II., 51. (No. 132.) Ep. Reg. Scot. I. 112.
547. [1195.] JAMES IV. to MAXIMILIAN.
Received, on the 15 July, his letters, dated Augsburg, 6 April, complaining that the K. of Denmark had attacked the Lubeckers, and demanding aid from Scotland against the injury done to the Empire. It has always been the practice of Scotland to respect the Empire, and he will therefore use his good efforts with the K. of Denmark. Had sent the French ambassador and his own to arrange the dispute, but all is now fruitless, as both parties have resorted to arms, and he cannot determine which is in the wrong. He has not even succoured Denmark, although he could not help sympathising in the efforts made by that King to support his authority. Complains that the Lubeckers had attacked some Scotch vessel. He is therefore bound to succour his own subjects. Stirling Castle, kal. Aug. 1510.
Lat., copy, pp. 2.
Adv. MS., 279. 2. Another copy.
Pp. 3.
Adv. MS., 280. 548. JAMES IV. to the CARD, [OF ST. MARK].
Commended George, abbot of Arbrocht, for the bpric. of the Isles, and that he might be allowed to hold the monasteries of Abirbrothok and St. Columb Yone in commendam; "ac episcopalis habitus sibi ob generis nobilitatem officii preeminentiam et gentium suæ diocesis fugiendum contemptum de gratia donaretur." Again asks him to procure this. Edinburgh, "ut supra." (fn. 1)
Lat., copy, p. 1.
2 Aug.
Hist. MSS. Com., Report III., p. 408.
Licence by A. [Archibald Stewart] abp. of St. Andrews to Elizabeth widow of Alex. Levingstoun, tenant of the abp.'s lands and town of Inchmachane, to marry whom she pleases. St. Andrews, 2 Aug. 1510.
5 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII. 229. f. 13. R.O.
Receipt, 5 Aug. 2 Hen. VIII., by Thomas lord Darcy from Ric. Lyster, of 23l. 13s. 4d., parcel of the receipts of Devonshire for Midsummer quarter last. Signed.
Order to deliver to Rolffe, to pay Lewas Delafreffell for goblets, 45l. Signed.
Small paper, p. 1.
7 Aug. 551. CERNE ABBEY.
Election. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 5.
Grant of lands. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 8.
8 Aug.
Sanuto, XI., 108.
553. VENICE.
[Note of letters read 13 Aug. 1510.]
From the Ambassador at Rome, 8 Aug.—* * * A courier going to England has been stopped in France and letters of the Pope and the English ambassador taken from him. The Pope at once sent to tell this to the English ambassador, the bp. of York. who was away from Rome, that he might write of it to his King, * * *
9 Aug.
Sanuto, XI., 114.
554. VENICE.
[Extract from letters read 13 Aug., 1510.]
From Hieronymo da Porzil, Rome, 9 Aug.—*** The English ambassador did not go to his master in post but only went on a pleasure trip. The report was spread to alarm the French. The French here say the King of England has sworn perpetual peace with the King of France, for life and for one year after. I do not believe it. Yesterday the French ambassador took leave of the Pope, but will still remain [here] some days. The Pope told him he would not give the bpric. of Rouen at the King's instance, but would give it to the Cardinal of Nantes; and if the Cardinal would not have it he would give it to the English ambassador. The bp. of Gurk has passed through Savoy on his way to France, as ambassador of the Emperor. * * *
12 Aug.
Hart's Hist. et Cartul. Glouc. III., Introd., p. XXXV.
555. HENRY VIII. to the PRIOR OF GLOUCESTER, "now being president of the Convent."
On the late disorderly proceedings at an election held in the monastery. Reminds the prior that he is responsible for the good rule of the monastery during the vacation thereof. At our monastery of Beawley, 12 Aug. Signed: T. Surrey, T. Duresme, Harry Marny, E. Ponynges, T. Englefeld, W. Atwater, Thomas Wulcy.
13 Aug.
Egerton MS. 616, f. 49. B.M.
The Spanish general, Peter of Navarre, who left the island of Fagugnana, near Sicily, on the 15th July, arrived in 10 days at Tripoli in Barbary. On the 25th, St. James's day, he stormed the city with great slaughter, driving back the infidels. Gives an account of the landing. The enemy were 14,000 strong and divided their forces in two parts, one to prevent the landing, the other to protect the city. The Spanish general likewise divided his forces into two, each division into five brigades. In two hours he entered the city, though strongly fortified with thick towers, and surrounded by a deep ditch on the side where it was not protected by the sea. In two hours more, after a bloody fight in the streets, in which they were assailed by projectiles from the windows and roofs of the houses, he gained the day. 10,000 of the enemy were slain, the rest, with the women and children, taken. Requests Henry to return thanks to God for this great victory of the Christians. Refers him to Louis Carroz, his ambassador in England. "Ex oppido Montissoni" (Monçaon), 13 Aug. 1510. Signed: "Yo el Rey."
Lat., pp. 4. Flyleaf with address lost.
14 Aug.
Simancas MS.
Power to Mercurino de Gattinara to conclude for him and Prince Charles an alliance with Ferdinand and Henry VIII. Inspruck, 14 Aug. 1510.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 51.
15 Aug.
Ven. Transcr. 176, p. 90. R.O.
558. DOGE and SENATE OF VENICE to their AMBASSADOR with the POPE.
Three letters, viz.:—23 July 1510. The soliciting in England and the reason given by the Pope for breaking the agreement are good.
2 Aug.—Need not remind His Holiness that his soliciting the King of England is the most powerful remedy against French aggression.
15 Aug.—The retention of the English ambassador's letters will irritate the King against the French, especially as the Pope will exaggerate the thing. The Pope must seek every way to break the agreement between England and France.
Italian. Modern extracts, p. 1. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 75–7.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 4. R.O. 559. [1212.] WILL OF EDMUND DUDLEY, attainted of High Treason.
Protests against the verdict in the Guildhall (fn. 2). Wills Sir Andrew Wyndesore and others his feoffees for lands in the Isle of Wight, the manors of Fyndon and Hamfay, the manor of _ [blank] and lands called the Lyghte near Tortyngton in Sussex, and the manor of East Pullam in Dorset, and also his lands in Lancashire, purchased of Lord Daker of the South, to stand seized to the use of Eliz. his wife, with remainders in tail to his sons John, Jerome, and Andrew, his daughter Eliz., and his brother Peter. His lands in Lincolnshire to be held to the use of his son Jerome and heirs male of his body, howbeit his mind "was to have had him a priest." My Lord of London (Fitz James), Dr. Colet, Sir And. Wyndesore, and Dr. Yonge to have the guiding of his son Jerome till he is 22 years of age; the surplus profits of the lands assigned to him to be given to poor scholars of divinity at Oxford. His lands in Norf., Suff., and Wilts, and his reversion of the manor of Barerch, Suss., bought of Copley, to be held to the use of his son Andrew and the heirs of his body; those in Onershe, Cranley, and Bromley in Surrey, to ... and the heirs male of his body. [Out of those in] Hants, purchased of Sir A. Fortescue, "pay yerely ...ere duryng his lyffe." Much mutilated provision concerning "... starton is nevew and so from broder to broder," lands redeemable by the Earl of Kent, and his (Dudley's) daughter Elizabeth "except she do enjoy the marriage of young ..." Lands in Cheshire to be held to the use of his son John and the heirs of his body; and the residue for payment of debts; the manor of Sheffeld, and lands in Sussex and Surrey, bought of Roger Lewkenor, together with his interest in the manors of Bargham, Ryngewyke, Ham, Gratham, Wymynholl, "and thereabouts," in Sussex, to be restored on certain conditions. With other bequests and provisions respecting Harold Staunton, Mr. Morley of Lewes, his cousin Yonge called Somerset, his cousin Jas. Bemond, his brother Anth. Wynsor, Ric. Lister, "lernedman," Thos. Michell, "late my clerk," Will. Fraunke, "my servant," "Will. Thikepeny, that toke payn with me in the Towre; paying all these folks to be helping and frendly to my wiffe and children."
Debtors:—Edward Lewkenor of Sussex, Richard Hyll of the Custom House of London,—Benett of Chengton in Sussex; W. Butre and—Fuller, mercers of London, for silks; * * *—Coplond, tailor; Will. Nicolson of London;—Hamsted, wax-chandler; "the wife of Will. Pelett of Stenyng in Sussex, 60l. that I borrowed of her and her husband; but if [she] enjoy the marriage of young Chaloner for her daughter, then I owe her but 20l.;" the executors of Sir R. Bray; Sir David Owen; Kneysworth, alderman of London, for Taner's debt; Sir R. Southwell.
"Things that I am bound in conscience to do perform for the souls of persons deceased," to be performed by the executors with the advice of the testator's cousin, Richard Dudley, priest, and Mr. Brooke and Mr. Lister, learned men, viz.: 50l. to poor priests in Oxford and Cambridge, for the souls of his father and mother, and William Dudley, of himself and his two wives. An altar cloth for the high altar of Tortington, Sussex, and another to the Lady altar, his first wife being buried there. To my lord of Arundell a "coppe" (cup ?) of 8l., "by my father's will." To a priest to [sing] for the soul of his first wife, to have for salary 10 mks. [and teach the] choristers their grammar. 20l. arising from the goods of W. Nymes, late ald[erman], to be bestowed ...Sums [for the souls] of his sister Ann Hall and John Lewkenor ... "I lowly desire my Lord Steward and my ... son John Dudley, humbly beseeching them ... him married in a honest stock"; also to be good lords "to my poor and loving [wife, to protect] her from wrong, and to yeve to her good counsels as to their poor servant and k[inswoman];" and "I will require my said lords and all other of the King's honourable Council" to be [good] masters to my poor brother Peter Dudley, my near kinsman Jas. Bea[mont, and two] poor men, sometime my servants, viz., Thomas Michell and Will. Franke, who are in danger for my "lewd demeanour," intending to escape from the Tower; they did but their duty as servants, and afterwards refused to assist my escape, and they were the only persons privy to it. He himself did not intend it unless the attainder had passed both Commons, Lords, and King, as he told Brymley, who might have dealt with him better than he did. Bequests to Marion Raylegh, whom Dr. Thompson knows, for her daughter Elizabeth, whom Will. Bookyll of London Bridge bound apprentice with the wife of Mr. Waren, browderer; to the building of Paul's church, and the churches of Chichester, Poynings in Sussex, and St. Swithin's in London "where I dwelt." Desires to be buried in the monastery of Westminster, his wife to find a priest to sing for him for three years, ten marks to be given to the poor on each anniversary of his burial. If Sir William Sandes and others be not discharged of their recognizance of 1,000l. to the late King by a bill which testator delivered to Mr. Lovell and Mr. Heron, desires that they be reimbursed.
"Item wher I gave to Andrew ... folkes of worship, dyvers greate ... if my pardon be had and that I fortune ... be the assent and advise of the ... other ... londes by ther discrecyons as will se my ... ffy ...for me, but if I put (sic) to execucion or ...and paimentes ar utterly discharged for ..."
Item (mutilated) directing that, for their trouble, each of his feoffees and also his "kind lady," Lady Litton, shall have 20 mks.
Concluded with an exhortation to his feoffees (to see this will performed) and a prayer for the King, but this portion is very mutilated.
Orig. much mutilated, pp. 8. Signed at the bottom of each page. Some of the mutilations supplied in the earlier part from the copy, § 2.
Ib. f. 10. R.O. 2. Part copy (contemporary) of the above—of the portion represented by the first fifteen lines of § 1.
Large paper, pp. 3.
Add. MS. 32,091, f. 44. B.M. 560. EDMUND DUDLEY.
"This book named the Tree of Common Wealth, (fn. 3) was by Edmund Dudley, esquire, late counsellor of King Henry VIIth, the same Edmund at the compiling hereof being prisoner in the Tower, &c."
Begins "Forasmuch as every man is naturally bound," &c.
Pp. 80. In a hand of Henry VIII.'s time or little later.
31 Aug.
Hist. MSS. Com. Rep. VII., p. 600.
Receipt by Mrs. Elizabeth Dudley for money and cloth delivered to her by William Karden.
31 Aug.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., I., 318.
Has received hers of the 13th indicating that she hears of practices among the great princes of Christendom. The Pope sent the Seigneur Constantin as ambassador but the Emperor would only give him safeconduct as far as the Tyrol. His charge was to require the Emperor to declare against France and Ferrara, and the Pope would get him a good appointment with the Venetians. Evidently he was sent to entertain the Emperor until it might be seen what the Swiss would do; and his wife, to whom the Emperor gave safeconduct to go to him in the Tyrol, conveyed money from the Pope to the Swiss and has been at Brixen with her husband. The Pope made the same request to the King of Aragon. Likewise the Pope wrote to the King of England, making the same request and advertising him that the Emperor would take his (the Pope's) side and the King of Aragon send him assistance by sea against Genoa; and these letters were intercepted by the King of France. Intends to maintain his alliance with the King of France and other princes of their league of Cambray and to that end has sent the bp. of Gurce. Practices by which he hopes to prevent the Swiss marching, or destroy them in their return. * * * Landeck, 31 Aug. 1510.
563. GRANTS IN AUGUST, 1510.
1. George Assheby, clerk of the Signet to Hen. VII. Grant, for life, of six tenements in the parish of St. John the Baptist upon Walbroke, London, now in the King's hands by forfeiture of Sir Richard Charleton; to hold from Easter, 24 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 19 March, 1 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 1 Aug. P.S. [1196.]
See also No. 414 (60).
2. Richard Legh, yeoman of the Jewel House. Grant, for life, of the donative which was in the gift of the late Lord Wellys at Wytherne, Linc. Windsor Castle, 7 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Mayfield, 3 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1197.]
3. Burgesses of Reading. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 11 Aug., 5 Hen. V. (m. 21), conf.:—
Pat. 20 Feb., 2 Ric. II. (p. 2, m. 30), confirming:—
Ch. 10 June, 18 Edw. III., conf. with reservation:
Ch. 5 July, 37 Hen. III.
with additional grant of the annual election, at Michaelmas, of two serjeants of the mace, the supervision and correction by the mayor of clothmaking in the city, exemption of the mayor and burgesses from assizes, juries, &c., outside the city, with other liberties. Del. Mayfeld, 4 Aug. [2 Hen. VIII.]. S.B. Confirmation roll 41, No. 1. [1198.]
4. Thomas Leson, clk. Presentation to the church of Tattunhyll, Cov. and Lich. dioc., void by death. Romsey, 3 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1199.]
5. Cerne Abbey, Salisbury dioc. Warrant for restitution of temporalities on election of Robert Westebury as abbot, vice Thomas Sam, deceased. Greenwich, 16 May, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8.
ii. Notification by Edmund bp. of Sarum, that he has confirmed the election; and petition for restitution of temporalities. Remmesbury, 27 [March ?] 1509, 8th year of his translation. [1200.]
6. David Vaughan, clk. Presentation to the prebend of St. Lawrence, in St. Mary's collegiate church, Warwick, Worc. dioc., void by resignation of John Alistre, clerk. Monastery of Reading, 28 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 8 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1201.]
7. John Alistre, clk. Presentation to the deanery of the collegiate church of St. Mary, Warwick, Worc. dioc., void by resignation of Ralph Collingwode, clk. Monastery of Reading, 28 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 8 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1202.]
8. Lady Katharine Gordon. Grant, for life, of the manors or lordships of Fylberdis alias Philbertis, Longwittenham, Fiffehide, and Eton, Berks, from Easter 24 Hen. VII.; with proviso that if she go from England to Scotland or other outward parts without special licence this grant shall be void. Greenwich, 2 June, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 8 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1203.]
9. George Lovekyn, clerk of the Stable. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascon wine. Vine, 25 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 9 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1204.]
10. Thomas Burgh, esquire for the Body. To be, for life, surveyor of the castles, manors and lordships of Shirefhutton, Midelham, Richemond, Bernard alias Bernardes Castell, Cotingham, Sandall, Hatfeld, Conysborugh, Wakefeld, Raskell, Sutton, Elrington (sic), Esyngwold, Huby, Doncaster, Hoton Panell, and Chesterfeld, assigned for the payment of the garrison of the castle and town of Berwick upon Tweed, as held by Thomas lord Darcy. Romsey, 3 Aug. 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 10 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1205.]
11. Richard Michell. To be, for life, master mason of Berwike, with 8d. a day. Malishangre, 2 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 10 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1206.]
12. Richard Weston, "squier" for the Body. Grant, in fee, of the manor or lordship of Ufton Pole, Berks, forfeited by attainder of Francis lord Lovell, now in the King's hands by death of Sir John Langford. Monastery
Reading, 26 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1207.]
13. Richard Weston, esquire for the Body. Licence to freight, once, within two years from Candlemas next, any ship not exceeding 150 tons burthen, with wools, woollen cloth, leather, lead, tin or other merchandise, and carry it to parts beyond the mountains through the straits of Marrok, free of custom. Southampton, 6 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1208.]
14. John Veer, and Elizabeth his wife. Livery of lands in her right, as sister and heir of John, s. and h. of Edward, s. and h. of Sir William Trussell. Southampton, 4 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 14 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 7. [1210.]
15. Robert, son and heir of Humphrey Belchier. Livery of lands. Romsey, 5 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 14 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8. [1211.]
16. Sir Hugh Vaughan, of Westminster. Exemption from serving on juries, &c. Easthampstead, 21 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 19 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4. [1213.]
17. William Mountfort. Grant, for life, of the free chapel of St. Mary in Wynnerdermer, in the barony of Kendall, dioc. Carlisle. Monastery of Christchurch, 14 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 20 Aug. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1214.]
18. John Wyghell, groom of the Chamber. To be, during pleasure, one of the foot foresters in the forest of Gawtresse, vice Richard Buckeley, deceased. Monastery of Christchurch, 13 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 20 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1215.]
19. Commission of the Peace. (See Appendix):—
Oxfordshire.—Westm., 24 Aug. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 6d. [1216.]
20. Master John Bayly, D.D. Presentation to the parish church of St. Matthew in Ipswich, dioc. Norw., void by death. Monastery of Bewleu, 10 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 24 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1217.]
21. Sir Thomas Knyvet, knight for the Body, and master of the Horse. To be, for life, keeper of the new park belonging to the lordship of Berkley, Glouc. Monastery of Christchurch, 14 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 27 Aug. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19. [1218.]
22. Men of Crykelade. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 17 July, 1 Hen. VII. (Conf. roll 9, No. 2), confirming:—
Pat. 20 May, 3 Edw. IV. (p. 1, m. 14), confirming:—
Pat. 15 March, 20 Hen. VI., confirming:—
Pat. 24 Jan., 51 Hen. III. confirming:—
Pat. of Hen. II.
Westm., 27 Aug. [2 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 43, No. 11.
23. John Audeley. Wardship and marriage of Anne and Edith, daughters and heirs of William Brocas. Del. Otford, 30 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. (Endorsed: "George Warham, Brocas.") [1219.]


  • 1. The preceding entry in this MS. is dated Stirling, 1 Aug. 1510.
  • 2. On 18 July 1509. See Appendix.
  • 3. The book has been privately printed. Manchester, 1859.