Henry VIII: August 1511

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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, 'Henry VIII: August 1511', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920) pp. 448-455. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp448-455 [accessed 26 May 2024].

. "Henry VIII: August 1511", in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920) 448-455. British History Online, accessed May 26, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp448-455.

. "Henry VIII: August 1511", Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920). 448-455. British History Online. Web. 26 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp448-455.


August 1511

Adv. MS., 336. 834. JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
Has heard from Andrew bp. of Murray of his favourable reception by the Pope. Thanks his Holiness for the promise, contained in his brief, to make him a cardinal, as well as for the favours shown him on James' account. Dated "ut supra" [which should be, as in Adv. MS., 334, Linlithgow, 5 Id. April 1512,—too late a date for this letter].
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 270. 835. JAMES IV. to the POPE.
Requests that the hospital of St. Laurence, Haddingtoun, St. Andrew's dioc., endowed by his ancestors for the use of the poor, may be converted into a convent of Friars hermits of the Order of St. Augustine reformandorum, seu de Observantia, with the assent of the present possessor.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
1 Aug.
R. MS.
13 B. II., 55b
(No. 148).
Ep. Reg.
Scot., I., 121.
836. [1829.] JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
The privileges granted to the Chapel Royal, Stirling, which the Pope erected into a bishopric at his request, with the patronage of the churches, are much contested by the ordinaries. Requests the Pope will preserve them not only to the castle of Stirling and St. Michael's college, but extend them to all the Royal Palaces in the kingdom, as the bp. of Murray will explain by articles signed by the King. Edinburgh, 1 Aug. 1511.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
3 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII.,
2, f. 46.
"Mem., that the 3rd day of August, the third year of the reign of our sovereign Lord King Henry the Eighth, upon the deliberate sight of the great extremities and necessities that the King's army of archers stood in, as well for fault and lack of money, as specially victuals, the Lord Darcy delivered the said day at Cape St. Vincent, of his own proper money, to every captain, for the victualling of him and one hundred archers under his leading, 20l. of English gold; and for witness that Richard Maliverey, esq., hath so received 20l. for him and one hundred archers at his leading, the same Ric. Maliverey to this bill hath set his sign manual the day and year beforesaid." Signed: Ric. Maleverie.
ii. Similar acknowledgments by Sir Ralph Ellercar, Sir Richard Aldburgh, Sir Ralph Eure, and Sir Rob. Constable.
S.P. Hen. VIII.,
229, f. 30.
2. The like by Thomas à Borough, esq. Same date.
P 1.
Ven. Transcr.,
176, p. 101.
Three letters, viz.:—(1) 15 July, 1511.—Approving of the league with Spain and England. (2) 4 Aug.—Learn from his of 31 July that the league is being treated with exclusion of Venice unless she makes terms with the Emperor. Trust in the Pope's favour. (3) 5 Aug.—Lately signified the coming hither of the Cardinal of Sion, incognito. Enclose copy of letters from the ambassador in England, as important for his guidance.
Italian. Modern extracts. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 107–8.
Constable of Windsor. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 5.
7 Aug.
Lettres de
Louis XII.,
iii., 6.
* * * On the 3rd inst I sent you a copy of the Pope's answer brought by the ambassador of Scotland's man. The Pope's ambassador arrived here on the evening of the said 3rd. * * * An English ambassador is expected, viz., the Grand Master of Rhodes, who was lately ambassador with you. Valence, 7 Aug.
Lettres de
Louis XII.,
iii. 2.
Answer made by the Pope to the articles proposed by the Ambassador of Scotland for peace with the King of France and Duke of Ferrara.
Ib. 51. 2. Answer made on behalf of the King of France to articles which had been proposed on behalf of Julius II. (apparently those of § 1).
7 Aug.
Sanuto, XII.,
842. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 11 Aug. 1511.]
From the ambassador at Rome, 7 Aug.—The Pope went, on the 2nd, to Ostia with two cardinals, York and San Clemente (Arzentin). The Pope's bull summoning the Council is published. Sendscopy. The revenues of the three schismatic cardinals at Pisa are suspended. The Pope sends his galleas into England for tin to cover the church of St. Peter and sends that King a present of 100 Parmesan cheeses, wines, &c. Letters expected from Spain and England in the matter of the League. * * *
13 Aug.
R. MS.
13 B. II., 71.
(No. 197).
843. [3626.] [PANITER] to [THOMAS NUDRY ?].
Your letters dated Ancona, 24 May, the King himself read and praised; and, as you asked, persevered in his respect for the Church of Rome. Mention is made in the letters of a suit instituted by me for the preceptory (fn. 1) of Rhodes of this realm "ex Apostolica provisione per obitum preceptoris domi decidentis michi collata contra Rhodianum (fn. 2) ancienitatem per cessum et decessum prætendentem; qua in re obtinuisse in Rota sub Alexandro Pontifice maximo Apostolicum impetrantem dicebas; verum ego in aliud incidi discrimen, et sententiam primam adversam contra canones, leges et Lateranense concilium etiam cum decreto contrariam Irritanti consuetudinem tuli. Quam ob rem te rogaverim ut quatenus Sanctissimo et Catholico regi inservire valeam litteras unas et alteras ab isto Catholico rege pro subscripta peticione ad _ (blank) transmittas, quibus apud Sanctissimum favorem consequi non dubitaverim."
Lat., copy, p. 1. Begins: Venerande Domine Prothonotarie.
Adv. MS., 360. 2. Another copy dated Edinburgh, 13 Aug., in which the words "reverendum in Christo patrem episcopum Dummelen. secretarium invictissimi et serenissimi Regis" fill the place of the blank in § 1.
15 Aug.
Ven. Transcr.,
176, p. 102.
Three letters, viz.:—8 Aug. 1511.—Atrocities of the French. The Pope should call England, Spain and all others to suffer such iniquities in Christendom no longer.
15 Aug.—Just received his letters of the 10th, announcing conclusion made between Pope, Card. of York, Spanish ambassador and himself. Glad that Spain at length means to oppose French ambition.
15 Aug.—To sign the League, with nomination of England. Venice will contribute 40,000 ducats. [Commission for this described in Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 113–4.]
Italian. Modern extracts. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 111–2, 115.
16 Aug.
Exch. Accts.,
72 (7).
845. [1840.] THOMAS LORD DARCY.
Indenture, under sign manual, 16 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII, between the King and Thos. lord Darcy, for the captaincy of Berwick, to be occupied by Darcy from the said 16 Aug., during pleasure, showing numbers and pay of the garrison, whose wages shall be payable half yearly, on 16 Feb. and 16 Aug. Countersigned: T. Surrey, Ri. Wynton. G. Shrouesbury, T. Duresme, Thomas Lovell, Harry Marny, T. Englefild, Thomas Wulcy. Seal lost.
Large parchment. Endd. as enrolled on the Close Rolls in Dec. 3, 3 Hen. VIII.
Close Roll
3 Hen. VIII.,
m. 6d.
2. Enrolment of the above as recognised by Darcy personally in Chancery, 13 Dec. Cancelled by warrant, 27 Oct. 7 Hen. VIII.
22 Aug. 846. ABBEY OF BOURNE.
Election of Abbot. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 15.
24 Aug.
Eras. Ep., x. 10.
[Edit. Allen, r.
No. 225.]
847. [1847.] ERASMUS to COLET.
Mishaps of his journey in company with Bovill. Finds he will have to spend whatever he can scrape from his patrons, as nothing is to be gained at Cambridge. There is a Dutch physician in the place, who works wonders by a quintessence, and makes old men young again. Thinks if he could taste his essence, and find the same effect, he would be well paid for his journey. Can get nothing, as his audience has nothing to give. Will write if he is successful, that Colet may laugh the more. Queen's Coll. Cambridge, dies nat. Barthol.
Postscript.—Thinks of attacking St. Paul. 1511.
25 Aug.
Eras. Ep., VIII. 16. [Edit. Allen, I. No. 226.]
848. [1849.] ERASMUS to AMMONIUS.
Sends him a letter for Bombasius. His journey was very disagreeable, and his health is still uncertain, a sudore illo. Will have to stay some time in college. Has not yet presented himself in the lecture room. Cannot drink the beer or wine of the place. Would be glad of a skin of Greek wine, but not too sweet. Will send the money. "Jam hoc commodorum, quæ ex bullis sanctissimis capiuntur, initium est; siti enecamur. Tu conjicito cætera. Et nondum trajecimus." Queen's College, postrid. Barthol. 1511.
26 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 31. R.O.
849. ARROWS.
Indenture, 26 Aug. 3 Hen. VIII., witnessing receipt by Walter Hendy, the King's fletcher, from Sir Sampson Norton, master of the Ordnance, of 60l. towards provision of 10,000 sheaves of livery arrows to be made in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and other shires of the realm, according to "a bill of proportion thereof made," signed by the King and remaining in the Exchequer. Signed by Norton.
P. 1.
26 Aug.
Le Glay, Negoc. entre la France et l'Autriche, I. 431.
*** Letters from Florence, of the 23rd inst., report that the Pope had been three days ill of fever and the physicians counted him for dead. Would God he had died a year and a half ago! Three days ago arrived an ambassador (fn. 3) from the King of England to exhort this King to peace. He has been shown the justifications which the Emperor and King have, and I think that he will be despatched from this town. The King will leave to-morrow or the day after towards Blois. To-day I received your letters of the 20th but have not spoken of the matters therein (fn. 4), on account of present occurrents; for it would not be fitting to do so until three or four days have passed. Lyons, 26 Aug.
26 Aug.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 103. R.O.
26 Aug. 1511.—Perceive by his letters of 14 June, and 10 and 24 July that their several letters, and also those of the ambassador at Rome sent through the Cardinal of York, have miscarried. Try all possible means of reconciliation with the Emperor. Atrocities of the French and Imperialists. As to the League the ambassador at Rome will write. Badoer shall persuade the King to lend favour against Gueldres and make himself strong, while they reinforce their army and drive the French back. He shall use the help of all friends, especially the Duke of Buckingham.
Italian. Modern transcript, pp. 2. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 117.
27 Aug. 852. THE BORDERS.
Commission. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 19.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 50. R.O. 853. [1854.] BARFORD CHURCH, Wilts.
Proceedings before Will. Wylton, Thos. Martyn, and John Baker, LL.B., appointed by the bp. of Salisbury to determine the right of patronage to the church of Bereford, claimed by Thos. earl of Derby, John Baynton, and Thos. Lucy, the two latter as having right of alternate presentation. The jury are: Will. Pykenham, vicar of Damerham, Thos. Cooke, rector of Donet St. Andrew's, Roger Farmer, rector of Tevent, John Laurence, rector of Fontell Gyffard, Thos. Radclyff, rector of Fontell Episcopi, Will. Thomson, chaplain, Will. Brodebent, chaplain, Edw. Codryngton, John Domynyke, Ph. Hobbys, Thos. Benet, Walter Baker, and John Brede. Witnesses examined:_master Roger Cervyngton, Dom. Thos. Nesbet, Dom. Rob. Wymouth, Dom. Rob. Frenshe, Dom. John Paytrell, Rob. Terry, Simon Mayo, Thos. Fulbroke, John Bownd, Dom. Rob. Godisgrace, Hen. Lye, and John Boston.—Will. Ketilton, chancellor of Lichfield Cathedral, who died at Wilton on St. Matthew's Eve, 2 Hen. VIII., was late rector of the said church and had been presented by Henry VII. in Thomas Lucy's minority. Simon Weldon, presented by Lucy, obtained an inhibition from the Archbp. of Canterbury and stopped the proceedings on 4 March 2 Hen. VIII., the Earl having already presented Laurence Leycestre and the bp. having instituted Thomas Wever.
Pp. 8 (formerly a roll). Mutilated and imperfect.
Aug. Sanuto, XII., 495. 854. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 12 Sept. 1511.]
From Andrea Badoer, London, 25 July to _ (blank) Aug.:—Complains that the Signory send no news and no money. The King is away from London till October. His ambassador (fn. 5), named _ (blank), has departed, travelling slowly to meet a Spanish ambassador; and together they will go into France and summon the King to surrender Bologna and the towns of the Church. The English have at _ (blank) captured three Scotch ships. Men sent towards Scotland. Madame Margaret more than ever at war with Gueldres, and has 20,000 combatants. King of Spain has drawn towards Roussillon and seized castles of the King of Navarre.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 119.
Aug. Exch. Accts. 55 (30). R.O. 855. A SCOT TAKEN IN THE DOWNS.
Anno 3 Hen. VIII.—Expenses of Richard Dyves, by command of the lords of the Council, upon a Scot taken in the Downs (fn. 6).
Cost of his horse, riding in haste, 6 July, betwixt Rochester and Canterbury, 12d. Hire of a horse to the Downes, 8d., guide 4d., boat to go on board ship 8d. Three horses from Sandwich to Canterbury, Rochester and Greenwich, for self and guide and the prisoner, 8s. Board wages, for self and man and the Scot, from 7 to 31 July, 24s. Servant's wages for that period 8s. Riding from Greenwich to Mr. Pechi's place, on 9 July, by the Council's command, 16d. Riding after the King in August, "conducting a Scot," for six days 12s.
Large paper, p. 1.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., I., 423. 856. MARGARET OF SAVOY to MAXIMILIAN.
Describes preparations for the war with Gueldres, enumerating among other leaders "le capitaine d'Angleterre." (fn. 7) Has received his letter of 21 July. ***
857. GRANTS IN AUGUST, 1511.
1. Master Edward Higgyns, clk. Presentation to the church of Lanteglas juxta Stratton, Exeter dioc., void by death of Thomas Moreton. Northampton, 28 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 1 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8. [1830.]
2. Thomas Spycer, servant to Thomas Goodman, receiver of Warwick's, Spencer's and Salisbury's lands. To be, for life, bailiff or collector of the town and lordship of Flamsted, Herts, and hayward of Barton and Muyth, in the lordships of Tewkesbury and Muyth, Glouc. Greenwich, 8 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 1 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [1831.]
3. William Honnyng. Fiat for a commission to take sea-fish for the Household till 4 Feb. next. Del. Knoll, 4 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. (subscribed as by John Shurley, cofforer, and addressed to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery).
4. John Madyson. Grant, for life, of the possessions late of Edmund Dudley in the town and lordship of Garnethorp and Warwhome, Linc. Del. Otford, 6 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [1832.]
5. Henry earl of Essex, and Sir Thomas Bourghchier, knight for the Body. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of constable of Windsor Castle and keeper of all the forests, parks, warrens, &c., belonging to the office; on surrender of patent, 28 Feb., 8 Hen. VII., granting the same to Giles lord Daubeney, now deceased, and to the said Sir Thomas. Northampton, 26 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8. [1833.]
6. Margaret ap Owen, widow, servant to Queen Katharine. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Rees, son and heir of Thomas ap Owen, her late husband. Greenwich, 1 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 7 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [1834.]
7. Sir Richard Wentworth, Sir Philip Tylney, Thomas Blenerhayset, John Westebroke, and Henry Chauncy. Licence to enfeoff Thomas earl of Surrey, and Agnes his wife, in tail to he said Thomas, of the manors of Kinges-Barnys, Seynt Leonardes, and Beaubusshe, Sussex. Westm., 8 Aug. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 5. [1835.]
8. Edward Vavisour and Thomas Rowse. To be keepers, in survivorship, of the park of Oveston, Northt., and of the warren there, with 5l. a year, out of the issues of the lordship of Oveston, as held by the said Edward; in consideration of their services to the King's grandmother. Northampton, 19 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1836.]
9. Thomas Bradley. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascon wine. Quarneden, 23 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Aug. P.S. French roll, 3 Hen. VIII. m. 18. [1837.]
10. John Clement, one of the spears at Calais. Annuity of 10l., parcel of 20 marks a year still at the King's disposal out of the annuity of 100 marks granted to Sir Richard Loveles, deceased, by King Henry VII. Liddington, 3 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [1838.]
11. Henry Knight. To be, for life, clerk of the Signet and of the King's Council for the principality of South and North Wales, in the counties of Salop, Hereford. Gloucester, Worcester, Chester, and Flint, and in the marches of Wales; as held by Peter Newton in the reign of Hen. VII. Liddington, 4 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 13 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3. [1839.]
12. Alan Vaus, chaplain, native of Donferneyn in Scotland. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 12 Nov., 12 Hen. VII. (p. 1, m. 12), conf.:
Pat. 14 Oct., 20 Edw. IV. (p. 2, m. 28), licensing his residence in England.
Knoll, 13 Aug. [3 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 46, No. 6.
13. David Burton, gentleman of the Chapel. To be, during pleasure, keeper of Chestren Wood, Kent, vice John Pende, deceased. Nottingham Castle, 9 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 16 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1841.]
14. William Crane, gentleman of the Chapel, and Thomas Cremour, of London, draper. Grant, in survivorship, of a tenement or garden lately built upon, with appurtenances, inter alia, in the tenure of William Evington, Thomas Walker, and William Heriot, situate in Marte Lane in the parish of Allhallows, Staynyng, London, between the rectory and churchyard and a tenement of the abbot and convent of St. Mary of Graces near the Tower of London on the north, and a tenement late of William Jenkynson on the south. Pipwell, 1 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 18 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9. [1843.]
15. Monastery of Burne. Assent to the election of John Small as abbot of St. Augustine's, Burne, dioc. Linc., vice William Grysby, deceased. Nottingham Castle, 20 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 22 Aug. P.S.
ii. Petition of the Convent for the above. Dated 6 Aug., 1511, 3 Hen. VIII. [1844.]
16. William Pawne, chief clerk of the Avery. To be receiver of the possessions assigned by Act of Parliament for payment of the garrison of Berwick; vice William Lee, deceased. Nottingham Castle, 12 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 23 Aug. P.S. (in English). [1845.]
17. Richard Gittons, of London. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascon wine within one year. Nottingham Castle, 10 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 23 Aug. P.S. French roll, 3 Hen. VIII. m. 18. [1846.]
18. Dadlington, Leic. Warrant for a licence to the churchwardens to ask alms, for seven years, in the dioceses of Lincoln, Chester, Worcester, and Norwich, towards building a chapel of St. James's, standing on ground "where Bosworth field, otherwise called Dadlyngton field, in our county of Leicester, was done," and for the stipend of a priest to pray for the souls of the persons slain in the said field. Nottingham Castle, 24 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. S.B. (sealed. Countersigned: W. Atwater). [1848.]
19. Lord Dacres of the North. Warrant for a commission authorizing him to keep the warden courts both in the East and Middle Marches. This commission, to endure for six weeks only, is required by the absence of Lord Darcy, warden of the Middle Marches; considering that the King of Scots is about to send commissioners for the same purpose. Nottingham Castle, 18 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 27 Aug. S.B. [1850.]
(2) The commission (to William lord Dacre of Greistok). Knoll, 27 Aug. Scotch roll, 3 Hen. VIII. m. 9.
20. Robert Russheton, usher of the Chamber, and William Gowre, groom of the same. Grant, in survivorship, of the manor called "The King's manour de la Foren Walsale," Staff., which came into the hands of King Henry VII. by a fine between the King and Anne countess of Warwick; to hold from 2 Nov., 1 Hen. VIII., at an annual rent of 40l.; and exoneration from the payment of 4l. formerly enjoyed by Margaret countess of Richmond, deceased, out of the feefarm of the said manor; also grant of the offices of bailiff of the said manor and keeper of the park there, with 6l. 20d. a year out of the issues of the said manor. On surrender of patent 8 May, 1 Hen. VIII., granting the said offices to the said Robert by name of Robert Riston, and of patent 2 Nov., 1 Hen. VII., leasing to him the said manor as held by John Dyson. Windsor Castle, 12 July, 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 30 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 23. [1851.]
21. Thomas Babyngton, of Dethyk, Derby. Licence to found a perpetual chantry of one secular chaplain in the church of All Saints, Asshovere, Cov. and Lich. dioc., or the Chapel of St. John the Baptist at Dethyk, to perform service for the good estate of Thomas Babyngton and Anthony his son and heir apparent, and George Chaworth and Katharine his wife, daughter of the said Thomas; and for the souls of Henry Babyngton, brother of the said Thomas, formerly D.D., Sir John Babyngton, of Chylwell, John Ormond, of Alfreton, Edith late wife of the said Thomas, and Elizabeth daughter of the said John Ormond, a kinswoman and heir of Sir William Chaworth, and formerly wife of the said Anthony; the chantry to be called the chantry of Thomas Babyngton. Also mortmain licence to grant lands, to the annual value of 4l., to the chaplain. Nottingham Castle, 16 Aug., 3 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 30 Aug. P.S. Pat. 3 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 23. [1852.]
22. The Abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor. To direct writs to the sheriffs of London necessary for the liberation of John Rosogan, imprisoned in the Counter, London, on a charge of clipping coin, sureties having been found for his appearance before the Council next term. The King had previously sent letters to the sheriffs for the liberation of the said John, but they were not a sufficient discharge. Coventry, 31 Aug. S.B. (sealed). [1853.]


  • 1. Torphichen.
  • 2. George Dundas.
  • 3. Dr. Young.
  • 4. See No. 858.
  • 5. Dr. Young.
  • 6. The sea fight in the Downs, in June 1511, when Andrew Barton was killed, and his ships, the Lion and Jenny Pirwyn, captured by two English ships under Lord Thomas Howard and his brother Sir Edward, is described both by Lesley (Hist.) and Hall (Chron.).
  • 7. Sir Edward Poynings.