Henry VIII: September 1510

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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September 1510

2 Sept.
Lettres de Louis XII., t. ii., p. 5.
564. [1221.] MAXIMILIAN to HENRY VIII.
Hears the Pope has written that the French have intercepted letters from his Holiness to Henry, stating he had been promised the aid of the Emperor and Aragon against France, and requesting the co-operation of England. This is an artifice to assist the Venetians, contrary to the League between all the Kings. No such promise has been given, either by the Emperor or Aragon. They are determined to maintain the League, and hope the King of Hungary and Bohemia will join it. The Pope only tries to stir up dissension. Visbourg, 2 Sept. 1510.
Le Glay. Analectes Hist., p. 182. 2. Abstract from the original of the above, giving the date as Wirtsbourg, 2 Sept. 1510.
3 Sept.
Lettres de Louis XII., ii., 8.
* * * The Duke of Albany has returned from your father, of whom he made a good report to the King, and is now sending his secretary to the Emperor. * * *
P.S.—Albany called on the writer yesterday and spoke of the Emperor's willingness to have an interview with the King in Burgundy, and of the King's sending a letter by his (Albany's) secretary asking for M. de Gurce to be sent hither without delay. * * * Maréchal Darizoles has just told me (Burgo ?) that his King will shortly send an ambassador to England. However, I think he will wait until Gurce comes. Blois, 3 Sept.
4 Sept.
Sanuto, XI., 276.
566. VENICE.
On 4 Sept. 1510, Piero da Cha da Pexaro presented a letter from Henry VIII. to the Signory requesting permission for export of 40,000 bows; which, although against the laws, was granted.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 78.
7 Sept.
Ven. Transcr. 176, p. 90. R.O.
567. DOGE and SENATE OF VENICE to their AMBASSADOR with the POPE.
7 Sept. 1510.—Approve the Pope's intention of proceeding to censures against France, as likely to influence Christian princes,—especially England, from whence they have heard nothing for a long time. Through the bp. of York, the Pope should keep that King advised of French designs.
Italian. Modern transcript, ½ p. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 79.
9 Sept.
Hist. MS. Com., Rep. on Various Collections, vol. II., p. 304.
Wrote last by William West, of Calais. Two posts have since come out of France and one out of Allmayne. From France, Andrea de Bourgue writes to my Lady that Maréchal Dorisell is commanded ambassador into England, probably to excuse his master's taking the letters sent from Rome to the King and exhort his Grace not to assist the Pope, for the French king intends to depose him and "do all that he can against the holy church of Rome." The Emperor holds yet with the Frenchmen, who spare no money, but my Lady hopes to convert him to such ways "as Sir Robert Wyngfeldes charge is" and Christendom requires, especially the House of Burgundy which stands in most danger of the Frenchmen. Has received divers letters from Wyngfelde, the last dated Fesen, 29th ult., where the ambassadors of Aragon and Hungary awaited the Emperor, who was expected within six days. Few Frenchmen remain with the Emperor's army against the Venetians. They retire to Vysaunce and the Venetians have recovered two towns. My Lady learns by letters that many Swysters have departed towards the Duke of Savoy's land, to serve the Pope, and say they will force the French to give them passage through Milan. Sends by bearer, John of Cant, important letters to the King and the Lord Treasurer. Begs that they may be forwarded with speed to the Lord Treasurer or, in his absence, some other of the Privy Council. Writes also to my lord of Winchester with copy of the King's letter and news in French received by my Lady, unclosed. If you read it keep the matter close. Your axe shall be sent with your mule. Pray let me know any news of the passage of the French ambassador. Brussels, 9 Sept. "Make a covering of paper" to the letters of my lord of Winchester.
Add.: Knight of the Garter, deputy of Calais.
9 Sept.
Sanuto, XI., 588.
569. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 8 Nov. 1510.]
From Andrea Badoer, [London], 9 Sept.—The King willing to lend the Signory 150,000 ducats upon security of jewels; and wishes Badoer to stay there and send for his wife.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 86.
9 Sept.
Ven. Transcr. 176, p. 91. R.O.
9 Sept. 1510.—After long waiting for letters from him, despatched theirs of 15 July (copy enclosed), which, apparently, was intercepted; and, subsequently, received his of 17 July, signifying how the King of France had written of the taking of Lignano and his cessation of hostilities, and how there was good hope of alliance. Explains that the French have not changed their wily policy, but the Pope's action has forced them to withdraw and saved Italy; and that the Papal and Venetian galleys were at Piombino at the end of August about to start for the expedition of Genoa, to which the Pope's 10,000 Swiss were marching, and the French troops gone from Milan to stop them. Hostilities continue with the Duke of Ferrara and Emperor. The Pope has excommunicated the Duke, Venice has recovered the Polesine of Rovigo, and the King of Spain is sending the Pope aid from Naples, &c. War with the Emperor in which Venice is winning and the Prince of Ainalt, the Imperial commander, is dead at Verona. Released the Marquis of Mantua, at the Pope's request, and have now engaged him as their captain general.
The King to be told of the above, and urged now to win glory and avenge himself on his natural enemies; also to be thanked for sending his ambassador to the Emperor for the Signory's reconciliation, which-they still desire and for which the Pope has now sent Signor Constantino Areniti to Germany. Badoer shall excuse both the Pope and the Signory for not sending the galleys—a great loss to commerce. He must write oftener.
P.S.—Capture of Varese by the Swiss.
Italian. Modern transcript, pp 4. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 81.
Sanuto, XI., 318. 2. Motion passed in the Senate for the above.
Italian. Two modern transcripts. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 80.
11 Sept.
Ven. Transcr. 176, p. 94. R.O.
571. VENICE.
11 Sept. 1510.—Debate in the Senate, 11 Sept. 1510, upon a motion for the recal, on account of expense, of the Ambassador Badoer, who had now been in England nigh 20 months, and delegation of his powers to the consul in London. He must beg the King to procure him safeconduct from the Emperor and Madame Margaret for his return, and having obtained it take leave forthwith. Finally decided, lest the King take umbrage, to continue him at a reduced salary.
Italian. Modern transcript. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 82–4.
Sanuto, XI., 327. 2. Note of the above.
14 Sept.
Madrid MS.
War in Italy.—The King of France, suspecting the Pope of secret correspondence with Genoa and Milan, has intercepted couriers with a great number of letters. Has seen one of them, from the English ambassador at Rome to the nuncio in England, asking the nuncio to urge upon the King of England to take this opportunity of recovering his own and allowing the Archduke to reconquer Burgundy. The King of France has also shown him a brief by which the Pope orders the nuncio to credit what the English ambassador writes to him. Similar briefs to Germany and Switzerland were intercepted. Cannot understand why the English ambassador should write to the nuncio and not to the King direct, nor can the French explain this. * * * Tours, 14 Sept. 1510.
See Spanish Calendar, Vol. II, No. 52.
20 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 13. R.O.
573. [1230.] JOHN GYGGES, Mercer of London.
Receipt given to Dame Olive Gygges, his sister, for 1½ years rent. 20 Sept.
Small paper, p. 1.
20 Sept.
Add. Ch. 14,572. B.M.
Indenture, made 20 Sept. 2 Hen. VIII., between John Wynchelse, prior, and the convent of Castelacre, and John bp. of Calcidony, prior, and the convent of Bromholme, witnessing that (whereas John Amfles, late prior of Castelacre, under an old composition dated prid. id. April, 1229, lately recovered payment of an annual pension of 15l. 6s. 8d. due from Bromholme to Castelacre) in consideration of the runious state of Bromholme, and with consent of John Asshdoun, now prior of Lewes, and ordinary of Castelacre, the sum of 66s. 8d. is remitted from the said pension for five years from Midsummer 1511, provided that the residue is paid regularly under conditions described.
Large parchment.
25 Sept.
Add. Ch. 9,264. B.M.
Indenture of lease by the vicars of Lincoln Cathedral to Wm. Gardener, of Bishop's Norton, Linc., of their lands of Norton and Crosholm, for 20 years, at 5s. rent. Lincoln, 25 Sept. 1510.
Latin. Small parchment.
27 Sept.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., I., 335.
The King of England's ambassador here has required him to confirm the [treaty of] intercourse made in the lifetime of the late King of Castile for all his countries and subjects. Desiring the weal of his subjects and the maintenance of the good alliances made with the late King Henry, he requires her to confirm it in his name. Constance, 27 Sept. 1510.
29 Sept.
Exch. Accts. 85 (10). R.O.
"Southampton.—Compotus Nicholai Cowart," deputy there of Sir Robert Southewell, Chief Butler, for the year ending Mich. 2 Hen. VIII.
Giving the owner of each ship, the date on which she entered, the merchants who had wines in her, and the amount taken, from each, for prisage and butlerage. Forty ships entered.
Latin. Pp. 17.
Ib. (11). R.O. 2. The like for Bristol. Nic. Broun, deputy. Twenty-four ships. The names of the ships (not the owners), and the ports they came from, are. given, but few individual merchants are named. Accountant met with opposition in some cases; and says of one ship that the owners, &c., would not suffer him to mark more than one pipe and the purser "had nerhand mischevid my servant, he beyng aboute his besynesse abord the same shipp."
Pp. 8.
Ib. (9). R.O. 3. The like for Chichester. Edward Lewkenor, deputy. Giving the kind of ship, port of ownership, master's name, date, &c. Twenty-seven ships.
Latin. Paper roll of two leaves.
Ib. (1). R.O. 4. Account of prise wines and butlerage of merchant strangers in the port of Hull for two years, from Mich. 24 Hen. VII. to Mich. 2 Hen. VIII. [Showing briefly what was taken from eight ships named in the first year and six in the second and what was done with it.]
Paper roll of two sheets.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 14. R.O. 5. The like for Boston (deputy John Robynson) for the year ending Michaelmas, 2 Hen. VIII. One ship, which arrived 20 Dec.; thirteen merchants. [1242.]
P. 1.
29 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 14. R.O.
Paper headed "De stauro Magne Garderobe D'ni Regis a Mich. anno primo usque idem festum anno ij.o"
The King's Chapel.—3¼ yds. crimson damask for crosses for one vestment and 2 tenacles of white damask at 7s., 22s. 9d. 3 yds. crimson damask for 3 crosses for chasubles of white damask, 21s. 1¼ yard crimson damask for a cross for an over front, and a nether front of white damask for the High Altar at 7s. the yard, 8s. 9d. 3¾ yds. crimson damask for crosses for 3 over fronts, and 3 nether fronts of white damask for 3 side altars at 7s. the yard, 26s. 3d. A yard crimson damask for a cross for a leyterner cloth of white damask, 7s. The King's Nursery.—8 yards purple velvet for a "berying payne" with a long train, 6l.; 2 pieces of green saye of the least assise for 2 pieces of the most assize to hang the lady maistress' chamber, 26s. 8d.
P. 1. Endorsed with calculations for pay of "xvj. English," "xvj. Burgundians," "Mr. John Cokeson," "Mr. Peers Trybavile" (?) each for 49 nights and "Mr. Guyot de Granges" for two nights.
29 Sept.
Exch. Accts. 220 (1). R.O.
[For previous account see No. 109.]
Account of Dr. Roger Lupton, clerk or keeper of the Hanaper of Chancery, from 12 July, 1 Hen. VIII., to 29 Sept. 2 Hen. VIII. (heading mutilated).
Receipts, certified upon oath, without controlment:—For 12,740 original writs (in later accounts "original writs close") sealed before the Lord Chancellor at 6d. each, and 940 letters patent sub pede sigilli at 2s. and 25 at 3s.; for 523 writs close at 6d. and 18 letters patent at 2s. which remain undelivered he does not answer. For 16,592 judicial writs issuing from the King's Bench and Common Pleas at 6d. For 200 charters parvi feodi of grants for life, at 16s. 4d.; for 162 charters of confirmation, 36 of special pardon, 20 of special livery, 1, 643 of pardon de communi gratia and one de licentia maritandi et aliis de causis, at 16s. 4d., and for 9 charters magni feodi (fn. 1) to persons and their heirs, at 7l. 11s. 8d. each; but for 17 of the charters parvi feodi and 9 charters magni feodi he does not answer, because the King pardoned the fees by special words in the charters, nor does he answer for 22 parvi feodi and 4 magni feodi of which the fees were pardoned by special warrants. For 8 writs of restitution of temporalities of bishops, abbots and priors, at 20s. For common fines in Chancery, 452l. 10s.; de finibus grossis 571l. Total receipts, 3,614l. 15s. 4d.
Reprises:—Customary annuity of 100l. to the Chancellor, granted by Henry VII. for the commons (fn. 2) of the clerks of Chancery; customary wages of Edw. Stubbes, keeper of the seal of Common Pleas, 4l.; fees and wages by letters patent of Wm. Porter, clerk of the Crown, of the keeper or clerk of the Hanaper, of John Hoxston, spigurnel, of Wm. Mason, portjoy, of a groom keeping the horse that carries the Hanaper, and of Nic. Clerk, chaffwax. Robes of Chancellor, master of the Rolls and 11 masters of Chancery. Vesture of the clerk and sub-clerk and others above named. Purchase of stuff, viz., parchment, wax, green cloth, cushions of tapestry work and green say lined with canvas. Necessaries, viz., riding expenses of 261 days at 18d. a day, shoeing the horse, mending the saddle, &c., rushes for Westminster Hall, leathern bags, ink, thread, needles et forellis matt' et sponges, fuel, boathire from Lambeth, and green wax and silken bands for divers books confirmed between the King and the kings of the Romans, Scotland and France. Annuities by letters patent to the master of St. Katharine's hospital, to the clerk of the Hanaper (pat. 29 July ao1), to John Teylour, clerk of Parliament (pat. 29 Oct. ao 1), to Thomas earl of Surrey, as marshal of England (pat. 10 July ao 2). Payments assigned by tallies, viz., 10l., 5 Nov. ao 1, for John Yong, clerk of the Petty Bag; 31l. 15s. 10d., 15 Feb. ao 1, for John Yong, master of the Rolls; 250l., 18 March ao 1, for the King's Household; and 8l. 9s., 20 June ao 2, for Laurence Emler. Total reprises, 802l. 3s. 0½d.
Money delivered to the King's use, in the Chamber, to the hands of Wm. Compton, 1 Dec. 1 Hen. VIII., 1,040l.; 1 March, 607l.; 16 June 2 Hen. VIII., 400l.; 9 July, 400l.; 29 Nov., 340l.
Latin. A paper roll.
Ib. (2). R.O. 2. A fuller declaration of the reprises in the above account, headed "onus magistri Rogeri Lupton," &c.
Latin. A paper roll with corrections and notes by the auditors.
Ib. (3). R.O. 3. Book of the numbers sealed in each month of the writs and letters patent mentioned in § 1. The number of letters patent for November is "cum litteris Vaus et Blount." It appears that the 25 letters patent at 3s. were those of the sheriffs.
Latin. Pp. 5.
29 Sept.
Add. Ch. 16,560. B.M.
Account of John Goldyngham, receiver of the lands of Thomas earl of Surrey, in cos. Suff. and Beds, for the year ending Michaelmas, 2 Hen. VIII.
Latin. Parchment roll of 3 membranes.
29 Sept. 581. CALAIS ACCOUNTS.
See later under 6 October.
29 Sept.
Faustina, E. VII., 3. B.M.
582. [1241.] WORKS AT CALAIS.
"Declaratio Thomæ Deykyn, supervisoris operum domini Regis villæ et marchiarum suarum Calesii; viz., ab ultimo die Mar[tii anno] regni Regis Henrici Septimi xxjmo, usque festum Sancti Michaelis Archangeli, anno regni Regis Henrici VIIIvi, secundo"; accounting for sums received from Thos. Prowde and Thos. Boote, farmers of Marke and Oye, and from Sir Hugh Conwey, treasurer of Calais, amounting in all to 1,500l. "st. table"; against which he places an expenditure of 2,542l. 9s. 1d. "gr., q. fac. st." 1,694l. 19s. 4d. and a disputed claim for 90l., on the ground that Henry VII., in the presence of Sir Thos. Lovell, granted him by word of mouth an annuity of 20l.
Lat. Large paper, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II., 53b. (No. 139.) B.M. Epp. Reg. Sc., I. 117. 583. [1364.] JAMES IV. to LEWIS XII.
On account of the failure of the crops, owing to the wet summer and the anticipation of famine, requests leave for George Halkerstoun to purchase and import 200 bushels of rye (siligo) and flour.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
R. MS. 13 B. II., 45. (No. 107.) Ep. Reg. Sc., I. 101. 584. JAMES IV. to LEWIS XII.
Requesting licence for George Halkerston, merchant of Edinburgh, to export to Scotland certain silver vessels (vasa) which he is getting made at Paris, notwithstanding the edict limiting the weight of silver vessels to be exported.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 255. 2. Another copy.
P. 1.
Adv. MS., 214. 585. JAMES IV. to JOHN KING OF DENMARK.
Requesting permission for Walter Paterson of Leith to import victuals, especially rye and flour, from Denmark.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 379. 586. JAMES [IV].
Charter appointing Nicholas Matesoun inhabitent of Trasende his agent to procure victuals, arms and merchandise in the Hanse towns.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
1. Gaol Delivery.
Gaol of the abbot of Ramsey.—Commission to Sir Robert Rede, John Woode, Thos. Lowth, Chr. Druell, John Tayllard, Will. Grace, and Thos. Dunholt. Knoll, 4 Sept. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2d. [1222.]
2. Sir John Petche and Henry Skylman, yeoman of the Crown. To be keepers, in survivorship, of the park of Eltham, and of the houses in the manor of Eltham, with the usual fees; and of the new park of Horne alias of Eltham, with 4d. a day. Del. Knoll, 4 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1223.]
3. Waterford. Inspeximus. See below.
4. Marcellus De la More, the King's surgeon. Annuity of 40 marks, during pleasure. Corfe Castle, 25 Aug. 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19; and p. 2, m. 6. [1224.]
5. Gaol Delivery.
Canterbury.—Commission to William Crompe, mayor, John Halys, Henry Goseborn, Thomas Wood, John Nayler Ralph Broune, Thomas Wainflett, John Fysshe, Roger Clerk, and John Broker. Knoll, 13 Sept. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2d. [1225.]
6. John Tomson, yeoman of the Crown. To be, during pleasure, bailiff and warrener of Sherston, Wilts. Greenwich, 5 June, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 14 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 7. [1226.]
7. Christopher, abp. of York, ambassador with the Pope. Commission to appear before the Pope and obtain his confirmation of the treaty with France, concluded 23 March, 1509, by which the contracting parties submit to excommunication in event of either of them violating its articles. Del. Knoll, 14 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. French Roll, 2 Hen. VIII. m. 13. Rymer XIII. 249. [1227.]
8. Philip Taillour, yeoman purveyor of the Acatry. Commission to provide oxen and sheep for the Royal Household until the 16th of March next. Knoll, 16 Sept. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 2d. [1228.]
9. Robert John, groom of the Chamber of Henry VII. Constat and exemplification of patent, 13 Dec., 1 Hen. VII., which appointed him, for life, constable of Llantrisshen Castle, parker there, and keeper of Barre Island, with such lands as Th. Wrexham lately enjoyed for the keeping of that island. Westm., 18 Sept. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 7. [1229.]
10. Richard Bigge. To be, for life, bailiff of the manor and lordship of Towcetre, Northt., with the hundred of the same and all lands there purchased by Sir Richard Emson, of Richard earl of Kent, and of lands formerly held by John Asheby, of the prior of Bradstok, in fee farm, at 9l. 20d. rent, in Towcetre and Burton Latymer, purchased by Emson of the said John; and of all Emson's lands in the town of Towcetre; and keeper of the woods called Tokwelheye and Buknell. Windsor Castle, 6 July, 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 21 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1231.]
11. Thomas Wodshawe. Annuity of 20l., during pleasure, out of the customs of the port of Southampton, Waltham, 14 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII Del. Knoll, 22 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1232.]
12. Philip Cachemay. To be, from 21 July, 1 Hen. VIII., during pleasure, keeper of the gawle, called "The Gawle above the Wode," in Dean Forest, Glouc. Corfe Castle. 20 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 25 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2. m. 6. [1233.]
13. Charles Somerset lord Herbert, Chamberlain. To be, for life, constable and porter of the castle of Bergevvenny, and receiver of the "said" lordship, in the King's gift by decease of Richard Herbert; also grant, for 20 years, of the farm of the demesnes and lands in the said lordship at the rent paid by the said Richard. Wardelham, 23 Sept. 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 25 Sept. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1234.]
14. Master Richard Stok, M.A., student in the University of Oxford. To have a corrody in the monastery of St. Frideswide, in the University of Oxford, of the yearly value of 50s., surrendered by Edward Mortymere. Bishop's Waltham, 17 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 25 Sept. P.S. (in English). [1235.]
15. Isle of Wight. Warrant to the abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, for a commission to Guy Palmes, Serjeant at law, William Froste, John Newport, Nicholas Tichebourne, Thomas Moore, and John Dale, learned men, to enquire into the murder of Thomas Oglaunder, of the Isle of Wight, by Thomas Hau . . and his company there. Wardelham (?), 23 Sept. Del. Otford, 26 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. (sealed). [1236.]
16. John Hunte, chief cook in the Kitchen. Grant, during pleasure, of the toll of the town of Pole, alias the petty custom at Pole, with a house called the "Wolhouse," and all the lands of Upton, Dorset, now in the King's hands by death of Margaret countess of Richmond. Bishop's Waltham, 10 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 27 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 7. [1237.]
17. Robert Scorer, gunstone-maker. To be, for life, the King's gunstone-maker, with 6d. a day. Bishop's Waltham, 14 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 27 Sept. P.S. (in English). Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1238.]
18. William Cope and Stephen Coope. Grant, in survivorship, of the offices of bailiff of the town and lordship and keeper of the park and out-woods of Warblington, and keeper of the park of Bodehampton, Hants; on surrender of patent 26 March, 8 Hen. VII., granting to the said Wm. Cope, then serjeant of the Catery, and John Howike, yeoman of the Crown, now deceased, the two first-named offices, and of patent 11 Oct., 1 Hen. VIII., granting the said William the last-named office. Monastery of Reading, 23 July 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford 27 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2. m 15. [1239.]
19. Sir John Carrewe, knight for the Body. To be, during pleasure, surveyor of the earldom of Devonshire, steward, surveyor, and receiver of the manors of Ryme Inward and Ryme Outward, Eststoke, Weststoke, and Milton Faukynbrigge, in Somst. and Dorset. Canford, 19 Aug., 2 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 27 Sept. P.S. Pat. 2 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6. [1240.]
20. Nicholas Bluet, s. and h. of Walter Bluet. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 18 Oct., 3 Hen. VI. (p. 2, m. 2), confirming:—
Pat. 1 July, 2 Hen. V. (to John Bevyle and Agnes his wife), conf:
Ch. 16 Feb., 1 Hen. IV. (no witnesses), confirming:—
Ch. 24 April, 21 Ric. II. (to Thomas Beaupyne and his heirs in Northpederton hundred).
Westm., 28 Sept. [2 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 41, No. 4.
21. John Yong, Keeper of the Rolls and Records of Chancery. To cancel a recognizance of 120l. made by Edmund Burton, of London, draper, Sir William Capell, and Giles Capell, 20 Feb., 20 Hen. VII. Oking, 30 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. (sealed). [1243.]
22. John Yong, Keeper of the Rolls and Records in Chancery. To cancel two recognizances of 120l. each, made 20 Feb., 20 Hen. VII.; the 1st by William lord Willughby and Erisby, Sir William Capell, and Giles Capell; the 2nd by Giles lord Daubney, Sir William Capell, and Giles Capell. Oking, 30 Sept., 2 Hen. VIII. S.B. (sealed). [1244.]
3. Citizens of Waterford. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
A. Pat. 14 May, 2 Hen. VII. (Conf. roll 13, No. 4), confirming:—
Ch. 20 Nov., 1 Edw. IV., confirming and expounding:—
a. Pat. 8 Nov., 9 Hen. VI., confirming:—
Ch. 3 July, 7 John.
b. Pat. 16 March, 20 Hen. VI. (p. 2, m. 15), confirming:—
Ch. 6 May, 1 Hen. V., confirming with additions:—
Pat. 24 Nov., 1 Hen. IV., confirming:—
Ch. 4 Aug., 45 Edw. III., confirming with additions:—
Ch. 14 Nov., 30 Edw. III., confirming with reservations and additions:—
Ch. 16 June, 2 Edw. II., confirming:—
Ch. 16 June, 16 Hen. III.
c. Pat. 20 March, 5 Hen. VI. (p. 2, m. 22), confirming:—
Pat. 26 May, 3 Ric. II., confirming:—
Ch. 24 Feb., 38 Edw. III.
d. Pat. 8 April, 26 Hen. VI. (p. 1, m, 4).
e. Pat. 21 March, 20 Hen. VI. (p. 2. m. 22).
B. Pat. 12 May, 3 Hen. VII.
Westm., 12 Sept. [2 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 42, No. 11.


  • 1. The mutilated heading of this account and duplicate of the receipts down to this point is on a separate leaf.
  • 2. Pro communibus clericorum. In later accounts the words are pro communibussive commensalibus clericorum.