Henry VIII: August 1512, 16-31

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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'Henry VIII: August 1512, 16-31', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514, (London, 1920), pp. 623-633. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol1/pp623-633 [accessed 16 June 2024].

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August 1512

16 Aug. 1341. CROWLAND ABBEY.
Election. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 13.
17 Aug.
Calig. B. III., 3. B.M.
1342. [4403.] DACRE to RUTHAL.
Thanks him for his kindly writings and news of the appointment of Surrey as lieutenant-general of the North. On receipt of the King's letters at F[or]de, sent a servant to the King of Scots with Henry's letters. Has sent his answer by post, testifying a desire for peace. Dacre thinks it would be politic to overdrive the time, that "the cornes might be ... and housed, and the stuble eten bare with the cattle, and then it should be hard to the Scots to make [any] enterprise within this realme," as he has written to the King. Desires that the writings may be delivered according to a minute enclosed sent by the secretary of Scotland, and that he may have answer by next post. The treasurer of Scotland suggested to his servant that Henry might arrange matters by sending 4 or 5,000 angels to the King his master. He and the Bp. of Glasgow are good and discreet men, by whom Dacre gets much intelligence. Perceives James is much displeased that the Queen's legacy is withheld, saying "it is done in malice of him." Submits that it were honourable to pay it, the sum is so small. Sent to the assize at Newcastle divers misdoers, who have been executed. His brother, Philip Dacre, arrested Gawin Ogle there, and delivered him to the sheriff; but he escaped when the justices left the castle. Will answer for it this shall be remedied. Carlisle, 17 Aug. Signed.
P. 1. Addressed: "To my Lord of Durham."
17 Aug.
Galba B. III., 41d. B.M.
1343. [3376.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 13th, and received his letters after the post was dispatched. Have accordingly told my Lady that they are ordered to return home if the King's matters are not dispatched. As it was Lady-day, "when she received the good Lord," they would then not communicate more; and she had been such a good friend that they did not like to displease her. Thomas Spinelly has declared to her the substance of the King's command. Send letters in French and Latin containing the news from Italy. Spinelly writes the rest. Brussels, 17 Aug.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
17 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 142. R.O.
1344. [3377.] SPINELLY to HENRY VIII.
Wrote last on the 13th; and received the King's letters of the 10th. Had an interview with Margaret of Savoy, who promises to deal sincerely, as hitherto. She has written to the Emperor. Advises that a letter be sent to De la Roche, president of the Privy Council, who will be one of the principal persons employed in expediting the affairs of England. Thanks for a gift. Sends a copy of news Madame had received from France and Italy. Marraton has heard from Marnix that his departure is only delayed till they hear from Madame, and receive the form of commission desired by her. Charles de la Verderne, ordinary secretary, has letters from Arras that the Sieur de Leodo, a lord of Guienne, has been killed in a battle between the French and the Spaniards. Thinks that if this be true, the French had the worst of it. A chaplain of the Duchess of Coimbra, of Portugal, has arrived with a present for Madame of girdles and other things from Ghinea and Calcout; says he was at Brest 16 days ago, where was a great vessel of 700 tons, one of 400, one of 300 and four of 150 to 200; the crews for want of pay, were plundering the country. They are in great dread of an English army. Hears that a Norman vessel of 120 tons has taken a Portuguese vessel laden with cloth, from England, and killed the masters. This morning Madame had a post from Cologne. She will defer writing to England till next post. Sends extracts of a letter written by Jaques Bandicis to Lewis de Marlian. The Swiss have taken down all the banners gained by the French, at the battle of Ravenna, over the Pope and the King of Aragon, from the cathedral of Milan. The Pope has delivered the Swiss cantons banners as a memorial of the aid received from them. The Emperor has written to Madame to put the prothonotary of Melun, elect of Arras, in possession of his bishopric, but in view of the French opposition he is not likely to obtain it. Marraton has written to Marnix that the Duke of Ferrara keeps within the lands of the Colonnas (Coulongnois), and that the Pope desires to have Ferrara, which the Cardinal his brother will die to defend. It is thought that when the Count de Carpy returns from Rome to the Bishop of Gurce he will go to the Pope unless detained by affairs of Milan. It was reported at the Emperor's court 10,000 men had landed at Calais. Brussels, 17 Aug. 1512. Signed.
French, pp. 3. Addressed in English.
19 Aug.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 118. R.O.
19 Aug. 1512.—Delayed writing because they thought his successor Capello would soon be there; but now, understanding that Capello is delayed by the troubles between the Bishops and Laity in Germany and by the war of Gueldres, they write that Badoer's letters of 15th and 26th ult. have been received. Glad that the King is satisfied with their operations. Describe how they are besieging Brescia; how the Cardinal of Sion and the Swiss are besieging Novara and, that taken, will take Milan; how the armies of Spain and the Pope are constituted and how Janus de Campofregoso, who has entered Genoa and is created duke there, is getting possession of the castles. Are well disposed as ever to reconciliation with the Emperor and tried to get Gurk to go to Rome for this, who was lately at Mantua with the Viceroy and Count Carriati, Spanish ambassador here, to consult about Italy; but the Viceroy left without any conclusion being made. It is said that he awaits the Pope's decision, who is intent on directing matters for the benefit of the Holy League.
Italian. Modern transcript, pp. 4. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 184.
Adv. MS., 342. 1346. JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
Learns from the Archdeacon of Murray, the Apostolic Prothonotary, that the Pope is surprised he has sent no ambassadors to the Lateran Council. Has not received any notice of it to this day, either by brief from his Holiness or by nuncio.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
20 Aug.
R. MS., 13 B. II., 70b. (No. 196.) B.M. Ep. Reg. Scot., I., 151.
1347. [3625.] JAMES IV. to [CARDINAL OF ST. EUSEBIUS ?].
Complains that whilst other princes had notice of a Lateran Council he had none, either by the Apostolic brief or any messenger. Would, nevertheless, have sent ambassadors to the Council, but could obtain no safe conduct from the King of England, who plunders the Scots and professes himself the soldier of Julius II., as if the Scots were at war with him. If the Scots repel force by force, Henry will no doubt complain to his Holiness. Begs the Pope will not, therefore, lend his ear to any complaints made against him. Complains of the Cardinal of York's opposition in the matter of the Rhodian preceptory of Torfichen for which James's chief secretary has been suing. Requests him to obtain the Pope's decision, and so cut off all occasion of appeal. Refers him to the Archdeacon of Murray. Edinburgh, _ (blank, the word "Augusti" struck out), 1512.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 359. 2. Another copy dated 20 Aug. 1512.
P. 1.
20 Aug.
R. MS., 13 B. II., 70. (No. 195.) B.M.
1348. [3624.] JAMES IV. to JULIUS II.
Has heard from Cardinal of St. Eusebius that the Pope has acceded to the requests in the King's last letter, and given indulgences to the Chapel Royal, the hospital of _ (blank), and renewed the privileges of the College of Holy Trinity and St. Mary of Restalrig. The college was built by the piety of his father, is much frequented, and has great claims upon the King. Begs its privileges may be confirmed against the attempts of the ordinary, and that the rectory of Bute, in the diocese of Lismore, may be dismembered from the Chapel Royal, and incorporated with Restalrig, for the support of the chaplains of the choir, as the Archdeacon of Murray will inform him. Edinburgh.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 358. 2. Another copy dated "ut supra" (viz. 20 Aug. 1512).
20 Aug.
R. MS., 13 B. II., 70. (No. 194.) B.M.
1349. [3623.] JAMES IV. to the [CARDINAL OF ST. MARK.]
Understands by his recent letters, and by the archdeacon of Murray, that the Cardinal had received the King's letters, and promoted his causes. Refers him to his chamber fellow (suo commensali et domestico), to whom the King has entrusted the sealed concessions to the Pope for the Chapel Royal and the college of Restalrig. Edinburgh, _ ao 12.
Lat., copy, p. 1.
Adv. MS., 357. 2. Another copy dated 20 Aug. 1512.
20 Aug.
Galba B. III., 42. B.M.
1350. [3381.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 17th; received a letter from the Emperor on the 19th, which they enclose with copy of a letter from Louis Marroton to my Lady, and another to my Lord Berges, by which he will understand her activity in all their business. She counts surely to win her wager of Sir Thomas Boleyn. Spinelly writes. Brussels, 20 Aug.
P.S.—Have received his letter dated Bishop's Waltham, the 15th inst.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
20 Aug.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 22.
Has received and immediately forwarded to the Swiss the 27,000 fl. for their pension. His answer to the ambassador of Navarre is that he is sorry for the loss sustained by the King and Queen of Navarre, and things are at present gone too far for him to give counsel, but he will willingly aid them when he can. Has written to the King of Aragon, and means to write to the King of England, touching the alliance of his daughter (fn. 1), Lady Mary, with the son of the King of Hungary. * * *
Approves her advice about acting with Aragon and the Swiss in Italy. Is pleased that the offers of Medula have gone no further, for he now knows it is all deception; and he intends to despatch him back shortly and send her the despatch, so that the ambassadors of England may not be suspicious; for the Emperor wishes to maintain entire friendship with the King of England. * * * Cologne, 20 Aug. 1512.
20 Aug.
Sanuto, XIV., 632.
1352. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 27 Aug. and read 29 Aug. 1512.]
From Francesco Capello, Ulm, 20 Aug.—A herald has come from the Emperor at Constance (fn. 2) and preferred certain charges against him in German, commanding him to go into Bavaria, to Landshut or Munich. Of the fourteen charges the principal are that, during the truce, the Signory (1) has sent gentlemen and others to poison the Emperor, (2) has sent into Germany to burn towns, and of this a priest has been convicted, and (3) has sent to spoil the Emperor's artillery, (4) Capello has gone through the free towns, Memmingen, Kempten and Ulm getting public audience, to alienate them from the Emperor, and (5) the Pope and Signory, with the Swiss, want to divide the Duchy of Milan. If Capello wanted to go to England he should send his written commission to the Emperor, who would transmit it.
[On receipt of this letter complaint was made to the Count of Chariati, Spanish ambassador, and to Daniel dal Borgo, Gurk's agent, both about Capello's detention and the proceedings of the Frangipani in Istria; and letters of protest were despatched into Germany to Gurk and to the Ambassador Lando at Trent, and to Rome to the Pope and to the King of England.]
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, Nos. 188–9.
24 Aug.
Galba B. III., 42d. B.M.
1353. [3385.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 20th. The same day received the King's letters mentioning receipt of two of theirs, by the last of which it appeared that the Emperor intended to send Dr. Mote to treat of their matters. Did not mean to write that he should be sent to England for that purpose, but that the Bishop of Gurcke had urged the Emperor to send him "because he sent none since your coronation, to the entent he should be reseant in your court as your Grace hath had in his by the space of two years and more." My Lady is content to "let the coming of the said Doctor," for she never meant to send him for the above causes; howbeit a resident ambassador is to be sent. To-morrow she leaves Brussels for Mechlin, thence to Antwerp, Barowe, and so to Zeland, to hold a diet. She takes with her only such as are faithful Burgundians, and says that on receipt of the commission the writers shall have good and short despatch. Enclose letters received from the Emperor, Sir Robt. Wingfield, and Louis Marroton. Marynex shewed them a letter from the last to my Lady, stating he had his despatch from the Emperor, and intended to be at Brussels shortly: Brussels, 24 Aug.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
Ib., 256b.
2. The above letter, signed by Yong, Boleyn and Wingfield.
P. 1. Add.
24 Aug.
Sanuto, XIV., 635.
1354. VENICE.
[Note of letters received late on 29 Aug. 1512.]
From the Ambassador at Rome, 21, 22 and 24 Aug.—Negociations with Florence. Letters, of the 21st, from Mantua report departure of Gurk to Innsbrück to meet Maximilian Sforza. Prospero Colonna. The Duke of Ferrara has embarked [men] on two Ragusan carvels for Trieste. Three galleys of Venice and two of the Pope reached Genoa on the 19th, to join the fleet which goes to take Ventimiglia. The Pope wants Brescia taken before going to Ferrara. He has received a letter from the King of England, dated 8 Aug., showing that England had armed 100 ships, captured four French vessels and sunk two, and desired the Pope to send a fleet against Provence. * * *
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 190.
25 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 144. R.O.
A notarial instrument by John Metcalff, clk., of the diocese of York, in favour of Christ. Walle and Eliz. his wife, of Boroughbridge in Yorkshire, made at Boroughbridge, 25 Aug. 1512, before Anthony Shorthoos, esq., and Rob. Jenkynson, testifying that Ric. Fox, son and heir of Rob. Fox, late of Boroughbridge, had demised for the use of the said Christ. and Eliz. his sister, and their heirs and assigns for ever, certain lands in Boroughbridge and Aldeburgh to Thos. Dalby, archdeacon of Richmond, Sir Ric. Aldeburgh, Will. Tate, LL.D., and Will. Garthyng, clk., (deed recited, as dated 2 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. and witnessed by Ric. and Thos. Aldeburgh, John and Ric. Fairefax, _ Jakson, John Gaynsforth, clk., Hen. Wakefeld, Ric. Tancard, and John Sutton).
Lat., copy, large paper, p. 1.
26 Aug.
Titus B. I., 99. B.M. Fiddes' Wolsey, C. 10.
1356. [3388.] WOLSEY to [Fox, BP. OF WINCHESTER].
Apologises for not having written before. Thinks Fox has heard of the news from Spain already. By Knight's letter, inclosed, he will know all that has been written by the Lord Marquis and John Style. The desire of the English to return home will be as bad a hindrance to the attack on Guienne as the King of Aragon's slackness, from whom the gentleman sent hither in the time of the Parliament to view the King's artillery, "a man full of words," is lately come to excuse it. Forwards letters from the English ambassadors in Italy. Gives an account of a severe sea fight near Brest on Tuesday fortnight, where the Regent captured the great carrick of Brest; but both, fouling, were burnt, and most part of the crew in them. Sir Thos. Knyvet and Sir John Carewe slain. Begs he will keep the news secret. Farnham, 26 Aug. Signed: "Thomas Wulcy."
P.S.—The French fleet has fled to Brest. Sir Edward [Howard] has vowed "that he will never see the King in the face till he hath revenged the death of the noble and valiant knight Sir Thomas Knyvet." Sends the letters of thanks to Cardinal Hadrian.
Hol., pp. 2. Fly-leaf with address lost.
26 Aug.
Galba B. III., 43. B.M.
1357. [3387.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 24th; and on the 25th, at Mechlin, received his letters, dated Warde[lham] the 20th, stating that he had received a copy of their letter to the Emperor, but "doubteth that the Emperor will think strange to see that we should im[pute] or arrecte inconstancy and wavering to his daughter, though she be a woman." Have omitted that clause, but the rough minute reached the King. Had only referred to the treaty of Cambray, and the sole powers to be given to my Lady in order to avoid needless delay. Don't think it necessary, as the King proposes, that Sir Robt. Wingfield should be sent to the Emperor at present, as they expect the commission every hour, and my Lady promises their despatch before she leaves Barowe; and he has no money for his journey. Mechlyn, 26 August.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
26 Aug.
Sanuto, XIV., 629.
Thanks for his letters of 12 July. He will go down to posterity as a liberator of Italy from French oppressions. Are increasing their army to expel the remnant of the French from Brescia, Milan and other places. Gratified by Henry's praise of Andrea Badoer, their ambassador. 26 Aug. 1512.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 187.
27 Aug.
Ib., XV., 144.
1359. VENICE.
[Extract from a letter seen 27 Sept. 1512.]
From the envoy (fn. 3) of the King of England with the Catholic King, dated Longionio in Castilia, 27 Aug. 1512.—But for the matter of Navarre preventing the Catholic King's army from joining ours we might have ere this occupied the country as far as Paris. Although it could not without the Spaniards besiege Bayonne. our army compelled the French King to recal his army from Italy and prevented his sending aid to Navarre, where the Spaniards have now reduced Pampeluna and all the other places. The King of Navarre fled to his lordship of Bearn. These Frenchmen remain, viz., the Duke of Bourbon, the lord of Palisia, the lord Dyonisius and the lord of Bona Valla, with a great army; to their own destruction as I hope, for our army in Guienne has not slept but burnt everything, to the gates of Bayonne, which belonged to such as refused to swear fealty to our King. For when our captain general first landed a great part of the gentlemen of that region came to him and swore fealty to our King. In next letter I hope to write of some great victory against the enemies of the Church.
28 Aug.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 146. R.O.
1360. [3394.] MUSTERS.
Commission of array to Sir Edward Poynings, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, to muster forces when required within the limits of the Cinque Ports, to defend them from expected invasion of the French, place beacons and watch the coasts. Otford, 28 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII.
Later copy, pp. 2. See GRANTS IN AUGUST, No. 24.
28 Aug. 1361. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 2 Sept. 1512.]
Sanuto, XV., 9. From Francesco Foscari, ambassador at Rome, 28 Aug.—* * * The Cardinal of England has told the Pope that the King of England pays half the cost of the Spanish troops.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, 11, No. 192.
31 Aug.
Galba B. III., 43d. B.M.
1362. [3396.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 27th, from Antwerp, advertising the coming of Louis Marreton with the commission. That day my Lady came to Barowe, and the next to Zeland, returning hither again the same night. On the morrow, which was Sunday, they dined with the Lord Berges, and had a great dinner; "my Lady at that time being somewhat crased, wherefore it was yesterday, about 4 of the clock at afternoon, or we spake with her." The 29th, Marroton visited them, desiring them to remember the Emperor to the King, and excuse all delays as useful to both parties. Yesterday, in the presence of my Lady, the Lord Berges, the Governor of Bresse, and the President, the Emperor's commission was delivered to them and they presented theirs to my Lady, who requested them to send the articles of confederation to be examined. The President then gave them news out of Italy, of which they send copies with Spinelly's letters. At their departure a subject of the Prince of Castile came with letters to my Lady, and presented them with a letter (sent herewith) for the King from the King of Denmark. Barowe, 31 Aug.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 57. R.O. 1363. [DARCY to SURREY.]
Will not fail to attend his lordship against the Scots with 2,000 able men besides gentlemen, horsed and furnished for the wars, upon as short warning as any of his neighbours. In his company will be Sir Thos. Metham with 40, Sir Ralph Rider with 24, Sir Will. Skargill with 30, Sir John Everingham with 24, Sir Ralph Ellerkar with 24, Sir Ric. Aldburghe with 40, Sir Ric. Yorke with 24, Sir Ric. Wodrof's son and heir with 20, John Bygod with 100, Thos. Fairfax with 40, Harry Vavisour with 24, and Ric. Maliverer with 20. Total, 386 (sic). "Item, of my household and lands, 500. Item, of my offices whereof I am steward, 1,114." Total, 2,000. "Item, the gentlemen beforenamed and others within my house and rooms that have granted to be in like areadiness in my company," 80. Total, gentlemen and bills, 2,080.
Is also bound by indenture to furnish Berwick in case of need and has put for surety thereof 500. Has viewed within his rooms and lands "of able men not horsed, harnessed, nor trimmed of bows and arrows, at least 2,676; whereof archers 1,400, and bills 1,276." If the King go into France in person, will be as ready to attend him with such a number as any in these parts.
Corrected draft in Darcy's hand, pp. 2. Endd.: My lord is certificat to my lord Tresorer.
Le Glay,
Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 31.
Rejoices at good news as well of the Swiss as of the Viceroy of Naples, and thinks he should press the Venetians to make an appointment now that they are stunned, for the Viceroy cannot recover Padua or other great towns without costly assistance from the Emperor, and she will never advise him to abandon his great enterprise in which the King of England will do his part and the Emperor (she hopes) his, but there is no time to lose. The ambassador of Aragon told her yesterday that his master is in Autbierne and has taken some towns, intending to conquer the whole country and then go forward. The French fear him much, having to keep a strong force on this side. Mestre Symon de Ferette and Amersdorf have returned from the King of England bringing a letter for the Emperor, which she sends. They will write of that King's great love for the Emperor and his house and desire for an interview, which she thinks would be a great means both of overawing their enemies and taking counsel together better than can be done by ambassadors. Since Mons. de Bergues refuses to go to the King, that others should be provided, at least to stay with him until the Emperor's coming.
On a separate paper.—Writes to Maître Louis to inform him at length touching the prisoner (fn. 5) she has made.
1365. GRANTS IN AUGUST, 1512.
1. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Lincoln (Holland).—Knoll, 1 Aug. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 2d. [3351.]
2. The Abbot of the Premonstratene monastery of Welbek, York dioc. To be the King's chaplain; with authority to him and his successors to take apostates, and hold general chapters of the Order, according to a bull obtained from the Pope, exempting their order in England and Wales from the jurisdiction of the Premonstratene monastery of Laon, in France. Portsmouth, 2 Aug. Del. Knoll, 5 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10. Rymer, XIII., 338. [3354.]
3. Commissions of Array.
Northern Counties.—Commission of array to Thomas earl of Surrey, treasurer and marshal of England, in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, for defence against the Scotch. Portsmouth, 31 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Croydon, 6 Aug. Rymer XIII., 339.
Mandate to the Chancellor of the county palatine of Lancaster to make out the necessary appointment of the earl of Surrey for that county. Croydon, 6 Aug.
Yorkshire, North Riding.—Th. earl of Surrey, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Th. lord Darcy, Hen. lord Clifford, Ric. Nevell lord Latemer, Will. Conyers lord Hornby, Henry Scrope lord Bolton, Sir Geo. Fitzhugh, Sir John Goure, Sir Ralph Bygod, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir Jas. Strangwais, Roger Cholmeley, Rob. Wyuell, John Pykeryng, Th. Tempest, John Pulleyn, and the sheriff of Yorkshire. Croydon, 6 Aug.
Yorkshire, West Riding.—Th. earl of Surrey, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Th. lord Darcy, Henry lord Clifford, Ric. Nevell lord Latemer, Wm. Conyers lord Hornby, Hen. Scrope lord Bolton and Upsall, Sir Geo. Fitzhugh, Wm. Percy, Sir Edw. Stanley, Sir Wm. Gascoigne, Sir Th. Worteley, Sir John Everyngham, Sir Edw. Savage, Sir Geo. Hastynges, John Topclyff, Brian Palmes, Th. Fayrefax, Ric. Tempest, Ric. Malyvere, Roger Wombwell, Hen. Everyngham, John Pulleyn, Th. Fitzwilliam, Ralph Reresby, and the sheriff of Yorkshire. Croydon, 6 Aug.
Westmoreland.—Thomas earl of Surrey, Th. earl of Derby, Hen. lord Clifford, Ric. Nevell lord Latemer, Th. lord Dacre, Sir Edw. Stanley, Sir Roger Belyngham, Sir Th. Aparre, Geoff. Lancastre, Edw. Musgrave, Th. Warcop, and the sheriff. Same date.
Northumberland.—Th. earl of Surrey, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Th. lord Darcy, Th. lord Dacre, Sir Geo. Fitzhugh, Wm. Percy, Sir John Gowre, Sir Edw. Radclyffe, Sir Th. Ilderton, Roger Fenwike, Th. Strangwysshe, Wm. Langton, Walter Bradford, Th. Grice, Rob. Musgrave, and the sheriff. Same date.
Yorkshire, East Riding.—Th. earl of Surrey, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Th. lord Darcy, Hen. lord Clifford, Ric. Nevell lord Latemer, Wm. Conyers lord Hornby, Hen. Scrope lord Bolton, Sir Geo. Fitzhugh, Wm. Percy, Wm. Fayrefax, Sir John Goure, Sir Marmaduke Constable, Sir Ralph Bygott, Sir Ralph Ellerker, Sir John Constable, Sir Robt. Constable, Sir Th. Metham, Sir John Normanvyle, Sir Robt. Aske, Christ. Hyllyard, Wm. Constable of Rudstone, John Rosse, Ralph Rokeby, Ric. Rokeby, and the sheriff of Yorkshire. Same date.
Cumberland.—Th. earl of Surrey, Th. lord Dacre, Wm. Percy, Christ. Dacre, Sir John Musgrave, Christ. Pykeryng, John Radclyff, Hen. Denton, Hugh Hutton, Ambrose Crakenthorp, John Hutton, Wm. Beulewe, and the sheriff. Same date. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9d.
ii. Warrant for the above, viz., for Surrey and for "such other lords and noblemen as were in our last commission for taking of the musters" there. S.B. [3358.]
4. Abbey of Osseney, near Oxford. Licence for William, the abbot, and the Convent, to obtain from Rome letters of exemption for the monastery and chapels annexed; also letters of perpetual annexation of the two vicarages of Kydlynton and Hooknorton, Lincoln dioc., the rectories of which have been appropriated to the monastery. Del. Croydon, 7 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 10. Rymer, XIII., 340. [3360.]
5. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Warwickshire.—Knoll, 9 Aug. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 2d. [3364.]
6. Martin Dupyn. Warrant to Master Lupton, clerk of the Hanaper, to deliver letters of denization, now in the Hanaper, to Martyn Dupyn, native of Gascony. Bishop's Waltham, 10 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3365.]
7. Robert Moreton. Custody of the land and wardship and marriage of Leonard, s. and h. of William Cassy. Del. Westm., 10 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21. [3366.]
8. William Huxley, clerk of the Ordnance, and Walter Hendy, the King's fletcher. Grant, in survivorship, of an annuity of 10 marks, which Robert ap Howel ap Thomas, deceased, had out of the lordship of Denbigh. Greenwich, 12 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3368.]
9. George Harward of London, merchant. Licence to import 150 tons of Toulouse woad, at eight bales per ton. Portsmouth, 5 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Aug. P.S. French Roll 4 Hen. VIII. m. 8. [3369.]
10. Holy Trinity priory, London. Mandate to Richard bp. of Winchester, keeper of the Privy Seal, to direct letters to the Chancellor for congé d'élire to Robert Werisdall, president, and the convent of the monastery of St. Trinity, London, on death of Thomas Percy, prior. Waltham, 8 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B.
2. The congé d'élire. Waltham, 8 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll. 13 Aug.
ii. Petition for the above, on the death of Percy on Monday, 2 Aug.; presented by Leonard Dryland and Ric. Chapman, canons. 5 Aug. 1512. [3371.]
11. Sir Edward Howard, knight of the Body. To be, for life, admiral of England, Ireland, and Acquitaine, in reversion after John earl of Oxford, who holds the same, for life, by patent 21 Sept. 1 Hen. VII. Del. Westm., 15 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 10. [3373.]
12. John Bernard. Livery of lands as son and heir of John Bernard, who died temp. Hen. VII., his son being then a minor. Greenwich, 6 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 16 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11. [3374.]
13. Croyland Abbey. Congé d'élire to Simon, the prior, and the convent on death of Richard Bardney, abbot. Bishop's Waltham, 11 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 16 Aug. P.S.
ii. Petition for the same, presented by their steward and fellow monk, John Wells. 3 Aug. [3375.]
14. Jevan Ap Rys, yeoman-porter of the Gate Annuity of 5l. out of the lordship of Denbigh, vice William Eggerton, deceased. Bishop's Waltham, 7 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10. [3378.]
15. Anthony Odet, native of Gascony. Denization. Waltham, 8 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 17 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11. [3379.]
16. Lord Bergevenny, Councillor. Commission (in view of the French King's purpose to invade Guysnes and Hammes and besiege Calais) to retain as many men as he can get in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey or elsewhere, who shall make such certificate to him as they were lately commanded to make to the King or Bp. of Durham and he shall give them badges, tokens or liveries as he thinks convenient. Del. Otford, 20 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10d. [3380.]
17. William May, late of Coburley, alias of Musader, Glouc., alias of Rammesbury, Wilts, alias of Feelde in the forest of Whichewode, Oxon, yeoman. Pardon. Del. Knoll, 20 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3382.]
18. Nicholas de Lucas de Sergo, and Frederick de Menge, merchants of Ragusa. Licence to export 10,000 kerseys through and beyond the Straits of Seville (Sibilie) commonly called the Straits of Marok, paying the customs only at the end of three years from shipment. Bishop's Waltham, 15 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 22 Aug. P.S. Fr. Roll 4 Hen. VIII. m. 8. [3383.]
19. Sir Edward Darell and Alice his wife. Grant, by charter, in tail male to Sir Edward, of the manor of Wanborough, Wilts, which came to Henry VII. by the attainder of Sir Francis Lovell and was granted for life to Sir Edward, by pat. 5 July 3 Hen. VIII. now surrendered in order that this grant may be made. Witnesses: W. abp. of Canterbury, Chancellor, R. bp. of Winchester, Privy Seal, Thomas bp. of Durham, Secretary, Edward duke of Buckingham, Thomas marquis Dorset. Thomas earl of Surrey, Treasurer, George earl of Shrewsbury, steward of the Household, Sir Charles Somersett lord Herbert, Sir George Nevile lord Bergevenny, Sir Thomas Lovell, treasurer of the Household, and Sir Edward Ponynges, comptroller of the Household. Del. Knoll, 24 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. (witnesses not named). Charter roll 200, No. 11. [3384.]
20. John Vasse, priest, native of Jersey. To be prior of "thilet of Saint Illary" (St. Heliers), Jersey, "in our gift by reason of a Breton, Sir John Brehawte, that now occupieth the said priorship." Bishop's Waltham, 9 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 26 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3389.]
21. Thomas Compton, groom of the Chamber. To be bailiff of the lordship of Wakefelde, and keeper of the new park there, during pleasure, vice William Sneith, deceased. Wardelham, 19 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 28 Aug. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 10. [3390.]
22. William Cressent, native of Normandy. Denization. Bishop's Waltham, 13 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 28 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3391.]
23. Sir Edward Darrell. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of John, son and heir of Sir Giles Bruges, dec. Del. Knoll, 28 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3392.]
24. Musters. Commissions of array to the justices of the peace and sheriffs for defence of the coast against the French in Hants, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, Sussex, Essex, the Cinque Ports, York, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lincoln. Otford, 28 Aug. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11d. [3393.]
25. Ralph Egerton, gentleman usher of the Chamber. Reversion of the manor and park and town of Shotewike, Cheshire, with herbage and pannage of the park and fishery in the Dee; for 41 years from the expiration of the grant, for 21 years, by patent of Arthur late Prince of Wales, dated 10 April 12 Hen. VII., to Peter Newton, clerk of his signet; at 24l. 3s. 4d. rent. Wardelham, 21 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 30 Aug. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8. [3395.]


  • 1. His grand-daughter, third daughter of his son Philip.
  • 2. He was really at Cologne.
  • 3. Dr. Knight ?
  • 4. This letter must have been written about 6 July 1513; but both Le Glay and Kreiten place it at the end of August 1512, on the false assumption that No. 1383 is the answer.
  • 5. Diego de Castro.