Henry VIII: September 1512

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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September 1512

1 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 148. R. O.
Wrapper endorsed: "From my Lord Dorset, dated the last day of March, 19th day of November, 13th day of August, 12th day of July, 1st day of September."
1 Sept.
Dumont, IV., i., No. 70.
Maximilian's appointment of Matthew bp. of Gurk to appear for him in the Lateran Council, &c. Cologne, 1 Sept. 1512.
1 Sept.
Sanuto, XV., 14.
1368. VENICE.
[Note of letters read 4 Sept. 1512.]
From Zuam Giacomo Caroldo, secretary at Milan, 1 Sept.—Spaniards and English retired * * * Gritti has been released and agreement between France and Venice is expected. Spaniards and English retired from Bayonne, where French have 3,000 spears. Spaniards have captured Pampeluna and another battle expected. Some French and English ships have been sunk in action.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 193.
3 Sept.
Vesp. F. III., 40b. B.M.
Credence for John de Sepulveda, "noster alumnus," whom he sends to England to address Henry in conjunction with Louis Carroz on affairs of weight. Logrono, 3 Sept. 1512. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
4 Sept.
Galba B. III., 44. B.M.
1370. [3398.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last August 31st. On 2nd Sept. met the Council to deliberate on the Treaty.—The President ordered Marynex to read certain articles which lay on the board before him. Required a copy, and it was sent them within an hour after, by Spinelly. Next day, after discussion among themselves, returned to the audience, where Sir Tho. Boleyn said, to my Lady, "that inasmuch as the said articles and considerations were in Latin, the master of the Rolls should make answer unto them in Latin tongue; and so he did," stating that they might be reduced to three heads—1st, that the treaty should be between the King and the Emperor only; 2ndly, that all treaties between Hen. VII. and the Emperor, "as mainbourne to the Prince of Castile and King Philip," be confirmed; 3rdly, "that she desired at her request and contemplation to be expressly written in the treaty." To these no answer, he said, could be given till they had consulted the King; they considered this so contrary to their hopes and to the [powers] given her by the Emperor. Had expected she would rather have enlarged than diminished her authority, as she had full authority to treat in the Emperor's name both as Emperor and as tutor to the Prince of Castile, to whom the King had always shewn singular affection; and, 2ndly, when the Emperor demanded 100,000 ducats, it was on condition that the Prince of Castile and my Lady should be included in the treaty. Told the Council they did not lack means for the war, but only good will; 2ndly, that great help would be given them against Gueldres and the French King; 3rdly, to their 6th article, that England would not comply with their demand of 150,000 ducats of gold, merely for a treaty with the Emperor; nor, 4thly, would they be bound for what the King of Aragon should do; 5thly, that Henry would not send 8,000 men to their aid at his own charge, except on the previous understanding; 6thly, that the article to exclude the Esterlings from England when required thereto by the Emperor or my lady only occupied space and might be struck out. The President made a reply in French to the effect that the King must understand that the Prince will not be bound to join in the war, and the Emperor asks 150,000 ducats because of the 300,000 promised from the Pope, England and Aragon; he is not sure of the Pope and therefore asks 150,000 from each of the others. Send herewith their treaty and articles. Their mind upon the three points seems to be:—1, that the Prince will nowise be bound to enter the war; 2, that, for at least 100,000 ducats, the Emperor will attack the French in Burgundy or Picardy, but if the Prince's countries be invaded he will expect an aid of 8,000 footmen at the King's cost; 3, that all treaties heretofore concluded by him shall be confirmed. Barowe, 4 Sept.
Mutilated, pp. 6. From a letter book.
5 Sept.
Sanuto, XV., 208.
1371. VENICE.
[Note of letters seen 12 Oct. 1512.]
From Antonio Bavarin to Francesco da Cha da Pesaro, London, 5 Sept.—Attack on Brest by a fleet which left Hampton on 9 Aug. Fight (described) at Brest between the Great Carrack and the Regent, captain Thomas Chanivet. Both finally took fire and were burnt. Of 800 English 120 were saved and of 1,500 French but 20, who were made prisoners. Another French ship made sail with an Englishman in chase. The fleet returned to Dartmouth and Hampton to refit. It burned many places in Brittany and also 24 French ships. To-day the English have taken a French ship, Captain Drepa, and sunk two others. List of men, ordnance, &c., on board the Great Carrack (which although of 1,500 tons was only a barque), as learnt from the survivors, the persons named being Mons. de Clermont, Great Admiral of France (fn. 1), Mons. Primoia, captain, Mons. Enores de Clarica, Mons. Simon de Loy, Mons. Vangel.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 199.
6 Sept. 1372. HOLY TRINITY PRIORY, London.
Election. See GRANTS IN SEPTEMBER, No. 5.
6 Sept.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 124. R. O.
6 Oct. 1512.—Congratulation on his success against the French. Latin. Modern transcript. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 196.
6 Sept.
Ib., p. 121. R. O.
6 Sept. 1512.—Hope that since he left he has received theirs of the 7th signifying the Viceroy's going to Mantua to meet the Count of Cariati and others. Enclose copy of a letter from Francesco Capello showing causes of his detention, which are so absurd as to need no excuse.
Italian. Modern extract.
7 Sept.
Dumont, IV., i., No. 69.
1375. NAVARRE.
Treaty between Louis XII. and the King and Queen of Navarre, prefaced by the Navarrese ambassador's commission dated Tudelle, 7 May 1512, as concluded by them 17 July and ratified by King John of Navarre (fn. 2) at Blois, 7 Sept. 1512, in presence of the C ardinals D'Albret and De Prie, Mons. d'Albret, the Bishop of Paris, the Sieur de Bouchage and the Treasurer Robertet. One of the articles stipulates that because the English have landed about Fontarabie, intending to invade France, Navarre shall declare openly against them and others who shall be in their company, and make war upon them.
7 Sept.
Sanuto, XV., 32.
1376. VENICE.
Note that on the morning of 7 Sept. 1512 the Spanish ambassador announced news, in letters from Innsbrück, from Don Pedro Durea, viz., that the King of Spain had taken Pampeluna, and all Navarre had surrendered to him; also that Alva was encamped on one side of Bayonne and the English on the other, and by this time the Spaniards had doubtless obtained it.
Italian. Modern transcript. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 194.
9 Sept.
Ib., 192.
1377. VENICE.
[Note of letters received 12 Oct. 1512.]
From merchants in London, 9 Sept., and Flanders, 20 Sept., by way of Germany.—Great preparations against France and sending of the Treasurer to the North against the Scots, who showed a will to help France. Eighteen Spanish ships had arrived, with 5,000 combatants, to embark other English for Calais, against France. The King's ship Regent has been burnt in fighting with a great carrack of France.
9 Sept.
Galba B. III., 47. B.M.
1378. [3405.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 4th, showing upon what conditions the Emperor would join. Received from my Lady yesterday the agreements concluded between the French King and the King of Navarre; as the messenger came by England, think the King knows them. Spinelly informs them that Antony De Waldrypont, one of the Emperor's secretaries, has arrived with instructions to my Lady. Enclose a copy in Latin, translated by Spinelly, with news in French out of Italy, from the Bp. of Gurck. Marynex went yesterday to the Emperor. Antwerp, 9 Sept.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
10 Sept.
Hist. MSS. Com., Rep. IX., Part 2, p. 190.
Notarial exemplification of a bond given by Sir Robert Bruce, of Erth, to serve, with his kin and friends, for the part of Alex. lord Elphinstoun, in all causes; which bond was given at Stirling, 10 Sept. 1512, in presence of Archibald earl of Ergile and others (named).
11 Sept.
Calig. B. VI., 22. B.M.
1380. [3412.] JOHN ANISLOW to the BISHOP OF DURHAM.
On Monday, 6 Sept., arrived John Lawsson, merchant of Leith, and in his ship came the Archdeacon's son of St. Andrew's, with letters from the French King urging the invasion of England. The King had previously sent his full mind in writing unto the French King by Mons. De la Motte and James Oglebe, stating if he were paid the tribute that the French King pays to England he would make war on England; otherwise he had no substance to make war with. Thinks this will incline James to peace, as he receives from France "no goods but mone fayre writynggis." The height of the war is over in Scotland for this year. Thinks it would be wise to take precautions against Scotland for next year. The great ship when under sail in the Frith ran aground. Hob of Barton and John of Barton have returned into Scotland, and are taken into favour. Browne Hyll and Barton "appeals either other for fleeing when Fawkynnere was taken." The King can raise only 16 ships of war "with toppis." "And, my lord, there ys good grement at the days of truce and good peace on the Borders." The Bishop's buildings go well forward. The west gate is finished with two floors and roof, which are substantial, "and atornegrece with 92 nowelles, with 3 fayre whyndos, and every whyndow 5 lyghtis." Begs he will send him by the next ship a barrel of saltpeter, "for making of fire balls, and mending howre powder." Norham Castle, 11 Sept. Signed.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: "To the Right Honourable my Lord of Durham."
11 Sept.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 381.
By other letters writes amply touching the affair of England and Gueldres. She may be sure that he will not abandon either her, or his children or his subjects there, but be found in person wherever necessity requires. 11 Sept. 1512.
13 Sept.
Campbell Charters, VIII., 18. B.M.
1382. [3414.] ARMOUR.
Indenture, made 13 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII., between Thos. Wulcy, clk., the King's almoner, and John Daunce, on the King's behalf, and Guydo Portynary, merchant of Florence, whereby the latter engages to supply, before the 15 Feb. next, 2,000 "complete harness called Almayne ryvettes according to a pattern in the hands of John Dauncy, accounting alway a salet, a gorjet, a breastplate, a backplate, and a pair of splints, for every complete harness," at 16s. each set, Signed above by the King and at the foot by Wulcy and Daunce. Parchment. Two seals (broken), attached.
13 Sept.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 33.
Received her letter by Secretary Louis Marton together with the copy of what she has done (de vostre besoignie) with the ambassadors and commissioners of the King of England. Approves her plan, with some little additions which do not alter the substance; and values her advice. If she can manage it she must pass her plan and he will send his ratification, so that the publication of the declaration of war with France may be retarded. If the King of England will not condescend to it, his answer to his said ambassadors with her must be sent with speed, that the Emperor may thereupon send his resolution by Secretary Louis, whom he retains for that purpose. The Swiss wish to invade France and to have the Emperor's aid of 1,500 horse and artillery (which he will give in the name of a prince and not in his own); and, for this, he desires her to ask the English ambassadors to obtain him 50,000 cr. from their master as soon as the alliance is concluded. As the Emperor will be at great expence after the publication of the war and must put his affairs in order, he will, if the King desires a personal interview, come to St. Omer or elsewhere and take oath to the treaty, provided that England be bound, thereupon, to deliver the 100,000 cr. * * * Cologne, 13 Sept. 1512.
14 Sept.
Galba B. III., 47. B.M.
1384. [3415.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
On the 13th received his letters dated Windsor, the 5th, with copy of a commission from the King of Aragon to his ambassador in England for the treaty in hand. Purpose to forbear all communication with my Lady until they receive an answer to their letter of the 4th. It cannot be concluded here between the King, the Pope, the Emperor, Aragon, Castile, and the Venetians, for lack of authority given to my Lady; and she does not intend to put her authority in execution as largely as she may. Seeing that the Emperor has the bp. of Gurck continually resident in Italy (and now gone to the Pope) to establish matters between Pope, Emperor, Aragon and Venetians which have been "the very cause" why the King's matters are deferred, the writers think that this confederation can only be concluded between the King and the Emperor, reserving place for others. Will, if the King think proper, solicit my Lady for more ample powers from the Emperor; to which, however, he will not condescend, unless he may have the sum that he demands, as large offers are made him by the French. Antwerp, 14 Sept.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
Sanuto, XV., 227. 1385. VENICE.
[Summary of news from England received on 14 Oct. from Piero Lando, ambassador with Gurk, viz.:—] Detailed account of the expedition to Brittany which left Portsmouth on 9 Aug. and encountered the French fleet at Brest on St. Laurence's Day (fn. 3). Exploits of the Admiral and Sir Anthony Utrect, destruction of the carrack of Brest called La Reine and of the Regent which boarded her, &c. With the Regent perished Sir Thomas Kenivet, grand esquire of England and captain, and Sir John Caro; and of French perished the lord of Promagier, captain, lord Gabriel de Chacho, lord Simon de la Hay, lord Camangel, the Seneschal of Morlaix and 300 gentlemen. Don Juan de Lescorno, the King Catholic's captain, with 15 great ships and 8 small, arrived at Hampton on 8 Sept., and the combined fleets will make an expedition as soon as weather serves. In England we have had no news of the siege of Bayonne for five weeks down to 14 Sept. The King has ordered four ships of 800 tons each to be built by Easter next, and has bought 12,000 suits of armour from certain Staplers. The Scots have good peace with him as yet.
Italian. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 200.
14 Sept.
Ven. Transcr., 176, p. 121. R. O.
14 Sept. 1512.—The sinister working of the Cardinal of Sion and the Sforzeschi against this Signory continues. Have just received a letter from Capello stating that the Emperor has had him conducted to Venzon in Friuli with a message that the Emperor does not wish him to go to inflame the King of England against the King of France, with whom the Emperor has no war, and before Venice is at peace with him. In Germany all, even the princes, desire peace and believe the Pope's authority sufficient to make it.
Italian. Modern extract. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 195.
15 Sept.
Galba B. III., 19b. B.M.
Jaquet Berenghier of Lille, who went to England [last] Lent, to trade, was seized on his return by one Master Christopher (Xpofle), master of one of the King's ships, compelled to serve as a gunner, plundered of all his goods, taken for a Frenchman because he spoke the language, was racked by the captain, Master Griffendon, and so lost one foot. Afterwards, he was delivered to the Admiral, was long kept prisoner at Hampton, had his ears slit, and was threatened with hanging. Henry will perceive by a certificate from the town of Lille, that he is a native of that place, and of good repute. Desires, therefore, that reparation may be made him, and that such barbarities be not repeated. Antwerp, 15 Sept. 1512. Signed.
Fr. Mutilated, p. 1. Add.
16 Sept.
Le Glay, Corresp. de Max. et de Marg., II., 36.
Sends, by the seigneur d'Aremberch, a cross-bow in a case, which (when she has had the case mounted with silver gilt) he desires presented to the King of England. Cologne, 16 Sept. 1512.
17 Sept.
Galba B. III., 47b. B.M.
1389. [3419.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote on the 14th. Have received a letter of news from Italy sent to my Lady by Jacobus de Bannysiis, with another letter from Marreton to Wingfield, which they enclose. On the 16th were informed by my Lady she had received letters from the Emperor, who is fully determined that the confederation for which they were sent shall be concluded, and the sooner the better. Send certain articles of the Emperor's intentions, by which the King will perceive their excessive demands for money. Received his letters, dated London, the 12th, with a bill in the hand of the Bp. of Durham. Antwerp, 17 Sept.
Mutilated, pp. 2. From a letter book.
18 Sept.
Exch. Accts., 417 (3), f. 96. R. O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to pay for making and lining of a "glaudkyn" of crimson cloth. Windsor, 18 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII.
18 Sept.Sanuto, XV., 306. 1391. KATHARINE OF ARAGON to CARDINAL BAINBRIDGE. (fn. 4)
Although the King of Scots promised the King Catholic to be faithful to England, and swore it to Dr. West who was there recently, when he saw that England made war on the French and would send 20,000 men through Normandy under the Earl of Shrewsbury, he began to attack Berwick and denounce war. Wherefore, these are already gone towards Scotland, viz., the Earl of Surrey, captain general, the earls of Northumberland and Derby, lords Darcy and Dacres, and other captains, with 30,000 men, not only for defence but to treat the King of Scotland as the King Catholic has treated the King of Navarre. The King has said openly that he does not believe the Pope and the King her father will ever desert him, but if they were to do so he himself would not desist from war until the Schismatic King (fn. 5) was removed. London, 18 Sept. 1512.
Latin. Extract. See Venetian Calendar, II, No. 203.
19 Sept. 1392. CROWLAND ABBEY.
Election. See GRANTS IN SEPTEMBER, No. 14.
20 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 2, f. 149. R. O.
1393. [3422.] THE NAVY.
i. Receipts and disbursements by John Dawtrey, John Hopton, Rob. Brigandyne, clerk of the King's ships, extending from 19 Hen. VII. to 3 Hen. VIII., for repairing the Sovereign and making the Regent.
Large paper, pp. 4.
ii. The same for the Mary Rose, the Petur Garnarde, the Sovereign two new barques, and two new row barges from 29 July 3 Hen. VIII. to 20 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII.
Pp. 4.
iii. Acknowledgment by Brigandyne for certain cordage received at "Roddryfte by London," in March in the 19th year of the "late" King Henry VII., by assignment of John Herron, clerk of the Jewel House.
P. 1.
iv. Memorandum of Brigandyne's delivery of "the foresaid ship" to Lodovico de la Fave, 30 July 23 Hen. VII., for a voyage to the Levant; and her taking into the King's hands again by restraint, 18 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII. Large paper, p. 1.
v. and vi. Two indentures of Brigandyne with John Daunce, 4 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII. and 20 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII., for 1,600l. and 1,840l. paid for rigging two new barques.
Pp. 2.
vii. Warrant to John Dawtrey and Ric. Palshide, customers of Southampton, to deliver 1,175l. 14s. 2d. to Brigandyne for repair of the Sovereign, now lying in Portsmouth dock. Greenwich, 28 Oct. 1 Hen. VIII.
Copy, p. 1.
viii. Holograph letter, dated Wolwiche, 9 June, from Brigandyn to Mr. Palshid, one of the customers of Southampton, about money received for repair of the Sovereign and new making of the Mary Rose and Peter Pomegranate, and desiring that a copy of the warrant for repair of the Regent "in Lodovyco Delafave ys tyme" may be obtained from Mr. Dawtrey, as the writer requires it for his account. Subscribed with note by Dawtrey that the warrant is in his coffer at London.
Large paper, p. 1.
ix. Indenture, 30 June 3 Hen. VIII., witnessing receipt of the money mentioned in § vii.
Small parchment.
22 Sept.
Galba B. III., 48. B.M.
1394. [3425.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
On the 18th received his letter, dated from the Tower of London, the 12th, stating that John Cavelcanti has had 13 great guns cast in Almayn, which the King desires to have with all speed, commanding them to assist Philip Galterote and Spinelly in the transport. Sir Thomas Boleyn mentioned the matter to my Lady, who has sent a post to the Emperor with instructions and therewith an article for the quick conveyance of these guns. Have heard good news from Bayonne, of which Spinelly will write more. Antwerp, 22 Sept.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
23 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 58. R. O.
Receipt, 23 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII., by Sir Sampson Norton of saltpetre from Harman Baughragh of the Steelyard.
P. 1.
23 Sept.
Court Rolls, 153 (50). R. O.
1396. [3429.] SIR THOMAS LUCY.
Wylden. "Visus franciplegii cum parva curia ibidem tenta xxiijo die Septembris anno regni Regis Henrici Octavi quarto, sub nominibus Johannis Cole, Johannis Spencer, et aliorum confeoffatorum Thomæ Lucy, militis," &c.
Large paper, pp. 2. With it are now preserved records of seven similar courts held in 14 Hen. VII. and three held 7, 8 and 24 Hen. VIII.
24 Sept.
Arundel MS., 26, f. 68b. (132b.) B.M.
Indenture, 24 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII., between John Baldewyn and Ralph Arches, agreeing that the latter shall enfeoff Thomas Hawtre, John Farwell and others (named) of the manor of Crendenwell, Bucks, to the intent that they shall thereupon lease it to Baldwin, for 24 years with conditions specified.
ii. Memoranda of proceedings about the above in the year 4 Hen. VIII. beginning "Md. that Mr. Grevill the Friday next after Luke Day dined at the Angell without Tempull Barre and a little _ (blank) dinner came Wylson of Whitchurche to him and delivered him a box of writings which was supposed to be the deed of feoffment of Hawtre and Farwell, of Crendwell. At which time William Arches was dead. And if the state were made to Mr. Grevile or to any other it is in law to use as they were seised. At which time a friend of mine asked Wilson what he did there; and he said he brought 40l. of my lord of Oxinford of his rents and he was not there to receive it." The last entry is note of a writ dated 12 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII.
Pp. 7.
24 Sept.
Court Rolls, 153 (17i.), R. O.
1398. [3434.] SIR THOMAS LUCY.
"Carleton.—Curia ibidem Thomæ Lucy militis ibidem tenta xxiiijto die mensis Septembris anno regni Regis Henrici VIIIvi quarto." The jury (not named) report Alice Nele and say that otherwise all is well.
P. 1.
25 Sept.
Galba B. III., 48d. B.M.
1399. [3435.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 22nd, when Spinelly mentioned the great conflict between the King's army, the Spaniards, and the French in the duchy of Guyon. This day my Lady sent Digo Floryce, her treasurer, to say that Dr. Mote came immediately from the Emperor, who spoke in his passage with the Bishop of Liege, a true Frenchman, from whom he learnt that the French had lost the field at Guyon. Mechlin, 25 Sept.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
Kreiten, Briefwechsel K. Max. mit Marg., p. 85. 1400. MARGARET OF SAVOY to MAXIMILIAN.
* * * Dr. Mota has to-night arrived from Liège where he was told by the Bishop that an encounter had taken place between the French and the Spaniards and English. It behoves the Emperor to make every effort to gain the Swiss. Understands that the English will make difficulty about delivering the 50,000 cr. over and above the 100,000 already mentioned. Asks whether to deal with them if they do and whether to sue for advance of [50,]000 upon the said 100,000 for the affair of the Swiss. * * *
French. Headed as of 14 Oct. 1512.
26 Sept.
Exch. Accts., 417 (6), f. 3. R. O.
Warrant to the Great Wardrobe to deliver Wm. Cotton, gentleman usher of the Chamber, a gown of black chamlet, etc. Eltham, 26 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII.
26 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 9, f. 276. R. O.
In behalf of the prior of Aburgenny, who desires from the King a licence of resignation, having already obtained the consent of his bishop. Kerdif Castle, 26 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Addressed: To mine especial good lord my Lord of Durham.
27 Sept.
Sanuto, XV., 280.
1403. VENICE.
[Extract from a letter seen 29 Oct. 1512.]
From _ to the Cardinal of England, London, 27 Sept. 1512.—Brief account of the fight between the Regent and the Breton Carrack with list of men and stores in the latter. The two English leaders were Sir Thomas Ruevet and Sir John Careri, the six French were the Lord Admiral Mons. de Claramont, Mons. Premongier, Mons. Gabriel de Chathei, Mons. Alons Claristanc, Mons. Sciamon de Ley and another `whose name I do not remember.' The French were losing when one of them, who preferred to die a heretic, set fire to the gunpowder. All the French who escaped death were brought to the King. Another French ship the Admiralda was sunk. The French King boasted that with one ship he would wipe out the English fleet, but, thanks to God and the justice of our cause, it happened otherwise; for one ship of ours has wiped out almost all his maritime forces. To-day we learnt that our affairs in Aquitaine prosper and that our captain general has devastated and burnt the whole country about Bayonne.
28 Sept.
Galba B. III., 48b. B.M.
1404. [3437.] [YOUNG, BOLEYN and WINGFIELD to HENRY VIII.]
Wrote last on the 25th. Had an audience on the 26th with my Lady, who made a communication, of which she ordered a copy to be made and it is sent herewith, showing that they urgently demand 50,000 crowns. The King of Navarre's ambassador who has been resident in the Emperor's and the Prince's court more than twelve months, hearing that his master had come to the French King, left for France without taking leave, but is now returned. His master is a true Frenchman, so is he, and gave Sir Robert Wingfield news of France on the 27th, which they enclose. Mechlin, 28 Sept.
Mutilated, p. 1. From a letter book.
29 Sept.
Exch. Accts., 85 (19). R. O.
Butler's account for the port of Southampton for the year ended Mich. 4 Hen. VIII. (Accountant not named.)
Showing owners of ships, dates of entry, merchants who had wines in them and amounts taken. Twenty-three ships.
Latin. Pp. 16.
Ib. (18). R. O. 2. The like for Boston. John Robynson, "occupator officii prisagii et butteleragii."
Showing owners, names of ships, dates of entry, merchants who had wines in them and amounts taken. Three ships.
Latin. Pp. 2.
ii. The like for Chichester.
Showing kind of ship, port of ownership, master's name, date, etc. Eleven ships.
Latin. Large paper, p. 1.
29 Sept.
Exch. Accts. 220 (6). R. O.
[For previous accounts see Nos. 109, 579 and 875.]
Payments portion of Lupton's account for the Hanaper for the year ending Mich. 4 Hen. VIII.
Latin. Paper roll much mutilated at the beginning.
Ib. (5). R. O. 2. Particulars of the account of Master Roger Lupton, keeper or clerk of the Hanaper, of the issues from Mich. 3 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 4 Hen. VIII.
A diary showing day by day the amount, if any, taken in fees for sealing writs and letters patent, from Tuesday, 30 Sept. onwards to 26 Nov.
Latin. Mutilated fragment of a parchment roll.
Ib., 224 (10). R. O. 3. Another fragment of the preceding, beginning with the diary at Sunday, 1 Feb., and ending with the list of charters (20) magni feodi.
Ib., 225 (1). R. O. 4. Another fragment, much mutilated, containing the list of charters parvi feodi, total yield 365l. 8s.; and the restitutions of temporalities, viz. Abingdon, Shrewsbury, Holy Trinity (London) and Croyland.
29 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 229, f. 59. R. O.
Extract, from the Exchequer Declaration for the year ending Michaelmas 4 Hen. VIII., of the list of assignments for the Household.
Latin. Large paper, pp. 7.
29 Sept.
L.T.R. Foreign Accts., roll 120, rot. 4. R. O.
Audited account of Wm. Stafford for the year ended Mich. 4 Hen. VIII. (in the same form as No. 876), the principal variations being as follows:—
i. (1) 149l. 12s. 2d. (2) 276l. 17s. 10¼d.
ii. (1) 340l. 9s. 1d. (7) and wages of John Sharpp, as sculptor of the irons (by pat. 12 Feb. 1 Hen. VIII.).
29 Sept.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 1. R. O.
Note of the total receipts from Easter to Mich. 4 Hen. VIII., by John Daunce, John Hasylwod, Robert Fowler, and John Myllet, from the collectors of the first fifteenth granted in the 3rd year.
Lat. P. 1.
Ib., f. 2. R. O. 2. [3441.] Note of receipts from the first moiety of a tenth and fifteenth granted by the laity, 3 Hen. VIII., in the following cos. and towns:—Rutl., Coventry, Cornw., Surrey, Camb., Suff., Herts, Bristol, Bucks, Notts, Oxford, Hants, Warw., Kent, London, Worcestershire, Midd., Gloucestershire.
Lat., pp. 2.
29 Sept.
Ib., f. 3. R. O.
1410. [3442.] SIR THOMAS LUCY.
"Haversham, Carleton, Wotton and Loughton.—Compotus Georgii Patenson ballivi ibidem, computantis a f[esto Sancti Mic]haelis Archangeli anno regni Regis Henrici Octavi tertio, usque idem festum Michaelis extunc proximo sequentem anno ejusdem Regis quarto, scilicet, per unum annum integrum."
Payments made to Sir Thos. Lucy and his sister Eliz. Gascoyn, the Earl of Shrewsbury and John Burman, vicar of Asshby, &c. Total allocation 55l. 4s. 10d., due 108s. 10d., of which 66s. 8d. was delivered to Dame Eliz. Lucy at London, leaving 42s. 2d.
ii. Receipt from Sir Thos. Lucy to Geo. Patyson, bailiff of Haversham, for 22l., half year's rent of Haversham, Lowton, and Hotton. 4 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII.
iii. Memorandum of the delivery by Geo. Paterson, to Sir Thos. Lucy at Stoney Stratford, 18 June 3 Hen. VIII., on the coming up of the latter to London, of 17l. 6s. 8d., and to John Burman, vicar of Assheby, on Whitsun even, of 5l. 13s. 4d.
iv. Allowances to be made.
Pp. 5.
29 Sept. 1411. CALAIS ACCOUNTS.
See later, under 6 October.
S.P. Hen. VIII., 3, f. 157. R. O. 1412. [3884.] WAR WITH FRANCE.
"Things to be remembered by the King's grace touching his going in person with one army royal into France."
1st. How money is to be got, to the extent of 640,000l. a year, including the charges of the army in Guienne, and the defence of the kingdom against Scotland. 2d. "The King's most_" (left blank). 3d. The army should consist of 30,000 fighting men, sufficiently armed, viz. 1,000 horsemen "bardid," each with a page and custrell able to fight; 1,000 horsemen "not bardid," and full armed, each with a page and custrell; 3,000 demi-lances, whole armed with light armour except the legs, of whom 500 should be "Yrysmen"; 10,000 archers on foot; 4,500 bills and marispikes, English and Welsh; 5,000 Almaine marispikes, 500 gunners, 1,000 pioneers in the retinue of the master of the Ordnance. 4th. The whole to be under such captains as the King shall appoint
Draft in Wolsey's hand, pp. 2.
Ib., 5, f. 44. R. O. 1413. [4474.] NAVY.
"The names of such ships as be appointed to come into the Thames straight from Hampton, viz.:—The Sovereign, the Mary Rose, the Petre Pomegranate, Hopton's ship, the Nicholas Red, the Barbara. These be victualled to the 14th day of October, wherewith they shall hold them contented.
The names of the ships that shall be discharged and delivered to their owners at Hampton:—The Charite, the Magdalene, the Saraguse, the Petre of Fowaye, the George of Felmouth, the Gabriell of Topsam. [These] hath the[ir] full victual and ... pon ... yng their soldiers and ma[ri]ners [shall have] conduyt money after the rate ... forth over their * * *
The Mary and John, the Mary George, the Anne of Fowaye, the Christopher Davy, the Nicholas Draper, the New Barke, the Jenet, the Henry, the Margaret of Topsam, the Sabyn, the Lyzard. the Dragon, the two rowbarges, the Elizabeth of Newcastle, Pemberton's ship, the Nicholas of Hampton.
These be the ships that be appointed to keep the sea [this] winter (portage and captain's names given), viz. [The Greate Ba]rke; portage 300; Sy[r Weston Browne, captain] * * * (Some lines here wanting.) The ship of Walter Campion; portage 160; Loveday capt. The Nicholas of Hampton; portage 140; John Flemyng capt. The Elizabeth of Newcastle; portage 130; Lewis capt. The Sabyn; portage 140; Sabyn capt. The Jenyt; portage 80; Gournaye capt.
The vice-admiral shall victual the whole army and receive money for the same and for their wages. They shall victual at Sandwich from 2 months to 2 months during 4 months. And all this shall be shewed to the said vice-admiral, and he to shew his mind upon the same.
The division of such ships as be appointed to keep the sea this winter. [W]estward. * * * (Some lines are here wanting.)
Northward, the Great Barke, portage 300; Sir Weston Browne capt. Draper's ship; portage 160; Keby and Draper capts. The Lezard; portage 120; Ichyngham capt. The Elizabeth of Newcastle; portage 130; Lewis capt.
Dover and Calais.—The Less Barke; portage, 200; Young Courtenay capt. The Christopher Davy; portage 140; Wiseman, capt. The Sabyn; portage 140; Sabyn capt. The Jenet of Perwyne; Gournay capt.
Mutilated, pp. 6.
Ib., 5, f. 48. R. O. 1414. [4475.] NAVY.
Payments made by John Dawtreye, at Portsmouth, to the King's ships, by command of the Bp. of Winchester, the Lord Bergeveney, Sir Harry Marney, and Sir Edw. Poynyngs; to Thomas Bascatt, captain of the Ragosey's ship, for one month ending 1 Oct. 4 Hen. VIII., and to John Rogers, owner of a ship of 50 tons, her victualler. To Sir Nicholas Woddam, owner of the Trinity, victualler to the Sovereign after 12d. per ton, the month; and Sir Charles Brandon for conduct money; in all 15l. To Anthony Ughtrede, late capt. of the Mary James, for conduct money. To Maurice Berkeley, capt. of the Charity, his wages 18d. per diem; soldiers, 5s. per month; to Harry Hayward for tonnage; to Robt. Byrde, owner of the Mary Byrde, vict., 5l. To Roger Bowterworthe, owner of the James of London, vict., 9l. 10s.
By virtue of a letter from the Bp. of Durham, Lord Bergeveny, Sir Harry Marney, Sir Edw. Poynyngs and Mr. Almoner:—To Will. Keby and Robt. Draper, capts. of the Nicholas Nevill, 7l. 14s. 6d. To Ralph Ellerkar, captain of the Mary James, 6l. To Sir Chas. Brandon and Sir Harry Gyldeforde, capts. of the Sovereign, wages, each 5s. a day, and for soldiers 159l. 12s. 6d.; also to Brandon, 42s. 6d. for two months' wages of 3 gunners "remaining on lyve of them that were brent and afterwards served in the Sovereign." To Sir Steph. Bulle and Tho. Harte, capts. of the King's new barque, 6l. 6s. 0d., albeit already paid to Sir John Carrowe. To Rich. Cornewalle, capt. of the Gabriel of Topsham, 18d.; to Tho. Munjey, owner of the Gabriel. The King's reward to 60 seamen hurt in his service, besides conduct money to York, 20l. Total, 649l. 7s. 7d. Signed: John Dawtrey.
Large paper, pp. 3.
1. Richard Brawdrybbe, clk. Presentation to the church of St. Margaret, Halstowe, Rochester dioc., void by resignation of John Body. Windsor Castle, 3 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12. [3399.]
2. John Sharp, the King's servant. Corrody in the monastery of Ely, void by death of William Jourden. Oking, 28 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Sept. P.S. [3400.]
3. Sir Thomas Boleyn, knight for the Body. Grant, in tail male, in reversion, of the manors of Borham, Walkefare, and Powers, in Little Waltham, Essex, and of Busshy, Herts, granted by patent 29 July 1 Hen. VII. to John de Veer earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain, on the forfeiture of Francis viscount Lovell, attainted 1 Hen. VII. Other lands granted by the said patent, viz., the great hospice called "le Herber," and five messuages (four being in Bush Lane), in the parish of St. Mary Bothowe, Dowgate Ward, London, lately belonging to George duke of Clarence, are reserved. Greenwich, 23 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [3401.]
4. Sir Thomas Boleyn, knight for the Body, and Elizabeth his wife. Grant, in survivorship, of the manor of Wykmer, Norf., with profits from Michaelmas last. Waltham, 10 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 6 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [3402.]
5. Holy Trinity Priory, London. Assent to the election of John Bradwell as prior, vice Thomas Percy, deceased. Windsor Castle, 3 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 6 Sept. P.S.
ii. Petition for the above, notifying the election on 20 Aug. Dated 20 Aug. 1512. [3403.]
6. John Chamound, squire for the Body. Custody of the lands of Joan and Margaret Tregarthen, kinswomen and heirs of Thomas Tregarthyn and Margaret his wife, till they obtain livery of the said lands. Greenwich, 25 May 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19. [3404.]
7. Thomas Bell. Grant, for life, of the following annual quit-rents in London:—6s. from a tenement belonging to John Sygar, fishmonger, and 3s. 6d. from a tenement in the tenure of Thomas Browne, salter, both in the parish of St. Michael, Queenhithe; 20s. from a tenement late of William Sowcote, in the parish of St. Swithin, Candylwike Street; 3s. 4d. from a tenement belonging to the church of All Hallows in London Wall, in the same parish; 4s. (20s. in § ii) from a tenement belonging to the church of St. James in Garlikhith, in the same parish; 12d. from a tenement of William Wetenhale, in the parish of St. Mary-le-Bow; 4s. from a brewhouse called "Le Swan" [beside the great conduit in Chepe belonging to the church of St. Mary-le-Bow in § ii] in the parish of St. Pancras; 6s. 8d. from a tenement of Thomas Portaleyn, in Watlyng Street, parish of St. Mary Aldermary; 4l. from a tenement or void piece of land belonging to the masters of London Bridge, in the parish of All Hallows, Hony Lane; 20s. from a tenement called "Le Crowne," in the parish of St. Peter in Chepe, late of Thomas Glomestre (Glowcestre in § ii); 4s. from a tenement of William Pomfret, in Witecrosse Street, parish of St. Giles without Crepulgate; all which were forfeited by Sir Richard Charleton: with arrears from 25 April 1 Hen. VIII. Windsor Castle, 4 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 10 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1. m. 13. [3407.]
ii. Another grant of the same rents (with slight variations noted above) and, in addition, a quit rent of 4s. from a tenement called the Panyer in Paternoster Row, which also belonged to Charleton. Del. Knoll, 10 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat p. 1, m. 23. [3406.]
8. Richard Laurence. Protection for one year; going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Lieutenant of Calais. Greenwich, 10 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 10 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [3408.]
9. Thomas Ap Owen. To be, for life, steward of the lordship of Iscoyte, Cardigan, S. Wales, vice Sir Thomas Knyvet, deceased. Oking, 31 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 10 Sept. P.S. (in English). Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [3409.]
10. Jerome Freschobald, of Florence, Louis de la Fava, of Bologna, and Charles Hugoshony, of Florence, merchants. Safe conduct and protection in trading with England, for 10 years. Del. Knoll, 10 Sept. S.B. French Roll 4 Hen. VIII. m. 12. [3410.]
11. Henry earl of Essex. Annuity of 40 marks, on surrender of invalid patent, of 26 April last, granting it to the said Earl on the death of Sir John Everyngham, to whom it had been granted by Henry VII. The said annuity is a rent reserved on the manors of Stillingflete (or Stokyngflete), Rynghowses, Upton, and Brian Askham, Yorkshire, granted in tail male, 3 April 1 Hen. VII., to Robert Clifford, then squire for the Body, which came into Hen. VII.'s hands by attainder of Francis viscount Lovell. Del. Knoll, 10, Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 21. [3411.]
12. William Courteney, squire for the Body. Livery of lands as son and heir of Sir William Courteney, in England, Wales, and Calais. Bishop's Waltham, 6 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 11 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14. [3413.]
13. John Caegnoncle (on Patent Roll "Carnoncle"). Grant, in fee, of two tenements and 4 acres of land in the parish of Hoo, Kent, forfeited to the King by Peter Persey and John Regebowe, they being aliens. Greenwich, 6 June 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 14 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13. [3416.]
14. Monastery of Croyland. Assent to the election of John Welles as abbot, vice Richard Bardeney, deceased. Windsor Castle, 16 Sept. Del. Westm., 19 Sept. P.S.
ii. Petition of the convent for the above ... Sept. 1512. [3420.]
iii. Warrant to Richard bp. of Winchester to direct letters under the Privy Seal, to the Chancellor, for the above. Windsor Castle, 16 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. [3418.]
15. George Kyrkham. Custody of the lands and wardship and marriage of Simon, son and heir of John Norwyche. Windsor Castle, 10 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. P.S. [3421.]
16. William Edwardis, clk. To have the pension which the next elected abbot of Croyland is bound to give to a clerk at the King's nomination, until he be promoted by the abbot to a competent benefice. Wardelham, 22 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. P.S. [3423.]
17. Peter Lopez de Villa Nova, of Toulouse, and Antonio Lopez de Villa Nova, of Bordeaux, merchants. Licence to import 500 tuns of Toulouse woad and Gascon wine, and export wool, woollen cloths, kerseys, tin, lead, ox and calf skins, and other merchandise. Windsor Castle, 16 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Sept. P.S. French Roll 4 Hen. VIII. m. 1. [3424.]
18. Commission of the Peace. See Appendix.
Norfolk.—Westm., 22 Sept. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d. [3426.]
19. Master and Wardens of Merchant Tailors of St. John the Baptist, London. Mortmain licence to acquire possessions to the annual value of 20l., for support of a master and an usher in the grammar school which Sir Stephen Jenyns, alderman of London, intends to erect and found in the town of Wolverhampton, Staff. Windsor Castle, 15 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 14. [3427.]
20. Alexander Leche, chaplain, a native of Scotland. Inspeximus and confirmation of:—
Pat. 17 Aug. 2 Ric. III. (p. 1, m. 1) confirming:—
Pat. 26 May 20 Edw. IV., licensing him to reside in England for life.
Westm., 22 Sept. [4 Hen. VIII.]. Conf. roll 48, No. 4.
21. Commissions of the Peace. See Appendix.
Sussex.—Westm., 23 Sept.
Kent.—Westm., 23 Sept. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 3d. [3428.]
22. Peter Bonson, native of Normandy. Denization. Portsmouth, 3 Aug. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3430.]
23. John Hunte, chief cook in the King's Kitchen. Grant, for life, of the petty custom and toll of Poole, with a house there called "le Wol-house," and meadows and pastures, with the profits of coneys in Upton, Dorset; in the King's hands by death of Margaret countess of Richmond, with profits from the day of her death. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 23. S.B. [3431.]
24. William Purde, a clerk in the office of the Privy Seal. Grant, in reversion (in consideration of his services to Edw. IV. and Hen. VII.) of the office of engrosser of the Great Roll or clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer, now held by Thomas Darnall, by patent 16 May 23 Hen. VII. Windsor Castle, 16 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3432.]
25. John Day, alias Deye, of London, currier. Pardon; falsely accused of felony by Edward Page, prisoner in the Tower. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Endorsed: Windsor, 18 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. Tuke. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3433.]
26. Richard, son and heir of William Antron. Grant, in fee, of the lands in Antron, Clise Antron, St. Elvyn, Resawen, Reskladen, Melengose, Tregose, Pengerthyk, Penryn, and two closes near Antron, Cornw., forfeited by attainder of the said William in 19 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 11 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 8. [3436.]
27. George earl of Shrewsbury. Mortmain licence to alienate possessions of the annual value of 50l. to the prior and convent of the Priory of St. Cuthbert, Worsop, Notts, in consideration of the Earl's intention to build a free school in that priory for the teaching of boys and for the support of two chaplains (one of whom, with an usher, is to teach the boys), to celebrate divine service for the good estate of the King and Earl; and support also of six poor persons, viz., five men and one woman. Del. Otford, 28 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3438.]
28. Mary Fraunces alias Herteson, late of Antwerp, alias of London, widow. Protection for one year, as she is going in the suite of Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy of Calais. Greenwich, 4 July 4 Hen. VIII. Del. Otford, 28 Sept. P.S. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3439.]
29. Clement Dutartre, native of France. Denization. Del. Otford, 30 Sept. 4 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. 4 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 22. [3444.]


  • 1. A false report as regards Clermont, who was "vice-admiral." A French list of the slain is given in Navy Records Soc., X., p. 54.
  • 2. Queen Katharine's ratification was apparently much later, made at Orthez 8 Aug. 1513 (or 1515 ?).
  • 3. Aug. 10th.
  • 4. See No. 1449.
  • 5. Of France.